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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 24

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1913 PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS 24 Wattstax: A Musical Leap Forward xp Invaders Disrupt Film Showing The evening showing of "Wattstax" was called off at 9:25 last night after five youths opened a side exit door and invaded the Cinema 19 theater at 19th and Chestnut StS. Police said some 900 veiw-ers ran for the exits when the youths entered. The invaders were followed by some 100 persons who were outside waiting in line to purchase tickets for the show. The theater's lights were turned on and the show canceled, but a crowd gathered at the front office ticket booth and shattered its window when the management refused to honor all the $2.75 stubs. Police said some of the stubs were picked up during the confusion by persons who weren't in the movie.

By JONATHAN TARIFF The "musical documentary" style of film making takes an expressive leap forward with the presentation of "Wattstax The Living Word" fat Cinema 19). Judging from print and broadcast advertisements, touting only the musical stars of last August's Seventh Annual Watts Summer Festival (featuring Stax Records artists Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, Bar-Kays, Albert King, etc.) one would expect just another celluloid concert presentation jn "Wattstax." THE USUAL "greatest hits" number, peppered perhaps with a few backstage "candids" of the stars, scenes of carousing crowds at the L.A. Coliseum site, and perhaps a comment or four on the "cultural import" of the event? The "music is the message" film almost inadvertantly successful with "Monterey Pop" and "Woodstock" had in fact degenerated to a cliche in recent years with "Mad Dogs and Englishman," "Soul to Soul" and "Fillmore," "Wattstax," the product of refined documentarians David Wolper and AI Bell, does contain the usual elements, but also much more. BY MOVING camera crews away from the concert, and into the streets and gathering spots of Watts, "Wattstax" fans the flames of black consciousness, the expressions of black experience which heated the riots of 1965. The stage music, t'nemed as a parallel to candid (often salty) conversations, travelogue footage and a stirring montage of black history stills, takes on the ring of folk art.

What you see IS what you get, as the Dramatics sing. Offering the best compromise between black expressiveness and sheer entertainment are the running commentaries of comedian Richard Pryor pointed, but also hilarious. SOME OF THE STAGE appearances (and crowd reactions) are almost as energizing from Reverand Jesse Jackson's moving spoken liturgy, "I Am Somebody," to the delightfully, uninhibited antics of "Funky Chicken" man Rufus Thomas. Something of a letdown is the appearance by super-stud Isaac Hayes. As originally planned, Hayes' ''grand finale" number was to be his hit "Shaft," but legal complications caused that episode to be scrubbed from the film.

Hayes was forced to "fake" another Watts concert number Is on Our before studio cameras and a small audience. The fake is frigid. RICHARD PRYOR pointed, hilarious TONIGHT IS THE PERFECT NIGHT TO GO CUT TO A MOVIE SS Fields Plaza Dim R.riqe leverinoton IV 3-2700 ERIC CHESTNUT HILL ERIC-STRATFORD Diona Ross IR 7 9:55 LADY SINGS THE BLUES AA8DE CINEMA 202c -1? 8 CASTCR MAYFAIR-- MA 4-3222 Eve. from 6:45 nun 1 Jack temmon. SAVE THF TIGf ifit ee W.H.

N.J. rtenrien 5. and Lone 1 TERRY 7 9 PM. $1.00 to Everyon 7,15 GLYNIS 10-00 JOHNS Laurence 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) Mill Hi THOMAS 9:10 PrLTflJ I7th Market LO 4-4942 millT IDT TIN I 49 N. 13th LO 8-3C94 Continuous from 10:30 A.M.

flUULI Hill bin. Icjnt rjoily Ti 3 AM Adults THE NITE XI Adults Over 21 Only C-y DOMINIQUE IX) Ohvier Cain. 9 40 Earlybird Special SI. 50 till 7 PM TAniHM 3300 S. Bfood St.

H07-8811 VAULT OF HORROR (R) Earlybird Special $1.50 Till 2:00 ERIC CONCORDVILLE GL 9-5225 Park 3000 for 5 FINGERS OF DEATH MFRRFM fM- bel- Fr" pk9- MA 4-4ooo im-nULU Co)lman Evening from 6:45 Poseidon Adventure 'IV5 TO BURY A STIFF DIRTY MOVIE MAKE 'CHELTENHAM I'T (R) Shopping Or. Free Porkma plus i Baltimore Pike IU.S. 1) Jet. 322 202 fQl TFPMIMfll 69th Mkt. FL 2-2100 TERRY 7:00 GLYNIS 50c at All Times THOMAS JOHNS ALL Erin 11 AM TO SEATS KCO PM, MMWAY Kpns- All9- Ev- f'- pm niiuiiMi RE 9 67S5 2n(J BIG WEK Best Picture Best Actor VAULT OF HORROR (R) JU3 irinLmn 63 2 Shows Tonite of 7.15 9:20 PMI PG Academy Award Winner o'T: POSEIDON ADVENTURE WINNtK iir 3 AuAUtMY AWARDS Incl.

BEST ACTOR 1 BEST PICTURE MARLON BRANDO AL PACINO THE GODFATHER (R) Matinee Evening 6:30 I 9:30 1:00 PM to 5 00 PM Jl. 00 ADULT ART CIN. Il0 -yT Adults Over 21 I A PLAYS ITSELF SEX GARAGE XX Featuring An All Male Cost AunnRRA Henrv 1V 2-2133 ffilUUnim edee pAPiriNft loon "AR5 Earlvbird Soecial SI .50 till 7 PM BarBra iin riir sunnily ipi lilt UUUrAIHtK (K) .9:00 LADY SINGS THE BLUES iri 6 30 Gene Hackman 7:45 PRIME CUT Wi. 3-14C0 Mo d- i -) cu. r- Gene" Frn.s.

FRif I i. II.VII I ARF MAI I 674-1919 CINEMA I SPRINGFIELD -a 2 GIANT ALL ACAD. AWARD SHOWS! AT 925 P.M. AT 7 P.M.! DECT JsPTPCCC DIANA ROSS Hcrsha i i7A MiNium i lAItY SINGS Moreland Rd. Blair Mill Rd.

off Rt. 611 EARBRA STREISAND 2 Shows Toni.e at 715 S. 9 70 PM! IPG) THF POSE DON ADVENTURE PG ACADEMY AWARD WINNER I TflWFB Market FL 2 0313 lUIILn 25 610-9 J0 FIVf FINGERS OF DEATH HANDS OF THE HIPPER R) 1,30 TflWNF Levilfown Shopping Or. Rr. T13 Wi 6-tOOO Pork Free 6000 Cart YOUNG WINSTON (PG) 300 Men.

'hnj Fri. $1 .50 till 7 PMI THf HI MFC CABARET M00REST0WN PLAZA HS-KS I In The Mooresfown Shopping Mall, N. J. 1 EXCLUSIVE SO. JERSEY SHOWING LOST HORIZON (G) 2 0C-4 R) 7:15 9:20 I ERIC UP THE SAND BOX I lOaOV OI BPflllfl i TX" OPEN ALL NITFIg.

HaWin ruwuuii mkhiuhee eric II learn The Secret Of The us.iu ln A.jmn CUT LINE UENIER l' C-FEASTERVILLE 1 as 3.9rus 357-4456 Park Free 3000 Cn FINGERS OF DEATH ZZZ THE SEVEN MINUTES Einott Gouid LITTLE MURDERS TYSONS it) FINGERS OP DEATH 9:20 FREE PARKING 2000 CARS i. Winner of 2 Academy Awards Feaster'flle Shopoing Plazo iSr-eet Rd. Bustleton FeosterviHe. Pa. PG); learn The Secret Of The i riimrnp nr nrini iR.L Bargain Matinee Today at 1.

-00 PM 75c Earlybird Special SI .50 Till 7:00 1303 Arch St. 66 UPTOWN g- Continuous Performanci FROM 12.00 NOON POSEIDON ADVENTURE 1 Cont. 24 Hour Dalv NIXON 55rd Warkf SH 7-8910 Continuous from 1:00 PM See The Evil War Lords A Thrill etc lifetime Learn the secret of 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) Also a weird chiller diller RJ HANDS OF THE RIPPER ml Til rOth X. rheltenKnrr o.on rin hrKA iir iiruin Free Parking FeCure: Matinee Evening 7: THE KARATE MASTERPIECE (R 5 FINGERS OF DEATH Matinee Monday to Saturday SI. CO Special $1.50 Til A 1 ii nnnn I FINflFn fiF PFfiTH 3 30, LULLtutiwarmmore ERIC-FERN ROCK J4 ma Adults Over 21 Only THE PEEKER plus FAIRY TALES XX Featuring An All Mole Cost APRMftPC A'd.

Mi 2-2000 Free Park. Eve. AilUlllviU Today 7 9:25 P.M. Barbra Streisand UP THE SANDBOX (R) Cliff Robertson Great North field Minnesota Raid GP NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 8.25 $1 .25 Monday thru Friday 'til 7 PM 7:15 9:15 WALTON ART THE GODFATHER 5 FINGERS OF DEATH GE 8 5569 Chew Chelten Ave. Best Actor Marlon Brando Li 8-6580 FCfllllBF Broad Olney iyb Soecial J1.25 Till 7 PM REE PARKING Cont.

fr. 1 PM HO 3-3383 152: COLONIAL ART HOLIDAY Feat. Pi 3-0S50 4200 Frankford Ave. 647-4343 Pork Free (AMPLE PARKING733 tr. CHELTEN AVE.) XXX RATED FtLMS XXX MATINEE TODAY, 1 P.M.

LAST DAY The aang's all here! And the results ore wild -in this ercficolfy infectious gutsy motion picture. In hard color. Carol Burnett one. Pk. Rt.

30, Frazer. Pa. NORR! orrutown, Pa. 275-4760 Free Pk. rfu' over 211 At 7, 8:30 10 CLEAR DAY uncoiom WAT.

EVERY WED. AT 12 1,30 ORLEANS TrVIN CIN. c7 Vr ST ORLEANS Mat. 1 PM; Tonite 7,15, 9:45 G) Exclusive Area Showing! Ross Hunter's PETE'N'TILLIE(PG) Walter Matthau (Ample Parking Church St. Stop of El-1 XXX RATED FILMS XXX MATINEE TODAY, 1 P.M.

LAST DAY 2 GIANT ALL-ACADEMY AWARD SHOWS lR) At 5:30 PM At 4 9:30 PMi MARLON BRANDO CI ANA ROSS THE LADY SINGS GODFATHER THE BLUES The gang's all here! And the results are wi TERRY 7:00 GLYNIS THOMAS JOHNS VAULT OF HORROR (R)" Co Jybird Special SI. 50 Till 7:00 this eroricallv infectious gutsy motion The Karate Wasterpiece pkfure. Jn hard color. On Rt. 100 at Rt.

30 5 FINGERS OF DEATH Fea's. Tonite at 7:25, 9:45 EXTOH CINEMA LOST HORIZON CH 2-2: 16 FPiP.KIWn K'ng of Prussia IP) 363-9060 FREE PARKING LADY ZAZU'S DAUGHTER 1.00, 3,40, 6:10, 9:10 Alt the secrets of love mafetng lensuoUy In revealing color, LOVE SECRETS OF THE KAMA SUTRA 2:15.7,40, 10:35 Pba. PUFSTssco val. fg. Shop.

Or. 265-2776 One Performance Tonite at 8:15 PMI IR) I mi. M. of Sch. Expwy on Rt.

202 Pk. Free: n. Bcarfflmu fluuard Winner Roer Pirtitro Ris. Sun 5 FINGERS OF DEATH IRI OR ORLEANS 2 Mat. 1, Tonite 7:15.

(PG) Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine Color I TERRY 1-7 GLYNIS I SI. CO Men. to Ft till LADY ZAZU'S DAUGHTER 3:40, 6:10, 9:10 All the secrets of love making sensu illustrated. In revealing color. LOVE SECRETS OF THE KAMA SUTRA 2:15, 7:40, 10:35 JOHNS Actor THF RIHlFflTHFR Mnrlnn Rri-inr-iA SLEUTH VAULT OF HORROR (R) rnVinITTrtUU U.

S. 1 Across from nfl'PN Frankford i.Levick Eve. from 7:00 ULDU11 DE 8.,225 Adults Over 21 Onlyl NYMPH TAPES EROTIC PASSIONS In Color Bargain Mat. Today at 1 P.M. 75c JUA Ltlll IUI1PJ wi o.0900 a 9187,.

Pork. carlyoira special Iltl PLAZA KING OF PRUSSIA Pa- Expressway 202 363 WEE PARKING Karote MosterD'eceCome Prepared DOYLESTOWN BARN TWIN CINEMA 'KlC-MacDADEMALL LU 6-9595 FREE PARKING MASSA5E PARLOR '73(X) Mat. Fri; I P.M. 75c Eve. 3 for the Thrill of a Lifetime! MncDade Blvd A Soi ncDade Blvd il IV, Miles S.

cf Rt. 261! Dl 3-2CS8! South eipnolden CINEMA 1, Tonite 7,15 9 35 PM! IPG) Borbra IJD TUC CfiUnDflY () 7:25 7:30 9:35 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) Winner cf 3 Acad. Awards incl. Best Picture, Best Actor Marlon Brando No One Under 2 Years Admitted! ftQTHD Frankford Girard Continuous HOlUn MA 7.4,20 from 1:00 P.M. 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) MAM IN THE WILDERNESS (PG) IfPlMir Gtn.

Ave. Continuous Performcnce niLltUL ofa lehigb From 12:00 Noon Icebera Slim's Laurence Olivier. Michael Caine Colorl Streisand Earlybird Special $1.50 Till 7,00 SLEUTH GAKWAY TWIN CINEMA UfCTWnWT Haddon Ave. Free Parkinrj nCOliViUlsl Wp.tmont. I 8S4-6100 THE GODFATHER P) 6:00 9.00 CM 6-3121 ERIC M0NTG0MERYV1LLE 855-T3T2Rt.

202 S. of Sch'l Exp. Gateway Shop. Ctr. CINEMA 1, Mot.

1 PM; Tonite 7:15, 9:45 Early Bird Spl. SI. 50 till 7 PM Mon. FrL OR CINEMA 2, tonite at 7:15 9,15 PM! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER IPG! Laurence Oliv er CI riTU Michael Came OLCUIll IPG Feats. Tonite ot 7,05, 9:40 Pt 309, 202 765 Pork Free 5000 Cars TFRRY GLYNIS THOMAS 10:00 JOHNS TRICK BABY (R) YOUNC BHLY YOUNG (PG? DAI 2 Blocks N.

of City Line on Bala Av DHLI iADY SINGS THE BLUES Poseidon Adventure Shelley Winters Hackmon PLYMOUTH CINEMA Plkes 3 Shews Ton at 7, 8:30 10 PMI XJ uii i lunRnnn i toy 1-609-B77-1000 Exclusive Area Showing! Ross Hunter's LOST HORIZON OR INEMA 2, Mat. Tonite 7:15, 9:25 (PG) ACADEMY AWARD WINNER 348-4014 DOYLESTOWN COUNTY VAULT OF HORROR (R) Earlybird Special SI. 50 Till 7:00 ERICPENN JERSEY 9.15 611 State St. 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) ttrUU 63rd Woodland Free Parking MEATRUL Added Featurette BOX LUNCH Positively No One Under 21 Admitted! Actor Morion Brando V. Eest Picture Bes1 WDODHAVEN 4 CCRNWELLS HTS.

Koute JTl at Ufds l-arress Mills Ishelley Winters Shelley Winters Dnrnirlnrl Arlwonfiirn 2 GIANT All ACAD. AWARD SHOWS! (R) AT 9:25 P.M. AT 7 P.M.' LIZA MINNELLI -DIAMA POSS PMjllDrT "BV SINGS CABARET THE BLUES THE GODFATHER (R) 9 P.M. I UOvlUUil nUIulllUib TEPRY GLYNIS iGette Hackmai IWoodhaven Moll, Next to Wooico 639-4144 I- THOMAS 10:00 JOHNS 6:30 fa LADY SINGS THE BLUES 1-95 at Woodhaven i Bristol Kd. tree r.

HIWBY 2,2 0ld "O01. Jenkintown VAULT OF HORROR (R) Rt. 41 7 so ELLISBURG CIRCLE CINEMA DulTs Snyder ONLYI XXX RATED FILMS XXX SEXUAL UNDERSTANDING 7 9 50 I OONA 8:30 l'" 11 Monday thru Friday till 7 P.M. 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) 70f0 prilUCp 6054 SI. 00 At All Times DLIlilLfl PETE 'N TILLIE 9:35 Earlybird Special $1.50 Mon-Frl rhrrv Hill, N.

J. TP GIANT ALL ACAD. AWARD SHOWS! RRVn iPT Chester, Pa. EKIC I II PLNNvAUKtN Tts LOCUST Uc? 6 2600 Rt. i mi Nfnr inronv nr nan rart rreci vviwmii Wesh Sts.

X-RATEP (Eves. fr. 6 PM, Sat. S. San.


Burnet PETE 'N' TILLIE (PG) At Twilie Hour 3. FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (R) At Twilite Hour 4. sneta'nd UP THE SANDBOX (R) At Twilite Hour TFPRY GLYMS ERIC CALVIN LOCKART ROSALIND CASH 0IT7 White Horse Pike UL 8-3331 Oaklyn, N. J. Smoking Section 3 Shews Tonite at 7, 8:30 10 PM, (X) 8-SJ93 DOICTfll (DT Bristol, Pa.

VAULT CF HORROR (R) TOBACCO RUDDY Positively No One Under 21 Admitted! plus-, BURT LANCASTER pm) ERIC I II BROOKKAVEN 2ShS i- tEdgrr.ont N. Widdletown Rd. Rt. 352 B-ookhoven, Pa. FREE PARKING "is Mnl Radcliffe Sts.

Eves. fr. 6 PM, Sat. Sun. Cont.

fr. MEATBALL Matinee 2:20 and 3:40 PM ULZANA'S RAID Laur. 01 CIITLI IPG) Michael 7:20 Ol.vier Caine rd Soecial $1.50 Till 7:00 IR) rrlybi ROUTE 38 TWIN CHERRY LRICI: Learn The Secret Of The FREE PARKING VFAPflN ta-. 3 Aue- ILnllUn Pnrkina Continuous )2 Neon GR 3-2255 CAPITAL ofrold FRIR.PI! RRIM GAnFNS Hi (LOGAN DA 9-9277 5 FINGERS OF DEATH (R) 7: 5 9.25 urexei l-lin rree i Eve. from 6:30 IP) il mi.

S. of W. Chester Pk. Rt. 1, City Av.

PETE 'N' TILLIE J.fP FINGERS 3 OF DEATH Adjacent to Cherry Hill Mall, N. J. The First Real Adult Film in 3-D TWIN 1: Prison Girls 1X1 1- fQ-TWIN 2' DELIVERANCE Rl 6 iwacnme bun uiamas icpip 11 JIM BROWN in BLACK GUN (R) Chories IAinrut DADrDC ISeisond THE SANDBOX (R) 7-25 Laurence 9:75, Oltvier- SLEUTH (PG) tSal SI 50 Ti'l, YORKTOWN l'akrb MEATBALL (X) Dntly Mon. thru Sat. T7and 1 30 M'" THF WILDERNESS -IPG) 8:15 r-l.

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