The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1946
Page 4
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fAGBVOUft BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COU1UER NEWS »HF RI.YTHKVILLB OOUMCT ICKWI Tn OOUWBk MOW OO ' m w M»rm» runixtvr JAMES L. VERHOEPT, Editor THOMAS R, ATKINS. Adv«tUtn» tntt, Wtancr Ob., N«» fork. Bmr AfUrnooo tteqpt fuada* ofllc* it BUrthCTlU*, ArHn»l. ante Kt of Oott- , October », 1111. flecrtd bj ttw OnlM TXON By carrier to tl» ettj ol BIHMrUl* or anj •nburtau town vbo* cantor M-riM ta maintained, ate per week, or Me p* Booth. ' By mta wltbtD • rmdlua of M mUea, MM per .mi (200 ror •» month*, |1,00 tor three moothi; i> mill ouuidr H nllr moot. ItOJO per JMT jetahlr IB vlTenec Cou rt-Sa net i oned Whippings A circuit judge in' Fort Smith has been asked by a Little Rock father lo order his son whipped in public in lieu of serving a. sentence imposed following conviction on a criminal charge. The idea for this reversion to barbaric method stems from an incident in Little Rock last week when Circuit Judge Autcn sanctioned the applying of the lash in the cases of three defendants guilty of felonies and under the law subject to imprisonment for their wrong-doing. . ; '• •,' The laws of the .state, prescribe the punishment for violations and: .to substitute any other form .of punishment is usurping of legislative 'power by the judiciary — one of the , practiced 'which brought criticism in recent years of one of the nation's highest .executives. The whipping idea jh Littl6 Rock- was suggested by the cUIprits themselves. It is patent that it -was less severe as a form of punt&hmciit than a prisqn term would have been. Since when have crimina|s gained such standing it: court that they can proscribe their form of punishment? A judge who even -,so much as listens to such picas for clemency is - cheapening his court and weakening the courts of the land— ^li'nd weakening them at a time when 'every precaution ( should be taken to rotkih for the courts the respect which is so vital 'to the life of a democracy wherein the legislators FRIDAY, JUNK 7, 19-10 make (he laws, the proper officials execute the duties set up by the lawmakers, and the courts JUH! their altacln-s see to it that (he laws are enforced to the letter. No executive should possess the right to make laws, or directives which take the place of'law. NO semblance of justice would permit the lawmaker to trp those who sirn accused of violating his laws, and no judge should write, or uudcrialce to write laws to fit his whims. It is such stuff that leads to dictatorships. Views of Others 'Rocking Chair Money' The West Memphis News, liisl wrrk. culls editorial miration with nnme.s mid nddre.SKo.s to (lie "riM-fciiiK c-luitr money" situation as it al- fccl.s rdiirnrd .service men. Apparently, tile News lic'lieves the liberality or Ihe Government In allowing velmins to reniiiln Kile n year at $20 a week is leading; lo l( i :i id situation. Tlic newspaper Irll.s of ;i plantation home hohvri'n West Memphis and Kiincst city, where tlie plnnt.iliuii owner Is willhiu. lo fnnilsh some while man with a sound, fairly new house, a taidi'n spul ;:lul $200 a lllontll. Throe different war veterans have tentatively" accepted the job mid tlieu withdrawn from it. Two have elaimcd that they don't exactly feel they ;:i'e iiuallfied or able when It conies lo farm work. In (lie hlrtl Ihe. veteran's mother explained there wu.s lill| e likelihood of his litkiti B n job, even at $200 a month, when the Government paid $2(1 n week for nothing. The law was intended as a protection for war veterans, who intent not be able to lind work wllhln a year after their dlschurge. It was mil intended as n pension for idleness, ir It is being used as such, veterans' orgnnlzntlnns llii'inselves should took inlo Ihe inutler. —COMMERCIAL API'EAL. NOT 60 LONG /160 Our Changing World W ' I THOU6HT THERE WA4 A LAW / " Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 m RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY SO THEY SAY It i.s not nloiie Ihe children of our community who are delinquent. Tlu-y are merely victims of the kitul of homes Ihey luivc \p live in. Ilev. Slu-ltem Hale liishop of New York. * T * Unless Ihe peoples of the world are given a far greater measure of Information rcgnrding the objcclhcs sought by Iheir representatives . . . (he poSMljillly of F. real people's pence will be very remote indeed.—Sunnier Welles, former Undcr-sccrclary of state. ttetiercl- Duly Mn/m& Bv LUCY /^' "S HMirrvK cwwityi^,*!,™',<•„«**.; ' *-V~' *"-• ' J (('Kl^U^rV -KinibiittJ 1 K NEA stRv'MdC. CHAPTER I •' AI'PjjE polisherl" The jeering voice reached the girl in the hail of the Nurses Annex and she paused abruptly Aflho was Holden panning this time? She hnd not long to wait for another voice indignantly re r fuled the accusation in no uncertain terms. • / "She is not! Sally Maynard'is the sweetest, most accommodaUhg Cirl in Linlon and you sHpi|l4 knov/ it. She certainly has .done you plenty of favors." ': : 'V That was Margaret Ad*rns speaking and the girl outside fill an uprush of affection feA"'l>er pdvocafe. But just what did iTorma Holden have against her? She turned away but before she could pass out ot earshot she heard Norma say, angrily: "She's too smooth—too eager lo please for my money, Adams, and ;ust because a certain few of, you fall for that sweetness and light method she has of gelling what c'le wants is no reason why I should. She doesn't pull the wool over my eyes. I can see through her. 'Oh yes, Doctor! 1 'Certainly, Miss Sunderlin! 1 'I'm only too happy lo help where 1 can.' La- dc-da—blah-blah-blah. Phoocy!" The ' mimicry was much too good and Sally Maynard, checks burning, slipped down the hall to t, WASHINGTON COLUMN Revolution in Cooi Mining Hutween 1040 and 1S4:I, Ihe death rale from ap])endieitis dropped iicurly 40 per cent in the United StiUcs. She heard Norms say.'aiiKrlly: "She's too smooth—ton rarer lo please for my money. 'Oh yes. Doctor!' 'Certainly, Mis:, t ::<lcrlin!' La-de-da—blah-blaU-ulah. rhoocy!" entirely Riven them up. Sara Elizabeth M:iyi<»rd had been a ralher lonely child, set inns beyond her years and somcwh;it given to introspection. Khe h;i<l early developed a feeling of rc- sponsibility toward life— a disciplinc and integrity amazed and troubled h her own room, went in and closed the door. So that'i what sonic of her colleagues thought of her—an •'.-•Pi>ie polisher"—a term of de- . riston no girl with self-respect I girl would In due time could take lying down. But what' could she do? As far as Sally knew she had done nothing lo her sure S ] ,H' had i. .,- '. ~cn irbitrnry — it w,isn't her nature. She had hern willing and docile because those traits were a part of her make-up. It was her nature lo hi:c ppople arid to try lo get along with them. She supposed she had sm'tvcctod; but apparently she harl imi--if what Norma Holden saui was true. Of course she that, given her hear), hrr i-harmina earn that contempt—Ihat bitter scorn. Something must have happened. But what? 'She had intended asking Norina Holden and the olhcr girls who were off duty and still in the house to come to her room for ginger ale and some of .the fruit cookies Aunt Clem -iad orougut her that afternoon and socially However, Sally wns iiaUu'ully ; must never reveal to anyone what happy Ihough never boisterous she had heard. H had" not been and Miss Maynard fell ocrlaii How lute il was that fis seldom hcnrd anything about themselves. » ;unhnlr>,icc left Ihe court- | prrsunuiWv. and that's uhat In- tut . rind Sully went to Ihe win- f < o |j c y Niivy officers pot this nssiiiumnu ine to her senses, which inranl. come to her aunt's way of thinking. But Sally completed her Ihrtx- ISY VK'TKU KIISON NKA Washington ('orre.siwmlcnt WASHINGTON, June 1. INKA*--L ni.iy not, have reiiislcred yet, hut what. Secretdry of Ihe Interior JA. Krng hns clone in working OHL i new contract with John L. Lewi;; s to vjnve the wny for LI complete; social and economic revolution in he cord mines. H is by far UK; Ki'CiUest .stej> taken in this direction since the defeat of the anli-injnnc- :ion law and the elimination <*£ tnnecl gunrcls. Tills revolution Is .not t?oing lo conic overnight. Elimination of mine slums. Improving housing and .sanitation, will foe a lengthy process. Imposition of new safety standnrd.s In all mines cannot, he immediate. Nor will i he controversial royalty retirement and welfare fun<l administration begin lo show results next week or next month or next | yeiu 1 . II will take time to build the new hospitals, tnk e over tlie medical and hospital funds deducted from payrolls, and eliminate Ihe company doctors who used to testify for the operator in siiiUs brought by an injured workman for compensation. The fh'.st .steps to put this reform into effect hnve jilrcacly been announced by Secretary Kru^, wlu> "as Coal Administrator runs UK: mlncs foi 1 the government. They inehide the preparation of a national mine safety code by If. H, Sayms, Director of the Bureau OL" Mine. 1 ;, working with two representatives from the operators and two from the United Mine Workers. Another step is the naming of Unu 1 A<tm. Joel T. Hoone and Ctmim. Cliiirles T. nickenian lo study hospitals, medical treatment, Manila - tion and housing in the coal mining areas. THE GOVERNMENT'S INSPECTORS AUK ON THE JOI! Losing no lime. Dr. lloonc- n| the Nnval Medical Corps and C'onnn •do re IJk'keman of ihc Ci\ - i! Knui- necr Corps are making Ihr-ir IIVM inspectio nin \ Virginia this ucpk. Kvi-ntually, they win visu tno^t of the major coal minim; i arras. I The question man he raised as t r > ' what a couple of naval officers I know aboul coal ininini. 1 ;. Athnh ,il ! BtKine. who was While Hotis? phy- , ; sician to Tresidcnt Hoover snui has' sovcn rows of fruit salad rihlioh- , rnnninc; up nearly lo the hori/rn J of tiis shoulder, admits his onlv | qualification is that he \va.s borti in I the hard coal town of -St. shacks which .so many of them have inluibiU'tl for so long, whclher by choice or by necessity. This is the news that is fur more important than '.thriller .John C. Lewis beut the operators or vice versu in the recent strike and contract negotiations. THE BEAUTY CLINIC Margaret Decn Smith, Owner 'tnftam Blag. Phone 3274 TERMINIX TERMITE CONTROL Triple Guarantee 1. Guaranteed by Bruce Termini* Company. 2. Guaranteed by E. I,. Bruce Co. 3. Guaranteed by Sun Insurance Office. BRUCE TERMINX CO. Licensee of K. L. Bruce Company Hox 1270 . Memphis, Tcnn. WALLPAPER -I.Sc Wiishitble Now 32c Now 20c W<illpn])cr Now 22'/ z c E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or rnn'tel Reliable \ Vr u;knianship. ?HONE 2642 We C;il! for and Deliver Fred Callihan KIcTlrical Appliance Co. Anthnrlint Motorola Radl* K:ilr?i and Rfrvirr 10(i ^Srllllh l-'irst HI. Dial 474 and We'll Pick up Your • DRY CLEANING • LAUNDRY NU-WA LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS 218-20 No. Second IF IT'S difTicull years of tr ing d stcnci of reliving lo n life of and social conquests li;ul lisU'iu-ci to the plcnditigs of Dot-tor Kk'h- ards, Union's chief yard UMW tci watch its progress down tin- lull to the town below. U was ;t \vdcl nij;ht and lra\'Oling \\-ns •hazardous. She hoped Ihe poor >^ll fni- whom it had been senl remain at the hospital as a £enci;il j was nut sutler ing loo much. Slid- duty nurse. The hospital been badly hit by the he felt very tired. H hart hard day and tomorrow wh^mo^itGitea'crW/srijSK^ :lt scvcn s1 ^ T^ d , uc I M coJMdnH do ,t T.OW. Inslead she j P l ctc i MSn * ^s but ""''mcic = S'.oul " """ "^ found the boofc ..-he had started on Sunday and sat down to read. But her mina kept searching the past for an oxplanalion — a reason .!or Normal epithet, and she put the book down. V* * • TT hadn't been easy for Sally to •*• adjust herself to the rigid discipline required by the faculty of Union Memorial Hospital. But jhe had done S3 ;.,id now, a year jtter graduation, she had no re- Crtt*. Aunt Clem, had opposed her-becoming .. nurse and Sally had'ipcnt months convincing her th«*toursing wa:, what snc wanted and v.hat she intended followihg taim career. In the tM the food v Mir capitulated, though not 'at all this Mrs. Hobbcs— heard MIC was somelhing of n larlar and liad twice already demanded a skeleton of Us former rather .... prcssive body. U was only the,, „ ..„,.,.„. that Miss Maynard became re- Ivhange of nurses, conciled to the path Snllv h elected to follow. She migh't lia done as so many member avc A light broke. Tliat was it. HoldcM was being replaced and profession had' chosen" To do" f ^ ''i''"' 1 likc ."' Non iT 0 ha !l to n nit "' c " y nurse '" room 2 ' 19 ancl snr^ k^ . lou ^ "° p'-as being replaced by Sally. Why, M' f °, co ^ I'^ :i ">' had no idcn. Slic. shrugged L '. ' i with a thing like that and she rtirln'l intend lolling it bother her one hit. Well, it was now too late for a pnrly. She was glad she had lefl the ginger ale down»:« 4 tt' MI "j , " "" ""~ Blairs in Ihc refrigerator until the h^'t 3 ?, hCr ' Shc '•«">• il«l,ni,n,le. She buried the carton thouAt hut" - a E r al dcal of i nl cookit ' s in iiic hoi( °'" drawcr r™ m =.^ n n»° W i,™i. ?_ S! \!. J "'1? i of - hcr dresser and prepared for Tomorrow was another day Continued) CALL.Y MAYNARD had been a general favorite with Ihe faculty since her entrance. She had . until now, Mipposed that the had not) just where she had failed. To be] (T» Vjrcausc Artm. Ken MOITP! Is Coal Minc.s Adininistralor to Krn> \vho was a cotnmaiutor hinisrl Thrlr uppnintmrul mciins nl u\r new brains assigned lo Ihe pinhi.M ' \0\ich 1ms .stumpcxl con] "e\pnr,^"| ever since tlie days of tlie cavi-iii.u' i niicctor Sayro.s has '10 diiys in [ whirh to prc|iare the uew minr .'<,iti-- ty codr. His principal Job will l>r : J call in the state mining niilii.<riiiv.< | aiul soil them on »cccplln<; ;i t, il- ' cral code with higher .ttamlaids than (heir own laws rctiniir. Tin- slate laws will not be nulhfi«:. I;); will be supplemented. Tills will also apply to slad- i:m., on workmen's compensation aiui*--. cnpatioivi disease. ..; j llirsp VAWS Is i\o\v mfttU- CO-.U^MI'S-KV on all mlnc.s. even In slates A|U; observance is legally opllnnal. M.I IU of the low-slaudard. mni-glnai mil 1 ..'. that have been gelttng by for yrar.< unclc-r Iheso lax laws xvlll no\\ l:;i\t lo mond their ways. 'MINKRS' WOKKlN(i COND!- TIONS wn.ij UK iMrnovi;i> Over the Ions? Imul. workitm < , ;1 . dilions In mines nre golnR lo hi' Improved, ami eventually ihi- ivu> eis nnd Iheir families can b,'-ui, 1( , move otf llic slng-l>Hc shaiuies asui Refrigerator Service Or AM, KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE T'lirme 2S18 or 2042 INSURANCE n,, 2311 For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSP1TAIJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PtATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION F'RST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd (HAS. Bll li-iKK I COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE IN ONE AGENCY AT Lower Cost United Insurance Agency A. F. Dielrich, Manager Ulylhcvillc's Oivly Kxclusive Direct Writing Agency "T I.ending Companies 20!)", Wi-sl .Main St. I'honc f>in •••*••••••••«•••••»•••••••••••••«••«••.».. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. S:lles Studclmkcr Service WE IUIY AND SKM, GOOD KJSKI) CARS I-cx Chamljlin Hj]l Chamblin Phnnc 21!);-) Railroad & Ash Sla. HOT'S BODY SHOP Hwly and Fender Spciialist. Wrecks rcliuill. Guarunlced Work Iteasouable Prices, l-'rcc Usliinutes. •112 K. Main St. Day or Night Phone .'M5<i CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a <juick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5'/ 0 . I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office IW> So. Second ,,,,„„„ „„ or „., Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 22UO Late Engineer ' i3 VERTICAL' 1,8 I'iclurod lulu 1 Brawl 2 Title again .3 Deeds 4 Organ of . J smell !> Cubic (ab.) (i Preposition 7 Agitate H Credit (ab.) 9 Demolish 10 Above 11 Small *• niaininal 12 Conies in I-1 Celsius (ab.) 17 Sun god noted civil engineer j 13 Recite !•! Cowardly' 15 Insects If) Weary IK Chair If) Instance 20 Spoken 'i\ Gaelic ' 22 Kxisl '. 23 Com para live i sullix , 1 2-1 Ooy.c.s V ;2R Repnsls '.VI Sea eagle 33 Titan 35 Indian' nioup :38 Royal Navy . (ab.) . : ID Culling tool (40 Vipers •13 He built more than anyone in ! history :'17 Stringed instrument 49 South African I Dutch ;T)0 Image ,51 Irehincl •,52 Motor >54 His most fo- ; mbus work • was Dam ,'5(! Sows f "57 Snake —^. 23 Greek lctl%- • 2(i Writing tool ,27 Rested ._ '2il Kncounlercil 2!) Sday .'10 ninckbiixl .'i:t Rasjjs 3-1 Demented :i(i Fruitless 37Slii!lful 1_ 4 1 Boy servant 42 Slipped •KJ Expire - __, •!•! To (prefix) •15 Umuly / r > crov.'(l:; ^ 46 Blackthorn 47 Aid •IH Assistant v 53 Nova Scotia . (ah.) 05 Abraham'sl 1 home • m. \ Out Our Way BvJ R. Williams THIS OKIE'S A CENTER GAUGE-- "TlllS IS A BEVEL DOlM 1 NEAR. EVEC.YTHIWG MOW. A MACHIM'STS TOOL BOX Wit 1- •=OOM BE A BOX Of AKlTIOLlEi?: HERE'S A MITER. HEAP - - AMD THIS IS A KWURL1MG TOOL.' ••- Boardinq House with Maj. Hoople EGAD.tVJlGGfi.' OUR QOARKY IS APPROACHING FRO^A ACROSS TUE STREET — ftMO HE'S AS BOLD AS BRfKSS ' VOO THE PROGRAM VOILL 86 IF THE A^Ai-i COMES BURROW IM BEI-'INSD TM.G COUNTER, A\A3OR,AS)D t'LL HIDE BA.Cl<OFTl4EDOOR!-, L HOPE- HE DOES^ v TGRf\B FOR HIS HfNRDVOAVZE, BECAUSE \yiTH THIS SUM I COULD DRILL RIGHT THROLJGVA STOW

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