Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 29, 1969 · Page 19
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 19

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Friday, August 29, 1969
Page 19
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Mushroom TZZZ i r i f i if Patti Page Sings in Variety Show Fri.. Aug. 29, 1969 THE MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE 19 PERKINS By John Miles " A.I num oowed J.CvJLm tnd rnbun Sndi;te by Drought The three-week drought that is killing lawns, trees and plants in the metropolitan area has one thing going for it: it's keeping the mushrooms down. One 5-year-old Spring Lake Park girl, however, recently found a mushroom big enough to eat. She was released from Unity Hospital after vomit -ing was induced. The yearly problem associated with side-effects from eating poisonous mushrooms and toadstools is only postponed by the drought, according to a University of Minnesota plant pathologist. "You're likely to find," said Prof. Clyde Christen-sen, "that mushrooms and toadstools are much more common during the rainy ABA Creates Panel to Advise Troubled Schools CHICAGO, 111. (UPI) The American Bar Association (ABA) Thursday announced formation of a commission to draft guidelines and to suggest legal standards for use by campus administa-tors in dealing with student dissent and violence. The objective of the commission is to "create methods to keep open the channels of communication among students, faculty and administrators" in order "to bring about an awareness of student dissatisfactions, anticipate potential student unrest, and facilitate needed and healthy changes, thus avoiding violence and separatism," ABA President Bernard Segal said. William T. Gossett of Detroit, immediate past president of the ABA, was named to head the 15-member commission. A former U.S. attorney general, Ramsey Clark, and the American Council on Education president Logan T. Wilson, are among its members. The commission also includes the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the Universty of Notre Dame and chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, the University of Chicago president, Edward H. Levi; the Brandeis University president, Morris Abram; the Radcliffe College president, Mrs. Mary I. Bunting, and the Stanford University Law School dean, Bayless A. Manning. ( BERNIE'S I i PARK-DELI i 4212 West lake St-S844 0 laHMMawliks, "i n i tiif 1r ' ' - watch Merv tonight as he welcomes guests Carroll Baker, Fran Jeffries, Dick Shawn, Gilbert Pierce, and Robert Merrill The Mcrv Griffin Show 10:45 pm.WCCOjO (after The Scene Tonight) DEADLY MUSHROOMS Ony expert con tell season of August, September and October." Wild-mushroom hunting an activity growing yearly among mushroom fanciers is a hide-and-seek game that can end in death or serious illness, Christensen said, since only an expert can identify the harmful varieties. The University's Institute of Agriculture offers free a full-color brochure on mushrooms, written by the plant pathology department. Isle of Wight Braces for 150,000 Visitors at Dylan Concert LONDON, England (Pi-Britain's tiny Isle of Wight is preparing for the biggest invasion in its history, all because o f Bob Dylan. More than 15 0,000 folk - and rock - music fans, some flying in from as far a vV a y as Austr alia, are expect Dvlan ed to jam the island this weekend to hear Dylan's first major performance in four years. Thousands of youngsters already have arrived and are constructing shelters. Television and radio crews are coming.., from all .over Europe and the music will be carried live in France and Germany. The festival's promoters, who lured Dylan out of his long seclusion with a color film describing the island as a holiday paradise, have taken precautions to keep the crowds entertained. In addition to the music, which will be broadcast through a sound system with a range of 30 miles, they are providing a discotheque, a cinema with art films and a huge "environmental playground." Special British trains and ferries will run to the island, and police have volunteered to operate a lost-property office and a currency-exchange bureau. Since Dylan arrived on the island, several famous rock groups have asked to By ALLAN HOLBERT Minneapolis Tribune Staff Writer It's too bad the variety show at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand Thursday night wasn't .. on television. MUSIC Had it been, we could have REVIEW switched to another channel. But at least there were no commercials and, continuing to think positively, it didn't last too long. Patti Page, the headliner, looked like a million bucks in her lacy white gown. She sang well in her pleasant and distinctive voice. BUT, like Lesley Gore, who sang at the fair earlier this week, she has not had a really big hit lately, so she had to sing her old hits and new- appear with him, including the Rolling Stones, Blind Faith and the Bee Gees. This has led to an even greater rush for tickets. Meanwhile, Dylan is avoiding the press and his fans. He is relaxing under police protection until his appearance Sunday. After the festival, he and his family plan to stay on the island for a private three-week vacation. Mrs. Riney Gets Teacher Training Project Post Mrs. Ruby Rinev, chair man of the Citizens Community Centers' Board of Directors, has been named assistant director for comm unity relations for the Training of Teacher rrainers (TTT) Project at the University o f Minnesota. Mrs. Riney The appointment, made retroactive to July I, was announced this week by Charles Bruning, TTT director. The TTT project, funded by a $490,000 grant from the U.S. Office of Education, is designed to involve the com munity in the process of teacher education. The Min neapolis and St. Paul public schools, the University of Minnesota and several Min nesota colleges are cooper ating in the project. Resignation of CAB Chairman Accepted SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. UP) John H. Crooker Jr. has resigned as chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) and President Nixon has accepted the resignation effective Sept. 30, the western White House announced Thursday. Crooker was appointed in September 1968 by former President Lyndon Johnson. Advertisement WPBC Adult Radio Expands Programming Services Separates WPBC-AM from WPBC-FM, FM-Stereo Sept. I The Twin Cities area will have a new radio programming service without adding a new station, starting September 1, Labor Day, as WPBC radio begins broadcasting a different musical format on each of its present facilities, WPBC-AM and WPBC-FM Stereo, instead of broadcasting the same programming on each station simultaneously as is now being done. WPBC, originally established as a 500 watt daytime AM station in 1949, showed its faith in the future of FM by adding an FM station in 1959, Since that date, all WPBC programs have been broadcast simultaneously on AM and FM. In 1964, WPBC-AM was granted increased power and full time, instead of daytime hours on the air, and WPBC-FM was granted maximum broadcast power plus true multiplex stereo authority by the Federal Communications Commission. Since that time, all WPBC programs have been broadcast simultaneously on AM, FM and FM Stereo. Effective September 1. however, inasmuch as FM and FM Stereo radio set circulation has reached about 659r, according to a recent Hooper er songs made famous by other artists. On the other people's songs "Gentle on My Mind," "Little Green Apples," etc. she was just so-so in terms of connecting with her audience. She just stood there and sang, always in tune, of course, always remembering the words and almost always doing funny little robot-like gestures with her right hand. But singing her own, old hits, she was quite something else. On "Tennessee Waltz," for example, when she took her mike and walked out into the audience, patting kids on the head and singing right into the faces of delighted old men, she became warm and natural and actually charmed her listeners. ONE THING Miss Page had going for her were the acts that preceded her. Compared with them anyone would have looked good. There was the Stebbings dog act and the duo Arnedis dance team, an acrobatic act. Neither is worth talking about and the fair ought to stop booking this kind of stuff. There were The Kids Next Door, a group of about 13 clean -look ing kids who jumped and danced and sang folk and pop and who were very poorly prepared. Youthful entertainers like these do deserve every break they can get, but until these kids have a little more polish than they have now they should stick to high school assemblies and college vari ety shows. Comedian Don Rice, who has done splendid work in previous fair engagements was unable for some reason to put his soft sell, under stated eacs across to the audience. Anyone wanting to see this show may do so through Sunday night. Great Northern's Plan to Drop 2 Trains Protested Associated Press The Minnesota Public Service Commission (PSC) has filed a protest against the proposed discontinuance of two passenger trains by the Great Northern Railway. The Great Northern has asked the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) for authority to drop The Dako-tan between St. Paul and Fargo, N.D., and the Winnipeg Limited between St. Paul and Grand Forks, N.D. In addition the railway has asked to have its Western Star train rerouted over its St. Cloud line. K The Minnesota commission asked the ICC to set hearings necessity require continued that public convenience and on the proposal, contending operation of the trains. The PSC also Is protesting proposed discontinuance of the Northern Pacific Railway's bid to drop its Main-streeter trains between St. Paul and Seattle, Wash. Advertisement Survey, and because there is now a large amount of current, popular adult music being released, which is neither rock n' roll nor country-western, WPBC has created a new, high quality, carefully selected popular music sound for AM broadcast while the present "magnificent music" concept, for which WPBC has been so well-known for all these years, will be continued on WPBC-FM and WPBC-FM Stereo. Increased news coverage and public affairs programming are also planned for both stations. WPBC-AM radio is at 980 kilocycles and WPBC-FM and FM-Stereo are at 101.3 megacycles. The stations were founded by Mr. and Mrs. William V. Stewart, who continue in the principle administrative positions, and the staff is comprised of 30 members with an aggregate of over 400 years of advertising, radio and business experience. Bill Stewart, President, states that the expansion project has been planned for some time and that this is a natural move toward increased service, . greater market impact and fuller usage of the company's facilities. 88 Migratory Workers Strike Green MONTGOMERY, Minn. (J) Eighty-eight migratory laborers at the Green Giant packing plant struck Thursday in an effort to get additional hours of work and improved working conditions. After the strike began at 7 a.m., company officials and representatives of the strikers got together at a meeting. "We came all the way from Texas and California and were promised 12 hours a day but were able to average only six or eight hours," RADIO TELEVISION 9:00 A.M. Nancy Ames and Scoey Mitchell on "Alien Ludden's Gallery." Ch. 4. 3:00 P.M. Kay Thompson, Nancy Shade and Di-anne Nicholson on "Girl Talk." Ch. 1 1 . 4:00 P.M. Peter Fonda, Kaye Si evens and Craig Claiborne on "The Mike Douglas Show." Ch. 4. 6:30 P.M. "The Education Building" on "Minnesota State Fair." Ch. 2. 7:00 P.M. a Mireille Mathien. fill the show with song, but the fun of the eve- Nancy Ames ning is relegated to the special guests, The Committee, on the "John Davidson Show." Ch. 9. 8:00 P.M. An angry young dropout is forced to rethink his life when his girl friend is murdered while both are on an LSD trip on "Insight." Ch. 17. 9:00 P.M. Motion picture producer-director Stanley Kramer, Yale University Professor Paul Weiss, and singing group The Voices of East Harlem join the "Dick Cavett Show." Ch. 9. 9:30 P.M. -Harley Granville-Barker's play "The Madras House," on "NET Playhouse." Ch. 2. 10:30 P.M. Scheduled guest is Peter Lawford on "The Tonight Show." Ch. 5. (NBC) 10:45 P.M. Scheduled guests are LaLupe, singer, Sal Mineo and Gilbert Price on "The Mcrv Gril-fin Show." Ch. 4. (CBS) TELEVISION MOVIES 1:00 P.M. "Tarzan and the Slave Girl" (1950). Tarzan traces the daughter of a tribal chief who has been kidnapped. Lex Barker, Vanessa Brown and Denise Darcel. Ch. 11. 3:30 P.M. "Information Received." Sabina Ses- selman. Ch. 9. 8:00 P.M. "Tarzan Goes to India" (1962). Tar- zan's efforts to help save thousands of elephants NETWORK RADIO FRIDAY WCCO (CBS) 830 and WCCO-FM 102.9 meg 6:00 6:10 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 1:05 10:00 10:30 11:10 12:00 12:30 Baa Frirktnn 12:45 Speece-Form Spe.ce. W'lhl. Farr- News Vikin. W'ther World News Reqion News Bank Noter Howard Viken Nswl Arthur Godfrey Jergen Nash W'ther. Mkts. New 1:00 2:00 3:00 5:00 5:35 6:00 6:00 6:15 6 30 8 OO Boona-Erickson Pari' ie Charlie Boone News. Sportl Howard Viktn Stereo Mui.-FM Lowell Thomas Sports. W'ther On the Go Baseball News 10:00 100 Hobbs House KSTP (NBC) 1 500 KSTP-FM 5:30 Farm Forum 6:00 Steve Cannon 7:00 Newt 7:15 Steve Cannon 8 OO News 8:15 Steve Cannon 10:00 Dan Allan 12:00 Voices-News 94.5 meg. 12:15 Don Allan 3:00 Bush ft DuChene 5:00 Voices-News 5.15 SushiDuChene 8 00 Niqht Time 10:00 News 10:10 Henry Wolf 12:00 Dolly Holiday LOCAL FRIDAY KUOM-WCAL 770 6:00 6:10 6:45 7.00 7:15 7:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:30 News Classical Sunrise Newt Music Psalm-life Top of Dav Colleqe Authors The Study British Press News Devotions School-Air 1 1 :00 Homemakina 11:15 Workshop 12:00 News 12:30 Farm Hour 1:00 Literature 1:30 Public Affairs 2:30 Fine Music 4:30 News 5:00 Music Hall 6:30 Bulgarian 8:00 Bkstq. -Guthrie WCAL-FM 89.3 Meg. 8 00 9.00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:30 1200 5:30 6:45 Top of-Dav College Authors The Study British Press News Great Music Concert Sian off Variety Music News 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:00 10:00 10:30 10:45 11:00 1:00 Conqressional Relig. News S. Leacock Concert Hall Netherlands Latin American News Late Concert The Outside WPBC 980 WPBC-FM 101.3 Meg. 6:00 Paul Bernards 6 30 News 7:00 Ouincy Howe 7:30 News 8 00 E. Nightlnaale 9:00 Jack Hastings 1 1 :00 Becky Ann 11:30 Music 12:30 News 1:00 Phil Brown 2:00 Music 4:30 Vern Arthur 5:00 E. Nightingale 7:00 Hall of Fame 10:30 News 11:00 Bill Stewart WWTC 1280 5:30 Randy Cook 10:00 Fred Norman 3 00 Paul Stoqg 8:00 Joel Larson KANO 1470 6:00 Paul Bennett 3:00 Elliot Smith 10:00 Mike Hatch KQRS 1440 and KQRS-FM 92.5 Meg. 6:00 Tom Ambresp 3:00 Dick Driscolt 7:00 John Pete 7:00 Allen Stone 10:00 Tom Ambrose 8:30 W'ld Tom. -AM 12:00 Terry Allan 1 1 :00 Niqhtwatch KEEY-FM 102 Meg. 6 00 Hit Parade Stereo 24 hrs. KRSI-FM 104.1 Meg. 6:00 Request Show ' 6:00 StereoUnderg'd 12:00 News 12:00 Request Show 1 2:30 Request Show KSJN-FM 91.1 Meg. 7:00 Morning Proq. 6:00 For Siring 11:00 Charles Curran 7:00 Evonts, Issutt 1?:00 News 8:00 Contort 12:15 Aft. in Stereo 10:00 Newt 5:45 Hapotninq 10:15 Concorl KTWN-FM 108 Meg. 6 00 A.M.-Mldniqht Newt on V, hr. The Younq Sound KTCR-FM 97.1 Meg. 10:00 Morn. Bonanza 9.00 Nowi 12 00 Aft. Jubilee 9:05 Star Melodni 3 00 Saaebr. Sym. IB' said Carlos Cansino, labor camp supervisor and spokesman for the strikers. Company officials declined comment. Cansino said 117 Americans of Mexican descent began working at the plant at the beginning of the season but only 88 remain. He said the laborers also want more information concerning the corn harvest. If the harvest is good, he said, the workers want 12 hours work daily. If the harvest is AND TV HIGHLIGHTS Lulu anrl Rich l ittle Kaye Mineo WMIN (ABC) 1400 6:00 C. Von Dyke 2:00 Don Johnson 10:00 Don Johnson 6:00 Billy McKay 12:00 C. Van Dyke 12:00 lee Henry KRSI (ABC) 950 6:00 Anthony Goo 7:30 Paul Horvoy 7:35 Anthony Geo 9:00 Tae Hammir 1 2:00 Paul Harvtv 1? IS Lift Lino 13:30 Donny Long 4:00 Jimmy Rood 7:00 Don Shoro 12:00 Rick Eaiton KDWB (ABC) 630 6 00 Ron Block 3:00 Don Bleu 9:00 Doane Johnson 7:00 Rob Sherwood 12:00 Chris Tailey 12:00 Tony Glovor WLOL (Mutual) 1330 6:00 Joe Boyle 6:00 Don Rilev 10:00 Gary Short 7:00 Paul Helm 2:00 Ken Minyard 12:00 K. Wandmochet RADIO WCTS-FM 100.3 Meg. 6:00 W'ther-Verse 8 00 Gospel Gems 9:00 Bible Reading 9:15 Specials 9:30 Central Chap'l 10:00 Sacred A-' urn 10:30 Amo'o Church 11:00 Bible Study 11:30 Music 12:30 News 1:00 Poetry 1:30 Challenqe 2:00 Sacred Concert 3:30 Information 4:30 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 7:00 7:30 8 00 830 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 Pillsburv Col. News Comment Specials Oakdale Bible Study Scripture 4th Echos Afterglow Chapel Serv. News Poetry Challenge Organ KSMM 1530 6:00 Old Time s'usiclOOO John Hslden 6:45 Farm News 12:00 W'ther, Newt 7:00 Bernie Gorloch 12:45 Old Time 7:30 Sports News 1:30 Patt Rooney 7:50 Bernie Gerlach 3:10 John Holden 8:30 Report. Sports 5:00 News. Sports 9:05 Coffee Break 5:30 Dinner Music KNOF-FM 95.3 Meg. 7:00 7:15 7:30 745 8 00 815 8:30 8 45 9:00 9:15 9:45 10:00 10:45 11:00 11:30 1145 12:15 12:30 Devotional Hope-World Faith-Time Musk Heaven Music Jevish Voice Music Church Time Organ Hope Temple Music Rest Home Music Burton Olson Organ Child. Time Quartets 1:00 1:30 2:00 4:00 4:15 430 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:CK Scripture Ciotpel Music Record fall Corns Meet'q Nancy Harmon The Book Piano Burton Olson Music Faith-Time Evonq. Music Unshackled Variety Jewish Quortets Record Call KTCR 690 10 00 Morn. Bonania I Now on th haif-12 00 Aft. Jubiloo hour ond hour.) 3:00 Sago Br. Sym. KTIS 900 FM 98.5 Meg. 6.00 6:15 7:30 8:15 8:30 9:15 9:30 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:35 1:00 Geed News Cleekwotcher Wilbur Nelson Concert Back to Bible Tell a Story Musk Hr.-FM Look-Book AM Or. Guttke Heaven Home Stories Bible Nuqgets Listening. Post Tune in Truth News Sinetplraflon Heart to Heart Melodies Comment 1 5 Senflf Shorron 30 Melodies 00 Reflections 30 Resting Tiswo 45 Gems Truth 00 Music Hour 05 Carousel 45 Tip for Teene 00 Music Dinina 35 Adv. Time 45 Christians 00 Back to Bible 30 Festival 00 evensong 35 Reflections 00 News 10 Starliejht 30 Nightwatch 00 Concert KUXL 1570 6 15 7:00 7:15 7 30 7:45 8 00 8 30 9:00 9 15 9 30 9 45 10 00 Spirituals M. Bachelor A. Allen Solbrekken Chrstn. Crs. Bible Inst. 20th Cen. Ref. Jewish Voice Fam. Alter China-Asia Hebrew Voice of Amer. 10:15 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1 00 2 00 Gosple Rev. Gospel Music A. Allen Heol'g Mesngr. Fam. Altar Bra. Wyrick Rev. Rodewald New Test. Ch. Rev. Battle Spiritual R & B Music Giant Plant poor, they want to be re leased from their contract and to be given transportation back home. Cansino said most of the workers have been paid $1.6") an hour. The men want the company to pay half the cost of their meal books, Cansino said, and instead of being returned home on chartered buses, they want money so they can seek jobs elsewhere. and other wild animals whose valley home is about to be submerged behind a new dam are complicated by an elephant boy, who opposes the scheme and who leads his herd on a rampage through the construction camp. Jock Mahoney, Mark Dana and Leo Gordon. Ch. 4. 9:00 P.M. "East Side, West Side" (1050). Soap opera set in the chic world of the wealthy social set of New York. James Mason, Barbara Stanwyck and Ava Gardner. Ch. 11. 10:30 P.M. "Johnnv Tiger." Robert Taylor and Chad Everett. Ch. 9. 11:30 P.M. "Sutter's Gold" (1935). Film showing what happens to the man who owned the mill where the gold was discovered. Edward Arnold and Binnie Barnes. Ch. 11. 12:15 A.M. "Foxfire" (1955). Jeff Chandler is well cast as the dedicated mining engineer who has to learn to understand his new socialite wife. Jane Russell. Ch. 4. Preview by television listing service. RADIO 2:30 P.M. Selections by Nielsen, Zenakis. Haydn and Schoenberg on "l ine Music." KUOM. 6:00 P.M. "The Love Album" with Starlight Wood winds on "Candlelight." WAYL-FM. 7:00 P.M. Ornadel conducts Starlight Symphony "Music Hall of Fame." WPBC. 7:30 P.M. Excerpts from "My Remarkable Uncle" on "The World of Stephen Leacock." WCAL-FM. 8:00 P.M. The Julliard String Quartet plays selections by Haydn, Bartok and Beethoven on "The Library of Congress Chamber Concert." KSJN-FM. 8:00 P.M. Baseball: Minnesota Twins vs. Boston. weeo. 8:05 P.M. "Anti-World Council of Churches" on "Night Line." WLOL. 9:30 P.M. Canadian Short Stories: "An Act of Pity," by Marie-Claire Blais, on "Presents." WLOL-FM. Stevens FRIDAY TV LOGS Published as a service to readers, at no charge to broadcasters. The Minneapolis Tribune is not responsible for progi am changes by stations. WCCO-4 KSTP-5 KMSP-9 WTCN-II CBS i? " FRIDAY MORNING 6:?2 D1 , u -x u. t j Central :30, Black Hentagg Minn. Today 7 :00 CUncy-Carmen Today Chapel (7:15) D(lVll0M I :30 Clancy-Willie Today Newt, Views Time 8:00,Coptain Today Dennis lnspiration(8:25) :30i Kangaroo Today Grandpa Ken Dave Lee 9:00 Allen It Takes Two Romper Room CaHoons :30 Ludden Concentration Steve Allen Jack LaLann 1rt:00Andy Griffith Personality Steve Allen Sea Hunt I U:30Dics: Van Dylc Hollyw'd Squares Steve Allen Capture n:00 Love of Life Jeopardy Bewitched Gallop Gourmet :30Search Tomorrow Eye Guess That Girl A.M. Report FRIDAY AFTERNOON 10:00 Midday News Twin News Dream House Lunch with I L :30!World Turns Putting Me On Let's Make Deal Casey 1:00 Love Splendored Days Our Lives Newlywed Game Matinee Movie :30 Guiding Light The Doctors Dating Game "Tarzan 4 the 2:00 Secret Storm Another World General Hospital Slave Girl" :30 Edge of Night You Don't Say One Life to Live News-Sew'g 2:45 3:00 Linkletter Match Game Dark Shadows Girl Talk :30 Lucy Show Dialing Dollars Early Show Mr. Ed 4:00 Mike Dialing Dollars "Information Caiey and :30 Douglas What's My Line? Received" Roundhouse 5:00 The Fair (5:20) Don't Eat-Daisies Reynolds-Smith Addams Family :30!W. Cronkite Huntley-Brinkley Farmer's Daught'r The Munsters 6:00 News Scene Twin News Truth or Conseq. Death Valley :30Th Wild, High Make a Deal Alfred 7:00 Wild West Chaparral John Davidson Hitchcock :30!Gomer Pyle Name John Davidson Adventure Calls 8:00 Movie of the Judd for the Run for :30l "Tar2an Game Defense Your Life 9:00 Goes to The Saint Dick Cavett Movie :30i India" The Saint Dick Cavett "East Side, 1 n :00 News Scene Twin News Eyewitness News West Side1' I U :30 Merv ( 10:45) Tonight Movie J.Mason n:00 Griffin Tonight "Johnny P.M. Report :30 Merv Griffin Tonight Tiger" Movie il 0 :00 Lata (12:15) Suspense R.Taylor "Sutter's I I - :30 Show Theater Movie Gold" KTCA-TV, CH. 2 FRIDAY Misteroqers' Neighborhood, i 8:00 Your World This Week. 5:30- 6:00 The Runner. 6:15 Guten Tag. 6:30 Minnesota State Fair. 7:00 -Your Right to Say It. 7:30 Making Things Grow, tions and Answers." "Ques KTCI-TV, CH. 17 6:30 Inquiry. 7:00 8laek Voices. LOCAL WDGY 1130 6:00 Go no Loador 4 00 Jorrv Breoko 10:00 Jrhnny Canton 7:00 Jm Dandy 2 00 Scott Burton 12:00 Gtorao Youna WMKT 1370 6 00 Dick Daniels 3 00 Harvey Moss 10 00 id Lowell WJSW 1010 5:30 Pollen Powor- $na A'ontf Country Wostorn 4 Motorists Convicted of Drunken Driving 1 our persons were convicted of drunken driving Thursday in Hennepin County Municipal Court. They were identified from court records as: Bruce J. Roche, 2f, 2601 Euclid PI , 'AO davs in 'lie workhouse; Mclvin W. Stein, 35, 5001 Mississippi Court, paid $100 fine; Lee A. Wangstad, 18, 2425 Olive Lane, Wayzata, paid $300 fine; and John T. Clark, 39, 663 47th Av. NE., paid $100 fine. TODAY 8:30 Young Musical Artists. 9:00 Yard V Garden. 9:30 NET Playhouse. "The Madras. House. - i FRIDAY 8:00 Insight. "The Sandal Maker.' "Celebrities." I 8:30 Your Right to Say It. RADIO WLOL-FM 99.5 Meg. 6 00 Classical Clock 8:00 News 8:15 Kaleidooscope 10 00 Festival Hall 12:00 Foot liqhts 1:00 Rhapsody 2:00 Heritage Ct. 4 00 Guest Art-st 4 30 Golden ra 6 00 Dinner Hour 7:00 Sm. Ensemble 8:00 Symphony Hall 9:30 Presents 10 00 Choral Patterns 1 1 00 Quiet Hour 1 1 00 Reflect-Jott 3 00 Open Line WAYL-FM 93.7 Meg. 5:00 Forecast 8 00 Stagedear 9 00 Encore 9 00 Ster. Percuss. 6:00 Cendlelleht 10 00 Dance Party 7.00 Ster. Showcase i.ssws.s,oss: - i i i n ri- s sWs PXOXt i sV iteWsWlet.

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