The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNK 7, 1040 BLYTHBVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKKr' Floggings Bared In Probe of KKK Georgia Officials Gaf-her Evidence in MOYC Against Klan Winners at Peanut Meetina I ATLANTA, Ga.. June 7. (UPl — I Cleor^ia A^sislunt Attorney General Dan Duke dialled litre today tlml mi-mtaiTs of the recently, revived Ku Klux Klan liad 1l<>K< r ;e<l a 21-.. old m-.ii'o Navy veteran, employe of i an Atlanta hotel. ' | DuliL-. asisij'.ned to "investigate ruul Cladicrite" (lie hooiled organization in GciHBia, said the youth told hm he was ;;iven 52 lashes at a gun"; point at a desolate spot near h?rc (in IHe ui^lit ot Fel». 13. Tlie name ol the victim was nt>; revi'aled. Duke said, in order :iut lo jeopardize the Investigation nn- derwa}'. Dake said the; youth told him (hat lie was walkini; in an Atlanta suburb when n car pulled a!om;-. side him. One ol four men in '.lie niathhio pointed a yun at him tvnd o:(k-rc-d him itiside the ear. Ho said they a^hed him where he worked and then lokl him ihcv were "cum;; to beat, the hell one of him." The nci;ro said two other car.; joim-i! the (irst and ihev drove until Ihey reached a deserted spol near llif MHMirjpiii Airiiort here. II'- said they then forced him down on Ins hands and knees ami lashed him witii a two-tailed er whip. He said nine men look part, in llie lloi'.vin;;. lEevcuKe Mutivi' One of the men, ho said, told him tbat he had once seen a white Mrnrk Ijy a neiiro soldier ove '.mil he was lictcrmiiuHl to eel re- veni;e. Following the whipping, ;iiey lold him to start walking back toward Allanfa. and "nol to loot: The neiiro, a hellhop at an At- l;mla hotel, said he believed that |1>'- hud been mistaken for someone Police nt College Park, tin Atlanta suburb, said that on tha j::iuii> nisjlit they received an cnicr- SseJicy call from a IICBI-O home there .Se\'eval men wearing batlges hac forced Ihemsclves into the hous.?. Forecasts Shortage in Engineers for 10 Years Arkansas Publishers Meet in Hot Springs MOT SI'RINOS. Ark.. Jllllp 7. UJPi---'!'!)!' iinnttal conventi«ni of the Arkansas Press Associmion opened here today, mu\ ileli'mvlos stalled arriving yesterdiiy. The morniiii; Bct-logi'Uier rrnlur- ed iieneral (Hseusslons. nnd more detailed talks and technical polnls |\vi-re piitlined for tli e nfternoon session. C. !•;. Pnlmer, Arkunsas i>ul>- lishcr. presided at n round-table discussion of I he problems of dally ncwsinipers in the stud 1 , mid the cr.iie.spondhm meeting for Iho sveek- ly papers was lo be headed by John fiulon. A l;an([ir.'l for the pressmen was scheduled for t.mluht. wttli Rev. J. M. Hamilton of lletiton. Ark., " ITttesl speaker. 'I'll,, final day of the convention, Saturday, will be hlnhltuhtcd by a luncheon for al) delegates. Veterans Administration Increases Rating Boards M'lTl.K HOCK. .'.rk. June 7. «IM» -The Veterans' Administration lien 1 today had I wo new pension i at Inn boards to drU'niilne uht'UU'r or not veteruus t'l'fi'ivid tlii'lr disabilities In service. New board members announce! by Slate VA Dlrei'lor James Whin vverL- Clirard Shofner of I.ltlle Hock: Wayman 11, Van Onsen ol Muliud. OKlii.; Wllliniu Shumate ol .Senrcy; imd YOIIHK M, Or.sbllrn ol Ol:ololiu Winn uddeU that the total number of rfttlng bonrds here wus now seven. He pointed out that eacli such unit conlnliu'cl a doctor, ,\ i lawyer find tin occupational suf- clidUl. V'uv Vuur SUulfV's lluusfhnlil i'U-unlnK C'fif'fnlruVv, Furnlturt* deaiifr, ^Vhiduw C'lcnurr, >Vouil- M'tirk Ckuiier / Call MRS. AI.MA SCIIKKKK KrslilriHT I'liunr 839 VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.—Secretary of Agriculture- Clinlon P. Anderson (right) congratulates Nancy ICiiolvles (left) of Brownie troop Mo. 8, Suffolk, Va., and Joanne Christian of Girl Scout Iroop No. 3, Suffolk, aS he presents Ihc'tn with Victory Bonds for winning Hie lirov.'nie and Girl Scout 'Snack Jar" designing competition Luxora Society—Personal Mrs. John l^ord was hostess to he Methodist Wesleyan Guild So- •icty Tuesday night at, the Mclh- Jdist church. Mrs. Wei t Steed the devotional. "Crusade for Jurist." Mrs. Chuvlie Tlioirms. pro^rain IcailCJ', discussed "Kvanyelism, i Strategy for Peace." After the business meeting I'd a- sandwich sponsored by the National Peanut Council. Looking on is Wallet A. Richards of Columbus, Gn., re. tiring president of the National Pcttnul Council. James E. Wood, al Edenton, N. C., is new president. Deleyales from 'a states ;it- tended annual incut in)! of tins council to discuss research ami promotion for peanuts, filth most important field crop in the South. the Speedway Hntnrday. Poiice Chief Fired NKWPCUT, Ark., June 7. (U.l'.l -- Newi>orf was in (lie market for a chief of police today, niter thi. 1 removal ol II. K Hullivan from Hint office by the Oily Council hero. The otisler movement was led by Alderiran I'anl K. llolmrs. Jr., and tlu'ie was only one- dl-ssL-nlln^ vttte races, Tt\ev returned ; Mr. nnd Mrs. IJsl Udmislon. of Louise. Miss., were yncsi.s of Mr:;. Edmistoivs sister, Mrs. Elliott Williams, this -,vcek. Publisher's Aide Dies ST. LOUIS. June 7. (U.I'.I-H, l^ansin^; Itay. Jr., assistant publisher of the St. l.ouis Olobi'-DiMnoc-ral died today of a cerebral hrni- orrliage. The 35-year-old newspaper ex- clllive had been a patient 8, Ihe hastess sorv-1 Bnl . llcs tt , >s|)il!U for'thepaM '.' ue . p weeks, lie was stricken while ercishif,' duriti^; ai II NOG I A'. Neb. (U.P.)—Tile do nii:iid for Irained enyineers wil nol. be satisfied for al.. least I years, aerordinir to Dean Hoy M llrerii of Hie Universitv • of' Ne Inaska en!;ineeriiiu college. There nov; are 10 openings fo every ijratinnte he said basing hi livuu-s on jircwav nvoduulloii ol tr;:inet( men. Ri quests for engineers are oom- in;i to the college by the thou- fiinds. Cireon'salcVoitin!; the need lor i.'fln by the Air Forces Materiel l.ianch. ^.530 by the U. S. K'clamiiiioi) Bureau, and more Ih; ii Ll.r.dl) by tile I), s. Army Eu- !:ineerin;; Corps. A single oil eom- liaiiy is seeking 1,800, and radio firms are combing graduate lists for to]) scholars in ail branches oi t'.lr profession, he said. The university will graduate 14 iiinr-ers this spring, four in Au- '•'••t aiitl It! next January. Mrs.. T. E. Tucker was hostess Lo iho BapLisL Woman's Ml.ssionary Society at its vegulfir business meeting Tue.sday afternoon at First liapttsl Clun-cli. Refrc.shinont.s wcrt serveil. * • * After a month's visit with her sister, Mrs. R. L, Wntjninan, Mr. Wayiunan und their young son, I?nbert Lincoln Wagnmnn, in ilug- erstown,, Mil., Mrs. Julia Owen returned home "Wednesday. * • » * Mrs. William Johnson find Mr. Jolmsan had ris their guest for ;i week Mr.s. Johnson's nephews, Jack iml FlPtrher Pcnnebi\ker of Okla- iia City, okla. They returned nc Monday. HONORABLE DISCHARGES I'rotrrlivr Wall Hadrian's Wnll, in Eni;l:ind. was built atimil, 120 A. n. II exlendeil from Hohvay to Ne\vcastle-nn-Tyne. the entire \vi<Hh of IcnRlrmd, and wivs used as n protection tot the Roman garrisptis to the soidh. TASTIER, RICHER DESSERTS i Ice Cream, Sherbets .Custard?- with REDSTAR RENNET TABLETS i- X \ . JO for 10c\ Packed by ' O. MKfRSON K SONS Memphis, Tenh. ( Mrs. T. C. Pennebuker of Uoone- vi!3c, who has been -VLSI ling hei 1 iiKhler, Mrs. Willinin Johnson, for the pftst. three weeks left -Monday for Jackson, Miss., to visit her sister, Mrs. C. E. Reese. Mrs. Penne- bakur was accompanied by her Binndrlauehtcr, Mi s& Christine Johnson. » ' • * Miss Rarn Poscy of Bismark, Mo., nrri\ r ctl Sunday for n two w^jks visit wi(h Miss Snrnh Langston. Mrs. Roscon Colcmnn nnrt son, Toimnye, spent the past two weeks visiting Mrs. Colemnn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. w. B. Wyatt nt Abcr- Rc-cciH discharges or Mississippi I dcen, Miss, county men from tile Navy in-' Wnrie McHcnry left Monday for two weccks visit with her grand- Johnnic' N. Rre<l, seatnnn, firs' cla.«s, son of James Reed, Hiythc- villi-, who served 23 months and saw duty in Ijotli Die Pacific and KuropcKn theaters. His wife resides lu-fe. li-I.sio L. Killer, seaman, aecond clacs. son of Mvs. Hnttic King, Blythcville. He was in Ihe service 1'J nu-nths and on -sea duty eiylit nionlhs in (lie Pacific Tlicnlor. William J. Chiles, se.iinr.n. first. rhiKs. son of E. S. Chiles. Osceola. He served in the Pacific, Asiatic and Hiii'opcnn theaters during the fc'K months ho was in the Navy. Fiery, Itching Toes and Feet -»i •it tlruKb-ls stinjr. tloli nriil incMiilot; aiul for tlioiiRroulM ileBscil rcliuf. fw i-nsy :nnl —it Oor.s not stain. l>:irlj ir not .«,it- .^rywhcrc. mother. Mr.5. G. Clarkaclale, Miss. W. McHenry at Mrs. -E. -M. : Bro!nski, of Memphis, visited her sister, Mrs. B. W. Thomas, for- a few clays this week. • • • Wllllant Johnson and Roscoe Cok'tnim flew to Indianapolis' for SATURDAY BA KERY SPECIALS 7-Inch, 2-Layer Banana Hut Cake - - ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Sorry — Just J to o Customer Don't Say Bread Say HART'S Bread HART'S BAKERY BlytheviHe Owned — Employing IJlythcville People Woods DriiiV Slorc - C'ily l>rug Co. For a new experience in comfort... Winltirop In-'n-Outers. They're easy on Ihe feet, rhanki to evthion-Eorfc platform sole; eosy on the eyes, thanks to up-t»-ltM-mfnute styling. «J7 Cl> WINTHROl' DUKSS S">«IU TYPES S5.SO to Sfl.ftO The Family Shoe Store !# SPORTING GOODS >l(i|> in and sco our st'luctiini ol Sportinjr (ioods . . . ; (initiarc 1 om !.mv 1'rici's. Official League Baseballs Official League Softballs . . 'Arkansas Traveler' Ball Bats each $2.25 each $2.25 $1.50 to $2.75 Regular Size Casting Rods Junior Casting Reels Regular Casting Reels Sturdy Jointed Fishing Poles Treated Cdnc Fishing Poles . Fishing Tackle Boxes, See our selection of flies, Choose Your Supplies Here $11.95 to $17.95 each $8.95 each $9.25 $1.50 75 Special $1.98 ures.' Soul Covers mid Models. AUTO SUPPLIES .....T 15 for All Won i . to [lumper ;(inl firillv Chrome I'lntod. I'cr Pair White Wall Kims for Hi" Whocls (o Vi/ors Jtwcl. Pair 98 t'onvt'rsinn Kxhausl Kcfluctors In With St';il I! Outfit- •K't-Fli. Kach iMKKCDKY HATTKUY CHAKGKK >'Z49 Factory Built Motors for Model A Fords, Plymouth, Dodge and Chevrolet Cars. StlC.OO $|£r !>ms B * v up lo IVV I'KNN-KAI) MOTOR OIL 10 <J1. Can WIUTK UA'JTKHUCS Plus Kxchannc Ifarli Carries a 21 Month Mnniiulitiunal (;uaranUc. Miscellaneous Values! Decorated Pottery Cookie Jars $1.98 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures each $6.95 54-Piece Dinner Set Service for 8 I'ersons N'ii'H.v decorated whh $OA-'»S Mural Taftern '20 Sale - Mirro Aluminum Ware Sauce Pans 75c to 1.15 Boilers 1.95 to 2.40 Chicken Fryers 4.70 to 7.25 TOOLS for Car or Home Just Received a Nc\v Shipment of Tools of all hinds. Check your needs and compare our low prices. Watch our Windows for Daily Specials and New Bikes and Radios. SOUTHERN AUTO STORES Phone 3451 ('AIM, ItRYANT, Manager 113 West Main St. Wher* Your Flowers Art—You Ant One cull to us will arrange to -hive your remembrnnces gent, not jtwt price, -but month after month. Ask about thia plan. [^FLOWER SHOP i .t.n. Btnrle. * Ph. «»l Mr*, i. M. (MM) Wtm»M, 4% FARM LOANS Kuril! loiiii.s tnuilt: to fit. your individual needs. Our rt'-l>nyim>til privilc^i! ijnintoil ivll borrowers, us cx|>liiin tuir I'ro-PiiymiMit Uoservo I'liin. NO EXTRA CHARGES—NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If wo niTiMiKi! 11 Injin with you it is KOCH! InmincKs i'or UK to niiilii: it fit 'your )KH'dn hcauisc farm loiins itro it jronil investment only when they nr« gootl for the l'n n\i owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY . J'ho'ne S181 Need a ... TAII' 11 I M £1 1 • • Call Bonded and I nsu red Bill Wunderlich 24-hr. Seryke I i FURNITURE Of couniR, we don't [jeL all wn conld sell, hut as wo get it our policy will bn first come, first snrvcd. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. .'!01 Kusl Main Phone 2302 All our KmplnyrM ftre War Veterans. For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. H, M. I.arkin — - — Balen n«lma USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA'Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you nre Roinjj to keep your present car let us give you nn estimate on recondilioning your motor, body and ]>ainiing. Credit terms can he arranged. Tires, Tubes 'and auto nnd home radios for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmohile East Main St. RMC Tracks Thorn 519 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION (estimates S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLVTHEVILLF'ARK • (pkone 36*c aHd2:^

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