The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1936
Page 4
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V * fAGfc BLYtftEVlLLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS "THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ISOt COURIER'NEWS CO., PUBUflHJKa C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAWKS, Advertising Manager Sole' National Advertising ReprcseiiUUvw: EwlltM, Die., Hew York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Calls*. Sanm City, Memphis ' Published Every Afternoon Kxcept Qunday Entered as second class matter at the post bfllce at Blylheville, Arkansas, under *ct of .Congress, October 9. 1917. Served oy tne United Pnei , 6UUBCEIPTION RATK8 By carrier in Hie City ol BlythevlHe, 160 p*r wwir, or~$6.60 per year, in odv»nc«. By mall, wmilti it rnclliis or CO miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 (or six -months, 76o (or Oiree months; by mnli In" postal zones two to six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eltiht, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. fieans. Sjtinuch, Cucumbers l I Some • difficulty in securing 1 Ji > fiill acreage is being experienced by • both the Hlytheville Canning company • aiu! by (lie Baton compiiny, pickle - jacking concern which is cmle;iyor- ing 'to launch a cucumber growing pro-~ grain in this territory. The reasons arc various, including . the prospect of a largo and prolit- able cotton crop, a Browing season so T favorable that there hits been ,pr«c- 1 tic'iilly no abandonment of crops oi' any ^T kind, and reluctance to sacrifice govern- incut Benefit, payments by following so-called soil-conserving crops with -• truck crops, which are classified as £• soil-depleting. We; believe that if farmers would j carefully check their compliance with ."'' the government's program many would ' find they have an excess acreage of boybeans and other soil-eonscrv- - ing crops, a part of which they could Jcnt Tor. hay and follow with bonus, spinach or cucumbers without sacrilic- « ing any part of then' beuclit pay* incuts. Others have small tracts of idle land or land from which soil- depleting crops have already been removed which they might profitably devote to truck crops, hi any event wo believe it is true that, rcgiirdk'ss of immediate profit, it is very ninnh to the interest of fanners of this ter," litory and of (lie cnlire comniimily ; Unit the casli market which the e;v>, ning factory provides for ci ops, other ; than cotton, and which is pioiiiiscd by ; flic i>icMe industry, be protected. '• Cotton, for the moment, seems to ,. be over the economic hill. But it is ! ' 'almost a certainty that (here will never again be a profitable market for im- limited cotton production. It is not unlikely that circumstances may nKa'iii force the price of cotton below the profit margin. Certainly it is highly (leshnlile to maintain insurance in the w;iy of markets for other crops, ft • is scarcely the province of the Courier News to attempt to advise farmers as to the program they should follow. We strongly believe, however, thai many could profitably investigate the possibility of additional income for this fall. The county agent's office will 'bo glad to give full information as to what may be done in the way of truck crops without jeopardizing benefit pay- mcnts. The canning factory, with respect to beans and spinach, and J. JIcll Brooks, uiiii lTsnci;t lo c , lclllll i ) . 'OUT OUR WAY ers, will-bo glad lo discuss fall aero age, Low Fares Stand I he Test. Protests of eastern railroads against the new 2-ccnts-a-milo passenger viili; inaugurated June 1 are beginning to grow a bit sciii'ccr in the face of substantially increased revenues. Incomes of 27 eastern roads in June, under the 2-ccnt rate, advanced (J per cejit over those of « year ago. Individually, some roads did even belter: the New York Central showed an 11.2 per cent gain, and the Baltimore & Ohio a JG.7 per cent rise over June, 1035. It's ,not logical, of course, to attribute increases entirely to lower rates. Business generally is improving. By the same token, it's fair lo credit Ihc new fares wilh much of Hi is business. The figures prove that rail service can be popular and profitable if the rates arc right. Civil Service In Counties The Ohio Slate Civil Service commission bus decided to extend the merit system to t'oimly govonunoiit, Placing at least 10,000 jobs under competitive examination. an encouraging maneuver in Die baltl'o Uptake politics otit of government. It, penetrates another unit of administration that employs hund- ral.s of Ilion.saiid.s over the country. The step murks recognition of flic fact that taxpayers have as much right to the protection of civil service in county government as they'do in'llio larger stale and federal doparfmciils. Here is .;i procedure that has been delayed too long, The Ohio'example should bo followed throughout the country. American girls cannot, be subdual. Mcubl- ly they are the equals of men. -Dr. Alfred Adlcr, noted psychologist. , • ' ; * • V * " : I cnmmt conceive of anyone in the yc;,r 1010 cnllinu his fallier ; 'ol<[ bean." -n-of. E. J. Heiiiuslmw, London University. * * » I Imvc llckcrt the 1W i,t s | rack olllo tl|l , m '"Kiel's, it looks as tliougli my cnmpai B ,, a n" over. • r guess they won't diu- 0 go nround bnrc-nnkctl no more. They cnn'l stand the peckers and they are afecrocl of the bumblu- Ix-cs and iiillU-smilios I threatened lo sic on llicni. -Will searlcs, Long Valley, N. J. * * * The deepest objection to culture, thnl Is to the knowing- of the best that hns been said' is that it excuses ur, from living if wc merely conlcmplalc the' lives of other men. -John Erskiue, author. * * * The world otlcrs more opportunities lo yeiilh loday than it ever dttl before. -Henry Ford * * - * We do not need many new liuvs for enforcement. We need certain types of new liiws to close tlic loopholes In existing laws. -John J. neimctt, attorney-general of New York slate. By Williams OL' ROMEO, HIMSELF H4H? WITH CAMDYAN' FLOWERS VVAITIN' AT HER. GATE.' / ,, BUT I THIMK ISOMEO i ?<& DID WASH HIS s ^ft^-*^, FACE AM 1 NECK-/ f >p_lV', XVP?? ~ t ,^ OH, THIS A! KIT GOME AS FAR AS -THE &WORT, DAW MAM SIDE GLANCES By George Glark THIS Curious WORLD ^ William •jguson IN INDI/V, IN _,,, r-A... ASSAM EARTHQUAKE DID* SERIOUS DAMAGE TO BUILDINGS OVETK, AN AREAT OF /60, 000 SQUARE MILES, OR. MOREL THAN /Tv/cre: 7/V£- srzE o/=" JVEDN^SDAY, AUGUST 5, 193C ,jlvi.» , _ ,ACH OP THE. GI?EAT ANIMAL DIVISIONS OF THE WORLD HAS MAMMALS ---------- f / A ,£ REPHLES -------- SCALY FISH ----------- -SCALES INSECTS AND MOLLtJSKS- _ SHELLS BIROS ---------- irr:iiB 'AXN IIA3HI.TO.V, iinMIr rou'lllt Nfrrrlary In [t IFLTKU ljusliir** <JlHrl>,'^ncN to II Iruvi'l UfCt'lU'J 1 10 ninkv |ilni]M for Jjcr tnu-^vcck \uvtiiltni. nil. I, WAIIl-!, Inivi'l Itiirfiiu cjii- l>Irtjf, iu-rj«iunlfl* ln-r lo (| o J,»k.. llnrliir. Hill ntlrnrfril hjr.Anu, Jj l<lm Null' DimiKliI, Ann enrx lo llic mountain rr- Kort iintl tit Jli-Hl IN loai'lx. Tljr'ii Kin. nl.cK IIAM'II SI'HI.VCi, tin! Ill-nil hu.-Lliiiiin, >rlio fellx hi'r (rrinLI)- lie In i,o| ),,|,.ri.»lfil In KlrlK. l|jll|lll hilroilu,.,., AMI, lo .IAI.UK I, A Illll, trt-tilllix j.Jnjlju)-, Jllljlt<> <nlff» ]KT to II JlklM'0 Hi IlLU (nhliinnnlilu >EjiJi-xlle Hntcl tinil Alu> IN lljc hrllo ill tlic o^iMMlon. Slif inct-l« Mil-TV l'OXI»S, inrit- rl.-il liu( lllrlnllnn*. XOW CO OX WITH THE STOIIY CHAPTER VI rjillE long, sleek roadster literally burned up the mountain ronds. Aim clung to her scat at Jaime's side. Her face was wind-blown, her hair in disarray, ns the car sped up the gradient on the the Whilefacc M o u n t a i n, highway. When they reached the lop and parked on the spur of the mountain, they could sec for a hundred miles across the moonlit, shimmering surfaces of a dozen lakes. Around (hem the crenelated peaks soared into moonlit heavens. It was n majcslic sight. "There you arc,- Duchess!" Jaime said, taking his hands from the wheel and making a sweeping gesture toward the mountains and rolling hills. "I've placed the whole world at yoiu- feet." "I3ut 1 don't want the world," Ann said simply. "At least— not all of it." ."Do you know, you are a curious type!" Jaime told her boyishly. "And I've known lots of girls." "So I've been given to understand." "Tongues wagging again," lie said ruefully. "Porch sitlers,, I suppose? That's the trouble with a resort hotel. Too many knitters who stay on the porch and tell talcs. Why don't they get out, and sec something like this':" "That's what I wonrtered about you," Anii said. "Go on. Tell me how" wicked I am. I'm a good listener." "Well, you dance all night. In the mornings you sit in a fat chair al Ihc slock office, and watch ticker (ape. In the afternoon—" j "I play the horses? Is that all?" . * - * •• ''•JT you're- recovering from an illiicss," she said, "why don't you get some fresh air— climb mountain:, take lon : g walks through this beautiful cchmlry -get up early enough to see the glorious dawn." < - talk." "Oh! 1 ,»v ^W'/MU*- Most snnkcs like eggs In their diet, but there is a'snake in'eor.lh Unca that cats nolhlnu else. This curious reptile swallows all e-'-s whole, thus ell,ninatlu 5 W(ls te, ant! not until (he egg reaches 7he sullct Is it broken. Jlerc it comes in contact with teeth-like pi ejections on the snake's vertebrae, which crush the shell. NEXT: Which, wcl B h l| 1D most, male or female spiders? Kidney Ts.Curwl by Rcsl, and Division of Its Its Work Among Other Organs BY I)|{. MOTCRTS FISIIIJF.IN Editor. Journal nf llic AnuTU-aii iMnliral Assnrialwn. nnd of Il}-(rrtn,. tlic Health M:igit7i n i> The first, slep in overcoming a kidney disorder is lo rteloniiine the cause of the trouble. :u-,tl Ihc as next is lo reduce as possible the mno'tinl. ol \vork that ° kidnov hns lo do, In seeking the cause, tlu- doctor examines nnl only the kidney but all other organs nntl li^ues of the body, since llu-ir t;uli!rc to fund ton may have .ilfecled the kidney. The doctor i](vs this by ranking suitable chemical cx- nminntions and clftcrmlnliv the chemical changes that h.ivc tik- cn place in the pntlenfs Woc.1 "cst. for the kidney, is c«ijcc- ially Important in reslorinz i; lo health. Tills rest may t,» sii])- pllert by shifting the work of the kidney lo other organs. S i lc ], ns the skin and the bo\vp] s am ) helping the disturbed organ carry en the It! tic work it bus to do If Ihe pa c -;iit rests iu i,»ci t |,e kidney unquestionably WJD ),„ benefited. Tncrease in the a m oun! of .wonting \vlll give tiw sJ:W on opportunity lo ,do some o' the work ordinarily <lonc l>v o\c kidney. Use of mlflci b\ ; ;.tiv^ and enemas also rainy s |ilf ( to the Irewel some of' tho \\-\\t\ work of the kidneys. Finally, a carefully 'sclm-d dipt is especially Imporlalit. T], n „« fashioned milk rilct. 'is not%,tt. factory, because, il may movinp loo much nuld. or tAn rimch nrn- trin. for the Indivnt ml diet. Invariably. dcr» Juris sulof the If there Is ^n ncciiinulation t.f lluid in Ihc body, such ns occurs hi (he contlition called drop."', it is necessary to control the'intake of salt hurt mild. \( there is a great rise in the amount of "ica. or of nitrogen, iu the blood, the doctor will l-.avc lo cut down the In his examiualii'n. the ,in.-r->- will ccnstner the amount, -f , ,,' A nnounccmen ts TJio Courier INCUS nna been au- thotlzcd to mnkc formal an- nouncement'ot the following candidates for public office, subjccl to the Democratic primary nexi Aunist 11: For Representative In Congress ZAL B. HATUHSON For rrosccalln;; Altornty O. T. WAIID BRUCE IVY . DENVER L. DUDLEY MARCUS FIE7TZ ' For County Judge VIUGIL GREENE S. L. GLADISH NEILL REED For Sheriff ami Collector HALE JACKSON JOE S. DILLAHUNTY For Co only Treasurer ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For Re-Election for 2nd Tcrni For County Court CIrrk MISS CAREY WOODBORN For re-election for second term For Sl.ito Scn.ilor LUCIEN E. COLEMAN For County Representative IVY \V. CRAWFORD For County Assessor E- L. (BILLY) OAINES For llc-elcctlon lo a 2nd Terra For Constable, Chickasawbi Township HARRY TAYLOR FRANK MCGREGOR E. M, EATON „„,';' w " lk . climb!" he scoffed. fnal's why I have a fast car." "Then why don't you ride Horses—get some exercise?" "Exercise!" He made a wry face, but then liis tone altered a little "I do like to swim. It's n sort of—escape. I swim on and on and on, and sometimes' I think I might swim on until I can't Be back. Maybe I am a little craW- 'That's silly of you," she said Jl U , h r™, y ° U ^ You've regained o you ^'Thai's what I don't know " lie said. "I don't know what I W ant • Did you ever try really W0 rk- K at a job? That's escape enough for me. I'm completely absorbed In my job." Jaime turned. "Woman nrc you by any chance trying to reform me? Don't! There've been other girls who tried il and It was a bitter pill at the end " Ami laughed. "No, I'm not try-" '- reform you. This is merely he said, and his eves brightened. "You don't like talk You want some heart-searching! By (rial nnd error, you want to pry out the sccrcls of my soul." DO not!" she asserted, laughing. "I don't know a thing about ^you except—the surface porch sillers say you menn! All right, I'll give it p you straight I'm an idler. I ive on money I haven't earned, love lo play. I love to follow the sun. All I want is to watch ticker tnpc run out sweetly, and hear the dope sheets in the racing room running to form. Thai's what 1 do. Now, who am I? I'm Jaime Laird, age 26. The whereabouts of my parents is unknown. My mother ought fo be in Paris now. 1 ihink Dad is in Shanghai. I've «ol a trust fund, but it's like Ihc dole—just crioufih for me to live on. It doesn't breed contentment. So what do I do? I j us t live on it if I caii, and make myself unhappy all the time." "Don't be unhappy," she said ^That's the secret. Buck up. i;ike things as (hey come." He looked at her with a mock- HOTEL My ambition? want a little things." "What the heroic regard. "Lady, sp.irc a dime?" Ann moved uncomfortably. can you don't think I should have come up here with you," she said. Jaime leaned back against the car seat, and sighed, luxuriously 'Ot course you should have. Why not? Nov.' go on and tell me all about yourself. AVhat things do What is your ambi- iii}' happiness has come frm« i.«i.' ing others. I had Ch/,,° ', my mother and two kid brot ,c<' upstale." Jaime was quiet, an d f ei( ,.., sleep. She walchcd his pale fan in the moonlight. It was a han< some, weak face. There was eij crything about it that was dilTei erit from Ann's own firm Ee l assured look. Suddenly she was aware Hi,-: Jaime had opened his eyes, an was watching her, a la/.y ' sm j about his lips. He leaned ove caught her close and Itisscd he She could not find it in horse' i to resist. He kissed her agaii'J and then sat up straight and Jit cigarct. * * * J-JE was silent, lolling the smoli''] curl up about his fine temple and regarding her. Ann felt hen self almost hypnotized by his to vid stare. ' ' ."You arc n little riBht," he said. "I „ lou'rc different. Promise me no- If/ 0 " Won>l lry lo rcloi ' m mc forgranled, she realized. SheTli' 1 him—and yet, with an insliu, 11 bit of a like yo; me no- born of her tion?" _ "I like almost everything," she said._ "Especially the' outdoors." Jaime groaned. "Don'l ask me to climb a mountain, please!" --.... " u »<•••• ingrained selii eliance, she distrusted him. .iti wns weak, weak— £ "How am l different?" she sal? suppose y oll try to make lrW,i to all the girls on your first datcij Or have you a privale code aboil; such things?" :' "Oh, that!" |, c said nlmost -.1 lessly. "That isn't what couirf £' lll !,, mc - A kiss i-i "1C dark Ponf!" He blew out some smo lo illustrate. "lYc simply m <r i-a swell girl. We've bee! rJancmg. I like to talk with yoi' Just now we're sillinr; on top c. he world." And suddenly he sj: ; up. And perhaps, just now—fc' once in my life—I'm happy." ,.. She smiled at him. He was Inl leresled in her. if '/I'll tell you what I'll do," Jaime said, his py cs blight. "V 1 climb n mountain with you in til 1 nornlng. Not in (lie car, but o J foot. One mountain!" he amend. "What mountain will it be?" s b''i said. This proposal, coming fror urn, gave her a new insight hit us character He \yas less sellis nan she had thougiit. "Oh, let's take a little one first ! he said. "Then maybe we ca vork up to the big ones." She cried out wilh gay laughtei and in this unguarded moment h took advantage of her again H . kissed her, and said, low, "Bar 5 ! ling!" . (I It swept, her off .her" feet. An:-l sat away 'from him, and on the car switch. (To Be Coniinucd) amount of protein taken into (lie body. At the same lime, it, Is important to sen thiil,-the patient (.-els enough vitamins ami mineral salts (o keep his body at a maximum of nutrition. Lake Ship, Sunk in '95, May Be Found Soon SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (UP)— Phuis are underway to search for the ship Chicora, which sank with 24 persons in a storm over Lake Michigan on Jan. 31, 1895. The water-soaked hulk lias been reported sec nseveral times by airplane pilots, Allen chescbro, under whose direction the search will be made, snid thr.t an airplane will be used in an effort to locate the ship, believed lylm- in abiuil BO feet of water, three miles west of here. The Chicora carried a cargo of 30 carlonds of Hour and j,»iiev estimated to have amounted to about S30,000. CHURCH EXCUSES G. W. When my son-in-law and litrcd man told me lhat I could expect a large de-legation to call on me. I naturally thought it was cpmtiiB from my old church Since (hey put me olf the board, 1 hnve been expecting In.™ to con-.e aixl try to persuade me back, of course, there Is only one condition, -under which of the church bill as become politically minded — ••— VUJ VMIVtUL* (llJUiri WIllCJl 1 ' could consider taking my righl-l fill place, which is as leader, I dropped out of the church. Wi I I could not subscribe to tlv request and I told them my .•'-, liluclc would he lhat of "let, w i enough alone;" that, I was si ! | the new hoard of my church h found on I how niuch it hati c< I Jjlo deprive llic church of i for a niBii of my knowledge'and') Kc£ c«c Sguart Spoils Nap , ability is a real and true leader,! TOLEDO (UP) — Answering I but ns is often the case, very few follow; though lhat is not my fault nor does it reflect on my ability as a leader, the delegation came, but, Well, as i! turned out, it was not a delegation, but just a very small com- luillcc ami had no connection with my old church though I recognized one of them as hav- -, *" summoiis to treat a victim of lie J prostration, the police rescue srimJ awakened Dr. H. M. Helnlz fro' peaceful slumber, trying to nt'L minister artificial respiration. Til dcclor finally convinced them their mistake. In 1789 there were only 75 offices in the United states. I , „„„ " , ......... - ""• "•">.<-» in uii; uintcu state. 1 ;. I ": °"e tune been a mciiib:r 1929, there were more than 49,40 OUR BOARDING HOUSE £ -B>UT-^Spur-. T _7^s?U T - E6N ^ M'PE/XR.' \r ^ -THE UTEST MODE IM SUMMER ATTRE - OKi COURT AMD LIMK—- JM^EVE^V V^LK O^ LIFE — OFFICE STAFFS •SROOMED IM With Major Hoopl< f USTEKJ, YOU-BIS HIPPO'' ^ IF YOU WAMT TO FA-RAJ^E * YOUR kKiOTTy KMEES AMD THREE SPARE TIRES, AT \^-/ YOUR Mit5DLE,JM THAT , YOU'LL MOOCH . YOUR WAY OUT IWTO TH1 GREAT OFEK1 SPACES WITH THE OTHER FAT TOADS, BUT YOU'LL "DO WO CAMPIKK3 fa 1W THIS . TEkiT/ ^A-IBS. v.. IW WB 6ECOMD MOOD —

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