The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1934
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Served by ike United Frew VOL. XXXI—NO. 63 BLYTHEVllXE COURIER NEWS TH* IX&QNANT NXW8PAPKR OP NORTHS* iT AKKANBAfl AMD BOUTHXAOT KlflBODBI «W« Blytherilk Ccurter -pi Valley Uwier BlythertU* Henld BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT8 iMMINGS BREAKS TRACK RECORD Roosevelt Strikes at Sectionalism Chicken Picking Champ Will Do His Stuff Heir Delivers Memorial Day Address on Battleground of Gettysburg. GETTYSBURG, Pa., May 30. HIP)—On the soil hallowed by Abraham Lincoln's words. President Roosevelt today dedicated the nation- to a new eilort to make an end for all lime of sectionalism. His address. In fighting words, struck back nt critics of the new deal. Choosing this historic battleground, symbol of a divided country, to make his appeal, the chief executive warned lhat political animosity, selfish and narrow views, must lie surmounted if progress is to be veal. Taking note of opposition pre. Denied to his program; he observed: "Today we have many means of knowing each other—means that •have sounded the (loom of sectionalism. It is, I think, as I survey the picture from every angle, a simple fad *hal ihe chief hindrance to proye.'is comes from three elements, 'which, thank God, grow less In Importance with the growth of a clearer understanding on the part of the overj whelming majoity. "These groups are those who ifek to stir up political animosity or build-political advantage by the distortion .of fac.!s; those ^wKoi by declining to : folIowThe rules of the game, seek to gain an unfair advantage over those who live up to the rules; and those few who still, because they have never been • v;illlng to take an Interest in their fellow Americans, dwell inside of their narrow spheres and still represent the selfishness of sectionalism which has no place in our national life." Turn tti'oMey. Junesboro nc 1 : 1 ^. vjjo eh:im* LO be llu 1 wc;rIll's Irvst* :,'. chkkyii picker, arrived hi:".' irony lo ,'>l!ieo his tille t-Uiiji. nl in Uea'ley'c lecord of vctno a chick.!!! from Us fcalhcrs UTOC seconds, accomplished M Llu!e Rock recently, nuiv give local pickers an lilea of what they lire up ' against If lliey utsli lo meet the Joneaboro negro. The Ual was performed before Gcv- tinor Marion I-V.vell and other r.uiablvs. 'hp champion ;<Mher i:s to leave so' 1 1 for Ne\v Yorl: •My to exhibit his 'talents. He already been iu Chicago Jiv ctlo- points. The 23-year-old it;. ?.ro cifvelopeii his fnalher-s'rii/pln ent while preparing chicken' foi the tables of the Iloiel Noble : J.iiiffBoro. Heasley suid lie would ye v fon. ji -he Carter TVisinle, C. M E hiirch at 8:30 FrUliy night. Flowers ;m<l Cannons if,?!'.] lii Tffi UP Agree to Accept Scrip Without Restrictions 1 wenty-two Bly'.hm-llle business :wses have ngny-d to accep 1 . rc- iie( scrip on all purchases, rcjirrt- less of amount. These coi:ix- Mined an agreement cirral.vcc by one of six committees. The ether five committees have not reported, but results so far Speedy Approval of Ad• ministration Monetary Bi,l Is Expected. •WASHINGTON, MM 30. (UP)— lcieU'actag - all - other --legislation, he house today planned to de- jale the adiiiinislration's silver policy bill. The bill was given legislative •ight of way by the house rules :ommlttee. Debate on the bill Is limited to liree hours. The number of amendments which may be offered, however, is unrestricted. Passage either lale • today or tomorrow ' Is virtually assured, as the measure has the full backing of the Democratic leadership. While the proposal does not fulfill the desires of the silver bloc, which has fought for free and unlimited coinage, it does authorize the treasury to increase the silver reserves up to 25 per cent. In a majority report submitted to the house, the ways and means committee contended the bill was n-flicate lhat ih« ti!,ii-up will hi nearly 100 per cent. lilt signers a 0 n-c 10 accept the -•crip, dollar for doilai, on all ;ji;r- cl'.iiiti, regardKss ol ll'p amouril of cl:nnge fnvolvril, un.1 to keep on i;.-ii.o >upp!ies of rolii-f sl.imps to i.u:": ; !ale 115^ ,:f the scrip. Ti.rse who Inn; wgncd so far r.'re- Coca Co! i BotUin.; :;o, J. C. Frnncy Co. l!;e Bootery Dly- lhiv:ilc Steam Lai;iu!ry, Main 3'-r- \ic- Station, M:MiilHrs Cash Mark--. Hudson T"!!.w shop. Wilisanu i r.'l Damon, An:.'.-. Rosen:l;j|, Lio- euy Cash Sto a. Miss Whstskfs jncp. Foster's !;l:f,e Store, Pljgly W ol'ly. Robinson Drui; Co., Apj.lebauin, Johiij Grocery, Aid- lid^t Jewelry C)., K. Gould, New Mi 1,0 Clothing Co., The Pash:o:i B-:> Franklin Sf.:v. R. D. Hughes Co. on important step In "recovery and in developing an Improved monetary system for this country." P. S. Slankard Dies at Home in Helena P. S. Slankard. 83. for rmn; years an employe of the Chlc.>*o Mill here, died at 4 o'clock yes ttrclay afternoon at his home li Helena. Ark. Tuneral services will be li»ii tl'is afternoon at Maple Grove cem i wry where Inlermenl will be nnde 11.e Cobb Undertaking compair' I in chr.rgo of funeral arrangements The Rev. J. L. Newsotn will of firlate. The deceased is survived bv _ mim'-er of children His wife die' las! Mil. The family removed t ililena several months ago. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 30. (UP —Trading was practically at standstill on the New Orleans ex change today and the market clo* od quiet but steady, one to thn points lower. open high low close July .... 1H5 1145 1140 1140 Oct 1162 1162 1159 1160 Dec 1116 1176 1172 1173 Jon H8l 1177 Mar .... 1185 1185 1185 1181b May .... 12t» H Spots closed »t 1154, off t. olivia Financed by American Interests, Declares Huey Long. Phillips Company Loses $40 to $50; Another $50 Overlooked. A money sack, containing between $40 and $50, was stolen from a small safe at a PhlUlps service station. Main and Division streets, last night. The station has been a favorite with thieves for some time but lasl night's loss was the most serious sustained. The thief, who police said ap. parently had a key to the tubU' lar steel box, overlooked another sack holding about $50. Along with he money haul the Intruder took a 17-Jewel watch and several checks, which were also In the safe. Officers agreed that someone Roosevelt Approves I Steel Industry Code WASHINGTON, Mayi 30 (UP>The amended code for the steel ndustry was approved today by President Roosevelt. The White House announced that details ol .he approval would be made public ay the recovery administration. WASHINGTON, Mny 30 (UP> — enator Huey P. Lons 'Dem.. La.' i a senate address t .day. clnrged u; the C:mco warfun- was cnuse.-l "fctcer of :i>ipi-rij!istLC finance," n 1 allej-.c" tnat the stiiulud Oil ompnny i' New Jersey lias ourngert Bolivian lrv-.;;o)J < : t»r- itcty nli<!.i:ly adjudicated In favor f Paraguay. "The Standard Ol! Company of he United ^om promises Have Klimi- iiiitec! M;ijor Opposilion lo Meuswt:. WASHINGTON, May 31). IDT) The conference reixirl 1)11 tile ock market conliol 1)111 lo burin le nnllon's securities cxdiai ider federal regulation wu.s ,snb- illted lo Ihe siMisilr lodny by hall man Uunciin U. KcU'hrr ol ic sennlc banking commutes. The senate will net on Hie bill i It 1ms been remodeled by hoira nd 'senate conferees Ix^fote tht leasure is again submitted lo UK. ouse. rielcher planned to cnll 11 up ai nee In the senalc as little Uou- le was anticipated In gaining pprovnl. Dlfllciilllcs were n\ d when a compromise was eeted on the innch discussed nmr- in and control provisions. . As a result the opposition o Senator Carter of Vlrglnl o .the final form of the inensui wns' withdrawn. Those who plan :ed lo Join with Glass In dc r.andlng Hint a new commlssloi K 1 created to. administer the bll also found their battleground tak nwny from (hem when Prcs dent Roosevelt consented to thi. 'onn of control, A lust minute change was writ en into the bill when conferee agreed lo reword secilons of th amendment to the securities nc which is attached to the mcns ure. This would further nnd mor explicitly lighten the liability persons In charge of ihe Issuli new securities. .Another change provided fc jijjrtisfer 'of administration of th securities act to the new comn ' slon (JO clays afler n majority the commission's membership h been appointed. 'Rules and reg latlons promulgated by the tra< commission in regard to the b curltles act will apply after t transfer. As submitted to the senate t conference report provided for a thorough regulation ol all security markets by a federal securities and exchanges commission. efTqct- Ive July 1. This body will be com- |K>sed of five members, lo be appointed by the president at a sal- job; Will, Dealli Until Transport J'hme Onsluv HHnTrcE- .'= INI SPEED™ ni-TIIEL Conn.. Mny 30. (UH) .lesilm; ill dmrer while their [liud Aivllno.s iriur|wrl plan-. 1 •w blindly llumigli fog, swkliiK Inndlni: llelil, Him- pas'*iigcrs n-> iirH exrhiinf.ed jokes to keep i ihi'lr roiiiiBi 1 lodny, mull the il]i, Its fuel exliini.sicil, crashed n n|vcn llrlil. Tin- nlt<»l nnd co-pilot of tho ili-:i-'o-Ni'wutk plimi! wen 1 liv- irej seriously, Inn tile passen- m mid stewardess Inuurrcd only Inor hurls. James Hums, Louisville, Ky., (old the dramatic moments In Ihe niic. lit: himself wns rending n iV.stcry story uud was engrossed i u clinplcr Uvscrllilnu u plane null when tin; ship ]>lnni;pil. "No one ware excited, even though e knew we were lost In a fog ith no landing Held nearby," he ii Id Mauri Rose Second and Lou Moore Third in In- diana]K)lis Race. SPEEDWAY, Indianapolis, Ind., day HO. (UP)—Hill Cummings won he nunniil SOO-mlle Memorial Day :iro tit the Indianapolis Speed- vny lodny, setting a new truck ccord with an average of 105 ll'-s per hour. Miuirl Rose wua second and Lou Moore third. C I Vlnvp.aret Shaver and Ann Tomnkins Tied for Sec oncl Honors Confederate Veteran and- ary of 810 ' 000 " year II OFFER IT Will Make Partial Payment if Default Can Thereby Be Avoided. LONDON. May 30. (UP)—Oreit Britain Is sending a war debt note to the United States within 24 hours, offering partial payment on the next Installment, due June 15 familiar with the Interior of the it was said on reliable authority station participated In the theft. | today. A larger token payment than paid The small safe Is constructed and| more than casual observation ed by a special key and In : a»d c;h?r aflil- forming with requirements of the company owning the station. The steel container, which fits on condition it exonerates Brit of default Otherwise, complete non-paymen might result. The note was un derstood to leave the door open sled interests have bvii guilty of 'romoting war and financing 3ol- ila," SV.ialor Long s'.-.i . leci. charged lim Argentina. Ihe T.ited States, tsnlf have for and even Bolivia p?riod of nearlv CO years "v: vni*:d an nwaid cf 'icsldent Ho 'i:s which. Long .-.aid. held thai i'.v.iji'/i/ 'i?ti a JI:H -rd legal tlth to the Chaco tcrvl- i nt: MCI. i tujiLtunei , wiiii-n 1110 . . . _ . , inside the safe, apparently had]' 0 a future """ settlement. teeii taken out and the contents! dumped. Chief Rice said, dumping process evidently failed NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—Be cause he believed the jury was influenced by the "grace and charm" of 72-year-old Mrs. Mary Oermals, Tftrrytown, N. Y., Superior Court Judge H. B. O'Sullivan declared a $5.000 verdict excessive and reduced It to $3,273. to dislodge the second money sack, which was in the bottom under record books, wedged In such a manner that they concealed thej sack and were not easily withdrawn. The first sack was and easily accessible. Entrance ihe station was effected by breaking a rear window. The' WASHING TON,. May 30. (UP)— A final conference on the deb President Roosevelt will Mayor Shane Honored <; ov | et in Ceremony loday. James Scrape, 88-y;^r-old Con- ederate veteran, was presented he Cross of Honor, and Mayor Cell Shane, the cross o; milU.ny service, by the Elliot' Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy In a special meeting this morning. Mr. Scrape, who served In the Confederate army uwder Qcncmlj Nathan Bedford Forrest during Ihe' war between the states, received bronze Maltese cross '.Uilch is presented only to Confederate veterans. 'Mayor Shane received the Cress of Military Service, which Is presented only to those who served with honor In the world war and lo male lineal descendants of Confederate Veterans. He has In his possession a copy of ihe discharge of his father from the Confederate army, which was signed by Ueul. Col. A. H. Seley. Mrs. W. T. Oberst, recorder of crosses for the local chapter, rcaa the certificates of award and the citation to the recipients, and Mrs. James B. Clark, president, awarded the crosses in ft ceremony at the city hall. T • r> • , Leader at Capital transmit to congress, presumably before the end of the week, was the chief executive and Undersec- Canadian Couple's Five Baby Girls Are Thriving NORTH BAY, Onl., May 30 (U If jot fonnd a family of seven, with a dead Htby and Ihrce people skk in bed and not a dime with which to bury the baby, or bay medicine or food, would ron think the scrip fc, w«rth a little »r»«blt and flttri u j«»? P)— Mrs. Olivia Dlonee's record achlevement^birth of five amaze the that the communication will not medical world today as they thriv- on top' reUry ° r state wiui »m Phillips- breaking achievement^ mce to I T" 6 president let It be known'uaby girls—continued to C. 0. Raine jr. It New Postmaster at Hayti HAYTI, Mo.—C. O. Ralne^ ]r.,i has now taken over the office of postmaster at the local postoffce. KOOSCVcIt He will be assisted by Mrs. Lenora Condit. Mr. Ralne and Mrs. Condlt are successors of P. S. Ra- vensteln and Miss Naomi Herbert. asV for legislation. At the same time he eald, in response to questions, that he knew of no offers | from debtor governments nor have ! indications been received as to I what these nations will do regard[ Ing the June IS Installments. Hire Specs Started Fire NORWALK, Conn. (UP)—A huge pair of spectacles on exhibition In a Jewelry store window focused the rays, of the sun on a velvet drape and fire resulted. French Atlantic Flyers ! WASHINGTON, May 30 (TJP)- j Maurice Rossi and Paul Codes, the j French trans-Atlantic flyers, called on President Roosevelt at ihe White House today and received ed and appeared assured of life. Reports from the little log farmhouse' indicated the tiny mites, lu one big basket, were taking milk, administered through an eye dropper, eagerly enough to entangle their slight father. Euiest, in mighty problems. He wondered If the girls ought always to be drca- sed alike. The heaviest of the children weighs three and one half pounds. The lightest Is ex actly one pound lighter. BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) —A|' Mitchell Johns, son of Mrs. H. Johns nnd the lute Mr. Johris, I? the highest ranking student In the graduating class of the city high school this ycnr. Young Johns, who ha.s ' made excellent grades throughout high school ranked '.miisiiaUy high In all of hLi examinations this year. He v.-as also valedictorian of.hlfi.sjuri lor high school, class. Miss M«r- fjiirel Blmver niul Miss Ann Tump- kins lied for second honors and fourth place went to Miss Dorr's Douglas. Miss Sara Joe Little won the public speaking medal. Winners of Hie history. English and science rwarils have not yet been announced. The commencement exercises wll he held at the city auditorium IhmF-day evening. The following program will be given: processional nvoiatlon; duel, "Second Hungnr- .r>n rchupfiOily", I.iszl, Misses Snra Joe Little and Margaret Shaver "The Challenge to Youth". Join McDowell: "Tho Challenge o Democracy to. Think". Dorrls Doug las; solo. "Until", Hobcrt Lee Fish er: "Yo'ith Accepts the Chnt h-ngc". Miss Ell-.-nbelh n "We Are Preparr-d". Mitchell Johns trio. "I Lov: I.He", Mnnnazticcn Misses Jev.T-l Kki r sel]. Inez Thomp .son and Ann Tumpklns; "Whn High School Moans to Me". Mis. Jane Kotlv.luky; "Fnlth In th Public High Fchool", Miss Wllil A. Uuvson: presentation of medal and honor*, Crawford Orecne presentation o; diplomas. C. Puck; l:entc!!clion. Members of the class arc: Aim Ci. Aitfcin, Mclhn Edith Alexandc Marguerite Trances ArinslTOi' Ullio Barnes. liay Marshall B^c Marshall Ulackard, Newell Willl.o Brigham, M. F. Rrownlec, Jr., James E\'crl Clilsholm. Luci!l< I Dawson. Jenny Wren Dlllahunly, I Dorrls Marlon Douglas, n. E. Fe'itl- ler. Rotert Lee Fisher, Jr., W1- linm F. Fitzgerald, Me!ba Dolo^ei Foster. D'.inward O. Oarrett, Hamby. Mildred Ellsc Jarrat 1 . E\-elyn Rulh Jenkins, Mitcl'.e! Johns, Anna Mae Jones, Jane Rodney Kochtllzky, Dorothy Pcur 1 Krutj. Helen Bernita Laden, Sara Jo Little. Virginia Martin Elmore. John Dinklns McDowell, Elizabell- McLean. EfTic Melissa Moore, Lib Mae Morris, Byron R. Morse Jamie Woolen Nichols, Virginlt Ninm. Jewel Russell, Carl H. Rybe Anna Mac Saliba, Margaret Lehman Shaver, Harold Sudbury. Ella Tashner, Ifayel Inez Thompson Lola Albcrla Thompson, James Tld well. Ann Thompktns, Claude O Wliltworth. Manoh 3ell Wllllanif CMir Rnlph Wlllingham, Jotin Clyde Wilson. SPEKDWAY, Indianapolis, Ind., May 30. (UP)—The elusive first >lncc In the 500-mile race here, which had changed eight times within 400 miles, wns held by Mauri Hose, Dayton, O., at the end of Hle 400th mile today. Bill Cuinmlngs, Indlannpolls, was second, only 27 seconds behind. The lerrlnc heat and severe slriiln of driving over the oil- " soaked .brick was beginning to show a liea^f effect and many ot . the drivers frerc seeking relief In [he iraek horpltal while other men ; .onk their cars. The new rule this yenr which limited the gusoltne supply to 46 gallons for Ihe entire 500 mllti iipparcntly Imd no effect yet, but as expected momentarily to send of the cars with larger moors Into the pits. Standings at the end of 400 illes follow: flrst, Mauri Rose; econd, Bill Cummings; third, Lou leycr; fourth, Ixm Moore; fifth, Xscon Litz: sixth, Joe Russo, sev- nlh, Red Mays; eighth, Al Mil- • er; ninth, Cliff- Dergere; tenth, Inss Snowbergejr. ' * Rose's average *speed was 104.460 . mlleT •per': : «Hir"-'-»t- Ihe'iWOtinite ' ' " ~ " nark. . Although several of the ' cars ind been forced from the ''race ' because or collisions with the sldt walls and faulty mechanical puts, no driver or mechanic. 'had. been. "erlously Injured, • The contjnual seepage of oil onto the brick of the track, how- over. was ranking each mile more „• =lloccry and tortuous for th» drivers. A crowd, estimated in excess of 135,000, crammed into every available. space about the track. Several Kindred spectators crashed thru police lines to gain vantage points. For the first 400 miles the lead changed bclween Rose, Frank Brts^, ko. of Milwaukee, and Bill Cum- with Rose and Cummings' dueling it out in the clotlng'. stretches of the races. Brlsko, because of fatigue and automobile trouble, fell hack and fajled to prove a serious contender after he 375-mile mark. Missouri Auto Victim Dies in Hospital Here Eugene Thoxtion, five-year-old •?on of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Th.jx- t!on of near Docring, Mo., died it the Blythnville hospital lata •'•cslerday of injuries received when . he wns struck by n car driven by W. Tipton of Caruthersville, Mo., •enr the Thoxtion home on Ma.? The accident was an unusual one. Tipton had taken the boy or n ride and driven him back o his home. After the youth tepped down from the car Tipon believing he had walked ch*r :f tl.e machine, started driving orward When he did the car truck the boy, pinning him undcr- •tcath. A severe head Injury r<?-' ultcd in his death. Job came too late for Jules Howard, out of work for months. A .friend hastened to his home to his congratulations In French on | tell him he had found him em- thelr flight from Paris to Bennett tkld In New York. Navy Heads Use Swift Plants for Transportation WASHINGTON (UP) — Deter | mined upon speed and efficiency In administrative .matters, the Navy's hl^h command has adopt- led avlatio-' «•> Us official form ol 1 transportation. '! Two new Condor tmnspcrt Siamese Quintet Born To Arkansas Tabby MAYFLOWER, Ark. (UP)—A Sl- imese quintet and one normal kitten came in the litter of a cat at the farm near here of O. N. WicfcllfTe. Five of the kittens were firmly •oineti together. Wickllfle Is giving his strange quintet special care In an attempt lo raise them. They Day. were born on Mother 1 * to Floyd | ployment and discovered Howard I rk. had died a few hours previous. I A hern In Rmsl» following hie P'.nnes, capable ot carrying 10 Bueclaciilar rescue from Hie Arc- passengers each, have been built lie Ice. Pmfcsaor Olio Y Urhmlrlt. I for the Nnvy Derailment at a cost leader of tiie Soviet scleniillc ex- |of approximately $116,000 by the idlllon, Is nboKi »• lie nrrivcd Curtks-Wrlght Airplane Co, St la WaslilagloB lor n r>l|. Louis. WEATHER to Arkunsis — Partly cloudy cloudv tonight ind Thursday. Memphis and vicinity— Fair »nd warm today and Thursday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was minimum SO, clear, according to 8«nuel F. Sor- rls, official weatlwr

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