The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1934
Page 2
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MAt *o, 1984 am. oouim KIWI not aotu Social Calendar THURBDAY-a EVENTS Eastern Sur chapter having school ol Instruction; 9 a. in,, tol- iowtd by examination in afternoon, a play at 7 p. m. and special iourucUont at 8 p. m. Commencements exercises ai drj ludltoriua. Tttbro missionary society meel- !n» With Mrs. E. B. Lloyd. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Women's Democratic meeiing, Hotel Noble, 10 a. m. Etowood Cemetery association meeting with Mrs. Leslie Moore, >:» p. m. Ladles Bible class of First Methodist church meeting with Mrs. W A. Stlrbnon, 7:30 p. m. It's Trim, Tidy And Tropical State .oaken to Mftt febool Hen. The annual Eastern Btar school ' «f . Instruction, to be held here . Thursday, .will be ' attended by these state officers: Dr. L. E. Tucker of Monetle, grand worthy patron; Mrs. Charles Alford or Blythevllle, Grand Martha; Dr. Ira Ellis of Monette, Grand Sentinel; Mrs. Caroline Sjxmenbarger of Arkansas CHy, Grand Lecturer, and Mrs. E. R. Began of Luxora, Deputy Grand LIcturer of (he 15th district, Mrs. Sponenbargcr will conduct the school at 9 o'clock in the morning. Examinations will be given, to 'the afternoon and at 7 pro., an. addena will be given, showing the work the order has done for the Mascnlc home, the tuberculosis home and the educational loan and endowment fund for girls. At 8 o'clock the degree work will be exemplified by a team -from the entire district. Mrs." Sponenbarger will be assisted by Mrs. Settle Jean Sparks of Duvall's Bluff, past grand ma- the proficiency board, tron of the order and member of Chapters at Osceola, Joncsboro, Lepantb, Monette, Wilson and Blytheville are included in this district.. • ... * • • Metkodbt Women Meet. The Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church met at the church Monday afternoon for a temperance program. Mrs. B. A. Lynch gave the de- Bits, oj Mostly Personal Danish Actress Wild Over U.S.' The Rev. and Mrs. B. F. Walace and • daughiei, Miss Margueite, of Shreveport, La., are guests f Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Wallace ut lieir home on Ihe Promised Land oail. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harp and ons, Rouse and John, will leave Saturday night for Chicago lo -.sit ihelr daughter mid sister for I evera) weeks and lo attend the air. C. E. Wyllo, ol Cleveland, Miss., ins arrived for a visit with his son, Charles L. Wylle, and Mrs. Vylie. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Ward and son, Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs George toss and children and Mrs. Cross' mother. Mrs. J. M. Vivian, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen and daughter, went to Hardy. Ark., esterday where they will spend he summer at Camp Rio Vista. Mr. and Mrs, Cross operate the central dining room and Mr. Alen win be in charge of the office. . I Mr. and Mrse. Lee Duncan and' Miss Marie Collier spent Friday 1 n Memphis. Drs. Carl and Edrm Nles spent Sunday In Jonesboro. Mrs. F. W. Bauer Is In the city visiting Mrs. Lee Duncan and other friends. She formerly lived here 'n her parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rhea. made their home In Blytheville. Mrs. Emma Burney has returned home from a visit In Mansfield. Mo., where she spent ten days. Mrs. Henderson C. Hall is recovering from a sprained ankle injured when she stepped into an open water meter a month ago. Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Blankenship, of Cleveland. MIES., have arrived here to make their home and have It'sUptotheWomen BY MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Divorce the Solution The woman's ivliilU»islil|> with bring their children «|> without) her vlillilrcn and lier husband, niny a consciousness of disagreement i be undergoing ti change because j or of ultterwss. tlicn II Is tin women nre currying on oulslde work mid assuming positions with cioubledly better for dlvorcp not lo bo considered, but this requires Perfect for town or country is *r K 11 . * incut iur tuwii or cuuntry is *v US J ey , ravlew ' tnis fia»«uig tropical mil with "vrmnCT DniLnlA TTmvJ ... .. ° _ ^ straight slim skirt and a hip- length jacket that has'huge patch pockets. It is made of white rayon and silk and can be worn with printed blouses In the new vivid ed. an article. "Young People Used Never to Di>k," Mrs. J. E. Critz reported, an addre« by a w. C. X._ U. speaker at recent conference, Mrs. C. E. Crigger spoke on "A Cltiah's- Responsibility to Prohibition," Vera Elizabeth Good- . rich gave a reading, Mrs. p. E.! Cooley reported the district meet- shades. at Bono last week, and Mrs. M-'E.- CTfKii said a prayer in clos- •ing.' . : The group voted to-endorse the scrip'plan in this' city. ' 7 , Included .in the 25 present was one guest, Mrs. .Marvin Robinson. Boat Dance Given At CuitkwrsTille. .More than a thousand guests attended th "President' le. dance on .the boat the Missouri state line. Members ore to meet at the church' at 7 p.m. Club Has Goexl. - Mrs. Rodney L. Banister was the only guest at the. Tuesday Contract., club party this week when . Mrs. Hunter C.. Sims was hostess. A vase went to Mrs. Floyd White for high score.. Baby Christeva. at Carufhersville last] The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. • r —r--. . —- — —«M.««*.»ijTiikcr J.IIC IJUtlUL 3UJ1 ul JVUT. UI1U ivlrS. evening following a similar aftalr | Jack Applebaum was christened at Osceola Monday evening. [yesterday at the St. Joseph hos- Included in those from this cityjpital, Memphis. Tlie baby i were: Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lenti, named Jack Applebaum jr. Drs: Carl and Edna Nies, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenwell, W. M Scruggs with his guests, Mr. and Mrs. .Jim McKnight of Memphis, Mr. Applebaum, Louts Applebaum, Joe Isaacs, Tke Miller, Aaron Rosenthal and Walter Rosentha! went down for the ceremony. wll ' and baby CJ. Wann; Mr. and Mrs. Pat Har-1 return home gett,. Mrs. Fannie Alexander, S T I Hardin.jr., Harrell Davis, Miss IjOaLw Bourland, Mr. and Mrs F H. Acton. M. F. Brownlee jr., Miss Maxine. Crook, Jimmle Williams Bill Crihfield. Louis Applebaum, IVfo. Allan Walton, H. C. Knap- nehberger. Miss Franc ise Rosen- thai, Oscar Hardaway, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin, Miss Dorothea Rogers. E. B. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie B. David, Miss Mary McHahey, Jeff Roland, Mr. and Mrs Lee Medlin. Miss Edna May Phillips, Guy Briley, Preston Alley. Bokten Featnerston, J. Morris Moon, Jimmie Edwards Miss Betty McCutchen, Helen Laden, Jess taken an apartment with Mrs Henderson C. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gladish and four daughters, and Mrs. Gladish's mother, Mrs. L. C. Potts, of Lawrenceburg. Tenn., left yesterday for a brief stay in Memphis; before returning home after vis- ting Mrs. Potts' daughter, Mrs. M. Burnette, and family. E. M. Holt has recovered from on appendicitis operation performed at the Blytheville hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilson and children have moved to Hot Springs where' Mr. Wilson will be employed in a store. Miss Virginia Belle Eastwood, ol CanUhersvilJe, spent Monday here as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Charles F. Wood. , Miss Patty Shane went to Jonesboro yesterday where she fe to at? tend summer school at Arkansas State college. Her parents, May- and Mrs. Cecil Shane, motored her there. Miss Willie A. iJiwson, of Little Rock, will arrive tomorrow to spend a few days here and to speak at the commencement exercises Thursday evening. Miss Dorothea Rogers has returned from Conway, Ark., where she attended State Teachers college. Mr. and Mrs. A. Mierrow are Amerlra lia.^ scored a great nil w'uli petlm Lillian Kills, Danish stage and .screen' .star. "I'm crazy about this country," nlie bubbled \vlien, as fliown here. Vlto arrived In Lot Angfle-s. She will work on iiltiurv.i under a year'* contract in Hollywood. Revolving Sign Advertises Texas Church FORT WORTH. Tex. IUP) —A unique revolving sign, propelled by two electric fans, now announces the location of the church of Dr J. i-Tank Norris, Fort Worth's Baptist minister. The sign is the only moving church sign In Port Worth, a departure from the staid coroner- stone nameplates, and is believed the only one In the stale. It is rectangular and is located atop of Dr. Morris' church. It re volves on a shaft. On each en<! of the sign, facing opposite direc tions, is an electric fan, providln ocomotive power. One side of the sign reads the men in the world of profes- exceptional people and conditions sloiul and public life In u way; end cannoL enslly be done, which Is of necessity changing lire It semis to me Hint llii' worst home relallonshlp. ; possible results mv obtnlncd when Just what It Is all going lo mean'a child Is lorn between two .sep- In the future none of us knows'i 1 rule hotms. If ilirre inusl lie a at yri, but that tho fninlly will divorce or .separation, then olio persist in some form or olher: ur (he oilier parent should be islvvn seems Inevitable because huninii JuiLsdlclion, but the parent noi needs and cravings seem to bo.hnvlng Iht* dilul iictually living answered best by this association.! with it. should, of course, Imve Even in Russia where such deter-, the right to see tin- child unit mined effort was mude lo change ucciisloimlly have lls cuminnion- thelr form of social life, to wl|ie I ship. out ilic family and establish pvo-i That two |>rnplc who c!o not lliui fesslonal homes V-hrra children eneh oilier 'cungfiilni should bj should be brought up nil together, obliged 10 live togcthfr Is not It hns proved n failure mid the common sense according lo tin.- unit of the family still persists. thought of some of (\\- moiicrn We do see today, however, a generation. There nre still ninny comrJletely changing attitude lo- peopli; U'sliU'K those of the Cath- divorce on the pint of the °" c '"I" 1 w ' ] o do nol agree vrtili ouiiger generallon. It Is no long-1 'I lls . '".ore pnrllculnrly perhaps r expected thai either men or no- | among Hit; older generation, bin en will sacrifice their lives to nn • ll ls wp| l for us nil al least to unhappy mistake. .acknowledge tliat such Ideas lire I iwrsonally tnuiK thai probably I lnor<! or ltss '" tlle alr »"<i <" I would be wiser if marriage wcre . , j*'™ , lll(! " 11 c «"sl"'-™'l«»- made far moie difficult. We nre | ""!>' ? CV 7 b( ' comc l>'>rtitiilmly pn- onsluntly agliating the mre-stlon ! vnlc »l u » l *»"<> cnunges an- of whether there fhould be unl- b " 1 "" 1 lo come alul side reads: "J. Frank Norris." I keep their home life gracious and I i«ul. Dots not burn.(«dv.) 'First Baptist Church." The othe MtlDV GEORGE SCARBO Y**II«I DOUWBCV cwa.yo j,;; vHo, ADD HAS ee£<J svcw'i*s ra KS.vO S>HC£* I pic peo- , of all ages should be tlilnk- and onn divorce lnws>-bul I think 11 . , „ , would be more to the point to dis-l"'. s ."" ll '^'^l''*! «' ""• on llw cuss Ihe question ,ol under «'hnt .",'? „,?," "*„,.,.!:. ,^...!" r !,!' condilions and restrictions people j.., should mnrry. Anyone thinXing I seriously nbout this (gitestlon from he poinl of view not only of the future. The ostrich is nevn lireacrved from destruction by burying Its head In the Mindl mnlurc individuals Involved bill | f u stc "'-'j « fr cry Iran wlielhe children will acknowledge the " '"""«' ™man elm I work, to fact that nothing can bo worse for;™ 1 " " U1 , ullc . luwllnl ; l ' vmw " Iu children than to grow up in n "V ,* r ", E n ' ., b , m '* homo where the atmosphere is one " » ttc . r ? f "« ""•'* """f "' of unhappy and constant bicker- " " la * l >' 1 """woven. I do no lng | think thai tecnusc women work divorce will uecome iiiuri; preval em bill becuuse of Ihe dllference In the conditions under which w There Is no Question bul that it Is belter for children lo Imve a father and a mother who will bring them up in a sympathetic, and unifying way, but If what, one ; BIlIC Star KIIIS parent wishes Ihe olher parenl' takes pleasure in destroying, there , is no question but that the result I will be chaos In Ihe mind of the child. If a mnn and woniun marry nnd have children nnd_flnd them- Iftolt fattttc „ , , "\ n *»»""» StuI1lornto<)t '""" rusli. teller, ringworm, jilmjilcs und oilier skin trmibles, you can flni! reives uncongenial, hut lire able to. nothing-as flnu AS Bhit Star Olul- lotlny r think divorces (ire lore apt lo come Just as I think •omen ure more n)>l lo hold Jobs, Copyright, 1933, 'by Anna Eleanor Hooscvelt; distributed by United FtMiture Syndicate, Inc.) lubert Biveru of Hayti Weds St. Louis Girl HAYTI, Mb.—The marriage ol uborl Blvens of this city to Miss Evelyne Vlnyard ol St. Louis took place at .the home of the.Rev. 'J. S, 'Compere, pastor of the Baptist church, Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. They were attended by Miss Rickxon of St. Louis and John Mux Sturm of this city. The bride wore while organdie, •ier corsage was lilies of the valley and orange blossoms. Mr, Blvens Is well known here and U now working .at the Ray store. They will make their home in this city following a short trip. Homer, Grimes. Mr. Mr. and and Mrs. Mrs. Robert J. G. tyirnes, Qumcy Oliver Alexander. l}Among those »ho went to the \Osceola dance were Miss Selma Hardln and Clarence Palmer. . * • Pinlte U GiVe Ketilal. Intermediate and beginner pupils of Miss Margaret Merrill will be presented in a piano recital this evening. 7:45 o'clock, at the high school auditorium. Those on the program are: Catherine Hudson, Roberta Florman, MtoVlln* Chitwood, Margaret Holland, Betty Phillips, Julia Wade Kochtltzky, Mary Reichel, Annabelle Deen, Marjorie Rimer, Sara Lou McCulchen, Georgianne Lit tit. Mildred Weathers, Nedra Berryman, Mary Adah Robinson, Juanita Grimes, Leora McLeod, Alta Fiay Simmons, Alice Saliba, Imogene Smith, Marian Totnpkins, Sue Barney and Betty Eberdt. * » • EnltrUlm CT»¥. Mrs. Murray Smart had the Voung Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon for the weekly bridge game. Mrs. W. C. Higglnson won lingerie for the high score T» E»tertUn Utoe MeaWn. Members of the Intermediate Usiue of the First Methodist church will be entertained thii nlhf with a piny it the home °f MUs Haxl Fisk at her home al 'turn home in ten days. Huje Mastodon's Tooth Found CONCORDIA, Kansas (UP)— A astodon tooth, weighing 12 ounds, has been discovered in fi ravel pit near here. Roy Dur- istoric days. Is active in archae- logical. research In this part ol le state. Durham said the tooth 'as perfectly preserved, showing ic horny grinding surface of the nolar. its enamel formation and huge nerve channel. NEWPORT, R. I. (UP) — Twc abes died here, victims of a riother so fond of cigarets as to ick a discarded bull from the treel. The weed, slill smoulder- ng, set fire to a starling's nest n the eaves of a dwelling. lememkw this Atari I CHILD'S LAXATIVE Above all. & child's laxative thould b* ufc; ind I be child should like to take il. Thai is why F«n-a-minl, the deliciovi tasting chewing gum laxative, widtly prescribed by physician^ Iras univerut *p. >ruv.iltiy mothers. Delirious F«n a-naiat is ufe for little digestive organ i. U it prompt, llioaiugli and coraplttc-ictJnf, because, hyHivu ing. thi.tUxativeisakmlr ami uniformly dislrilmUil Ihrougboul tht inlrxlinrs lo pvc "full" but gentle aod more Tittura! action. Fecn-a-naint contains no rio!]i«-M which might upvt ft delicate stom^rh, steal appetite or gd ilale. Children like K«c-a-itinL "Dflay 1 i^ dangerous— give ilifm Ftvn-a-rainl for comtlpaVioo. lie «nd lie at druggi<tj factory Amthoiiied FRIGID AIRE SERVICE Genuine Prlgldalre Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Reason>ble .Ch«rges D»y €7 -rbont- Nlfht 411 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 4*7 Mate St, Brjtitevine moving lo the Charles Allen liome lor the summer. 'resents Piano Pupils in Recital at Cooler COOTER, Mo— Mrs. Charles F. Wood, of Blytheville, presented her piano pupils In a recital at the chool auditorium Tuesday after- loon. Besides the 30 selections >layed there were dance speclal- les by Wanda and Francella McCann, of Cooler. A blue and gold color motif was used In decorating Ihe stage. GRAND Hollywood Premiere RitzTheatre Tuesday - Wednesday, June's - 6 CAN YOU Impersonate a Movie Star? Prizes will be awarded winners. Abo winners photos will b* sent to the studios in Hollywood for selection for screen tests. Hairdreasing and cosmetics by Nells Beauty Shop. Anyone can enter. Call at Ritz Theatre and ask for HARRY HEVENER Director of the Hollywood Premiere GALA OPENING .One of ,the South's Most Beautiful Rooms with a touch of .atmosphere reminding one of Old Spain. Devoted to Dining, Dancing and Gorgeous Entertainment. "El Patio" HOTEL NOBLE, JONESBORO, ARK. Wednesday, June 6th, 10 p. m. Dance lo the tunes of CLYDE MCCOY HIS ORCHESTRA Delicious 6 course Dinner 10 p.m. Girls! Girls! Girls! Floor Show of Twelve Acts direction GLADYS REEVES Kuffet Supper Served at 2 a.m. NOVELTIES AND FAVORS REAL NIGHT LIFE OF A METROPOLITAN NATURE RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR. A Whale of a Party for the small price of $5.00 per person. Reservations may be made at Hotel Noble in Blytheville or Jonesboro. Just remember. thatHhis is the greatest and most elaborate entertainment value ever offered to the people of this section of the country. ••(lool Ocpes aiid Sheer Summer Dresses For Every Occasion Kord Laces In Navy',' Brown anil Pastel'. Shades. Just Ihe thing -for, '.evening :w«ar -with i*hlte Lout. Beautiful styles. . . . .' '•.•' ' A .smart collection, of linen arid, crept,- suits and coal dresses. » $10.75 'values, re- fjucetl to . k • • , ", \ • " ,- - " ''' Organdie and crepe dresses for evening' wear. ',1.75 ami $8.15 values, reduced to A f mart collection' of Honey Comb sport dres- •_is In while and pasiel shades, one and two- . jilcce styles, beautifully tailored and button Irlmmed. $5.95 to »«.90 yaliics, specially priced $3.95 and |4.95 Ueanllful Styles in "Sport Town Frocks". White and brown and white and blue combinalions &nd other novelty color combinations, nl&o printed CeUr.'so Voilei . . . Drc.'S.s Ihai are different' $10.75 to 812.75 We receive weekly shipments of Millinery In .he latest styles in crepe, linen and felt hats, hand blocked styles. Price ran;e $1.98, 82.69 and 32.95 See Our l, ! ne of Accessories, Purses, <:ioves and Hosiery. Vitality Health Shoes Remember, we carry a complete line of she's In Vitality Health Shoes and other standard brands. These are rr>."*s lhal will Ml and take care of the test and wear. W." w ' AAAA to C. Select your shoes now for your vacation whlls our lines nre complete. Values at 84.00, S4.50, §5.00, 86.00 NEW ECONOMY SHOP Located in the Ingram Bk)g. Phone 954-W Blytheville, Ark.

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