The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1945
Page 5
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, JANUARY 23, 19<15 No New Food Rationing Is Expected Now ON. Jan. 23 <u.p)— Government food agencies Indicate mat no new food rationing is contemplated at present, Maybe it's (lure's not. mud, foc( | | cft [0 rat , on> for a Joe* at die ration .schedule reveals only i\ few items .still point-Irce. |:<-i' instance, some canned vegc- • jlaules, soups, baby foods, frozen "Selables and less papular cuts of IIIKU. AJJ in alj, (lie War Foods Admin- mraticn, the ngcncy which Uclc'.-- tmnes whaf'fioes on or oil the ra- licninB li s (. p j,; optimistic about the nalicn's larder. The WFA SP.VS the supply ot frown foods is the brst iti history and beenuso of crowded storage n>ncc the (jcvernincm does not w«h la i:ii))cde Ihe movement o'. feeds. And nlthciigh thi-re' Is :\ shortage of ramiod fruits for babies, ncJinin- istmtive dilficulUes aie especlcd to ''ceil Uiis iletn off the ration schedule. ifs ulso predicted officially that oilier baby foods will be in f.oocl supply. Tile WFA stJsQ thinks soujis will be plentiful during the next few mciuhs despite •.( run on this item last month. Anil officials say they would be "sm-pi-'sed" if point' value, are placed on «,u|>. • Likewise, officials savthere is Hide reason lo believe lhat any un- rationed meats will be returned to controls. They point out thf.L such a move might discourage the housewife from buying these les^ popular cuts and '-.lint's the last tliimt the Bovernmciil wants to d:> in these dr.vs of meat shortages. There's cue item thai soon 'may disappear from ihc grocery shelves canned poultry. New demands by the armed forces :ire using up this delicacy. However, as on official said, in that c?.se the supply might be too .small to bother with ration point:;. Temperatures Atlanta . Augusta Birmingham . Charleston . Charlotte Chattanooga . '... Chicago Cincinnati Denver Detroit Jacksonville Tallahassee . ... Kansas City Macbn Memphis Miami Montgomery. . .. New Orleans New York San Antonio Savannah Tainpa Washington . Dallas Jachson Little Rock .. 57 '.. 34 37 '12 34 B2 02 -10 59 45 76 58 35 58 Cl 74 42 52 54 41 High Low 3G 38 32 42 37 32 17 27 20 20 4K 42 BI.YTIIEVILLE'CgyuiEH NEWS Area Scout Meeting Planned At Jonesboro A. Carlson, president of the Ea«tern Arktvisas Area Council announced loday thai the annual council meeting and Scoutmasters Appreciation Bnnquc lo be held on Thursday. Jan. 25, would bo held in Jnnpsboro, /irk., instead of Blvtheville as originally announced. This change tcok otacc after Ihe Ker.llh Officer of Mississippi county had asked the council officials not to holt! the meeting in Blylhc- ville. bcciiuss of the recent outbreak of spinal mcnineilis in the southern part of Mississippi county. In cooperation with his request, the business mectinc, is no'.v scheduled lo bo held at 2 p.m. in ihe Firs! FJaplist Church in Jonesboro. ::nd the banquet nt 0:30 n in at Hotel Noble. The wives cf Ihn Scoiiters will be entertained with a theater pa- ly in Jonesboro. Fdwnrd F. Barry, pr.iminent Memphis lawyer and president of the .Memphis Chicks Baseball Club will make the main address at the bannncl which will honor the Scoutmasters. Cubmastprs. and their r.ssislant.s. Plastering Isle in Japs' Front Yard 11V I'ETKK l.'DSOS' MvA Washington ('nrrosixinilriil WASHINGTON, D.C.-Home New -'dd pimmers are now bi'i'.lnnlnu 0 lull; iilioui. minimum \v«i;e sland- ii d of— not 00 cenls mi hour, which Hurry Hopkins | s O n ivcurd as fuv- 'i; for n ixisL-wnr objective --but lull dollar nil lioiir. IVi'.sent Jionrly iiverai;c earnings for all manufacturing liidiijslrlc.s- are now "'ported by Uepurtmenl of Uhor at lo $1.01 nil, hour and It Is d thai It mdiisliy can now 1'iiy these wages iiui^ninliii money, U can coiiiliiiio to do so, Recent 'rise of stork market prices an ( | volume °< midlim. nficr being In the dumps must of Ilic ,wnr. Is point <"d to as evidence (lint business Is now doing nil right, ' * :•* HNCUiis IN TH1MKH1SING I'll: Manner In which Senator WalU>r ''• Cicos'KC's Post-War Kconomli: 1 olicy mid I'lannhiK Committtv will opctiile tliroiiKli stniirtlnj! commit- li'i* of the Senate was clearly shown when Georges Sub-Commit'- ' Lying at the mercy of 7th USAAF Liberator bombers, in the pbulo above, is Ihe island of Iwo Jima in the Volcano yioup, only 050 aii-lini- inilLS from Tokyo. Sine bui'sls covers the main airfield in {enter of the island, and miothei'. "A"-shaj)ec|, Ik'hl is visible lo Ihc.risln. From Iwo Jimu, Jap bombevs have made raids nn our base al Saipan. much-bombud from bomb Impersonation Convictions Are Increasing sx TEW Most of these wartime fakers are talkative, but they become evasive when asked io show their credentials. Mr. Suran slated. Evcrv h;;i- tlirnatc govcrnmi'iil loprewiilstive or member of the armed fcrvkvs I lias identification which will Ijc- ' SHILHn Hi 10-15 fiscal year,, convictions for "' this offense were 155 per cent over i i i, ,. ~~ the average for the corrcspondiii" Loc t" Negro boid:ej 1542-44 periods. " In making that announcement. R. C. Surari, special agent in charge of the Little Rock Field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, stated that impersonation con first half of increased ill for the same victioiis during tli e the 1945 fiscal year per cent over those 1942 period. During the 1944 fiscal year, there were 695 convictions for ille"al wearing of the uniform and SOB for impersonation. This trend continues mto the 1945 fiscal year during the lirst six months of which convictions for these two offenses totaled 57C and 226 respectively. Sentences for these violations amounted to more than 1,093, and fines, savings and recoveries aggregated "Director ,1. Edgar Hoover of the FBI lias warned that the problem of fi-kers and racketeers exploiting our citizens busy on the home front during World War II is, one-of increasing seriousness" Mr. Suran stated. "Most of these impersonators are completely lacking in patriotism, and they put on uniforms in order io take advantage of the public's desire to be helpful to those In our armed fore- frauds are almost 1 ommy Hawkins On Tour With Noted Couple lour Has Good Conduct Modal Tech. 5th Grade Homer S. Hipps of Blytlieville. Ark., a member of I the Par East Air Service Command stationed at an advanced base in New Guinea, has been awarded (lie Army Good Conduct Mertal for exemplary behavior, fidelity and ef- | ficiency. The organization of which he is a member is responsible- for supplying and maintaining' llH , combat aircraft of General Ocorer C. Kenney's Far East Air Forces' He K a graduate of Harrison In-ii school, and prior to his enlistment m the Army Air Force in October of 1942. was employed by S H Kress Company, Blytheville. Hn hn-s been overseas lor the past 1'! months, n o f WJ ;j c ii !,„ IMS",,,,.,.. A cicscripiion of a six-day of Aimy camps In India in company with Lily foils and Ancliu Krstdanclz, has been written by i'l-rcl. Tommy Hawkins to his parents. Mr. and Mi's. O. N. Hawkins 01 Blylhcvillc. Si-i'Bl. Hawkins is band leader and radio aim,-.uncer at Camp Rnmfiarh, where Miss I'ons and her clbtUu;ui-.hed husband ynve n con- ceil, on Jan. (i before sliirllng on ii whhlwimi tour of other camps in India. The lilythcviile musician Mid seven members of his band v.cre selected to accompany ' Miss Fons and Mr. Koslelanet/. on their which was made by bomber > -~ 1- l 'i'hc> ulyihevilli! soldier lias been in India (or the past year. County Baptist Group WHS Meet At Manila A mectins of Ihe Mississippi County Baptist Women's Missionary Union will be held Friday at Manila Baptist Church, it was an- or PAGE iN WASHIHCJTON Washington Sidelights neariiij-s. Seunlor Uoueit A. Toll of Obiy is rlinlrmmi nf tlic Mritisliti- ^ui)-C(immliteo, vet he Is rinnkwl °n tliis sub-committee bv Hirer nu'iiiters from the Senate Commil- lee on Hanking and Ciim-ilrv ivllic!) jvnild have lo pass on n'nv new loiisiiiB legislation and three' liiem- Mrs Iroin Eduealinn mul Lubjr Committee which would be interest- W Jn social aspects mid emplov- "cnt on public housing projects «»ttf!id of trylni; to <ib ihe whole post-war Job Itself, the cieorue COHiinltlcc will Eliiillnrly divide up work on Us other tasks. FAKE HATE TANGLE Application of Unlte t | and American airlines lo reduce passcimer lares may run head-on ii« il Aci ' onlul t ! < v * nonrd's order lo these two lines. Eastern anil Tnins- continental - Western airlines to sbow cause why tliclr nlnnnll rates on tb c ''big fom-" should not be re- duceil from so cents lo 32 cenls a ton mile, ijecenl Increase from M to eljjhl cenls nn ounce for domestic airmail poslaRe was ordered u.v lost Office Depnilment lo Inke the government, onl 1 of Ihe wl ,m airmail cperallon.-:, Airlines eei no part of Ihls Increased revenue. Airlines now have more passengers tluin lliey can haul wilh exlstiii-' cqiilpmenl. CAD Is not liasllle to lower passenger fares, but would Pniliably not waul to ;;i- 0 imscni'i'i 1 fines rut li 'but meant h-i'nlnx can lei.s' pay Iw liau)lii)> ulriiiiill m prose nt levels. (Mil wiuiis iu fee usr uf alnnail Iiinva,s<>il, airmail ntl.'.s ail. Hut (.'All apparently ill,I not consult Post Offirc Departmc'iit before IssiiiiiM its sluiiv nnisi- order. s\vivi:u,ia> i.AMiiNo (JUAU I'HOJ'OSI.'I) C'iell AeruniullU•;; <||1<I AmmalKlral (Mi: merrc liave made pe .sin' »f ivhul j, ; ii-( (•<. piny In eperlmeiital construction on j)«.sl-w:ir plain'., (in- |,rh-:it c . n v Any InilUl.T i,. m ,.[, U r 5 ,, , nv lo iln any ii-searcli )n< ivifnls lo Hill nn [jrojrci.s \vhlrli seem l,, invi- no immrdlali.' sali-s value <;,\,\ „.)» try to Ihmncr uveau'li. pn.sibly In one company'.-, plant, tlun maklii" ri'.Miils available lo all. Our of the priijccis In whli-li CAA AdinlnWrn- loi T. I'. Wrlu I it i. ; pinili-ul'irly imci'i-slnl Is „ caKnvil or .wivelli-a (milling (;( ..,i W |iecl which would permll planes lo ukf ,,(f ,„. i mu | on « luinuiy ;il nn n,i,:|,. |,, [|, ( . d l- iTtllon In whirl. Die no.v ,,t u,., plane ii'OiiM ton iiolnii'd jnd, ( |,j; wind. Smiii n device u.mlil p.'rmll. civ.Ys-ivli,,j )HII(|||)|;.; ,,|,,| (;,k,.(>(r,s en bimlin;: strips, regardless ol wind illiwl Uin, and elimlinilc tin- n ( .,.<>.s- filv lor !il K fields will, niiuviivs I'.oiui- i»ff In a number in dlrcutioiis to nicci viirylntj wliul conditions. Foster's Liquor Siore Opc:is In Now Location luljiii'ent ID Knstcr'K !.,>,.,„, „ hns been jeniinleled (or the Kit Mijiior Klinp W |,|f|i ahviuly lo its new hoiiu- fn m . OHDI:H In Hie ('lia)irery C'uiirl, siiwlia. Dislrkt, MIsslHslpnI Comity, Arkansas. Joseph Bedekersky (now Joseph J. I.n Tour). Pliiintilf, vs. No. DOC2 lOllmliclli Scdekersky, Dcfendnnt. The defeiulaiit Uli/.abeth Scdckcr- sky Is hereby warned lo upiiear wllbin thirty days In ihe court named In Ihe caption hereof and answer Ibe coniplulnt, of th 0 phuntur Joseph Hcdekersky (now Josupli J. La Tour I. Dated Hits 15 day of .Inn,. HH5 UAIIVKY Monnrs, cierk Hy M. Jrti-ratl, I). 0 Ally, for I'llf. Kil U. Cook \Uy. ad Llteui, Ci, w. Iliirlmm'. VKB iii the Southwest Pacific. His mother, Minnie Hipps, ,-esides at .WO Eltn Streel, Blytheville. Breech loadinc rifles were first used in the Revolutionary W a r, i but not by Ihe American troops. . An 18-year-old was arrested at Texarkana, Ark., wearing a complete Army uniform which he claimed lie ha,| borrowed from a soldier, laler identified as a deserter, to assist him in hitch-hiking from Tupelo,,Miss., to. Dallas, Texas. He was placed on probation upon enlerlng a plea of guilty in Federal court. A girl 19 years of age was arrested in Litlle Rock wearing the uniform of a WAG lieutenant with nurse's insignia. She was charged with impersonating a member of WAC and released on $200 bond. The next day while on bond she again donned the WAC unifonr/ and again arrested. She received a one year sentence in a Federal Wo- niens Reformatory after pleading guilty to illegally wearing the WAC uniform. A Little Hock defense worker posed as a chief petty officer, aviation Mechanics mate, visiled tile USD and local business establishments, one of which be attempted to btirghirizo. His luck r an out when lie visited a Captain at a local Army establishment. The Captain became suspicious of Hie conglomeration of insignia sind decorations he was wearing, among which were tiic Silver Star, Purple Heart, Asiatic Theatre, African Theatre, American Theatre, R.A.F. Service', and German Army Occupation ribbons. He pled guilty to illegally =ar in En : months iiieitilws of the NIMV Liberty Hap- ,ist Missionary Society piesentinK Mis, H. L., Robinson of Jonesboro, Northcasl ArKaiiKis district" prcsl- dent. will attend and will be in charge of installation services tor new officers. The North American P-51 is 111" world's faslcst propeller driven alr- I Plane. OATS FIELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS SPEAR Poultry, Dairy ond Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800W. Main St. Blytheville, Phone 856 SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL Ill S. Bdiry. Bli'lhcviltc, Arfe. Ph. 2631 sole j-uur worn fnol>i-c:ir for \yinler and nlifain sturdy wet "rfahllng soles, (fftally- IcngdicVi- InR ll>e shoe's life. 'flic Mure, owned lj v Wel'rli Fos- ti'r was rtarraii'ied, improved and redccoialed. FIUSH Benefit v/ondctfully from (,11110115 iloc'.or's iliscovrry that I'dicvcs backacltc, run-down fccluig (!no to excess acidity in the uriac People tvrrywlicic nr<! finilliii; nmnTlnu l-clluf (mill „.)!„!, ll •yinploinn ,,t IjlnJJc* Irrllnllon cninuil l.y i-»ci!im nclillty In 11,,, urine. 1>H. K1I.M.VR-.S SWAM!' HOOT ntl. Insl on tlu-hhli,,:^ ,„ ,.,,„ ,l|, c , >m | mt by iiroiiiollti-;. ll,o ttn« „[ uviiit. piiro litrli-i! innlMns i-, c;i>:rl.,ll r vjclju,,,,, ' ncLllly I, ic "iBhtb . A ,nl,!8 litrln, o fo ,.,, r coni,t,.,on vccsl.iblui, Inlsainl It,. CDtllala^ ny!,'i:ni- l,ji, ih, is ofj- nr|.|ia!ill r»rt>llnjr. Juil C"i"l III- II I3 1 m.\ny |iecip!o ii.vy Imvo n died. r tree. |ircg,r.lil nanflt TODAVI niiib n( ulliors you'll l,o rlivl tlld. Srml naino n'i.1 „,!,!«,» Jo D.-li.Mlm,-,,! A, Kiltacr ,t C,. l,ir Ho» 1Z55, Slamfonl. Com,. Otlr,- lfl!,\l,,\. Scnil «l once. All ilructhli srlj Swiirnu lluol. Eenil t l.lfco Ihn Ihnl you .The Tyse of Duroc Gilts To Be Offered IE FA ILT Herd Hoar: Ainb:is.s.iilor To Be Held at Riverdale Farm, Luxora, Arkansas THURSDAY JANUARY 25th SALE STARTS 1 P.M. RAIN OR SHINE AUCi IONEER: COL T. H. SHAW, OF MEMPHIS •-, :T.*», ••>:-.•• 7, •:-•_ «* wyyi fM^^m^imm^ Herd lluar: Cherry Dominalur Bred, to All American Herd Boar, CHERRY DOMINATOR, And Arkansas Grand Champion Herd Boar, AMBASSADOR! A choice Selection oHhe Breed's Most Popular Bloodlines- - Attend' This Sale for the Best in Modern Type Durocs TURN EAST 2 MILES NORTH OF LUXORA AND FOLLOW THE DUROC SIGNS TO m Castlio Brothers, Luxora, Ark, M OKOKU n the riiHiicery t;<mrl, Oldckn- sawlia, District, srisslssl|l[il County, Arkansas. •IJIian lltiu'k.s-, rialnllff, vs. No. H927 arloj) naivk.s, Defendant, •I'lie defendant Marlon Hawks is ereby vvnrncd lo appeiir' wltliln blrty d.ij's m the court named In lii: t-aptlon hereof nnd answer Ilic complaint of the plaTritlft Lllliari thisilSidayiOJrjgti,, 1915 HARVEST-MORRIS, Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. c. ' Kd n. Cook, Atty. for Pif. : O. W. liarham, Ally, ad Lltcm. •• . 1110-23-30-2,'C: You're Not Too 'Old' To Feel Young This Is iv message for men: who havo known life but, no longer find ft llirllline because of the lack of ccrlnln vltnmltis ami hormones. 'Ii'omonc, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hor- ' nioiics may multiply the vim and •/.cst Bmi enjoyment jou once' knev,'. lour whole npt'ironcli,' your "whole : nUilwlc toward Hie, may Improve, 'when 'you begin (o iisc Tromone." Now It^may be possible for mlildld > ftRcd men lo nenlii enjoy tlie/bame) fiplrlt, vitality mid pleasures - lhat niiirtc tliolr youlh n thing to remember. A<ldQd ycars'rnay not'sub-^ Iract from j-our pleasures wh"cn you use Tromone, the new medical Ipr» imilu comljlnlng vllamlns--nna"hor-"- inoiics. Follow directions on label. •Tromone for sale by Robinson Drug Co. and ili-uiitjlsls everywhere. ,..,.-. ALL-WEATHER BAT7ERY Get a fast, lioad slavt on Winter with a powerful, ticw All-Weather, Hie ballcyy built fov.more power' : more sliiylng power. , ^ .. ., ., ' ' . ; Jluslf.v, dcpendnblo AH-Wenlhcrs '100% powcr-full.niKl;-;: ; factory fresh, arc rarin' to go, ready to give old, cars 1 , i 1'nst starts for miles and months. .,,.,, ,.,;,!, ,' Prepare for power when you need j it. Stop in todny and give your car "now,heart" ,wilh n.'stronger,..' longer-1 listing Goodyear•. All- Other Goodyear Batteries from 7.80 For a lot of miles ab a liltle cost you jiist can't beat ?- :v Goodyear Extra-Mileage Recapping, the right combina- ' tion of exacting tire craftsmanship PLUS the best materials available. Our experts make your old tires look "like now'', give them big, strong, long-lasting treads for sure stop and[ go (faction, so important to safe winter driving. When the first, snow flies there'll'".. be a rush for Goodyear E.xlra- Mileage Recapping. Don't delay, bring in your "smoothies" today for fast, low-cost sendee. No certificate needed, ; .;HfiOO x 16) •^ 410 AV. iVIain,, '';•:,?''.£/ : -Wtij$£ 24?2i <" ".

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