The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1944
Page 5
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r '- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION " "" ""• f ° Minimum Charge 5/v, 1 time per line "'ijC| 2 times per line per day "'.u 0 S tlmea per Un« per <toy o,, toe per d», " % . *—r^ *~* "~° i" 11 "*»/«...,,. DC 1 Uonth per line ...,,,..!eoo Ada ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will ce charged for the number of times the ad *ppeared and adjustment of uui made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sale 22 Inch window fan blades. Build your own fan. BIylheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 6j23-ck-tf 1938 Ford 2 door, extra dean, low mileage; all tires extra good. 'New seat covers. Priced to sell quick. Call 8til, Tom Little Realty Co. 6-2G-ck-29 Modern six room house, corner lot best residential section— 918 W ^Ash Cash. Call 2»46. 6[26-ck-1J3 Walnut dining room taWe~40x45 Call 2671. H15 W. Main.' 6-26-pk-2 •J room residence adjoining city limits. Price $2,000. H. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. Ph. 446. Spencer corsets for health and style. See Mrs. John Long, Registered C'orsetiere. 133 W, Kentucky Phone 3388. 6|24-pk-7]24 Itaise and lot on South Lilly St Write Mrs. T. L. Frank, Clarkton, Mo., Rt. No. 1. G122-pk-29 USED PIANOS bodght and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14-ck-14 Three used AC'Combines; one practically new. Write or call B. B Gee Cotton Co. Phone 202C. j 6|21-ck-28 i 325 MISSOURI i • 514 LACLEDE These are two nice 4 room homes in a < pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your chotce for $2100, on easy'tcrms. See S. Jifdel, 224 Main Street. 6-12-pk-ia Mixed lumber, 2"—$40 per thousand. Phone 3309, So. 21st St., Pr'Me Addition. O. S. Rolllson J' ' 5i29-ck>tf See the new General Electric fnnd dehydrators at Planters Hardware, formerly ;; : ^ IWSTP r« Experienced pressers torn Little Hardware Co tffi 5-31-ck-31 Tnble model electric radios. Cheaper at Rsidio Hospital. 204 W. Ash. FOR QUICK SALE list your prop erty with: H. c. CAMPBELL. Pho 446. Office 120 S. 2nd, with Luclen E; Colcman. 6|2-pk-7|2 ,; r. Table and Console RADIOS. Electric and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 •**•••«•»«« For Sale Residence on Missouri St. Price 51600. Now vacant. Move in today Phone 448. H. 0. Campbell. 6-24-pk-l IN FIRST CLASS ONE DIABOLD BANK TYPE BURGLAR & FIRE PROOF TIME LOCKING MONEY SAFE Mississippi County Bank, Pho. is Osceola, Arkansas. 6-22-olc-29 AUTOMATIC HOT WATER HEATERS. Oil burning 40 gallon capacity. Fully auto- malic. Hubbard Hardware Co. • G-24-eh-28 Newly overhauled p-30 FfermaU tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog disc harrow. Lee Wilson & Co., Armorel. Phone 2088, 6-22-ck-tf Ladies pre-war bicycle. Call 2202~ G-21-ck-28 Adjoining city limits one 5-room residence, one 3-room residence, one 2-room residence located on l acre of ground, nice orchard now bearing fruit. Price $3,500. H. C Campbell, 120 So. Second, Phone •HO- C-2-l-pk-l 50 gallon oak barrels. Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Plionc 2392. e-20-ck-20 7 room house with small 3 room servant's house on back. For quick Site $3500. Apply at 506, N. Fifth after 7 p. in. 6123-pk-27 14-2 and 12-2 Romex wire. Lamp cords, Iron cords, Extension cords. Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14ckH HORIZONTAL 50 Reign 1,6 Pictured 00 She Is a cliar-' screen actress aclcr •— 12 Ireland • - 61 Thwarled 13 Crucifix fy VERTICAL 15 Eccentric VH : ' ] Solullon 2 Arabian 3 Wearies i wheels 18 Tale 11 Notion 18 Great Lake 19 Exist 20 Pn account i <abbr.) . 21 Missouri ;£ • (abbr.) '' 23 And (Latin) 24 Iniquity 26 Donkey - . _ , Enstem '44 Soil minsral '5 Operatic "solo country '^ 40 Chances , , .0 American '^ 27 Transmits w 47 Possesses ' author ® |28Recede *f. 49Christmas' . \, 1 First man * 29 Spoil '•'' M 4 '50 Sheep's bleat ;;8 Frozen water 32 Rovercntiol ' 51 Ever (contr t ,-9 Nostrils ' fear ' 53 Things •%.«« 10Leave out T( 33 Kind of tree (Lalln) '*s3v .1! Employ ' 38 Also ,&#. 54 Each (abbr.) „ 14 Alleged lorce 3D Likely' ?S}5? 55 Three (comb 28 Print measure20 Individual 41 Belief w**^;, (onn) 30Compass point22 Rowing slick 43 Concerning '•• 56 Bright color 31 Musical note . •—•———^—— — 32 Rough lava . N 34OrcbDstra O 3n Current events 36 British (abbr,) 37 Indian army (abbr.) 39 Paid notice 40Exclnmalion 41 Light brown ' 42 Psalm (iibbr.) 44 Tellurium (symbol) Eouitflui Refrlgerndon Service F. W. TATUM rhone 657 Hare Fun & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Summer, New Location! 16 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stilcnp rhuu« 2893 Koaolips, Hals- nml Mire cllnil- niitcd. C'ontrarl si'n'lwi hi nesl conlrul, Biddle Exterminators Free Estimate!!. US S. Third 1'honn 4751 BLYTIIEV1UE CURB MARKET —has FRESH PEACHES, EGGS, and the best fruits and produce to be found anywhere. . . Located at 130 E. Main. Phone 913. D. S. Hay, Mgr. 6-2l-pk-21 Front bedroom FEED—Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, poultry and dairy feeds. Custom Hvuivijr «iiu uuu> HJUU5. UUSlQill ^ . feed grinding. Blytheville Grain &. 2 room furnished apartment: 2 mom Elevator Co. 6-10-ck-tf unfurnished apartment. 014 Hearn 6j24-pk-7|l For farm bargains In Southeast Missouri write or see W. E. ODSTAP- SON, Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo 6-8-pk-8 Peaches. N. Franklin St. or call 3221. H. A. Defoe. ' 6|17-ck-7[l Fresh fish always on sale at Williams Market, next to Jodie Nabers Store on Hwy. 18. G|t4-pk7[l4 Have everything in rough lumber at right price, ul lumber yard, South 21st St., Pride Addition. O. S. Rol- llson. Night phone call 3309. Renewed pre-war bicycles. Guaranteed. Chlsum's Bike Shop, 2020 w. _ _ "Help Wanlti Experienced stenographer. Must be permanent. Good salary. Excellent prospects for advancement Write Box H. W. Courier News. :. 24-pk-ljl Two good Far mall Traelm mechanics. Experiencetl. Delta Implement Co. G-23-ck-30 and Hud- seamstressfes. Apply son Tailor Shop. 5-17-ck-17 5|29-pk-6|29 Experienced cooks and w»ltre«e s Acnlv Hotel Noble. U-ck-tf Wanted To Kent furnished apartment on West Side. Permanent tilythcville couple. Call Sirs. J. C. Roach, 461. - 6-26-ch-tf DON EDWARDS KOTAL, CWBCtNA, AND RKMINQTOH in H. tnd flrnmr «wry Uuit B« PHOHB fhone 23H NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS "Rrroites may b* ruining your property. Call me check-up without cost or obligation. EATS, BIICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP IN When you write that soldier about buying a bond during the Fifth War Loan Drive, SEND HIM YOUR PHOTOGRAPH O'STEEN'S STUDIO 105 W. Main v« All Work Positivefy Guaranteed Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn J'lenly of WOOD For Sale! BARKSOALE Nearly half of nil . pedestrian dentils occur awny from regular rosswiilks. MANUFACTURING CO. Vuoue 2911 WELDING! * Acetylene Welding * Electric Welding * Cold Welding But EsaljinKtit-Best MachlnljU-Btflt Work Delta Implements, Inc. 45 Accomplish } VI Old Testa- *> ment (abbr.) 48 Per 50 Destruction 52 Sketched 55 Journey ' 57 On the -, sheltered side 58 College official .... private entrance. 209 W. Kentucky;.Phone 3200. 6i20-pk-1|3 Large bedroom, very desirable, with or without kitchen privileges. Mrs Myrtle Martin, 817 Chlckasawbn. G124-i>k-2B Room and apartment. 401 E. Ash & Lily. C|23-pk-27 Nicely furnished front bedroom, hot water daily. 124 Doiigan. 0|23-pk-27 Parker's Rooms for men. 6i30-pk-Q|30 Office In Ingram Building. Inquire at the Parlthiirtt Co, 11-30-ck-tf Lost Bunch of keys with auto license 122-152 attached. Would appreciate if returned to Hazel Cnrdln at Kress store. 6|24-pk-27 Services WANT TO,SELL OR TRADE YOUR FARM Right Now! Sec Or Write Us While Prices Arc Up! Rials Land Co. RUSSELL E. RIALS Goff Hold •Phon e 2028 or 2029 Residence Phone 2330 ( Wanted Must liavc apartment by first of the month. See Licul. C. N. Hunt, His W. M[li "-_ 6j26-pk-6|23 Wanted, tolluy Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 20o per doz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. He Gels His Fish MOUNT VERNON, Me. (UP) — Pish that get away from Harry O'Brien better think twice before they brag about it. Recently O'Brien hooked n small-mouthed black bass that dodged nrountl a rock and sawed oft the lender. A couple of days later, O'Brien hooked the same fish and this time landed it—together with the original fly and a piece of the leader still attached to the fish's jaws. . SRTC 5Q% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drof Strrc Main & Lake Phone 2822 It jtt want to ra Bcn*i 8EU, CB TBK TOU ARE NOT DBINO f«i cubl Abo liber*! tr*4c-ln *U*wu«* f«r oli tarnltnre'in mew. Ahrin Utrdy Fora. Co. HI E. fltoln Pho»« MM Bbn«r Connlngham VULCAMIZinC Tlr* ft Tube Repair fetta. Mt EA. • I. Hwr. «i wia c«tw Am. ru.) PRESCRIPTIONS Fruhmt Stock Guarantee^ Best Prle«« Kirby Drag Stores Guaranteed REPAIR SERVICE On All Makes of TRACTORS, TRUCKS, FARM EQUIPMENT, MOTORS and CARS. Our shops arc equipped with the most modern machinery. Five experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary units. WK CARRY COMPLETE LINUS OF PARTS LEE WILSON & (0. ARftlOUKL, AKK. CALL 2088 8UMMKK CLASSES in PIANO - ORGAN and VOICB 1—Schedules now b«ln( attained Mrs, DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A.. M.S.M, hornier New York rtreimlsl nnil Teacher Write Mrs. Fowlslou noi Chlckamwbsi or Thone 2049 SEOi2ee,PSCAP, ' LUCI<' HMLIMG T|IEM...I'D FEr=L BE'nEC WITH WE EEASSUEIKlcS V/ACMTH OF A FO13W- .FIVE IN MY CK3WV MITT. T-DLL CVRE AW HAVE OKAV.' A BIT 01- REST THROUGH HEAT OP THE Q\V YOJLDM'r HURT US MHITI-1ER i DEAD FISH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' With Snucu ^linnf ^VERVBODV AND HIS COUSIN ABOUT HIS fvMSSING CAT OR DOG/ - - HAVe ;: V- V~/l^ STARTED -* • ^-t/t SOWETHINO / AIL TME CATS | W TOWN ARE? OW THE TRAIL OF THE FISH,AND THE DOSS ARE ON TME TRAIL WE CATS • RED RYDER H5 [UP» 'AND I'M SUPADSGO To ROUMD 'EM ALL UP! WMV OID i EVER GEF INTO1)tlS? By MERRILL BLOSSE1 IpU'RE ALL IATKERED RED: SWEM/ WASH TUBES FOB SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Oiceola Tile & Culvert Co. «S1 OidMla Ait We Specialize In Repairing Ford Cars & Trucks Tunc and Adjust. New Rings, Sleeves and Bearings. CHASSIS! Refaush 'Steering and Front System. Repair Brakes. BUD I! Straighten, Refintsh and Paint Damaged Metal Parts. Phillips Foremost Ford Protective Repair Service Tef. 453 Walnut at 5th UJAP UNIT WAITING TO AMBUSH AN \$P??, OW.' AMERICAN MOP-UP PETAIL WT^jr 1 '- 1 *! \ $ In (he fiddle HY LESLIE TURNER POUR ITOM 'EM, MEN! WE ARE SURROUNDED CAP TAW: NOW TO EMPTV THIS AUTOMATIC AS THE SURPRISED 3AP5 WHEEL AROUND, CLANCVS MEW ATTACK THEM MOOTS AND HER BUDDIES LOY CHfVROLET COMPANY Phone 578 €tor <+ CUSSM Usee/Gtrts ARE THE BEST USED ^ CAR VALUES En/oy 1st CLASS motoring with one of our lit CLASS USED CARS We have a constant f I o w of carefully selected used cars corn ing from Eastern markets. If you are in need of a car that wiil last- shop our used car department this week! WASH JOB— Plus wnx nml polish to imihc (ho finish lust. REPACK WHEELS To prevent bearing wear, a cmixc or wlteel niisnih'mi- mcnl. CLEAN SPARK PLUGS Will vogjip if necessary. Diiiy niui worn plugs wiisle gas. COMPLETE MOTOR TUN E-UP Increases smoothness and saves gas i^iul oil. GREASE JOB Complete chnsis, transmission and differential lubrication. WRECKER SERV/CE LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPEN DAY and NITE

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