The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1936
Page 3
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. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1936 Fan-s and Hollands Make Improvements on Properly ' Two Blytliovillc residences have been purchased by new owners wlio arc' modernizing them. Jlr and Mrs. Russell Fnrr have Alight (he six room house at l_|20 W. Wnlnul street from Mrs. Pan's parents, Mr. and Mrs, T. H. Hnynes. whq erected It a number of years ago. 'Jlie Inside will be completely remodeled with an oil burning furnace installed, n bicakfnst 'coin milled along side the furnace room, the bath room rc- iucdeled with coralllu colored fixtures Installed, new llc»'s laid and nil of the rooms rcdLToriitcU. A new concrete driveway 1:; bs- Ing laid to the double garage. The outside of (he house was recently rcjialnjtcd while. The Farrs have lived there for several years. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Holland have purchased the stucco cottage nt 1322 West Heurn slreel, and moved into their new home yesterday. They . nrc making minor improvements now and plan to do more later. The house was • formerly occupied by Mr. and Mis; Ollie Fester. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith have had the Interior of their hciise, at 220 East Kentucky, redecorated and minor improvements made. Egg Has Double Shell poultry man, who found the egg toclny after a white .Plymouth rock hen had jumped from her nest. The egg, of normal size, Is brick red in color with a rough Ehi'll over a smooth white shell which can be seen where the outer shell Is slightly chipped. The egg Is about twice the av- ei nge weight and apparently has two yolks In It. . gLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lison; alternate 'judges', -Mrs.'' R.' C. Branch, Mrs. Charles Webb, 1. B. E. King; alternate clerks,, Trice . Battle, Felix Battle. McCAVOCK TOWNSHIP Joiner Bos: judges, Frank Wliee-t ler, J. B. Wilson, V. H. Smith; alternate Judges, .Terry Mitchell, Don Fletcher. L. B: Higgenbolh- ain;- clerks, Mrs. Terry Mitchell, Mrs. L,. B, Higglnbotaiiam; alternate clerks. Mrs. Joe Terror, Mrs | Don Fletcher. ' I HECTOR TOWNSHIP Dell Box: Judges, B. H. Secoy, Noble Gill, R, A. Greenway; al- M. Hill jr., nltmrnt* clerks, Mrs] Ed Pittmnn, pick Cromer. It Is estimated that approximately 10 per cent o( the hay crop of the United Stales is de- niroyed by fire every year. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICK ASMVBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. B -J. Connolly, PlaintilT, •vs. No. 6240 .Felice Connolly, Defendant. The defendant, Felice Connolly. Is warned to uinnrn PI rni/p JUDGES, CLERKS m 'f>~\'i"~t'i' ~±. ", "' >u - »l'!«nr within thirty ........... ,„„„„, T. F. Martin, E. days In the court named In the M^fST;. aiSL S^!™"'!->><'?'> hcreor ™d' m ™ *: The orange globes atop England's "nelisha beacons" cost, about $1.25 to replace. Some 3GOO of those have been broken in London alone. Listed below are judges' and clerks who will conduct next Tuesday's Democratic irrimnry In townships not Included in the list, published In Tuesday's Courier News: WHITTON TOWNSHIP Whltton Box: judges, G. A. Looney, Sum Lchr, W. R, Mc- Danlcl; alternate judges. R. O. Andrews. P. A. Billiard, H. R. Land; clerks, F. B. Dean, O. C. SI. Clair; alternate clerks, L. P. Nicholson, Oscp ivfccammerally. TROY TOWNSHIP Nodena box: judges, N. w. Howe, O. F. Craig. Maurice Lynrh; alternate judges, Ed , Deal!, C; E. Lynch, C. F. Hale; clerks, Mrs. O. F. Craig, Mrs. C. B. Lyncn; alternate clerks, Mary Louise Melody, Elizabeth Craig. SWAYNE TOWNSHIP Rosa Box: Judges, Douglas Bowen. J. T. Cooper, Albert Lee; alternate judges, Alfred Reynolds, Harvey Permenter, Jluit Rodgers; clerks, Walter Permenter, Sam Ingram; alternate clerks, Logan Rozelle, Ernest BrlU. • PECAN TOWNSHIP Pecan Point Box: judges, R. c. MOSQUITOES INJECT POISON alternate Judges! Charles Lane'j Clnudc F. 'cooper E S. -A. Reginald, J. N.' Jerome;!. Ally, for Platntlif clerks, A. L,. Greenwell, J. R. Cul- - Qcne' E.' Bradley lorn Jr.; alternate' clerks, H.' B. Atty. Ad Lltem' Goldman, Charles Beall. . SCOTT TOWNSHIP Bardstown Box: Judges, S. Mu- slck, Joe Browii, Ralph Bowden; alternate judges, A. F. Ashburn, a. C. Bennett, W. F.. Gary; clerks, J. A, Muslck, Joe .Ashburn; alternate clerks, Omer Crawford Josepii ' Mustek. ' ; : Frenchman's Bayou Box: Judg-- es, T. R. Wlllett, Auburn Hlgplns. F. N. Brlst; alternate Judges^ Edward .Norton, Marshall Speck, ,C. p. Speck; clerks,' B. C. Rhod'es, Oliver Clark; alternate • clerks, Uslle Speck, Walter Glover.' ' Bassett.Box: Judges, E. L. Caraway, J. H: We»tbrook, Loiiis O<len; alternate • judges, : L c Jones, Ed Bell; L.:C. Gaty; clerics, | VV. w. Adams, Nap .Etter; alternate clerks, Ralph Blankeriship, J. R. Westbrook. ' : • CARSON T6WNSHIP ' : Carson Lake Box: Jiid-es.' BPH Fleming, Vardle Westbrooi, Ed Turner; alternate-judges, M. Shel- 5-12-19-26 n Jrtwhu- * •>•< \t\<» M»t (Irit thin,1* ^y lni. ( t;.|. M I. Mn. TVui ah**1ntr«Jwc*« jirmt — UUIM 4\tmm t*i 4«>tk • Guiit •filnit xoqultoi, ni>i,<nJ»th«r !r,,.,t.. Kill Atm vltK.FLY-TOX. Intlti wi tht (•mi/no FLY-TOX FOR ANOTHER MILLION OWNER FRIENDS 1 You are giving Chevrolet the greatest .year ' in its history, just as Chevrolet is giving you NEW PERITCTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES (Double-Ading, Self-Articulating) the jafetl and imoothetl Ivef developed SOLID STFTL onr-pUce TURRET TOP 0 crown of beaut/, a tortnil ofiaftlj BICH-COMPRESSTCN VALVr-tH-BEAD ENGINE eM*g tnti b««er perfomionc, Wftn eTen feu gat o«f oil FOI ICOPIMIOL m«,«r«,o» To the milKon people who bare *lrwdy bought ncw 193 6 Chevroleu . . . and to the tent) of thoo sands of other people who are DOW buyin, them ve of Chevrolet wish , o CX pre«« our sincere «ppre«Ution {oc your patronage and your friendship. • loTrrl 1 "" a I ," im ° n f ,° r * <lemand Which W ^^ production of 1936 Chcvrolcls to the million mark in less than a ye»r! You looked at this ca'r-you drove it-yov fcw* it-«nd now you arc recommending it to all your friend*. We thank you for that friendly rtc^meBdatioo, ,„,, ^^ you have convinced many other people ^j Q,;™** i. the on y low-priced car with New Perfected Hydraulic Bnke Tmret T DtPROVEB 6UBDKJ KMIMCTION MM- H» i«««ik.,l, „!„! . rlek of oil [ ro DMT vornunoii « IKW mute? <n» MOTOKI nnTAU. MUIT ruji_Moinmr PAT. •Dm TO nrrr Ton PUMC „„ jn it , Thanks again for gi»ing Chevrolet the history, just as Chevrolet is giving yon d priced tar. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANT, DETROIT CHEVROLET TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville,Ark. KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. Save On Drugs and Sundries K I PINT RUBBING ALCOHOL 19* I TryiflinvlBcuitlnK.ufK.K. 1 m« »l«.hoL luli.dt LjourtMlkp,,,. Sptdil Valut Nu-v.r SANITARY NAPKINS ,12 IN BOX 2 OQc ••»• AW •••L PVRAMIDON Tabled I a;... IB* [WOODBURTS filiircd Sumhinc 10c SOAP 2 MS* ••i HINKLE PILLS SHU-Ml', K I For While Shoo 40c 8OST Tooth Putt COTV- i SUMMER 1'KRFUMES FROM' 51.00 Perfection Cold Cream Vi-lb.j.r w«. Unguentine For Sunburn ....... -_, v — 43 C Main & liroiidwnv SOc Imported OLIVE OIL n "-21 Cash mid Carrv Phone 2.') CAMAY tfAUTY. SOAP Dr. LYONS TOOTH POWDER 19c 75» FLfTCHEm CASTORIA 59c 35< MUM DEODORANT 29c NEEDS FOR SUMMER COMFORT •jrrr-'i m for fiomr or lummcr cottagel "Jiffy" Portable Shower f/h any fVwr.lul juciinn cup . l.ol.l. .|,ow«' ,o .mooi,i. cii wit!. Spnv it 4[!juii. Me 1n »ny »ti t lf. Cm IT .l.i.rhr,] lor ih.mpoo. Tidy Dtodonnt Crutlii K':v 49c Electric' Slovc With New c,.cUc Crome covrfcd tmil Hot W,,tt«,Sf,,i,ti LUX or LIFEBUOY SOAP 4 Btr> 22 C Axurint SunGoijjIci l'.!,r.r,J COTY'f SUMMER Chok. I-*" llcfrr.kin^n.l Pepsodent T<. o P*ite 33' 11.00 P>g> 10 d Antliintle XPOSt Sun T<n Tan wiOioui Luirv ini four iVin u«rant««d ELECTRIC FANS Ntu) tmprovtd MoMl ' Super Juice Extractor In th« niw Ivory tlniih A^ d | \Vor(c 1?S On, ALL il.i JUKE in ihi riulckcil tttne — nnJ willi ANEFRIN For Hay Fever KOTEX -Hox of 12 REMEDY SALE MeZonrU Antiseptic, !oi....4fc 'Aaidtn Tikliti, Tin ol1l....lle IkllueJi|iC«rnP|iiten.."..lit J}«lell-AB« ||c tjr. fenoiri Zlno Pidi ......Jk 1.M Eiiivin lor Hiy Ftvtr.. He fviikk'i Aipiriii, ll'i .m J.MmaeiforHiyFmr.....Mt LAXATIVES Tfc KriKhin Mil .4Jt 7k«tir«l, I or. .|Je PhUWitM.J^tt!.,.. 2)e Sfcliimcltin Linlite .....4)e InMiKcCiiun, 4 o:. )4c CHnlt «[ MipiMii, It'M...|fc Jfc ktckiM PiPi J7c SPECIAL VALUES Mminclirme, t ei Ik >k Gem or Evtr-Reidf (Sinrti Edp) Bliici, i'i J7c Pui-Doui De(SMp,..:f»rIk Julrlle NMi-lnNimmibli Cleiiur, I «. He (kSerietnt.Snur«}hotCip4fc Skiiltf.Rid. I n 2le ItiJJU,Tata,itt "PETE" .-Comic Pup Sive $B.SSon thl> • 15-Sp«ed M»t«rcraft FOOD MIXER M6.50 W/ii'pi— Afr'rci— Bta It Quicker and Stttcrl TKt orV looi mixer wil)i IS FULL POWER SPEEDS idiml- *t»te lo jour (very need rc|-lrdle>i of virUlioniinllitcmrKil iupply. DENTAL SALE ISe Uiterim TMlhPiilr...tfc We Werml'i Plite Powdir..41e ifcCiloi loolli Po»d»r.,.,.Jfc He Pr«phyli«tic Tuolh (ruiltlh Sfc ForNin'j TMlk Piil«...Hc Orlii Dentil Perbonle, 5 ei.)7i Certified Milk of Mi|niiia ToolhPasli He BEAUTY AIDS 1.N DeMincle D»pilil»rr...4l( Y Odorono Dttdoritt C*mpttt. .4k Me Hnk De«<»nnt Jfc Me Ncn-Sjil Dmltrinl 4Je Me X-Birin Dif)lil«y. i ..J7e I.MDeljtont D«pililMy....lfc Almand Lolion, t n..... ..JJc MAONES1A PINT size .31* Smooth ami palatable. I "Juitriit" \ WHITE SHOE CLEANER Past* or Liquid 5.oi. 4OC sin... 17. 1 or cleaning ALL vkite .1.0.1, Will nol iul> o«. KOLYNOS Tooth Putt ASPIRIN 5 jriin tabled "24".'.. 17« POND'S CREAMS 31c __ Sii« (imill) 25 FOOT PADS Kur C&llouic», 4* Corni, Bunloni 11 MODESS CtrUin-S«fe" Anli-Colic NIPPLES Spccitlly . Prlcid 3 Fcenamlnt Luitive Gum BURMA SHAVE \ ..... 34* PERSONAL NEEDS Ik Cmipni Ililiin Bilm..2k !.M Cimpini Drtikin 7k Oefdm Peieock Bleieh Creme I7e McNid!netiBleic)iCreim..]7e Lemon Citlilt Jhimpoo-t»;. J4e Ik Djer-KinTile 17e Mir; Like Lmitder Lotion, J ouneej Jle Eve In Paris Sachets KH-quick An) Dcitreytr Powdtr l Ouncti A . or 24 MEXICAN HA AT I'OM'DKK Size 2lc NutrltToua MALTED MILK; Plain or ChocollU Rich.nuliilnlil food drink toi children & frown-up*. I ••••iH DorUoff Athltlt Fool Trcalmtnl Complett • • 4, Trulmtnl... 10c Vtlour ^f Powder Puff i 75c Noxema Cream 49c $1 Chamberlain Lotion 79c $1.85 Alarm Clocks Castor Oil, tasteless, pint 35c Fountain Syringe, guaranteed 49c 75c Acidine Mr, Phillips Tooth Paste and Silver Ladle, Elex. Iron, Quinine Strychnine pt 8ft Both 19 75c Gold Medal Chill Tonic, money back guarantee Eliz. Ardcn's August Gift Uox Only Few Left $1 Value For ' KIRBY'S 5c Frosted Malted Frozen Treat lac Value

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