Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1969 · Page 55
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 55

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1969
Page 55
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MONDAY, MAY 19, 1961 I -l ( f i atience Triumph as m kmm Changes BBTMM WMtV ac'WS 1 w "Basically- John V w,- ' 5 ees aJ've wilh r t - minrl el ill TflttArtnfff tait to maintain tVi- d "I'm looking :o var Carlos said. mischief, his nine! still clattering with the excite- ' 7S mfnt of the three races he had run. .- . n? was scrunched on his haunches iiJ ihi!e the writers ringed him. stand- inj erect in an instinctive attempt -rjity. "Basically. John Carlos said. t- making money. Pow. John Carlos. Jtwt like the rest of i. Worried about a roci . r his brad, three squares a day, a job, a future for his bright eyed little daughter. John Cartas. 'lean shaven. Mild-mannered. Soft-spoken. Joshing with LV crowd. Talking softly with the writers. The very same John Carlos who nearly tore the whole cotton-picking O-lvmp c? span with those black gloves and those black socks and the elrnched fist on the victory stand and that grumbling tirarf afterwards. "I'm still in with the Black Movement," Carlos said while Bob Seagren was hurling himself into the gray sky and the Martin Luther Kirs Freedom Games spluttered to a close. "I'm Just gonna be more discreet than I was in the past. I'm coming on with a new image." Pow. Chalk up another for The Establishment. Mark up another in the victory column for the sweet dream of reason and patience. Maybe the most important victory of the awkward, exciting afternoon. .Carlos was very where, dominating the meet with his presence. A meet run like the Fourth of July fireworks display in SudlersviEe, long stretches of country bumbling interrupted by brilliant bursts of skill and color. Carlos ran the anchor leg on a San Jose 410-relay team that romped in 40.3. He got beat in the 100 meters by little Charlie Greene, off in a tangle, thrashing through the middle GO meters but never able to catch the slick little guy. And then he won the 200 meters. Around a turn in 20.3. Flowing around that turn like syrup on a stack of flapjacks, slick and smooth and oh so sweet. No Lonesome Flanker for Him Big and strong and swift. Isn't that what It takes to play pro football? Isn't that what John Carlos wants to do? None of that silly flanker back nonsense either, standing out there all by your lonesome. No sir. John Carlos wants to be a running back, lug that football through a crowd. "The price, man." he explained. "I've got to have the bucks. I'm not worrying about getting hurt I can take the hits, the hurts, for the dollar. I've seen too much of amateur football, guys getting cut uj for $85 a month. If I'm gonna-have to get sewed up, that's okay, so long as they pay me the good money. "Too many guys playing for chump change. They save up that chump change, but it still ain't enough. They get through and they're too crippled up. What they gonna do with that chump change, buy themselves a wheel chair? The bucks, man. Who wants to wind up selling The Times on Forty-Deuce Street?" Who indeed? Nobody wants to go through college and wind Now Carlos josaed back to- u.ntil ncrlcT "Ive corae Larry two weeks ago I wasn't consist ant ly toDavenpor fs, v .iX his audience, holding up ctoser .De unce I getting to run the 400. He knew firsts, was dancing around the rsRLOc finger, and the theers rolled 1 T " " it. anyhow.- infield, brandishing a strand of out of the stands. He m arouno. JAMES CAME BACK n. finish string. "I've seen a lot of . thin? in fence meet and then did not ar- lap yesterday. "My legs felt decisions given away to him, a lot of times when they didn't have photos, he said. "Now I've finally won, now maybe it s my turn. A minute later. Davenport, asked about his second place finish, glanced up sharply. "I won the race," he said. And the judges agreed. His 13-3 was only one-tenth of a second off the world record. Oh, yes. speaking of records. Earlier in the afternoon, some minutes after Dave Romansky had been routinely announced as the winner of the men s mile walk, meet officials made a startling discovery. Romansky's! time of 6:26.1 had, by 3.S sec- Seagren Bid, Top Walk Lost in Thirst for Speed Ceatinaed from pace 5S t HE WAS CLOSE on the first rive in Philadelphia until after.he hit it on nail's spike on the mates Ronnie Ray Smith and t3KO trim, but faded to get up 6 A.M. yesterday. trip down the track. Lee Evans. Ilia time vraa 20.3. the third time and thus the first t ant k.i tt,n. k..r.l MEANWHILE. COLE HAN. cvans following in 20.5. ' tui. wui to waii.sieen." be said. "But I told wno nas run second or third w Carlos jogged back to ward one down makes quite a case for speed.) The picnie-hke atmosphere chor the Villa nova mile relay In fact, so tuned to the zip of; surrounding the pole vault run- team to a surprisingly easy vic-the sprints was yesterday's way in the late afternoon was tory in 3:10.1. Hardge Davis crowd that most bad spilled out merely an extension of what was with a leadoff 47.7 and Lamotte of the stadium ar.d were on their an uncommonly relaxed track flyman with a 48.8 broke it up, way home when I'SCs Bob Sea- meet despite its major status, land James cruised in 46.5. gren nearly closed out the com-' Except for the sprints the fans! Wildcats Marty Liquori petition with a we ld record were Dot demonstrative ncr did and chris Masoo t to , one. flourish. the athletes seem overly keyed. !. tin& i th- 1 wA.mMr. With the remaining 300 fans No one even seemed to mind Liquori winning in 3:44.3. good forming a tunnel alonsj the run-jthat Evans, the Olympic 400-jime. Frank Murphy, though, way. Seagren slipped over the, meter champion, dropped out of was a casualty, losing in the pole vault bar at 17-7 on his. that competition, thus avoiding final strides to Herb Germaim third try. near his wcrld mark a confrontation with Vilianova's'of the New York AC, who slip-j of 17-8' j. The bar was then, Larry James, who elided to an!iui ihrmoti h ineirf. in raised to 18-feet and Seagren easy win in 45.9. Evans ran the 800 meters. went after the record in a set-three 4Ws and two 220s for San Murnv hA . , t.M. ting that was . crsl it looked Jose on the coast Saturday. win-L.M.U.lT ! J " ta als in his confer-; -edT Z 111 j wwvn J M 1 A . i - v v IS NATURAL LOOKING o IS PERMANENT ; - IS UNDETECTABLE Higfc Ouoiih, Hair h Actual INfTtHWOVtN Into tmiting Ihim Hait f TMf II SW AND THt ttST IN CtNTttt Clir..r !r. Casual ST; 1901 173? CHtSTNUT ST. IO 3-3834 IHIJ-ti.l:ll'l..iTnTTn dead." h said later, "i had to onds. erased an 86-year-old run harder to win than I American record. A fallow taouRht I would Saturday, and named F. P. Murray had done I dura t have my usual kick today." The hurdles provided the day's most interesting byplay. Immediately after Davenport and Coleman had ripped across the fin ish with Villanova's Erv Hall just behind. Davenport sank down on the infield where he had a nasty inch long gash in his left hand treated. He said the fastest previous walking by an American, back In 1883, before Henry Ford and friends. intervened. During a competition predi cated on the burning speed of the Carlos and Greenes, Dave Romansky's rocking triumph added a most curious twist Men's room, indeed. uR- tht ESTUARODEET up selling papers on 42nd St or any other street College ought to prepare a man for better things than that "If I can save one guy I'll be happy," Pappy Gault was saying yesterday. Gault is the gabby little boxing coach who is determined to save Bob Beamon and John Carlos and anyone else he can lure to his Seaman's Institute in Piney Point, Md. He wishes people would quit talking about what Carlos did on the victory stand at the Olympics and look at him now, cleanshaven, mild-mannered, soft-spoken. fm tm T -in- 2ti "We're Americans, aren't we?" , . uTY' f Gault asked. "If a guy did wrong, are I '"j' F J you gonna keen him down all the ttme? f " : '-J!" s " ' 7 I don't hold anv erudses. This world isn't built on hatred and violence." Isn't that what the Freedom Games were all about? More than just the first of 18 track meets for Sunday television. This one was to benefit the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. That's why so many athletes competed on Saturday and then flew clear across the country to be there. And that's why Rev. Ralph Abernathy was there too, speaking softly about getting closer to the day when freedom, justice and equality can be enjoyed by all . . . black and white, brown and yellow. Not that it wasn't a lovely track meet, all by itself. All those sky-cracking bursts of fireworks, like the 100 meters. "I wasn't crazy about the start" Carlos said. "The guy said take-your-marks ther W. I figured, they ain't gonna shoo. .1 again, so I'H see if I can catch Charlie. "AU the time I was running in a low, stumbling motion. You make one mistake against a guy like Charlie, you're not gonna catch him. He's little, but he's strong, and that's the main sprinting." And the powerful 200 meters? "I wasn't even gonna run the 200," Carlos said. "I didn't feel too tough. I had hay fever yesterday. I felt kind of sluggish after the 100. But I figured, these people came here and they want to see me, the least I can do is run." He ran, and while be was still puffing, he was interviewed by Ralph Boston. Boston started the afternoon as a broad jumper and finished as a professional broadcaster, which had to make an impression on Carlos. It didnt keep him from telling Boston and the world that he was after a 19.6 in the 220 and an 8.8 or an 8.9 in the 100. And when he docs that, somebody in pro football Is going to draft him. "If I get drafted, I'll be honored," he said, and guys gulped at his diffidence. "If I don't get drafted, I'H go on living. Look, I'm sticking by my guns, my beliefs. Look at Dr. Martin Luther King. He was fighting for the same things we stood for on that awards stand. "I was thinking about Mack kids coming up. I've got a little girl. When she gets to be my age I don't want her to have to go through the same things I went through." That's the same kind of dream Martin Luther King had. He thought non-violence was the path to walk. Maybe Carlos thinks so too. Maybe not. It was something to think about in the months to come, along with those wonderful bursts of skill and color that made the afternoon something special. $ 0 6-v. if; ' v v As V -- V-' Freedom Games Summaries nnnniiHi DISTVS-t. Al Oartxr. New York ACi . Hick DrMchcr. Maryland! 3, Ken Diet. Penal 4. Erni Sowlck. Ana Arbor TCi S. Charlva Waahingtoa. Ptula. Pimm, 301 fl. MILK WALK I. ! RamaiMfcy. aa-attarhed: 2. Graf Dtvbolrf. Shora AO X Bab KKrbaa. SarUuflrM I ollrlri 4. ItO-METER HIGH HlTRDI.RS-l. WU-lla Davrnport, Houatoa SUidrrat 1. Laoa Caleman. Southern California Stndera; i. br Hall. VllUaovai 4. Larry Chratham. Maryland Statat S Klrhard Wvavar. PMC. (:UJ. 200-METKK DASll-l. John Carton. .ian joaa biaia: 2. u Evan. San joaa Ron Danwl. N'rw Vora AC. :t.l!talai J. Tom m la Smllh. unallarhrdi l Amniraa rvrord. braaain I Ji by Honnta Kay .smllh. Saa Jum Stalal 3h mil num. notra Lfama. a:!.. iw utifcKS-i, t narlw Crrrnc. V. S. P. Clark la lMt . WOMKN S 440-VARD HKLAY 1. Taa- nrwra alaia (Martha Walton. Madlinc Reader, lna Davia. Una Morrt)i 2. IfAioma . anmvai j. aiayer ifawy Vouth Foundation: 4. Sparta Intern a- lUaaab naL Waahtactaa. O. C.i I. Aaiblar utympic t-tuo. a.47. I 44e-YAR EIJY-I. Saa Joaa Slat Is (Sana Uavta, Kirk Clayton. Ronnie Ray Smith. John Carloati 2. North Carolina CaUeaei i. New York Pioneer; 4, Uraad pa street oy iud. l aj. Artnyi 2. Joha Carlo. San Joaa State, J. Ronnie Ray Smith. San Joaa Male! 4. Hill Oalnro. unattached: S Lionel Uraan. North CaroUna CoUeaa, t:lft.L llirt ami wrnnil, 40 METERS I. Ijtrry Jamea. Villa, nova I 2. Jim Burnett. Phila. fioneerai J. Jim Kemp. V. S. Army: 4. Tom Randolph. Weatern Mirhiaani S. La motta Hyman, VUlaneva. 45 . M MKTEHS I. Ilerh Himna Km WOMKN S m'fTTKH RtN-I. Made-'Yo 2- "ranaMurphy. Vuiaaovai . nii"' til niiiiaii lain oj. r rie 83 fas cf ixt ma mi ma ii tii -coatrun u.i uu nu uhhmm nu-uawn roctss t to ot!u nuu cau oa uul ccxwon - OTT -STATt Ait. j Join tht undetectables! The "Mr. Casual Undetectables!! 1 t b w j Conaolidot oil your bills into en moiler poymant. Cr, borrow lor any noadod pwrpote. Simply phone your application, with confidante, front tHo privacy of your horn or orfica. CALL C A.M. te 19 P.M. day tr Wtdiiyt Phila. WA M290 NSW Unty S4t4iao Larudo-ma MA 12121 Willow (lrovCLW41 J Morritrown 275-A442 CASH $1000.. 1500.. 2000.. 2500.. 40 MONTH -ATOM NT .$33.S0 . 35.71 4741 5.X 3000 ?t.a 3500 aaa 4000...., tLN 5000 ii.ea First Fiyatat Jily (PKOFIliESli Yaerrr.ear ielC una rwt lunula. . kuui 7. hbi tyn Baii. New York PAL, J. Dledra B.or olymSI? A. i i -.a" WC" Moor. Atoroa TC: 4. Call Jelleraoa. ."4? mVi p nt v i :?ik n II MICH SCHOOL MIUE RELAY - l.!c5SfTK',, t'L.JITZI ."to.! Uouahrrty .K.U Krteaer. Darryl Vcf i l uVl!e ul? tin "aH?" a Kliut. Brendan re-tella. Wayne WrieM!i5H4,.L",h,T. -'''. -! S Ure: & Clear. lew Reakmal. J: a J, 5f Ynri, iiVlJ VMih.. , t s3 BCC.'j.,BhmonMrna-,,,CrrheSl 'AS"""1 I""U M trj TiVrryfearcTW l.&rilJ? " tA,itJrSJl'SSim'1. ..S!7. ?.. r.nd Street and MUt. Neer. W-ule. anU Lel HW.i, u'TTr'J aWJI BViai WOMEN'S lat-METRR DASH I. U.n Mr II mJ .A. Ma MILK RELAY-1. Viilanova IHintn im-.i lon-M favia. Trnm iaj Sh;rlea.'Jn.pkn.J.,.a, a ? t..S. ?;.rry Jamea, Carmen Smth. Ato-.. rr, t v. .d V' r"r" ?" rJC fhila aa J"r..MS !-1 VP. :uX iNewYork Pi, e.!TSr. DASHl.l POLK VAULT own, anternauonai t fxinra r. n -l. c a. Jonn reanei. tie. Calif. H . . , . , . , t tiaawajiaietoita-al .,-; aa Eater atroy. Sport. InteraaUonait 1 t. caUfoi ' aaaT Ml ILaf atM J J Ul Si I MH " r Ml Mk-aele MrMUUa. Atom a frc" Aai SV Patar " ' ok-maa. Phila. Hawka. 24.1. IT T. " Sparta InleraaUonali S er. J-iti i. L Bob Seasren. South- a. Pete Kawnia. unattached: ( .Io4araaUOBaL. Chain, iwarta .

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