The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1934
Page 3
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BLTTggVILLE, (ARK.), COURIER NEWS W10DNLOSUAY, THK BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TBM OOUJUER nws co, PUBLISHERS • ' ' • BAI10BB, Safe national AdT«tu»t _ - AifcMMM Dtllte, Inc., Mew York, Detrttt, St. Uuk, DtUu, X»?CM Citr. P»bHshed Every Afternoon Cxctpt Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at B;yth«il]«, Arkansas, under act of Conrreu, October'*, 1911. Emeu oy the umiea Vreit and if we did know \ve should probably act too late. But sooner or later we must find out, There is no more terrible waste than the waste involved in the c.iri'Cr of si gunman like Clyde Harrow. —Unite Cation. SUBSCRIPTION RATER By carrier In tne Guy or BlvlUc-vula, 15c per wert or Ki.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radlm ot SO relies, W.OO per ywr $1.5*1 for six months, 85c lot \tMt month*; by mail iu postal lonca two to six, Inclusive. «.50 per year, in zones seven and e.ght, »10.oo per year, payable In advance. Useful Human Energy Is Wasted in Crime This modern world abhors waste. When it finds any source of energy going tinuscd—Ji waterfall, a factory, a coal mine, or whatnot—it exerts every effort to put that energy to work. But there is one kind of energy which is wasted every day, sometimes in the most extravagant and tragic manner, about which we seldom bother to think twice. That is human energy—the energy, (o Oe cxacl, of bad men mid bud women, the outlaws, the people who rebel violently against any and all restraints. Think, for instance, of Clyde Harrow and Bonnie 1'arker, those precious Tcxans who* were finally sliol to death in Louisiana after compiling a criminal record about as vicious as any in western history. » • » Within the liist two years no fewer than 12 murders were definitely ascribed to these two. ^ .Nine of their victims were policemen. Hank robberies, highway holdups, filling station stickups, kidnapings—the crimes of this nature on their record are almost beyond counting. They roved from Texas to Iowa, irresponsible and dangerous, cutting :i swath that made Dillinger look like ti lad on his way home from Sunday school. _ ••'[ : - ' /Finally', of course, the law caught up with them. Deputy sheriffs ambushed them along a lonely country road and ' filled them full of lead, ending forever that particular chapter in criminal history. • • * But one is forced to wonder, thinking about this pair—what was it that set them off on the wrong path, anyway? How could society have prevented that costly waste of potentially useful energy? For it was n waste—make no doubt of that. Two youngsters who can do all these did have abounding energy, ono|rau>if# vitality). 'l\hc force that makes a man a dangerous outlaw is, at bottom, the same kind of force that enables a man to do the great, hard, and useful jobs that keep the world turning; it just gets directed down the wrong channel. How could society have prevented it? Not Ijeing very wise, we don't know, Sidelight on Business Thy assertion of a federal trade commission investigator that Henry I-. Doherty obtained control of the billion- dollar Cities Service Co. with an investment of only ? 1,000,000 brings into light one of the strangest iiuirk.s of modern society—the divorce that can exist between ownership and management. Control of a great property, that is to say, can rest in the hands of a man who actually owns only a very small fraction of the properly. On the other hand, thousands of people can l>e owners without ever having anything conseiiuential to say about what shall be done with their pro|x:rly. This, of course, is not to say that any criticism attaches to men who buy control of a corporation without buying majority ownership. It simply illustrates the strange eour.-e that corporate development has tiikeii in modern times. Up to the Women The girls and women nf Hillings, Mont., havu won a victory over the censors. The city park hoard originally announced that "shorts, scanfies, and abbreviated attire" in general would not be allowed on city tennis courts; then, when the women protested, tho board said that shorts could be worn, but that they must reach at least to the knee and must not be too snug. SHU UK: women prote.slM. So, finally, tlie hoard .surrendered, ruling thai women could wear in public, "any costume based on common sense and decency." And this seems like a very sensible ruling, which other park commissioners might well copy. These elaborate rules (hat anxious people set up for women's costumes, on bathing beaches or in parks, are invariably i|iiite absurd. The. "common sense and decency" regulation is all any such regulations need to contain. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Stti/W! I3LYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the fltw jl the Bljtbcrilk Dally Coufer Friday, May 30, I'M. five cars were reported stuck In Flat Ufce Wednesday night, the e of tlic deluge, being unable to iiiivlgals 01- get assistance in gclilnj; out. This is one of the so-cal!rcl detours for the north during tlie building of the hard .-oud. At 10 o'clock Friday morning Blylheville veterans went to Manila, where, following Memorial Day services in a Manila church, ground was broken for the Hernian Davis memorial. Mrs. DavLs turned the first spadeful of earlh. Hynii'. Bobby anrt Buddie, the "B Hoys" of the Blytheville Ro- lary club, have organized a musical trio which threatens lo put an end to summer quiet, nyron A. Morse plays tlic saxophone, Rnb- irl P. Kirshncr plays the mando: in, A. H. Stler sings. CHURCH EXCUSES Bj Ge*. W. "Here I am graduating wilh the highest honors in the class, and I'll probably spend my life cooking for some dumb man." Soon after I married Jitn. that's, my husband, things began to hap- j pen or rather things Quit happening. As 1 was the principal simjer! In our church choir and the only i soloist not only in our church but | for miles THIS CURIOUS WORLD MOZART CONCEIVED THE MUSICAL SCORE FOB. HIS "MAGIC PL.UT&" COMPOSITION DURING "' HIS • SLEEP. ' RATTL€SNAKGS CAN HEAR SOUNDS ONLY OF A CERTAIN WAVE LENGTH, AND C NOT HEAR THEIR OWN RATTLE me COTTON TREE, OF CEVI.ON, DROPS IK LEAVES iN DRY WEATHER. TO PREVENT ITS STOKED VX£,:Ml FROM EVAPORATING. The rattle of the rattlesnake lias been explained as a means of • one snake to another, hut modern science tlispri NK.XT: Tim kind of var.illor. (n L-IUIUM-. The jwllcc should put such fear into the heart, of every man tlmt he will lip his hat every ttuie he meets a policeman. —Mayor I^i Giiardift of New York. « « * Only Ilinse nrc rnlitleil lo [Titlcl/e who know how (o do things belter. —Chancellor Hitler ol Geruiiuiy. » r * Beauty anrt bum alcohol don't mix. Wc must get Ihese women away from (lie bottle. --M. Henri Oorden. mnkciip advisor to movie slnrs, speaking of "whiskey-faccrt" women. Vacation Is Often Cheaper Than Continuing on the Job This is the lirst nf a series of'. age, the pressure 1 has so greatly in- i'ix articles by I>r. Morris Fish- , ctcased that a live-day week is Ifcln in which he tells yon how to . likely in many industries, wtiicri set the best relaxation anil en- I means the regular dVposal of two joyment nut of your vacatior. i days each week for recreation. ' " * I Many organizations have become 11V DII. MOUItIS FISHBKIN j interested in proper disposal of Editor, Journal of tlic ^Amtrii-an c , this time from, the point of view Mr clical AtssciaUon, ana of j not only of recreation, but also of ffygcla, (he Health Alufuzinu adult education. When your head starts (\ruu;iinv | Executives who work under high bout :i in the afternoon, when pressure with great responsibility •on begin complaining of the heat, arc likely to lake both winter and wd when your work loses much of summer vacations. If we live twice Is usual interest, you are about as fast as we used to, wc ought to ready for your vacation. - rest twice as much ami twice as You may think yuu nre doing Ijeucr to stay home and work. Scientific studies show, hoivevcf, that I vacation is an asset from the I financial point of view,'because-yon do more productive ivork afterward than you did before. Vacation cost] of nil average, family in the Unttcxl States, with an Income of from $2,400 to $3,000 a year, varies from $5.75 spent by n. worker who slays at home and. Goes to llic ball game every after- loon, ID SIBfl a year, spent by families thai lake motor trips. Most people think that Ihe cheapest vacation they can get is (o visit their relative's, but even that costs the average family $25. Somelimes Ihe cheapest viicn- tlon is (he best, and ihe most expensive vacation may be a total loss from (lie point of view of producing rest and health. An old-lime doctor was askcil by a young afsistant how to run his office successfully. The doctor gave him two suggestions for routine ( treatment. "First," lie said, "ask >our pa- cnls what they eal and order else; second, find out and miles round aboutl "«""»«••«'»' I could not afford to have my | from husband continue with the jnn-: this. Numerous theories have been advanced concerning the if ilorial work. When I first laid; £O ii for the. ratth. bin none of these has b?en generally acccpleif eyes on Jim that's my Husband, j SEXT . Do creatures which car, see in tin- dark have SJ! I almost lost my breath. I just! r-> i vht" know I have never seen .such a ^ ~"- n " c ° bl » physiqninl looking man, and to j think he was acting as assistant: how the church seemed to have '•• marie gc began making plans I janitor and I his future wife do-. slipped out of our life. All this j n ,; cnd t ., lk , rcn . not ns monlb( , ing real up to date solo wont. So, : time I was rcbuildln" Jim that's , - , I toon after I got him lo look at mo i my husband, in a social way try- ' 8 ' 1C5S J '°" " 11B ' U sn >' wc H wc were married and of course' ing to bring him up to my level. '• liave atlelulc <l in a casual V as is often the case the church Then a few years later we 'moved and we thought of am church I ost as wc began to get interested, here forgetting our church letters.! ters which we had left belli contacts then it, scums our trouble tliero couldn't bo aaytnin^ to It and Mint you never carcrl far that The Editor's Letter Box OUT OUR WAY B Williams HAVE \ OUT WOW PEOPLE COME TO GIT CTARTTED EATIN 1 GRAPEFRUITS BEFORE BREAKFUST. SOMEBODY ON A DIE-T STARTED IT. IT PUCKERS YOUR MOUTH UP SOTK5HT' YOU CAN'T GIT MUCH IM IT AT OME TIME. Slnuvbtrries (To llu- tllitoi-:) I have Ijfcii tnlkin^ to sevoinl berry pickers .since they came buck from the OKirks. Tl:eii rieKcriplion of the berry scnson should wake- up a fc\v more of as. The fields of strawberries were in line ccmchiicm in April, and the prices on southern berries had he-Id up well until May, when the picking started here. Everything looked Hue. We will mnkc enough to take care of us next v. 1 inter. First we must buy som? carriers nn<l crates mid baskets. Tlie crop is good, .sn \vc s;ci plenty of equipment ahead. Konic years bt\ck yonder, crates and basket,", had run out, and \\o had lo can fellow. If you'll forglvo me I'll never be jealous again." "OC course I forglvo you! And .1 .wane, .to tell you/ wlsiu was In the letter— M "1 don't want Lo hear it. I don'L deserve- to know." Confession at that moment, with Bill's arms holding her close. Bill's lips against her hair, would have been very sw-eoc and soul-cleansins autl would have proven ted many trnctlon was "Poll? of »h» Circirl IJad there been auollicr pic hi Cheater in ilio town cr a cone I or oven a sk:iting rink lion| would havQ.toldi her husband did not care lo sue the iiicLtirc £ii£SesLcci Hint iliey llnd other tcrtatnmcat. Out H was "Tolly | tho Circus" or nothing. She could shut her eyes. In ll darkness, against anything ll poistiant to endure, hut she coil not close her enr?. Aa she ami ] moved down the aisle her noil The old doctor knew from com- ion experience that mo^t people ! sorlfT pea tiered. ; is a gocd days laily hie. but rest is mo:,; unport- ! ,. 30 to 40 quart we:.>:. and at 2i day. Ain't ~ IO.SR. tor 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS l\\ any . r;]ll« [rum the 1r. i Injlirrit. To plr:i*e hi; lo Miiiti-lini 1 '* limnc to recuperate, prr mul ing lu he Ihe other pirl. Sin* in n»hnmeil of thl» deception tint lirrpM ll no. cveu iTru'n UIF.L SIIJIMI.. .ITnilHine'Y i:uii*.in. .-i-,k% lirr ID ,,.,,r, him. A11 OS $[11. euro. tKc fcirm. l» Blind. Silts. n.A.Vri:!!, housekeeper dl.. vli:irc:c(t br Ounna. -J» lier encmr. tlnunn nnil HIM nre married, t:i>.\ DAVID, ri= t .|>» nnimal irnln- rr. :IMI| take* yart fa clle nnlwnl Am<n Slrtilnl hn« n tilrnkr. In .\v\r Orleans Mntlr-IInc cues fr[c> (he rnjse nliine ivllli trie llen- «TI| tljser :inrt 1:1 klllril. llenfroc ' ilKrhariccii On. L'anltle to Kel *iiirl;, Oia ilecidei to so lo Ihe Slililal fnrnl. 1:111 Are-* a leltor nunna wrote lo I'..n tin* heeumei jealmM. 'Ihej- xow <;r> o.v WITH TIII: vroiiv CHAI'TEIl XXX VMLL had a bad hour alone. He •^ hi'J hail to fight his jealousy before. .Many tinics, watching Don- nn working aliout tlie kitchen, he hail contrasted her present life with her past, and a Hide green il'jvil perched on his shoulder, whispering (hings lie slrove to put our of his mhid. Striding along, the raw wind whipping color Into his cheeks. Hill fought IIH battle. Fresh air did im:e!i to s've |i:m a clearer view of the situation. It he refused to believe her explanation she hail never written tho i filter'h'inTas" it ii'e'was a baby "and ! llei n! "° ' vas '"jiireil '" an accirlcl a:an before and that the letter con- ] ' tlc '|| „„ as i ccp \ onf bctoro wo ^et! a smothered cry came from Do partner. Dill! llomo . n,, rr y ,,p with supper, then • " a ' s ''P s doll up your prettiest anil we'll go | "Bill. I'm—I'm i!i!" .=ho off ou'a. aprce." ! ir.ered miserably. "Let's g'j homo She smiled, lorhlg him the more | for his ability to cast aside trou- I ble ami to play, binalt boy tashion | It was a very S')>1 meal, for : DiMlna liail liccotne a prolir[e:lt j coolc, but only Mi^s rerk::is ll:i'l any appctito. Minaie ^r she tnok away plates n! fluffy bis- futitro heartaches. But Bill's attitude, his desiro to be Generous ! was pcmniliiis ami a wild and chivalrous prevented conll-jlo fiee almost overpowered her.| ilcnces and Donna slipped from his embrace with tho words unspoken.' pjiu, seemed lo lie osjoying hi| "You know, Honey," lie said as j -^-* sell hugely. Simple In last slio piled tlie chicken on a blue] with small opportunity for amu platter and stirred cream and fionr.mont. he would have hcen a miv into the browned butter to make [fan had he possessed the. time, ll gravy, "now that Gram!nan is bet- ! found Donna's Innrt and closed II ter we ought to get out a little, lover it, then seltletl back withf All work and no play—you know i ngh of conlcntnient. It the rest of it. Why, it's becu weeks j lo:ig. however, until ho became c(^ and weeks since we've Ecc-n a pic-) scions thai slie wns trembling, line show or had any kind of i "Cnhi, bweelheart?" he wl amusement. What Kay we take the i pored, old bus mid go into lown tonight?! "Xo." Sometimes they have pretty good | Donas, kiioivjn:; tl:.-.t ' ft i pictures at tlie Elite." j watching her, fiircetl liersell lo I. "I'd like it." Donna answered.: at tlic moving tisurcs on the scrcc| "Do you Uiink Grandfather would ; Kverythins she saw there anil • mind?" I cry word uttered that had to with circus life was like n kuil thrust in lier heart. AVbcn 11 "EreVl he tlie first (o ursc us to I j;o. VoV know Miss Perkins looks ; association will not accept more berries. The farmer tells us we can 'nave Tlie Courier Nc*s lias been au-j a1 ' wc want. Just pick 'em and Ihorlzed lo announce (he following | cat 'cm or can 'cm. '- candidates for piiblic office, sub- Look at them big lino red ber- jcct lo the Democratic next August: primary For RrprrwnUlhr tVY W. CRAWFORO ries in the field. When some oi:e walks doun through the palch. H looks like he was walking in blood. If I Just had tlie money lo buy cans, or to ship .'•ome of these cerncd her former would have to disbelieve everything she bait -said in the past. And if ?h3 hart cared for (his fellow, why had she married IJill? Looking at the matter sanely, ho felt ashamed of i;lni?rlf, and when I'.o returned to (be house at five o'dnck ho was contrite and ready tn lies fnr^iv-crie;:?. Thus again Donna lost ihe opportunity to tell him that M.nleliiiG hail married Con. «nd that Con was now 8 * idower. U was not easy for Bill lo apolo- Eia;?. Humble pie did not set well with him but, OUCG ho mada up his miud til do anything unpleasant, he went through with it. Donna wag frying chicken in the "111? Why, you wore all I when we left the house. U'liit i? Do you think the riilc—? "I don't know. Imt I can't il can't s'ay. r " Ilalf-hy:-ter:r.l..v i^e, pushed TiList him anil r;,-. , - tiin aisto as tlinu^li In leav flarkciie-l autiitnriimj F!I" 1'ohiml lo ""i'od her. the memories l!>| cui!«, mounds ot chick-:.! and '• ll? a«! mashed potatoes and muttered. . '•\Yontler what you want to 1:0 to: Bill, rlismoyecl and dhapp^i-i nil this troiihlc for if noii'.ily v.-ants I folloivcd h?r. Ciitsii.'e. In Hie aiiytliing lo cat." Donna crouched lu one corner For County Judge ZAL B. HARRISON GEORGE W. BARHAM ^or >tcnioer of Congress CLINTON L. CALDWE^JJ I'nr Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON . For Rc-clecllon for Second Termi to ,MV for crates and baskets. Poor landowner, can't collrct cnotish lo pay interest and (axes. Pcor railroads, have to haul a i berries liome. my rliilrtren could lea', terries all winter, and It would i be better than a snowball. Oil my; wiicil a waste. Poor pickers, (ramping on Ipr- ries and rtoin; without them. Poor farmers, can't ship enough For County Trtuntcr JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court ( loik HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH n. D. (SKEET) STOLT For Countj Court Clrrk FRED rLEEMAN For Rc-Ekcllon for 3nd Term For Assessor n L. (BTLIA^ GATNK.'! O. C. (IKE) HUDSON Vor Conslililc of Chlckauwba lownshln OAOK ROBERTSON lot of cars back empty. stop? docs tills b;rry tragedy Zcph O'Brien. Stcrms Moved Huge IJotk : NORWALK. Omn. (UP)—The j fury of the winter's blizzard anc 1 severe stonns on Long Ir>laiu | Sound casl a 20-ton rock beyoiu Ihe high tide mark at Howayto; | Beach. Pievioiksly it had been » 'part of a Jetty and co'.ild r.ot bs ' seen al tow water. AFTER nibbling at a deep, dish | cherry pio Donna r;in ui'itriirs kitchen, a rather wan smile OB her-; anil drew from Hie c!o;;t a shim- face 95 she closed her ears to Mia- j mcrlns brown c:nfi.-.n velvet. Hill ! sobbed ntj il-.jugh her heart wc-ij [broken. nic's grabble. \Ylion Bill walked IQ ! walchi'd her in al>;c« jniniir=lion ! unccrenioiiionsly am! said he wani-i ai s!l ° slipped tiu n:H.'i toV.s over cd to sgeak lo her at ouoc she ac- i ll « r gleaming copjcr h.iir. licipated another scene. "I'm busy, Bill. \Va:'l ua!t! finish this." "Can't- Let Minnie dn it." Donna gave Minnie llie forV "Maddic) MaiMi-:" rrifd the 1)1 wlhlcrerl n:nu. "What i3 it? Wh.| is' wrong?" Then, as she diii not answer. (h| suspicion, lint '.-a i;nd succeeilttl >• crustil 1 /^ but coi:!a not kill reareT Was It tn "Don'l yd I Tiie ride to tnwn v,, s s hc?r tie- : i!5 u "^ he ? A a ' ni2 : ijlisht aflcr tho e:r.oti« ; .i! £! ,,r.a of • ^'"'f ' ^'Vriihid' j'.fielr courtship, fiill ilro\c- with n::o e! hand and kept iii.; ot'ter arn: around her. Now ami tii^n wiisn a b^lilnrl a ! oli.^c n red "My Domuv "Yes. fail —aarl ovsrythli lann^r.Il 10 pay. It wa^ your fall you r.ore anrl chan^frt yol had l»cen using in turn ihe , r rR|.'rant brown tncrseb'and st«pp«d into the pantry which opened into a hall leading to the dining room. OILL waited vulil the siingiu; *J door closed. Then ho caught her In his arms and criishcil his month over Uers. "I'pj sorry," b* I drug store (or i sda. "We'll do j mumblc-d, "I was a ctd. forglte tt up brown lonlglit." be eald. "Be', "Oh, •;<!*. I do. 1 understand ; cold, ellvory tnno:i I-,:'! l^nk of clo'.tds or in r .Kni by the ovcrtappiiK of lir ; fr " ra a hut'erfly Into a sr':h. trees he bent ami ki3=«.-l her, j t «!muM '/r.v? known li«:icr thai Hill found a s|iot 0:1 a side street j to ' io >' ou Amn '' k " " lisl .-" ; " * to park Ihe car. T!-,r-u he niilflicd • secius a circus movie can send yn upon taking Donna into Granlley's j iuln hysterics-" "Bllll You doa't nnrter-=tacci'.| -"Oh Bill!" Donna sobhed happily. "Oh. Bill. I wish I hail showed you (he letter! It was borrld ot me regular yokels out celebrating." j fectly. And I'm not Mamlnc you As she sal before 'ihe sorta (oun-; iloaey. I'm blnmlng myself." I tRtn Donaa coulcl sae tbe llgbls ot I But he did not put tils arij the Elite Picture House across the ! abound hrr during lie tlrlve to lear it up! I should hare—" squa«\ >bo lights twinkled nn : iir.rt the kis- he gave her wh "No, you di<! t'j- rijhl thlsg. I' inel c5. tut it «'2 = at ?!3t:l Bill; *'iu'e tic e-icd ElsBl t-« «•-;, n-as a brut? to doubt you. Com- j walked up to (bfi l/o* ofiico p::^or.,it. mou KDN «hou!d have told me' haaded over a dollar lor iwo u:k((s 1 (Xo He

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