The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIERNEWS . TUESDAY, . NOVEMBER \,_ 1030 Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women * 0 RIDGE By WM. E. McKENNEY SecreUu-y American Brid«e :*; Society Calendar r Wcdnofey •The Delphian; are meeting at ' Hotel Noble at 9 o'clock. executive board of tne Junior High school Parent-Teacher &s- efestion will meet *t the church aj,3:30 o'clock. . ' ;*lrs Joe b_ Hilbaijh is having tft Wednesday Bridge clubi £ • Thursday 4irs.-Charles F.T Wood Is enler- tnnirig the-Thursdaj- Rook club. 3The' Jewish: Ladles Aid society vSu'ineeV ,ln Osceola at Ihe home of Mrs. L'. JC. Harwarg with the r&etlng'at th? home o! Mrs, Row)Md Wolfort at 1-.16 o'clock to go 3&e. H. A. Smith Is hostess to tte Mid-Week Bridge club.' 'The Young Matrons Bridge club i£ mwtirig • with; Mrs; Doyle Henderson, . ''• ' '',•-. '<Mrs. W. M. McKenzle is hostess UT the Thursday Luncheon club. w •'-.-'. ' Friday Ladies-Bible Sunday school i of the First Methodist church w$l meet at the borne of Mrs. L. M Bumette at 7 :So'o'clock. 'The American Legion Auxiliary lit meeting at-the. home ol Mrs. O*ot|e M.'L«e with lire. John W. Jify'ert' also as hostess. Cfcachcre-Staliins . -Mr.'and'Mrs. 0. 1, Cox are lo daV announcing trw marrlsge of t&ir • dsughter, Geneva Evlyn Sttllins, to Mr. Joseph W, Cliach- er*.''0l Klnder.-La., the wedding taken place at Oarulhers "Mo., Thursday, October 1C. I'M Rev. Marion, pastor of the Pttct Presbyterian church, said the rgg service at his home. •»The brilu was attractive ' in a nSjy blue tlate crepe cult made wjh an Eton'coat and an egg-shell Mouse. Embroidery, in the same lljht tones, trimmed the coat and bguse and her blue vjlvet hat- l&monlzed. !>her only attendant, her cousin, its. Fred Combs, o( Caruthcrsvllle, w"drc_" a black crepe Elirabeth frock fashioned with a skirt hi circular effect and an uneven hem line. -}ir. Chachere had for his best njpn : .Mr. Fred Combs. -Vrs. Chachere will remain hcr.3 uptU the Christmas' holidays when she will join the bridegroom at Kinder for a visit with his family cjia tney will then go to Houston, Toxasj where they are to live after January t. Connected with the Mfs»ouri Pacific railroad, they ex- pppt to spsnd most of Uwlr time in various cities of the" south. • ryh* brite;-»ho is well known hjre' where she -has resided, tor a number of years, lias recently been associated with/ the fci-bnomy Shop. $ '•• , y 1 './. : . Easiness' Clothes Make the Woman, Painter Finds - When holding massed strength ;--in the trump suit, It generally i pays .to . pick up the opponents' trump before attempting to set another suit, but there arc exception; to this rule, an example of which is given below. If the declarer In today's hand were to ,i^t«mpt to pick up the (rump before setting ils long .suit in dummy,' his op;x>- icnts could easily defeat his contract. NORTH WE3T S-7-5-32 H-9-2 D-A.Q.8 n-u-j- 10-8 • H-J-5-3 0—7-2 C— 7-6-5 SOUTII-- S-IO-C H-A-K-Q-B.4 EAST S—X-9 H-1Q-7- / 6 D--I-IO.-9-5.* -fr^9-4-3 At The Illddinjf' conlract, South, the dealer, opened with one heart as the .hand required one and one-halt tricks, it does not have enough color to put in an overcall bid. North bids one spade. You will notice this is one over one—one heart, one spade by partner, and when using t'nh system it requires partner to keep the bidding open. East passes. South goes to three hearts, showing more massed strength than the original bid. North takes the contract to four hearts. The Play When the opening leader's suit is headed by queen, jack, ten, the queen '-is led, declarer falsecards and wins with the ace. If the declarer were to make the mistake of picking up the trump, game could not" be made ' as the opposition would . get In with the king of spades and then run oft three diamond Vicks. The declarer's proper lead'is-'th'e ten of spades, Uklng the spade finesse immediately. East winir'wtth the king;-East leads the Jack of.i diamonds, declarer covers with, th.e king, West winning with the ace, and cashing his queen o! diamonds, but regardless of what his next lec.d is the declarer Is as- Is not powerful enough to make n; S ured of going game as he can dis- forctng two bid and he knows part- card hls losmg d | am0 !Kt and his ner will keep the bidding open with one and one-half tricks. \Vcst passed—although the hand has the losing club on the goal spades In dummy as the Jack of hearts be conserved as an entry. Bits of News Mostly Personal the city for two days. Drs.-. H, 6. Davis, L. H. Moore, ndpl. A. Taylor will go to Kin- n«tt'/-Wednesday evening for the monthly, meeting of the Southeast Missouri Northeast Arkansas Dental Study club. One and the same model, drc5.iei'ln different costumes, successfully as«uned the role flrit of-.j Madonna (left) and then Schtrczarde, poshif for these two well-known painting* .,by O. '-Boueron Chambers. ' By JULIA BLANS1IARD country that that costume ropro-!features can lie,a cjozeri characters NEW YOHK,—Saint or sinner? amis. Fancy dress .balls prove Madonna or siren? Eveiy woman niy point for me. Haven't you no- can become either—for the time ; ticcd how women love Vto change being—nccording to C. Bossenm ' their personalities at a masquer- the-wicked "Scherezarde", the Ini- Chambers, noted portrait painter ade? and America's best known authorl- ] Chniice to Be "Dllfereii? ty on religious paintings. "A woman who spends her dnj-5 "Every woman is a potenlitil ac- ' tending the babies and doing llio tress," he maintains. "She can be : housework iisunlly selects some a high lady, n street girl, n umdon- l cxcllc " lul slightly, wickud costume na or a witch by the mere adjust- ! Ior tho occasion nud has n perfect-- mcnt ol n slmwl, the ndclltlon of-n i'V wonderful lime, being whatever piece of veiling, or a jcwcf, ' the. costiimo' signifies. Th^,fe- Wcmen liisl'.ncllvely dramatize tliolr I ducllve, alluring woaian, 'on "the Mrs. C.^orgc Fllppln . and Mrs. W, M. McWIiorler and daughter, Mir.5 Virginia, of Paragould, were visitor:. In die city duririg the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. .E. B. Noble returned ye. tcrday from Ooshun, Ind,, ivlwrc they were guests of Jylr. No- b!c's sister. They are going to Jonesboro this afternoon for a brief slay before driving to Jackson, Miss., for a visit. Mr. and Mr;-. Pat Malone, of Chicago, spent yesterday here enroute to California where they will spend the winter. Mr. Malone Is a mem- . ccr of a Chicago baseball team. seron Chambers 'that every-.woman I- Mrs J. A. Grindell is a patient at as he 'has proved by using the sahu model for his two very diverse .pictures, "Madonna and Child", and [mortal wise woman who saved 'her ! neck -by keeping, her sultan" amused for 1001 nights with the Arabian Nights Tales. An American girl taught C. is an actress. He had in ' or -two very good succeeded i ll-.c ear.eye, nose and throat hos- . pictures of tills i who had ex-. for beginning the public speaking class -Monday night, the district meeting to be held here in January and the "pal" game were discussed ac the dinner meeting of the Business and Professional \Vo- nten's-club Monday evening at ihe CSfi hotel . • ' -Miss Ruth Stllwell.'is. chairman of th>, district which will Ime its nfeeting in Blytheville January W a£l : 18 when- clubs at Jonesboro, Fsragould, Osceola, Corning ana Pl|gott vill serai. ceiegates. '.Miss Luna B. Ymhclm will instruct the' members in a. public sfljiiing class.teglnning next week. Egf is teacher of this subject in to* city high school. «ach member has a "pal" in play- irj| the'secret game^until Christmas -when the names will bs re- vatled. Gifts we/e exchanged at tins time, j/ Jllss Sallie/M. Crow, nurse of the county heaifn unit, is a new member who was present. Local Legion. Auxiliary Plans Membership Drive. jhe membership campaign of the American Legion auxiliary was the feature project discussed at the ex- etStive board luncheon meeting Monday when Mrs. Edgar Borum chairman of the membership com mjtttec,:'Was hostess. ji '-Is" planned to have trie Urivi ir>»connectton with that staged b> thfc Legion this week. Mrs. Borum wffl speak over the radio Thursday and on Saturday Mrs. Howard Pfpctor, district president, will" make a short talk. •/Is,an incentive tor getting more mjmoe r s throughout the northeast Arkansas district Mrs. Proctor announced that she is offering a gavel to^the unit getting the most mem- bejs over their quota by December firet. surroundings and - become, nt will, the heroines of romances and tragedies that arc pure figments of the imagination." ' : Mr. Chambers cited tlio painting of an Oriental siren that hired one with her very "Iranqnlllty. Ling'uitl of eye, this Eastern beauty gazed with Oriental .immobility from UID canvas, while romance lucked In her full red lips, her half bared shoulders, •for folded, hands! •' '•' ' "I co-.ild '.lakei^ttriy nulct Jitlls homebody, give 'lief a liradcliess like that and a gilded robe- lo match, and she would unconsciously imbibe some of the spirit of the features, bill was ' seemlng- ouncr hniul, otlen becomes the lie- |ly the most unimaginative ol crea- murc Quaker girl, and the Independent modem girl .revels in becoming the hoop-skirted lady'.of yesterday." : Because of this chamellm quality • In women, C. Uosscroii Chambers luis never found It necessary to spend (lays hunting Just the right model. • One girl with-fine" voted to refurnih the classroom as a ladles lounging room, to care for a poor family at Thanksgiving, to send food lo the Vern Lloyd orphans home til Thanksgiving, to give to the church building fund note and to postpone other pro^ ects until next month. Reports of committees showed hat the attendance is increasing .nd that in the recent revival flv; who joined the church are alllll- ated with this group There were 23 present. \ew Members D.illolcd At tho meeting of the Royal Neighbors Monday evening nine •MAKE IT YOURSELF. Your apartment dwelling friends arc sure to welcome a Ytiletide gift, uf - [i window box in which bulbs have already been planted. tures. . . "One morning I decided to ualnt i madonna," he recalled the time. 'The model,, with her unejipressive eyes and languorous slouch, vas all wrong.. Fully efcpccluig failure, 1 handed her the virginal vestments to /wear, while 1 prepared by easel and ^brushes. When I looked -up, she was seated in the model's chair, with a positively ^oulful • place in her - - formerly- ^esjlve^ ' eyes. " ' ; /rh? 'change "startled me so ; I anKed' her If -'she was, by any chance,' of n religious turn of mind. She rcspar.;:- ed lu the negative, but said she hart~nl\vAys had a secret desire to wear clothes like those just to see how she felt." Men, according to this painter. have so much histrionic ability. Dress Ihe ordinary man hi n mediaeval knight's costume and he feels like n Even a professional, actor when (losing for n picture is apt to overdo the business' of acting the part/ Clqthesl according to him, do 'not make the man, but, they certainly do m:\kc over the woman. Man's Pillow and His Stomach Held Liquor GARY, Ind. (UP)—John Sze- schak, his head pillowed on a water bottle, was found unconscious in a street. The water bottle contained Mquo and so did Sze&ehak, police charged pi;nl of Memphis. Mrs. B. E. Dunnell, Mrs. J. F. Gerald, MUscs Doris 1 Lloyd, Imo- g?ne Walker and Lucretia Bunnell, f< I'nrngould, visited friends here • Jnke Wagner, of Memphis, is attending to business here today. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Fatten, of Memphis,'wore guests ol Mrs. E. O. Patloa and. family'for the week- O. Scrogglns, of Little Rock, is.a business vititor In the city. E. 'C.' Ptttlori' siwnt Sunday in] Memphis. •-:-•. ' - - • • i • -Joe D. Halbach, who has-been ill, I Is better tcday. Mrs- Louis H. Greene, Miss Halli.3 Wilcoxson and Miss Bernice Saph- lan, ol Caruthersville, spent yesterday in Memphis. .- Miss Allhca Edwards spent the weekend In Wilson as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Via. Thomas Carson Eskridgs has returned to T. M. I., Tupelo, Miss., j after spending the weekend ad; home. While here "he entertained j flapt. Stacy and other members of | Ihe T. M. 1. band who 'were also in EAST RADFORt). Va. (UP) — Jack "Hi Jack" Redman, who se out from Lyriwood, N. J. to walk t I.os 'Angeles on stilts, is 522 rlche as ^hf'result of being struck by an automobile near East Radford. His stjltsJwere Knocked from under him causing him to suffer minor bruis es.'The woman.driver was arreste and fined $15, of which $22 wen to Redman who then resumed hi journey. FOR SAL! Store Fixture JUST ARRIVED from New York Biggest and Newest -L i n e of Costume jewelry, Be ad s, Purses, etc., in town. Also Hats, Gloves, Berets, Rumble Scat Tarns. Mrs. I. E. Parkhurst located at ParlOnirst & Maivh 105 E. Main. new members were balloted. Hans! not ""wider were also formulated for attending tte meeting' in Piggott November 20 when this group will give a dem- cnstratton in drill work. I You can buy n plain wooden box than six inches and about n foot and a half long. you can mnke such a bos easily, if j yon happen to be nt all handy with tools. Get a galvanized tin lo set It in, so that when you water yon- bulbs the window sill won't get wet. Paint the box ar.d the flii ! ;thc color of the woorwork in the prospective recipient's homo. ; Or.' if you prefer paint . the box a guy Circles Meet Circles of the First Baptist church woman's missionary society met Monday attorncon. "in the first group there were six members present at the church. Mrs. Pletis i Secoy read from the n chapter cl • lonc , lhc yellow that the dnIVs will John and offered prayer for the do-1 be, or Chinese red. something that, votional. The book of Acts was! , v ill go with' the woodwork well, studied with Miss Cordelia Wilhitei if you do use a. tone for the window bos, stencil or paint baby's COLDS checked without dosing" as leader. Mrrs. Alvin Huffman nn<! T. H. Hayius were hostesses to cir- kind. Mrs onto it n decorative mt-tif of sonic clc 2 at the Ilayp.cs home wlu-n I good, nine members attended. Mrs. This year silhouettes nre or a conventional Moral de- I complimentary membership was voted for Mrs. Ethel Wilson. eJMcutive secretaiy of the local Red Cr§6S, in appreciation for her services. x for Ihe luncheon the table at ' Borum'5 Drug store had a low bowl of^Iall flowers for .the centerpiece and a delicious menu was served in tw» courses. • • 4 Vttfts Entertained atiS. S. Class ^teetlnff. , Mrs. J. V. Rogers and Mrs. Hubert Potter, recent brides, who are mtnibers of the Beta Chi Sunday scH6ol class of the First Prcsby tertan church, were guests of honor atTa social meeting Monday cv:- ning when Mrs. C. R. Babcock and Wife Era Wright were hostesses at th^jBibcock home. Mrs. Rogers was ne*;Miss Mildred Anderson and bs- fo*e h«r mairlagc Mrs. Potter was •'"• LuclLe Tnomas. receiver gifts from the ctei leliclous refreshments wtre '•'' business• session• • it was L. Reetier offered pr;i\er and Mrs | __-—_—. Haync 1 ; conducted the business be- I '— ore games anil contests were on-' oyed. A plate lunch was served. Iri circle 3 Mrs. R. G. Cjsh-en- ertaineci eight ir.7mber5 and 'one new member. Before Mrs F. A. iahan gave the Bible study Mrs. 3. L. Nabcrs offered prayer and .Irs. T. E. King c!o:?:l ihc'meeting vilh prayer The nrxt meeting ! will bo with Mrs. Sam Hall. i Seven members. Included a ner,- [ me, met in circh 4 M the church ;-hen Mrs. Alfred S. Hanvr-11 rend sign is always good, OVER-U MILLION JARS USED YEACIY from 2 Phillip'.an for the devotional and later e?.ve ihe Bible study. : Mrs. R. E Fender o!f:ved prayer I and the- chairman, Mrs. Herman Walpole, conducted the business. < The nine members and l\vo visit- ! crs in the Young Ma;ro:u circl? : iriit at the church with Mrs. u. W. : Mullins as leader cf the dcvotoial ' and Mrs Marion William in charge of lhc Bible lesson. Mrs. K. U. Marr closed the program with prayers. * • • Kxccullvc Hoard nans otutly A-, Ihe tl:; tr.cctin; of the woman's auxiliary cxccu'.ivc board of the Firs', Presbyterian rtuvch M:.:\day afternoon, at Ihe church, plans were made for the Heine Mission study on Friday c! r^xt week. The bock "Near Nclghbois" Mill b; studied In an-- all day meeting, Yes, ( Wnni Another Those Bolightftil Scalp'Treatments So EP.V ir.any of ou: 1 pa'.ions who hnvc had on*". • • for ?- rcaln trer'.ment given by us leaves the icalp tingling vibrant, wholly and pleasantly alive. THE KI.OIS HKAl.TY SHOP. Is equipped lo serve its;cliriHclc In (he most modern way . . . me opornlors are thoroughly skilled. Ask About Our New .Junior Permanent Wave Special Permanent §5.95 Genuine Eugene Permanent' Wave S10 We use genuine KUGKXK SUPPLIES— Xo substitutes Finger Waves —--- 50c Manicures 75c Elois Beauty Shop Phone 50a On Uakony al Save from tlie mnny foot-ills that yon have ."enjoyed" since girlhood. Prnclicully nil fuot discomforts — whcllicr bunions, corns, ingrowing toe-nails, grown- mulcr t<M-s, overlapping toea, or wliat-nol—have been.caused from ill-filled- shoes. Very; lately-this ill-fit.ling stnrlcd in the old'ilays when a shoe was considered n shoe just like an egg is an egg. • i-'*' • '^ Shoes must be fitted conscientiously and a-retailer must have a wide spread of sizes and wul ibs in order to fit shoes conscientiously. In ihe old days he did not 1mve - them and some don't have them 1 now |? ... but we have . . . tVi&'tri ENNA1JETTIGK I SHOES lit' I/or Mother and Daughter • *4;j;Vviy« -which arc made iu Widths-AAAM to EEEJnad iu Size* l,lo 12 ?Mokfar ihtfuU name EXNA JETTTCK on soles nnd fining r^ Listen to AU.I.ODIJS evcry Sundny evening o\cr --'' WJ7 • Hud Associated \ Sin t ions I.islcn to ENNA IJETTICK SONGBIRD c\cry Tiicsdny cvcilillg over •ml-AssorintcJ Slatious PHONE 22O NEW YO STORE The following is a partial list of the fixtures in the New York Store They Must No reasonable offer will be refused Will give immediate possession of anything Selected i ••=•=/^ 4 Clothing Racks 3 Shoe Stretchers 1 6 Ft. Notion Case 1 Wrapping Machine 1 Pencil Sharpener 1 8 Ft. Floor Case 1 Lot Clothes Hangers 1 Lot Display Fixtures 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 Ft. Display Table Undersvood Typewriter JVleastiring Machine Electric Heater 4 Ft. Floor Case 5 Ft. Floor Case 4 Ft. Floor Case Cheek Protector 1 Sliding Ladder 8 Display Tables ' 12 Electric Light Fixtures 24 Ft. Cothing Cabinet, home made 2 Step-ladders 1 40 Ft. Clothing Rack .j Tables I Table, with drawers 2 Stools 1 National Cash Register (1032151)1 Mosler Safe Electric, 082 (2) RS-8-8F- 5 .Mirrors 2 5 Ft. Glass I)oor Hal Cases 2 (i Fl. Cases 1 Home-made Desk 1 Stove 1 Burroughs Adding Machine 2 Display Stands 2 Stools 2 Paper Cutters 1 Thread Stand 1 Office Chair ! Small Table 1 Chair 2 Shoe Stools 1 Shoe Mirror 7 Counters a 9x12 Hugs 216 Ft. Counter.* 2 Tablts 3 Chairs 5 Dress Radv$ 3 Ceiling Fans 1 Ribbon Case 1 Chair 14 Shoe Chairs 1 Riliuon Case 2 Bungalows For SaS Located at 601 and 605 Ctiickasawba Both are good houses and will be sold cheap. Going Out Business Sale Continues and assortments are still good -eome in and look around I

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