The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1934
Page 5
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>%tife HLYTHEVLLLE, (AUK,) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1934 Robinson Wins First Half Commercial Soft Ball Race DEFEAT BY TEACHERS IS Indianapolis Track and ! ( )33 Raw .Druggists Clinch Title By Bea'ing H a y n e s As Hughes' Chance Fades. COMMERCIAL Itfia. '• Kvbinson .......... B. D. Hujbrs ..... Pasiliac ........... Teachers .......... Ark-M« ........... I.KAGllK Terry Haynes W. Pel. .S57 . .CS7 .CM .511 i .400' .333 | .m .333! -ICJl Here Is n section of BY J. r. FKIENI) ' C. L. SUtisllrlan Robinson Ding Store clinched the first half of the Commercial Soft Ball league race by defeating Haynes Men's Shop as the Teachers put the skids under Bob Grimes' charges of R. D. Hughes Co., last night. The scores were: Koblnson 13. Haynes 2; Hughes 5, Teachers 13. the victory for Hie drugslsts ran their total wins In the first half to six while losing only to Pastime early In the season. R. D. Hughes has lost two while coming oul on the long end of four. Llndscl, rf They hate one more game lo play, Biackwell, Ib wllh Pastime Thursday when Ihey complete their first half schedule. Pastime and Hughes iire tied for second place, each with a pcr- cent»ge of .661. With Charles KenJlg wild and Ineffective, Robinson experienced little difficulty In. downing the clothiers. The Haynes' boxmon Issued nine bases on balls and was combed for eleven hits Including a. triple by Potter with the hassocks populated with mates. Pirlle Prevents Shutout ' But for a prodigious smash by J. W. Purtle far over Brogdon's he»d In left In the fourth with L. Smotherman on first, for a home run, Rimer pitched shut, out ball. He allowed but six hits. Seven bas- an d Taylor. . et- on balls kept him pitching oul of notes. He sent flve back to the bench vl» the strikeout rout*. Kendlg whiffed 3. ' John Holland, tltlan headed Teacher ace, was the complete master in the second game. Although touched' for'eleven hits, the same as the pedagogues, he kept, them well scattered with the exception of the slsth when Hushes i scored all their runs on four hits with a pair - of • bobbles sandwiched in. He did not Issue a base' on ball; •The game started as. If It were Teachers to be an old time hurling duel Hunt, ss between' Ralph Willingham nnd Kramer, ss Holland- Hardly had the overflow Mosley, If crowd of cash customers become Puckett, Ib comfortably situated in their seals Brooks. 2b when Herschel Mosely, Teacher left Damon, 3b fielder, touched off -the scoring steadman, rf fireworks with a long blow to left English, cf center.'in the third, The ball took Holland, p a -wlzardly spin and got 1 by the Friend, c Lutes Bros, in the outfield. Before they could run the pellet dowi Mostly had scored behind Georgi Hunt, who was camped on sec end. when the drive came. They continued' to hammer Wil lingham from then on until h was relieved by C. Lutes In th sixth with two on and none ou Three errors, a walk, and hit, by Hunt and Kramer counted four in "the fourth. They added Ihree in the fifth on successive singles by English, Holland and Friend, and an error by Humphreys. The final four came In the OMEIHUttT GfamSCoSS BY ART KRENZ Fie! lmllaiia|>o]ls lodny, In ciuest of the richest auto race prl/e I" Ainvilcu. Inset. Is 1933, and favorite to win this \ear'-; MO-mlle (j Totals 21 0 21 U Score by Innings: Robinson 1C2 100 3—1H Haynes 000 200 0-2 Summary: Home run—Purlin. Three base hit—Potter. Saurillcc y—Calluwuy, Base on bnlls— oc timer 1;- oil Kcmllg U. Struck out —by Rimer 5; Kentllg 3. lluiis billed in—Crowe 3, Callawny 1, Pot- cr 4, Rimer 3, Ulackmd, Gnnske, 'urtle 2. Runs—Tlpton 2, Crowe Americans. ..Callawuy, Potler. Rimer 2, Gan-i The <] c .u sjmuld help the liy , Harry Gray son of 33 Wails Gun Inj Tour.'lipsl Tosl of Speed! In'Country ' I'.V HAHNKY Ol.lkFIKI.l) Uiiilill- i f Drivers IKI.'JAMAPOLIK, lull. — Till-Ill* i [1:1 tin- marine stands, liciul-' i i:\ih.s fur e'jiN.i'tenus drivels, antl! Ihf i linlli-:-! stoiy of UK-! cnon-1 for Die engineers, h the' ilinr-i.iilnl pru°iiun (if the Xind iiiiiiiinv, et the annual fJiiQ-tnlle niiio rac 1 . 1 heie today. ! 1-uei eon.siimpilon, lor tin 1 fitsl lie:- in Die history of motor rac-. ii:!'. will bf: ii-sljiclcil. Kadi car! j:: limited t'l Die use of 45 yallons ! lor 11 ie entire inn, and must uv-' ri:n;e more tliiui II miles to the! Die starting field lias b?en cut '' !h:s year from 42 to 33 ears.; Wuh nine fewer siarliny places., iiuallfyliv.; trials have been llie j iiilL-re.stiiiy held on Di"' liiiek iuid have praellcally as-. Min tl officials Dial only the besl speedsters will answer the .itarl- ' : Tin re are four experimental Ifacl Dial His nrrny luis had more <1|lrs '" lhl ' rllce - ' iil<licl11 "> lhclr ithiin li.s share of Injuries nnd nil- , (: I K ''''' 1I( »' :»><l designed to add an 'iiieius, and sees no reason why u • lull'"*"":; chapter lo racing his- .•liuiildirt fairly lour alone when |l;r >'- T ' vo u>l-l>ui'nli)K care head i all hands i;el Kiimired iiwny lllls lli>l - Anotlier liuerestlii^ vr.- spi-wl demons will whin 1,011 Meyer, winner In 1028 mill (iioi-is'N Mm; arm kepi him out I"'" 11 "'" 1 i!i the '»; Ilii-re milII Hie oilier day. t '- vl ' h ' C!l1 ' entire | Kii-k Feu-ell luis been on th" ' " i " Ul "'iJ'-_ M'li-lme.'i u-iih n bad lei;. The sec- Tom Yawkey. yoimy niiin of < "lid linger i>f Walberg'.s ylovecl many inlllloiis, has spent &5,lil;0; band was s])lit by a ball nil Isiek C:IUI more, iincl aiitillu-r faiuoiis mime, | at ILIUI, and blood ]x)lsoniiiy pin IC-cyllndcr. two- l by the veteran 'I'-.vo former '.virineis, one a two- viitor. he:nl the list ul drivers, who rnnge from weatlier- Ilint of Weslty IVrrell. ha.-: lieen i Hi.!)--- in a hospital for a fortnight. '•••• u ' n v ^'-'i"'"^ to pink-cheeked Hdded to the luster ol the Huston j A sprained ilniinU forces Max ."'""SSKTS imikm» iheir firit start i lii.sliup to conline lilmself to plncli '" ' '"'' tir " L 'Red liiliitii;, anil Kill Cbsell Ls llmiiini; '••-" ls -'''V"'. champion of cham- ke, Rotlery a, Hule, Housh, L. j Sox mil a little, and givra Ilium ! ar<.mid with a broken UIL-. •mothermnn, Purtle. Errors-Crow,; K oniethlng ml'ilily rare — lirotlier i But Hanis cunlends thnt, tin . Smolherman 2, Isnac. Crockett! Aching to hrothi-r. | liiBKtst luss nf all luis liteii ll-at , L. Smotherman, Turtle 2. Time' snyliie Hint Wesley and Rick! m Julius goiters, who hit Ml for f game—1:33. Umplres-SmHh Ken-ell will be the first brother! Baltimore in l'j:« ant] led the In- <tumt Second HuglKS AB •larshall, c ........ 4 A. Kinninghani, Ib 4 Bunch, ss . . . ...... 4 Humphrey. 2b ____ y C. Lutes, If-p : ..... 3 3. Lutes, ef ....... 3 J. Applebanm, ss ____ 3 Maxwell, rf ....... 'J J. Kinnliujham, :ib I! 3 pious, who won in 1928 and came linck for anotlier victory In 1933. will tliive a new car which lie de: iuned and built, himself. If there- is MII:!I ii thing as a favorite in most Brilliug of all races, the H HO A 1 3 2 •2 1 1 1 2 1 1 0 1 portion of the money would youngster froi j battery in llie inure than 50 yeins • lei national loop in home runs anil llml the major leagues have ln-en' practically cvciytliiin; else. After, In existence. Is a mighty broad lumbago ke])l Suiters In Die dug- ,'•' °" ll . ll!> vcteiar slatemenl. but that nripi:nrs lo be ">ut for two weeks, his hand wa.s' ""'. P ;lt ' llL ' coasl. 0 llie case afler ii palieiu perusal '. broken by one of .Mel Hardcr's H ' al I' 1 ''!"" 1 - who won in 1932 •i o: yellowlni; records. It iimlmiut- : l"' r 'l ones Die dny he returned to amf tt ' l!0 n!ls ; ' lre ady collected ap- pcdly will be the firs', in which' Inc- unme In Clevelaml. proxmiately $50.000 in cash _'rom liiirris limy Iw un opllmlst, hut!" 1 '-' y l>eed\iay, lias entered three Willingham, p-lf Totals 33 > 11 18 AB . 3 . 4 . :i . a . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 3 0 both member are outstanding. 0 FerreU'.s iirm must l>e nil right, 'be fact remains tluL u ball emu 0 despite the fact that lie decided l -' ;1 "'l win a pennant in llie Sic!: 0 he was through as u pitcher ]«st-, U:l l° League. 3 ! August find took lo the outfield, ]. where he was disillusioned Insofar. , - a:; bcini! n.ither Dube Hull, was Look and Company Team |* |! ": 1|M| at '"'llanapouji In 1922, arc j! concerned. ; D _ , -, n j b:lcl: "•" owners of two-car teams | j Otherwise, Die lioston club would Deals i CITy S Men, 14-9i alltl bul1 ' lvln <llive themselves.) II PO A uoi hnvc taken over his contract. - ; Shafer. former mwljoy, from Ft.I ! cars and will <!IT . i himself. Two veterans of a, dozen years ot | racing on Die bricks. Phil Shafer I and Umay. both of whom CHARLEY OOVJM-BUT-MEVER-Our / '".< SHORT 6fOP CF CARDS IN t932 ; \S FOGUINi THE A^EDiCOS WHO SA.ID HE. ASAIM \NOULD PlAV AFf£R'SH3oTiN6 rllWSELP, Wife 1-EG WHILE HUMTiNG....' lit'S wop^t-x, our WITH Tite C.XM&ERS AJJP HQPCS To Brt Petillo, who was one of tile fas'.- j liii for Die circuit. IE TUESDAY ;\Vin Over Dodders; In- : rJians D'<% Into First | Place With Shutout. ; While the leacllug Cardinals wrre 'till- yesterday Hit' world rhnniplon 'Giants won over I he Dodgers and n'uveil . to a spot only half a name removed from the National !(i"<ue nace sellers. In Die American league the : front runniii'.- Cleveland Indians i di-feated the Chicago White ry>x Ly the shutout roiite. i The Giants trimmed the Dod| acis 4 lo :i at Brooklyn with the veteran I.iique hurling brllllnntly i in u r?lic-f role lo turn the Do<Ij Pers buck after they came to j life in the seventh v.-lien they ! scored all three of their runs.. Until that lime l-'r-il FitzsimmoiK ! hnii hurled scoreless ball. ! 'llif lioslon Braves defeated the | I'liillics G to 4 at Boston. A triple | Play bv the Brnvcs stopped a ser- j iuiis Plill threat In the second. i Frankliouse was the winning hur- Icr. r.nnexiiiT his seventh victory. Trie Cleveland Indians won with Mel Harder holding the White Sox to live hits. Trosky of the Indians hit for the circuit. Oaston was the losing pitcher. Till- Brownies of St. Louis trounced the Detroit Tigers 12 lo ^ at St. Louis. Pepper's two homers figured materially in the Drown scoring, the big outfielder having a perfect day at bat with five hil.n. Pour other homers rattled olf tats during the game. Blae- holtier was the winning pitcher. The Boston Red Sox defeated the Philadelphia Athletics in a seven-inning game halted by rain. The score was 2 to I. Welch was Ihe winning pitcher with homers by Poitrr .find Ferrcll providing Boston runs in Ihe eighth that, didn't count because of the rain when score reverted to the seventh inning. Read Courier News Want Ada. of more. T||( . M[ , m p|,i, chicks trounced j !l"t ehanipi™, an:' " K> Now ° rlea " s pcl!eMS 1! "> 8 \ Die- most spectacular and most,"' New Orleans. The Chicks used' feared. Both have fast little four- '• Ihfce pitchers nnd the Pels life I cylinder cars. same number. Ouilliber of the! j Pels bit for four bases. " . i The NpjOiville-Chattancoza game I wns mined out. iigent of Yawkey ,-ertainly ] Terry's Slate Liners, members of; 3 must have scouted tile bin, hand-I (lie Cuiinm-i-eial suft •lectcd Al Miller ball lixip, ! jof Detroit for his second car. and , some rlglil-lrawliT In Die Nmlh |>l:iye«l f:nok and company's team . Mauri lii^e. cif Daslon. O.. - . pilot Dmay-.s olhi'i- iniuiiit. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 7« 000 002 005 0— 5 ' ago. 434 x— 13 : --Brook. 1 ; to Ilickett. Base on ba -off Wllliiighnm 7. Struck out— ,Jor league talent. by Willingham 1. Nine hits. 9 runs Carolina TVsllle I.ern;ue. where lie ol Memphis Mundny, l»siiiij n '•!: remained this sprint' rather than i lo !) decision. •1 accept a basic salary at S50UO. with ! Tlie name w:us played unilei- re.-- , "- v Cilllolta of Kansas City. 0 n slldini; sciile whereby lie could ulalion play ground ball rules The I Io " u ™ r:lces - bllt "ever! (II collect si 1.500 by whinim; 20 two teams will ir.eet her,- l-ri:i:n-1 "'""• "; ls ( ' 1;;llllu ' (l "• semi-stock ; n, ran< . Swamn " Barnes, : , - ,,l«lu. ,.,m, .. in a relim, game all 1 ' 1 -' nn " W|H " cl :1;: lcli '' r 'Irivei ' Da '°'^ S ™™P 1' I-'ei-iell. Grove. \\Mlherg. 1'ip-ras.' Hnley Field at 7::m o'clock wlieii : lur Ntl ' y( ' r ln mM oi :itl cincl '— Penuock—huw Muvsc lieil Box gu regular suit ball rules will be ub- S'ncy. Wilbur Shaw, home-town te . toy who nnished second lust I year. Is up on a fast-stepper en-• . lered by Joe Marks of Gary, Ind. j The second place Atlanta Crack- 7he "class of 1927." boys who lers of the Southern Association first look to llie bricks Dial year, ran into too much roullipaw I'll- \ when the newcomer. Genrge Sou-idling at Knosville yest-jrday and jclcrs. drove to :in unexpected vie -j lost while Die first place Vols tory. are well represented. Mey;.r; were held Idle by rain. and Frame bolh 35 11 21 10 |( j usl two of Diem ivg.itm-d tin. '.form thai was (lieirs inn M> long •Totals .......... Score by Innings: Hughes Teachers Summary— Home run— Moscly. Sees Wide O|wn \taee Two base hits— A Kinnlngham. i Uucky Harris can explain any- Stolen bases—Hunt 2. Double piny lining appertaining to b.i.-cball ex- No udmlsslun Is to ,111 ic; Rock: Chicks Detail New Orleans Club. } Is cept the shortage of flrst-rnlt.- ma- Last Time Today Mat. 2:30. 10-25* Nite 7:15. !0-3f.c HKKK DANIHLS, I,YI,K TA1.BOT and JOHN HALUDAY in "REGISTERED NURSE" PARAMOUNT NEWS - - - MUSICAL SHORT Tlie Hub manager is well []iinli- ' sixth. Puckett started with a sin- ite. Brooks strolled. Damon sln- g'ied, scoring Puckett. Brooks scored when Bunch allowed Steadman's roller to go through his legs. English popped to third but ' oil Williirgliam in 5 tnouc oul in »e<t to speak mi tills siibjivi "v'-Tw- M"l>'oy. elf sixth); 2 hits, -1 runs oil C. Lutes key lias paid mure than -^IMIOUO " " In 1 1. Winning pitcher—Holland. Loser—Willingham. Huns batted in —Bunch. Humphrey. C. Lutes. B. Lutes, Maxwell, Hunt 5. Kramer. iLs iur playera ill :i year. "Just as iuatiy--or nnue—youn-'- lii['don. :NJ •lers play tin- R:IIII<!." explaias Har- : ""-liardsmi. "Smaller i-m-iilts :uv (Ujhling sixth 'for the big Hughes' Inning ravelle. 2li back. U-aKilivT and n - lvis • schools arc conducted tor boys. sujM-rior euactiin:^ in Die '-"'ksim. ef . . Mosely 2. Damon. Stcadman. Hoi- ilicl,- land 2. Friend. Kims— Marshall. A. 'schoo Kiuningham, Humphrey. C. Lutes. There B Lutes Hunt 2. Mosely. Puck-. colleges.' Yet 1 don't'know"a single . (ilv -, lf ell, Brooks, Damon, Sleadman 2 English, Holland 2, Friend 2. Er- iii-Vp ... rors—Bunch, Humphrey, Apple-- Ttveh minor league player who at this lime." •u fur ' Holland contributed to' his own sr«s? ?» rpuslnE drlve io u - kft, scoring Damon. | lingham. Hunt, Kramer. I'uckctl. - . O ue of I'lem Grove e im,- u ' Marshall set the stage in the Stcadman. Friend. Time of game si™ "i,-, oblaliie-l Iro'm -1:02. Umpires— Taylor and Smo- the Ynnkcrs, AAAAAA'.s, Indian.,: by singling to center. A. Klnning- hun was safe when Hunt dropped his fly. Bunch sent a one baser to left, scoring Marshall. Humphrey forced Bunch, Kinnlngham counting. Steadman • dropped C. Lutes high fly, Humphrey coming In, c! Lutes going to second and scoring a minute later when B. Lutes hit. Applebaum rolled out. Maxwell scored B. Lutes fith one baser over third. Pint Gaate therman. Looks Like Old Man Par Is In For Hard Time land llrowns. , But Han is profc.^cs nn; to tiisoimraKed and to behcve Din the Hod Sox ran cop Ihe in LI vridi 1 n|K-n raee. The Whili- Sox. Bnnuis and AAAAAAA's are Die only clubs thai he couiu.s tun o( it. The Rotary and Lions clubs, lo- j D^KI^.A IT. TI n^ J cai clvlc organizations, will carry- Robinson AB H PO A|, he , r fr , cndl> . r|vnlry , 0 t ,, c ^ j course next week when they meet l at the Blythevllk country "club. " The lnt«r-club tourney has been j j tentatively set for Friday. June J 8. with all matches to start bc- * twecn 1 nurl 3 o'clock In the af- OiUrnoon. Members of the tourna- Qlment commit tec urge players par« tlclpating to contact their oppo- u ncnts and dud out If they can " meet on Friday. — The tourney will be on tin 18»l hole route and based on the l.lst of C 3 Ml:illies The Hell Sox pilot poinU lo Hi. Tipton, Jb 4 Jrowe, a 4 Jallaway, Ib 2 Potter, c - ; ' 5 Rimer, p 4 Bteckard, ss 5 Oaruke, 3b S Rodery, cf 1 Hale, rf 4 Roush, If 2 B. Brofdon, If 1 Totak H»yne« 37 11 31 AB H Carter, cf 4 2 J. Snotliermin, is 4 2 hue, Ib a 1 Crockett, 3b 2 0 Boom, e 3 0 L. anothtraan. If 1 0 Purtk, ib-rt i i Andtnon, rf • 0 Kett««, : p .,.,...•.. s » . O., Brotfkm, » i... * • PO A', point system of scoring used "In ! o competition here. 3 0 Pairings for the tourney with 1 2 the Lions listed first In each pair- 4 3 Ing: Lent! vs. Lynch, Pollard vs. 3 2 Shine, Roland vs. Oooch, Berlin 0 0 vs. Klrshner, Forr vs. Morse, Bell 1 0 vs. Branson, Terry vs. Afllick. 0 O.Huddleston vs. Phillips, Wundcr- 0 2 Itch vs. Leech, Taylor vs. Cun- 1 •Inlngham and Reid vs. Scrimfs. and Ihe I'rt. I Other members of .750 I Frank Hi isko. Mi, At\G Evans. Columbus. Ind: r.55.nerc. Los Aiiuelm; Jack Peuicord. came In llie .vcond .475'Chicago; ami Wesley Crawford. | Smokies accounted tor Ihrrc in! All Iiidlaimixilis. ! i| 1I; 5am e inning. I .'.lita Lou Mmn-e lias made a tlyins; i The Birmingham linronr, defeat- ! ;tm Irip bark from ruinnctint' in Trij>- ed Die Lillle Ho;!; I'.-libles K lo I .400 oil to get iiiuicr the wire here and.G at nirmiiiEliani. The Barons .3S7 ilm ever-)xipii!;ir Wild liin cum-! liil hard and timely while llie. .-J(Ki mlngs Is ready lo set his usual Travelers hit hard but no! so -, .](JG : fast pace. ; llmcly. Murray was Die winning j .COO Of the newcomers, little Kelly • pitcher. Browne of I-lttlc Rock [ THURSDAY » FRIDAY Dial year. | The Crackers were subdued hy ^rr^F^'CirS^^H 1 '! 1 ^ GREAT ADVENTURE of T h i In llie GeneraiioiiIThe ROMANTIC EPIC ol All Time! Before you buy any truck see and drive the new V 6 Truck the Cjoods or Lower Cost NON-SKIT) SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Holdersl SKK OUtt FITTER NOW Consultation and Advice Free. •If. have a siwcial type for you) rupture! Holiinson Drug Co., Inc. Ralliox! & Main St. Now On Display at HILL IPS MOTOR GO. Authorized Dealer Phone 810-81! Blytheville, Ark. .Screen I' liy Ken Heclit Supycsted by Die book by l'il^- ! cumh Plnchnn janl 0. B. Stadc ' Produced by Daviil O. Selznick nircctcd by Jack Coiiw.iy Molro-Golclwyn-nlaycr I'idnre The fcrcen -whlcli h»i wnliril Icn years for a picture to equal Hit- thrill, llic pplc humanity of 'The Big Pnradf-" now virlcomcs "VIVA VILLA!" Because In lu UKU til/tih nf amazing, romantic adventure—in Hi sl'piy uf riotous revolution ^nd revelry In lln bliitnl-llngllng heroism Is rntrrtatnment llinl will |inck Ihc lhe»tres ol Ihe nation! FATTY AUWTKI.K CO.MICDY NOVK1.TY REE!.

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