The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1936
Page 2
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COTTON liiEDTOMME Elbert Warren, Japk Holder, H, B. Archer,' J., FV Bray, Tom Patterson, Barney McQuny, L. A. Plogg, J. E. Perkins, Tom McKcnnlc George Fi'egu,' William" F. Snillli, Cecil lilanlon, Paul Lowder, II, M. McCullough, I. M. Lancaster, T. C. kclley, W. \V. Cheatman, Glen Nccdham, A. It. ilcranc, Han Spears, , Leon Skinner, Fred Taylor, Raymond Brown, W. W. Halford, M. H. Stephens, Lester Proii- ey,' E. O. Qulnn, Earnest Wilson. J. n. Morgan, Lee Morgan, A'. W. English, w. E. Winer, James W. Waller, Harold CoMncr, Harry Johnson J. M. McCartney, n. E. Heiisley, Oscar nariicll, 1,. E. Jnck&on, J. M. Carey, A. A. Knlncy, ' 'E. Tiirelkeld. J. Crafton J. T. . Harry Rlilgc, R. ' will; Lose Govei ninenl Q&sh If Applicaions Arc Not frlec! by August 15 R^rds of the county agent's office sSxm thai Ihe cotton l>roduScrs Jlsted'below )m\e farted to make application 'for cotton price adjustment, payments which presiiinibly are due them oh cotton which they procljicca in 1935. As the law requires thai nppll- catlolis lor I'nose payments, commonly referred to «s subsidy payments, must be hiadc by August IS, county Agc-rft 0 6 'nillcrton Scbrcc. urges tint growers listed below who _ NEAL TOWNSHIP:.• H."iF,. 'qlf- elms. Shufner, Addle Wnrtdcil, Q. Whitney, V. W. Davidson, C. A. Forlncr, A. L. Wllkey, Slliis lluntlnglon, W. If. Mlfflln, Robc*it Jolnwyn, T. W. Cliiincy, Oordle Collins, Btillnrd, John Bclcw, Georg llsh, Barney Earls, D, M. uwnard, Sum Mouley. Mrs. Don TalmA, '15. P. Alston, Sidney B. Haley, I. M hnmsted »nj cotton In 1935 gel in t6uch wlt'h his office iinmcdlate- .l>v liMore than $15,000 lo which Cbtloil growers of tnC northern district of the county arc entitled will be (.jst If they rail to make their applications by August 15 Ttie list of collon produccre who no subsidy applications CHICKASAWBA TOWN SHIP: T. A: Crockett, D. C. McLean, R. T. Sanders, J. J. Jolinson, 51. A. Alley, W. T. Cope, Willie Ulcli- nrd«8i, C C Fishei, H A Alley, W. ,W Locke, J H McCall, Moreland- Hollemgn, Lconaid Taylor, Dartlel Harbei, Mrs G. B. Perry, E #asclton, T.-E Locknrd, Robci'l Thompson rflCKMAN TOWNSHIP- H slrelC Holmes, Mack uVvis, J. F. Pule,- J C Parr, Russell Snydcr, Janrts Fan, A. S Johiuon Willie Perkins CANADIAN TOWNSHIP Charles Co)jlj>s, Sam Brown, Fred Dallas, Willie D Curry, Buford Maitin ford, Brynnl Montgomery,! Edwards, J. E. Clark, J. !(. Green, H. G. Brooks, Grace Diilhijjsley, Ben MclcnH,• J. R. Eiibantfs... W, R. Garner, I. D. George, W. H, West. Jerry N. r>oe, S. A. Henclrfx, D. M. Mctcalf, Hubert Cole, Pies McWIlliains, William H., R. 13. l,yerley, Lon Wilson, JI. M. Walker, •!,. B. Slok-cs, A. 1,. Bleed Sari s. Haley & S. 1). Jliiley Jerry E. Granger. Neat Waliis, Ar- lliur Endlcoll, James Canlrdl, R E. Ly'erlcy, W. 11. Herrod, Kugenc Layne, Tom Wilson, OUo Smith M. lit. Roberts, p. X. Laws, Leonard 1'ot'iio, Carl S. ilalcy, vestci Palton, H. U Whltlock, Mis, J. K Osborne, Rbljerl A. Chlldressi V A. Kellcy, -J. W. Poscy, H. E. Holder, Wiley Nunnery, J. n. rtowe P. KlnsolvliiB. w. F. Nelson, Join A. Met'oniicll, H. G. Knilicoll, O L. Taylor, Oscar York, C. E Jjaremore, L. E. Delong. TOWNSHIP A[ R Oummlngs, J C Gnllnglici, A. C Adams, R. B Rollins, Paul Bucks HALF MOON TOWNSHIP "sani O\4rton, Sam Oierton, W !•' Rcnfrow, J w Porllock Ctia's C ^pringci, Stage Baldildgc. Jlu- UcrttBaldrMgc W L Bro\\n. . BOWEN TOWNSHIP O L. Wylfc, Lcander Wilson Hcnrv 11 Walker, Frank Cunningham. L i Roberson, H M Ho»ell carl Lcd- betler, Ros McKay, Fred Wnlkei- 1 Raymond Butlei, Ernest Biodm ' George Blllips, w. ;, RoberL-s, W. W , Glover, Zepha And revs Ernest Mitchell, John Bowles Cnger Spates Anderson Ctapfinmi, R. 1, Mosclej j ocorge Miller, Her- Echcll Hnile, Walter Turner, George Laru« r Ercy-Wllliams, J. H Fow™'«i Frc<1 B ° SB! " M ^oberls, Jr., HECTOR. T^WNS HIt> Bob Veaeh, c L Evans, E W Mnr- «{ ( & S ^i! 16 ' ' HRrt05 Glc e b * L ( K Shfnaull. Harvey Gregory, w ,H Morgan, J p Tucker, W J ftrews, H R Crawford, H. R. W-lf'hard, John V Harkej, Lester B \3i\\, virgle Cralne, r A Manes, Geo P Smith, "M p' -Oreis, j P Alien, f W ^nra- more, H O Powell, Albert Ciimp- 'er,;yasco Skelton, B A Clement, Jas^an Jones, E o stidham, Elvis •Hiljr Silas 'Crews, Ben Johnson J? Powlcr . Richard Hunter «TG LAKE TOWNSinp H R , Mntlft Vllllnnis, j A ^^ cy, O B Wagner, Henry . -E L Jackson W. 'D BUrgcll, Murrcl Rice, Jnmes W Martin J M "Huflon, A c -Col- iT't 0 ™* , MRJS> M]xrl S-iittfricr,' W ,E Wallace, Hobert Griffin E C Sclllinnr C L 'Atkinson, W 'M' Sui,r>son, w H Herane, C L Me-' Braggadocio News Mr. and Mrs. , Y. Iluckabu drove lo Memphis lnt> Wednesday on Mr. Iluck- nb'n rclurnbd with a new schoo blis which he had , recently pur chased. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet an "ilow iil hoine. Mr. Hamlet 1m;. been ntlcnillne ncliool at Cajic Glrnrdcau, Mlssj Mamie Hamlet, of Cootci was the week end (jurat of Mr nnd Mrs, Floyd 'Hamlet. Mrs. .J. F. Bennolt nnd rlaiigh ter, viola, .drove lo Hunter, Ark Saturday and returned Suncla) accompanied by Mr. Bennett, wh has a monlh'b leave from his clu lies, «s freight agent for the Cot ,lon rigeU railroad n't Hunlcr. Miss Norma Tlolt is at horn wllh ,lier. parculs, Mr., and Mr P. 0., Uojl, 'after spending' lii . y, % H^II, aner spcmling Hi iiinmet iJiisschool at Cape Girar enu. rSSItc will be, a member -o Ihe 'Central grade chool,-,fnciil( idti'cnliiE Hie 'fifth grade. '.'. The Braggadocio schools openc Monrtay, .August 3. 'Mr. .and Mrs. Jack Wilkcrso Norman Little, j E Atkmn v. 'McKnmey, Mau r i cc Lsngiey, factory Trained Radio Expert Repairs'on all mnVcs of radios 14 Ve';irs Kxptiricnce H. S. Werner Refrigerator Expert Repairs on all rrakfs of Refrigeriilors 12 Years Experience • K. E. L*wis Hardaway Appliance Company Phone 233 — Glcncoe Kldg. RADIO TALK Gov. L M. Futrell WMC A>O) STATE-WIDE HOOK-UP ' 'Tonight - Thursday, 6:30 P. M. Tells -«hat his administration has accomplished and why Arkansas" progress is 'threatened NOW f, The Biggest. Radio Treat 4 ..of the Campaign TUNE IN! BLYTHEVILLE, ; fARK.); gOURIER NEWS id Bclty, of Memphis,. nnlvctlI Iflrclny. jo sj»i)U.R wcJk with] rs'. Wllkci'scm's parents, 'Mr, owl' is. I'. C. Holt. Unil Taylor mid Melvln Jolin- i], of Cottouwood, were guests the home of Mr, niul Mrs. A. ilucknbn on Sunday. Delno Holt, nocompunied by Isvo ends, Johnnie Prallici- mid Os- r Ilccil, of Osccoln, visited Mr. oil's piircnls, Mr. nnrt Mrs. P. C. oil, Sunday. Mr. mid Mis. Tom l.civls moved lo their new home last week. NewsomeV* In ' the'. MalUy country can.bij deceived, quite eiillv hy the of the liornblll's wings One of these, birds overhead gives a most convincing imitation ot an nlrplinc, due to the lUsli of 'air through the stiff w lng quills ' urvivor of Holland Triplets Is Thriving HOLLAND, Mo.-Carlceh, sole irvlvor of triplet d:iiiB'ntcrs bom Mr. and Mrs. Clsifcncc Scot* on rldity, July 2-1, ul (heir home four lies west of Holland, Is iippurcnt- In the Ijcsl of health. Her cifjlit now Is four pounds, ,-i guln r ii'ii ounce or two since her With, he oilier two bitblcs lived 24 hours. Ix rhlldren; have Ijccn born to trs. 'Scott 'al| three ulrlhs, Includ- twins who lived only a few ours, u daughter who Is now near- live, mid t'ne triplet. 1 ;. I • •TZI COOLEST SPOt IN TOWN) Caldwdl News The school here liut> developed oin a small one room school lo modern two room building. Van Mace was the nly student, inking 100 percent In .spellins or 20 consecutive school 'days. Mrs. Clint Yotnid died Monday flernoon. Mr. 'nml Mrs. Smlln Piiyne anil ihily, of Frazler, were gue-sls of lr. and Mrs. T. A. Bynuni Sunny. Lester nnd Chester rulovc have om'plelcil (wo houses on their arm In Missouri. FRIDAY PAL Np 2 Adults Admitted for Price v of ' All Children—l»c '•'•'••- Last Time Today Shirley 'i'cmjilc in Toor Little Rich Girf W i 1 ii Alice Faye, Gloria Stiiiirl, .lark Haley, and Michael _ Whalen 'I his Hire sbc not only (oui)ir ^our hrarl . she climbs right in r.'tnimouHt News and Marth of 'lime —Admission— Malltirrc—10 *, Z5c—With It; Ta Night—10 A 3!>c— Wlili la' Tn FLUSH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES ; Medlctil 'UillLorllles ri^t'ce thai yonr <lrtncyac«,ninln 15 Mlloscf liny tuliun r flllcn; wliicli help to purity llm Inoil iuitl kce|> yn» Iietilthy. If you huvo Ij'ouhlo \vjlh ton Tre- .notit Iilndfler iiassft^os will] scatily Ltnoiint cunning liuriinig nnd dlseom- ort, llio If) Miles of, kidney lubes nay need iiuslilni; out. Tills danger iinl iiinj* be Ihc'liCKliinhiK or nai;- g bncknclic, ICK jraliiH. IOBM of pe[> l cuoi-fiy, eettlug up nlglHs, swoll- ng, piillluoss under the eyes, lienil- iclica n.uil iIlCT.lucsa. If klilnbi'3 iloii't'ciiiDlv 3 pints h Iny mill BO K>S! i'l'l "f more (him ^ louuds of ivuste, iiplsououa luuttoi 1 miy clovclop, uiiusluK"sprlnus Ironblc.' 3oil'l wall. Ask your ilrilBKlst ft>r Dorin's Pills, which linve hecu used, successfully by inllllora of people for ovor 10 yours. Tlioy slvo Imppy relict nnd will help to Hush out the ir> Mites if kidney luhea. Get Doan'o Pills at ,-our Onlgglst.. ,..,- - .,,, , . ^. ... Musicu) Shorts , —Admission— ftliilin're—10 * 25u—Wilh Ic T Nighl—10 .fe 35i-—With lr Tu\ TUKSDAY, AUGUST !l— $100.00 RANK NIGHT! ! ^-COMING SOON— "GHEKN PASTURES" with . R Ingram. ''RHYTHM ON T I! K-RANGE irith ilting Crosby. "TKOUBI.K FOR TWO" with Roll ''crt Montgomery. "SATAN MET A I.ADV" Wit Warren William. "YOURS FOK THE ASKING Kith -George Raft. THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 1930 RITE PRICE GRO. & MKT. ill E. Miiin , Phone'234 We Dclivor Specials For Friday anil Saturday, Aug. 7 and 8 "Kite Prices I'ycry l)a.v On Anything You Say" ONIONS Mcd. Size. l{c ( ) or Yellow T>0 l,bs. 7»e; Pound 9C L. Gold Medal : P'lonr, Relish Dish Free, 20 IJbs. l)5c So-O-'iVhile Guaranteed VloiiV, 2-1 l.ta. .... ; SSc LKTTUCR Large Crisp Heads 'OKMiRV, Large '1'endev, Ttlcnchcil KC(i PLANT, Fancy rC Home Grown. LI), u •POTATOKS, Fancy .QIC •Red Idaho. Lb. 0 2 : Canova, l.nzianne, illiixwell House Pound GREKN -UUITER filEAlSS \b. Sc; Shelled, Ih 12'/ ; c PICKLES, Sour or IrC Dill. ' / Quart It) JIURTAU1) : . Full Quart ORANGES, Calif. irC Seedless. Dozen •!(>' SARDINES, Tall Lb. 1 r C I lor lc> PINEAPPLE. Sliced lAC Lge. 1S-0/.. Can 1U PUKE1AKD 8 Lbs. Sl.Tfl; Can 56.75' TOC •4 Pounds J'O DOG FOOD, Lb. Can 1HC ii for ij POUR & BEANS, /J1C with Tom. Sanec. can42 OLEO, Lily. Limit ICC. 2 His to customer. H> ItJ PAR-T-JEL, Flavors. All Q C 2 lloxcs tf TOMATO PASTE Z_ Cans CRACKERS Full Lb. Box 1° 9 C SHORTENING While Ribbon Sib SI; Can 'S5.75; 4 Lbs. J' f"QC J'J SPAGHETTI or Macaroni. 2 KoXcs POTTED MEAT Picnic. a Cans 5 C FLOUR, P). or S. R. 2'1-H). Sack FLOUR, Maple Leaf QCC Hairey ?G.-I5; 2'l .ll>s. 0(> BACON, Fey. Sliced OQC •Rindlcss. 1,1). LJ PORK CHOPS or n^C Steals. Fry. ),b. LL FLOUR Whitewater Rose Barrel §7,00; ],i)s. NECK BONES, Lots H1C of iMcal. !,b. /-2 PORK .SAUSAGE, IT 1C Puro, Seasoned. Lb. 1« 2 CLUB STEAK, Fey. Annnur Star. 1C K. C. Beef, Brisket, nil Stew or Roast. Lb. 02 VEAL Round or Lom<)rc gcaks, a!ilk Fed. Hi Ud SALT MEAT, Boiling Lb. l.2'/ 2 c; Best. LI). MAT'PHF? Ucccivc 1 '' our Sc 1' Iti/ViL'HL'iS Evcrsharp Free with s or OHO crsharp Free with 12 Boxes at LIBERTY CASH GROCERS SPECIALS FOB FRIDAY AN D S A TUR D A Y FLOUR, Fluffy Ruffles ~~ Each 17c FreshTomatoes, Ib. 3|c Oleo DIXIE wtAND, Lb. 15c ISc i' : '" Sodr, Jiiii-j' 1 •; Nice Rir.e 'Dozen 17c Sugar , Puie C'anc ',1(1'Pounds 53c Cleanser Lighthouse Can 3c Bell Peppers ,a 4c Salad Dressing ' 22c Milk Iffllin ' Egg Plant Luc. Can Fresh Home Gro Pound 5c Dog food Vigo 4ic Sweet Pickle •« - 15c Jar Caps .AInson I)OZ<M1 19c Salmon Calf Liver Kresh I'onntl 28c ..Full Dressed Pou nil 30c Lard SHOW While Compound I'oiiml 12lc Picnic Hams ™ 23^ Veal ' "S" 15c liver Cheese, Ib. 25c Ground Beef All Meal found Jar Rings Mason Dozen Beef Roast CHUCK, U> THICK RIR, 1,1). Vinegar Huik Gallon Butter Beans sa-.7c Matches f Anchor •Hox . .-Shihley's Heat Plain or Self. Uisinp; :.2d-Lf). Sack Puffed L\ Oar illofiicr's IjTC Ex! Sour, Dill. Qtl3 BUTTER Quart TOD MEAT Can2^ VIENNA SAUSAGE J c TOMATO • R " CRSln g|r5 c •POST TOAST1ES> 7^ WRA -..njlTU-;? 0 - 11LK !)illl ° I!rflnrf can If SALT ? APPLK • !IJIC '' '• 19° .l,ibby's. -No. 2 C^n -ifa j. Libby's. No. 1 Can IE 'APPLE Uusedalc IOC Sliced. 2!/ ; Can JQ ' ^ tokc1 >' >s •••- 'fi No. 2t/ z Can -0 BEETS Pctii Pois i Pois IOC No. 2 Can it. MUSTARD ,,.,„. 9 C APPLE BUTTER Q( ,13 C PUT P »EANS Homo 'i.aiC TIH/L Grown, l.b. i :>, Roscdalc AC No. 2; Can J Wheat ^ l\c TfflRKCHOPS """ BACON KN1)S !:rS 15° BOLOGNA Ul\l\d ' ' J | /n -gc o,, FLOOR M - J ^ tk 61 C OATS. ^^^^ BLACKBfcKRlES.... If linker Lli. Can CRACKERS 'ST«1« C FRESH ccnri ^ lhc BACON r;m " Slic 7!b. 24^ J •NECK BONES M S y W i'NTO.T^ »romcdai-v/»C fil™^' li-0.. Can' 0 JUICE re Cni-th's; : Can"0 PftRK * lURR fJAV WHITK Shoe 'Polish IOC Uft * 25c_Bou| c , ForlJ. M J'ccrlcss OftC n.n-,'- "«.-TISSUE W; I? Small 2!lc Large .... :"»7f ' S 11 C ?ox 11 Rox c . Bars Lb. LYE Railroad /?C Cnn 0 SALT MEAT t^i 13 C PEAS Fresh Lb. TO BEANS L. 5° - Whole Grain rC Lb. J KOilNY s ir y S,n 8 C Luziaiine ' . I.I). Can , PRUNES E ™",,, 6 c; Cur(is c MFFF'' ri(IcofMcmpI1IS 1fi c ,V>1 i JUI.i J,|), ly Crofrdcr 1C No. 2 Can III Stcnmlioal Gallon rf

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