The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE -TWO' BLYTHEV1LLE, (AKK.X"-COU.RIER HJSWS •;'•! COURIER-NEWS 'COMPLIMENTARY 1'ICKHT Tilts:Ticket Will Admit Will-A KoWiison Jt; Companio Leacltvllle , ' —(o (be— RITZ' THEATER —lo sec— "ZENOBIA" FLAPPER FANNY -COPR, IJWBYNl'ASmier, INC. T.M, RCf, U. 5. By Syfvia Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. A. G. Hall entertaining Tuesday Contract club. Young Matron's Bildge club meeting with Mrs. W. C, Hlgginson. Tuesday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. W. D. ChamWin. ) WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Hairy Kiiby entcilalnlng' Wednesday Bridge club. Town and Country club meeting with Mrs G. U. Caudtll Mrs. Hiram Wylle having Wednesday Contract club. Bachelors club having picnic at Walker Park, seven o'clock. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Cro-Tat-Em club meeting with Mrs. Carl Cain. Order of Eastern Star having "stated meeting, 7:30 o'clock, at Hall. .Mrs 1 .' George A. Hamilton cnler- "tainlng Thursday Bridge club. Double Four Bridge club meeting with Mis. Ted King. Mrs Rodney uantslci having Thursday Contract club. Thursday Afternoon club meeting »ilh Mrs. Louts Anplebaimi. Mis R P. Kirshncr onlcilnhutiE :Thursday Luncheon club. Mid-Week Bridge club members •and husbands having parly at home of 'Mr:'and Mrs.-W. L. Homer. Mr. and Mrs. LaOronne Whittle arid Mr: and Mrs. Bob Gwynn en tertalning Club Informal o'clock at Woman's club. nine Miss Dorothea Rogers Weds Paul L. Welkcf The First Methodist church'of Camtlieisville was Hie setting yesterday afternoon foi the wedding of Miss Dorothea Rogers, dntigh- tei of Mrs Emma Loii Rogeis of this city, and I'aiil I, WelKci of Cnruthcrsvllle, son of W. M. \Velker oi.liiitcsvllle, Mo. Before members of the families and a few inliiiiatc fiiend.s, tlic young couple answered the vows asked by the Rev W. L Meyer, pastor of -Die church. The cere- inpny was at 4:30 o'clock. An arrangement of while'roses and greenery was the backt'ioimd for the wedding party. White tap- el's in tall candelabra flanked the allar, Die railing of which was necoralcd with pink peonies tnul blooming shrubs. Mr; and Mrs. Clarence Shcatn, of Kennott, were Ihe only attendants. Mrs. Shcatn wore n black and white ensemble with black accessories. A. gray and white bloina vms, worn with n blnck taffeta flalred skirl. Her snsh was ol red leather. The bride was dressed in a wliite embossed chiffon * designed with full plcaled skirt, shoit piilf- cd sleeves nnd a V-shapcd neck ncckhcc, more than 100 years old that, her great great grnndfalhe had given to his bride. Her hnt wa shoes and white gloves. For her corsage, she had white cnmatioi and swalrisonln. Blytheville guests at the wedding were the bride's mother, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Edgnr Bonnn, Mrs. Eliwibeth Greene and Mrs. V. O. Miller. Another out of town guest was the bride's brother, Rogers Jr., of Memphis. Following the ceremony Bits of News Mostly Personals "No, it's even worse than pirates or cannibals, Chuck. It's your father!' 1 (able at which the eight guests were scaled. Included In the guests were Mls$ Welch's sister, Mrs. Andrew Florida, and Mr. Florida, ot Osccoin. * « • Compliments Hoiiscgucst Mrs. George M. Hall, of Cape Qtriirdctui, hoiisegucsl of Mr. and Mrs. L. c. Brady nnd family, was complimented with n bridge party given Saturday afternoon by hev hostess at her home, 1100 Chickn- satvbn avenue. For floral (tccornlions, Mrs. Brady Used roses and garden flowers. High score prize in Ihe'bridge games, n compact, wns presented to seTvcd Leachvilie Society — Personal -. A,, ice dessert course Ihe 12 guests nl the conclusion of the games. * * * Knlrrlalns Club « Mrs. D. Wade entertained iiicin- bcrri' of' tlic Crp-Tat-EiU'.cliib and one guest,'Kirs. 15. W. Foust, at ri Ur. and-Mrs. M. E, Slaiidcnmayci me in Memiihis where Dr. Sliiu- deimiaycr Is in Ihe hospilnl. He is to undergo nil owriillon some lline nils' week. Matthew IMalt wns n St. Loul vlsllor last week. Miss Mac Anderson spent sev cral days In Jonesboro Ihis wccV as a guest of Mrs. Zeb Balleau. Mr. and Mrs. Hansel llcld nm past week here visiting relative; The Tlniredny Afternoon Bridge club met with Miss Dcna Wcinberg Ihis week. Mrs, Ted Roderick wo parly ' y nfter- He'f-csHnnnU were served at Iho''.,! 1 ' 0 ' 1 ' winning'second. ' u lovely plate n games. Ted Roderick lc "' he hosless scrvec the end of the ,eft with Huber Mo., Tluirsdaj conclusion of a game In' which , , ' Mrs. Don Suthertad received ho 1" " ol S "! m|!S " Ml " Rotlcr i ck w » l | attend an Insurance convention. liryan . Kennett left Sunday foi (lives Hook iicvicir Washington where he will lake ui his duties in the Marines aftei Miss Emily Dale Grey reviewed tlic book, "Midway In My Song", spending 16 dnys with Ills pnrenls Lottc Lclnnniui nt a meeting of j M|jjj Married Sunday 10 members of Chapter N of Uioj ?. E. O. sisterhood Saturday after-' noon at the home of Mrs. J. \v. Adams Jr. , Mrs, Adams and Mrs. George.M. Hunt were hostesses lo the group lor a luncheon which Is the last is this week in I'lnc Bluff where she Is visiting tier sister, Mrs. Oaltis Hall. Everett Keimett is in Omahu, Neb., where lie is in training for Ihe. Reserve Corps. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Huffman, Miss Virginia Huffman and Mfss D:ra Coppedge wcn't to Memphis yesler- flfty lo accompany Prank Huffman mine, prank Huffman underwent in operation at, the Memphis Bap- Ist hospital 10 days ago. He will pcnd a week here convalescing bo- ore reluming lo his work In Stccle Miss Winifred Goodricli and Miss Delia Purlle were In Memphis Saturday afternoon. John Lend relumed Saturday roin Hot Springs where ho had jecn playing In a golf tournnineiil. rie came back with VV. J. 3?ollard ind Dixie Crawford, who attended in Insurance convention there for v few days. Mrs. w. J. Wundcrlicli and chll- hcn, Donna and W. J. Jr., spent he weekend In Memphis with Mrs. Wimderlicli's sisters, Mrs. Kslelle Sookc Vollmer and Miss Hose Lou Sookc. They went down especially "or a dunce rcellal In which Mrs. Vollmcr's (iaiifhler, Ann, was diinc- Ing. They were accompanied by Mrs. Wimdcrllch's slslcr, Miss Era cooke, of Liixorn, S. T. Perkins, of Memphis, spent Ihe weekend here iis Die guest of Van Elliott. Mrs. P. A. Nanny, of St. Louis, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Sam Head, and Mr. Head. nobby Chiles, who has been ill of a throat Infection for a week is now improved. ; Mrs. Joe Shanks and son. Joe Jr., returned today from a two weeks visit wllh relatives In Belzonl Cnnlon and Greenville, Miss. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. A. Lynch wll, go to Little Rock tomorrow for the state Bankers' convention. The ft ill be away Iwo days. Mr. and Mrs. Ncblc McCulln'r Mrs. Earl Snyder and son, .Earl B Snyder, have been called to Keo- knk, la, because of the serioii; Illness of Mrs. McCullnr's sister Nil's. Snyder Is n sister-in-law ol the ill woman. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lynch Jr.. of St. Louis,' spent Ihe weekend here with Mr. Lynch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch, and family. They came here from Mississippi where Ihey attended" the Mississippi Slnte Bankers' convention. • They will spend tomorrow and the -nest day In Little nock at the Arkansas Stale Bankers' convention, before-going to Hot Springs to, nl- icnd the Arkansas Junior Bankers' convention over the weekend. •.-,•**•. Mrs. J. D. McDowell Is 111'' 1 at her honre on Highway Gl. four miles south of Blythcvllic. Mrs. Frank Baiim has returned to Memphis after having • been the guest of her brother, J. D. Mc- i..o>vell. and family. ''."'•: Mr. and Mrs, L, C. Brady Imye as their gucsl, Mrs. Ceorge M. spending j HnU, of Cape Girnrdeuu, who came Mrs. Paul L, Wclker, of Carnl'.i- svllle, was before her marriage •eslerday afternoon, Miss Dorothea Jokers, daughter of Mrs. Emma Lou Rogers, of llils city. • BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON JSY BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, May 20.—Undo Sam holds one ulg trump card in the International wheat conference at London, He probably won't ever actually play It/but all the other players know that lie holds it and Is effect is not lost upon tliein. This "card" Is the fact that, by -- - ,.v, M, - , an quiet use of a subsidy plan, the " V , lm , Uncle Sam at inter- Heaven knows what else, United States managed to slip l "" OI "» conferences ever since. If • Then, Just as It was moving into 100,000,000-odd bushels of wheat into' „- ''«Vys purchase of Argentine Hie final stage ot its job, with dav- " " ''" •'••••">- "•- —•'• tanned ueef is knocked out, mat- light ahead for the'first time the iradc during the past year. Viewed in comparison with sonic of the nation's oldrtime wheat cx- larls, that Isn't a very lilgh figure; considering the present stale of .Me world market, however,' it Is a ratty Boocl one. The four principal wheat-exporting nations now are Canada, the! ing nations now are Canada, the """"' &l " lcs rcsulHily nnp'.rts Argentine, Australia, and the Unitctl' ro ! nlt Amc '' lc »- Last year, far State;!. Because so many countries " Kti>nce ' l!ie u - S. imported from ,lrs. P. D. Smith. Tlicy came I'ri- Iny. Leachvilie Graduates Plan Week's Activities LEACHVfLLE, Ark., May 22.— The baccalaureate sermon delivered by the Rpv. B. G. Hope of Paragould at the Leachvilie High school auditorium Sunday night opened Commencement week here Tiie program for the balance ol the week Is as follows: On Tuesday night Mrs. Stanley will present her music pupils in a recital. Wednesday night "Lena Rivers" n piny, will be presented by an all- star cast, directed by Superintendent McCoi.nell. Concluding the exorcises will 1 the Commencement program on Thursday night with Senator Gene HiggenboUam of Jonesboro delivering the address. The highest scholastic honors so to two girls this year. Miss Irene Williams is valedictorian and Miss Irene Gnuf, salutatorian. There is u class of 24 graduating. ( from buying Argentine coined beef, the long-ticklish rela- t ons between that republic and the United States will become even mere ticklish. Bight cr nine years ago the senate refused to ratify a convention MONDAY, MAY 22,' 1U30 organized a local mid field st-iff running lo more than 900 pers-ns' collected a tax of one coin a "ton on all Ihe soft coal mined j,, t[ie United States, and undertook to work out a set of price schedules which would save the ordinary ---..„... ,„ «t.viijr a LUIHCI1UUI1 WI11C1 wli ch would have ended a virtual coal operator from bankr Ln.uaryo that hud been slapped on without, at tlic same time nm Argentine beef exports to the United penalising low-cost produce s or States. AH epidemic of ho:f and driving consumers to buy compel- motitli disease in Argentine heeds Ing fuels ' caused the embargo. Argentina H spent a year and a half on milllcn exlrn- , ,, -""^"'t*^' "'otiiuiui ii apcia u year anu a cleaned up the situation but fulled Hie job, spending several to Impress the senate. , | dollars and compiling an —'* vp i nuiuiia CIILU cvniiHiiiio uii exiru- a result, the Argentine has ordinary mass of statistics, welghf- raincr a bit balky about play- ed averages, sworn testimony and »ll!i Uncle Sam at inter- Heaven knows what else, ters went IK helped In (lie least as far as future conferences arc concern ed. Really, the amount of canned beef involved In the purchase would hardly amount to one hamburger compared to the amount which the' United Stales regularly Slatea. Because so maiiy countries are trying to make themselves self- sufficient, for military reasons, thd world wheat market is now down to about ,400,000,000 bushels. Tlie Louden, conference was called to discuss . the possibility of dividing Ural 400,OCO,000-bushe'l market among the four big wheat-producers. And (he point Is that the American negotiators arc in a positicn to make some such crack as Ihis: I "All of you people arc subsidizing' -.____, „._ _,- ^j, iujj^^i \\,».| llljlil Argentina. .Uruguay, Paraguay, and llraxll 78,597,000 pounds ;of canned beef, more .than 33,000,000' pounds of which came from Argentina. This compares with 48,000 pcuiVds 111 the iinich-discussed order' for the navy. ' American production of canned corn beef is so small that census figures do not list it, separately, but simply lump it under tlie heading: ••Cllici- Canned Meals." Tariff on 'resident abolished the commission In toto and transferred its functions to Ihc secretary of the intericr. Right now Ihc commission is very much up in the air. Final hearings fcr Rocky Mountains and Pacific coast coal producers were lo have begun in Denver on May 10; (hey will be held as 'if nothing mi vi ^1,11 I/CUJJLI? iiru SUUSlQIZUlo } •--..—, *,...,i v n wheat exports. Very well! We spent i m!:o) « C|1 "«I beef Is substantial, - • • - ' running to six cents a pound. a moclesl $20,000,000 test year on, - ,-- -• subsidies and exported 100,1X10,0001 . ! " eencral, experts here say, ,3:ntli bushels without any trouble. If we American producers use better cuts of beef than do American pack-en. can't come to seme agreement here . ,. and this subsidy-contest goes on I In lhc u " l!ctl Slates, Hie packer we can spend n lot more money i Clln m!ikc nlol ' c moilc y selling Ihe on it llian any of you can. In fact, I cholcc culs OVD1 " ""-' "»«"«•. we cnn lick tlic pants off of you if 1 COMMISSION it comes to » showdown. So maybe we'd all better get together and work out an agreement." Nalhing like that will actually be said, of course. But the fact that the American delegates- c:u!d sny H if they chose will be an important fnctor at the conference. CONFUSION Prcbably the queerest thing lhat ever happened to imy governmental agency is the fate which has oier- lakcn Ihe bStumincus coal conunis- siOn. Here was an 01 sanitation set up to handle an almost unimasinabl.,' ._ ..--,.„.„ .. LJ lumuoir UllhJI Ill^lliaUl I and stops complex jcfo. It set up ILs oilices. had happened, and last a fortnight or so. prcbably Read Courier News wain aaj> FREE SHOW TICKETS To (ho R i { •/. or Roxy Theaters. S;ive IJuttcr-Krust IJrcat! Wrappers— 25 good for one adult's ticket or 1 ( > good for one child's ticket. Exchange your wrappers for free tickets at BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone ItO Keiser Graduates Hear Rev. Bearden KEISEH, Miiy 22.—The Rev. R. E. L. Beardcn, pastor of the Luxora Methodist church, made' Uie address nt Ihc commencement- exercises for the Keiser. school which was held Thursday night' at the school auditorium. ' " I Thirteen students who received diplomas were: Ruby Johnson, China/ Crews, Grovcr Corl>y, Harry Dunavanl, Edward O'Brien, Edward Stern, Beatrice Swope, \Vin- fred \Vatson, Ruth Bradshcr, Otis Murphy, Naomi Wright, Mary Robinson, John Roy Kellum. Thursday. She more days here, son spend scvci'ul Mr. and and Mrs. Mrs. Hall .vcre centerpieces of the Uibles. Definite- plans were made for tlie nnnunl water carnival to be her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ,.'.i, fai.m i w i,j^ vniuc. lit! Hilt llil - numitii «»it"i Clinnvni 10 UC ol black straw and she v>ore black presented Juno 22. Mrs. Harry W. E. B. guests were shown the new home on Bcckwith avenue in which Mr. and Mrs. Welkcr will reside. : Mr. and Mrs. Claude Nelson with whom Mrs. Wclker has made her home while teaching in Caruth- crsville, entertained 12 guests at n wedding dinner last night. Red radiance roses and blooming shrubs were used in the center of the dining table. * • * rim Progressive I'.irly Final plans for u progressive party to be given Wednesday and Thursday were made at a meeting of the J. U. O. club Friday night at the home ot Margaret Holland The party will include a supper a bunt Ing party, breakfast, hike or lunch, and a concluding affair Thursday night. Tlie progressions «ill be at the various homes of Uie members. After plans had been completed the group went to the Rustic Inn for refreshments. ' * * • Tiplort Initiated Inl» Fraternity at Jackson Dick Tipton has been initialed Inlo Sigma Alpha Epsllcn fraternity-at Union University at Jackson; Tenn, where he is a student He is the son of Dr. and Mrs Paul U Tipton. Halnes bus been made chairman and Mrs. Dixie Crawford, assistant chairman of the affair, * • * To Entertain Seniors \Viih Picnic Tomorrow Seniors of the city high school will lie entertained at a hamburger try and wiener roast nt. six o'clock at Walker Park tomorrow night. The affair is being given by members of the Junior Senior Parent Teacher association. Mrs. Russell Phillips, hospitality chairman, is in charge of arrangements for the nlfalr. for Booncvillc, Ark., where he will enter the sanatorium. Keiser News KntrrlaliLs liridgc Ciiili. Mrs. i. L. Bruce entertained the Young Matron's Bridge club Wed- (iau s'iter, Lee, of Memphis, At The Hospitals Hljllicviltc Hospital Maurice Stanley. EvansviUc, Ind admitted. Miss Hazel ourly, c !ly, admitted Joe Hall, city, admitted. Miss Lois Croincr, Decriii". dismissed. ° Walls HospiUI ' J. r. Hcccott, ciiy. admitted. Herman L. Wagner, Cooler dismissed. Mrs. Lcla Burton, Slccle dismissed. M. V. New. Haytl, dismissed. Lev* East Pnilrlc, Mo dismissed Mrs. Levl Car?.inc, East Prairie J!o.. dismissed. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wiutgh, Slcelc, a son Sunday af- ,; tcrnoon. 'Hie baby, who weighs nine pounds, has n:i been named Memphis .Itctliodisl Hnspilai Mrs. B. A. McCann, Cooler, admitted. A. J. Kctlicum, stcele. admitted Men-phis 81. Joseph's Hospital Millers Enlcrlain fnr Mr. Williams and Fiancee Among Ihe parlies being given fcr Miss Corinne Welch, of West Memphis and Osceoia, and Sam if. Williams \yas a dinner party given • Thursday night, by Mr, and Mrs. John Miles-Miller. Miss Welch and Mr. Williams *il) bo mauled Saturday in Osce- oia. < A bowl'of pink roses was used for the centerpiece of-the dining Mrs, Helen Bickers. Caruthcrs- ville, admlUcd. Memphis Baptist Ilos|ii(al V. M. Nolgrass, Joiner, admitted Wert Optometrist "UK MAKES 'KM SKK" Over .Tec Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Bnuty nncl _ spent yesterday in Jackson, Teml. E. B. Rogers jr., of Mei'iipM. spent the weekend here with ' his v« o.^uvra mm .< v-snnpcn necK. <«' « nuicncun wnicn is uiq last ' ;,r „ , r, ' , ., ajreiii ine WCCKCIIH ncre with his Around her neck she wore n coral meeting until full. Mixed bouquets ,, , , . MMm " ls spciullng mother, Mrs. Emma Lou Rogers. •—-'——---— • ..-........-.,_ his yck at Portngcvlllc Mo., with T h cy wcro in Caruthcrsville yes- Mrs. Clms. P. Harris spent several dnys of Inst week in Memphis 'isltiiig her mother. Lcm Eblen will leave Monday J - tcrdav afternoon for- the wedniii? of Miss Dorothea Rogers and Paul L. Wclker.' '.;' Mrs. Fi'cd Dradsiier went to St. Louis Snlurdny night for a visit \vilh her rtaiighlcr, Miss Jeanne Brudih'er, who is a student, at Grntlwoli/s Sdhool for rrochnl- cians, nnd licr sister, Mrs. Maf- colmb McCurcher, nnd Mr. Mc- Curcher, of Chicago. She will rc- ' home Wednesday. Mrs. W. K. Goodman and afternoon :it her home. return home tomorrow after liav- Strawberry shortcake with Iced tea ing si'™ 1 - a f ew days here \\,m was served at tlic conclusion of Mrs- Goodman's parents, Dr. and he games tti which Mrs. E. Colin "JJ : T~ ~ received high score prize ami Mrs.' Hflflf»|lA<! Amiinn \V. E. Bruce, cut. prize. IlUdlfllCd ftlUUlBU li.iml Gives Concert. .f tf't I fk* I A The high school band gavo a t|M» KJtCheil Silt ft ' ' concert at the lileti school nurfi- 1IIV I "«*"yJI VUIIV. ., lorlum Wednesday night Tliey 5 Icro " V '," c ? t r ' d °' ' Kcm - *'""• *•<*> ""i °., ' , I floor under ihc pink nlwaysclean and r!ry—freo * they tiavc 0 [ ,M^ , wr ,Wt« and tompn™. Tim's wS »ini<it.u uuia icitl Itlldcr tlic dl- n^^cU I-HKS. Sfciinrt. get rt eati of Bie ttran<i rcctlon of thrlr Inslrnrlnr •!• v InM «,^d"- Krrmklolt boHcd the sink a B[ j ,r- ,1 ,7 instructor. t. L. UTOmHttwoproinsswhcretllopipraiMlKrcnuh VVIIlgllelfl. A Violin solo Was phy- <*«toor. nio«ritlnlocnickii»iulcrevic«i.lra'cfc cd by 73atsciic Frazier, n -raxo- »ra«Vi^'ive'f'm^*i>Sic W doMoV™«" Fhonc solo by starry Dunavimt., TMrj.'mn'nkic ncai)r>n>i ro«-<t<r'in iK^»7h Hid a violin duct by Polly Frank- ] cr»"° Srou^u"^"''Irf/ntcfun r™^™ '" nnd Nelle Gant. The drum ; wiling i»riww to \ni them, majors also iwrforntcd. :i«. It. H. Robinson Mr, and Mrs. McCafti and family were called to Grenada. Miss., been IMC of Ihc death of Mrs. McCain's father, J. p. Black. Mr ottd Mrs. C. Ft. Ferguson motored thfiix there. \our mOnty tatt. Three sijt*: 10^, 2$f,6Qf. ^___— NOIEt y'ou fen aito Mil roaftic* ar.J ant* ai ircll M flift and inoi^m'I^cjt. vith Bw Brotnf Ciwcct Spray. Ktcd <fir«Iioni on can. SAVED ARE &MADE Ami-Knock Gas 7,'H- Octane ........ I3.5c <jal Genuine Klhyl 80 Ocduic ............ M.;j c gat" _ _ (All Taxes Paid) s i 1 K<; i AI , i ,d\v I'lUCE— loo'-f, T'UuiTT'KNN.' SYI.VANIA MOTOR Oil,— TAX PAID _ 2 GA1,. CAN ........ . ; ................... Quality Products at SAVEON GAS GO. 4 Miles From State Line Hollatid, Mo. Rend Courier News want acls. PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. ain & First 1'hollo Ml THE CIGARETTE OF COSTLIER TOBACCOS PENNY FOR PENNY YOUR BEST CIGARETTE BUY Old Heads know how to make Arkansas telephones talk... Your telephone In Arkansas is served by folks who learned their trade in the school of experience, lly men who kiion- tile feel of a slect-lashcil pole in a wintry wind. By women <o ivliom the slate's vast copper network of more than 300,000 miles of, wire is as an op«n book. Of Ihe 1,400 employees who \vntch d.-iy and night over this company's lines in Arkansas, 7SO linvc at least SOUTHWESTERN BEll 10 years of telephone experience. -Some 160 of these have been in tho business for 20 years or longer, and a small group of IS veterans count their years of service at JO and more. From depart merit heads down, their friendly "know how," born of years of experience, plays n vital part in giving fast, accurate, and dependable telephone service, at a price that is reasonable to you. TELEPHONE COMPANV

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