The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1934
Page 2
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TUESDAY, MAY 29, 1934 BLTTJUVILUL £ilEJ OOUim KIWI fr'Afll THBtt Soon Be Ready to Face World With Military Power Reestablished Goei'ing Guide? Avlalion Development This is: Hie wend of fuur slor If', an th? filiation In Orrmnir cn the evr of the Gc i i'vu .-irnu lottlcnni-e.. opmlng toJii". Tin krrj'-s. deals willi Hie Ihm rjlf.btrm of annanirnls, rconi and jclilli"; On-1 bf!''s l!ir rv lion iin'er Hitler. This is llu fifth a Tits «r;ttcn by Wi'C-ain Philip Simms, on hK tnur i>r Ih' U'cr!d fur the t.'auiler Nfws al'.d other NKA newv; .'|H rs. BY wn.UAM si M.MS (Copyrifht, 19S4, NKA .Service. Inc.' BERLIN—Gennnny Is reiirmini —feverishly. 1 have confirmed Ihi in American, British and eve! German quarters. There can IK longer be any doubt. Just as Japan seized Manchuria then asked the resl cf the wcr.. what il iniended to do about it. Germany Is preparing lo presen frightened Europe with a fait ac. compli by arming henelf and trusting to the upsa slate of th: world to get by with it. Such is llic situalion the 50 na- lions comprising ihe General Commission of the. Disarmament Conference will confront on May 23 wlien they meet in Geneva to sec what, if anything, can be done tc head off a new race for nrmaments France, Britain. Italy and Germany's other neighbor will now have to make the fateful deeisioi whether German rearmamenl shal be regulated or unregulated. Tlie question of whether ;i!u fhall arm or remain unarmed i. no longer the issue. She is alread) strengthening her military ma chine and is grimly determined t> go ahead with it. with or wiiliou her neighbors' cons:-nl. come whn may. Kpfps Kurope on Edge "We know that Germany is re arming." a British observer tol me, "but what Is giving Europ the jitters, is that nobody know how far she Intends to go/Which is true. Hitler is usin a rubber yardstick which neve ceases to stretch. Less than a yea ago, at Geneva, Germany WRS ol !ered an army twic? the Fixe the present Reicliswehr, phis S18 000,000 worth of new armameni along with it. What she ihen demanded, in ai , iliiion, was: ' iOO observation planes S 8,000,00 100 pursuit planes .... 5,500,OC 200 6-Inch howitzers .. 10.01)0,00 100 C-inch guns .. I5,500,CC 300 various sized tanks 4.200.0C 532 3-inch guns 9.500.0C 2.400 machine guns, heavy nnd light 1.300.000 Ammunition for the above 14,000.000 Pickles and Sauces Lend Zesl to Everyday Meals! The iniklnf of plrklM and rel- Wifs ut home I* described here In Hw- I ist of felt urtlvlrs Hbout luimt-- running Mhit-li havo upix'arcil e\- i-Lu>.hrly Ltl tilt* Courier News. BY MAKV K. II.UiVK , NKA Scrvlre Slalf Writer Because lH|jtjlnr> apixntles lire wlii-tti'd by novel flavors, the piquant .sauce and zeslful pickle j make n definite contribution to the well bnlanecd menu. Tho ucl- ual (coil vnh:o ot pickles and rol- . i.shi-.s mny be very Mnnil. but they 54 pounds blown | do :u!il Intorest lo everyday im-uls. iiider vlneear. 1 pliU tiny cucumbers, t pint large cucumbers cut In smell pieces, 1 : large cauliflower, i pint llmi ' beans, 2 Inrge sweet green pep- !ws. 1 hind of celery, 1 pint 'string beans (cut), 1 cup flour, J i Isblespoons mustard, i tablespoon Let stand six hours. Drain train i tui;:.i;c, 1 cup brown sugar, 0 nlum water ami rinse In clc-nr w,vjcu[;j vinegar, 1-4 cup sliced horse- lor. Combine vhu'Ritr. suxar nnd i ladlsh loot, '2 titbit-spoons mlxcc •pices nnd hoinei'.idlsh unit Heal spices. 1-2 teaspoon blucX pepper, to the sciilJliii iioliu ;iin! mid en-, Mll |; C . „ ,. rmc or lwo , |uill .| a O f ciimLcis. Simmer 10 uiliiiiti.<s : wider nnd : 1-2 cups Mill iiml jitni] I'nek In liut Mi'iillivd jiiia. puir:, m , r unfons which Imvc teen p««!- uver hot vine-Kin- lo nm-r uiul : .-:i] ,,-,1, l(lly niciiimliers. Inrgi- cuclim- Curnmlirr llh,\x < |, ,-<,. ruullllowc:- sepiiratrd Inlc Elgin ur U-u 1 to li-lmh in- flowcretles. !,wi-.->l green ]>cpper! cumbeis, 1 omiw Mick vinnuinoii. C1 | ( )„ ii umice whoU 1 clu\i-b, I whole ullsplco, 1 oi.lue i-oli-ry si' quirt ripe toni.toet, J Urf* celery, 4 Itrfe iretn euniBbtn, 3 l«t«/mtoru. 3 irttn peppen, 3 red peppen, 1 small rmd c*b- bage, 1-2 cup sail, 1 quart vln»jiur, 3 cupe brovrn sugar, 1 Ubitspoon sround mustard, 1 teaspoon white pepper. Peel onions and remove weds rom tappers. Wash remaining H'iiclablcs. Chop and put Into a urge crock over night. In the '.nonilng put all Ingredients Into preserving kettle and brlnj to the :ollliig point. Simmer 20 minutes •ind pour Into similized jars. Seal nnd store In n dnrk place. 'J . 'I'lu- secri'l ol pickle mnklni! lies'. rd nlum. n oblainlng a corr.-i-l b:\cterhil! Make u Miony Lihu- us In pre- . nctie.n In one rcsiH-ct nnd lit the | ceding! lecip:-. Wash mid wipe cu-. same time proventlnj tho bactcilallumbers and loi Muml (in (hive ncilciii which ciinses spullirje nnd O!}-s. Keep coven-:! willi n largi- i-nlng. Salt has breu fomiil loiplnli-. Drain fium brim- nnd Iri '.tie most elllclem intent f«:i ihe .siund in ctcav wat< r us\r nKht. PUIIKW and every rocliM; for pic- j i.innn. Add nli'in ID iijiial pan-, i* uses sail In .some form In vlnopor nnd wati-r uiul li-i i-ue;'iu- rgi' lunounts. ,lvrs .s!i]iuioi- In llii.^ .-ii.iiiion Loi Gherkins always aro In demand j j lours, llrlni: tho cuciimcer-, In and ilu-y nre very lo innki 1 . U; • bottom ol (he kt-tlle lo tin- ntji (Jhtikins ; ,ii f-ider tu.b. 1 snro lti.-y are i-vi 11- Two qiinrtj! small cucumbvis, 'i ]y liimed. Take i-nn- 1:1,1 lo Id iln- cups Mill, 2 quarts bolllni; wntor. | miM-ni. kill nut keep U .su-am- 2 (|uarl.s vim-gar, 2 ounces mixul \ m 1 /. Dram, iviol ami ihyuw I.-A-HV pickling spires. 2 teaspoons iww- • tin- liquid. Cm ci-ici.m':eiN in dercd nlum, 2 cups brown Mis.ii 1 , inch or linlf-incli rhi-.-. nnd put n 1-2 cup'-diced horseradish rout. | soedle^s rnisiu In Hi: n-nlvr u! Chct»e very small cucumbers o(; iialf of the rings. I'.vcl: m a dr." uniform size, Be very carelul no', j ciixjk. Combine vJnivinr. MIUU to bruise or mar tho ctiuumbeis.' _nd i-plceii inui brlnj tu ilio l;:>r-lnj Wasli carefully und dry tutwscn, r.oli-.i. i-our bolllnj Inn nvi-r cu- Afar in tho sky. Germany's aviation minister. Herman Gcerlng. seems to vision dream come true- ' towels. I'm lino a deep crock nnd j cim'her slkc.s nnd lol si.ind uvr diop upjilrs l'°el and ci _ j pour over brine made by. nl':.Miiv- iilu!i:. In iho niornlivj ilr.iln nil lU'inove .scods and pith ,_|lng M<lt in boiling water, covei I vlnetnr, -rulicnl and |>oiir Lack |:( rs m«l chop. Combine stand 2-1 lnum und drain. ScrtUl limn l-rans Off the Algerian const are 5000 Mi-Ins bonus and celery lu Mill wa- sfiunre miles of shallows, rich In in. Mix Hour, imismrd nnd linn- fl-'li, thai have hardly Ixen touched • no willi euoiiKh vinegar lo makej a thin paste. . Add su^nr. vino- | mir, liorKcrudish loot, splci'.i nnd black |ii'|)|ier. Hull this mixture until It thickens. Add prepared viji tables unit briii;; to the Ixill- lu>: ixiliu but do not let cook. I'm mlo .sterilized jars und seal. A few threads of sweet rod |H'p- i:er make this pickle more co'.or!'.:] il you wiLiit lo add liiem. Clmlney Saur? Twi'lvr tiour green tipples. 12 :!n:ill Bi-een loinnloe.s, It grceii ]»p- [.er.-i. 3 medium sixed SpanLsli <,nlons, I ]K)uml seeiiless raisins G uiblrepoons salt. 1--1 iiousiil greet. I'.itigi-r rucl, 3 lablosiioons miLslard ted, 2 1-2 cup-i (!ark brown sugar I 1-2 (marls vinegar. Wash loumloes an'd remove si-ins. Clio;) coarsely, S)lrlnkle willi 2 lnl.'les]:oons sail und lei ihnln o\er ntgiil. l j are, core am chop npptrs. l^el and chop onions from pcp- _ - . .. .- —... .sugar, , , . , „ „ , „ , . nml I( -' 1 s '""<! '» Hours. Uialn o!l | over ciicumlers. no tin-, lu- liv.-: muliiliig MIK and vlncjnr. U a Biant armada upholding the supremacy of his nation In the air, a mammoth Heel of the type of liie i brine, bring lo the l:uilinij i:o!nl, I mornings. Then ]»ck cuciuub.>r.s M the lolling ]iolnt and boll five 'linkers G-38. tloaling in the background. Germany's rivals fear thni. these ships, ostensibly built for j skim and pour over clumbers, j in sterilized Jars, scale! vlniijiir ; •, linile'-. Add leinalnlni; Ingrcil i If. on liiis second nioniiiij. iiny! :;nd pour bolllns; .v". oier L-.itum- rats mil simmer until vegetable i of Ihe. cucumbers look shriveled j t< r.s. Coal ami siore in n dark, arc- n-nder and mlsliin* Is tlilck. It I add 1-2 cup more sail. Let sinnn ! cwl place. will lake about an hour. Turn In- hal no great nation can be kept j rope. And the arms are on the to a German. i another 24 hours. If you dor 1 ,', i S'.viol j?li-l?led v,'.Ttr:ii'.elun rind 10 Morlll/ed glasses and si<ul. II I niu-finitely disarmed. ; '.vay. i "That," he replied, "Is exactly ] want to lake care ot the pickles I is made llils way, '.IMJ, only in.un mint flavor Is wanted add I cui>' comn:ercial us: only, can be converted quickly into bombers, forming n powerful nir fleet. NON-SKID Sl'OT I'AD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Holders! SKK OUR FITTKR NOW 'Consullutlon and Advice.Itee. e have a special type for your rupture I Kohinson Drug Co., Inc. Rtllro>4 4 Main St. \Vilhii! sis weeks ol mobilization,; the silualion. Germany fears (or', this moiling, drain oif brine, scnlu ! •.HSBI- mny be vririlrd. Start willi chopped mini leaves lo chopped 1 am reliably informed, Germany I what may happen within and for and pour over cucumbers for nn-jihp In tin. recipe nnd nild.iiilxliiri- v.hijn'romtlned with vm-I ' J -— ' "' " ""'-' —=,..-1... Mappen wiihout. She Is other day. Drain nnd wipe ciicnm- ii:c:x- each mornli'7 il'.ss;:ry. i| lrdi-r I'lanes in Fleets Berlin has become the mecca ' c< nlrt put 1.250.000 efficient troopsjwhat may >f American aviation exports nnd j in ihe field. And 4,000,000 modern I trying to bet her house ..a'e.smen. A single United Stale.? I rifles arc ready for distribution [while yet. (here is time." conivrn placed 11. order here for: inside German frontiers or In safe I nminmc-r,! for 2.000 planes. And • hands not far outside. ! it wn? a rush orjrr. cash on de- , similarly, thousands of machine | ii'ery. 'suns, heavy m>d light, nre said I I was Littinj at a table having: to exist in a knocked-ilown sla. i air.per in the Acilon Bar. A group j letter to conceal them, if iinlf ?. dozen Germans and an . . « Ai .rrican "nlei3d. . liacrs Against Timt | Chamr.L t 'ne c^'-'klai's all rouna", i "Gennany," an old-timer told Fred." the Am;-rlcan said lo tho me. tjarlenricr. "We \vnnt to c-jlebrate. This is IIP. ordinary occasion and your best i£ non? loo gcod." TiK' American had just signed an important airplane contract with the Nazi government or. its agents. Germany may not te a tic to meei ir.t.'resl uavments on S800.- COO.f.OO vorih ot obligations held n the. Uiiitcd Sutcs, bui she can find liw r.ccessary foreign exchange to pr.v for something she wants. In orderlbers. Cover with boiling ' which alum has been water ill dissolve). On;' pint tiimll white union':. 1 Two I'lcralllll i|iiarls green lomaloe.s, 1 Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance 7M "is t-.n-cr than I have kr,own her to ce in years. She seems in a fever of apprehension | lest some-thin; happen before she sjels r.ady. She seems lo be working against a sort of deadline." I repeated this remark, laler on. Total S58.000.000 Today the yardstick is much longer. For the fiscal year whit?, began April 1. 1934.- GermanyT, federal budget calls for increases for tlic national defense amoun'.ing to 821.000,000 marks, or S328.000.- 000 at Ihe current rate of exchange. Millions for Storm Troops Of this increase, 223.000.000 ($90.000,000) goes to swell the budget of the army and navv; 210.000.000 ($84.000.000) lo the air ministry: and 250.000,000 mark; (exactly $100.000,000) for an item hitherto unknown to a German budget—the Nazi storm Troops. Somewhere, somehow, therefore, Adolf Hiller plans lo spend on the German war machine, this yea" nlone, and above normal, more than five time?, wiiat it would have cost less than 12 months ago fully to meet Germany's armament demands. . Chancellor Hitler has let il be j known that he Is ready to accopl. n convention which would "freeze" armaments within certain limits | and provide for international supervision. y Under this convention. Hitler Kuld agree to "disarmament" of /is own Storm Troops, now 3.000.000 slrong. Th;y would not possess arms, receive military instruction, be officered by regular army men. take part in field maneuvers, or be concentrated in stralcj'.nlly plnced military camps. The regular German Seeks Air Suprrmacy Outside tierlln T saw n civilian flying field. Dozens of plnncs circled overhead. Others were landing.' Some were iwised for the nkoofT. | "Student pilots." a Gcrinun com- j panion explained. Scores of young- i tors were awaiting tli?ir turn for i praclice flight. [ Many ofticers have quit the army , to take up "commercial" or "sport" \ flying. There are. airfields all over the country dovolcd to civilian aviation, nil strictly under Gen- eial Goering. now national avia- 1 lion czar. | Even the schoolboy's glider is i under his orders. ' Forbidden military planes by the j Treaty of Versailles, Germany is j now definitely out to make h?r- relf as nearly supreme in the air , she can. Only she will call it j by another name. i SlarLs Aviation Kacr i Frightened by what Germany is doing. France. Britain. Italy, Holland, Belgium. Poland. Russia, and other European powers nre r]>cediiis up their own production an'd bnyins from abroad. A race for supremacy has begun, and the United Slates is profiting j by tills not altogether reassuring j windfall, fts 180 and 180 miles an | l.our commercial planes arc everywhere in demand. I asked an American airman here if these fast ships, capable of carrying from 10 to 12 passengers' at nearly 200 miles an hour. • weren't potential bombers. I "Gh, heavens, no!" he exclaimed.: But plowlv h? turned his head in , my direction nnd solemnly closed j one eye. 5 Tile nightmare which every nn- A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM The clean Center Leaves ildest 1 me MOUSE THAT f LIT SPRAYS B£DBU55 MOSQUITOES FLIES WATERBUGb ROACWES ANTS \ like to tdl aliotit (lie finer ' lulxiccus in Luckies—tile choicest Turkish ;incl domestic, :mtl only tin 1 inilcl, clean center leaves—tlicy cost mure.— they t:istL' better. Then "It's toasted" —fur protection. But we're just :ts proud of tlteway Luckies arenude. They're so round and firm, so free from loose ends. That's why I,tickles "keep in condition" — do not dry out. ],tickles are alw:iys— in all-ways! — kind to your throat. (ion of Europe has teen 1 having tor , IV/OMEN" ,,^ Hit for aimy. cry the last decade—A sky black willi' " nuny iMn;» lirsiilea Heichswehr. would br incased j planes bearing death "and deslruc- from 100.000 professional soldiers tion in the shape of lelhal gas's i»i>s'i lli " >r ' under 12-year enlistments, to a | and hiph explosive.--now seouuT'' ' '""'' short-term service 300.000 strong. , about lo come true. Wants Military riarrs Hitler wants short-range military planes, but is willing to include combers. He would accept ri,t of Mm an, 11 »vr- huiulrcjls i>f <li»!lard 50 per cent of the military aircraft possessed by France, or 30 per cent of the combined .strength ot her neighbors, whichever proved the smaller. Ai the end of 10 years he demands equality with his ptir.cipal neighbors. Germans believe. France faces n bad situation nt home, economically and politically, and a division amoni her friends and nlllcr abroad. They do not think sin. would dare risk another German occupation at this lime. And, given o.nollicr year or so. Germany wouti bo no slron?. Certain Briiish officials are Oj«n- ly critical of the French position. I. Belgian Premier Count de Broque- K^'lile hns publicly staled that "ihe V>-Hin ol history nnd reality" is Powerful Army Kc.idr Informed persons in Germany no longer deny that, with Iho Reichswchr and its reserves, the Nazi Brown Shirts. Steel Helmets, and other organizations of a mtli- .ary order. Germany now possesses in aimy which n:cds only arms to iiakc it the equal of any in Eu- Farlorv Aathorired FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frl»ldMre Parts Factory Trninrd Mcclianire ReasonnWe Charges Day 67 -Phone- Nlfht 414 / Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., tij iirolci'lin* co*lly rlotlu'd fnnii niollis, ami foo<l from ruacfif* anil inL*. with nracikally no pfforl anil vfry lilllf: cost. It rl*ars llic house (if ilisagrwahlc ci*oking odora, too. Many housewives :nakc il a nraclicr in 'pray thrir IKIII^O, roimi t»y mom, with flit. Re- litck Eiiarantc^. IT COSTS SO LITTLE r~fT.POCS SO MUCH Only the Center Leaves-these are the Mildest Leaves THESE ARE 1 MILDiST LEAVI5H "It's toasted" V I.tictirs nre alt-ways kind to your throat

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