The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1945
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1946 Man Must Die For Slaying Camp Shelby Soldier To Be Electrocuted For Crime March 15 JACKSON, M!ss., Jail. 23 '(UP) — Dnniild Frederick Wood, camp Slit'lby soldier, must die In the suite's portable electric chair on March 15th for Hie slaying of Rob- fit A. Lipscomb, Jackson laundry OWiW. In :in en bane decision, the court declared that the Forrest County lower court was not in error' In bringing a verdict of guilt. The Supreme Court called attention io the fact that Wood had made two confessions at llattles- mug aiid one In Jncksoii, fully admitting the robbery and Hilling of upsromb on n lonely road between Camp Shelby and Hatticsbnrg. The court jald that the confessions wore rightfully admitted as evidence, despite Wood's contention they iv -c hot free and voluntary. The high court also said that the ^ trial court's instruction that peculiarities of conduct- do not amount to proof of insanity was r,', 1 "' At , , Woo(1 ' s lrial Iive "f »>'* fellow soldiers testified that at one tune lie was a good soldier but that he had become a Door one The evidence in the trial court showed that Wood, whose home is in New York state, thumbed a rifle with Lipscomb, ordered him out of the car; then shot him four or five times ivlieii Lipscomb tried to run away. Wood was said to have filched Llpwomb's pockets of all personal papers, and to have attempted to sell the., stolen car Dance Tickets Selling Rapidly, Jaycees Report Dlytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce members in charge of the benefit clance to be given Wednesday night at the Armory for the Infantile Paralysis Campaign, today announced that advanced sale of reserved tables for the cabaret affair is - progressing well:' Persons Planning to attend the dance who have not yet secured their table reservations, were advised by Jiy- cec members to do so nt once. Tickets are now on sale at all Klrbv Drug Stores in Blytheville. Music for the dsince will be furnished by Chris Cross mid his orchestra, who have a group of special comedy numbers which supplement their fine dance music Mr Cross has devised special costumes and other props which lift the Cross band above usual nm of dance bands, Jaycees declare. His orches tra has the reputation, they state of being the fastest band in or out of show business, topping all for speed, pep, versatility and entertainment. ' Divorce Su/*s Filed In Chancery Court Here With the-next session of Chancery court to be held here Fob 26 numerous divorce suits have been filed and four recently were grant- pfl 'in vacation" by Chancellor E L.. Westbrooke Jr., O f Jonesboro. . Most of these are to plaintiff coming t 0 Blytheville to establfsJ uu-uny residence. Divorces were granted in thcs cases: Maudie Harrison vs C A Harrison; Winifred Ethel Hood i James E. Hocid; Ruby Sanford v Cullen Sanford and Etta Wiginstor vs Calaway Wigington. Filed for annulment . was pcti trail of John j. Anderson vs Marj Frances Lowery Anderson. T V? Tv,, for dlv °rce were these John Pillows vs Murrcline Pillows Joseph Scdefccrsky vs; Elizabeth Sedekersky; Dennic G. Smith v rV'™, A i a , e E " lfth '- MOKie Oles vs •""ik pies; Earl Robbins vs Thel- BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1945 Income Tax Primer W°jv To Use formW : 2AsAn Income Tax Return orm - „. ^.,^,.„„,,,..,„„„ ORIOIWlU, Form W-2 (to.) "". 0. Tiwjkir/ Dv^ititMi EMPLOYER BY WHOM~ PMD~(Hta c ui AJAX SALSS CORP , 3,. y. WITHHOLDING RECHirT—1944 For Income Tax \Vtlhheltl on ctloxlir yen IH4 ,3451.34 Ftdcullixwix T.j »ilUxlJ 301.60 EMPLOYEE TO WHOM PAID. <P,»l lull „.,»«. Mat. ixU S«umy N,.) JOHH 3. "DOB 111-11-1111 4597 PIBASAHT ST. SAHDY HOOK, 3. F» To EMPLOYEE: Ch.nt* mm. indiddnu II not corr T. K.WL01EK: flili U', lx u^i .. youi inttmi "ill r<luinitwii9ig«nn«llt inn>io« rtx.1. ll« ml. n ( R«(,'p(, il llxi'r I | I, J, InJ ), I rt. « . .. ,rcom,i ! tomo^on W | I, , In , In , «p»i)tilif on Let 4. The Collxln tl l«<t»»l R,v,otJt »ill F[uu 11* In cnnllti combiwdoi Urf xpjr»!f iwonirt, wKicii«v«iii to [^ lixf^jiri' «dnnU(t LINE L1NE UNE 1 AJd Un,, 1 .M I. Wrtu i«i*l h.r... .. TEST: II U»2 ii rwl ovci $100 AND Uc* J U tm iHia )SjOOO.ywi nuy , HilMwiJifli K«rij»l Jt )t>Uf tttiaK pteetJrJvtu 1<J no tntattit otfit/ tfontnttt. J (nttrtit, H joui it*o;r« Jo« DO! m«l liii kit, u« Toim IWl LlMEIIIUn>> LINE i \l .ou f (Form ! n J *ll l . , 1 oM l>u.b»nd'. """, ' YOUR 1944 EXEMPTIONS (I) lit joui CVDUEI* on {utliiw t*W. if tUi h I toffiriiyd r joui CVDUEI* on utiw *. (2) H TninJn! vd yora wile (« tujtunj) lud to irxonx, <y if tUi h I toffiriiyd rvlw , of fcminfltl «sl wife, lilt nafw «f usunriMtlJimbiud}. (i) lil citmi of otko <!o« iiliv,i vht 1W4 uismo ol !m lUn SSW »to tmivt IBOCelWa«n~kJU[tb(JrKJilim'W. (i) , NOTC; If tW. • ' l(Uliru 4 U*i uj I»)i>u!*irt(crl)iulua<l) Eating i tepmlnttan, f of IH4? .tTxtfU- N.nW^f''-"'' " ** nut! W* *A Incow Ui i DO NOT WRITE IN THIS iiPACt W«» your Incomo $500 or more? If *a, W»« youf jncoino under $500? Ifto,£le*«lutn raid* rifuwJoi Ui viil Deduction!! IT you fik youi itium on i WitMoUitit Xwlnl, iHt Covtrnrtwni viU fi(un )our [ax from a l« lit'f p;sr]Jf-J by U*, hkltK il5o*i about (0% of )•«] UU 1 Imerte for clariuWt contiibutLOni, icteittt, HIM, uttuhy IOUM, nwJInl uptnkt, iij trnKtllartcijtilrmi. In crilri 1o cliira ikJiKlioni of suit Lh*o 10%, you RUit £!( j«u To file a With hold Inn Receipt •• your mum, £!] wit UlK iMrt of lb OR1GINA!., life, iod mtil to Ce!!«l« of ]a!«riut Keruue, jourdulntf (*twc*a J*.i I inJMu. l*,Wi KffBlht duplicate, - ' If you got more than one receipt Fw Ine&rat tai wilhUU JBring 1944 (foia Vl-2 01 foim W-2, Krv,),fitout»nJi!{Q ibi fjilcix [tccnn] »ryJjlUt!i iKtott^n to iL If filini i tomb'rrfi! rttuio, *tt»ch rrttipli eHotb Kuib&nJ tnd uifr. 1C uy on Form IOW. Vi'iiU Urt ihl totil ncnJxi of rtcdph )\w fiV, iwluj;n| [Ke or* ui«J 11 ywi retiun.- 1 ..,-.,,„.._„,_....„.„. Make no payment now, tul *rii( foe tillo> ftfiirrfftftwifntiwiAf HEREOF. e unJti die petulcie* of periwv thtt Oiefo«rgMi*a lUttminti ntliiK loOn ^kiwwlrdjc»nd bdij, uulilit ALLMY 19*4 INCOME IS RD'OHTED Here is a WilhlioHIn? Uccelpt (Fora, W-2) properly nrrprirc.!, front !ln( l I,.,,*, f ur filing as an Income lax return. Nolc correction of wrcmr middle initial and street number. the 11.71 bank Interest iras in (he Blfe's name, tlic Collector wuulil levy u tax of S303.5G. After allowing for federal tix already withheld, he would bill the Docs for u balance of SLOG (o be julil by March 15 1 th'r, ° 0gCr VS Elleil E"" 1 - beth Broger; Nellie .Lcnnrn Masses •vs Orville D. Massev; W E Tuck" "f^TuckerrNoel.a Kmcj " ;Marg c Kmcy; c, A. Davidson vs -Mar v Louise Davidson- Li) '" U " VS Carl Murh Murphy; Christine Edwards vs .Thomas Lamar Edwards. Two Arkansans Injured In Santa Fe Train Wreck LOS ANGELES. Jan. 23 (UP) — Two Arkansans were among the 11 persons who suffered minor iniu J ics when five oars of the Santa Fp Railroad's Grand Canyon Limited derailed near Hanford, Calif., sun~ J- - Mrs - H. W. Trickey of' pine BHilT and Harold Llcrly, a Littk Rock sailor, were discharged fron a hospital today. Smoking will make your hands and feet colder by causing a constriction of the capillarie's and a drop i n skin temperature Mother's Friend 'helps bring'ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M o THE n • a FRIEND, dn exquisitely prepared emollient, Is useful In all condl- ... _„ ,,mmm • tlor.s where n Want!, mild anodyne mas- ffflgc medium In skin lubrication Is dc- slrcd. One conrtltlon In which women for mere thnn TO years have used ™?»S appllcntlcn tor massiglng the hod J during p-cgncncy... It helps keen the skin toft nnrt pliable...thus avofdlnK un ?S;L?.T°r?/rt41 U VnV7o n Jr Fkln. An Ideal massage (vpplicafion tor Sfil^S^J^F''" 1 ^ Quickly absorbed. DcliBhtfuMo''^ 085 ' Mother's Friend 1 Highly prafsal by usorj, many doclora tr\i Friend—the ikin lubrlcjinl. Try ;t tonlcit Here Is .Uie fourth of 10 - mitlioritative, cnsy-to-follow nrticlcs Idling Uie wage-earning taxpayer liow to prepare his income tax return. Readers should clip mid save each Installment of the scries. By S. BURTON' HEATH NBA Stuff • Writer The Withholding Receipt that can he filed by some 30 million persons as an income tnx return, If they please, Is known technically as Form W-2 (Rev.) Your employer Is required by law to give you such a statement not later than January 31 or. if you leave the job previously, when your employment tcrmi- .nates. Form VV-2 is new. During 1944 another form was used. If you cbnngcd jobs (luring 1944 nnd received n "Statement of Income Tnx Withheld from Wages," you can use this as a withholding receipt for that portion of your last year's income. COltniiCT RECEIPT Your employer fives you an original (hat you can file, and n duplicate for your own records. He is supposed to fill in the left side of the front with his own name and address; your name, address and bocial Security number; the total wages he paid you last year and the amount he withheld for income tax. If you decide to file the original W-2 you should correct any error in your name or address. Then on the right side of the front you should (ill in the blanks in the five lines printed in blackface type. If you have more than one receipt use the' most recent one for filing] If both husband and wife have W-2 forms, it may be best to use the husband's most recent one. !i Line 1. if you were the only wage-earner in the family and this was your only job during the year, enter on line. 1 the amount of wage- shown by your employer's statement on the left side of the page; 11 you had more than one job, or if your wife also worked, add the wages shown on all Withholding Receipts for both of you t Line 2. Add together all untaxed wages received by you and your wife, plus interest on bant- accounts, bonds, notes or loans plus any dividends on stock,' to get the figure for line 2. IPor appreciation on war bonds, see tomorrow's article). 5 Line 3. Add the amounts shown on lines 1 and 2 to get line 3 Now apply the test. Is the amount on Line 2 $100 or less? Is the amount on Line 3 les>s thnn $5000? If so, you can file W-2 as a return, it either amount exceeds that mentioned, you must use Form 1040 Jf you do meet the test: ? Line 4. Unless both husband and wife had income, ignore this. If both did, divide your income and show how much belonged Io each. Tliis will save you money. 3 Line 5. If you filed a Tax Estimate (1010 ESI during (he year, and paid something with it, enter here the amount paid. Otherwise ignore this line. Now turn to the back of the form. On the left side, on the flrsl line , write your name. On the other lines write UIQ names of your wife and each dependent for whom you claim exemption, slatliig'cncli relationship. In the second niilclc 1 named'de- grees of relationship thnt can be the basis for legal dependency. The tlnanclal test Is this: the dependent must have hud loss than $500 of his or her own.Income, and must.have received more than half of his or her support from you, In money or otherwise. SIGNATURES NEEDED Answer the questions at bottom Your Sfudebaker dealer is & good man io know 1 THROUGHOUT the war, Studebakcr dealers have become recognized more and more as useful members of their communities. „ In order (o do everything possible to keep cars and trucks in service, ihcy constantly endeavor to get new and bcrter tools and equipment. They continue to train their mechanics in special procedures worked out by Studebaker factory experts. They gladly supply the public with reliable information on wartime regulations covering motor car and motor Iruck operations. Studebakcr dealers realize the war is far from over yet. They will gladly con- linue to do everything they can to help you keep your car or truck rolling. THE STUDEBAKER CORPORATION Chamblin Sales Company TJlythcvillc, Arkansas Duroc BRED Gill SALE Tomorrow, January 24lh AT ELM GROVE HEREFORD FARM BARN On the West End of Morn St. in Blythevillo 40 BRED GILTS-3 BOARS The Choice of the Purebred Herds of J. C, Buchanan - Joe Cagle - CasM.o Bros. Sale Starts at 1 P. M. - Rain or Shine MISSISSIPPI COUNTY DUROC BREEDERS ASSOCUHON of left side nboiit whether your «'«c Is niiiig n scpainte icluin, elc. J [> die square ncnr Ilic boltoin of >c liBht slile. nutu the number of »iltiliolcllng Kccetpls—yours ni«| your svlfc's-uscd in prcuarlm- the 'nt of the form. lBh the ri'lurn. If hironie of ill misbiiiKl and wife Is Included Mil must sign. y ou ( | 0 uo i ), 1U , C to ltd before u uotnry, or linvo a witness to the slisuiiturcs. Hut your siKiiiitiue is itiiidc by law the cnulv- "li'iit of nu oath. ..,". ,>'"" useil moiv tUiin one \VHhlioldliig Ifccdpl, attach nil the "tltt'rs to the one you ,i rc using ,, s « iC'luvn. Mull tiu-iu to your Col- cclor of iiitcriml Rcviinnc, In due "me you will receive elthcv n lilll Io be imld promptly, or ti credit memorandum on which, if you are imtlPiit, some dny you caircollect. Lcachvillc Officer Now First Lieutenant UEADQU/MlTHfiS PANAMA CA- NA1, DEPAllTMENT; Jan. 23—i> r o- ""Hllon o/ Scconi) Lloiit. Delbert Hooker of Ix^adivllle to the rank o[ ursl lloutoinnl in a combat osiH- iicer unit O f the Pniinnm Mouile iwrc wns amiouiiccd recently by Mobile Force llendniiarters. The l,e»chvlllc oHlccr received nls commission ns a second lied- <-"i>nt In March 1043 mid enme to i Pnnniim for rorel 8 n duty | n Bep- tomljcr of the same year, He is presently serving as n pin toon lead-1 fs (is 1 • c " Elllecr " na to Which he ' 1'Hor to enterlim the army, Hook- Mr, WftS wn clv " cn elnecr. HLs wife, Mrs. Wllmn O. Hooker and their «m, Dennis, live in LcneJivllle 1> O. Box 44. Where Every Kernel Counts :• •••; Japan ha* M^gcUve volcanoes At one tlme/bachc'lnr,was used mean n novice or a person ot ' degree, , ,. : -v»'- ; Wllh Hide etioiiRli for (hcmselvcs to cut, people of war-wrecked ncliilaii villages work dcsporaloly to Iliul cnouijh fodder to main-' iKiri their few rcnititnltig cattle. Above, nil old HelKian woman carc- fully kneels In the slUl-smouldering ruin? p| ucr tnirncd barn, near SninJez, seiirchlni! for n few good Kernels otn of the ashes that represent her year's (jriun crop. Pull the Trigger Lazy Innards' WHEN CONSTIMTION : mikes yon fMtl punk «i tie dlckeu, briri£s'cn sbmichl np»(I, Mur title, |iii; ditcoafnrt, Lake I Dr. CildwtU'i (unoui raedktas to qukklyl SuU lie tr!|j«r on Uiy "innards", -jail li«lp you feil brijhttnd chipper tgEi DILCALDWEU'f It the wonderful G laialife contiintdin |6od old Syrop slu to m«k« It «o «uy to take. MAHV DOCTOtS USB pjpsln pieparatloml iimorc piltttblt inJ »tiee>ble to tike. So b« tnro INSIST OK DR. C*LDW/tiL'«-ttef»Toritt of mlUlonifor 50/uri.iadfMl thatwhole-I some r.U.IIiomc hUdi^u lo« It, C^UTIO ML 1 S^NA LAXATIVE tomWHIBIt< SYRUP PEPSDil SUPPOSE THAT YOU COULD FLICK A SWITCH AND GET A SIZZLING STEAK! Be wonderful, wouldn't it? Sizzle . .. tiiiff m-m-m-m.. .a-a-a-ahl "Bui," you say, "sleaki ore ucarco and expensive. Steaks are rationed. Steaks Lave gouo to war." That's riglit - and there are good reasons why. But is it any Ictt wonderful that yon CAW Mill get electric service at the flick o} a switch without ihortage or rationing — at loto prc-icar prices — when vent amoimts of electricity havo gone to tear plants? Our folks have done Ihelr war job so quietly nutl well that it's eaiy to take 'em for granted. We hope you wou't-that you'll remember their hard work ns you use radio, range, refrigerator, washer, cleaner and the other dectric servants that make wartime living to much eailer. WIwl you con take for granted Is the fact that yonr friends in thig company will provide plenty of low-priced electricity to run the me- chnnical marvels in yonr port-war home. • /fern- NELSON EDDY in "THE BIECTRIC HOUR," with "** Nov 's OitrBtisincss toSerre ?/oi< PONT WASTE ELECTRICITY JUSF BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AND ISNT RATIONED!

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