Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1984 · Page 46
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 46

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1984
Page 46
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48 Wednesday. Jan. 18. 1984 Philadelphia Daily News CablePay TV Listings 7K0 (ESN) SPORTSCENTER (USA) RADIO t990 (WGN) BARNEY MILLER (S)M'A'S'H ' Oi ROWAN MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN (II THE JEFFERSONS 'J MACNEH. LEMRER NEWSHOUR (CHN) NATURE Of THINGS (NICK) YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION "Cultural Junk" Earth's hamburgers are reviewed by the "New York Times"; Lisa Ruddy becomes (he "Moaning Lisa"; and Shakespeare, has never done this on television. (OtS) FIVE MILE CREEK "Mothers And Fathers" (CBN) ALIAS SMITH AND JONES (NSH) DANON U S A. Country-western dancing plus (he lop twenty country hits. (CNN) MONEYLINE ' (SPN) MEDICINE MAN 7:05 (TBS) CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS 7:30 (ESN) INSIDE THE PGA TOUR (RJ (USA) DRAGNET (WGN)THEJEFFERSONS i s i ALL IN THE FAMILY BENNY HILL (t f NEWS (NICK) THE THIRD EYE "Into The Labyrinth" Rothgo has sent Terry. Helen and Phil hurling through the Labyrinth in pursuit ot the witch Bekv and the Nidus. (Part 5) (MAX) POP SPOTS (NSH) YOU CAN BE A STAR Country-flavored talent contest featuring celebnty judges. (CNN) CROSSFIRE (SPN) PUBLIC DEFENDER 7:35 (TBS) HOGAN'S HEROES 7:40 (PRM) SPORTS 6:00 (HBO) MOVIE "AN The Rivers Run" (Part 4t (Premiere) (PRM) MOVIE "II Seemed Like A Good lda At The Time" (1975) (ESN) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Michigan vs Ohio Stale (Subject to blackout) (USA) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Seton Had vs. Vittanova (WGN) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Michigan vs. Otito State isj P.M. MAGAZINE A factory that makes clothes which protect against radioactivity: a visit with recording artist Julio tgfesias; "Annie" star SheHy Bruce. NEWS Si, MOVIE "King" (Part 3X1978) (5 SMITHSONIAN WORLD "Tim And Light" Host David McCuHough warn- ' ines old and new telescopes and variety ot tools and methods tor measuring time, o (CHN) CABLE HEALTH WORLD REPORT (NICK) THE AO VENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY "Two Of A Kind" Vicky and Kevin befriend two runaway children who bring trouble with them. (BET) NIPSEY RUSSELL S JUVENILE JURY (OIS)ANKAI (MAX) MOVIE "The End" (1978) (SHO) MOVIE "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" (1982) (SPT) MOVIE "Author! Author!" ( 1982) (CBN) I SPY (NSH) M0 PARADISE Activities at a restaurant and entertainment spot outside NashvtHe. (CNN) PRIMENEWS (SPN) AMERICAN BABY 8:05 (TBS) CENTENNIAL "The Crime" The WendeMs Iteece a preacher out of his horn and take aim on a second mark, bringing Sheriff Dumare (Brian Keith) into a battle of wits with Philip Wendell (Doug McKeonfc Oliver Seccomb dies and his widow (Lynn Redgrave) takes over the management of the ranch. (Part 9) 8:30 X CAROL BURNETT ANO FRIENDS ffi NBA BASKETBALL New Jersey Nets at Detroit Pistons (CHN) AMERICAN ADVENTURE (NICK) THE TOMORROW PEOPLE The Vanishing Earth" Worried about Ginge's disappearance, Stephen begins a search (Part 2) (BET) BILL COSBY (OiS) MOUSETERPIECE THEATER "Crazy With Heat" (NSH) FANDANGO Featured: an interview with Con Hunley. (SPN) REAL ESTATE ACTION LINE . 9 00 15 1 MERV GRIFFIN Guests: Buddie Rich. Stephanie Kramer ("We Got It Made"). Joel Higgins ("Silver Spoons"), magician Ricky Jay. STYLE WARS Featuring interviews with gratfitists. public officials, parents and members of the art community, this documentary explores the world ol New York's graffiti artists, whose displays are found primarily in the transit sys-" tern. Q (CHN) REGIS PHIL BIN'S HEALTH STYLES (NICK) TO DANCE FOR GOLD INTERNATIONAL BALLET COMPETITION. JACKSON.. MtSSISSIPPt Figure skater Dick , Button and dancers Jacques d'Amboise and Marge Champion as "sports" camera and editing techniques to capture the styles of 78 dancers from 21 countries seeking top honors. (BET) MOVIE "Swing" ( 1938) (DiS) MOVIE "One Little Indian" (1973) (CBN) CBN TELETHON (NSH) NASHVILLE NOW Live features highlighting country music. (SPN) GREYHOUND GRAND PRIX 9:30 (SHO) BEST OF BIZARRE (SPN) MOVIE ' Ot Human Bondage" (No Date! 9:40 (PRM) SPORTS W OO (HBO) GROWING UP STONED Teenage drug abuse, including the true stories of three teenagers, is discussed focusing on drug use. abuse and dependency. (PRM) MOVIE "The Challenge" ( 1970) (ESN) COLLEGE BASKETBALL North Carolina vs. Virginia (Subject to blackout) (USA) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kansas vs. Missouri (WGN). fi NEWS (i i INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS a WRESTLING (CHN) HUMAN SEXUALITY (BET) VIDEO SOUL (MAX) EROS AMERICA Human sexuality is explored. (SHO) MOVIE "Knightriders" ( 198 1) (SPT) MOVIE "Coup Oe Torchon" ( 1982) (CNN) FREEMAN REPORTS 10:05 (TBS) NEWS 10:30 T NEWS (CHN) CRISIS COUNSELOR (DfS)FEATURETTE (NSH) YESTERYEAR IN NASHVILLE Interview with George Hamilton IV. 11:00 (HBO) MOVIE "Valley Gwf ( 1983) . (WGN) SOAP (5) TAXI (97TOP40VTDEO (JTi ODD COUPLE (CHN) NATURE OF THINGS (NICK) HANDMADE IN AMERICA Featured: weaver Lia Cook who combines traditional and non-traditional techniques in her tapestries. (BET) NIPSEY RUSSELL'S JUVENILE JURY (MAX) MOVIE "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) (CBN) ANOTHER LIFE (NSH) NASHVILLE AFTER HOURS Guest: Zoe Walker. (CNN) SPORTS TONIGHT (SPN) WORLD REPORT 11:05 (TBS) ALL IN THE FAMILY 125 (NICK) THE MAKING OF A SONG This program follows Bob Brook meyer as he creates of a pure jazz orchestration o the Rodgers and Hart ballad "My Funny Valentine'' through his final peiiorm-ance at the Village Vanguard nightclub in New York City. 11:30 (WGN) LOVE BOAT (S) THICK E OF THE NIGHT Guests: Steve Allen. Stan Lee, Bob Osborne. Carl Wottson. Ruth Carlson. Carrie Snow. (5) HAWAII FIVE-0 (1 0 THE HONEYMOONERS (CHN) A WHOLE NEW YOU (BET) BILL COSBY (CBN) BEST OF GROUCHO MARX (NSH) OFFSTAGE Guest: John Hartford. (CNN) CROSSFIRE (SPN) INSIGHT 1 1:35 (TBS) THE CATLINS 11:50 (PRM) SPORTS 120 (PRM) MOVIE "Butterfly" (1981) (ESN) SPORTSCENTER (USA) COUNTDOWN TO '84: SARAJEVO AND LOS ANGELES Highlights and previews of worldwide pre-Otympic competitions, profiles of Olympic participants, and world record updates. Q I) STAR TREK (CHN) MEDICAL MARVELS (BET) MOVIE "Swing" ( 1938) (CBN) BURNS ANO ALLEN (NSH) NASHVILLE NOW Live features highlighting country music. (CNN) NEWSNK5HT (SPN) CRAFTS N" THINGS 12:05 (TBS) MOVIE "The Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones" (Part 1) ( 1980) 12: 15 (ESN) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Michigan vs Ohio State (R) (SPT) MOVIE "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1981) 12:30 (USA) PICK THE PROS Sportswritera preview games and viewers compete for prizes. (WGN) MOVIE "Walk On The Wild Side" (1962) (? BONANZA (CHN) AMERICAN ADVENTURE (SHO) MOVIE "The Beast Within" (1982) (CBN) JACK BENNY (SPM) SEWING WITH NANCY .1245 (HBO) MOVlE.'Ouest,ForFire;t'(1981) 1( ( ' -f!Ar -fi sii'?"'i'.: yfi'ii" i "'"i"l" fi&:iT'-' gi?!""!?!""!)1" Extra Evemna Intel People . The Facts Night Si Elsewhere News Tonight David if Dimension Magazine Of Life 1 Court Letterman Tic Tac Wheel Of The Fall Guy Dynasty Hotel News ABC News Nightline Movie jCL. Pouoh Fortune ' I ' . Ent Family ', Domestic Empire "Carbon Copy" News Police Story Movie 1 1 Tonight Feud Life I f'81) George Segal. Susan Saint James. " " Business WildUfe Smithsonian World Super spy J Style Wars Doctor Cities At War: I VI Report Theatre I I - Who London I Three s NBA Basketball Cavaliers at 76ers Ethiopia Report: Video "Destination Tokyo" Company ' ' Children Are Dying Rock ('43) Cary Grant. News Unci College Basketball: Fordham vs. SL Peter's Governor sCaH-M Business Latenight America I rfl Floyd -' Report M'A'S'H Taxi Lifestyles Ol The Rich And Famous Ind. Net. Mary T. Benny . Starsky And Hutch Movie Ti.1 I News Moore I Hill I El Veronica, El Rostro j Tramp Pars Un IMuy Especial... 24 Horas "Vuelta Al Paraiso" Ff Mateflcfo Pet Amor ISonedor Sandro I ' I (No Date) Ltlia Prado. Movie Sports I "It Seemed Uke A Good Idea" Sports I "The Challenge" I "Butterfly" Tl Cont'd I (75'PQ') Stephanie Powers. I I f70) Darren McGavm. James Whitmore. 1t81'R') Hospital "Morocco" J "On The Yard" ' I "Lady On The Bus" . , Movie Qj f '30) Gary Cooper. 'f'79'R') Tom WaHes. John Heard. I (No Datel r"r' vCfir- ' iXU ' 't.CiUT "l:Oc(i? "' '5.' 3 ill '"1: 3c ill ; I mill''-1 figcji r-, f bit, f ct "7 ?StU ' !" iii.ii - an ii r til rn i.agifcAeiMiEitekw . - -- i.r swMtiai--ar. "Terry Fox Story" I "A The Rivers Run - Part 4" Growing Up Stoned I "Valley Girl" , Movie HBO Cont'd (Premiere) Slgrld Thornton. John Waters. I ("83"R") Nicolas Cage. I Movie Sports Seemed Uke A Good Idea" Sports 'The Challenge" - ' Butterfly" PSM Cont'd i f'TS PG ) Stephanie Powers. I ("70) Darren McGavin James Whitmore. I'81'R ) Sports- The PGA . College Basketball: Michigan vs. College Basketball: North Carolina vs. ! College Basketball: ESN Center Tour Ohio Slate Virginia ' Mich, vs. Ohio SI. , Radio Dragnet College Basketball: Seton HaU vs. VUlanova College Basketball. Kansas vs. Missouri . Countdown Pick The USA 1990 To '84 I Pros Carol Hogan's Centennial News All In The . . "Guyana Tragedy' TBS Burnett Heroes " Family Catlins I ('80) - Barney The ' College Basketball: Michigan vs News Soap Love Boat . Movie WGN Miller Jeff arsons Ohio State - ' ' "" - ' I . M'A'S'H All In PM. Carol Mere Griffin News Taxi , Thicka Ol The Night , 1 5 I Family Magazine Burnett I Laugh-In Benny HIS News NBA Basketball: New Jersey Nets at Detroit Pistons Top 40 Hawaii Flve-0 Bonanza (9) 1 Video . I Trie News "King -Part 3" I Ind. NeL I News Odd Honey- Star Trek I1 1) Jeffersons I ('78) Paul WlnBeld, C leery Tyson. News I I Couple Imooners I Mac Neil Lehrer Smithsonian World Style Wars. Wrestling 09) Newshour ' Nature Ol Things , Health t Adventure Regis Philbln's Human Crisis ' Nature Of A Whole Medical Adventure CHN ' Report Health Styles ' Sexuality I Counselor Things New You Marvels I You Can't The Third Biack Tomorrow To Oance For Gold: II International America . Making 01 NIK Do That I Eye Beauty People Ballet Competition, Jackson, Miss. A Sono ' . Nlpsey BUI "Swing" J Video Soul , Nipsey Bill "Swing" BET ' Russell Cosby ('38) Cora Green. I Russell I Cosby I C38) Cora Green. Five Mile Creak Ankal Mouseter. "One Little Indian" IFeatur-DIS I Theater I ('73) ir James Garner ette Movie Pop Spots" "The End" ' Eros America " "A Clockwork Orange" MAX Cont'd I C78 R ) Burt Reynolds. Pom De Luise. I C71'R ) e Malcolm McDowell. "Cannery Row" "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" I Bizarre "Knightriders" Movie SHO Cont'd ('82 PG ) Steve Martin. I C81R ) Ed Harrts. Gary Lahtl. I "One Summer" ! "Authorl Authorl" . "Coup De Torchon" "Other Ban" SPT Cont'd ' C82 PG') Al Pacing, Dyan Cannon. " I ( 82) Philippe Noiret. tsabeUe Huppert C8VR) Alias Smith And Jones- I Spy . CBN Telethon ! ' Another Best Of Burns And lJack CBN " I Lite Groucho Allen I Benny Dancln' I You Can 1-40 Fandango Nashville Now I Yesteryear After Offstage Nashville Now NSH U.S.A. Be A Star Paradise I I I Hours Money line Crossfire Prlmsnews Freeman Reports Sports Crossfire NewsNight . CNN I Tonight Medicine Public American Real . ' Greyhound" "Of Human Bondage" World Insight Crafts Sewing SPN Man Defender Baby Estate Prtx Report Regular Channel Listings 7:00 ffl EXTRA DIMENSION O TIC TAC DOUGH 03 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Desi Arnaz Jr. talks about his return to series television; Gene Hack man discusses his role in "Uncommon Valor." (0 BUSINESS REPORT (Q THREE'S COMPANY QJNEWS Q M'A'S'H B EL MALEFtCIO S WESTBROOK HOSPITAL 7:30 O EVENING MAGAZINE What happens when you cross a cano with a nudist? O WHEEL OF FORTUNE flD FAMILY FEUD (0 WILDLIFE THEATRE 0 NBA BASKETBALL Cleveland Cavaliers at Philadelphia 7 Gars G UNCLE FLOYD eg taxi 83 VERONICA. EL ROSTRO DEL AMOR O MOVIE "Morocco" (1930) 7:40 S SPORTS 8:00 (J REAL PEOPLE A wet nightie contest in Florida, a 12-year-old soccer coach m Arkansas, and an interview with a sea captain who is defying the authorities in his quest to save whales and seals from slaughter. 0 THE FALL GUY Con comes to the aid 01 a movie producer who is being blackmailed by a corrupt city official. 03 DOMESTIC LIFE Martin. Candy and Harold reluctantly accept a dinner invitation from Chtt Hamilton. 4B SMITHSONIAN WORLD "Tim And Light" Host David McCuHough examines old and new telescopes and a variety of tools and methods lor measuring time, qj FJ9 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Fordham vs. St Peter's 3 Princess DianaRobert WagnerCher and more en Lifestyles el the Rich and Famous! AOV (Si LIFESTYLES OF, THE RICH AND , FAMOUS, ."Entertainment .Tonight"- reporter Robin Leach interviews stars on location all over the world to get a look at the ktestyles of the rich and famous: featuring Liberace. Roger Moore, Loretta Lynn, Linda Evans, Rod Stewart and Princess Caroline. Q MOVIE "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" (1975) CD Zany Mnider Cover-Up EMPIRE DOES IT AGAIN! ' ADV. . 8:30 03 EMPIRE Cromwell flirts with the , owner of a new company and the idea of acquiring her business. (B TRAMP PARA UN SONA0OR 9:00 fl THE FACTS OF LIFE Q O DYNASTY Adam stays at the hospital as Kirby suffers. Alexis turns singer to land a maior oil deal, and Peter makes a surprise announcement. Q CD MOVIE "Carbon Copy" (1981) (D SUPERSPY This Documentary tells the story of Reinhard Gehten, former head of the West German Secret Service, who helped to found the Central Intelligence Agency. 8:15 O MOVIE "On The Yard" (1979) 9:30 G NIGHT COURT While attempting to verify Judge Stone's credentials his staff inadvertently learns that he has a criminal record. (S MUY ESPECIAL SANDRO ' 8:40 B SPORTS 10:00 O ST. ELSEWHERE A blizzard creates a mass of problems lor the patients and staff of St. Eligius Hospital. O HOTEL A holocaust survivor discov- - ers the presence of a World War II war criminal at the St. Gregory, and Peter suspects Christine and Mark are more than (riends. qj (B STYLE WARS Featuring interviews with gratfitists, pubkc officials, parents 1 and members of the art community, this documentary explores the world of New York's graffiti artists, whose displays !' ii are found frirnarily in the transit sys-. , tenvu - , " ' : - ; '. ' ,x ffl ETHIOPIA REPORT: OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING Carol Lawrence and Art Lmkletter host this look at Ethiopia's rich history and current crisis due to drought and famine. Guest appearances by Debby Boone, Mike Connors and Marilyn Hassett. ' GOVERNOR'S CALL-IN 63 INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 9 MOVIE "The Challenge" (1970) 10:30 03 MARY TYLER MOORE 69 24 HORAS 11:00 0 0 03 NEWS 03 DOCTOR WHO B VIDEO ROCK B9 BUSINESS REPORT 63 BENNY HILL MOVIE "Lady On The Bus" (No Date) 11:30 fl TONIGHT Host: Joan Rivers. Guest: actor James Coco. O ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE ' 03 POLICE STORY Two detectives track a psychotic sniper who has killed several people in rush-hour traffic. (R) (B CITIES AT WAR: LONDON During World War II, one-tenth of London was reduced to rubble and 30.00 died in the face of the notorious Blitzkrieg, this special focuses on the miraculous spirit of the people who edured tins terrible time. fjD MOVIE "Destination Tokyo" (1943) ES LATENIGHT AMERICA Guest: physician Andrew Weil, author of "Health And Healing." challenges concepts about traditional medical car and explores new alternatives for the future. 63 STARSKY AND HUTCH US MOVIE "Vuelta Al Paraiso" (No Date) 11:50 Q SPORTS 12:00 63 MOVIE "Butterfly" (1981) 12:30 f J LATE NIGHT WITH DAVI0 LETTER-MAN Guests: author Fran Leibowitz, actress Mary Tyler Moore and singer9 Simon and Garfunkel. (R) O MOVIE "Not With My Wife, You Don't" (1966) CQ MOVIE "The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit" (1956) (3 MOVIE "Last Of The Blue Devils" (1979) '", .W, .. -t r .. ,' 12:40 QD MOVIE "Belle 6tafr'' (1980)

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