The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 23,1949 BI.YTIIEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Europe Puts Its Money to Work Foreign Funds Help Marshall Plan Aid <& Work Successfully WASHINGTON —(/Pi— Epropean money has gone lo work on a vast scale to make the Marshall Finn a success. The $5,000,000,1100 of Marshall Plan funds provided so far Is only a sixth or seventh of wha Kurone itself Is spending to get back on it.", feet. Before the plan got started, the bulk of the European money supply was becoming dammed up, Idle, Ihwnrtod. Without the comparatively small leaven dollars needed to buy certain essential western hemisphere products, native money re- source.s could not go to work to rebuild the European economy. In most of Europe the money was willing to work, but It needed help from Ihe dollars. In some countries Ihe native money had lost its nerve David Bruce, chief of Economic exoneration Administration's IECA) Rprcial mission to France, says that economic stagnation seized France In the 1930s. The value of the franc kept falling until the last few months. Not wanting to keep their money m francs, the investors bought hoards of Roods—such as rugs, jewelry, and paintings. Some rich people shipped cood.s abroad on consignment. The ^shippers kept title, while the commodities were held for them In for- elpn warehouses. The Idea was to eventually follow the goods out of thecountry. Change Comes Early The. big change fn France came early this year. The government announced tt would seek new money In a 300,000.000.000-frnnc Ixjnd Issue. Friends of Prance held their breath. If the people failed to suh- ncrlbe to the loan, tt would show they had no faith in their own government's financial stability. The value of the franc might have dropped out of sight, and the recovery effort would hav« been dealt a lerious blow. But the bond issue was a huge miccess. The value of the franc Immediately began to rise. Another good sign: The price of gold the French black market has been falling ever since the bond issue The price had been boosted by farmers who had chosen to buy gold rather than risk holding on to francs. Now it seemed they were unloading gold and choosing francs Up to now most of the recovery plan investments in France hav « been made by the American govern ™ ment because private capital unwilling to take the chance. Ntiw the experts expect to see privat Investors get into the field. In Italy the investment sltua tion has been much the same in France. No marked improvemen has been noted yet. although th lira has held its prive for abol a year now, In Western Germany there ha been a scarcity of Investment cap Ital, but to EGA officials the mone supply seems to be Increasing the balance of exports over Imports continues to rise. Greece Not Improving Greece alone of the countries being helped has shown no Improvement on the investment side, according to ECA officials. The continuing warfare there drains the resources of the nation. But lor the Marshall Plan countries as a whole there is a great outpouring of native investment capital. They will spend about $30.000,000,000 this fiscal year to modernize factories and farms, build new plants, homes and transportation facilities. This means they will be taking about 20 percent of their national Income and plowing it back into business. In average periods of prosperity such investment Is usually around 15 percent, of income. To raise it to 20 percent, the countries will have to maintain reduced living standards for some years yet, »• denying themselves a lot of consumer goods. The businesss outlook has to be good, and the people's faith in their countries' future must be strong to Good Samaritan Who Wouldn't Pass on Other Side Complicates Things MEMPHIS. Tenn., May '23—</!>>— R. D, Townsend's troubles were caused by » Rood Samaritan who refused to pass on the other side. Townscnd ran his car Just past parking space, and got ready to back in A car came to a stop behind him He waved It on. Townsend Jammed on his barkcs and waved wildly. The fellow grinned and pushed all (he harder At last Townsend gave up. lie let himself be pushed down the street, "caught" his engine, am wpved his thanks. Then he circled the block "net sUi'trd looking for a parking space all ovei again c ate ot Dog Hanging On Psycho Treatment LOS ANGELES, May 23— </!') — The fate of Congo. » great Dane dot; that attacked his mlstrcs-s two weks ago, wilt be decided by psychoanalysis. The 180-pound animal will be turned over today to Lurry Trimble, dog trainer and authority on problem pooches. The County Dcpait- ned to dfstroy Cento as »" Ill- tempered and unsafe pet nllor he seveily bit hli owner, Mrs. Fiances McDermolt. Bui letters and lelrgnims began pouring In protesting Congo's dentil sentence. So the department decided to Uy the Phyclio treatment. Mrs. McDermolt agreed to the plan. ment of Anlmlnl Regulations plan-I Its territory. Egypt permits no persons who are not representatives rit museums or universities lo dig for antiquities In said to lie weak in wha Old English Report Cards Are Revealing LONDON-M'i—The old school report curds o( many rtistlnsiitshed Englishmen reveal some shocking thillRS. The school musters of n aencrn- Mun ago regarded l-'icM Marshul Lord Montgomery "rather backward for his use", and if was an Hitillery- needs—mathematics. O. K. Chcitfi'lon, who became mighty I" the world of letlm. couldn't »rlle very well. »ald the school maslc-i shortly before 111* linn ol the century Old report cards are posted foi I he public to read at an exhibition railed "The Knglljli at School" Bolli Montgomery and Chesterton attended St. Paul's school and the report faros displayed cover Iliclr senior years, when they *tre 18 vears old. Courni Ncwi Want Adi CAN CAUU Oil Production Down In Arkansas Fields EL DORADO. Ark., May 23. (.T»— I Production of crude oil and condensate in South Arkansas decreased In March, the stale oil and gas commission reported Saturday. Daily production in March was 85.552 barrels daily. 101 a day fewer than In February. The commision also reported Hint the 11 gasoline plants in South Arkansas processed an average of 173.403.000 cubic feet of Ras daily, de- :rcasing 4.S66.000 cubic feet from the Februarv dally average. During March. 3.609 barrels of gasoline. 2.66« barrels of butane and propane and 228 barrels of con- were manufactured daily at these plants. The six reflnerie.s in the stale processed 46.516 barrels nf crude nil ily, a decrease of 40 barrels daily om February. .ove Defeats Plan 'o Light Lovers Lane CROYDON, England-(/!>»—Mem ers were of. two minds when th Croydon Council debated whether to ut more lights In side streets. Mrs. Ethel Cook said, "If on't Improve our street liRhttng are going to have an influx o oung lovei'B from other adjourn ng areas which are well \ll*' But A. L. Bortdington said, "Som f us in our younger days liked shac pots." The counciled voted again more lights. Cool, Smooth and Goldenl Seaoram$ GOLDEN '49er RICEEY ^ SERIOUS TROWE llrwuro nf INn-Wnrml, ufly p*4t» (hit llr* • rut grow Inild* Ih A human body ... met rta nu«> ar-rloim trrtillilp. ,.ev?n Ililrrnil Inflam- ilhn ftml . ll Ihr liirilK'rUlilK rrrlal llch. llnn'l likorlliinriw. Orl J. ( »'| P.W V«mt- lu|>. MT> vllal Iniri-rllrnl ll • iiM-iliially- • (iprovrif rlrllff thai »i'l#iil!Ar»Uy Hnil p*»lly ilrtlroyt I'lu-Woniu And rnUQVM Itirnl trom III* hnily. Suit ynuiu*!irrl I'in-Wormf, nlk your rirutf- cltl f-W, lh«> 1111*11. i-i»y-1<vl*k' tnhlrli tx'tfivK-il liy ttif Jiyno ('o.. iiiMiliil* " Thret may keep • Ment If of them art dead. .*.,(.' i r-w ® »« mpel them to Invest on such cale. Even in the United Stat some years of the depressio 30s the depreciation of plant vnlii was lareer than the total of gro nvestment. Miidc with Seagrtim's Audi-ill Itnttlv din HERE'S HOW:Squce/c '/: lime Into higlili.ill ghss. Drop in lime shell. Ailtl ice rubes and 114 o?.. of SEAGRAM'S Ancient Bottle GlN. Fill with carbonated water. DISTILLE1 AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL FROM AMERICAN GRAIN. 90 PROOF. SF.AGRAM-OISTIU.F.RS 11 With Ftowf THE FLOWER SHOP G tan C PhoiM M»l «c tin The SKCRK'l of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO I'HONK 44.M MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH 'resh Channel CatBth Cried Chlekcn Koasl Pork Kciait Keef Chicken A Dreulnf Steak It Grmiy Three Teielablc* Special Special IIO'I DORS 1T« HAMKUKGKKS l»e CI.IIB Sl'KAK, KR. FRIES Ite Choice T-Bimei Ji Strlolni "Where Friends Meet and Kat" the NICKLE STAND Vickie Saliba, Prop. 103 \V. Main GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Reli'iperiitnrs Household — Conimcrcml » • • • Air Cnnriilloning • * • • Radios—Record Players + + * • \V»shurs • (ias Engines We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. •4M-20* W Main Phom 201 The III nttlni, Inow »rfor4 thai rioei not "hui (be ankl*" !• ma<< inui and comtoriabta her*. Fl» Mt work at rea»naM* •*•!. H -fl LT e R S ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SEED SOYBEANS R«cleaned, Tested and Tainted. PRICE $2.75 P«r Bushel. lfl-19 SovbeHn Support Price 90% Parity. Produce mure soybeans per acre by pUntlnc Dortchaaj N». hlilipjt yirldsr In MI4I jlflri contest. Seed For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1801) West Main 'hone 856-857 Yooi k'fy 10 itaii vuui ; SHEET METAL WORK Duct work, blowpipes, cutter ... all types. For expert Fill Taj lor I.»ylnn, 8Z8. m Nnrdi Fir-l. Blytheville Tin Shop Venetian Blind* of Such clean Venetian blinds! Dust skids right off Flrna- him, it's *o salin-smoothl This aluminum bend* for quick hntfh-ups, »n«ps btck into perfect sh*pe! Lighter, easier in operate. And the beauty lasts! Flistic finish won't chip or crack. Flexa- him is fireproof, ru&l-prooJ. weather-proof. Custom-made only. Come choose from beautiful colors ... bring window measurements. So inexpensive! Custom - made only. Comr choose from beautiful colon ., .ask for estimate without obligation. BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Inc. W HRN you get right down to il, there's iusl one way to satisfy yoursell that this hold beauly is the car you've been yearning for. So here's open invitation to come lake ils wheel — and see how neatly, invitingly, it seems to fit your hand. : pul it up against the rough spots — and sample for yourself the ride that's recognized as smoother, even, than on highest- priced cars. Coine feel Ihe lift in this big Fireball valve- in-head, high-pressuring fuels into giving "P their very best — come sample the super- smoothness of Dynuflowt, the only drive in which "oil does it all." V>iome see how smoothly big soft brakes stroke you down to even, jarless slops — come swing this one around twisting curves mid see ils freedom from the lop-heavy "feel" so common elsewhere. Come slam the solid doors, drum on its sturdy lop. roll up the windows and notice Ihe curtain of silence this one draws over outside noises. And please come fresh from tcsls of other cars — iheir power, iticir ride, their steadiness, their room — because never does ibis one show up so well as under direct comparison. Above M, come prepared to check the value in ibis bonny Sui'Kll Come armed with Jclivcre.l prices — all the details of other "deals.'' There's no better way lo sec how smart you are to get .• firm ouler in — hut lasl! illiU H nlanr ha* all thi'Mv. futtturf* S,Jlr..mooln DYNAHOW DHIVt* • Wll-VIIW WHOM him •niaroed «taii orto • SWING-MJY OOOHI ami loir «(«•• "ttVING SMCI" IHTlHIOtS villi D.«p-Cr«e»t cuiWxn Buo/onf-mlrno QUADtUMX COIL ifKIHGING • livtt/ urratt piui HI-KHHD tfKHHi moumiHtu • tow P ..i«;r. fir«, on MnTV-»rDf »/»«• Cruiltr-lin. V£NTIK«T«- DMtX IM*INGS, main oflrf (onn.cllno foo 1 . • 1ODY tt f\tH» " on ROAfj.'.IASrEff. ipflonaf ol •jrrocoir on SUrER mod«li. W. H. Tease So. Hlwa? SI J. Wtlson Henry Phone U34 ivd on IfOA^MASTEl?, oo'oio: o' en-fa wt 1 3" £J?t? -ncd*i Hfcen hvlt,-r a,n<>m»MI<" "™ »«<" •«'«** « '" ""»•' """" EXPERT SERVICE Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage Furs, Woolens, Blankets and Drapes NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone 4474 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasowba SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF LANGSTON-WROTEN CO Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 We Specialiit in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN . 32 Year* Experience J • Dufont Paints • » impend Wallpaper | i'hone 4»1 -——J J.

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