The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS LIKELTTOBE Ml 4TB Yanks Roaiing Along Better. Than Ever, Red Sox Only Serious Foe •BY GEORGE KIRKSHY 'Hulled Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, May 20. UJP>—The Yankees were roaring along the pennant tiail today at such speed lliat 'the American League race promises to be a joke by July 4. The Red Sox. playing .714 per cent' baseball—which would bcgo:d enough to lead the National League by two full games,. are in second place by 21C- games. By a quirk of the schedule, the Yonks and Red Sox play only three games against one another before July 1, and by that time the rncs may !>e over. Yankee dominance of the American League was never greater. They've lost but Jive games out of 24. They've won nine straight nnd 14 of their last 1C. And they're a rebuilt ball club. The old Yanks have passed on, or nearly SD .The new Yanks are beginning to make their presence felt. The decline of Gehrig and the Injury which benched DiMaggio only served to show - that the Yanks arc better equipped for tlie future than any other club. .In yesterday's triumph over the White Sox, 4-2, three Yankees- Keller, Gallagher anil Dahlgren— were first-year men. Gordon is playing his second year, and Hen. rich bis third. The. new "Yanks have all the old- time Yankee punch and have added speed and defensive strength. They've hit Into only 15, fewer Yanks—Bill.Dickey and lie's a left- hander who hits line drives. It's getting harder every day to pull n double, play against the • Yanks, They-re. lilt into only 15, fewer than any other club. Not forgetting the Yanks' punch —they lead Uie league In tatting \vilh .294; In runs with 153; in triples with 12; In homers' with 23; in runs batted In with 140. . In the other American League games, 'the Red Sox slaughtered the Browns, 15-7; Cleveland capitalized on five Washington errors to lick the Senators, 8-4; and the Athletics climbed out of the cellar by dumping the Tigers, 11-6. Cincinnati climbed within .009 points of the National League lead by nosing out the Phillies, 4-3, af- .ter, a 12-iimlng uphill battle. Ernie Lombard! hit his SCMITC! homer In two days and his fifth of Hie season ; to win the'game. The league- lending Cards were idle. -., The Giants beat the Cubs, 11-5, iis Harry Gumbert won his fourth game. Bill Jurgcs' single with the bases loaded and three hits by Frank Dcniiiree aided the Giants' cansc.r.Hank Lelbcr had "3 for 3." napping Rip Scwcll otil, nf (he box In the second, the Boston Bees piled up five runs In the first two frames to beat Pittsburgh, 5-2. Dick .Errickson relieved Lou Pelte and Iield Uie Pirates safe In the Inst G 2-3 innings. • * » Yesterday's hero-Jim Tabor, Tied Sox thirri baseman who hit a homer, double and (TO singles. Yesterday's Results Southern [.ca^uc. Memphis at Knoxvllle, rain New Orleans at Chattanooga, rain. Uttle'Rock 7, Nashville 5. Birmingham nt Atlanta, rain. \ • • National League New York 11, Chicago 5. Cincinnati 4, Philadelphia 1, 12 innings. Boston 5, Pittsburgh 2. Brooklyn at St. Louis, rain American I.c.ijue Cleveland 8, Washington 4. Philadelphia 11, Detroit 0. Boston 15, St. Louis 7. New York 4, Chicago 2. Northeast Arkansas League Night Games: Newport nt Paragould. Carulhersvillc 7, Jonesboro 3. Today's Games Southern League Nashville at Memphis. Chattanooga, at Birmingham. Atlanta at New Orleans. Only games scheduled. National League Brooklyn at St. Louis. New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. Boston at Pittsburgh. American taatuc Chicago at New York. St. Louis at Boston. Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Washington. Northeast Arkansas League Open date. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 189 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service . Philosophical Fighter 'lain. ouMnshloiicd chinning is still good for a fighter, so Lou Nova ihlns himself plenty. One of Oom the Omnipotent':; monkeys assumes the role of an assistant trainer. nlcii at DID feet of Oom the Omnipotent, fighter Lou Nova gots hrough a set of muscle control'exercises, obeying each command of the Hlmlii-ized philosopher. A fighter's stomach muscles have lo be lough. Here Ur. Bernard lest.5 out Nova's control over the bread basket. According to a published list of tiles for table behavior in colonial times, colonial children were not illowcd to ask for anything nl the able, nor speak unless first spoken lo, nor bite into a while sllze of bread. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed lipr.l Prices Kirby Drug Stores Szabo Will Be Byrd's Foe Here Promoter Mike Meioncy will ijre- senl finrlher newcomer on 'his weekly mat card rit lite Legion arena here M;tulny night when Joe Swibo. !!um;;iii;iii performer, will face Floyd Hyrrt. Ulriningham b:id man. in the feature bout of Uie program. N Sznbo Is ile.sci'lbeil by Aferoney us onu of the best wreslier.s in tin llgbt heavyweight ranks and is ex peeled to give liyrd quite a UBS!. bctcrc Hie mutch is decided. The Itiltcr is another exponent of the rough and ready school, devoting most of his energy in the ring to dealing out huge doses cf misery In Ilic form of body kicks, gouging and slugging. Two other first class )>ei'formers win have shown their wares here before,will tangle in another bout They art Joe Feronl, the Italian and Bob Colby. St, Louis grapplcr Scratches on walnut or fimi« oak furniture can be covered will iodine. Freshly Churned COUNTRY'iHJTTBK AND BUTTRRMILK Produced in our utg new churn just installed. It's Dcllclousl Delivered Daily CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 'Onm The Omnipotent' Works Yoga Wonders With Lou nv PAUL ROSS Ni;A Service Staff Correspondent NYACK, N. 1 Y., May 19. _ Gene Tunney's penchant for Shakespeare used to give the wise boys a laugh. Hut now Ixm Nora, rising young heavyweight, has come along will) n topper. Lou Is training 'on philosophy for his Juno i nghi v ,'ilh Maxlc Baer at (he Yankee Stadium, New York. It's not that Lou hns abandoned the workout. Only that the 24-year-old pugilist spends a lot of his time at the feet of a 80-year-old Hindu-lied American who teaches him the Involved mysteries of Yoga, an ancient Eastern philosophy which begins with' exercises and ends with nearly Incomprehensible concepts. The Yoga expert Is Dr. Pierre Bernard, known to the working press as "Oom the Omnipotent." According to Oom, Lou Nova's wind will be 400 per cent better by the time he climbs Into the ring with Bner. "My gosh, I can see the difference already," Loir has rc- jurtedly declared. MAYBE'LOU WI1-I, CUT iU!l-MlNI)!il> The elderly Yoga practitioner became interested in Nova after tlie fighter had hung up a string of victories on the Coast. "He's about as line a physical specimen as you could find to demonstrate Yoga," iys Oom. Lou, who is a physical culture fan. accepted an invitation to go .o Dr. Bernard's health resort near Nyack, to learn the physical part u( Yoga. Now he is being initiated nto the complicated breathing exercises whose object Is to "fill up" he body—even the Intestines— with air and store up physical,and ncntal energy. : • '' Should Lou win the bout with Baer, he will begin training to fight Joe Louis. I'or -Hint Dr. Bernard! teach him the mental part of Yoga. "I'll give him the whole vorks and he'll get it, too. lie lias a noodle on him that would-,fit a man of 40," says the Doc. , OOM IS MAN i OK VARIED INTERESTS Oom is nuile a figure hereabouts. At one time he had a ball club to •cpresent his place. Now he is head of it bank and a, tins his reconditioning resort; and' maintains a flock of aiilmalsiin- cluding elephants, monkeys, llamas, n lion, n chimpanzee,-' an eagle— which he rents to circuses. He keeps a (miner to handle the beast';. The Yogi learn things fronf'ob- scrving animals. ' Ills title cf "Doctor" was handed him by two Hindu universities. His interest in Yoga Is Inherited from his father and grandfather ' who were students in India and Urn-Far Ensl. Oom. himself, has spent lime there. According to those who know him. Oom is a regular fellow who can chill on anything from philosophy to batting averages... BASEBALL STANDINGS Today's Sport Parade By Starj HcUnwrc NEW YOrtK, May 28. (UP)-Do you speak polo? l-'cw persons do. To most of us such expressions as on-side, near-side, chukker nml free '.ill are Just something ,v;c occasionally see on the horsey pages of the newspapers or run across In an old copy of Spur In the den list's office, j, As a result, little attention has been paid to the fact that when America mcet.s England for the International Polo Cup at Meadowbrook next month, our side will consist of four 10-goal players, This Is really a remarkable set-up, because when Mike Philips, Cecil Smith, Tommy Hitchcock and Stewart Iglehart ride out It will be the first time In the history of the gaine any country has ever fielded a team that, judged by pob standards, Is perfect. The first ranking a polo player gets Is one goal. As he improves he Is raised to two goals, then three goals, and so oh. Ten goals is the limit, and you don't need many more fingers than you have on your hands to count all (he men In the world who have reached that status. So you see, that Is truly an astounding side that will gallop out for us at Meadotvbroolc June •). Hitchcock, "Mr. Polo" himself, who first rode ngamsl the British as long ago as 1921. Iglehart and Phlpps, the Eastern youngsters who were born lo the saddle, and Smith, blue-eyed cowhand from Texas who'll ride right on through you If you don't make way. To fully appreciate- \vhat (he English players are up against, one must translate polo into other sports. Take tennis, 'for example. If the United Stales were to field a Davis Cup team theoretically as strong as the combination of Smith, Plnpps, Hitchcock and Iglehart, it wo'uld be composed of Bill Tiltlen, Ellsworth Vines, Don Budge and Little Bill Johnston. In boxing, four British heavyweights, to face a task equal in size to that of their polo players, would battle ..with, say, Joe. Louis, Jack Dempsey, Jim Jelfries and Bob Fitzsimmons. The English, however, are not downhearted. The sun never sets on English polo, enthusiasm, it would seem. They feel they have a good chance to lift the trophy for the first time In almost a decade. , Before you ask why in the name of goodness they can have such optimism I'll tell you—ponies. Uh huh. ponies. No matter how good a polo player a man is, he cannot do much without a proper.mount. Tne British combed the. empire for the best polo. 'ponies—and got -them. They have ponies from Australia, India, and other far-flung outposts. They are counting- on> the i»nles to be so much superior to Ihe American mounts, the mnn-power will be equalized. It won't, however. The American side will win in straight—uh-uh— what is the polo, word?—oh yes, heats. SATURDAY, MAY 20, 193! Little Rock Anxious To Turn Cellar Over To Memphis By United Press The Little Rock Travelers toclny nad Well hopes of getting oiu ol the Southern Association cellar after four straight wins that lifted them to within a grime ami a hair of the seventh p| ace Memphis Chicks. The Travelers' 7 to 5 victory over the Nashville Vols was the only game weather permitted Friday. T!ie rnlii played particular havoc in Atlanta and Chattanooga. The Crackers' southern Association and Dixie scries pennants were to have IMCII rim up in Atlanta while Chattanooga had scheduled a base- tell centennial show. The Uttle Rock-Nashville game was almost a duplication of the. one the clay before, which Utllc nock also won 1 to 5. As in that game, the Travelers piled up a five-run lea<> only to see the'Vols lie it In Hie sixth. Two tallies In Hie eighth gave Little Hock the winning margin, with Sayles, who had releved Meadows In the sixth receiving credit for Die victory Meadows and Mali,™ for Little Rock and Chapman and Hasson of the Vols hit home runs. Today's only scheduled games are Chattanooga at Birmingham and Nashville al Memphis. BASEBALL STANDINGS American I/eague W. L. Pet. New York 19 g 792 Boston 15 o .714 Cleveland 13 n .543 Chicago J4 12 538 .Washington 10 74 417 Detroit 10 )8 .357 Philadelphia a 15 .349 s '- Louis 9 17 .346 Northeast Arkansas tenjfue VV. L. Pet. Caruthersvillc a 5 .615 Newport ;... 75 [533 Paragould c C .500 Jonesboro _•, 5 10 333 Ludovlco, duke of Milan, was so fond of fresh fruit that he invented a traveling fruit garden so that he could pluck fruit from the trees brought directly to his dining table. Southern League ClinUiinoogii Atlanta Nnshvllle .'.'.. Birmingham . New Orleans Nnoxvillc Memphis Little Rock .. W. L. Pet. 18 11 ,621 18 13 ,531 14 15 : .5!T 15 14 '.517 15 15 : J50Q 13 14 .481 12 17 .414 11 10 .550 National League W. L. Pet. St. Louis 14 0 .009 Cincinnati 15 10 .COO Boston 13 12 .620 Chicago 13 13 .500 Brooklyn 11 12 .478 New York 12 14 .4G2 Pittsburgh n 14 .440 Philadelphia Id 15 . .400 The potato originated along the Pacific coast of South America and was introduced to Europe by the Spaniards..; KILL WORRY C to 8 Glasses of MOUNTAIN VALLL'V ,WATEn May Do It Xol ordinary. ln\» wn- tiT — lull Mounlnin VftUc'y Wairr. (W Htiir li-MOiJ, *U>iitiy ulfcnUiie ivntcr nuci] vlij- millions tho |ins( 50 yrnrR. TwintM'-i of sltnrp rlien- inahV, arthritic nml mniritfc pains OflfH si ft r I worry—J»TI it w Ny .ilioiillln't Ihpj-J \S'iirn- inp sipcu ore ((u-y. Toxins nnd waslcs in the bmly run lip \va.--li- fd ftvvsy." Try Ibis f trcnlitwnt, .Start loilny. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop 109 S. Division St. WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEES & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Briny to Our Blythcuille or GOSH ell Gin R. D. HUGHES G1H CO. i ROXY Theatre Saturday MID-NIGHT SHOW ONLY 11:30 1>.M. Flaming Passion Honor and Virtue Lost in the pitfalls of Jaw, and Gin. EXTRA! THE HIRTH OF LIFE Sec Actual Childbirth IJcforc Your Very Byes. The Mosl Daring I'icture to Come Out of Hollywood ADULTS ONLY A 134-pound watermelon recorded In Georgia in 1D37. was Real Iron Man New Guinea To Up, Forliflfil SYUNKY, Australia (UP)— AU' li'alla's national 'defense has now been extended to the fortifications of inm New Guinea. Strategic bases »• be established ami udrqimtf! fort, Ileations installed for the defen< o( Port, Moreshy. Under favorable conditions airplane can he seen at luooo 15,000 feet altitude. After 37 years on the mound Paul R. (Dad) Felix, 62, of Denver, is still going strong. Felix manages a sandlol team and also pilches an average of 45 nine-mxing games a season. Nickel steel first was used in a ocomotive boiler shell in 1904. QUALITY Plus Equals Firestone Convoy Tires Any way you Figure, I'ircstmi^ Convoy Tires give you the greatest value for Die money. Built wllii all Firestone patented construction features. Iteiiu'm- ber you can buy on our HUD- GST 1'I.A.N. SET 01*' 4 FOR AX LITTLE AS $1.50 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr, PER AVKEK 5th & Walnut Phone 810 WRESTLING 1 JOE SZflBO vs = FLOYD BYRSi M PERCYS vs, BOBCOR81 American Legion Arena, Monday S p.m. The moiftl ifluttrattd is ike tiutfk SrcciAl. moitef -// Jonr-t/Qor touring if (fan $99(> tftii'lffrttfat Ffint t j ifeliwtrrJ ill flint, Utic/i. HAT we're concerned about is without n<ili<v. Sl:itc : ,ml tn«>s (it any), ' tNnitimcnt nml nc- simply this: Lest, you admire the size nnd stvijlness and smurliiexis of (liis trim Byiick— and mistakenly decide it's :i cur you can't afford. Lest you figure, since it's nil eight and an eight of a hundrecl-and-lhen-sonic . horsepower, it might cost more lo run than you'd like to pay. Lest you listen to all you licnr about its wondrous comfort, nnd tlvc smoothness of its BniCoil ride— nnd class it sis luxury beyond your reach. All of which, of course, is wrong! This rsan eight— a valvc-iii-hcad strnigln- eight— but it's also a Dynafltisli eight, nnd it gets more good out of every drop of gasoline. And it's certainly a luxurious carriage to ride in—not only in si/.e and comfort but in its equipment. Even so — [he list prices still run less than a year ago — less than some sixes — and probably cansitlcrably less than you think! We'd hate to have you miss out on a whale of a lot of fun simply because you didn't have the whole story. So—since your Ikiick dealer doesn't know how to reach you — why don't yoti call on him? n Don't worry about his pressing you to buy! When you see how little this honey costs— you'll be pressing him to hurry deli very I llvtlvr hnii ttuichl *JF EXEMPIAR Of eE^JEIiAl MOTORS VAIUE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broniliray Rlytlicvillc, Arlc, YOU GET A* BETTER USED CAR FRONT A BUICK DEALER

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