The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1947 Hot Words Mark inquiry !nto RFC Senate's Banking Committee Delays B. & O. Investigation WASHINGTON. Mny 7. <UP> — 'flip Senate Banking Committee's investigation of RFC was put on !W_jt ln P<>rarlly yesterday lollow- »i<; 4Bme hot words between Chairman Charles W. Tobcy, n., N. U., ami Sen Homer E. caycharl, R, IiHI. Tobey said he plans to re-o;>en hearings in two weeks on the Re- coiisiriicilon Finance Corporation's iinilti-niillion-dolliir dealings with the Baltimore fc Ohio railroad. The neess will give committee members a chance to attend Senate debate on important legislation. Tobey said. Some senators said privately, meanwhile, that the Investigation to date has been "nothing more than a witch-hunt." They complained that they never knew in advance who was going to testify. The main issue in the inquiry concerns the B & O's 1045 bankruptcy and subsequent reorganization, whereby an $80,000,000 RFC loan was extended to 1905. Committee" Consel Robert D. L'Heureux charges it was a fictitious" bankruptcy, arranged to keep former RFC officials in control at B & O. Railroad officers deny that the B & o had been a party to any "fradnlent or improper" act. Sen. John Sparkmnn, D.. Ala., banking committee member, told a reporter that in his position "no case has yet been made out" a- fininst either B & p or RFC. He said "not. a single witness has les- liiied that anybody lost anything" as a result of the reorganization. ^L _ Commons Near Final Vote on Conscription LONDON. May 8. (UP)—The longest, and noisiest Hous-* of Com- imms session of the laoor government's regime ended shortly be- iore noon today after all-night deliberations had pushed the government's 12-inonths conscvtnion bil close lo final passage. The 21--hour and 17-immite session was highlighted by r.p. angr> attack by opposition leader Winston Churchill who charged that the government had yielded against Us own better judgment to the demands o[ Leftist Laborites in cutting the conscription term from 18 months to 12 months. Habitual Drunkard Does A Little Planning But, Police 'Don't Like idea LIlgVE ROCK, Ark., May 8.1UP —ThJ^Little Rock police have re jected efforts of one citizen U lay aside a little for a rainy — c nt least n wot — day. Acting .police LI. P. B, Pedcri::! said that a young man, cold sober appeared at the police station yes tcrday and attempted to leave $1 at the desk sergeant's office fo use as bond in event of his arrcsl Frederick said the man, has te 1 n regular customer at the .fail ^ has often failed to have suffirjlen money for a cash bond. The "account" would put an en to this shortage, the man explainer Frederick refused the money. There are 20,000,000 acres of pub lie domain, or government-owne lands, in Arizona and New Mexi CO. City Radio -Service- 2407 For Expert llcpairs .'124 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Out of Order, Full of Nickels m/VTIIKVlLLK (ARK.) COUttlKit NK\VS !BUU.ETS"FIY PAGE THREK Crooner Gets'Two Days for Practice; Audience Can't Run Out, Either HOLLYWOOD, May K. Crooner Tony Martin s;iid icday i l"' :;i >' from his jail cell thai IIP didn't' u ' : •>think when lip plpnclci! (jullly to, ' '• that lu-'rt UP .slapped with 1 ' • u uvo-day srnU'iUT. (• '''•11 IIP lintl. he said, in- wouldn't i ei' u have i;one into court uKuu mid u:l- lm by wills. sliKiin ivvii'i'- I"'- 1 :•' seiitattv-.'s or lawyers. i' :t '•"' 'I in lu.t KOlriB to try ri duc'.i cut' >"' i' -.if it now." In 1 said. "TUc jud'v!"! i- thonshi 1 had il 011111:11", no I'll! "1 .nil. my lime.' M:\rtln was driviny 5! /.one. j , <h The bearings of u heavy bomber contidn 3-iUO steel balls of various lawyers then Issued n brier state-|lol with inc. Anglln snld was be- Ihls morning, I h»d locked my b»*. mcnt sitying: |cause I had brought It up here t-) The pistol was *UH I* *U>« dr««er "WlK-n the ruets are out, we hiive It cleaned and when I cliccr;-' drawer, so'l put it'ii» I i was'.'d April :>fl Tor j ''!. •' 55 miles an limn- Ihroush i;-, thlr.k they will show this IK not, the llrsl time AiiKlin has drawn on somebody first." Ani;lin In 1C31 was uc(|ultled ol a charge ol assault with lulnnl to kill. Witnesses lostlfiod that' Am;-1 ;:.. i!V\ :).K-:« was broken. lh ,. s ( , lm j !llntllci i ,m (1 he aimed it i,• M' Horn und rals- n( Tom u ]>hllllps, publisher of. 'ii,' riiiln s idp and uuL t | u , iioldenvllli' Daily News. Plill- j ii'. Ilf liri'd acnin und I n ps | llu | ,in u cked Anglln editor!-1 .^ liavo nrirned tho a i|... t |ie preceding day. i I v.v. Hi,, .senalors pom-I -|-| 1( . s liootln« ludli'd leiilslutive :'.:>• di'.r and \v:i.-. »fi'«i:t piwcpillinis lor an lumr. Tin' lo^ls- ! l ' 1 '- 11 'inline hud been In spssian siiu - e '. ::t:,'w IIP foil any i'.l J;m . ,;, :111(1 ll( n o ,i,.,u.d. ! i: r,' );,. ;a id. ' lie's just EcoU (0 | ( | Klnlli ainhoillies he obtuined a permit tor his .H2 cul- Ibre pistol a week ed out, of the hotel to go my pocket, 1 as I do I am i;ji»r to irie Loici."i The mot.ivc (>r th-* murdov for which Willie must, 'lie uliiw.'rily, was i-obbery. V.Mll.? x^l J4 and mi ^:!^in watch. ! llut today mail-rial ihlriv; tk'n't Inlerest him. Hi: liupsn'i, cvcii i:tl: " ' for cray fisli. \vhi':h are r,cvi;;iK fat now in tni.i bayo.i coxiiury. illi.s only inti'n-st, n in teli|,!on. iliew im me llrsl. "H> • n ip'ist I lhoii|;hl 110 \'.j' Ifiih .stiirtoil ilrawin:!. I.n:\v whin WLIS betwofin u 1 ' Hi- '.-:a !,•,. if i ijidnM slRy oil' "f !'. V.LIV hi-'ii kii! n-.o. ' ' ' ; 'r l '• • i'.ov,- I was ill i>is '•'-'. A; l:".".i l did everythint; ' •;(>.!• V- •., |.l,.;|.i[. billl. A'.t.'.r.y^ s:'ei:.',. 'lln-'r Client !""":il<- Si'i'"'init-at-Aniis II. Co- !•'! I!' M.';! (-IV'tl il fp V Illlir.llO.'i MC in the Henato a\'.tl !''• liirrd i<,vo ii'ioi'iu'vs wlio Im iiiMlia'ply ulciu-i'd ll'cir p'.iont. Tlv Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lui'tie. Dividend Snvlnxs Low r^cl Cost'Protection For SiM'Vlca W. L. TAMKE 408 K. llnvls St.. P. O. BlK 4ni ! I'linnc ^4«7 ni>lhrtill«. Ark.] "Thp only rpason I had my pl.i- ______ | Now She Stops "Cash and Cain" Without Painful BftduchT When dUoroVr of ki&icr function pennttf to ?•••!• IB yw Wood, It b*J*Jkche, polionous matter mnyc*us«nAgtf!r,, IcH p*1iu, Jo** of JK-p u>d t&er^y, g«tttn« up swelling, nuAtieu n4er the *7M. and dlul IKH. Frtq with amort] ne «*4 lltnc* show* there fa your kl<Jn*jr« or . , Don't walll Aik your drujrntt for PEI19, u BtlmuUat dluntie, by nilJHona for ortr wrotic whb n. Doan'» rtr» . trlW and will hdp tU U •!!«• oT luU» flu»h out poUooooi wuU f raw 0«t Dou'» PUb. . Mary Kircinkn can'l make that call. Pay dial phones in Chicago hotel are too jam-pacUcd with nickels to lalie hoi- coin. Heason, ai course, is the strike. Vegro, Who Survived One Trip To Electric Chair, Ready to Die esterday—Fr:iix;i.s will be electro- "Dlflckle" Jone.i, hitchhike slayer -Willie ri-ancls wauls to get on of two persons. The current was p- to heaven. He says Mic sooner applied at 12.?.') pin. and Jones . was pronounced <leail nino minutes later. re can leave, the better. Willie ali-cad.* has his ticket. Unless Louiiumri's .pcrtabU: clec-\ Wililc was isiovjil to I he M>ic- ic chair faibs aijain—it worked and-span New Ibe.'a jail chiefly esterday—franeis will be electro-, because St. Marilnvillc couldn't uted for a 1944 irsurtler "benveen 'board and handle a full-time prl- loon and 3 pn-... tomorrow. j'soner. "I'm ready iouliii." Willie said J "I have bee-i in This Jail sweat- oday, "and the sooner the lx-t- tn 8 it 'or a year." Willie said er." He doesn't wan: another nc- ' "Now I'm "r.-ncty to go. I want •idenl of the kind that let him the machine to work this lime— ive through a schedule'.! execu- I want to die because us s-oon ion May 3. 194G. _^ D° FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? PASTEETII, an Improved powder to be sprinkled oh upper or lower plates, holds false teeth more firmly in place. Do not slide, slip nor rock. No gummy, poaey, pasty taste or feeling. PALSTEBTH Is alkaline (non-acid). Does not sour. Checks "plate color 1 ' (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug slore. ifm live throng.i his first (rip to he chair bcR'^ "hi: wanted me to get my hell on earrh." The Negro will din in the tiny St. Martinville, LP... jail in the heart of Lo'.istellov; Evnnyelm-; State Park—locale of the murder of a St. Mai-tiiivilie ilruggist for which Willie, 'nen only 15, was tried and convicted. The chair umcUoncd yesterday when the shite executed Alonzo • Factory-trained craftsmen • All work fluaranieod • Reasonable prices Guaranteed watch repair jervico on all mokes and lypes of watchot. No job too big ... no job too small, for cleaning, repairing and adjusting, bring yout watch in lomorrow and let our experts place il in perfect running condition. LLi-llM Hi rili!:; . . . Wnai Iliammnls ^Q^MlilEEEOSHi • FOR SALE |40 ACRES—HIWAY 61 jli.j niilos noj'Hi of JBlythe- (ville on Ilway Cl just j norlli of Krutz' ditch. 5- jroom house for living jquai'lers & 'i-room tehaft I liousc & barn. 60 pecan ! trees set out last fall. I Anyone desiring one of (the nicest places available j 1 oday for a homesitc, sec j this litlla farm now. Terms j ran be arranged. j Lots and acreage avail- jable on North 61 with j ^ city water. !Wc have numerous houses jof all types for sale j throughout this r.ity. J110W WOULD YOU LIKE JTO BUY A HOME FOR j^O.OO PER MONTH? j See or Call i H. E. "BUD" FISHER | Real Estate & Loans U 101 E. Kentucky I'hone 2330 STAVES % A, DCLLA.I2 % /ALES Friday and Saturday Reg. Value - - 2.98 . On Sale SAVE $1.00 OPEN AN ACCOUNT USE YOUR CREDIT BRIDE and GROOM WEDDING BANDS u. M 20.00 ftew. BULOVAS SMART GIFTS FOR GRADS When you choose BuJovo, you choose America's most wonted watch. $1.25 A Week A/etu ELGINS *9.95 Luilrout jimulated pearl necklace . . . Beautifully matched and strung. »6.50 Famous Sheaffer pen ... matching pencil. Perfect writing pair. 75 »3.95 engraved, flojd- Wled crow and matching chain. N. $ 29 Select the watch that's Timed to the Stars. . . featuring thenewDura-Power Mainspring. »1.J5A Week M2.50 AM hh groommfloid»«lhit tmun leather zipper kit. DHEIF Reg. Value - - 3.98 . On Sale SAVE $1.00 Reg. Value - - 4.98 . On Sale SAVE $1.00 SHIRTS Reg. Value - - 6.98 . . On Sale SAVE $100 Reg. Value - - 4.98 . . On Sale SAVE $1.00 Reg. Value - - 4.98 . . On Sale SAVE $1.49 TWO DAYS ONLY

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