The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 28,1949 BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COUKIER KEWS Recent Supreme Court Ruling Brings Sharp Debate Dealing With Bounds of Free Speech ^ Ky Paul M. Yost 4P WASHINGTON. May 23. (/Vj—As the result of a recent U. S. Supreme Court, case, you may henr a lot of debute these days on the real meaning of the cherished American expression: "This Is the United stnles. I can say anything I please!" Everyone knows thnL (he right of free speech Is not unlimited. fn trying to polont out where (he liinHs lie, the supreme court for many years has followed a test devised by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. \ Spraking for a iiniinhnous court Sti what is known as the Schenck ease, Holmes declared: "The most stringent protection of free speech would nnt protect n man In falsely shouting fire iti n theater and causing oantc. "The question in every case is whether the words used arc used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present clunker tlial they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a mht lo iire- vent. it Is n quest Ion of proximity and degree." Lawyers call it (he "clear and present danger test." U applies prM-*ici'!nrly in a case \vhere a viola- fion of taw is induced by a speech The test written by llolmrs Is used to detrcmine Lbc nowcr of the authorities lo decide whether the .epeech Itself fs an offence, ^ In the Srhenck case, the supreme " roiirt upheld convictions involving Incitement to resist draf. In the fivAt worlrf war. ' Derision Endangers Earlier Theory The clear and present danger had clear sailing until list Monday. Then the court threw out. 5 to 4. Hie conviction of the Hev Arthur TermlnleHo for R fiery sueech made three years ago In a Chicago auditorium. Justice Douglas, speaking for the majority, said the disorderly conduct ordinance under which the Catholic priest was fined S1CO contains parts that are uncon-stiUrUcm- al. as they were construed by the trial judge In Chicago. Douglas said the ordinance, as explained by the trial judge to the jury, "permitted conviction of Ter- rmniello if his speech stirred people to anger, invited public distrust, or brought about a condition of unrest." Conviction on any of those grounds, Douglas said, may not stand. How rioes this sou a re ivtth the clear ami present danger test? A sampling of newspaper editorial opinion on the subject shows Wtbe same oonstrasling views "those expressed by Use court's majority and minority opinions. For instance, the St. Louis Globe Democrat said the decision "would justify agitators irfio intice to riot.' But the Miami Herald baid it "is along the historic path we have moved as people." The trfal court heard evidence tha't stink bombs, bottles and "brickbats were hurled around the Chicago auditorium. Twenty-eight windows we r e brok en. Jarkson Makes Stinging 1 Ch The .street outside was jamuiec with people, described as "a surging howling mob hurling epithets Can't Get Lost Atlanta Honors Lawyer Who Was Born in Blytheville Sam P. McKenzle of Atliuita, On., unlive of Ulythcville and son of W M. McKenzie, who Is associated In business here with R. D. Hughe* and Comoany, and been unmeet At- lanla's -young Man of the Year" hy the Junior Chamber of Com merce in that city, it was disclosed f oda y. Mr. McKcnzle Is a member or the Ailsmtn hw firm of Carter, Cartel and McKenzie, and a news Item In (he Atlanta Journal lists many ac- livittes which won for him the distinguished service award, und in ir editorial In the -same newspaper he was commended for taking the leaf in obtaining legislation in Atlanta (o "unmask the Ku Klux Klan. "It was Mr. McKenzie." the edf lorii'l staled, "who introduced tit resolution (before the Atlanta Jnn r Chamber of Commerce) \vhicr as adopted by the Jaycees calling i the City Council to pa.^ an anti- ask ordinance. He perronallj orked to drive the measure irough. Its enactment into law fo ised the nation's attciition upoi tlanta, and brought ric.^rve 1 ommendntion to All concej'jied." Kancy Berg shows off somelhin new in bathing attire in Miaxn Boach. She's wearing a aew type vvrap-aroujid suit which in eludes a map of Florida on il Visitors should have no troubl finding Iheir way around. Al they have to do is lake a gooc took at Nancy. PACK He's Up and Coming (Up) in the world." (>rtt "(iuod Hum" Stalui In 19'1U, when he «xs 17. lie w»s released. He went home, (old Ills mother B«Hlby, mid for tho nrxl lour years—"l was a «ood Inim." He worked In * feed store »t Tipton, iml.. nuide „ f cw hundred dollars, bought n new cur unit went to Mliunt. MA., for n B»od lime. He llnally had to sell tlic car so he could eat. He worked for n bread company In Indianapolis, sold punch lioiirds In Minnesota, burkiul at a Nc«- York flea circus. In 1040 he arrived In I .us Angeles, lie tried to register ss » movie cx- Iva with Central Casting, The rolls were [tiled. He- Ijcciun- a .snlCMimn (or the las Alludes City Dyi> Works and luler .switched lo Ilic Golden tilnle Creumery Co. One nlfiht he went to the Lane- some club In downtown Los An- Bdes. He net u girl. Kiuuli l,ogk- ivcocl, ivlio worked for (do Snnlliuy Laundry Co. lie iisVcil her lo dam-e mo live ilnys laler asked tier to be its wife. They were manlcc' on the sixth day In Ynmn, Ariz. He bought. a truck mid skirled ils own Inundry rontf. in 1041 lie was n seiRennl In the Callloinln Stale Ciunrcl lie suffered a rupture and was released Iroin further mil- itary <frvlc«. He »Urted a Itundrjr i\ Sauls Barburn, Cullf., and went broke in 1944 he wont broke aijiiln with the Alcnrn Lumber Co. «l CMIIierl. 8. a Then <'*n\f hit partnerKhtp with llavr Jitekmmi of (he K»il»a» Milling (•»., und » curerr In tin truln nmrkrt dial tin* been «el- . Now Alcuin U tolnc back to thi reform tchool whtr« h« «p«nt four years to film M motion picture about Camera Fans! Get clear, . sharp printt at thrifty price Scut! Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Hellei • Hetter 8rrvlc« 10* N.. lr>nkltn Thone K#i ^ Looming above his fellow workers Is Chans Ying-\vn. 27, seven- foot, 320-pound jailer in Shanghai. And Chant; claims lie's slill getting taller. He romcs (rotn a family of 2H members, all o[ \vluun are of average height (Photo by NKA-Acinc slall cm respondent Warren Lee.) Tiree Arkansans Die 'latently over Weekend By tlie Associated I'rps. Ac<-irients claimed at .casi three ves In Arkansas over the weekend. Norman McDonald. 25. apparent- started to walk across a railroad osshii,' hi downtown Camdi i Sunny. Hi? was struck and killed by St. Louis and Southwestern Rail- 'ay locomotive. An automobile plunged into (he wollen Arkansas River near Fort mith Saturday. A passenger in vehicle, James A. Sands. 27. f Charleston, Ark., drowned. His oir.'anion, T. B. Wagnor. 23. also f Charleston, swam to shore. Archie Owens, 19-year-old Crate- iead County farmer, died early iunday of inlnries suffered when le was stabbed by » pocket knife. Livestock NOTICE Notice is hereby given that tire undersigned has filed v ith tla Coin- missiouer of 'tev^nues of tho State jt Arkansas for pjrmH lo sell und dispense beer ni re^nil or the premises described as 411-West Ash St.. Blythcville. Mississippi County. The undersigned slale.s that he Is a citizen of Ark^nsns, of good moral character, thnl he has never been convicted o( a felony iu - other crime invilvlng monil <i."|)itiidc; thai no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked with- tti five years last past: and .hat the liurirrsiKiied lin.s never been convicl- ecl ol violating the h.w; of this state, or any other stale, relative lo the sale of alcoholic liquors. application Is for permit to be ssucd for operation beginning on he 1 day of July, 1049. and to expire on the 30 day of Ju'ie. 1950. Mary Jcat Fowler, Applicant. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21 day of May. 1849. Eunice Brogdon, ISEAL1 Nolary Public. My Commission expires: 1-16-51. Winking Slar The sift)- Aliiol not only tsvlnkle.s, but it winks. Each wink, which is caused '..y partial eclipse by a companion .siar, last 10 hour.*. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III.. May 23—W>— (USDA)— Hogs " 14,100;'market active. 25 to 50 higher ,han Friday's average: bu!k proori and choice 180-240 Ibs 20.00-25 op 20.25 mostly for .weights under 130 Ibs: 250-300 Ibs 19.00-75: load over 350 Ibs 18.00: HO-170 Ibs 18.75975; few at 20.00: 100-130 Ib pigs 6.75-18.50: good sows 400 Ibs down 6.75-17.75: few at 18.00; over 400 bs 16.75-16.50; most stags 11.504.00. Cattle 3.700: calves 1.200: opening ,rade somewhat slow with high ask- ng prices delaying action; some deals fully steady to strong on steers, heifers and cows; bulls strong to 25 higher; vealers 1.00 ilgher: few medium and good steers 23.50-25.00: good to choice heifers and mixed yearlings 24.50-25.75; common and medium 21.00-24.00: good cows 19.50-21.0t); common and medium beef cows 18.00-19.50; can- irers and cullers 14.00-18.00. Parking meters were first installed in American cities in 1935, when six municipalities put them In. Hollywood Continued from Tupc fl the cquul of other boys Muybe, that's why 1 hatrd school. 1 hud lo wear clnlhing unrt cardboard in the soles of my shoes. "At Plainficld I got a new uniform and slices with soles and three meals R day. 1 was the happiest kid Discovers Miniature Device for the Deaf Chicago, IIL-A big improvement has been made in a new device now welcomed by thousands of deafened. U is so small it nt.s In the palm of the hand. Its clear noiseless lone is so efliclent that even faint voices are understood. With It thousands now enjoy music, sermons and friendly companionship. Finger tip controls permit you lo ml just it Instantly to changing sound conditions. Accepted by the American Medical Association's Council on Physical Medicine. The makers of Beltone, Dept. 33, 1450 W. 19th St.. Chicago 8, 111., are so proud of their achievement, I hey will yludly send you free descriptive booklet on how to overcome deafness and explain how you may try this miniature device in the privacy of your home without risking R penny. Write Bel- tone today. WASHES WHITER, BRIGHTERf those who would enter and trying to tear their clothes off," The mob was said to be out of police control. Justice Jaekson, writing the sharpest ol three opinions dissenting with Wong-Ins, in effect cried out that if ever there wns an instance of clear danger, the Chicago meeting YRS it Jackson made the stinging charge that the supreme court has now "silently abandoned" the longstanding clear and present danger test and "substituted for the purpose of this case a n 1111 ex pr esscd but more stringent teat." Has the clear and present danger test actually been abandoned? Douglas did not say so in his majority opinion. Instead, he amended Holmes' statement to say that free speech is protected "unless shown likely lo produce R clear and present danger of a serious subsfAnUve evil (hit rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance or unrest," Saves l /3 on Soap LIPS THAT RELISH LUXURY RENTACAR Drive Anywhrr* Vuu FleaM Simpson Oil Co. Phont 937 }uv»nll» It'» t food old American style. -LV You Art Cordialty to VitH SELLING AT COST Our Entire Stock of GENERAL and McCREARY TIRES and TUBES , / Modiircer Tire Co. 416 E. Main Phon. 2201 SPECIAL PURCHASE Garbage Pail 21 Gal. Size Galvanized To Resist Rust s 319 Meet New City Requirements RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (AH Types Except Cancer) Clink 514 M»tn, Bljtherlllc, Ar*. FMne $ 25 The Accessory Shoi Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srit Hole) Noble Bld(. 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