Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on September 18, 1970 · Page 5
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 5

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1970
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1970 ANDERSON DAILY BULLETIN PAGE 5 LOEWY By ABIGAIL VAN ItUHKN DEAR ABBY: Some friends of o-jrs have out of their beads over a personal tragedy. Their 18-year-old daughter left home to marry a serviceman she had known only two monfts. The police were called to avoid bloodshed when she left, and her lather warned the girl and this serviceman never to set foot on his property again. Now tire father falls asieep on the porch every night with a loaded shotgun in his hand. An accident coiild easily occur under these crazy circumstances. He will not listen to reason. He even got his son lo round up a bunch of loughs to try to find the serviceman and beat him up. Are there any counselors in this area who could talk some sense into this man in his angry state? A FRIEND DEAR FR1KND: Counselors? A man who sits with a loaded gun and murder In his h e a r t needs restraining first, not counseling. For his own good and the good of his neighbors, your friend .should be re- jinrfc'd lo (lie le;;al authorities nnd [lie local mrntal fitalth orgnnlzalion. lie sounds sick and violent. A dangerous combination. And since you are his "friend," -- you do IE. ·i: i: * -it DEAR ABTIY: In your opinion, is it permissible for a woman to neck (or whatever you want to call it) with her ex-husband? PAUUNE HEAR PAULINE: Tl is permissible fw * woman fo "neck" (il that's w h a t you incnn, that's what I'll call i t ) with hrr ex-husband, if she is single, and so is he. Vf V W ~',l DEAR ABBY: A few days ago I received in the mail the.most unusual announcement I have ever heard of in all my horn days. I would certainly like lo know if you or any of your readers ever saw or heard anything lo match H. A couple of friends of mine, whom I seldom see, but exchange Christmas cards with, sent me an announcement. I will use fictitious names and give yoj an otherwise exact copy of it. "MR. AND MRS. G. WHIZ FOLKS DIVORCED July 21, 1970: County Court House Achivillc, North Carolina G. \\h\i Folks Annie Folks Seaside Motel I*.0. Box No. 221 Smalltown, N.C. Daytona Beach, Fia." My problem is: Should 1 send them congratulations, separate gifts, sympathy cards, or what, exactly am L expected to do -- if anything? This ftlug sure floored me and I am not putting you on, Abby. C.B. IN 51UKPHY, N.C. DEAU C.B.: Send them both "gel well" cards. Vcs. I've heard of such announce- menls. It's 3 railicr curtcsy way some at (he more sophisticated set use lo fet their friends know they are officially divorced, and therefore available, in tlie m a r k e t or what-havc-you. II also helps t h e i r friends keep Christmas card lists current. * *· ·£ i- CONFIDENTIAL TO "JUST .ME" IN FORT WORTH: Most women who marry men for their money have to divorce them before they can get their lianas on any of it. (P.S. lotsa luck. It's a rare woman, wlio comes out ivinpers when she's out lo skin a man in Texas.) · iV -it ft What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off'your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. »OM. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. Voice Of Broadway (Editor's no'e: Gene Krupa reminisces about the band business in today's guest- column for the traveling Jack O'Brian.) N'EW YORK - Maybe you'd like to hear something about my "beat" generation , . . I was ten years old in the sixth grade at Chicago's Immaculate Conception: and worked after school at Brown's Music Store where I make (he money to buy a set of drums wholesa!e for $16.50. My sister dated the pit drummer at the Calumet Theatre, Johnny Urbanek, so I got to hear him a lot. Next door lo me lived Buddy Burke, my baseball hero.» and he played drums at Bowen High School. And next door lo Buddy · lived Benny PiuchinskE. He did all the Polish bops and weddings. Ycu had to have a fast fool and lots of endurance for. that kind of work. Soon after 1 slarted lo play, I go! to hear guys on a higher level -- Paul Kcltler and Al Silverman. When I couMn't get a gig, Al would let me come to his and help him set up his gear. I was real impressed w i t h his work and I told him so. He modestly informed me he was very poorly imitating Davcy Tough, George WetUing and Benny Pollock. When Daycy learned how awed I was by his drumming, he look me to listen fo Baby Dodds at Kelly's Stahles. He also introduced me to tlic work of Zulty Singleton; Tubby Hall, who was with Earl Hincs and Louis Armslrong in Carol Dickerson's band at Joe Glaser's Sunset Cafe, ar.d Big Sid Caf- lett with Erskine Tate at the Vendome Theatre, I was playing with Joe Kayser's big band, just across the way from the club that was featuring Beasley Smith and his orcheslra with Ray McKinley on drums, Larry Binyon on lenor and Matty Mattack, clarinet, when my big break came. Davey Tough wenl to Europe and the Austin High School gang, with a personnel that included Eddie Condon, Joe Sullivan, Bud Freeman, Frank Tescbmaker, Jimmy McPartland, Jimmy Lannigan and Floyd O'Brien, let me lake his place. This band became (Red) McKenztc and Condon's Chicagoarts and I did my first record dale with it. We came to New York but couldn't get job one so, eventually, I went with Bed Nichols and the Pennies. Wo made records, did the Hollywood Res- faurant, later Gershwin's "Strike Up the Now See Here BRAIN CHANGES DURING NIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP, your brain grows slightly smaller and your body a trifle larger, It's because the blood vessels dilate, bringing more blood to the body and less (o the brain , . . Psychologists say that frigid women invariably have almost no lower loops in the letters of their handwriting. (HUH!!!)... When Helen Hayes dined at the p!usn Quo Vadis, she signed the guest book and, under "Comments, " wrote, "Yum!" . . . While menially keen, and accurate in thought, Virgo Aug. 23-Scpt. 23) tends at times lo gel sidetracked or vacillate (because of "having too many irons in She fire") . . . Map-Reading: Dismal, N.C.; Meansville, fla. and Cross, S.C. . . Celcbri-Tip from Romy Schneider, who never has to worry about her weight: "if ever I must lose a few pounds, I eat apples and yogurt for a week. It always works." . . , Those Laws: In Key West, Fla., it's Illegal lo race turtles within the city limils! . . . Newest Item on the menu at the Waldorf-Astoria's "Oscar's Coffee House" is described as "A Jug of Wine -- A Loaf ot Bread -- A Morsel of Cheese"! i ft * r. FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "I'd just like lo see how the couch would look over in lhat corner, and this is Che last time I'll ask you lo move it." . . . Home Decor Tip: Dull fabrics will give a room a feeling of warmth while'sleek materials give a cool effect. ,. This is National Allergy. Month. (Tlie ker- choo shall 'not slfog tonight!) ... Bar- Snooping at It Mistral, NYC: Add just a (ouch of absinthe to Bloody Mary for a novel and refreshing lasle . . . Overworked Expression: "Get it all logelher!" ... To keep in shape, try Flamenco dancing. Jose Greco hasn't gained an ounce in two decades . .. Beauty Hint from Jans Morgan: "Use vhite lipstick on eyelids to accentuate dark eyebrows." . . . A leading British surgeon ·ayi forcing a child lo eatunwanled food CM lend to a Mrkxu obesity problem ia Conliuueil From Page 4 By Jack O'Brian Band" and "Girl Crazy" and, in lhat band, I got to play with bo'Ji Dorseys, Miff .Mole, Jack and Charlie Teagarden, Glenn Miller, "Pee Wee" Russell, Benny Goodman, Fud Livingston and all the great jazz men. I also gained some good experience playing in Russ Columbo's band on the [/Jew's Theatre lime, playing for four acts from the pit. then doing Russ' stint on stage for the closer. Next came Sfal Halleft's band and Ihen Buddy Rogers' band, Afler Buddy's band, it was on to Benny Goodman on. the National Biscuit Ccmpany "l-ct's Dance" coast-to-coasL radio hour. Benny's tremendous success thereafter has been well chronicled both in print and in the movies. We got Lionel Hampton, to make the trio a quartet. By now everyone knows what a great drummer Hamp is. Back in those days, we'd spend hours in practice sessions backstage between shows at the Parapount Theatre and the Manhattan Room of the Pennsylvania Hotel. There was a kid playing with Joe Marsala's group at the Hickory House. He could -- and can -- do more v?ith his left band than any of us could do with two feet and two hands. That, of course, is Buddy Rich. I made my debut as leader of my own band April I6th, 1938, at the Steel Pier in Atlantic Cityl There were Gene Krnpa drum contests, and, I'm proud to point out, the winners included Louis Bellson, Alvin Stollcr, Bobby Rickey, Karl Kiffe. Don Osborne, Joey Preston, Sonny Igoe and Dave Block. That year Ray Bauduc was backing up Bob Crosby and the Bob Cals at the Blackhawk in Chicago while we were at the Panther Room of the Sherman Hotel, coming on wiih "The Big Noise from Winnetka." 1 remembered that so well, I did a record of it myself 20 years later, Just about the same time I did an album of "Classics in Percussion," with my neighbors Joe Venuto and Doug Allen akmg with "Mousie" Alexander -plus a big band, of course -- four drummers, ft went nowhere commercially but I liked it for the muscial satisfaction it gave me, but certainly not for the financial loss. That was also the lime when I worked mostly oul of the Jletro-pole on Times Square when it was real jazz house .with men like Cozy Cole, Jake Hanna, Don I.amond, Oliver Jackson, Speed Jones, Roy Burns, Barrett Deems, Sam Ulano and Morey feld. By Bert Baeharnch later lite . . . Sociologists say thai firstborn sons, because they're closer to their mothers, tend lo develop more intense feelings about women later in life. ·i t * 4 KITCHEN - SNOOPING: When cooking lima beans, a little honey added to the water will give them a better tasle. (Hotel Regency, N Y C ) . . . To remove salt and add a fine flavor to a ham, baste it with a can of beer. (Burke's, Baltimore) . . . A pinch of baking soda in the water when boiling frozen greens will keep the color bright. (Toledo, NYC) ... Add a dash of white wine to coleslaw for an extra good tasle (Jolly Fisherman, Roslyn, L.I.). «r t it ir SMATTERING OF SfGNS: It can be real hardship for the CANCER person to be obliged to leave his home, and put down roots in a strange environment. To make a hit with a LEO person, just praise him lo the skies -- he'll glow like his Huler, the Sun. VIRGO does not give compliments easily, but is very sincere if he finds reason to be flattering . . . Sandwich Favorite of Rick Nelson: Tuna fish mixed with chopped celery and topped with sliced ripe olives, on a sandwich bun . . Faded Phrases: "Don't be such an old sobersides," "Ttiey gave him the old heave-ho," and "Ain't she a pip!" . . . Dr. Tom Haggai, who gives about 730 talks a year, has never had 'laryngitis. Sips orange Juke consistently, and believes this may be lh« answer. . . A California research team recommends drinking tea before and after meals to counteract the effect of a fatty diet, w ft ft ft HELPFUL HINTS: You can clean and deodorize your garbage pail by filling with hot water, adding a en? of sal soda concentrated ar.d letting it soak for about fifteen minulei . . . If short of mats for hoi plates, make extras by wrapping magazines in aluminum f o i l . . . If wrapping sntneihing fragile for mailing, use latex foam sheeting -- among 4he safest at ihctfc absorbers, cKisist of over 20 trans-Atlantic liners." Lceivy and his associates designed Ihc interior ol the most sophisticated aircraft ever buili, the Boeing intercontinental code-named Air Force One. From his office on high, a President of the United Slates could lash an instant signal lhat would launch a catastrophic retaliation in the event of a nuclear attack. Hundreds of other designs, shapes, mokJs and conveniences lave flowed from Lcewy's ever- fertile imagination and solid engineering background. He sees orbiting labs big enough to house 50 men for weeks on end, svilh re-usable shullle ve: hides supplying them with their needs or returning them to earth at (he conclusion of a tour. If there is not comfort aboard, the costly experiment could come (o naught. Comfort is an all encompassing word to Loowy. It might mean the color scheme of the public rooms of the orbiting lab, or the flavor and eye-appeal ot the food, or chairs and other objects (hat adhere lo the flooring and don't go wandering about in a weightless slate. His Russian friend. Yuri Solo- viev, director of (he Soviet Institute of Ergon Din etry and Industrial Design Research, took him to task during a recent trip lo Moscow. "You Americans are too complicated about food in space," he said. "Our fellows simply lake along huge sandwiches stuffed «ilh garlic pork iausages." Loewy said, "Now f understand why your fellows seem o be more subject to space sickness (ban ours. 1 ' So one of these years there'll -e a touch of Loewy's class in space. He defines it modestly, "We are creating a microcosm of society in space, a small portion of our world. Let it reflect oar highest standards." MAN ABOUT TOWN Continued From Page 4 FOODS of the new community they were able to survive and prosper. No t only d id these people jring us the Conestoga wagon but they were also Die ones who developed (he famous "Ken- :ucky Rifle", a weapon generally credited with playing a major part in. the winning ot She Revolution and later in iringing peace lo Ihe "dark and bloody" Kentucky area. These were also the pioneers rho fashioned so many ol the tome-made but effective lools or cultivation ot the crops in heir newly chosen land. These were the early blacksmiths, the early carpenters, the craftsmen ind the weavers. They had come from the coal and iron areas of Pensylvama. They cnew the value of limestone and he separation of iron ore from, ts impurities. Their own ances- ors had lived in the same kind; of environment, in the Palatinate] n Europe. America can always 1 ie indebted to these early craftsmen who did so much to make pioneer life a bit easier and more comfortable, all because of their industry and inventiveness. Among the family names of ^ennsylavania Dutch who came o Madison County, Indiana, which come most quickly to land, are the following: Kimmerling, Harris, Werner, Warner, Hun.zinger, Graber, Skiles, Sho em aker, Sh af fer, Brenneman, Hicks, Denlinger, Hoover, Runnels, Bronnenberg, Kline- [elter, Fes!cr t Hayes, Kirkcn- bauer, Lewis, Slaughter, Frey, Heffner, -Meyer and Showers. Where To Write Your Legislators AT WASHINGTON Srnale Sen. R. Vance Hartke Room 451 Old Senate Office Building Washington, D. C. 20510 Sen. Birch E. Bayh Jr. Room 304 Old Senate Office Building; Washington, D. C. 20510 House Rep. David W. Dennis Room 1729 Longworth Office Building Washington, D. C. 20515 (Representing the ICth District, In. chiding Madison, Delaware aad Henry counties In this area- Rep. Richard L. Roudebush Room 2452 Raybnrn Office Building Washington, D. C. 20515 [RepresenUr.2 the i:h District, la eludtar Grant, Tiplon Ind Harr.ntos ·- In this area.) Rep. William G. Bray . Room 2305 Rayburn Office Building Washington, D. C. 20515 (Representing tne- fith DIslneL, tn- eitxfing Haccoelc County In ttli u«4.) A THOUGHT Then the Lord God said, j "It is not good that mm should be alone; I will raabe Urn a helper fit for Urn."-- 1:18. Every man who is happily! married is a successful man,)] even if he has failed in every-1 thing else. - W i 11 i a m Lyon Phelps, educator, Relax -- Save -Every Day In Herald - Bulletin Classified Ads STORE HOURS Mon., Tues., Wed. 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Thurs., Fri., Sat, 9 A.M. to 11 P.M. Sunday 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. THE LONGER THE TAPE... THE MORE YOU SAVE I AYR-WAY GIVES YOU LOWER TAPE TOTALS EVERY DAY 5517 Scatterfield Rd. ANDERSON, IND. CENTER CUT RIB PORK CHOPS Lb. SWIFT PREMIUM OR MARHOEFER CANNED HUMS 5 Lbs. 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