The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1949
Page 9
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' WEDNESPAY, AUGUST 17, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams LE6.Wn.L VV SENSED? AK1' XVUHAT A BCA1KJ •*XI STEP ^ *XI EXPECT TO *^ -- ^^ US * ^.VJE! ) SNfAK BY SUCH , ^ =„ ,™_ r [CLIENTS AS THAT? J IK) LOVE WITH 7~ • "\ HIM THAT 'SHE HIRED ME \ HE'S HIRED TU<3 SENSE P VOU GOMC, BY AND HE'S 3 TRYING TO .U TEAR THE •nV POOR DOWN' -^ ii_ i nr-.tiu' ivtcr i ne 3> m^tt-* TO snr WITH HIKA I TO ar WITH A COUPLE Of '-v THEM SO MIGHTS-HETHARS \ THEY KIW THINGS UP WHEN LEFTALOOE.' !^i.V,Ct--^e-#t__^ *-,S«at>os.' ^&? ..„ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE N INK TWAT OLD £|ffUb MWrf Be AfcJ ACOGfcJ IS ^% UOAROfiR, SOT UT'S Gft* ... HAL* GOPHSZ,' 1 HIM oie - AT OK> KI* - LfcAST KsV HE'SGOT A REBOCT CARD^-W* 1 S WOT IftMOftAWTOFj WAMtS (*i tUfrl fAOT SOPPOtfTlMS AlOV (JAMES, C& 8CKJC8WJ He's MOT THEGOA.T/ SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Ouaranteed » foa cau enj«y the wondcrfnJ conTenience and economy *f hiring soft water on your farm if you RC* 1 modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. S*. Hlfhwiy II Phone Z434 By MiUred CraM and Norwood White THE STOMVi A wr-Mllte Mr*. KvcrMtfB, h>« Hrri . fur »rvfral month* anri l¥m Ih* rndln will Inform ikd. nl ih« r»d of rli [«• IB nlijmic warfare. For the Finest Prescription Service DRUG STORE XZl Wett »Uln XXI D UDY and Victor were unloading the truck. Crates, barrels, metal cylinders, batteries, boxes were slacked in the sand. Mrs. Everson seemed to b« supervising the job. She sat on one of the crates, displaying her beautiful legs, and checked off the supplies on a typewritten list, When Victor eame into the kitchen at 5 o'clock, he seemed morose. Mrs. Everson, he said, had decided that all the stud must be re-loadetl in the morning and hauled out o( the river-bed into the forest. The big trailer would be shifted, too.'Mrs. Malone wondered why. Victor was very tired. "Strange weather," he said. **It makes my head ache, and 1 have a pain behind my eyes." "Maybe it's happened!" Mrs. Malone cried. Her heart seemed to catch, to stumble, to turn over. "No," Victor said. "I thought of that. The radio is just as usual Bob Hop* is on. The audience is Jaughing and whistling." Dinner was ready to servt 7 o'clock, but Mrs. Everson was 10 minutes late. When she appeared she was dressed as if for a stale banquet or an opening night at the opera. She wore a dress made of pale gold lace, cut very low lo display her smooth, strong shoulders. Her hair had been brushed and burnished; she had twisted it inlo a sort of one-sided coronet, a barbaric ornament in itself. Around her throat, descending in three strands across the splendor of her breast was a necklace if square emeralds. Diamond and merald bracelets clasped both arms, so thai with every gesture ilie seemed to scatter sparks. Her eet were lightly shod in gilt sandals, the toes bare and enameled, .he heels tinted. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B\ ME&KILL BLOSSEB G»t Hot, Lads -OR A PHONY \ WHY WOT? OlOMV "Florence feels »o out of things—*ll her friends at camp ha»« had terrible experiences and she hasn't even been rescued from drowning!" VICTOR, returning with the service plates, reported Mrs. magnificence to Mrs. Iverson's Watone. "Try to see, if you canl There they sit, conversing, as if they were in Paris or New York. She :ias half a million, in jewels on her fingers!" He struck his forehead with the back of his hand. "Her perfume, Malone! It smells of ginger flowers and sandal wood and jasmine. All for what?" "Maybe Rudy—? Here, the soup . . .** Later Victor brought * .compliment: "She says the ragout is- excellent." "It's not a ragout," Mrs. Malone said sharply.. She felt dizzy and ill-tempered. . The heat out-of- doors had penetrated the trailer in spite of Ihe cooling system. "I cooked the rabbit Die way the French cook Belgian hare, with wine and spices. But stie wouldn't know the difference." MOMENT later she heard the A MOM ^* festive pop of a champagne cork. "They are Drinking toasis," Vic- tor reported. "To her. To our arrival. To the future. She is very excited about something. Her eyes are on fire. Her hand trembles." "Maybe lo morrow . . ." Mrs. Malone began. "Maybe tonight!" Victor said. At last the meal was over, the dishes washed and put away. Mrs. Everson and the Marchese sal with lilltc silver-lustre cups, sipped black coffee as thick as syrup and smoked; and Listened to Pin/a singing "Mattinala," to Trenet, to a magnificent recording o( "L* Sacre du Printemps." The cloying humidity made Mrs. Ma lane's uniform cling lo her body. She changed into a clean dress before going back to the small trailer for her own dinner. As she stepped outside, she felt the blackness of the night like an enfolding and smothering blanket. She stood for a moment in the absolute dark, listening. The music came faintly from inside the trailer, and once she heard Mrs. Everson'a laughter, deep-throated, cruel. It was strange, but as she stood | there Mrs. Maione could sense the great wall of mountains beyond the forest- It seemed to her that she could comprehend their svib- stance, their form, the processes of their evolution. The deep pressures at the core of the eartii, gathering to resist the blow that was about to fall. The unimaginable atoms, molecules, geological structures about lo be torn from their ancient order, Would the mountain rampart stand? Or would there be a finality for all things? A world of red-hot rock, without atmosphere, AYE: BUT BONNY I ve've DROwe Vel frerrER CHANTS HAVE STRATMSREV5 WOUtO YE MOT I WELL, C- -. DO YE KEN? J RATHER FAVOR, / JlVE TALfc / ^ A PI&ROO1? A- owc •**-**/ PRLSCILLA'S POP The Dividend BY AL VKKMKKR REMEMBER WHEN HE TVJO. HEIHRF HIS "TOY WAGON SJHROUGH THE GARAGE AETHER COUPLE OF YEARS HE'LL BE BIG ENOUGH TO VIC FLINT Close to Hock JSotlom BY MICHAEL O'MALLIOY and RALPH LANE dead (To Br Continued) FOR SALE Concrete eslTerU. 12 lacb to 4X inch, plain or reinforced Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber far barns chlckm houses, pomp houses, tenant houses, tool sheds- We deliver Call u» for free estimate . . . Phcmt 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THE GRAMS COMPANY Real F*tat i- - M.TI-. •<' Phone 521 Bl 1 FHEMl I Phone 3075 RENT A CAR |)T)TC Anywhere ro» Pleas* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed B«sl Cricea Kirby Drug Stores Wilt r'luwei> Say It . THE FLOWER SHOP Ulcnco* 0mldlni rtion* MSI M fUl IT S FUNNY, MR. FLINT, THAT RICH ASMR.BEECY IS, HE SHU HAS PBZIOOS WHEN HE SEEMS PEMN1IESS. WELL. I'VE NEVER BEEN A MIUIONAIBf, MISS 5LADE, BUT MAYBE EVEN 1HEY RUN SHOCT Of CASH ONCE IN A WHILE. WASH TURKS CALL IT AN INVESTMENT. IF THIS SCHEME DOESN'T GET SOME OF MY G-N01ES CHANGED INTO SPENDING MONEY, I'M GOING TO BE FLAT BROKE; No I ihe Night Answer We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug PHONE 4ttl In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Bfytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service 'RESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years ol experience ns- sure you thai, when you present a prescription ordei to «j, it will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs. You can be sure at Rothrock't. ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE M Beautiful Floors k'our hit me ran be marf« M much more lovely with bea«- lifal floor*. ChHrlea Wood *f. fen you expert workmanship at truly reasonable prices , . in rr finishing jowr present flnors or in laying new h&rd- woorf, asphalt »r rubber tile, or inl.iiri Imolenm. Call 2^72. Fr«« Estimates Charles Wood ArkanM? I'aint Co. Phone 2272 TUDEBAKER* We Have The Truck For You MR. CARDENEB. MAV I NAVE LOVELY FLOW6R TO GIUE WISS GISSIMG'S COUSIW ? ID LOVE TO v. WITH HEfc! BY LESLIE TURNKR WeLU.THIS IS QUITE TOUCHIWGJ y WHV. WHAT AIA I SUPPOSED TO DO / KOTHIWS. MOW ?... GET fOU SOME CAWDV?/ WOT AHVTHING I JUST-.HIE BUGS BUNNY Under Advisement • HI W-WEU.A WHAT'S YESt WHAT PCCISION? ABOUT H-HE WAS OUT/ NOW, NOW, GUVNORS/ I'M TH' UMPIRE...I'LL SETTLE THIS/ ALLEY OOP THIS TELECAST OF MAN'S FIBST TRIP TO THE MOOfJ \-5 BEING BKOUGHT TO BY AUNT SUE'S A Discovery BY V. T. HAMUN V/EICO. ISN'T IT, SEEING THE EARTH RISING OVEe THE I WONDER WHATS GOT BOOM AND OOP 5C> EXC1TEP? Choose Sludebaker. . .the (ruck noled for low cosl operation. \Ve have the size and wheellws* lo nil your need, so be sure to see them before jou buy. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Kr1«nd*y Railroad * Ash Dealer" T U DU A KIM L I HcKt... INC'w / WE HAVE / WHY. ^ BETTEW LOOK.' ITS VIEW.' J SOMETH:NS SILVERY.' HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES A Horrible Though I BY EDGAR MARTIN vrt etv n .woo'. 1 - VOO V\«

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