The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE,FOURTEEN BTATHRVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, -MAY 7, 1<M7 Kesselrlng Convicted of War Crimes VENICE, May 7. (UP) — Field •Marshal AFoc-rt • Kosselvir.g,. who commanded.' tlie 'German forces in Italy, was sentenced to death by a British military court yesterday for, causing the reprisal deaths of more than 1,408 Italian civilians. | The five-man tribunal ordered KeliSelring lo be shot. I Kc-sselring, lieavy-Kt and thic:<- jowlcd, was convicted on two. war criuSes charges after a three-month tual He is 02. He was found guilty of responsibility for the Arcieating Caves massacre of 335 Italians near Home in March. IB-St, and the deaths of 1073 Italian-civilians through foe severit yof his ami-partisan measures.' between ,lune and August 1944. . Death sentences naa previously l>eeri imposed, by another British tribunal upon Col. Gen Ebcrhavrt vou-Mackensen and Lt. Gen. Kurt Maellzer, subordinates oi Kcssel- ring", for the, Ardeating massacre. She's Still Hunting an Apartment •<£*, \ Hunger Strike Ends In il. S. Reformatory WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP) — Tlie-Justicc Department annonncetl ycstfcrday that conditions In the federal reformatory at Daubui , Conn , have returned to normal .if- ter a hunger strike by 550 inmnte- A 'department spokesman said nil inmates answered lunch call am! a summons to E° back to work. Thev had struck for bolter food. "All is now normal routine," a department spokesman said. .W<8p • /wa^M,] •^•^te . pi LZj-iv" •«-;* ., f.-iys -f. > , - —«-f • t, •>.-.- ,•//•' 0 i f^-^'-r^ Ok"W^,'i^yB G ^if.C 1 *&$*(• —. I Aftv 4 1 "\i r^D ""*" f **'i>A»r1*** r.*,^ COPR. 1M7 BY NCA SERVICE. INC. T, M. RtC U, S, PAT. OrF. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 iii. to- 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fil sit Stale Line . I'honc Hlyllieville 714 Dr. W. C, BACK v j at Dell, Ark. \ "Mother told us not to stare at your e!oublo ctiin, h-tit 1 don't see why—-it isn't half as big as she sniril"'' Kav Daly, San Francisco, used billboard . . . got no apartment. •• / • Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. ...Tim TU'ky STOUYi is S:illr or lu-r iiiilisiisit . \ minimi nr<- nillfli Iji-llt-r Tor !L i-lilhl." cl:iri'«. "Ifx wlint > ..... '1 w/ fur y»iiir i-hllilrviu fs>i't llf mVmi— It jmi Imiv .-my — If -JVIi-ky! Vim l;nuw 1 love ; dA3 t ^uu!" would somciiny tell hci- so. "Say—;" iio ext'Siiimcd, up. "What iibout lelling tlie family?" * * * "V/TCKY came clown lo envlh * again with a bant!. "No, no! Not yet! I need lime—lo think a you do know I love you, don't you?" Sally asked ifn patiently. "I—I suppose I do now—yes, Sally." "Didn't you know all nlnnp.?" he demanded. "Ever since the first day?" "No, I can't say I did." • "Didn't you even hope?" Victoria gasped. "Why, rcnlly—! No,- Salty," she said with spirit *'I "can't say I thought about i much one v;ay or another. 11 •His expression wns incredulous He swung her nrotiml to face him taking hold of her arms. "Thai': a lie. Isn't it?" '.'Yes," she jvhispcred. "Then you did hope?" "Yes." "You knew?" Salty-'sighed enormously in re lief. He'- put his arms around lie with n\vkwnrd tenderness gave her a kiss. They \vove silci for some lime, looking at cac olher. "I suppose." said Viclcy finnll "I've just been proposed to?" 'jWell, I vras going to get aroun to that, Vic!;, really I was," he a surer! h-?r. "f meant to ask yo that first thing, but somehow t other things just slipped out firs '-'That's all right," she snid long as your irUeiniuiiS were ho orable." "Of, course they were!" he sa Indignantly. "II o w could doubt in" i "I didn't," she said, \vondcri why she had ever, in what n seemed like an earlier incarnal doubted that he loved her anc le. That is—lei's wait a few •s. l.el'.s wait till you come no next week-end." L K I come home." 'Oh, surely they wouldn't send tt very for without a lew days first!" They might." Then we'll have lo lell them, on." He squeezed her hand. "They'll thrilled!" "Wc-11 I hope so." VicUy (mind rsclf wondering just how rilled Mis. Hagut would he with riclc Godfrey and Uncle Basil id Uncle Marcel. "Especially Grenl-Unrle Attorn," ally said happily. "Do you think he would come to a?" asked Vicky. "And meet •andmother? I'll speak to hci bout it. Why don't you nil come or tea this afternoon! I'm sure 's all right, and we have tea very Sunday anyhow." 'That's a good iden. And after, icy all set to know each other we an tell them." "I'll go and aslc Granny." She kissed him li'iodby anc vcnl to find Sophie, who \YHS ing ready for lunch. i\I:idam said she would be delighted t lave all the Bn^iits for tea an ust to tell Sir Charles. Vicky walked back home, wit Sally to deliver the mviUitiut which was accepted with plcnsuv " the fascists and the Communists destroy each other. Saves us thu trouble." "Fool!" cried Basil. "Do you think for one insUint anyone can conquer Russia?" "I'm sure I don't know why they'd want to," said Godfrey. "Dul it Ihey do, let them." Vicky pressed her handn to her head. "Uncle Godfrey — Uncle Basil—all of you! Some — same friends of mine are coming lo tea this afternoon." "The Ba(jots from nexl door," put in Sir Charles, who had come ill to announce lunch. "Won't you please," said Vicky desperately, "won't you please try mil lo light, and not rC bo mean to Uncle Godfrey, and do let Its show them thai we really have u happy home?" .Sophie clapped her bands for iiUciilion. "This is important to Vicky," she announced. "I think, we can all behave witlx circumspection and like respectable people for a few hours. Vicky docs I ask much of us." "Oh, thank you, Granny," Vicky hispcred. I polished the Grand Duke's a service this morning," said r Charles. "And Hie silver frame Inch holds King Edward's likc- css. I am sure not even Mrs. ngot had such distinguished •'lends." "Oh. the King wasn't really a riend," said Sophie. "I met him nly once or twice, attd once spent week end at the same house in ussex. Only I scarcely got to talk hint there—lie had no eyes for 1C." "The EnRlish royal house are inrvcnus sinyhow," said Basil. "I beg your pardon," Sir Charles :aid, "but the litte Roes dircclly back lo William Ihe Conqueror." Read Courier News Want Ads. RADIO REPAJRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODElj. RE- LIABLK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. j Authori/.cd motorola Uailiu t Sales ami Service IOC South First SI. Today's free MOM llecorrt Mr. an ( | Mrs. .1. C Ellis Jr. RKCIU.KS & HIS FRIENDS How's That A Ry J1EKU1LL - i HirAED THE? GiRI.S SAY TH£V'RE- SjEEPEfJ! (5E-T,-iN& SWISHY SWINBURM'S BANOJ S'/v'iSHY FOS, THEIR. DANCE I , , __^^ y Sl.ND& Vi SPECIAL. / 8EATIWG- C - i H PROPELLED/ BOATS FOR SALE Mode in BIythcville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS ond PLYWOOD The idoiil boat for Uic Biff Lake area. Hamlmiuli 1 , stuuU construction—only flic lifst m:iU'ri:ils are uscul m these hunts. See them XO\V! Now on Display at The BSytheville Motor Company Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building Ulylhcville, Ark. For the Generiil Practice o) : Aledicinc Offioo Phone 2131 Ucsidenee 20,'if) 3U PRIZES TOO--- I OH, i A ROOR SHOW I IT. AMD EATS AMD-- r~ MOTHER, 1 CAN ii- i r i. cArvi HECTOE? HARDLV YOU GOT" I WAIT! OROOLIKI6I 1 she gol back to Gra Shingles, everyone was dowi stairs waiting for lunch. As ttstta an argument was pom?: on. "I say the German invasion o Russia could have been a gorl to civilization." Godfrey declare "Anyhow," said Basil, "I'm sure Mrs. Bagot doesn't yo hack to 10CC." Victoria could not help bursting into laughter. "Oh, Uncle Basil, how absurd! What in the world does Mrs. Bngol have to do v.'illl the lineage of the English kings?" Edward VII was honored to meet your tframlmolhor," said Uasil, "Mrs. Bagol should be overwhelmed." (To Be Continued* Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 231! For Complete Protection C1IAS. UlTTNEU IilI-1- WU.SON Wf-lAT ABE VCU SUES : QETIW& IS) AM UPROAR ABOUT* VOttATS: IT TO YOU y C M>- Sales — Studebaker —Service Cars and Trucks of Outstanding Quality and Economy -j^- Expert Auto and Truck Snrvtce if Motors Rebuilt -A- Electric Welding if Tractor Repairs V,'c sjici'iali/e in truck service, any make, any iinrclel. Our I':rirrt ami Hotly Shop is complete. . . . lirmi; yonr rar to irs for llu; t best all-ai-nnml wirli anywhere. Cinnirlctc Line of SUHtvbalicr I'arts. olhcr makes, tttot NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL —We Have Several Good Used Cars For Sale— I?. R. & Ash Sis. LEX CHAJIBLIN Phone 2I'M HILL CHAMP.UN 1JN XHJ WASH H's Hopeless \'f Our Boarding House wfcS^Aaj. Hoopie Out Our Way ' ~ "~~~' '"""* ~ /'-:-AY, YOU KIDS CUTTIM'A f ACROSS THAT VACAMT ) I ' LOT ARE P1JTTIM' ME / -i \ AWAV CUT--I ME AM \ _X OUT IM 1) I' COUIJTKV.' By J. R. Williams >.(ZS. BRM^1G(\M.' J#%? OH.Wo.VOU X'WM'T, \ '_.'•<. ^ :Riv=,s:AENrr OXJER.-\K? wix.3OR.'x LiKe /:-^-t s ME* TrttS VASE T. 6ROUSWT VOO ACT.UALUV IS \-f\ AMO IT'S .' T'LU /'ff ATTRA.CT.ET> RUSrt-\T BNCK TOD.^V C.-/( MORE COMiVlE !4.'$OLlD .SILMGR VASe&j -•JfS§ - : .' -J..". '-" -'^-'".vS;! ;:!':^^ •:. 7^"i ^"-i-^-'y^fe: ^>M£iM W^'^ . O-I-v-i-r^'V \ ' y : §\ H'lr AO.LEN,.. THEN'RE BLUFriNG. E*)OU6lt TO KNOW THE 1 )' • (\RENT rilEf? ARE IN C HME FtMiTED EVIDENCE \0 THROW SUSPICION DW SOMEONE ELSE— MSN6E •\f—\ CAPTAIN eASI- IF WE TURN UP fi'.\&SlN6? R.HM...MAKE VOUKSEIUES AT f VOL'EB M(V.D! POLICE HOME. NOU'lL BE HEE6 fOZ. I PROBABLV HW6 SOUC. TUXE- IF YOU'RE tUCK.V.H *"LE LEADEE MEEAM. A.ND THETIL F1MD \iS -THIS SWAMR SISTER! \S15NiVLS FKOW Hltt THW HES AMD WD BETTER- OKAM, WE GOTOPDE.R.S TO PE.^S THM «OTH1NS I PHIS ^Ob BOTH ]'\ HC.PP6NS TO ODE- .L\ CHIEF - FOR V.ZV / M <M lj $ , \ CHIEF- FOR USD / >r '^' J V 4 MOW IT IMSKVV /, VI"(Si.' "f INACCESSIBLE SWAMP.... .' RIDcR LEF I IKE TRAIL HERE.' IKO^DSK WHT. 7 E ASiO T^RC ; Tr\~ SSS Os!L~i' CSlS RD1S5G Fl^DO'JTWHQHE HT WIT COUMTRV STOKE , \ 1 T .W v OOP Walk In, Hoys Hy V. T. HAMU.N VIC FLINT A Nice Bundle BY MICHAEL O'MALUCY and KAU'M l.ANK / I'R SEE TO N / WE'LL BET IO O'5\1 THAT. WHERE CO ' FOR VOU. WlFW. A\O THE GiRL ft^D !\ YOU CAN SCUT IMTM I COME IN ? / \ HER. WE'RE HOT / v ~— PIKERS. --' OXAY, N'lFTV, SO YOllVA iGOr THE INSIDE TRACK ^V WITH We GIRL. -Jr-'/s I THOU6HT VOUO 8t COttVINCED, 6AN50N, IF YOU HEARD IT IN CONNIE'S OWN K3RDS. WE WON T QUIBBIE. ~ lf= DENVER THROWS THE" FIGHT WE PAY HIM 5O G's. BUT REMEM&ER.WE DOH'T /, iV FIGURE IN 1HIS AT AUi """« SO YOUU PEB- SUADE HER TO WORK ON EAT DEIIVKR TO GO WTO THE TAMK WHEH HE FIGHTS THE CHAMP. WEll, HOW DOES EKE PERSUADE THAT'S RIGHT. VJf PAY VVEIL-- IF VVEGETOUR ^EV'S ViCRTH. >- if SPEAKING OF STCO.'^G ROOMS,') THEN ALL V^^TOERE MUST BC- SO.ME^ "- SO HELP A-E.COP. , fi^GHT/ *~rws /'WE eoTTA'"Db'sTTHING prJtc'ioiJs" '^ vstin: HIUSTBETUEf FINDTH'O.' i IN THERE ...LOOK 7 WONDER BASH/\V\I'S \ BOVS STRONG VAT THAT DOOB2 J \VHV1T'5 J\ THE GUARD'S PKOBASLV (50NE TO SEE THE HARSOR FtRE- VtORKS... WHAT "} I CAN CAN VOiJ DO I BUST WITH THAT RAOTS AND RF.R Tipthl Squeezes BY EDGAR

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