Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1968 · Page 43
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 43

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1968
Page 43
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L I viaaigan, Madifian" the man is a vtteran N. Y. C. police detec- live, well played by Richard; vYidmark in the movie now at Cinema 19. "MADIGAN" the movie is a behind - the scenes look) t the police department in a, bit; city, from the commissioner Henry Fonda, incidentally) down to the cop on the beat. At times, it reminds of Dragnet." -Naked City," or, ether well-done video versions of modern cops vs. robbers but: has a distinct quality ot its' own. Basically, "Madigan" tries to m ninruni r. sw .. , i I CbtM Ck lc.- V-ot 12 E- I I I!! IN CClC Th 11 Si'ATIC'iil 4tl. A- C9t . . . Srv g r, Ic.t' SAVAGE SEVEN NO WAT TO HEAT A UDY SOI MADRID S1 MCUUM aunmiicn noiuriu f- me 3 tlG TECHNICOLOR HITS! JND WIEKI tin WAY tO I n tCD MEIOH nW WAX " uu" 'I'.l. THE HELLCATS I GUIDE "? MARRIED MAN urn naive m filbv vniiL in t. 73 7t7 7C-C TC'.Y ANTHCMY A STRANGER IN TOWN BLOW UP i r . f BLACK HORSE PIKT.wc ;"'- 1 N J. E 'f cf A;- ' -. -11 t u THE SAVAGE SEVEN THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST 3 IHi 1IAVI1INC SAUSIADT E--fc C,.(f.m prtrf '? F, je. tvi' f '' - i? i(Vf rwASD CAD CE SAND PEBBLES CHESTER PIKE f '.TV DENNIS SWIiT NOVIMtCI Cl ICS '-f rcNrA micti ccic CIRCLE DRIVE-IN t '.'ins fov ''re v AlVVt A es TCF tt .id IP tc 7 P M Shew 5' r il CCN r'lOHS WAIT ClSNfY S SHAKIEST GUN JUNGLE IN THE WEST BOOK mm drive ih :- ;, JIIVE SlCHAtD CAf.CICE MtCLKEM ATTF'.fC tC'XH P'tCEN SAND PEBBLES J n C t . icte ni 1C ,0 M CARDEN STATE M f'.. 4523 fC Of Cf ' C" 'IDCIE5 'i.r ,v v's r. ' ! WHERE ANGELS GO. TROUBLE FOLLOWS m,s DIVORCE AMERICAN STYLE 3 EIS TEONICOtC HITS! V.NCM.SHflKJEST GUN t WEST isV.V." SAVAGE SEVEN IIE J.1V1JJ SERGEANT RYKER MacDfiDE Cc: hern Ctk. Be. C. Cn-.i 7 f W 10 flG HITS KD WAY TO TREAT A LADY AISO BCSEST AAGMIS THE SAVAGE SEVEN 71 . MM MAIM UNE DRIVE IH - f-0 SEv Jlnrt t-H C- Mifi l"ir t? r.' lClfSIVEl f 1ST ARIA rnlhCJ PLANET OF THE APES aViw0011 FANTASTIC VOYACE l-N ! rN. Koiice urama, At show policemen as human beings, perhaps all too human. with a seemingly unnecessary peek at their sex life. But that is tbey tell us what sells movies, these days. Overall, this is a nicely done melodrama with Widmark and Fonda near perfect as two different kinds of cops. Widmark lives by his contacts, bends the rules, accepts gratuities but not bribes. Fonda, the commissioner who came up from the ranks, lives by the book, with the same rules for everyone except perhaps his mistress, a married THEOTREM !"., : !0. Thct'o. n j Opan 7 3C Show T.k O. d U 12 f E'SST AfA DBlVE IN SHCV.if.Gl M SGUl "SICES! J-.F '.'rC iBEN. C'lDlCE BFr-f-J SAND PEBBLES CCVIETE SWC.' !ATf AS If "5 P M. .S 643 rw SMwi Sloit Cjtk' Ch !dfn V'dtr 12 ErMl SIEVE f CWD CAt.CICl ItOUF'N ATTENfiCtCUGH EFPGEN ' SAND PEBBLES RIDGE PIKE Drhre In crt $rwi Start Ctfll' O ;i'-n I? f- (1 f iRST SuN vC.Ofi TriP a St SAT .C-'.S JS. V'C''T A-or . "cvr jo .O Lc j SAVAGE SEVEN ffj. A-"-y wTr V. e t-.f tc'G' 0 WAY TO TREAT A UDY srJ. r..D cm lllllDIn " I V CAi 1U SIEVE" ROOSEVELT DRIVE-IN AT 3 "OwV f'At-s AT C'j:r r-r:i ve ?.r wc At F -CD C.e?FT tYH A MINUTE TO PRAY . . . A SECOND TO DIE f.VS ft--. 5I-.A-5A. , 1 ST. jC'- TONY ROME STARLITE DRIVE-IN!; f;i-:'ii Tl ,f Tl-if AtfC 1 A, ELCCKfUS-f. F'?r NAT,'G!" CCMCfCl Ta:j CHARLTON HFSTCM PLANET Of THf APES HOW TO STEAL A MILLION !l9. Co' H-ti C- H UTr 12 Ere EC C!'."E CT-.S 7 r M. RKT 0"-i J if ctf Sihu'i.ii E.pv l-wt Slorl Cull Ch Id'n Ur-dr 12 Ere' ?tevf ti.-HAtD ca r ce SAND PEBBLES TACONY PALMYRA BRIDGE DRIVE-IN "PLANET OF THE APEsTs A'" BLOCKBUSTER. FASCINATING! - rcf vi-f CHlTAN CKARLTCN HTSTCN PLANET Of THf APES (.ipery urrtiRN rfTFR C TCOlF HOW TO STEAL A MILLION El In C"' H.r'. i Cf- W Urfer 12 E.e fOX C f 'CF C!iS 7 PM. 309 DRIVE-IN 'r,?" A(,. r.a j?) r -,-Stlt, Jt-I Cj-.' EXCIIMVF EISST tBFA SHOWING' CC'.C'i CBAf'"-.- ' trwr ) PLANET OF THE APES 'VALLEY FORGE f 5Jrw Elotl Ci" Ct- H'tn L'Tidf F-' STFVE PICf-AtD CAf TCE WiCUEEN ATUNBCtOfjCH ef'GEN SAND PEBBLES S o Cc"-c't Sfx-w lew m EC -30 B M I WHITEHORSEPIKEi-Ar Coot. fiCffl Dvtfc. Children Uncer 12 ff HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH Pll SND SAAM HIT f.tNT rASlArCOl THE 6C00, IKE IAD AND THE CK.T A . woman he met through the i Women's Committee of PAL. He is constantly at odds with Madigan, who early in the film loses bis gun and prey a homkide suspect. A SUB-PLOT involves evi dence Fonda receives that indi cates nis second - in - com mand, and life-long friend James Whit more, is tied to graft. The two plots play well apainst each other under Don aid Sieger s tight direction. Fon da wrestles with his conscience while Madigan and his partner, Harry Guardino, turn New York upside down looking for their escaped killer. Scenes also cut to Inger Stevens as Widmark's dissatisfied wife who blames the depart ment for their lack of social life and luxury. Unfortunately, Hiss Stevens' frustration seems a CTR. TV7J440-3 MOCSIS I A ST CV HfMNTOWN KORVETTE SMOfTING CTR OK.t.-aW0 co ni if i mm "NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY CUFTON HEIGHTS AtTHMMt fmt -MAf-7TO "BONNIE -CLYDE' IKOWVCTTE SHOPPING CTR OOMV11T HVD. mi MUM KMO WMtiklit tt.ia'l WA4t "RIUfNIF uTDr "- iil IM1 KH- "cuess mat's coming to bmi MAY 29th Mr. JUNE 9th Spectrum SHOW TIMES Evtl I PM Daily t Sat. S PM Sun. Matiaecs: :is PM Daily 2:11 PM Sat., Saa. Mtorial Day FAMILY NIGHT SPECIAL MAY 2Hh R.duced Prices OPENING TICKETS ONLY! $3.50. 2.50. 10 ALL SEATS RESERVED S4.50-S3.S0-$2.50 AVE II 00 Chlldr., 12 mi! ,ntm at 1lfetni 9tr1etntt1 CNLV It r M MEMOtlAl DAY end MONDAY THIU IHUKSDAY All MATINEES tXCEM SAT, a SUN. TICKETS unlll SPECTDua ON SALE MUII a 151k I LOCUST io a-6 ra rn. CMtral CM). 1422 Catlta.t 4 6S11 SL a Waaaauiar-L 13tk 4 Bartft 9 fi'Biprt Starwwcfal Uaatf Paffcr INFOIMATION CALL Kl 6-7376 NOW OPEN DAILY PARKIMB '"Pi 3B :a 341H IS 1 Hi "II K vawnn I If II III BROAD ft PATTISON FREE Vlyr- H.i'imM.'i t'.'i.iiryJiiiMypn r . T f cinema iVjerry can stereotype of every wife with reservations about being married to a policeman. Guardino's wife seems better adjusted to having her hubby's meals ready whenever he pops in sans nagging tirade. j The work of a policeman, per! "Madigan" standards is nothing; 'glamorous just long hours j and static from the brass, inter-department conflicts, and brutality-charging citizens. i As Madigan finds out, there's little reward at the end of a cop's career usually just a bullet. JACK HELSEL . Clu Lands Movie Role Clu Gulager, a regular in 'The Virginian" TV series, has been set for a featured role in the spectacular racing drama. "Winning," starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and Robert Wagner. i memmimm;, s. ------ LAST 3 EVES. 130 WALNUT 9tk Wohwt SO. Phti WA J-1515 : MATS. TODAY 1 SAT. 2 PM 1 sispl"11"' r IHt YLwIIAN CCNT.T 1 A.M.TQ MIDNIGHT AIR CDND i f.Iandalla and Friends Of The Family plus Mandrake Memorial. Kaleidoscope this Weekend. Special happening. The Arthur Hall lAfraAmerican Dance Ensemble, i Belmont Exit off Expressway. Fri. jand Sat. 8 p.m.-3 a.m. Sun. 6-:midnight Admission: Fri. and Sun. : $3.00. Sat $3.50. fafarutiei caffc IV 3-6800 ! (EXCEPT UONDAY) PORPOISE SHQWS AOUARAMA 3300 S. BROAD ST. 4 Contjnuons Shows Rain or Shine DIVERS-SHARKS-SEALS VflYt 1 1 "48"!! if fl i PHILaDELPHU DAILY NEWS Celebs Come In To Honor Mike A STANDING OVATION was accorded Mike Dmijrlas yesterday in the jam-packed Drake ballroom where he was the recipient of the annual Liberty Bell Award f TRAC (Philadelphia TV and Radio Advertising CM;). "The last time I got a standing ovation," said Mike, he audience had their backs turned." The syndicated In Ed-caster, whose show is carried in 183 markets, passed '!-e credit on to his staff members for their "enthusiasm ; -rd attitude that's always up." 'The oldest person on my staff is 31. but they're aging fast." The networks are now rr ;.k-ing offers for the show that was started in Cleveland . n Dec. 11, 1961. "But the networks weren't around v e r. I needed them," said Mike. "And Westinghouse '.s I will always be truly thankful to Westinghouse for '!: se weekly checks." Highlight of the program was a telegram from Vice President Humphrey brought in by a ptt!s! messenger boy Liberace, resplendent in a dazzling wi :t jacket and ruffled purple gauze about the neck. " I ju-t threw something on and rushed right over," Liberace ani. -Hearty congratulations on your Liberty Bell Award. It just couldn't have gone to a finer entertainer or n:;.r ,': the Vice President wired. "It was delightful to see ( u again in Washington at the White House Press Pheu g-raphers' dinner. You are a tough act to follow." Enut-e Marciarose stressed the importance of the occasion with: ' The only other time KYW gave me off from the noon news was to have a baby." Tenor Enzo Stuarti was on the dais, and Totie Fields, who flew in from Pittsburgh for the luncheon, got the tumult under way in fine style. Comedian Red Buttons was in the closing guest spot and blasted off with: 'It's always good to be back in Philadelphia kind of prepares you for death." But Red soon won the crowd with his suggested list of other people entitled to luncheons: "Moshe Day an for giving CBS the eye; Sammy Davis for not letting his mother pick cotton on Passover; Ponce de Leon for being the first man to go to Florida without his wife.' tic. V.'IBG s Joe Conway, retiring president of TRAC. r-j e the presentation. MOVIE IN MIAMI: Michael Stallone, 21ve.rM Mount Airy actor, is getting his first film break tn location in Florida with MGM's "That Nice Boy." which 5'ais Rip Torn and Flip Wilson. The son of Mr. and Mr. Anthony Filiti. Michael was discovered by producer Rn.s Hunter in Miami when the youth appeared in Robert Lowery's production of "The Trial" at the Ring Thi..tcr. A medical student at the American College in I.(sin, Switzerland, Michael got sidetracked when he tcuit-rl Europe in a production of Arthur Miller's "Death ; a Salesman." playing the role of Biff. Despite the :-..: rt film lling, Michael just completed his junior year :.- e University of Florida and plans to return in the fal' :e has been pacted for two segments of "Flipper" ! -.'. ? :n the year. His father is in the export-import businrM- -, mother was one of "the longstemmed roses" at Hilly Rose's Diamond Horseshoe. A younger brother Frank. U' heads a local folk-rock group called "Wind." REPORTER AT LARGE: Danny Bucceroni n;a-. :.r, appearance for the Senior Week activities at I'iN.p Neumann High and drew a capacity audience f ' The former heavyweight contender believes hcxine be profitably added to school athletic program s least, they d do the fighting in the gym. he saui Local boy Ed Weinberg did the Emmy Award if: ,: e (the Coast part) and has a plum for next season he ' the writing staff of the Dean Martin Show. A drop Columbia to join forces with comedian Dick (;rtijti, Ed soon was added to the Johnny Carson writer's r ' He still turns out jokes for Carson's nitery appearan, v .... It s a boy in Pennsylvania Hospital for the Hick Dorans. He's the p.r. director for the Democratic e ?y Committee who formerly was administrative assistar, to Rep. Bill Green, in Washington. . . . It's a bey . (10 pounds. 2 ounces) for the Dave Wilsons in Franks;.; ;i Hospital. He's the commercial announcer. Lena Home to Play Wife Lena Home, one of America's foremost entertainers, has been ;n a4 4a rtna fmncifa DinhaT'H aincu i j ;mi wyyvcuv hvhm jWidniark .. in Universal City 'Studies dramatic story of the THURSDAY, MAT 23, 1 43 MICHAEL student actnr t i. Id "At of Widmark While Miss Horre . p-peared in a number ! ---ta musicals, her Tele cf V . - r s sweetheart and later h - .-'e will be her first btraish: climatic characterization.

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