The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press XE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NFTWSPAPEft OK NOBTHBAST^PUANBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEBITIW VOL. XXVII—NO. 295 Blythevllle Courier, BlythevUle Herald, Blythevllle Dally Ne>ts, Mississippi Volley if a tier. ARKANSAS; I-RIDAY, FEBRUARY zi, um SINGLE COPIES FIVE -'CENTO.''' BILL IS U. S. Crop Loans Queen in Land of Cotton Half Will Go to Help Finance Agricultural Credit! Corporations. WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. (UP)— The senate today adopted without a record vote a resolution by Sen- ntor Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, asking Secretary of Agriculture H;-<le to inform the senate why loans for foot! and other purposes provided for In the 520,000,000 droutli relief compromise had not i been made available. 1 Hyde was in Cincinnati today but almost r.s 'the senate was passing the resolution (lie agricultural department announced that further loan arrangements bad been completed. The department said it would bo able to receive applications for loans next week. Under the plan announced today half of. the $20.000.003 is to be set aside for loans lo farmers who subscribed for stock, in agricultural and livestock credit corporations. Hyde originally had planned to use only S9.000.000 for rehabilita- j lion of agricultural credit corpora- lions but decided to set aside an additional $1.000.000 and include the livestock corporations. ' I Funds will be advanced to farm- i ers subscribing to capita! slock of the credit corporations. Goodwin Held on First Degree Charge Won By a 5'iiile Ml Bill Uxcva-Littlc River Otti- cers Deny Intention to Sell New Bonds. Six Months mmm Scarfac^Al ™ INOT, iNSTninmi CHICAGO, F7: (WJ- Sea, - f nee" Al Capone was "found tjuilly of conu-mpi of federal court today '. . by JiKiRC Jnines II. Wllkcrson and Mi<;<:K<;ir>l'>i fniinlv'c semenced to six mouths In Jnil. ._..,. "" Lounl > s . The judge made liis decision mi- . Will Co to PaV Road e.xix'ftedly as soon as final nriju- TV t ' r> l ' nienls were finished. He hod k>cn| UlSU'ia DOliaS. vlsemenl. . -The Iho Judge, eulpcd and Hushed when t!;e jail sentence was decreed He re- ' OSCEOLA. Ark.. Feb. 27.—Com-' nitfsioneis of this Luxora-LIUlcRiv- er Road Maintenance District No. 1 and proponents of Iho proposed House bill No. 4C7 recently intro- duccd by Representative E. E. Alexander In the Arkansas leglsla- iture. staled here this mailing that '. ""•'^l""" "^ IT ","'i i ; contrary lo Informalio,, circulated ^T CS W«^t°K 6«,l convicted in a local court. The only ether conviction \vas made in Philadelphia iti 1929 and that for car- to lake the case under ad- An additional tax of one cent is leader, lorcwnrucd dur-! |V!r BalK'n on Rasollne went into (rial by remarks o: Hie i '' f . fl ' ct totl!l y. boost Ing the price of wllllc lo 20 1-2 cents per of which 14 1-3 cents Is for fused to comment. '• tnc 8ns llll<1 slx cents ls slnlc ! The decision murks the first time ! here yesterday there is nothing In I the proposed bill about a flat o.sicsi- ment of $30 |>er acre or any other sum-on lands benefitted by propos- •cd Improvements and (hat such a I statement. Li without foundation. i They flato also that the bill ap- j plies not only to the Liixor.i-Llltls : River Road district but w every I road district in Mississippi county. Veimils New Laterals ; • Under the present road law .they point cut that no authority Is given a road district to make any 1m- I provemcnts whatever after, the i work originally contemplated is j completed, and that future dcvel- = opulent of the country and cbar- i ing of lands inevitably creates a ; necessity fcr additional lateral i roads. Proposed House Bill No. 467. • they state, remedies that defect.' When additional laterals (ire The lax Increase b'cranv? effective will) (he signing by Governor Parncll yrelcrdny of Act No. 0"J Umlrr the taw the revenue pro-! duc.?d by the cxlrn cent tux will be apportioned amc-ug the rounlics onj 5~? rying a plslol. • | 11 three-wny basis, a third to be | . . '. , ' 'i divided equally amoiiK the conn-1 JllBOS1avla s llo l )cs for IntcrnQllon- lies, a third to be divided accord-1". 1 In; (n population, and Ihe leniuln- ntj third according lo motor vehicle r,;plstratlon. Ulitrlcls Have First Claim The law provide* that the mon- honovs rest with -viva- clous Katnrlna Urban. • Her Hash- In? smile hel|M?d a committee 0 fellow countrymen to decide lha she was fairest In all the land. Now she will go to Chile lo match oy is to be used to puy 75 per cent' llcr crmrms against priza beauties KENNTTTT, ' Feb. 27.— First ;,,•• ,j ,, • ., .,... . Like an old-time southern belle In her old-fashioned town. ' drgree murder charges have been filed against Bill Goodwin of Cardwell who is held in the county- jail [gins on March 2 here charged with the murder of! ' the expense of such laterals' Is tak-' ;eu care of by a reassessment 'of : beneljts. such reassessment b;ln;' : made, however! ^nly_agni,«5t,.. x t i .lj s, . \ lauds 'be'nefitfed... ". " "' • " "~ •' Miss' T ne bill, ll:cy slate, carries the , Elaine Patteson of Memphis, Tenn'., wears this costume as queen ol customary provision giving (he com- the first Memphis Cotton Carnival, a three-day celebration that be- ' mlssloncrs the right to make a Mlss Pattcsoni W h 0 ithedeb u tante-dau»hteroi * «** 3 inc* ui John Hardy, also of Cp.rdwell, who v.-as fatally shot by the (accused man Monday. Charges v.-ere filed by Prosecut-1 in? Attorney Elbert Ford upon the | information furnished by Mike ] Murray who was an eye witness lo the- killing." It is probable that Goodwin wilt be tried at the April tarn of circuit court. In the mean- \ iiitfi he is being Held in custody . here without bond. : According to the statements ol! f • . TV • 1 1 Murray. Goodwin entered the house I Committee Divided which was occupied jointly by the Uvo men and opened fire on Hardy warning or app- ive. No enmity was known to exist j between the two men who had re- i The garment Is made entirely of cotton. reassesmcnt of benefits once a year. This provision, it is under- | of Interest htnl principal on read Improvement district bonds sold since 1927: and for expenditure by to-market roads. So far as Mississippi county is concerned It seems evident lhat n large part, or ]io:>sl- bly all of the money will so to rc- f Hove road districts in MEMPHIS, Feb. 27. (UP)—Physl- the south end of the county of Mrs. Ethel Wilson Fails to Rally Following Blood . Transfusion. caUy and mentally exhausted by drouth relief work Mrs. Eihcl If. WJtson, executive secretary of the Bljftlievllle, Ark.. Red .Cross, was reported. iln a serious condition at h£.Baptist .hospital hers today- Mrs. Wilson was stricken 'Satur- Ihclr present ins: burden. This county's share oJ the cxra gasoline tax has been estimated at $35,000 for tills year, with an ticiptted. additional turn-back nn- der'.of-about S50.000 from stntp highway bond sales. Road ~Mrr dlltA c?f L. r~ MI i JCUJ. lllia iJlUVLIIUJI, 1U JS U11UC1- Mrs. Allle Strake Fatteson, Is also shown in a close-up in the inset.; s[oe d, is also to be found in the city improvement district" law, the drainage law. and all road laws except the road maintenance law of 1919. The proposed bill. It Is pointed oul, gives to a minority ot lanl' '• ov.r.ers in on improvement district . a power granted under no otiisr .road legislation—that, of the' right :to Tile a petition in circuit ccurt mandamus and compel trn _ .. : co:nn>iFstoners to make reassess- tstabilSll. mfnis when necessary. AjVll A . o I 'f r : Plan No Bond Sale JUlll At Usceola it harm-; ccmmissioncrs of the Luxora-L't- ers Sign UD to Grow Crop ;" c * iver d tf lcl = l - * v > ich ^iV 1 & < " jhas been alleged the new bill ha' _„„„,_., . .,-_.. ! been introduced to accommodate, OoCEOLA, Ark.-The growl,,? of, st(Uwl this morning this day afternoon ajul her condition | districts in the Osceola district ol grew gradually svoise. she was. the county have sold bonds to th* brought here late Wednesday. Al- j amount of Sl.311.000 since 1937 though given a blood transfusion | and have obligations maturing this last night Mrs. Wilson had not ml- j year of $75.000, nf which $73,000 Is from many countries. First World-Telegram / Money Available a't Once But Veterans Not' in Urgent Need: Asked to:Wait. WASHINGTON. Feb. 31. (UP)— The senntc today passed the vetr cran's loan bill over President Hoover's velo and the measure became a law. The 1)111 vetoed yesterday was Immediately passed for the second time in the house by an overwhelm- Ing.majority, and sent, lo the senate. The senate, however,-chose to ." hold It over until today when it became the first order of business. The vot: In the seriate was 76 to 17. The vote yesterday hi the house was 328 to. 79.. . . The vciprnn's bureau Is ready to proceed Immediately with distribution of loans to needy veterans, General nines, chief of the Veteran's bureau said this afternoon. "I cnn issue the first check'in five minutes," Hlncs declared. . Scaled instructions on handling the tons havo been sent'to regional offices throughout the country, he said. A. request that World War veterans not in actual need delay ap-.. plications for loans'under the new law for a few days until veterans In poorer clrairtisUnces can be cared for was Issued today by Colonel George Ijams, director of the U. S. veteran's bureau. .;, The blll provides that the veterans may borrow 50 instead of 2214 per cent, of the face value of. the compensation certiflcates Issued ui 1924 and maturing, In 1945. ' . •:•'•' It Is. Mt!nu\t*d that .holders ; of veterans adjusttd.. 'service certifl- n Ncw- lied early Uils morning. Blood for the transfusion given by C. C. Holder of Btytheyille,' a friend of "the Wilson family.' "She has been In a greatly weakened condition for a -month, but I Interest and only S2.COO Is prlnel- , plB. Road district bonds Issued ' since 1937 In the Chlcliusawba district amount to only about $30,000. Little Will Be Left Under the law road Improvement dl5trfcts simp wo Id not u « rk and , 1 take a rest.". Mrs Wilson's brothcv, cn °™ ty ?''" have ' lhe On Measure for Taxing Pow- mot-; er to Help Schools. R. R.-. Hogan sai Mrs. Wilson has been executive secretary of the Blylhevllle Red 050 • of the county's (urn back, leaving only about $£0,000 for other purposes If the maximum turn back of *B5.0M or $80.000 .Is ,-, .- - j * 11_ j ii i im" UHUK ui eo>J,Uk™ DL ^ou.inj if? >, »,° J 'f rS ' , I? dr ° Uth received, which is regarded .^. e L M " Vti "J n " c ^ d ., heI ;^ k doubtful. In future years, ^^ n ^ trc "f' , ft ^ slle k °P l stcaclll >'! principal of the Osceola district at It "until stricken. LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 27. (UP)— I district NF.W YORK, Feb. 27. (UP)—The Neiv,.York World, a nationally known institution, passed'out of existence today and In its place was born the World-Telegram, an afternoon newspaper dedicated to th". perpetuation of the independsn' Ideals of two of America's grcates' liberal Journalists, E. W.- Scrlpp* and Joseph Pulllzer, Sr. Tills consolidation was accomplished in the early hours to-lav shortly after Surrogate Judge James A. Fo!ey ruled favorably on a petition filed 'by the Pulitzer trustsc* 3- Agents Where DaddyHid Whiskey OLARKSDALE, Miss., Feb. . 27. ' (UP)—Precocious and'frk-hdly. S.D. Hardln - Jr., 3, literally talked his daddy's way Injo Jail. .Young Hnrdin was Interviewed by a group of prohibition - agents late yesterday after a search of his. parents' home had failed to dlscloss liquor. -t> - •"Sure, Daddy has lots of whisky," he kindly stated, adding that it- was hidden under the woodpile. ! bond ISSKOS matures, those districts ' no t only tha rloht "but the duty of S " b ' ta . nU .; Pi"l»'.er-s sons. Ralt.>,, Joseph nuci Herbert, to dispose of the financially unprofitable newspaper properties to conserve "the estate of tha lo alter the text of Pulitzer's will by The pile netted 13 gallons of felling the morning, evening and | whisky, so Hnrdin, a former night Simday holdings of the World. marshal, went to the Jail he once Folcy held in substance it was! P«slded over. _ nn _ .,. _„..,„. i The company proposed establish- : of that amount, they state, will be alS^b^f lo'liS g-«: ,"- ^ported ^hf O^ £S '* S . uf ll^K **« "«« ally larger amounts of the turn back. A bill by Representative E. E- Alexander, now pending In the legislature, would authorize new bond Issues by existing load districts, which would also be retired In part through the county turn-back British Unionists Bitter Over .Acceptance of| Strike Bill Amendment, j chairman of the local Red Cross re- I *' nl 6° lnto cftect Jlln = 2 - lief Fe ac polit weeks ago. Pritchnrd has refused ' tibllsh residence In Arkansas. T!i LONDON'. Feb. 27. (UP)—The resignation of Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's labor government was considered a possibility in some political quarters today alter a Lib- ej-allst amendment to the trades disputes bill had taken most of the | original flavor out of the measure. [ The bill, Intended to legalize general strikes. In Its amended form Police Find Bomb in Italian Envoy's Car PARIS, Feb. 37 (UP)—Police ti- dav seized n hlQh powered grenade which had been placed In the ntito- inobile of Ccunt Monzoni, the IU1- liln ambassador to France. for Mrs Mav Hvde d - r ^ n " »s '"iw "™s strike o- lur inrs. may nyaei va] eftect o[ j Pulitzer heirs. The price paid by the Scripps- Howard newspapers for the properties was said lo be $5,OW,000. The first edition of the Warld- Tclegram apeared today as a 44 page newspaper and included many features of the Evening World. Explosion Has Tho masthead of the new pap?r: ... _ _ ,. • !today carried both the former heads' Historic DOW bells ' of The Evening World and the N3W York Telegram. Included among the ' LONDON. <UP>—The historic ! Evening World features appcarin" | BOW Belts of Dick Whlttinjton in the combined newspaper were n i f nmc ar! , silent. „ ., ~ ~ .. •»*£* ol cartoons, a sport page car-; since suffering considerable shock Looter Man IS Landiaate'^ 0011 ' an ltlsl(ic ncws cartoon and:f ron i the Sllvertown explosion ot f c • . i ' the dramatic column of Bide Dud-; 1917, the stNp i e a nd balls of tha tor OUpenntendency Ol Icy, Evening World dramatic criiio. i Church of St. Mary-Ie-Bow, Cl-.eap- ~ ] . ! —; ( ! side, have gradually become more ! Steals Autographed Bills I dangerous. They are now in such Pemsicot County. COOTER. Mo.— Fred Copcland. r linr U • condition that ringing them |hss rro?n William flames been forbidden and an nppoal has Six Carolina Negroes Die in Electric Chair! 0 previous question ! adopted, thereby making school teacher of this vicinity, lia COLUMBIA, S. C.. Feb. 27 (UP) j -Six negroes were electrocuted hv j compulsory. 'groes were electroculed by; Thc other measure providing for the state <-f South Carolina here'" slx cent tax on gasoline went in- early todav lo atone for the mur- to effect today. Funds provided by c!cr of two men. j the one cent Increase In the ta- v ''Tell the young pcneratlon to will go to construct county roads c-ncy the law mid listen to what; and pay road district bonds. the white frlks tell them." the con-i demned n-^n said In a Joint slate- j • ment issued .before they were Stolen Car Discovered marched to the electric chair. • >Jlu ' en ^»r Wlbtovcreu F. Spiese L S Mitchell. S. i f.' ! North Sawbn cemetery. Fmieral u . llc , ; amona ,, lelll ,,-....,...^-„„, >..,.„ Hodges and XI. L. Sumncrs. J. w.: Pjans are in charge of the Cobb lsnd S3ld lt v , olatod [he enllretraae : his life has been spent Spann and E. A. Teafcr.1 of LUI- ! Undertaking company. ora were stso invlled to sit with ' Tr - e deceased is survived by. b;- ! disputes bill. t ne commltlc? Tv.'o Dapcini? Teachers Abandon Profession , , . Burned Near This City A Hudson coach, the property of Neal Gcscll. owner of a local whole- jsale and retail oil and gas coni- NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 27 (UP)—' psny, was found In a grove obsut Tw> dancing teachers argued as to. two miles from town today. Tne which was privileged to teach the :m achlne had been practically de- art in the Devllirol academy'stroycd by fire, police stttcd. The car was stolen from the Dix- Little Rock Girl Near Death from Monoxide LITTLE ROCK,. Feb. 27 (UP)— ! A young woman was in a local' hospital to.-iay seriously 111 from nsar asphyxiation from carbon monoxide ? . sides her husband, two sons, Ray- !mond and J. R. Hyde, and thre? . daughters, Helen, Hvelyn and Bonnie Sue. Trade unionists were particularly [ ___Mr/ C-poland enjoys a wide «-• l^n^W wJ^J™™ ff^.1^" ' T,p,r™p™~n™ n . (UP) _ _ IB dojs'anrt : Cor.ter vlciiiif/'wr^r lie coaiplet- n:itu re of Andrew Mo'.lc;;. v.-erc Dcg Warden George Kail hasn't led the grade and hirh school. F"l- '. mi=slnj, I done a thing for months. .11 y» , m» 5. I lowing his graduation • frctn hic.h A robber bound B°ul!ih Brown '' Hl> "' *" hls nnnual report, d?i!l KicpCitS InCit I school, he has taught In the out- Hatncs' housekeeper and le'surcj- - claret! tno J' eaT '' receipts frim 'il° of Brass Pine FittinZS lyn? scnol " ls of Ccoter ""-""dated ransacked the home. \V!.fii Halnes, ?. f 3^n don ^ dogs was on'y S21P. ui u.q^a .jjc i iuiiis» | dis t rlct| exccpt during considEu- returned the bills with which h« thc loweit fl3ure ln t!l3 ' l!slory ° r ! blc periods of time when he was decorated his den Efforts of' neighbors to call M!«s «"• 26 ' ! A nimbsr of brass pips nttings ] r .ursuins "hls'sludles furlher'Tn the "KoMns^^Abem'uf^ 3 ' r e Vows M?dp lverc Etolen from a storc roora at Caruthcrsvllle Junior College and., T -. VU , ,. r> r ll-e BlythevUle Cctton Oil mill, em- the Southeast Missouri State c ... ,, , n , , IhrOUghLlp Reading: ployes of the mill reported to police' Teachers Collcee at Cape Girar- fljt Islands Kaked i tliis morning. [ deau, Mo. During the year 1927- K, T "1 YUM A, Ariz (UP>—Wallace Pow-1 No {rRC - ° r the missing articles I the young pedagogue served about oy liopicai hls cfr ' c<; - olher 5 ' earE ' h3 S5!d ' brought in as hlgh'as $4'8. "We have felt the depression vcr.v .severely,- 11 hs told ths board of ap- i portionment and taxation. Diitle LM. 23. : or thieves have been found. Ha^el Byrd. 22, on the telephone Etlloictl for years In learninj the .... .. „ . u-er.3 unavailing and caused them art of Up-reading and it cam= !;i. ?/]][ UtOICatf: School to Investigate us they saw reflected ' lant 'y- the other day when they li?ht fr~m a stove in the house. A were married, physician was summoned -tncl the The couple watched the lips of lie flxr Judge Earl A. Freeman ani nodd:-l thieves has as yet been obtained. ! six months os substitute county i superintendent, during the illness SUUVA, Fiji Islands. Feb. 27.1 : of Mr. Jones. For six yoars Mr. !UP>—A tropical hurricane raked' Copeland has been principal of the, a deadly path acr-« the Fiji Is- at 40 and 8 TonipJlt Number Eight school In the Cooler: Itnds today, taking a heavy toll <v BIIU u iuiM 6 iii dl£Uict a Um and causing lmme ,,j c pro . WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy and unset•ain 'tonight and P«rty danuse. At Icnst 100 natives were Wiled' According to the official weatter i^erver, Charles Phillips the rnin- temperature here yesterday .. - , , , , it ^ " Cft ; ro01 " ^ school build- , „„ ,,„„, 1W Ilttu ,, 3 1>ere Klilea the matrlmon'^11 ing at Forty and Eight will bs ded-! It U the theory of scientists that j when an entire village was fnun- ; leafed tonight with a special pro- j the moon Is a piece of t::c earth • dai=d. Meager reports from Inter.- was ss degrees and. th' maximum, marriage certmony j gram to begin at 7:30 o'clock. I which flew off fifty or £.\ly niilllou i Icr points indicated many more 64 degrees, clear. On the ' same in which nelth.v Among tho speakers will be Miss • years ago, owing to the terrific; had lost their lives wl-.jn an al- dav a year aco the mlnmunvtctn- sald the customary "I! Willie A. Lawson, county superln-^peed at which the earth was then mcst s'lid wall of water was driven- perature was~39 dogrcas and the ' tendent, I rotating, across the islands- mtxlmnm, eo d^gfefs. clcudy. '

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