The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1939
Page 6
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-PAGE 'SIX. j;. {-ATUC.y. COURTIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER.,,30,JL939'? Pine Bluff Hands Biytheville 12 To 0 Defeat Visitors Outclass Chicks Decisively In Game Last Night I'ine BlulY's Zebras got ofi to a (lying sinvt in their bHj for the 1939 Arkansas .'"Bijr 15" championsliip last nigUI bv trouncing Rlylhevillo's Cliieknsaws, 12 to 0, on ram soaked Haley Field here before several thousand spectators* Make no mistake about il, Ihe . p^Ha^ he was over best team on Ihe field won last I". y ' n . ' ,;', Yniu-hdown night's game. The Zebias outclass- f01 Ulc rlrst l«u cl! «°*»- edthe ChlckiLMs in practically The Chicks were kept back on c\ery department of play and the their heels all during the first half score certainly diU not magnify and never could igni e lhat driving the edge the Pine Bluff team held .spark. The first qnnrlcr ciulcd with • the Zebras III possession of the TO BEDJFKI Murderers' Row Weakcv The PAYOFF over Blj iheville'b gridders. Although few, if any, of those „..,,„ on hand realized it would be .sut- °^. tl ' e1 lllc Helent to decide the oulcomc Ihe ™ ' " ' game was definitely Pine Bluff's numeti , Hut- en Blythevillo's 22-yard line. '.ml took the 19-yard line and to Ihe 44-yard Hue tail 2chras v;m . not to be slopped. "»«"> ""*«""" than In Past Still Good Enough BY OEORGK KIKKSEY United Tress Staff Ou'rri-spomiciit NEW YORK, Sept. 30 lUl'l — When the Yankees put a bat in their hands they have even greater superiority over the Reds Ih'.i when they arc on the defense. Tlie Yanks are not quite thi; murderous hitters 'of other years but they slill are not exactly soft touches nl Ihe plate cither. Individually, the Reds can claim hll- tliin superiority al only two posi- opening quarter of play. When the pass for pdinl failed the margin did not appear very great wjtlt Ihc crowd awaiting a touchdown drive by the Dildy Dynamiters The Chicks, however, licl only failed lo'geneiate anything resembling a concerted advance (they didn't. register a first down in the first half) ''but they watched the Zebras 'transform that 'bare 1 six points into! ir mountainous 12 points in the second (matter when the eVcr- present Robert, Hutson scampered 31 yard? around his own lelt end for 31-yard on a fiike reverse for the touchdown of Ihe game. final ie - ltc(IS c , m U ui!i umj i»n,<jun.>j..» Initely oul of the running for the ]3 el . gcr n iid Lombard! as long conference title but they're In Ihc distance hitters. To further hamll ruck and unless scmebody can up- 1 cn)) set a lop-notch 1939 edition of the i on( - To the credit of Ihe Chickasuws they did come back fighting as lh< second half opened and tcok Ihe offensive play away from the Zebras, especially In the Ihlid quai- ler Ihough even then they dldn'l get as close lo the goal line as Ihe visitors did. But the- cunning Zebras, ccnlent lo play a conservative, walling game behind their formidable 12-poiitl lead, outsmarted Ihe Chicks m Ihe crucial moments. The Zebras evidenced every indication that they are again headed •fqr championship honors. Cj'ach Allen Dunaway exhibited a nifty pair of backs in the Hutson twins (they say Raymond is the faster but Robert can carry that pigskin), a nice back m the veteran Lefl- ^wich and a real comer in Glowers, reserve back. Robert Hutson was really the outstanding star of Ihc game. Not only-did he lug the ball in stellar fashion but Ins punting was excellent. At least twice he punted out-of bounds well within the 10- yard line Then when he did punt further dowhfleld he kept the bal out of the safety man's hands so that Ihcre was seldom chance fo a run-back On Ihc olhei hanc Robert did a splendid Job of running- back long punts by 'Sonny' I.loyd, Blylhevllle's standout in defeat Time and again Liojd got oft long kicks cnly for Robci I lo show his .'heels to the Chick ends and other linemen covering the punls. •Aside from this Hutson boy it would be difficult to pick cut a slat on Ihe Pine Bluff Icaui Al- klhson, guard, ; played a slashing game, catching the Chick ball cai- rier from behind on tlie Chick side of the line of scrimmage more a moment talcr touchdown dash. Hart .was sent inlo Ihc game especially for Ihe extra, point Iry by Coach Duimwny bul his kick as wide. It was Pine Bluff's night and the fans who had made Ihe long trip for Ihe game, by special Iraln and aulo, enjoyed it to Ihe fullest. There was litlle consolation .in the outcome for Blylheville sup- porlcis unless it was the hope thai the Chicks may bounce back (as they so iretnicritly do in this lopsy-turvy gaiiic called fottball) against the Little flock Tigers In . another banner game here nexl week. Tlie Chlckasaws arc hot yet def- irkini: in the Yankee balling order. To emphasize the Yanks superiority on'the attack over the Reds il Is only necessary to look ill tbe season's figures. The Yanks made only Cli lilts more than the Reds yet they scored 198 more runs. In extra base power Ihe Reds can match the Yanks for doubles and triples but when it comes lo homers the Nallonal League champion? look puny. The Yanks have blasted out 104 homers to the Reds' 98 and Ihcreli lies one cf the vital reasons whs the American League kings ar 3-1 belling favorllcs. Every man h Ihe Yankee baiting order Is a po leiillal home nin lln-cat while Ih Reds can offer only McCormick BY 1IAKRY, CllAYSON NlwV Service Sporls Editor NEW YORK. Sept. 30.—Naliona Leaguers 'fear the 'circuit did noi send Us strongest club inlo the world series wllli the Yankees. There is ho gelling- away from Ihe fact that the Cardinals vine Ihe best outfit in the elder circul lor tlie last month. Bucky Wallers and Paul Derringer gave lite Heds yeoman' service and Junior Thompsoi helped, but us brilliant as IhL trio was il scarcely matched th clghl-nien-m-shape pitching- Mai 'hlcli made il possible for tli U'd Bird? to roar down th irelch. The hurling- which enabled Ih al. 1/ouls club to remain on ih Uilnelamlei.s' heels hardly coul c called hot mid cold, us it w; n mid-season. The blokes in the red blazer iad n half do/.cn chuckcrs' who o a given day might have given II New Yorkers a bad lime . . jurtis Davis, orton Cooper, Pii Her McCice, tlie left-handers. M: and Bob Weiland, and Lo Warn eke. Wamekc hasn't been anywhere near hlinself since he and Davis were worked overtime at Ihe out- P . u, e R C( | S nil three of the! *oplar Bluff Beats Carulh- ersville In Non-Conference Game CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo., fiepl. 30— Pcplar Blulf Mules defeated- -. Carulhersvllle Tigers 7-0 here Fii- ' "™*° ' : lay afternoon In a non-conference ^,, „',' " game, Ihe Mules coining from be- £, . h '" ilnd in Die second half to put over " c ".° J :• • their seven points, Ihe Tigers .scor- «»-" i"S on ing their lone touchdown in Ihe ™ ,'!, { ;!!;!' la first half. Neal for the Tigers and B. Walker, Bluff substitute back, were the best ground gainers for the tv:o teams, while Pra'/.lcr of the Mules consistently out - punted M'.chle of the Tigers, four of Mlclile's ton puiils being blocked. Slatting lineups: Poplar Bluff m Pos. BASEBALL STANDINGS National Ixiague W. I,. Pel. Cincinnati 00 fiC .032 St. Louis 91 M .007 Chicago 82 C9 M'i Brooklyn 81 C9 New York 10 IS Pittsburgh Ii7 34 liosl/.n C2 81 Philadelphia 4!i 103 .540 .BIO .444 .4111 .304 New York St. Louis Aihfrlran League \V. L. Pel .59 .500 105 44 38 01 . 8G GO ... 84 C7 .551 . 80 12 ,S2( 0'4 .87 .42 f>5 90 .30 41 110 .27 Cinch.. Oilkerson Frauds Allen Glaze Drury Frav.ier Boyer Shale (O... Kcllet set. but Lou has made a habil of sing lo an occasion. There was a vast difference In power between the Cincinnati mid St. Ixniis outfits. Conlra'Sl the Redlcgs' 20 score LK LT . LCI .. C . RG . UT . HE . . QB . IIB . HB .. 'fibers (0) Murphy Keener Uiffcrty England Green ..Mick (c) ......... ...... Stewart ..... Meredith Michie VlcCovmick Only Regular To Sec Ad ion Friday; Gvissom lluvls Well -,ey won his 14lh nightcap, 1-1. Cleveland won a doubleheader from Detroit, 4-3 and 3-0, rete- ynllnif Ihe Tigers to fifth place without a chance to crowd Imo the first division. Boh Feller's brilliant relief hurling saved Ihe first game for MV1 Harder, 4-3. Al Milnar pitched for Ihe Indians In Mm li-lnnlng nightcap. right-handed i set a top-noicn iiua vuiuuu «i i"u longest drivers are riRnv-imiumu Dunaway Dimlers the crown is go- ),m crs w ho will be at a disadvan- ing on n one-way trip from Little ln - BC m Yankee Siadtum. Reck lo Pino Bluff. DiMaggto, Gordon, Selkirk and CCK to rmu num. DiMagglo, uorcion, OLMKHK »mi The Chicks can slill b'c Ihe first Dj c kcy are the power hitters in ones [o 'bump' Ihc 1036 champions. tnc y nn k L , c array. DiMaggio has 30 3]ytlicvlllc ..- ' I Reds linvt: n ^uhi'^ i>*** n"^^!*-. •••• • Pine Blulf 9 |lng hit 263 doubles lo New York's Yards Gained by Hushing ... 559 and 59 triples to the Yanks' 112 55. In driving in runs the Yanks Game Statistics First Dawns .homers, Gordon 28, Selkirk 21 and Dickey 23. Leading home run hit- ler of the Reds is McCormick with lie, In other extra base blows the advantage, hav- Williams FE Neal Scoring: Touchdowns—B. Walker for Poplar Bluff; Neal for 'Caruth- ersvllle. Extra )X)inU-Sliale for Poplar Bluff. Subslilutions — Poplar Bluff: Charllon, Blue, Atkins. S. Walker, (jomrast uiu iu:un.-jS'-> &.i *^-* g Walker, Nunn. Caruthersville: less-Innings while Ihc clilps were cj lmes M C COV George, Button, Ma- down In tlieir final series with Ine ( Red Birds with tlie run manufacturing of Don Padgett, .410; Country Slaughter, .300 since Sept. 20 and .321 for Ihc campaign; Johnny Mizc, .355, and Muscles Mcdwlck. .33G. NO SUCH SWATTING SINCK CUBS OF '20 As Scnor Mike Goiuales, the old Cardinal coach, remarks, there hadn't been so much long-range hilling in the older wheel since Ihc Cubs of 1920, or longer .-" than lhat. In Ihc closing weeks Ihcre wasn't an oasis in the SI. Loui; batting order where an BIIOIIVJ Yesterday's Results National League Boston 2-1, Brooklyn 1-7. Cincinnati 2. Pittsburgh I. St. Louis at Cincinnati, postpone! rain. New Yak at Philadelphia, post uoned, rain. American League Cleveland 4-3, Detroit 3-0, second called end fifth, darkness. Chicago al St. Louis, postponed, rain. Only games scheduled. Today't Games Dixie Series Open date. Blythevllle Pine 'Bluff Yards I.rsl by Rushing Blythevllle ••• Pine Bluff Yards Gained by I'assfs Blythcvlllc ... i *|J Pine Bluff Passes Attempted Blylheville pine Bluff Passes Comnlcli'd pitcher could stop and doctor hi wounds. The versatile Jimm Brown, key man of tlie Cardinals National League New. York at Bcslou. St. Louis al Chicago, two, • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Philadelphia al Brooklyn, two. American Leagne Chicago al St. Louis, Iwo. Cleveland at Detroit . Washington, at Philadelphia. Bostoii at Now York, two. NEW YORK, Sepl. 30. (UP)— Tlie Yanks play every day even though they've had the pennant clinched for Iwo .weeks, fill the Reds, worn out nflcr their bailie lo hold Ihe National League peak, are resting. The first day after the Reds clinched the pennant Manager Bill McKechnio gave every regular mi off-day except Frank McCormick, who v:as excused aflc-r playing a few innings. The Reels arc trying to get all the rest they can. in contrast to the Reds, the Yanks' regulars have kept right un pluV- ing since they put over Ihe clincher on Sept. 10. Manager Joe McCarthy doesn't want his players lose their keen t;dge. With an entire makeshift Hne- p, the Reds won llic-ir flrsl game > champions yCslc-iday by trim- ing the Pirates. 2-1. Lee Cirls- >m outpitched Joe Bowman, al- wing only seven lills. Brooklyn is slill half a garni ehind the third-place Cubs afte Ividlng a twin bill with the Bees cokie Tom Earlty. with hell om Danny MncFayden, pitched ic Bees to n 2-1 victory over Ihe Dodgers in the opener. Hugh Ca- Proprllor Glows', He riles Blind DARWIN .Australia (UP) — SI. Elmo's fire—a name-like glow lhat, occurs in Iroplcal storms—encircled Ihe propeller of the plane which "Plyiiifj Doctor" Fenton was laviijating to attend a patient Tlie Kodiak bear, first found 01 I Kodiak island, Alaska, is Ih TY-im largest of all .known bears. Mnnj specimens have been kimd to welgl — pounds. i _^ ^...^. _[,-.. specimens have bee With Hughes, Steed] more than 1200 p Showing Way Read Courier News want ads. Blylheville' Pine Bluff 131 1 have Ihc advantage, 893 lo 102. Position by position the only Iwo Cincinnati players who can he uicked as more dangerous hitlers arc Frank first over illc In Babe Dalilgrcn and Billy Myers,at luff so I siiorl over Frank Croselli.' McCor- o mlck is Ihe big sun in Ihc Reds' allack. He leads Ihe National [League hi runs batted livwllh 121. one more titan Yanks' lop man, DlMaggio. , Bul McCormick has nlayed ill 35 more games than Dirt Maggio. 'Myers is lillUi'ig'' .41 points 4 more than Croselli. .275 to .234. but LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 30.-The Litlle Reck Tigers, 193B high school conference champions, dis- _,. posed of their firsl oul-of-slate hit an even .300. Terry Moore opponent of Ihe 1939 season 'here had one of Ills finest seasons, last night by defeating the Byrd high school Yellow Jackets of Shreveport, la.. 20 lo 0. Coach Clyde Van Sickle's learn was paced by a pair of fast-running Howard Hughes, last Kickoffs Yards ncUi^' KieUcffr ' ^',?"'^'t^iMSn?* Blylheville Pine Bluff Total Yards nf Kli-koIVs AvcWi-"EaVh 'kk-koli- ip rim-limit the Yankee. 55 to 5G. 0 It's in Ihc outfield where the 1 Yanks really have a, tremendous 0 offensive bulRe over Ihc Reds. Dl- '203Utai^lo is hilling .382. Keller .336 and Selkirk .310. Only Qoodmtin of Stuart Martin was far from -a cripple at Ihc dish, and Don Clul- lerldge's speed made him danger- Speaking of speed, here was no halfbacks, Howard iiuBne.s, iasi comparison between the Reds, with! year all-slater and Charles Steed, several heavy-hoofed members, and 1 the Red Birds, whose slogan still was "Make 'cm throw you out.S'v returning a Shreveport punt GO. Not a few competent observers yards lor a touchdown in the third believe the Cardinals would have qum-icr and Sleed almost matched won with considerable lo spare had Hughes' endeavor by returning an- 'not Raymond Blades tried lo out- other punt 52 yards fcr Ihe final ma.slcimind the old masterminds.' 'mile' Rock..|6uchdo\ni. : -Eludes used Davis and Warneke L im c R OC k's first touchdown was too much nl the'outsel when lie one for Ihe -beaks and an outright either lacked faith in Ihe re- donation by Byrd high. The ball) inaliidcr of his stair or they failedl wns kicked over Ihe Shrevep:rt Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 .uttering from appendicilis, forcing lim la make Ihe entire trip by flying Wind, guided only by rivers. i^C^BMMBOMBI^^^^^^^^^^ NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS : SaveYourSoybeans See us about a Masscy Harris Clipper Combine Pull 6-foot cut. Full width, straight 'through separation. Power take-off: or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. BlytheviUe Soybean Corp. So. R.R. St. Phone 555 WRESTLING ROY WELCH vs. BEOHCE BEHHETT TOBY GARIBALDI vs. BENNY BOLT AMERICAN LEGION ARENA, MONDAY 8 P.M. • to round into condition line on Ihe kickoff and Shreveport vci-Eah -o .. nu-lhwlle 0 the Reds outfielders is batting over • ............. '''''' Craft n - lor< ;' Blylheville than dice But Atkinson was not pmc B)u j T by himself " ' '" Distance of I'mits Blytheville .- 312 Pine Bluff 221 • Avtragc Each Punl Blythcvllle 30 Pine Bluff 38 Yards Gained on Uctiirnrd I'unls Blylheville >n ; Pine Bluff Yards Gained Inlercrplril Biylhevllle (1) Pine Blulf 2-1 Grand Total Yardage Gained Biytheville SGD e Bluff ™ Inilivlilual Kccords Itusliing Tries Gain Ixst Avg. 2.0 2.6 2.0 i.3 1.0 UJ „... His teammates simply poured through the Blythcvllle line on frequent occasions. Lafitte, Pine Bluff's all-stale eiid of last year, was a constant thorn In the Chicks' side. Young Lk-yd was a marked man. With -Monk Mosley entering the game handicapped by injuries and being removed in Ihe early stages Lloyd was possibly the only 'climax' runner in the Chick backfleld and the visitors knew It. They lore T ... into Lloyd at every opportunity and Biytheville the chances the little speedster got Pine Bluff were few and far between. If you class as 'scoring opportunities' those occasions when the Forl offensive team gets within Ihc de- Warrington , fenslve team's 20-yard line then Blackwood . the Chicks simply didn't have any Lloyd last night because they didn't get Harbert .... that far. But in riicdern football il Moslcy — is difficult to so restrict the phrase Paulk and we'll give the Chicks credit for moving far enough inlo Zebras Total ... territory on Iwo cccasions in Ihe Pine Bluff third quarter to cause considerable Glowers .. apprehension on the part of Zebra Rob. Hutson 12 supporters: . R»J' « utOT " ] But en the other side of the Meroney ... l ledger the Zebras not only made Leltwich two touchdowns but yanked al the touchdown -l->or <n several other occasions and only a desperat sland by Ihe embattled Chick, kepi them from opening the dco more often. And embattled the Chicks icaliy wore. Particularly In lhat firsl hal They got off to a poor start with a 15-yard penalty fcr pushing in the first set of scrimmage plays | after lakmg the kickoff. Then Lloyd got off a fine puiit to Pine Bluff's 35 yard line and Robert Hutson very promplly hauled il back to Ihe midfield stripe. *rom there the Zebras advanced past the Chick 40-yard stripe and then Ihe skillful Mr. HuCson kicked o'l*. of bounds on the Chick 6-i«rd line The Chicks walled until fourin down (despite 4 wet field, a 5>,iy ball and play much of the -ime deep in-their own-back yard the/ rtldn'l Iry a single third down pum> and Lloyd punted out to the B'.y- p me "Biu7v .'...... 52J.300. He Is . lilUlitB .320. Craft, n tine mini •••—^ hong but Infremiciil hitler, is down 8 to .'.355 and Wally Berger is bat- til line only .202. Thus (lie Yanks' gardeners are hilling .343 lo the Reds' .219. a llltle matter of .0-1 points thai means a handicap thai only vastly superior pitching can rCQticntiy 101 IHIIL- it.i-.un . -. * tiown me ncui anti ifii UM LIU breed all his pitchers to waste '.po uc iii, u | Little Rock's goal lln in i Mi fiunv<n> in thf 1 b\l\ll1C'll. - - I »lir\ rmif.iiflrnrii Tt \l'f)C t\ elk CARDS COUL1> ANSWER YANKS' HEAVY FIRE Harl 3 1 14 . 8 . 5 . 2 42 Tries .. 2 2C 14 2 39 20 11 0 3 G 0 21 13 11 2 overccme. Another imuorlant angle io remember Is that Ihe Yanks are proven hillers in world series competition. DIMaggio has a Worli series batting average of .301 fo three series. Dickey hit .430 in 193 11 and .400 last year and has a .20 nark for four fall classics. Rolf has batted .302 In three scries. Joe Gordon as n fresnman hit .400 in his first world series lasl fall. Of Ihe Reds* cast cnly the veterans Al Simmons and Wally Berger have had world series experience. Berger failed three times ns a tilnchhitter for the Glnnls against ihe Yanks in 1937 and Simmons 112 56 1.3 Gain Lost Ave 1G 82 20 1 16 2 He made loo many changes • - • did net cover it. A Tiger raced] rcqucntly for lilllp reason . ... j ,i own u le field and fell on the ball | ntich energy' in the bullpen. ' e for the touchdown. It was a surprise to the spectators but rules new specify lhal after a ball lias been x.Ai-xivn- nr-.Avi ni>r. . i kicked beyond the 10-yard restrahi- Blades switched his athletes sol jng || llc ^ f tnc lcce i v in(f team Ihe often that he earned the moniker kicking leaai is eligible lo recover] 'Sixlcen-or-NoTCounl." : I .>.- i-n I Regardless of Ray Blades' mistakes with his pitchers, the Red (lie ball. New England gypsy moths spread lases wan ms pucju-i.-.. UIL- "^" New England gypsy moms spr™« Birds would have breezed in had to djypi,,,,^ o., by laying llieir not Mizc and Brown, top inen 'l eggsc n building stone which later gone out for a spell with injuries n f ns shil , pe( | to lhat city. on Ihe lasl eastern trip. National Leaguers are pleased tol Rc(ui Ccllr i(, r N CWS u an t n ds. sec the faithful fans of Cincinnati | . rewarde<l with a pennant winner afler 20 years, bul Ihe consensus Is lhal Ihc niosl formidable club did nol come down In front. | Any Yankee follower will tell you thai il dldn'l. make any :Hf-_| isn't likely lo play collapses. unless Berger fercnce as far as the result cf Totals 3G 137 13 80 G.1 2.1 1.0 3.4 Auburn Hard Put To Beat Minor College MONTGOMERY. Ala., Scpl. 30. (UP)—Tlie Birmingham Southern Panthers, playing their last scoscn of football and .without even a Ihe world scries is concerned: But the answer lo that is lhat anything can happen in a short, series. And it would be more fun to see tlie rollicking Red Birds answer the world champions' fire with a battery manned by Padgett, Mize. Medwick and Slaughter. Tennessee Wins Over North Carolina, 13-0 RALEIGH, N. C., Sept, 30. (UP) -Tennessee's Orange Bo-.vl chnm- .. S:ns, generally rated Ihe lop foot- oall team of 1938, were off il quest of national honors again to day although their initial 13-0 vlc- ,ory ever North Carolina SUite was unimpressive yesterday. After the first quarter, when Ihe \Tols scored both of Ihelr louch- downs. Maj, Bob de-viand's men Ihcvllle 43-iard line. Back cam* Robert Hutson speed- tng b v Uie chick 15-yard line. It »as a fine return and-a decisive 'Giant Killers' One Week, 'Bums' The Next CHATTANOOGA, Term., Sepl. 30. (UP)_Teiinessce 1'oly's "Gianl- Auburn had been offside. Then laic in the game. Auburn's heralded speedster, George Ken- other drive. The ball was on Southern's fair-yard stripe when Ihe game ended. The glory otherwise was all . 13-13 tie. Chattanooga made H firsl down . scored the touchdowns. clowns. iMaj. liou neyiana s muii tnu giuiy umti^iai; n«j .... pl,iyed ragged fottball. and despite 'Southern's, wilh Joe Pclrllc, slrittgy. •biaylng most of Hie lime In State I blonde back, gelling the most of 11 •erritory, Ihey could nnl cross the with his iremendous punts. Petrlte goal line again. and Dick McMlchacl teamed to put A homcc:mins crowd ol 16,000 Saithern in scoring position twice watched Left Half Sam BurtholO- in Ihe Ihlrd period bul Auburn mew take the opening kickotf and stopped two drives, one on Its 23 run 80 yards to State's live, from nurt the other on ltd eight. «herc Bob Poxx carried it ever tor ft touchdown on three Iries. Read Cautlcr News want ads. John and Ed Terr Enlistments Keducc Relief WINNIPEG, Man. (UP)—Slant toba's forestry training camp lo single men on relief will soon b deserted -It the army continues t call for volunteers. 0 stelcnicnt is sued by Arthur MncNamarn. pro vinciaf relief otncer, indlcale Abtnt 150 of llic 300 young men al the fMiintlamls camp have offered themselves for service. DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? U's dangerous and expensive to drive with Sleeting Gear aurt Front Wheels put of adjustment. Keeping 'them In good order Is so simple and incxpcn sire you should never trer.t I chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEERING GEAR ADJUSTMENT, m- eluding—adjustment nf all Ball Socket Joints — tighlcnins front Spring Clips and Sluck Its. (farts Exlra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above Includes a comple INSPECTION and REPORT condition of Wheel Allgmne ind Uclors affecting tire wea PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. li Ul T By Act Of Last legislature, October 1st is final date lor payment of Drainage Taxes. We earnestly urge that all this new change in tax pi penalties and court costs. and owners observe ying date and avoid 5lb A WuJnut Fhone 810 Drainage District No. 9 and Sub-District 1 of 8

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