The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1939
Page 3
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Trade Declines 30 Per Cent-In Five Months Of 1939 !KtNKINC, MancllllklW (UP)r-. American" business lii this Japanc-se- spoji'Mred. nation Is steadily dc- cliiilnf a'nii fc-r'elgiiers here believe it. spoii may roach (lie vatitslimp point. . Latest government figures reveal til drop ot 30 per cent In American import trade .during the .first live months of this year as compared with the same period' a year a°o This was' the first:pronounced' decline since the "establishment" or Maiwliutaio eight years ago. • Ttic'-de'crease Is largely attributed K> Increasing aenrian" and Italian Wislriess here which has been' fos- U-re<l_ by, barter deals with Berlin and Rome. A' second'major factor is government Import regulatio7is designed to establish a monopoly within each ih'dlvfdua] and prevent gold currency payments for imports. . •' '• - . Payments in Dollars Present American business with Manchukuo is actually carried on now almost entirely in the United States. Maiichukiio importers con- iract in New York or San Francisco for shipments which are paid for in' the United States. 'Americans have re/used to do business here because of ', the impossibility of be- ng-' paid In United States dollars. The last resident American busi- nessrepresentative.,left the Mukden district recently and Americans. virtually, have abandoned the country;as ; far as business possibilities, go. Certain American imports had been on: the - increase for the past several 'years, mainly war materials or" materials that can be used for war;; Luxury .articles, ou the other hand; have been falling off. Chief among the products coining in frcm America have been manufactured iron and 1 steel, machinery, molor vehicles and petroleum. Before the European war, Germany and ts a lesser extent Italy, supplied- those products which once came' from the United States. Germany supplied millions -of yuan worth of machinery and Italy contracted to send hundreds of Fiat autos and trucks. V. S. Third Customer Nevertheless America still is the ..third largest customer this country lias, being, behind only Japan ^and ehloa.-jDaspiteVthe jlarge. ,in- jtreose iii .'German" purchases' here ill flic, last year, the. Reich is still •well behind the United States English; French, Dutch and other third, powers'., trade here, which normally is far smaller in volume tlian that cf the United: States, has dropped even more. .-Meanwhile, American imports-of Manchukuo products,-largely bristles,-- hides, horse hair, skins ' and wpql;.,have remained' 1 steady -at about'only "a fourth of the present exports to.' this.' country.' .'. -Manchiikuo imports in the Jan- uaty-Jmie : period." this year are given, officially as follows: Frcm Japan 511,630,0.00 yuan, from"China. 31.3M.OOO yuan, from the United States 36,713,000 yuan, from Germany/ -24,031,000 yuan, and from Britain-:and Italy 1,715,000 yuan each. . . A ' year ago, during llie same period,. Japan sent In 367,241,000 yuan - wcrth of goods, China 13,744,000, the .United States 53,333,000, Germany 12,808,000> Britain 3,369,000 and;Ilaly 97,000. The yuan" at the current official 'rate"of-exchange Is worth approximately 27 U. S. cents, but is quoted nl.7'/2 cents In independent banks in. Shanghai, Peking and Tientsin. 'S In County Fair I;ivefilorfe Goiiipetilian The giant stag beetle, of England, spends live years in the larval stage, and grows to a length of three, inches. . i ji-m London—Men's Style Center Top Ron, Lcft-The one, >eir old combination wlcde hoisc owned by Byron Holly of Holland, Mo., was the winner o't a blue riODon in this class. Top How, Right-Billy Caldwcll, year-old'son of Mr and Mrs. W. H. Caldwcll of Blytheville, inspects his mother's prize-winning pen of White Leghorns. Second Row, Lefl-The SOO-pound Du roc boar, entry of the Foxhall Farms of Oblon, Tenn., was adjudged grand champion in the swine exhibits at the cmmly fair here this we ek: The owner, Clarence Pox, is shown holding the winning banner awarded his animal. Second Row, Right-This imported Belgian drai t stallion owned by Dr. J. H. Moore of Hayti, M 0 ., and winner oi the grand championship in the Kansas City Stock Show, attracted co Jisidcrable attention in the livestock exhibit. Frank Stewart, thc/tram- er, is shown iii the picture. Third Row," Icft-C. If. -Whistle's entry wh ich won, the grand championship In the.helferfclass. 'The u'rlie animal is held by W. T. Sawyer. Third Row,' Rights-Three first places .went to this mare and colt owned by Jim Henry Lutes: They me RMown in the picture with Herman Duncan and. Babe Hiilchcrson. Fourth Row, Left— The bine ribbon for the best 1 individual- inule In Ihe three- year-old class went to (lie entry of c. H. Wallace of Dell. The anlm' al shown in this picture Is held by J. R; Lambert, bnrn superintendent of the county fair. Fourth Row, Righl-Another grand champion In me livestock show was this sevcn-months-old Hereford bull which was entered in the class for beef cattle by O. H. SwJgnrt of Farmer City III. Clicord Elkins is shown handling. the, % yearling. Leacliville Society — Personal latest things m men's styles from London are these "black- put" eye-Catchers. Safety idea is that the white belu or jackets can bfi spotted by motorists and -e'fl^ .gyring night "ki 9C kouts", Miss Maude Redden Weds Mack Sherroi! Miss Maude Redden and Mack Sherrod of Scnath, Mo., were married Saturday night, Sept. 23, with Rev. Ladelle, Baptist minister, performing the single ring ceremony. The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. L. p. Redden and she attended Leachville High School. • Mr. Sherrod Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Sherrod of Senalh, Mo. He graduated frcm Senath high school and attended Union University at Jackson, Tenn. The couple will be at homo in Scnath where Mr. Sherrod is employed. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Metcalf were attendants at the wedding. * * 9 The regular Thursday night bridge club met with Mrs. Chas. P. Harris this week. Mrs. Nelson Henry ttxm high score and Mrs. Ted Roderick won second. Lovely rc- freshmenls were served at the chd of (lie games. * * * Churches The Mississippi County Baptist 'Association will meet here at the local Baptist Church for a two- way meeting Thursday and Friday, —Courier Now* Oct. 5 nnd G. The body will be called to order at 10 o'clock Thursday morning with the last service of the firs day at 7:30 p. in. The second day will be started with a devotional at 3 o'clock with the meeting being closed at 8 o'clock with a sermon by O. I,. Powers. » » * The .Methodist Church schoo' begins a new year this Sunday anc a perfect attendance pin will be given the student that makes a perfect record tnis year. At a meeting of the Worker's Council Tuesday night the follow- mg Church School Teachers were elected for next year. Men's Adult Bible Class, P. I,. O'Connell; Woman's Adult Bible Class, Mrs. Mary Mitchel; Young People's Class, Mrs. Elwi DC Jar- nctte; Senior's class, Miss Ruth Lee; Girl's Intermediate Class, Mrs. J. H. Morgan; Boy's Intermediate Class, a. A. Miller; Juniors, Mrs. Bin-en Flaiinlgan; Primary, Miss Elizabeth Lee; Beginners, Mrs.' A. A. Anderson. Church of Christ Young People Start Dibit Study Tlie Young people of the Church of Christ met Sunday evening for their regular Bible Study. They began a study of the AcU of the Apostles !o consist of ten lessons. Members nnd visitors are urged to come and study with this claw. . • - • * Friedman Welnbcrg and Miss Dena Welnbcrg went to St. Louis Wednesday night.. Mr. Wcmberg will slay In St. Louis where he attends Washington University. Mrs. Norman Kcnnett left this week for Hot Springs where she will take a course ot baths. Miss Lucy Edwards of plggo'tt is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Edwards here this week. Mrs. Bruce Myrcle returned this week from Flint, Mich., where she has spent two weeks. Mrs. Willin Harndon' nnd son Freddie, will leave . Sunday fcrj Memphis and Tremble, Tenn. White in Memphis little Freddie will undergo a tonstlectomy. I Mrs. A. B. Kennelt of Homers-' vllle, Mo., is the guest of her son Tom Kennett and family here this week. • ..... Billy Steed who Is employed in Odessa, Texas was the guest of ills parents, Mr: and Mrs. E. L. Steed here this week. L. G. Bycrly of Middleland, Texas has ben transacting business here this week. T. A. Smith of Augusta arrived Sunday for a two-month visit with his daughter, Mrs. Allen Taylor and family. The world's largest power dam is said to be that on the Dnieper river in Soviet Russia. It was built by American engineers. It is considered aii ill omen for the world In Sweden, if more than five mourning-cloak butterflies are seen together. The oldest church parish in the ulled Statts Is said to be that cf St. John's Episcopal church, Hamp- on, Va., established In 1610. Libra, the balance, seventh sign of the Zodiac, is the only one tf the 12 zodiacal constellations named for an Inanimate object, REAL COFFEE — ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY will liirrtnsc In d o w 11 1 a wji rial City Recalls General -Confusion Five Years Ago wenty ,„,, , _. Thl* Soclrtllsi.gawmcd city, wliose lire-Wood is drawn from.iu lAn'ity n.iul varied Industrie.,, ' w R™< , M<15 ' 01 ' lls l* >v ' McUwy. Boclnllsl, prciwrecl (o ciuhiftlgu for his lourth tor,,,, the ciiiimbor <»t CommcMB immcd spcrinl commit, .u 10 ,^":, lllims W»rlrilf tor « possibta "cmcwncy" slluaUon arising froid vcjKnl or nmciHli of this coiuilry's uwitrnllty (it I Thc«! iwopnrnllons "lade because or n "i un- lion which developed M years axo uring the WoiUrt' Wnr dnya U ?* <lll '» <»"!• Bridgeport luldod 60,000, uersoiw to lls pojjulnllbn In less tlwn n yonr, ront.s wpnt ,,p 25. per cent, land valuer, leant*! Gp pi'i- ceiil, fuctorles went «)> overnight, and (ho trntilo sltuu- (ion bec«mc df.spernlc. , Job Huutrrit Ucscjnd So the clmmb'cr of Comniorco U not coin* to be ca«gi>t! umnvurn again.. Qomin lltees have b*en named Ho handle each fixclor in n possible war-boom, a boom nlrcndy cxijeclcil by the iiinn on the strict. Fnctorles arc bclnn UcluK'cil with applications for work. Word lifts OIIU out- ,10 the Job-seekers to come back later." In cvcrii 6J n wnr-boorh, liei-e ai-e the. "facts" ns presented In u Chamber of Commerce report; • 1. There win bo nn nlm<Ml Im- iiicdlnlo (Iciiihnil for Inbor; willi only a limited sujjjily of sk'lltect nnd semi-skilled «-orkeis available In this afen. 2. The present house vacancy 'la Inr bcloiv normal nnd nhs- sillj- stantlal Increnso In employment will produce a slluntlon fnr more ncule- llmii it wns In tflis. 3. Trnrilo coiiBestlon undoubted- , •I. null' fncHlllM will Iw tnxccl lo lliclr iilmost H'lllilii a comimi a lively short I'liiie, 0. Ami, 'Dually, .from a national .iliiii(l|)0liit, gnvernmwlfnl coutiol 111 Kewral (Ill-actions should lie nil 1 tlclfxiled tilong (IIP Hiici of pflep- .\liiB, Iliiillntlons on carnh!p,s mill ci-mKfd lii.vntlon. Wuriilrif Against Olithn'tsin "Any thinking (hnt ilia Hftlni; of (he nrms umljarijo will result in more iirofltnble imlustilnl opcni- ilaii Kecms fallaclouti In the face of a nrnoUcnl surety Ihnt Ihc isov- I'timient vVlll seek ways to divert ft tanre' pnrl of (hose pi-oflU to Iwl- - llr, own nnuiiiMnl slnietiirc," chamber said, piiE mnior Indiislrles lic'renift (tin Blkorsky Aircraft pluiils, • ami tliif IleinliiHlon amis fuctorles, an well us innny precision tool fac* (orlos. Another Coiinoctleut city expected to bciiont If n wnr-ljooin dcTCl- ops is llurtford, where nre local- ctl Ihc colt's Pulent rlrc Aims Miuiuruclurlng Co., and United Alrtnift fuctorles, as well us ninny otlicc Industries. Oov, liny ma nil E. lialdwln; mcnullme, i>xpress«l hope Connec- llo\it economy would proceed "nor- itinlly inul naturally" without UK- slsliiiici! of «ny war-liobm, Any linhis rcsuUiiiB from « svnr Worn to Industrial Connecticut,- he snld, would 1» ollset by rising pUccs. Scout News Boys :..-.': . - Girls UpMtt North Little Rock , mJ8SEI,LVIU,E, Sept., 30.-Thc nilssrtlvlHo CrlmsVm Cyclones uti- wl Die dope bucket by (rounding Die highly-touted NoHlf ZJttte • Rofk \Vlldcnt-i, 14 to 7, lifre last Paris, French capital, was in the hands of the English between the jcnrs 1«0 ana 1436. STANDARD TIRES All Troons To Meet All three Hoy Scout troops will met flt ihi'li 1 'respective places Monday night at seveii o'clock. They will llien attend the picture show vvllli their scoutmasters as-guests of Mi\ mid Mrs, O. W, Mcuiitchen. ( .J. L GUARD-'Optometrist Onlj Graduate Optome- trlit In BlythevUlB. Fitted Cormtlj •OTHER SIXES . , .. PROPORTIONATELY LOW// lMl,a MTtt Voit, el llnttfH KM M'Wrn 1»"»' •>*>> jtl/r'H Vtllniltlm. M,ifr, nnlno, N.vitmuU, N, ft c JM Nrtwi PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Ellis Snlpen, Badret Mn. Blh £ WUnHt Phone U« THOUSANDS Thrilled at Performance This Afternoon DON'T MISS The^Most Sensational Show ' Ever Seen in This Section TONIGHT AND Sunday Afternoon DEATH'SHOLIDAY THRILL SHOW Presenting Capt. Frank Gushing and His 'co m pany of Death Defying Performers MAR JORIE BAILEY World's Highest Aerial Act CAPTAIN MARS The Hitman Cannon Ball MARYGORDOU Nation's Leading Auto Dare-Devil. AUTO CRASHES-ROLLOVERS—HURDLES AND SPILLS HIGH POLE—HIGH WIRE—FIRE DIVES DEATH DEFYING SLIDES 2 Hours of Entertainment (o Hold You Spellbound Thrills! MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FAIR Gate Adm. Adults 25c Children Free

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