The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1931 BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 5EESREIU1TO Ireland's which verse. Mr. Irish Philosopher Says Ci ies Will Decay Without: Rural Migration. i ' i nv IIHUCK CATTOX ! NK.A Service Writer COMJMBUH, O., Feb. 25 — Am- '. i::ca, which began as a rural civil- i ••'.!:on mJ then bn-ame the great-j i>: builder of cities lhe world has! .".XT scm. nuiit di an about-face f.nri turn back lo the faun again if it !s to escape disaster. , This is 1'ic warniiis voiced by G->"ic,e W. Rufsell, the famous: IritH poet and phSlosochei 1 who is j Visovm '.hrciighoul I lie- Ene'lsli-l sneaking wrrld as "A[C." under_ pen name t:e prints hisj Ki'ssel! har bcr-n tourin:;] America tor several months. In' tMt time what he has seen of the' country has confirmed his o!d conviction—that decay and dissolu- ! 4ticn ara the inevitable prorlucts r \ \ Urban life. There is. as he sees it, i : lint one way out; tn return 10 the j farm and the vilhisc, and renev; i the nation?.! vitality by conlinued 1 c'.<xr- contact with the soil. ! "At present," he says, "your eit-j its are termini with vitality "Nev- i cr have I seen such cities—such i energy, such b"und'.-!-s life. lSut| where do they git this vitality, this j exul'.cranco" From the still uncx-i haiisted countryside, from which tlie city's ranks are constantly being refilled; from thc virile i>easani stocks of Euroixj. then? LINES ARE PAOE THREt. manual laborers, on one sklc mid tlio office workers on the other, The feuiier are "rnboichl," Hie lal- lei 'Mis/eslichi"; llie^fornioi 1 alone rule, even in Iheoo', since the dlctulcr^iii) O f tlic prolelailat does liicludi' lhe office workers.! not small but basic element in tlio population. The proletarian dictatorship believes in quality rather limn quantity in Us leadership. Yet the prorvs of arlllclally sundering different puitluns of Ihs Furthermore KS llie nmnuiil workmj J^A,^ 'SI! 1 nrc divided Into Iliose who tlo the l!OU "' lloltl " s "">" heavy \iork iji basic Industiles and their brethren enpgcd Ir llnlucr. mere billed tasks. Maiuisl Workers Are The Privileged Group Under Communist Rule. Eim'OU'S NOTE: This fs thc ft.urlh of the series of arlU'lrs by l-'usene l.jons smumarlzliiK unprca- sion', afler (hriT years in tho Sov, lol lliilcn.— Untcd Kress .VMCln- lo:.. 1 ;. the Soviets drmittris lar Hie experiment in which they are nJuiecil. 11 Is a curious Ihrow- back (o l|v> gul!;i idras of the Middle Ages which srnns out of place in a society presumably headed for 'I'licsi 1 diotliicilons within (he uxikin; v!a:fi lisclf are not aca- (fcmle. They affect food rations,! i ;ll)or supply [.'nllmlti>d the clmnc! to obtain! After all the supply of niaiuml schooling. In nil these labor is nlmcii boundless here mrv'.im the mmnial v.aker it- U.'ltli a vasl prlmlilve v?n*iuil folk ctvc.s priority. Aside from kulaks., to dr-.iw upon, liut (he supply of priests uiul Ncjimen, the brccst i educated trained workers of ' the class of ni.-.lcoiitets here consists, I • ln i nrt i s mulled What Inducement belles.', of civil service employes.| i, i nm , for an aiiiblllous boy lo office workers and workers or lhe! study when ihr- best IhliiRs (hat mind generally. They nrc in the j scvli't llf.? has in uffer can b> mure class bul not of it. expect-I c!ls |iy nllalned by added last year was the . James • OAMP Williams copy of the Tacitus 0|lcnl ' V ti "^^ at Venice about H Is estlmaled that.thtre are Jrom 14 to 18 square fc.;t of skin on the average adult human Body. Yale Library Believed To Be World's Largest NRW HAVEN. Conn, (UP) Yale University library now Ims a lolal of |.DK).338 volumes and Is bel'oved to be the largest university library in ihr world, according lo n icpoil by Professor Andrew Keojli, librarian. Tlu' l;ocks have Jusl been housed In (he Slcrling Memorial library, towers more man ti«j Cure Colds, Headnches, Fevt.- rqulvali'iu of It! stories above the! fee CA1VC other caminis striielnres. I "DO OALVC Among the (ii.-toi new volumes j Cures Baby's Cold 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS t j jiuve it more abundantly, iviaii- - j,ii- nnd Mrs K J Childs and - hind is like Antaeus in lhe fable. : ,]au<°htci- and Helen Moore molcr- 1 It must keep Us contact with i r n "t 0 nivthpvnic Sund-iv ifti>i- "in the course of time you will j Mothcr E j rt h to keep its strength. „ ' B| J Mmllc SllnuJ S au " have 10 per cent ot your people liv- i your cti.?s may have Letter sani- ins in the country and the rost in | tation and health conditions than the city. Ami if only 10 per cent remain in the country, there will lultl „.,. be no surplus to vitalize the cities. I vitality — In a few generations your ciths ! Mrp. John Watt" and daughter and Miss Mary Fanst were Blv- he eit:es of Europe, but sconer or thcv| , |p ^, > S! , Ulrdav ' Mr. C. L. Nichols accompanied later they will sap the workers' the workers, mind you, lby Ws dal , ghterS| Jamle nlul Do ro Blytheville Ernest Coole> .re visiting al Ami the .the trouble, he believes. "Your are coming to the p:>::it ot facing increasing unemployment ,,„ ui ,.„., llic „„,„ „ . due to the efficiency of both your population back to the farms is not Sunday at Wardell Ant Agriculture and y.-.ur industry," he j difficult, Mr. Russell believes. Eco-l ,^ s ; a > Nichols^ left Monday iays. 'In industry, you began with | nomic preisure. in his opinion, will move.' Not a Difficult Job The job of turning the trend of neerlng , Mo ., wn n Reiser visitor, Sunday. \ Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Corley spen mass production. Then, when that, threatened to overwhelm you. you urned to high-pressure salesman- lilp. When that reached its max- i:nm>i VOM lurned.'like a fcs with a whole bag of. tricks, to install- >.cllins. I dr.n't know when tvsntually fores the change. "In Europe, during thc war," he says, "it was found that on a plot of ground 90 by 30 feet a man can produce enough green vegetables to last .a family of five for a year. I Icarn that many people in I lhe *'' ere bat ,. of her daughter. Miss Irene, who underwent an operation last Tuesday. BY EUCKNK LYONS MOSCOW. Feb. 2(! tUP) — The Cunmunlst ideal envisions a society ui'.hcut classes, all humankind v-r.rkine' together on terms of oouollty. 3-*or the present, however, tlii? Hoviel papula'i^n Is carefully di- vl'.ltd and .subdivided inlo more c!:.s.:c-s than the capitalist world ri't! 1 :!?. On the road lo<varrt thc olamlr.v sccwty its creators find it »•.tc^f-jry to drr.w sharp frontier lines b;:«cn as many different 6!"'.iK in the population as uossi- b'c. l-'or Hi? Marxist under a tour- Bcois sy^ic-m tl-.; rouyli division of people Into capitalists and workers, exploiters and victims, generally suffices. Here where Marxism is ! not merely a philosophy but a basis for practical action reoplo are split inta endless classes and categories according to which they see fed, taxed, given work, trusted cr terrorized. Sub-divisions Logical Such divisions aro thoroughly in In3 with the logic of Communist thought. Since the individual counts for nothing is only a grain cf his social group or collective. Ihe multiplication of such groups is inevitable. Let us begin with the farmers. Where once there were-landlords and peasants, now we find kulaks line betler-to-do farmers), middle asants, prior peasants and bat raksfl or landless farm hands. Thc last two clasres arc of course thc favorites. Upon them the Soviet regime bases its plans and its hopes, upon them it lavishes Us resources. Thc middle peasants are a har- rov.od and driven lot, poised dan gcrously between the blessed poo: and damned kulaks.Offlcl&lly they are supposed to be reconciled ant drawn into.-the Soviet schemes; !n practice, especially if they are ob durate, they are .too often con f-undcd wilh the hated kulaks. A. to these, tliey are scarcely bettc than outlaws and formally doomed to cxtiiictiqn ns a class by the em of this year, a process of rtilhles. expurgation already well started. Clly Classes t'd to yield a loyally equal lo any. but given no share In the iiroletor- becoming n fcundryman, or a bricklayer? I - .- know <>f Moscir.v vt imp men per- ion dictatorship. f cc t|y capable nf oblnhiliiB un cd- Iltasons I iicallon who prefer to hide theni- Tlu nolltiCiil rr-a^cns for such sflves among th; favoved miunial arllfhlal and scemrnely Iiilo.ultou51 tt ' orkei ' s > "'? anstoerals of Ihe new splinti'rlng ot the wcrklng dnss aroi el:t nol f.n- lo sock. The revolution' Kor centimes the hardest inanu- n'.td'\l cue poxverliil Ri-oiip upon I al worker:; were lowest In thc which ll could rely 100 per cent! strata of see!My. Above ihom were and vhcsc loyally it could maintain at the boillni! point always. The brain workers offered no such tlioje who worked fiomewhal less hard. Still fuillicr up were Ihe j)cn- pushers ami t.ilior tollers of (he t u-!lance. They Included large I brain, The Soviet revolution has masse.', closely tied by t!:.;lr lasles! retained (he same stratilcattnn — and mental habits to the bankrupt 1 merely In reverse order, past. With its rescuices limited,I ..TOMOIOIOW:— Ascendancy ot the Kremlin concentialed U|ion one the manual laborer. A THREE^AWCOUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Cougiis from rolcls may had to «e- rion, lionlilr. You ran H0[i them niw uiili CiionwUion, ;in cmul.ifol irififolo ilui It iilejsinl lo lake. Civ-oniuhinn h a ineilical Ui«coifiy >iiili iwc-jnlil acilnn; It toollios and |IM!« the inllimnl iiiriuliranoi a:iJ in- litljils ^rna ^[iiutli. Ot all Vnuifll ilril|;s crfOMIc It r«C-'J by lii^li innlical aullmtillrs 0! o:v,' of Ilic trc.ilrtl licalhij; ajcr.ciei for roughs fiurn colds anil bronrliial i[i)lalion«. CrcotnuUioit contains, in lo creosote, other healing cleracnls which *oothe snil h«l ilie indaincJ mrmlirants and stop thn ir. liuiiou, while lhe cr<OMto goci on lo llit Momach,, li absorbed inlo tlie Wood, mucks llic teal of llio Iroublc onil clictb the (lowlli of llie gtrms. Crcomiilsiun is guaramctJ taiisfac- toiy in llic ucatmea! of cougliB from coli!?, bronchitis aiH] minor forms oi lironcliial initolions, and i* csjcllenl for buiMing up lhe syilera ndcr colds or flu. Money refunded if no! re- iicvt-d aficr t.iking according lodireo lione. A>k yun'r druggist. (aJv.) you come to the .3nd of your in-, America today are moving to the genious devices. outskirts of cities and Betting five I "But come to the end of it you! and 10-acre plots, where they grow' College Girls Submit . T L f a • i ully l;la5ses 10 lestSIOr Science j In the clllrs we are confronte. 1 5 v: even more subtle divisions. Th NORTHAMPTON. Mass., (UP)— I "lishentzi." or disfranchised class will. The increasing efficiency of . a?riculture and industry will finally force y.'u to consider what you can do about Ibe growing problem of unemployment. And then, probably, you will discover that the 'best solution is to enable the un- employed to feed themselves with . trt? food they take out of the ground, and sell the surplus. food for their own consumption. "That Is what is needed. Let a man go on a farm, not tomake Per three years, Smith College girls have been submitting ta basal me- tab?lism tests that may result In the creation of certein new stand- money but to find a better way I ords- in the field of medicine of lit* Let. him grow his own 1 Professor Myra M. Sampson oi food, consume what he needs and :iell the surplus. It is amazing how well he can get along." Yet the economic side, he is careful to point out, is not all of it. the zoology department!! directing the tests, expects the wrrk will to finished by spring, at which time the various records will be compiled and published. country will go r.n, for a time., with a kind cf momentum. If you can speedily pull out of your present depression, for in- j tractive. stance, you'll go on and you won't i Organization Is Needed think of thio problem with that! "The man en the farm needs passionate seriousness. But if the! sucll a society." he says. "Not .„„„, „.„. ,„ fi . oppression continues, and you find ! nierely for economic purposes-he paling in the tests it is not a temporary thing, tliej nec ds it because it. must bring him! '. '. whole pOAcr of thc state will tackle j a n. the rich culture of your great' SCHOOL PLANS SCHOLARSHIPS Farm orjnnizaticns. with stronsj -Wo are measuring the basal chapters in each village, can do j metabolism of students to find out much to mako rural life more at-j how much energy they expend * daily and what relation this bears to health and college work,' 1 Professor Sampson explained. More than ICO girls rare partici- w P e n r "' p ' c - son ' a e d a, a-c dean larms, he said, are harmful in two j [m i ns i ant e, the societies use their ways. In the first place, - they! prorits for building community, enoiVously increase the nalonal; lnlk (or dances, concerts, lectures.' „ _, „ „, „ , output_ ol foci products. They en-, libraries, plays and the like. In Fori I ' tward Ks'nsr Kcsrlored able a relatively small number of; ; ;n iy a co-cpcralive organization C5REEN BAY. \Vis. tUP)—Rsstor- farmers to produce m~rc 'cod iliau] j lis dene likewise. These organiza- ^t'on ^ ^ or t Howard, constructed has various categories, but the dlf fertnces tetw«n them are on! degrees of outlawry and not WOTI! haggling over. This class include llic dregs cf lhe former rulin classes — ex-aristocrats, ex-mer chant princes, priests, etc. — an the leavings of the Kepmen or prl vflte traders. Then ccme the in tellectimls — professors, engineers technicians, artists, actors, law yers, etc—who are constantly un der suspicion with the benefit o doubt usually against them. But even the s-wcrelgn workin class has its categories. The ca workers of the world unite" whe used abroad may apply to all wh toil for wages. Here that simp test, does net hold. Deep gulfs yaw between the real proletarians, th 3 rc primarily economic ol their produce and buy their But these other "activi- " 1D United Slates in 1820, is be- much larger number could a ^Peneraticn ago. As a result there is a gr.?at overproduction of food, I market the farmer is unable lo make sl '. T ,ii e imney and the trend to the eliy. "•'" gets a new impulse. . lo , Put that is net thc only count I ,-. on 'j^t have its roots in the In- ] to set foot on Green Bay snil. He against these "factory farms", as I [jlvidur.1 In that way you arrived in 1634. h °«M al M 1tll ™v can build up" a true rural culture, j Notn ng. fn says, "is more .. If v[m can do thai your bogeys, n u Generally supposed that cmpt.y than rtr "* "*" " ' - - - - - ThJ, } . nc ip lh?ir members in S hurried by Green Bay patriots so that it may be ready when the . city celebrates its 300th anniver- ; lies arc fully SA importanl. And sary in 1034. Jean Nicolet. a French i lo furnish them a farm organiTa- . missionary, was lhe first while man Wisconsin Woman Lost 11 Lbs "Have been taking Kruschen Sal fcr fat reduction—am on my sec ond bottle—I lost 11 pounds in s' weeks and feel fine—Kntschcn sui gives you a lot of virn and pep." Kruschen Salts are used daily b minions all over tha world not on to lake off fat from overweigl people but to rejuvenate the en tire system. One bottle of Kruschen Sal (lasts 4 weeks) costs but 85c an one bottle will prove of vast ben fit to people who have const!pa of overproduction and unemploy-: Damascus, the chief city in Syria,I"™- headaches, indigestion, lie •eck-cnd friends. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunavant and children motored to Dell Sunday where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Otto Koshler. , Miss Catherine Cox and Miss ; Minnie Shaw spent the week-end "In Europe," he says, "farming!'» Osceola with the toilers sister Is considered more as a way of life' Miss Alaine Bowles spent the than as a biisiiras. That is as it \ week-end in Htignes, ArX., should be. Consider what a small, and they suffer for it Diversification Is Remedy The remedy? More diversiflca- tlcn, stronger farm organizations— end perhaps less efficiency, the whole finding expression In an entirely new outlook towards farm' life. with . .self-contained farm can be like. friends. Mrs. Raymond Lcmmons and Mr. The people there grow and pre- Ford visited at Armorel. Sunday, pare their own trod. They cure Mr. and Mrs. Minor Taylor and their o'.vn meat, make their own I children visiled Miss Amer Tay- Vvine, and give every member of j lor at lhe Methodist hospital in the family as good a life as psssi- Memphis, Sunday. We. In the evening the farmer sits! Miss Ludle Moore is ill this around his fire, happy and inde- week. rendent, and lie can Icok any I Dr. and Mrs. Sylcr and daugh- d anm man In the face at any hour; ter of Lepanto are new residents " ! lhe day or night and tell him In'Kelser. ', to to to blazes. ! Mrs. Ed Ccoke had as her guest, •Now the faclcry worker can't' Mr.s. GciT of Osccola. Sunday, do thai—unless he is willing ;o| Messrs. Herman and Harvey Wil :"fTake Thedford'e] Black- Draught S: To Avoid '... Constipation .--••': ' ' c^. before breakfast—walk a little day—cut down on sweets and f forming foods. Sold by Klrby Drug Compan and druggists America over i the distinct understanding th one bottle will help you lose fat money back. —Adv. GAS16V 2 c Phillips "66" Save We to 45c on Tank of Gu. Open Dij- & Night Harry Bailey Arch, Hertnondale, Ho. Harry liillcy, Vrop. COURTEOUS SERVICE CREOMULSIQN FOR THE COUCH FROM COLDS THAT HANG Oft SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat Purifies LUCKIES are always to your throat The advice'of your physician is: Kc«J) but of doors, in 'Ae open air,-breathe deeply; uike plenty of-exercise in tfie mellow sunshine, and hmc a periodic check-up on the health of your body. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE - made of the finest tobaccos-the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"IT'S TOAS7EP"-an extra, secret heating process, Hfirslr irritants present in all raw tobaccos ore expelled by "TOAST8NG." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wond er LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. TUNE IN- TJieLurlySirilc Dance Orchestra, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ei-ening ot'er N. D. C. net"It's toasted" Your Throat Protection — against irritation - against cough Q15JI. Tbt Araerion Totltco Co., Mfr».

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