The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1951 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1951
Page 19
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1«, lt« BLITHEVILLB (AUK.) COURIER MOB Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams COME ON BACK HEV.' NO MORE Of TH«r CRAZY BROTHER OF VOURS BAB/'StTTIN' WITH Txe'se KIPS/ <3er A SWEET; (jENTLE GIRL. AMP I'LL TELL HJM WHY.' , MARTHA, X'Ve ROM6D GREAT BIG X KNOW VOU'BC SHY. JAKE, AT (.CAST FINANCE TIME VOL) HERC, ALL YC>L> t-EPT THE OVER.'UNCLE TED YOU'RE THE CHEER.FOLEST DAME T EV6K MAKE Me FEBL i-IKe A KID ASAIKJ, EiertT TO HOME.'-"-TAKE A , >J6ST BOTTOMS UMDER tHB DIMMER TABLE? HOP6 X HELP VOL> OVERCOME- VOUR MODESTY? 'CAUSE IMSIOE- T'M A BASHFUL X3U CAN'T STAMP WHAT HE CAKIJ yjHV MOTHERS SET GRAY Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1351 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETT TIIK STOTXYi Mr HatMC 1* J»i»ej (Jlmmer) Mnlloy und I've bcm KCQuflird of the uurdrr ot Charlie Herman, who priieUcnIJT »tol* ther Ramie hue me. *>»« my lawyer. lo Ktl *iy properly back. land leaved from t It J« CbJirllc- col my len»e thr natch bribery, which run*! b* proy*-<t. bat «• old law pi »<*«•• (he tnDd «nt ot urj«<ltcllon ol tbe eorrapi who iherrfore had no right I* •WNV to renew »T 1*«»*. "I'm going to town", ths woman said. To buy a loaf of Meyer's Bread It's always fresh and good to eat, . And keeps so nice and soft and sweet. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEND* By MERRILL BLMMft Nobte Youth STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. illlnad & Ash Phoiu 6831 l««r Friendly Stiidebaktr Dealer "Prices Are Born Here— And Raised Elsewhere" i 1942 FORD V-8 l!4-Ton Truck with new '48 motor, 825x20 tires . . . bargain^.'... • 1947 FORD t-Ton Pickup that's » *TQC Right; good buy 3)1 7 J • 1947 CHEVROLET Save money on this ex- :ra good !£-Ton Pickup Track • 1949 FORD H-Ton Pickup . . here's a perfect truck for you • 1949 DODGE Take clean Only . • 1949 Studsbakcr Ynn'll zgrce this W-Ton (fQQC Pickup is just like new .J>/7. • 1949 Studebaker Here's a heavier, }i-Ton Plckap that's bargain- priced! Most of these trucks ar t \uipped with a radio an' heater! STUDEBAKER M-Ton Pickup! $895 T was so stunned that I couldn't even nod my head. I avidly read the case marked in the book Though I was not a lawyer, the language was so clear that I could grasp the basic ideas Under the law, I slill had a right to iny resorl lands at Queen Lake! "Now the thing to do,** saic Gene Sawyer, "Is to file a suit to quiet title right here in this county Also a suit Tor ejectment. Bermar took possession of your property his brother Earnie's been running it ever since his murder. You can get it back—maybe not before this season ends, but you can col lect an awful lot of damages fo Berman's" unlawful use. I've al ready drawn a petition. Sign il I'll file it yet today." From a drawer, he produced stapled document. I hastily reac it, then affixed my signature. Gen smiled with satisfaction, addec carelessly:.,-... .,. _.,^. ... 'You can fire your lawyers a the state capital. Tell them tha I've been very unethical, but thn I'll get your land back and won charge you a cent of fees until do. As for iny fee for defend in you for Charlie Berman's rnurde I'll wait-for-that, too. You ca keep your convertible.** I shook my head. "You over whelm me. I don't know what say.* Gene shrugged. "In the mean- hile, if you feel grateful, you can o one thing for me. Don't let ie public get you down, You now why you were freed today "he jury thought you were guilty ut the.jurors knew that Charlie erman had stolen the property our father had spent a lifetime uilding up for you, and they didn' lame you for killing him." "But they still think I killed him Iverybody thinks that—even you. 1 Gene .shrugged again. *'Wha ifference does it make what hink—or what anybody thinks Jnless you let it get you ." "What do you mean, let it ie?" "I'm thinking of something An .re Maurois wrote. 'By a <;uce mimicry,' wrote Maurois, 'we be :ome what people think of us.' 1 * • • r thought it over. 1 I had bee through too much that day to b able to think clearly about a phi! osophical quip. "Just what are you driving a •ene? Are you saying that I ma become a murderer simply ,be cause everybody thinks I am?" "Take it easy for what it worth," said Gene. "I've sec Maurois's theory proven lime an again. If a man has a crimin; face he may become a crimin because people think him one. he has a stocky physique,'a broa tough face like Earnie Berman, 1 may become a tough guy.~ If looks like a scholar he is apt to be come one. People' spend the lives trying to live up to the rol other people have assigned them." "And they have assigned to the role of a murderer." Gene looked at me and sa nothing. Nothing had ever seemed mo wonderful than the clean fresh a at bathed my face as I let my nvertible out on the highway to uecn Lake. The car had been ored for five weeks, ever since at day in June when 1 had been rested. I had known it was going to hap- en, but not so quickly as it did, A ip to Queen City to buy a couple shirts had been my last ride be>re going to jail. A siren that seemed almost in ly ear brought me out of my rev- ry. A highway patrol had ullcd up along-side mine I lanced at my speedometer. I was oing 85. I slowed and stopped on the erm. The patrol car stopped be- ind me, * • • A six-foot patrolman got out of the car and came up to mine. What do you think this is, Dayona Beach?*' "Skip the lecture and write a icket." The patrolman gave m« * double-take. "You're Malloy, aren't you?" "That's rigbt. And you can give rne a ticket for not having a driver's license, too. It's in my et back at the jail. I didn't feel ike going back there-.** "That's all right, fellow. Glad you got a break with that jury. Fust take it a little easy from here on in." I couldn't believe it. The patrolman walked on back to his car. 1 drove on, holding the convertible to a sedate 50. In my time I had collected enough speeding citations to paper a wall. 1 was allergic to highway cops. They all knew it. But now one of them had given me a break out of sympathy. And he had said that a jury had given me a break. He knew that I was guilty of speeding, but he had let me go. And a jury knew that I was guilty of murder, and it had lot me go. I recalled Gene Sawyer's quote of Maurois. Maybe a guy could have his life molded to a certain extent by public opinion, but not to the point of becoming a murderer. Not even if everybody, including your own lawyer, thought you were one. (To Be C«»ttBBe4> TM&4 'fcUS CROOK GCtAB3 I M.Y WWXET A>X> ITS J HURT--- 6OOO&Y "fc My r< THAT'S AtC FIVE &€PPtes.' JT WT MATTERS Mr*. WATS AV5 *? WMV, If PAVS FOR. "He's eating In the office for a few days, getting ready to give the staff that annual pep talk about long lunch hours!" PRISCILLA'S POP Quietly Prepared BY AL VERMEEB ( REHEARSING WHAT TO BUT YOU UAVEM'T WHAT'S WRONG-, BOTTS? VOLl HAVEN'T SAID A WQP.D ALL THE VvAV HOME! 1M EXPECTING A BIG "^ ARGUMENT WITH THE WIFE. SO I'M REHEARSING WHAT TO SAY' A Fnlefui Call BY MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANE THIS is THE PHONE CAUU THAT SPELL* KARD LUCK FOR I COULD USS 6OME 6AND- WICHErS AND ICED TEA. HOW OH, SHAKE SPEAFZE/ If MOU AWE A *" ' I PE&L JUST LKEV 0 BRIDE, AW DEAR/ A BRIDE/ ttrrrnr A* SOON A* WE T TO THE OTV, •>OU'U_ BE MRS. LENA Read Courier- Classllied Ads. I FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump house* tenant houses, Idol sheds. We deliver. Call m tor free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 8*1 RENT A CAMERA Movie Cameras Flash Cameras Box Cameras The Inexpensive Way to Preserve Important Occasions BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores REPAIR SERVICE A11 appliances: refrigerators Freezers, ranges, and washers Radios and small appliances. Al oar work Is {ruaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. CAPTAIN EASY Small Size the Kallikaks BY LESLIE TURNER I GUESS Of ML MY KIM FOLKS OLE ' WORJASH MBLUKE CLIMBED P* HIGH- VEP, VK5 DID MIGHTV WELL, |ORi)IHE! WJ 1 YOITH 'SO LITTLE TIME HE COULD WLLY CALL Hif OIMU! WE ORIER BEEM KIKJDER TO VW, WV' WHEN HE WfvS 1W JOII6T WE OfcTEE. SHUT w A CAKE- MOW Ml 1 DEM, VOID A FILE Mil' — TOO IftTE TO THIWK OF THOSE LITTLE fKioKs NOW! Birr HE WftS ALWfWs FOND OF LITTLE BLISTER. RECKON HOW ww .OTHER RELATIONS HE- HhD ? "It's the honest-to-goodness truth, Reverend! Whether it it a washing machine or a big_ beautiful car, GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION will finance it for you!" BUGS BUNNY Inconvenience -TEK PU56 HftS JUST 56EN SLAASORIZEP 9V 0. SUNNTV, &UPEK • PHOTOGRAPHER/ ORPINARILV, I'P HW/B IT KEAPY FEI -/A, IN A COUPLE O' MINUTED... ...BUT THOS6 GUYS- ARE U4!tvl' MY W.RKROOM/ ALLEY OOP Magic Number BY V. T. HAMLIN «T MAMA GET w ^^j KEAL-KIU BUOKIUBR^. Nothing, No Nothing Kills Bugs Like ^ COOK CMMICAL Ms I OLINNO WHAT WE'D DO I AT TA. BOY.OOP WITH A WAGON-LOAD \ AN 1 YOU'RE OF DOUGH,8UTIFTHA.T I GONNA BE IS WH AT I T LL TAK E TO / GL AD FOR TH' MAKE YOU HAPPY, _/ FARr IN THIS LE'S GOGEf IT.' / FRACAS YOU YES.iKNOW.BUT THAT IS WHERE WE GOT TO GO... 'CAUSE HE'STH 1 ONE THAT'S GOT TH'DOUGH) GADFRY, FOOZY.AKE YOU MUia? TH'GENERAL IS BAD MEDICINE! GENERAL x -xOKAY,TftH.,tXJMB. ~" " \ AN'GREEN.JUSr I TELLThi'GENERAL •EIGHTEEN".' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Perfect BY EDGAR MARTIN revents Mold and Mildew Growth Too REAL-KILL BUG KILUR Kills^>*>}&-** *> m ¥ * , MOTHS MvfinsM fOAOni AMIS CA*«T serm RIB IKXW WAJPS MAI

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