The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, PRBRUAHY 27, 1931 fll.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TUBE K India's "Little Father" Government Gives Prefer-, • once to All Who Labor | With Their Hards. j KWTOIt'S NOTE — This is the liil!: <f Eu&cnc Lyons' srrles of ar-, llvies sumiiutiiin? hLs thrre yr.irs in llic Srviet L'nion.— rnilcd Tress BY El.'GKNi: LYONS ' L'nltfd I'ifss Staff Correspondent MOSCOW, Feb.27 iUI')— The as-. c: ni!ancy of the manual laborer in; th2 new" eovici civilization is notj an abstract thing, n-t empty Ilat-j tcry of the i:cw master cf tl % 3 na- 1 lionnl household. It is a reality affecting everything from the slm-| plcsl matters of food and Llicitr-n to the most c'mplex m-.?fli(j[]s ofj arts, ideals and murals . He. receives Hie largrst rations! ai^d N.'iicn th:-re i.'. net enough of' any item to go round, he is ihe! first to t-! provisioned. The sam?: applies to new hcusine, seh.col anci 7iospital facilities, places in the theaters, clubs, sanatoria. The vast official apparatus, e>: ; cept ill its topmost reaches, quakes iii all its limbs at the approach • f a fackvv "" A thousand i ccmplniiit.s from other directions i may go unheeded, but a single one I emanating from a group -f miners. | or mill hands, seals the fate of an j rflondln" functionary. The new;- 1 papers devct? pages regularly to| letters from factory workers, even reproducing -the half-literate signatures. The grimy faces of Ivan- cv, factorv worker, and Comrade Ivancva. woman worker, decorate Ibe pa^es of leading jnagazines just as these cf "society" fill select Ain' crlc:n magazines. i Approval a Con'.manil If you have written n play, a scenario, a jioem and arc politically wi=c you will r?ad it before a workers' meeting somewhere. Tis rea-lution of approval, if you are lucky enough to elicit cne. is as gocd as a command to producers happy to see the sunlight, to breathe the picture of his release from Poona Prison, India's bespectacled little Nationalist Here Arc "Who's Who" Winners at Hightower Following me llic results of- n "Who's Who" contest lii'M recently al (lie Illglitom- ftliool: Upper grades—masl studious girl. Gmllicl Cook; inost studious boy, Lloyd Foiidrcn; \visesl ijli-1. Helen RrbEtock; >vlscst toy. Claud Hnm- cy; most modest, yhi, Piuillnc Cunningham; mosi attractive girl, Ui- cllc FoiKlren; b?st girl athleu 1 . Mury Evelyn Sliaw; best boy ntlilst;, Floyd Fondren; wittiest eirl, Bessie Taylor; wittiest boy, Woodrcw Taylor; best girl. Inez Kaincy; licsl boy, Slack Cook; cutest girl, Gone va Hmy; cuti'Sl boy, David 'I am hete, in this slrlkin; ycu -see Mahntma Gandhi leader, as he quit his crll to take up anew Hie fi?ht for independence ficin British rule*. He nov-~ has called n cou'eieuce of other Tr.'jinn pAtiiots to dlsci'.ss a new constitution lor India in accordance with the rcc'nt Round Table Conference in London. Kc was incarcerated for eight months for pclitical disobedience. and publishers. In the courts of revolutionary Justin? the fact that a man is a worXer is Ills test defense. Mcm- pers of any one-of the other numerous groups into which the population is split have little if any tfi!5" workers alone to dictate the cturse of the revolution. Such statements, y;h?ther from a professor, or a bookkeeper, may be only lip service to the class which holds the whip. But ill the main It is tihcore. The Bolsheviks have c-nvincr-d t!ie majority of the Russian population of the fundamental tcr.els of their Ccmmnnlst faith. The underlying tellff — and it must h? accepted In the final analysis on faith, however hard they chance aeainsl him. Govcrumer . ........ ters, Red Army units, newspapers I "clvssn people" of the history Holconib School Debate Team Is Dunklin Winner HOLCOMB, Mo.—The Holcomb High Debate team composed of Naomi Douglass and Pearl Barns* v.T.1 the Southeast Dunklin county ai f-hoc! Debite Contest at Hi?l Girardeau March 1 following their nsl him. | try to prove it as a "scientific fact." ; defea , of ,' he H erner S ville pair foi nt institutions, ll-ca-i i- 'hat fn^ manual workers are the ! honors rf the district. , , of are graciously taken under the which dawned in 1917. They and patronage" of some factory as a Ul'rni of direct proletarian super- ^fision. In exercising / its preroga- ~ tives the nev/ uppermost class has ' • curiously enough followed many of the methods cf the class it supplanted. The overthrown past is oO recent j Mnn that its memories are fresh. Just •« as Tsar Nichols L. appointed himself patron of Pushkin, so an automobile factory in Moscow now appoints itself patron of the po?t Bezeminsky. Bc7£minsky, like Pushkin, professes to like it, and in bcth catcs it is a camouflaged censorship. Act as Film Censors The ascendancy holds true thrcugli every branch of life and thought. Films arj exhibited to some Kroup cf workers before be- they aloi:-; must hold 10Q per cent, of the power until the classless society is established in its fullness and cilery. TOMORROW — IVorktng class lifted to power in Russia. The extreme south end of the district will eliminate two of the three remaining undefeated teams .when the trio of winners meet for the final elimination. Holcomb, Morehoi'se. nnd i Blcomficld hfive thus far defeated nil opponents end will now have to t:st their own ~j strength L'.gcinst each other to de?S Eyected tO ! ci " e vvno Vi ''" have the hcnnr oi nn-11 ,L if •!»! representing South-post Missouri in Imly the Mu the Slate Coiiicsc to te held in . Columbia in about two weeks. FORT SUMNER. N T . M.'(HP)—A Bloomfield was the winner last Ions fight that was mads over th= vfRr in t! >G Southeast Missouri protests of church people.' finally j contest and tcok second place in has resulted in a monument being ™ e S tate contest. Hornersvillc erected al the grave here tit Billy J )1 ! lc « <1 se " nd ! ast >' ear ' m the d the Kid, New Mexico's famous out- 1 *" ct c°nt«ts but was -elimina lluv Funds to erect the were hard to obtain on account of objections that such action \vcuU hig r-^leisiTd t-< the cenernl public.! make a hero out of the gunman The same is done with grand op- "'"" "'" ""' 1 ""~ " J dls- ,ted ; this year by the Holcomb pair in monument i the final debate oi the season. eras, halleis, novels, everything which the workers have the right — thoueh thev as yet lack the capacity—to judge. The worker pays a heavy price Itr the new status, as I shall point out in subsequent articjes. lie is a soldier in the ranks of his class, without cersona'l rights, subject to incbiliznMon for heavy and unwelcome tasks in distant places. But the Eenro of superiority, of having - c-me into his kingdom, is real compensation and the ruling Ccmmun- Ist Party never loses an opportunity to underline it. Billy the Kid has a reccrd of 1:111- j ing 21 white persons and no count has been made of the number of' Indians he killed. i To refute stories of the good I people that no grass would gro'.v' on Billy the Kid's grave, old-timers were photographed on the grave in knee-high grass. The first railroad track was 23 miles in length and was the property of the Baltimore and Ohio. VlfHEN you start at sudden noises, worry over trifles, can't bear the noise that children make, feel irritable and blue-—ten to 1 The TrST or the situation- Women GrowSironEer i oncit ' s your ' nerves me -which time mny cur.2—is that] £> , Don't wail until your ovcr- ,LookYoungerand I w rouff ht nerves have kept you the new ruler is not yet ripencJ to [ p ec -i exercise the stupondTOS control r which has fallen into his hands. For the tim.3 bsintj his hands rto mere suppressing than guiding in the domain c' creative thought. Tlie sight of more gifted tcr-nt classes kowtowing to Have Steadier Nerves half the night and the way for another miserable If you only knew — you rundown, ! day. Take two teaspoonfuls of Liicmic VfOiiKn — who are drai 'Slfrag | Dr. Miles' Nervine and enjoy thi relief that follows. Take two more before you go to bed. thoir?n.. juursdf around on your "nerve'— j and net- tyiiat a wom'crful increase in strength : ter-nt classes Kowtowing 10 a group, oru i health Tanlac will give you, you ' "•----—•- -— -~ -- -«of "shock trcops" from the s'.csl | v;0 nUn't hesitate n moment about: Sleep—and wake up ready for mills Is no more edifying than the; goingto'your druggist and getting a ! ftn days duties or pleasures, yame classes kowtcwins. as they; biy bottleottliis splendid medicine. ] Dr. Miles' Nervine is novf did previously, to granddukes and moneybags. Political considerations are necessarily paramount in the present f.t.ige of Soviet development. They require a cCAseless encouragement, and fortification of the workers' ff:tiEe of importance and self-con- flc'ence. The Soviet lenders achieve Mrs Dora RohillarH.of licllingliam : made in two forms—Liquid and' -"' — ' "•"• 55., R.l'.D. I, Box 17, says: "1 haj no digestion nor appetite. Sick headaches hul me up in bed three days at * , time, i couldn't even do light house-1 v.-ork. Now i ilo .ill our cooking anri xvashingiiiadditiontotheothcrwork." Tanl.ic is as free from harmful tlrugi na the water you drink—only Nature's this by entrusting everything. . Brest and tmall alike, to the con-i know this antl for the past 10 years trol cf manual laboreis. If stall- h liv c recommended it to men and dards of life and thought are for v.-omcn who need a quick "pick up" the time being depressed to a low- that will put them on their feet and er level by this method, so much] give them anew interest in lite. the worss fcr the standards. Freer Scope for Genius The time is not distant, however when the Soviet regirr.,? will feel' slrong enough to dispense with this need for political reassurance. si<.'- inrr the native genius of (he land freer scope for development. ! To anyone unfamiliar with Soviet lo?tc the loud acceptance of pro-' lefarian overlordship by the vcry p people who regarded the workers. ss unworthy of attention seems I grctcsque, Famous scientists, for- instance, speak "f thcmselvjs humbly as "serronts of the work-; , ' lf ig class" Or, at the other end,' i 4 f °wc ni-pald and hard-workins? I " ^Wkkcepjr will argue that cf •"OIIIPC it is right and prcper for t! 'e factory workers and ths fac- So confident arcthe makers ot Tani- 7 c (hat it you are not helped by it, you ' ct your rnoney back on request Effervescent Tablet. Both are the same thempeuticaUy. Liquid or Effervescent Tablets at all drug stores. Price $1.00 Dr.PauIF.tfcGutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Bowles; best musician, Ralph Ontc- wood. Primary room—most modest], Lola M:ic Harkey; most, iillrr.eilic \ girl, Catherine C'uuntnRliam; incr.t studious sirl, Sallle Mne llerry; most studious boy. Cei'll Bsrry; cutest Rirl. Luln Fny Hnrki'y: wis,':l girl, Ndlle Hup linincy: whs^t bay. Alvln Kondrrn; wittiost ^irl. Id.i nay W'csi: wlttlrsi uay, Howin-i COOIKT; host iKiimnn. J. W. Morton ]r; bw. girl nthlete. Annie Mil? Vinfs; bt-il boy athlete, llob^rt nerry; most polite boy. Stacy Mc- KulBlu; prolllcst hair. Cntlirriiu* Cuiiiilucliain; prettiest hands, Sal- He Mae Berry; prettiest teeth. An- j nie Mac vines. | LOTE GROCERY and MARKET I'hcuo 177 We Deliver 122 \V. Main 'DI i mi 5c ORANGES Dozen 15c LETTUCE Each 5c CELERY 10c GRAPEFRUIT Each 5c MUSTARD Pound 5c CAULIFLOWER Pound Fresh Ripe Ari/.onii Pound 17ic Pfttiatnac So 1 Red 3An i yUdlUCO Peck OUt Red or Yellow Pound BEANS Great Northern 5 Pounds 23c MILK 6 Small or a Tall Cans S Country QOZ. TOMATOES No. 2 Can 3 for 21c PORK & BEANS Camp s r SALMON Chum Each lOc Grandma's White Nuptha ;. 10 Bara 24-Lb. Sack 50c SOAP Palmolive or Lux 3 Bars 25 c CABBAGE Pound 2c Canova or Maxwell House Pound COFFEE Four Leaf Pound 29c SPARE RIBS Pound 9c BACON Half or Whole Pound 23c Phone 159 Closing Hours Saturday Night 9:30. Other Days 6 O'clock Bargains for Saturday and Monday BROTS-'^USn^ MILK :! Tiill or ':ill or HI C i Sniiill Cans Ll CRACKERS ^1^ AAB U/il ''• & <!• or Crysttil White 10 Hars Sour or CABBAGE ltaB ' (ircc ;:,, " (.Jrlffon Nn. 2'/i din APPLES , Box Fruit Fruit ICC 2 I,bs. 1J LETTUCE Lllr " and S3 5 C CAUI.IFI.OWKK Firm White l-'irm White 1J\C Hearts. 1.1). 1U BANANAS •1 t,bs. CARROTS liunch ONIONS Rod or Ycl !?v io c Berkeley Blend "frrtyi'-LUri^UltnlHMWTTiT 12615 LEMONS Dozen COFFEE - .si,,, $1,00 3 Minute <1CC 3 for MEAL 21 -Lb. Sack 5fl c 5-pound Limit 5 TUNA FISH '' Vs c, n 24 c TUNA FISH •A'* C;m SHRIMP miorDrvl 'tnl9 c SARDINES *"•££•££ 10 C Tiny Tad or School Day cans25c BACON Sliced Pound 25c Bring Your Bucket lOc Pound lOc BEEF ROAST K. C. Chuck Pound 15c STEAK K. C. Any Cut Pound 17k Ib. 12!c SALT MEAT For Boiling Pound PORK SHOULDERS wK 12Jc PORK CHOPS Pound 15c Pound 22c l ? l»" Kunnv -IS's, $1.52 ai-i.b. sack I TOMATOES N * 8St "?M c PRUNES Lbs. SALMON Can 10° Hams, Fresh Picnics, pound 9c fatsxfttmamnmm^^ammBmma*m*amamm*ammam^^^mmmmmmm $ Ib. l\t \ Bacon gg ib.25c Fresh Pork None Better Ib. 12'c SaltMeal •B««HXE Sausai Rides Lb. lie 1 PorkChops"' 15c !b. 12!c Pure Corn Fed Pork rrieat one Estrella i.25c| Fish—Oysters Pure Ib. i2- c Compound Ib.

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