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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 26
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 26

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Rjmumjm mu umMy.ttmiiitiH.iwi raves Fracture IPEiib Cain ft! fiHend flon TTdh? Bv STA IIOCIIMA.N Frank Thomas Is playing rx" with a broken thumb. It i w' Tv doesn't hurt as much as a broken hoart. which is wnat ft ft- Frank Thomas Iigurea am 'V would g. if he just sat4here s- Aaron Pulls Key Play and a priuMiu awav So Tti mas hacked the cast tff his ruht hand last night, and he phved all 12 innings as the Braves beat the Phillies. 7 The Phillies h3ve lost five in a row now.

and seven of their last and their lead ovrr the Retis has shrunk a game and a half -With Legs, Mot Bat Bobby Bragait thought the reserves rated the raves, but Bragan makes his living managing Milwaukee, not writing jr' rf wttn seven vcw iw A i It is a kind of thing. ,9 -m baseball stories. "ateiaanKtw Th. get the hur -I Pennant ROCCS rahs.M Bragan shouted in the clubhouse after the Braves bad, At GlatlCG disobey the doctors to sued the cast, taking batting practice THE LONG STRETCH: Phils Tony Taylor pushes his frame an extra few inches to take throw from shortstop Ruben Amaro and retire Dennis Menke scrambled past ue rmuies 7-5 tiirti icnr.i i in 12 innings. iu uiuuk' uar; uui luui'iuuiu wiuti.

luiy rt pim san ntorsi Trk .64 for the first time and shelling into the bleachers, ignoring the paia and risking severe damage to hands he is so Qay Carroll. Gar, Koft. FC-ri: 2 2 5 AND AT HIE END. they were grounder to the right side. mg the cast off.

I taid okay. Ij Mike la Hot." Bragan aid. tors-m koa. Dtmi proud of he will catch anyone'st behind 7-5 with two out in the Thomas chased it. tn was glad to have him When i- tt-trwrtmna Ammr.

2: WHMMMl J. fas: ball barenandea. l2th inning and the tymg run, front of Taylor, and smothering Thama, played before, whatever! dreanw V.iTP&JSSSr jon base. But they didn't ti the baU with his glove By ihr needed to be done, he got it, JT "ra iw-Mij-A i uuriHi. BIT STORYBOOK THINGS; because Tony Cloninger came time the bafl was retrieved Kolb done 1 -ywa u-mr STio5iiriESi out of the bullpen to get Johnny had scored and Oliver wound up WHEN" THOMAS played 33.

JJX'm 5 St Herrnstem to ground out at third. g.mes in a row. the Ph.IUes Lt rJnZr '-ZZT 3 15 2 It was a tot hke that old Tony, Then the Braves worked a de- hun. they wer w.tast night To ft are not happening to the Phiil-lies these grim nights. If storybook thins were happening, they would have won last night's 2ame aie-KocKy tiraiano H2DIS.

wita tayea ooudic steal, i k. -vi wwm i m. I -am J. riMHiuMtt 1 getting down in the barretl." They were behind 3-1 with two the Phillies climbing groggily was rubbed out aU right but There was only one way to find Oliver smashed the ball out of oragaa nmuitg. i dkj to j.

rwiuir-a i nrm Txk j. OUt I UUI eOUId Play. JIOW ln rinin.r lu i. IWH-AI hmm.t PHILLICI J. Johnny Calbson hit a homer off was dramatic, and it was Gatrymple's grasp, lea ving mufk damaee ran vou do to R.f 11 a.m.

pwmh lefthander Hilly oett to tie it. citing, and it was heartwarming marks on both forearms broken g0nn, Svndty." V2' a.TT- Thy were behind 5-3 with two) But a lot of awful things hap-jU was too much to expect the it w1 frustrating sitting on KOLB STARTED the 2h in-, wmuutouui-riBiem out in the lh inning and Richie, pened too. The Braves got a Phillies to rally a third time, and lne know I can help ning rally with an infkld hit for a hit and Aaron scored Allen hammered an inskle-the-f run fojlowiru a catcher inter-ithey didn't th ciut thim is. if the de la Hot hit a pinch hit easily park home run that caromed ference call, and another run ALLEN HAD four hits and Cal-, Good Iord wants us to win it double away back in the seven erazily uff the scoreboard to tie when Calbson threw eight feet hson had three, but they couldn't' we'll win it th inning. Aaron was leaving PIIILIA PS: Art Makaffry it ov'r th catcher head.

Theyjdo it by themselves. Thomas! "This is a funny game. Cincy out Joe Torre, who got three against Denver Imakter this a i could play. Jtow noi a run alter relief pttcner didnt get any hits, but he nearly! beat us three in a row. We hits and drove in three runs, afternoon.

Sunday's pitcher is Bobby Locke's first pitch was I tnn Rim rrfv'. 't nn k. Arvl wm leaving out Henrv in doubt. Mauch micht have Clock Strikes 12 'L aUnedrive that allowed a run to the Cardinals three straight and Aaron, who might have pulled, been thinking about Bobby "ill' COT two In score In the fourth inning the Red twice That's what the key play of the game in Locke before be gave up the cii-f i tKJTrf JJi: nmrh when Je Torre hit a -The first time In the batting makes game so fair and'the eighth Inning. thomer to Torre The Phil- kSTu" I p'SlSSw1, 'Si! olneT Ma th "p.Preck fQ '3 MJrt fterwards.

wonderful I Aaron was on second wifh one had three hits for the first lill curv'ba First base Thomas hit two balls in the Thomas wdl play again this out when he started to steal innings. Then AUen sin- MMtrK ib 1 upprr oecK. me iirsi lime Be it hi broken thumb thiriS Riehia Allen rurne1 to miwukiii ii.J;2 till 7 10 Uk in the game he neariy protected by tape and an alumi- cover and Torre bounced a ball Billy Hoeft to p.tch to Calli- tit! broke the baB in half. num cast He figures he has all1 to his left. Allen couldn't brake thought he might get rnoic- nt ao to pitch to "When he told me he was tak- winter to mend.

himself in time, and it wenth one lefthanded hitter out." m. irfi twin. wan good. Mauch said after- Bragan said. "I thought the IZZfL "III 1 1 ward, Bur a manager doesn't MAIL HA I 0 HaT.f same thing in Pittsbursh.

and T.i. uriiuiuii erms of hanging curve UUnflT M.tnffBC gTaOTC ETUli ITT 1711 rffl anted arn baa la TUt a WUlie Stargrll homered." The crowd was 30.447 and the scoreboard offered no solace. The Giants won in the afternoon. Miak on 2 3R-7 1 vi. CT.

I j-5- y- ter. and Eddie TfoUow, Vnited r4 1 1 him. and Marhe, has a history lulP National tormcntina rh in i-easnie QUEOUts these davs is -wvl the t3th inning, the Braves that Sammy is what has made tr mm mm mm trnrH h. Kn O-J- t. Hm.

1 tvm rikcr Har I 4 (rmn ine vuhiuimu jicrua run. I vrfVi Cl the Reds swept a twi nigbter the Mets. and the Cardin- -Utf als beat the Pirates Thorn- PJ ajX a had 04,1 14 me ft" 1 Jf Wv -V shattering his thumb on a freak VZ-C I 1 P'y SeP Mauch doesn't JV lNV li- Torre saw no signs of Dail OUt Of tlta in'iIH fu4 Relief pitcher Sammy Ellis. 1 li SltS I 2 ews got tne key (lit i 1 i 2 that is. and the "run" they're 'h i 1 CARY KOL" out an ta-Ttl I field hit detptte a brilliant sinn rritl 4 Skarl I Raid hun SftJRt panic in the Phillies.

How i i I I Tony Taylor Then John Boozer struck out Torre. Oliver I 14 walked and then Mathews hit a tne n' P-L' T-l 4S. A-JftaT. nre aasn uie neus are mining for the pennant. A slim.

23-year -old righthanded can anyone say they're choking, the way they battled back?" he asked Carroll was shy. "My stuff was moving good." he said. "It I threw strikes I knew they wouldn't hurt me. but I don't want to say too much." ST AM IIOC1IMAN relief pitcher from Youngstown, Ohio. Ellis' rise to stardom In AMERICAN I.EAGIE NATIONAL LEAGUE PCT.

GB MICK TOO QUICK: Yankees' Mickey Mantle ducks safely into second as Senators' Don Blasingame chases wild throw from shortstop John Kennedy in fourth inning during attempted forceout. Yanks won. 6-5. moving step nearer another pennant. his rookie year has been one of the best kept secrets of the N.

L. season. And yet be has turned out to be the bulwark of the Reds' Whirlwind finish which now finds Pet GB it Jfl 4 tl C4 J87 4 SI 73 SJt US Phils' Figures a MR RBI BA AB ed out the nightcap victory withers downed the Houston Colts 2 II CI jssi Tack SS JJI 1H Baltiaaore S7 Sk Chicago SS Detr-tt 1) 3 Angetrs 71 J3 Cleveland 78 .494 13 MisMesela S3 .438 19 Beatta .413 WashuiriM i PHILLIES Cincinnati St Latin San Fraacisce Xdwaakee PitUaargh Las Aageles Chicago Hoastea New York All Phillies with eieht fames 2 2-3 innings of one hit shutout in other N. L. games.

M) 2 i Phillip 7C 7 US jtfl play. 1 f.iw iiiiiftiiui ytv ujv jiuic-iican iA-Kur, EBis" 10-3 won-lost record erved Bob Purkey's 11th win of defeated Washington. 8-5; speaks for itself, but there's aeasoa wnico came aneriuaiumore top pea cm 7S 7S .494 ttSj 19 .443 9S JS7 33 S3 98 JS 39 more to his contribution Wan that jim juiuor? aioppea ivi uucago routea ivansas A si in ja 27 2 I 4 21 4 1 4 4 4 4 i Kansas City SI JM JH JS St JW js 3 8 ss re J5 42 IT .242 2S 44 J4 21 Citv. 11-3: Los Aneelea nmDcd beeaiue na'a been the elosevaut.the Mets on one hit a second- fit 11 44 st in 4.7 ts MIS 44 IS IT III 17 4 Ml 1M it PI 77 57 YESTERDAY'S REsi lTa Minnesota. 1-0, and Detroit beat JjJIjJS-! Boston.

3-2. t.i YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Saa Fraacisca 3. Ckicaga 1. Catciaaati 3a. New York -t.

pi tr her in six of the Reds' lastB" io8 Jo Christopher nine victories. That stamps him first fame. emphatkaUy as the key man in Tha Reds now have woa nine Detroit Bastaa 2. Baltimore It. Clevelaad 8.

The Cardinals clung to their HmuiV- PHILLIES I (12 New York 8. Washiagtaa S. Milwaakee 7, Iaa. slim pennant hopes with the a anva mat mil rei rana in aair L. lore with the victorious' the Phillies by only one gamejof seven walks off Pittsburgh riTT mwo IP as SO EH ERA late-season pennant drives of the column.

pitchers and a key single by tJtthm II IS 4 24 11 1934 Cardinals. 1951 GianU and hicage 11. Kaasas Cay 3. Lea Aageles I. MiaaesaU SUNDAY'S GAMES MiaaesaU at Las Aageles.

Chieaga at Kaasas City. Bastoa at Detroit. BwuilM St Lanis 3. Pittsawgh 3. Lea Angeles 7.

Heestaa X. SIN DAY'S GAMES CtaeiaaaU at New York Mawaakee at PHILLIES -m i 4 4 212 71 4 25 at SkkMl I 4 14 si IIJ 4 IS na is 1962 Giants. ELLIS ANSWERED an emergency call for the 47th time last night when the Reds-swept twi- THE CARDINALS advanced om mie. to within 2 games of the lead I Gaytord Perry pitched a three-with a 3-3 victory over the PUts-jhitter and hit a run-scoring dou-burgh Pirates, the Giants cut hie In his own behalf and Tom their deficit to 3 games with Hatter hit bis 12th homer for a 'f ih dr 'the Chicago the GianU. Cubs, and the Los Angeles Dodg-j (Box Scores on Page 29 ti fa 14 2M 1 J4 4 122 SI 154 lis 74 4 54 24 SU I ft SC, Lewis at Pittabargk.

ttwtU 2M.2 S7 IM I. tO It WW i iJ 42I2 night deubleieadprjrom the New iaagelea at i BmmimLT 1 7 1 toVino if imm sti'i ilH York Nets, 3 0 and 4 1. and clos-.

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