The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 4, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COTJKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMF EDITION VOL XXVII—NO. 198 Blytheville Courier, Elythevtlle Dally News, Blytlievlile Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTHKV1U.E, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NliVK.MKKU -I, 11130 SINGLE COPIES FIVE .CENTS r Babe Has Two Girls Hopes For Boy of Own DGE GETS LIFE SENTENCE VOTE W ID EFFECT ON Balloting May Make or Mai- New White House Possibilities. The King of Swat here is shown s igniiu; adoption application papers which legally will give the name of Itulli to the two girls in the cen- Icr at the picture- Next fo Mrs. Ru (li, at left, is 9-year-old Dorothy Helen, wlio, adoption proceedings revealed, was a foundling reared hy llulh anrl his former wife. Next I u him in the above ilcturc is Julie Huclgson, daughter of I'.ic present Mrs. Kulii. » • « a , , Would Welcome An Heir to Throne of King Swat HV COHN' NliA Sersk-e \Vriler NEW YORK.-Iii the "land of swat" there are now two little princesses entitled to bear the name of iiie "king of swat." But only those close to Babe Ruth know how many youngsters he has "unofficially adopted" — a hundred or m-jrc sick and crippled lads in the New York hospitals and a hundred mere who, during the baseball, season, clutter about a certain hole in the fence where he slops to chat wilh them. He is their counselor, their inspiration. their critic .their good friend and u.eir clisii briiiger. Yet the Ruths would like to believe that some day a Bambino would come" as heir to the "throne i f _su.ut."; "That'a kind of pcrsorial,* of course," said 'the Babe." "l r . would make us very happy, said Mrs. Ruth. "Would Welcome. It" Several months ago, there was a rumor known to have laken a personal interest, checking on their family llf,; and their particular needs. So if. perchance, there is no "little BambhK." to inherit Use crown of swat—Babe Ruth will have established a kingdom of devoted subjects. Says He Shot to , 1;] scape Drinking With Gangsters Says Desire, Not Reason, Basis for Belief in Eternal •Life. • - -• LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 4. (UP)— Clarence Darrow, noted Chicago criminal lawyer and lecturer, and By KAYMOND CI.A1TKK United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Nov. 4. iUP)--Pr:s- Identlal politics in 1932 will be vitally affected by the resnlls of today's election according to the almost unanimous view of politicians and observers. Seldom has an oil-year election held the significance of this one. First of all President Hoover will make a tremendous psychological advance, or suffer an equally serious reverse depending on whether the Republicans hold or lose the House of Representatives. New presidential asp'.ranls among the Democrats may get their initial start if they win now. Older ones may lose for all time their chance at the White House if they suffer detent. Prohibition ISIjr Issue The fate of the prohibition issue, which appears to be rending party lines, with explosive force, also Is bound up to some degree in the result. Though he has sought to keep "aloof, President Hoover has the most at stake. He is prepared to see the House majority of more than 100 materially reduced. He- swept many Republican congressmen into office with the tremendous momentum of his victory in 1928. They have no such fore? now to pull them through and many will lose. Democrats confidently expect to gain the 53 seats which they need to conlrol the House. The rule has been that when CHICAGO, Nov. 1 (UP)—A con- fetslou In which a 20-year-old youth admitted he shot two gangsters rather than drink liquor with them was reported today by police- Edward Kojiowskl confessed voluntarily, officers said, he shot and killed William "Smooth" Sicrza and Fiank "Slim" Slnnlo, former convicts .when they tried to force him to drink liquor. The gangsters bodies were found in Sicrza's apartment last Sunday morning. Police had atlrlbuted tl'-?ir deaths to a gang war. Dr - E. Sanders. Little Rock . .............. „_ ....... ..... _ cf such a prospect. Mrs. rab W, matched thoughts and words a party captures the House in an off-year election, it elects its president two years later. Even should the Republicans lose the House, few- politicians" in either party believe Mr. Hoover could be deprived of renomination If he wanted it. He might have opposi- When Joe T. Went Native Harvey McCall Taken to Memphis This Afternoon After Collision Here. Harvey McCall, local faini equipment talesman, was rushed to Campbell's Clinic in Memphis this afternoon after suffering serious pelvic fractures, cuts and bruises when an automobile he was driving collided with one driven by Miss Emma Kate Richards, 22, at Main and Seventh streets about noon. According to Dr. P. L. Husbands, McCall's condition is fairly good. He was knocked unconscious by the force of the impact but. regained consciousness when brought to the Blytheville hospital where he was given emergency treatment. Miss Richards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ad Richards, was not in- jurcd. i Both cars were considerably damaged, although the Dodge coupo driven by McCall, which Is owned by George Disinger, received the brunt of the crash.. The machine ( were driven over the" curbing 'at ,tlW street ' intersection onto the : 'sidewalk by the force of the collision. According to reports Miss Rich- tlon, however. Some have urged j thc ards and McCall were driving In Ruth, when seen, regretted that it here last night on the that Dwight W. Morrow, Republican senatorial candidate in New Jersey, advocating repeal of the I8th amendment, would be an opposing candidate for the nomination. Morrow recently declared hs expected (o have the opportunity of voting for Mr. Hoover in 1932. He is not encouraging the movement. If Oifford Pinchot again is elected Republican governo/. of Pennsylvaiiia-sgainst the opposition of the Vare machine aiid other important deserters, this fighting insurgent might, become the lie nirls were called for after school. "> at angle. He hlnge"d"h"ls" argu" leader of an independent Republi- 1_ __ —i..i:_.- -„ . i .,„., moy[}]nenl in lyj^. Democratic Hopes lo get • " ltL *-'" lt: p'U|*Ji"iuuu iuur point-: Individual Democratic presidcn- |Ksel evolution of the human race, uni- tial hopes hang on this election fur [-^-versality of the idea of immortal j more than do those of Rcpubltc- wasn't true. subject "is man Immortal." "But we would welcome it," she Darrow maintained throughout commented. his discussion that immortality is Meanwhile, Dorothy - - ths Gin- ]>ased entirely on religion and noth- dcrella taken from an orphanage — ing else. and. Julie, daughter of the present ' "People, don't want to die snd Mrs. Ruth by a first marriage, hr.vs decay like animals and hence they become schoolyard figures of the . ht) P c fne y won't," he said. vastest Importance. Dr. Sanders treated the question On the afternoon when the adop- i in a " entirely scientific light, de- ii-.n matter was to be heard before Cl » rm 6 » was not a religious mat- Surrcgatc Judge Foloy, the two lit- ' er anci llc would not treat it from lie cirls were called for after school. tllat an B le - He hinged his argu-. And" was there excitement? . . . mont5 on evolution and sought t.-! can moveii They are beset by small boys a.*- ™l>port his stand with scientifl- Di ing them to use their "drag" to get ; fac ' s ?. He P r oi»>'nded four point- Individm ng them to use their "drag baseballs autographed . . toe, by small hero-worshippers' iteking irifonnationlion concerning their idol. • Meanwhile—also—George Herman Ruth likes to have that particular Hy, conservation of mass and energy, and man's over endowment of ans. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York, long regarded as aspirations and spiritual j a possible candidate, has been bur- Tammany judgeship he tmilcs all ov.:r when he hears his time, decays and is reproduce:' as other matter, but declared the': is no spirit, or heaven, or soul, cr He likes "daddy," too! But beaming affectionately on all 0 " tn " e ~ form'ot" hereafter.' childhood is no new role for the Bambino. Only through intimates is there any way of checking just how extensive are his charitable and humanitarian activities. Some say (hat as many as a hundred poor jcunssiers, ill or maimed, have teen looked after out of his pocket. Others will tell you of a half liun- tiiL-ti other bays, bed-ridden in Manhattan hospitals, to whom he pays i.jgular visits. Remembers Own Childhood These are things that Ruth goes about quietly. He has never for- sot:en his own childhood—for "the Bar,?" c«mc from a Baltimore orphanage. lio.v many lads he has cheered ha;-k into health; how many lads »ii me brink cf death gained new umijih after a vsit from their horo will never be known. One dened with scandals so : direction with the former In front. She is said to have attempted to turn down Seventh street to the left when the machines crashed. heavil should he be re-elected, he would have vehement though not neces- Oil Coated North Canadian Carries Flames Toward Nearby Towns. OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 4. (UP —City firemen and volunteer workmen patrolled the meandering course of the North Canadian river which - r „ „, /following submission off' the' 'wild 'Morgan- Stcut oil gusher. many judgeship today, beating out fires ily that even spread along.the stream I sarily fatal opposition as a presi- . Waste oil spreading from the np- dential aspirant. If he loses now, roarious gusher at the Searcy Bank and Brandies •Clewed Today .SEARCY, Ark., Nov. 4. {OP)—The Union Dank and Trust company of Senrcy and tin Citizens Bank of Bradford and the While County bank of Beebc closed their doors this-morning. The Jailer arc subsidiary hanks of the Union Bank and Trust company. Gr<and Judy Submits ! Re'/port of 75 Indictments; Praises Officials. The grnnti Jury of the. criminal term of court submitted Its final report to Judge W. W. Dandy late yesterday afternoon. The report follows: To the Hon. W. W. Bandy, Judge: We.v-.the grand jury for ihe Ocr i lohcr'iOSO 'term of Ihe Mississippi County.- circuit Court, Chlckassw- ba district, bcs to submit this our final report. We have been In session five days. SUTEIPLEIMLTT: Life Imprisonment Is Maximum Penally Without Jury Trial. After n consultation with his at- p lorncys, E. E. Ale.xander niicl Claudo iCooiicr, during the noon recess of 'court, Ernest Fletcher Hodge appeared Irefore Judge W. W. Bniidy t 2 o'clock this afternoon and lll'.drew his. pica of not guilty to ic charge of innrilerlnB his wife, Irs. Minis Ring Hedge. The defendant changed Ills plea o guilty and was sentenced to life iiprisoninent by Judge Bandy. In cccptlng- the pica and passing sen- nice on the defendant the court alcd II was beyond the' power of ny court to Inflict the death sen- ence, that supreme power resting nly with a jury. He also stated lat under the proof brought out He case did not show all the ele- lents of first degree murder. Although It was rumored about he corridors of the courthouse Duong court attaches and lawyers it noon that, Hodge would change iis plea to guilty, the action of .the The American congressional committee sent to American Samoa to nquire Into the American system of government In that clcucmlcncy, Carried on Its work In picturesque surroundings, as shown by these pho- (Tlcsraphs from the far off Pacific Isle. The upper picture shows how Samoans gathered with the committee In a native liut, to hear ths estimcny of witnesses. Below the committee Is shown at a feast given by native leaders. Left to right are High Chief Manga of Samoa; longresunan Carroll L. Becdy of Maine; Senator Hiram Blngham of Connecticut; Chief Majalet of Samoa, and Senator Joe T. Robinson of Arkansas. .{Japanese Ship Abandoned in 'North Pacific Ocean during which lime we have examined 120 witnesses, and returned Into oi>cn court 75 true bills of indictment. We have examined the Court House and found 11 In good condition, prisoners well cared for, ami the grounds around the Court House and Jail well kept. We desire to publicly thtmk the sheriff and his deputies for their prompt and efficient service In getting witnesses before the Jury. Also the'prosecuting attorney and his. stenographer for their efficient services rendered, and having no further business before ou: body we ask to b* discharged. 'Hesppcclfullyi KOI ',. E. liluyi^ck, toremor J, O. Barnes, secretary,' " Kansas City SANT FRANCISCO, Cal., Nov. 4. CUP)—The Seiyo Mam, Japanese frclchter, Its rudder gone and wal- lowiiig in a dense fog off thc Aleu- i tian Islands, was abandoned at an Republican early hour today, a wireless dis- i i .«: • ,-, T patch receiver here said. Leader Missing: Lai' 1S| Forty men aboard the 'stricken Fminrl in fntmtrv ; vessel were "Ported to be sate on TOUnO in Country, . the Snlrana MarU| ano ther Japan-• i esc ship, which answered a call kANSAS, CITY, Nov. 4 (UP)—, for aid. Federal zrji.. county authorities . today began sfi investigation into the disappearance early today of i Rex Hedrick, Republican and chairman cf the Jackson county board of election commissioners. His car was found abandonee! or. a lonely road several -hours alter he had left his home this mcmir.3 to go to the offices of thc board. Republican Blyllieville Auditor Dies in Memphis Hospital; Was Well Known Here. I Royal auc'.itor died at friends of Hedrick. : however, he will be scratched from thousands of barrels daily ; the Democratic presidential list. | a i ong the river. The brown scum hearing from thc chairman's wife thr.t he had not bwn threatened, expressed the belief he had been kidnapped by political opponents. His disappearance left two Democrats and one Rcubllcan 1 on Uie election board and O. O. P. lead,;; ' ( \ ers threatened openly to retaliate IT flowed ''' Investigation showed politics had Members of First Methodist Church Make Good tn to C. -Mills, 46, Blytheville and accountant, St. Joseph's Hospital In „. _. , Ihe Flrs < „,,,,„,, _, r Church of Memphis about 2 o'clock this morning. Mr. -Mills had been ill for some lime and he was canled tD Memphis late yeslerday In a Cobb' ambulance aflcr his condition grr.v steadily worse. So far as known the; deceased Is survived only by his widow. Mr. Mills had been in the audit- defcndunt came as a distinct sur- irise to the packed courtroom. The state had not completed its case when Hodge's counsel asked tor a few minutes recess and re- .urned to enter his guilty plea. S. LJ. Qladlsh, district attorney, and his assistant, Neill Heed, interposed no objection (o the plea and Hodge stood up to receive the sentence of the court. courtroom was packed as thc state witnessss re-told the incidents leading up to the tragedy at the home of the young saleswoman, often during the morning the crowd moycd up to the b»r and threatened to surge over the' desks where Ihe defendant and-lawyers were.seated butjfhurt. attaohes.s«i- ? .\ cMde'A^ntv'iWBnj ti-sirmh 'spwe'^. Inclde the bar and tl-,; (rial proceeded with frequent Interruptions. While his father sat beside his counsel, fighting the supreme effort of the state, an innocent little two year old ^y, walked baldly about the courtroom smiling .'at court attaches and climbing up and down from the arms of his grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Ring, ns she sat hi thi witness chair. Victim's Moth?r Testifies . A story of a family divided, apparent reccncilintion, and then the tragedy, was unfolded In the court- rootn by state witnesses. Mrs. Mlnnto Ring, who made her home with her daughter, told of Incidents leading up to the shooting. Her daughter, Mrs. Annls Ring Hodge, had secured n position in a store here. The young mother and her twr. small children lived with Mrs. Hodge's mother. Hodge and tils wife had separated before his family mov.31 here in thc fall of 1929. Mrs. Hodge und her mother kept two roomers to help care for the family. Senator Joseph T. Robinson of •kansas, vice-presidential caiidi- ! date with former governor Alfred j E. Smith in 1928, is one of the dry ' presidential aspirants who must be reckoned with by all contenders. He is a candidate for reelection but caused his abduction. jj ecnme a t, morc than forty points late yesterday, The towns of Harrah, McClcud and Spencer 'were threatened with destruction. The Waner bridge near Spencer, named in honor of Paul and LJoyd Waner. thc baseball Parental Education Director Giving Lecture Series 1 at City Hall. ; Wilh a doubled attendance over mcctlnE the ! | having no opposition he. is certain j stars, was. destroyed by the fire. to continue in the senate. Governor Albert C. Ritchie of Maryland, [ will Adjust Claims a candidate for his fourth term at j OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 4. i"JPi Annapolis, favoring repeal of the . Damage to property caused by thc 18th amendment, will, if elected. ; w ild now of the recently subdued seek the mantle of Smith as the ! Morgan gusher will be adjusted hy hope of Democratic antl-prohlbl- j n c ] A lm board consisting of officers tionists. He stood aside in !328 to i 0 f the Morgan Petroleum company, give Smith a clear field for the operators of the unruly gu th:: 1 city cent an inspiring report of church activities, hi membership S.-aln and finaT.ce.T. 10 Ihe North Arkansas Conference, opening at | tc-r.isht. I In a meeting last ni~hl money I; "-II a short lime ago. ever S20.000 I Although definite arrangements In? buE-lnc« here for about five I The estranged husband suddenly years coming to this city in 1925. lie was associated with the firm tf Scui.imore-Mills fcr some time and later established a business •-if ills ov;n In which he was -active was mired was given by this cci:arcsat:on in the past year, lilt-re wire '-20 new members h . « short course oflcrcd '.support of wet Democrats'at-'the Fred Morgan, president," said to- added with a net gam of 1G9 for l::c : car ranking a total of 1,182 I on the church roll, which Is one • cf tho largest in thc city. The Rev. P. Q, Rnrif. pastor, ac::tm: .inUr. by W. J. L-rRoy, paster j of the Lake Htrot: Church, and | have not been made, It Is under. :tobd that funeral services will bs l.eld at Memphis where Interment vill bci made. Baby Roys, Age 14 Months and Two Years, Found Apparently Abandoned. TWO smaii boys, age about u j Storm Is Threatening Liner Colombia Freed from Rocks oL' Nev/ York appeared In this city on Tuesday,' June 10th. The husband and wife "talked over" their problems and apparently had become' reconciliat- cd. Mrs. Ring declared. But on Thursday Hedge showed signs of having been drinktaj and coon after Hodse brought his wife in from, her work that night, the two began arguing and Mrs. Hodge told 1 her mother that ftvery plan for ' their reconciliation was off, tlle young-woman's mother said. "Fletcher, I don't believe anything you've told me," Mrs. Ring NEW YORK, Nov. -I. (UP)— Th? declared her daughter stated. "She lold Fletcher leave several i months and two years, were fc:m;l i«.r.:cvtd national fame—the case of tcrium. Miss Golda Pyles of Little Rock. - ti,» riiv Pir.m T.,nv mr „ i Houston convention. His defeat by! dav aftcr several suits were ....... .. • , - , , thc Cits Parent-Teacher [ Mayor william Brocning of Haiti-i to recover damages to property! 011 ! he railroad near the Merchants more, Republican candidate for! sprayed by crude petroleum. governor, would remove him from i I _ . the presidential picture. Most Democratic interest concen- i traces on Robert J. Bulkley. Democratic Ohio. Coast of New LngSarui ' Us 48 passengers previously been brought ashore after a ;•;>' , • from San Francisco. I ~ candidate for senator in | ., : o. He stands for outright ra- j the : P«l to the «"<; *>" ch ™ s , l ^\ Th r : birthplace of the Ami-Saloon - Its Relation to ,, . . study Wednesday morning, i u. • , , _ Ann n:orc are 1aics of those . s ^ g * League, tr.e home of Senator falm- Cnrumas eves, when the "king of o'clock c °n D - Fes5 ' chairman of the Re- swat" gets the kick of his life by T h er e were members of the Par- Publican national committee into a Sanla Claus robe. m t-Tcacher associations at D3ll ot uaimng whiskers and putting on n -Armorel and Blytheville at today's IKiils Son He Mistook For a Deer Orccery company this morning. | __ where (hey, apparently, had been! 'NEW YORK. Nov. 4. <UP>— Ti>* ; Lj Ovltf abandoned. : weather bureau is^uci! a uarnnij, B^dl J y The children, in seemingly g>oi j toda y tnaL s'- orm **"*" :vid b - ra '. ' .^ " health tut cold from exposure." ara ^tended northward fmr, •'rovir.ce- ,^^ »T' _ .. / > • j. said to have ben left there by n \ to ™. M^., to E 3 s:p,-ri, Me. A 43 I IWilV'lly woman yhosc name hr.s bafa given j stornl moving northw.u>; uas cen- to Mrs. Ethel Wilson. Juvenile of- |™ to f»y ovcr_fas:erii .^o-'.h Car- ficer, who Is making an Investigation. and l:C«n IlcllIUJlal LUIIIIllULLtJ ll'.KI i . . .• __ Postmaster General Walter F. i PAUL SMITH'S, N. Y., Nov. 4 ILOIIC Vote Brmu1 ' Ule clliet P olltlcal P° w « ln ' 'UP'-MBtsiking his son, Thnmas r ays ' large show. These are strictly p:i- meeting and 27 Osceola wom=n at- - lhc Ho:)vcr clrcle ' a lalge doubt ' P ; J "° rd ' 15 ' [ f ¥"; P ' J ' F ° , ' ' J r,nd kept within thc family tended a similar meeting in" thv ful statc wnlch has motnered s - v " Albany automDbile dealer saot and l*r-J. _____ ... . . _ »i..»v.v.i - 53 *n tin, _... __ »,U««I_ nf t Vin. iin»:«*. TT» L-Ulnrt t}ia i-/1nrH li-ViH/i flin\H»n In anJ Its immediate friends. Knows Vouny Players As yi'U can see, the Babe is well equipped for the role of daddy, which 1-,; now officially assumes. .city Monday afternoon. cral presidents of the nation. He killed the youth while is yoinw, and except for an Incon- the Adlrondacks 14 miles spicuons term . in Congress some here yesterday. ing In fn>:n ollna, the warnir.; advi_-?d. Winds probably i<c-.:l;i rcucli gale force tonight In i'..s P.V.-I. it wai said. xes Light of New York $1,127.65 MEW YORK. Nov. 4 (UP)—With i .'wr election Inrptctors to count Further impetus Pita's and a policeman to pre- Red Cross I' r>t L <iT i i Lions Uub Votes CO Red CrOSS Membership Light voting marked today's gjn- tnil ci'c'k'.i at twc local pollinj, places where at 2:15 p. m. a t"al: of only 206 votes had been cast, j At the city hall this afternoon i . Mrs. Ring said. I "She didn't cay anything — just 'tln.-l of smiled," the mother testified, "but I had always been able to handle him before and I told him ' he woudn't do anything cf th'e kind." : Finally, Mrs. Ring cVjclarcd. she told he'r daughter that if Hodje i didn't leave they muit an;\ insisted that he? dsmjliter go with her out : of the house. "Momma. I can't leave my beb- •:os," were the last words I heard (Continued on pege 8) 133 ballots had been dropped In the ARKANSAS-Fair tonight; Wed- oox, while at the Ford building at n^^-l^v InC Milr, TM.I i^;r*u ». .- -..t.. r~* "•- :) ^ ll -J with Fnn- RinnUpJc; Mirl Watt 'years ago, he Is a new star on th'r I According to state troopers the,serve order, Geor»c Schrater, am the voting by i uj, umuncia uiiu-ntM -, ]pom!ca | h or | ZO n. With defeat now elder Ford had instructed his ssn • "Vlrr-'r rnd thc only voter In a $25 .MIStali: Main and Fifth j votes had been cast. The minimum iemp;rature iast .^t!? °!, Wilh Democratic nominees for ;night was 39 degress ana :'r,e mix county and township offices un- : lnmni yesterday, 55 degress: ckar. Bulk'ey would quickly retire into 'o watch a deer runway. The toy. ;)ib district, cast his vole when' the

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