The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 29, 1934
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Served by the United Press BEiTHEmiE COURIER TH1 DOMINANT NEWBPAPKR OP NORTffltA ff ARKANSAS AND 8OUTH*AOT HOME VOL. XXXI—NO. 62 DiUy Hen BlytbevUle Orurler V»Uey L*«ier BlytheyUle Benld HLYTHEVILLK. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 2!), 198.1 SINGLE COPIES FIVR CENTS U. S. MS CONTROL OF TRAFFIC IN ARMS •sounis PITV TDIfl |f«d««l Appeals Court UNI InlU I Denies Capone's Plea i NEW ORLEANS, May 29 (UP) —The United Slates circuit court of appeals in a decision today dy- j nied Alphonse Cauone, Chicago a writ of habeas carpus ] hlch would have freed him from Atlanta federal pc'iltentlnry, whe:c ^ .he is serving ten years for in.. ., . . , . c , .-erne tax evasion. JIWI broda Admi S ShOOI-| The application for the writ, ap-1 i 1} | \vii pealed from the Atlanta district. ing James Byrd, Who jUrt. was based on Caponc's DlPf! ill Pemisrot lail «ml°" ihat the statute of llmila- IJH.Q in i CHHJ.UII jail | , lims , |ad expired whcn he waj HAvrr Mo Mnv » Thrrn' imiicted for defrauding the gov- HAYTI, Mo. Mn> 28. — Three. ernmcm of | ncome tax . men were held in the Pemiscot county jail at Caruthersville to-! day facing first decree murder charges as the result of the killing of James Madison Byrd. 31, a farmer of the Brags City community, west of here. Byrd died in the jail Monday fiom gunshot wounds in his head and chest, received" about 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening. The men n r r\ w/'H held are: Jim Broda. about 40, a Ku'mg Oil Demurrer Will tanner of the B.-agg City community, who admits firing the fatal shots; Roy Harrell, of Bragg (;lty, formerly of Herrin, 111., and George Turner, of Bragg City. : Broda is married and the father of several children. Chicago's World Fair Opens for Its Second Year Determine Fate o $433.000 State Action LITTLE ROCK, May 29 (UP) — , Efforts of the state to recover They were arrested short,.'^ ' Sfundef uT.^n.Mi i^ut^rs^b,"'-raSur^he^fe= n ^ ^ h « , claiming the state had no cause Broda clainis that Byrd was of acti o n miles northeast of Bragg City, submitted by the h £ hwllv aurtu Sunday evenuyj. flourishing a gun. commission it is alleged the bonds, He declared he secured the help Eo:d by th6 Nor(n Hei nt ^p^. of Turner and Harrell and all ment Dis(rlct No , J a . ere ^ ssucd were deputized by Constable Sam tnree weeks aftr>r ,,,„ „ .:.„ Stevens of Pascola township to ar-, , aw was enacted ; The Martlneau f . I . „ ., i. law ' the commission ass..^, .. According to Broda's story he to take up road ^nds then out- was forced to shoot Byrd in self- standin" defense. He claimed he used a The ° s ' uU involves a residential shotgun loaded wlihbuckshoi. Dr. development here in which Justin Huvned Call Issued as Unruly Crowds Mpnucc To'eclo Factories (larriman Mentioned for Hugh Johnson's Job WASHINGTON, May 1!0 (UP) — ' 11L L L LI L Shifts In NHA uersnmirl anil pol-| MllT [ill Icy coincided twlny with new IB- u * *• " u iff [:or(i Dial Administrator Hush R. Johnson will resign snail anil tliuil ihr While House has Ixvn cavu.v- ni(^ pH^.ilbli 1 .siicci-ssoi-s. Julinson hus ilcnli'cl he vvonlil quit. One usually well Informed source Mild W. Avcrlll Hari'lmaii, railroad miignule niul recently irawciTiil In NliA. was among lliore MiygeMi-d lor Hie Job. Labor Amendment Tabled in Louisiana TOLEDO, O-, Mnv W iUP)~ Thteal ,or (miller rioiSnu r.iuseil rational yiipnlTmuii to l-e rushiiil to Ihri'e antoniollvt 1 purls jr.nuu- ;rlni£ on!ir M -nlt'.s (cdtiy \\lillr f«lcral mi'dlMors tilrovi* iinuv.ill- alnglv lo brln? pcuc? on Tnli-iln' (roubled labor from. While one delHChnienl putioli'il the riot torn Elcctilc Aulu-l,!f plant, scent 1 o[ clis'tuib-anci'.s which killed lwo v meii and Injurcil sciirw lasl week, olher li-oojiers \verr called out by Col. William A Martin for riot duty at 111? litii'j- hani Stamping company and th Logan Gnur conipany. GuardEmen were ordcrnl out when nrmy officers were Inforrni-V lial unruly crowds. nrin"rl u iricks, slones anl clubs, had ga- lii'rcd aboul Hi-: plants nml hal oicetl open threats against* ,st >rcakcrs at work Inside. "The situation Is growing vcii :erloos," said Charles P. TaK chief of the fediral mediator tiere. Bln-'ham Stamping, Logan Gta antl Electric Auto-Lite, are nil tin ler (he same ownership, and hiv been the scene of labor dllfleul lira for weeks. H A colorful ceremony that opened Chicago's new Century of 'Progress Exposition is" pictured here n. c a parade of soldiers, .sailor.s nnd leyionnairt'S pn-sscd down llic Avcnus ot Flags on Hie fair?rountLs am it! lines of cheering thousands. Mnro than 148.CQG attended (lie opening day. HOHNERSVILLE. Mo.—Mrs. Rhodes-stated further that Byrd iiae i vi]1 be clos:-d, an assistant was not given medical attention attorney general said. If the de- until he was lodged In the jail, murrer is denied the trial will be olthb the party passed thru Hayti held here June' 7 and 8 ch the way to Caruthersville. Con- j .'.(able Stevens took Byrd to jail, it was reported. He found the man, wounded,- in a wooded- section- behind Broda's house. Killed by Bwkshot A. post-mortem, on Byrd's body-- BATON ROUGE, La., May 29 was performed yesterday afternoon '-UP'—The Louisiana senate vir- liy Dr. J. W. Rhodes, who sought tua "y klll « d ll> e resolution to ratio determine the type of gun used »"' the chlld laocr amendment to , vi . kpr „= ,_..„ ., „„•„,,,„, „, In the shooting It flrst appeared the constitution when it voted, 25 „ Wlcx -er, 65 ; long a^ resident ol that Byrd had'been shot with a. to 10 ' to_ indefinitely postpone ac- "^""j" pistol, but one large buckshot was tlon on "• of hpr lound in his head. Another shot Senator Clement M. Moss, of WirV(11 . ... hr . „.... - had pierced his back, emerging Colcasieu parish, speaking against ^ wi«er. uno gave inrough his neck. ,"« resolution, described it as "the s ™ ra ^VT^, 1 ?!" An investigation conducted yes- • mcst drastic, the most vicious and lei-day by Dr. J. ,W. Rhodes, Pros-' lar reaching legislation ever pro- ccuting Attorney Bob Hawkins";' ' x ^??'* r.hief Deputy Sheriff Ownsby and; The amendment would grant Dr. Fred Ogilsvie. Pemiscot coun-lP™'" to ""i'™ to regulate cm- ty health officer, revealed that P lQ >' mcnt of children under 18 2 . 0( Bvrd had been separated from his 5 ' cars of """ wife, who was living In Broda's home. Byrd had made repeated attempts lo have his wife return to him, it was learned. Investigators found neighbors of Broda disinclined to reveal anything they might know about the Luke Lea Timekeeper . , i '... in Carolina.Prison C 11 II [1 C II I V RALEIGH, N C., May 29 n II li I r la 11 Co1 Luke u>a '' onc tliine U U U U L II L I Slates sc-naior, would-be i (UP) — United capturer of the katsir during the world war, it •«» »yr p. i <wspaper publisher and finaiiL-ur, nornerSVllle Woman. Drops, will be employed as checker ot Dead at the Bedside of Her Dsuohtcr-m-Lavv on coiislriiclion projects al (he Ccn- inu Slats pri^o.i uart 1 . th.- UiiiiiM rrers Ir-nriifd today. STILL II E! .-law, Mrs. w. i birlh to a i iil rok'e some years her heart ly | Secretary May Consider Claim Candidate Never Airplane Pullman Sleeper Annoyed by Noisy Aisle The funeral was to be held at! 10 this afternoon al the Baptist | Received Notio church, of which Mrs. Wicker was ' B" ffinMiv mcmbe - r The Rev ' Fct<r i LITTl ' E ROCK . Ma y M »-as to officiate. ' "i There was «" Mrs. Wicker Is survived by her that E. E. Alexander ot Bly- husband and two sons O. LOS ANGELES (UP) — flight of the extraordinary into the Wicker, who had"e his home with commonplace never was more his parents. I day , theville may be in the Would Limit Manufacture and Sale by International Agreement : GENEVA. May. W (UP) — The United filntcs went squarely on record lor pence at the world arms conference today by oileri 113 lo udura Us navy, and to Join an tntcmiillohfl! unreement for control of the truffle In arms. America also declared Us vrtll- InRiirra to consult with other na : tlons in event of trouble. | ,' rh « ttctlon mnrkeU a climax in r n I • i' " lon8 mcl losl "8 struggle foi- rar uehllici dlHirninmcnl at Geneva. . , Nornmii H. Davis, special representative of President Roosevelt, In opening debate nt the long WASHINGTON, May 59 (UP)— postponed full meeting of the con- 'hc government will hnve to fcrcncc, made a strong bid to pre- pcnd money faster than ever be-1 vent Its threatened collapse. VILL MM lovernment's Outgo Is Roosevelt's Estimates ore In pence time—ten billion dol- In 13 montlis. It all the noiiuy President Roosevelt asked Ho said: "The people ol the United States' are aroused by the evils which are n his last budget message Is to | being revealed In the production bo used. Experts think Hie task Is, of and traffic in munitions. The >h"slcnlly Impossible. The country has /ot I American government Is ready to seen such] join measures for suppressing this i huge spending program, since 1 evil and Is prepared to negotiate 'he year ending June 30, 1910,'In connection with disarmament Merchants Will Be Asked to Accent it on Purchase of -Any S~ : ze A movement to speed up circulation of Bl; t'levllle's relief scrip by making it, good for purchases of any size will be lEiiinnlrd to morrow L-y the city's relief work committee. The decision to ask merchants and business men to aCL-opl scrip regardless of the amount of the purchase was reached this afternoon. A woman's committee will also 1 be named to contact women of the city weekly, urging use ol Jury Panel for Civil Court Term Announce .'The two-weeks summer term fIrcull >c(vll court for the Chick sawba'iifslrlct of MisskstppVcoliI ,v wljt open here on Monday, June 11, with Judie Nell Klllough ofi Wynne presiding. j 'Members of the jury panel who I ivlll serve during the term, as uamrd In a list released at the j sheriff's utflce totlay, follows: • W. H. Bryant. A. B. Drake, P. li. Ifc, Leachvile; Elmer Tucker, Carml: A. R. Ballard, O. B. Child- rcss, Floyd Horner, J. A. Bage, Munlla; W. O. Oalyean, Pawheen; Otto Koehlcr, E. M. Woodr,rd, Dell: L. E. Moore. Huffman; J. R. Steadman; Armorel; A. T. Harsh- "isn. Tomato; J. N. White. Clear Lake: J. H. Gurley, Promised Laivl; Lois Hawkins, Half Moon; when $18,500.000,000 was spent In an effort lo win the world war. The Government will spend only tC.500,000,000 in the current fiscal year. President. Roosevelt asked congress for authority lo spend $10,529,805,667 In Ihe two years emllng June 30, 1935. In Ihe first hair ot Ihe period government expenditure can hardly run over »8,500,000,000. exclusive of the sinking funds. Just the same treasury .officials Insist the government will- live up to Its budget, Thnt'.woV' 1 ~ ' a treaty dealing drastically with this problem." Reaffirming President Roosevelt's offer lo consult with other powers If war ihmlened, Davis added: "We are willing to go further nnd work out by International agreement tin effective system for the regulation of the manufacture 01 anil trafllc In arms and munitions." - • - 000.000 : *10,0l>0,- Appeal to latin Amrrlco. The 'United Stales today • officially - ailed upon nil Liitln-Amcrlcan relics to Join this country in he move to slop supplies of arm: and munitions of war to Paraguay nd Bolivia. Ash Flat Bank Robbers Suspected in Holdup of Batcsville Driver BATESVILLE. Ark.. May 20 (U I..-C. Bcvlll. Gosnell; Mnse Smith, p)-Searcli for Iho bandits wlm Varbro: T. P. Jackson. Number i robbed the Bonk of Ash Fist o: Nine; Ira Koonce, Sandy Ridge; Jim W. Fields, Lonokc; D. G. Graccv. New Liberty. Elmer Hcn- Fortv Eight; G. R. Beavers, Beginning tomorrow a canvass ot business men will be made, requesting that they sign up to accept scrip on a purchase of any size. Enthusiastic response is an„ , ...ov u^,^. u . : - "cipated I>V members of the com' though he was disqualified yester- mlllec. who point out lliat.ucne- graphically shown than in the I Despite tli e shock of her mother-! '^ . day by the state Democratic Cen- fit derived from the federal government's relief payroll h-re will over $400, took a new turn he".; lodny when two men an^'-erln? Hie descriptions ot the robbers rammed guns En the fau-.. ji Joe Similarly with the cose of Johnl more lllan oflsct cn >' snlHl1 loss H. E. Burnett, O. S. Bailey, O. W. I Pounders, local taxi operator, ant Copned™. Earl Damon. J. J. Daly. B. W. Fitzslmmons, Robert Grimes, W. C. Hlgglnson, E. H. JacKson, T.ei'Jle ^Toore. Jeff Roland, Loy Welch. Blythevllle. Alternate petit Jurors are: A. L. Hoper, Lcachvllle; 5-Yed Davis, Poplnr Corner: Bert Ashabranner. Manila: C. H. Whistle. Big Lake: J E. Parrlsh. Ynrbro; Charlie Wy- lic. Blylhevllle. Idling and board rooms barren of traders, with the market of one year ago today when 6,953,640 shares were exchanged in a roaring bull mnrkH which started a scries of multi-million share days A. T. and T. 114 1-2 Anaconda Copper 14 3-f Bethlehem Steel 33 l-< Chrysler 40 3-8 Cities Service 25-8 Coca Cola 123 5-8 General American Tank 36 1-4 General Electric 201-8 General Motors 32 3-4 International Harvester 33 Middlewest Utilities 3-16 Montgomery Ward 28 New York Central 283-4 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum 19 1-8 Radio Corp 71-2 Simmons Beds 161-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of N. J 43 Texas Co 24 U. S. Smelting 116 sleep. ThVv wr, Hi,?rtln B hu hatn yesterday. . The> were disturbing his, lr , stood, that notice of his check ' f«>m sale of the two-cent remt ^- This Income must be ac- to secure maximum Emmitt Carter, another negro, I (oiling lo clear the bank failed lo was fined $100 on a similar charge i reach him. but the fine was suspended. A If aruments along that line are fits for Blylhevllle from Ihe gov- >h Secretary Combs' "nment's relief work payroll. It York CottOn 1'ransportlng chnree au-ahist Lee pcrsiisav-n, enom Mtillocl!. negro, was dismissed. may still accept Alexander's bal- \ ^ st ated. NEW YORK May 29 (UHl — j Jlld ? c Cunningham could ilnd, lot fee Local "Doubles" Will Take Roles Of Movie Slars Hollywood's famous movie premiere will be duplicated In Blytheville next Tuesday and Wednes-! day, June 5 and 6, at the Rltz theater, with local people taking relieved him of his new automobile and about $30 In currency. The robbery occurred late last night. The pair went to Pound Icr's home about 10:30 P. M,, ann contracted with him to take then to Conway-. About el°ht mile south of Heber Springs (he pair forced Ihe taxi driver out or hi: cnr. He walked live miles before he could summon aid. Pounders' description of thi bandlls clotely (allied ivitli the description of the bank robbers who fled (o Ihe woods in Sharp county after the robbery. Sheriff Jake Engles said today that lie had learned that the pair came by truck late yesterday from Pfelffcr, eight miles north of here Former Local Woman Involved in Slaying JACKSON, Mo.', -May 29.—The circuit court room here was flDejt again yesterday with spectators -as testimony was continued for the (ourllr day In the trial of Mrs, Edith Metre, formerly Edith Cald- woll of Blythevllle. charged with complicity In the holdup slaying at Rockvlcw last Dec. 8 of Frank Roseme. a merchant. A purported confession by Mrs. Mem. was Introduced by the state to show that Mrs. Mcnz said the hold-up was planned at her home by Ivan Stroup, her husband, and Mrs. Mem when she suggested that "we go over and make old man Roseme." The case had been transferred here on a change of venue from Scott county. E. E. Alexander of Blythevllle fi a mcniDer of defense counsel. Former Mill Worker • Victim of Paralysis Declines Further Probe of Faith of Minister MONTREAT. N. C., May 29 (UP) —The general assembly of the Southern Presbyterian church voted today not to appoint a Commission to investigate the faith of the Rev. Hay Watson Smith, Little . Rock, Ark., pastor. A recommendation that the assembly decline to consider further overtures from any sources regarding the case was adopted. The . Ins roles of movie celebrllies. The j E R ncn i c y 53 former mill Rev - Mr - Smith had been charged premiere will be arranged by Har- i wor ' kcr ; , l!ccumbc(1 at two o'clock •"'"" " " Cotton closed sleady. no criminal disturbance in Carl I The action of the secretary | July Oct Dec Jan March nnpn tiiirii I™ ,1™.: "Pickles" Cnllison's act in mshtng' would be binding upon the com-| lhs dt >' must furnl sh for relief 1148 1131) 139 1144 itlto lhe clt - v hal1 ' as " n S officers miltee. The chairman said, ho.v-1 1 ™ 1 *- On the ouiis o. .1 ...... CT ™ « { M to aid him In securing a narcotic ever, that because so much time' P" 150 " of the government's pay- Of the $1.200 realized S559 has ry Hevcner. who has staged slml-! tms morning at a Cherry street been expended for materials which lar premieres In other cities. ' bo , rdi:ig hollse> whcte hc ' had re . treatment Immediately. He had ! elapsed It was doubtlul lf, ro11 on P™Jc«s which have been "rated '".rough materials purchas- 1167 1170 1159 1164 1185 1185 1174 1181 ' was acquitted on a charge that Combs would accept the tee. 1 had been filed In the county divls-, — ion of court. Trial or Lloyd Bennefleld, - the city must furnish for relief Hc nrrlvod , n Blythevllle today fined some time. His death was nnd has already slarted a search attributed to paralysis, lor local doubles of famous screen. Funeral services will be held at personalities to take part In the ' E'mwood cemetery this afternoon 1195 1196 1185 1191 May 1204 1204 1200 1201 Spots closed sleady at 1160. tin-. changed. ' '""ed of embezzlement was con- I tlnucd from further proof after \ • 7 fi t r~> tt ' £p me testimony had been taken. i\eiV Url?an# (.OrCOnlBenneneIrt Is charged with selling . Perry F. Webb Is Now i ed, a. ratio of about iO lo 1 of ! labor payrolls over cost of materials lias been r.-aliwd. Doctor of Divinity „,.,„ „,,„ . „ . ,,, p ™3 BLUFF. Ark.-Perry Fiynt i R truck body owned by his em- ™ ebb - P» s tor of the First Baptist NEW ORLEANS, May 29 (UP)- Ployer w,hout the lalter's permls-;^ <* ^.»uff. received the Princess Barbara premiere. j with the Rev. J. L. Kewsom offl- The program calls- for the "stars" elating. The L. G. Moss undertak- to arrive In front of the theatre ing company is In charge of fu- at 7:30. where they will be Intro- iliiced to the crowd over a lonti " arrangements. with heresy in connection with a treatise on evolution written several years 430. fpeohcr system. They will appear" R 0 o«Velt Nominates - 1 . *"• Hot aptlllgS Goes to Nursing Home ^ stage at 8:3 ° each evciv Cotton prices were Irregular on'slon. the New Orleans exchange today wk nn7d1oi.<>' Doctor of Divinity Chirapo Wheat open high low close May 97 7-8 98 3-8 97 1-8 88 July 96 1-4 98 95 1-4 97 1-4 Chicago Corn open high low close May 54 1-4 55 5-8 54 1-8 55 5-8 July 56 1-8 57 3-8 55 3-4 57 her prince from the communist grain prices. At time the market was up 6 to 8 ig, doing songs and dances ac cording to their, impersonations. May 29 (UP)—Bar- Photographs of the wlnntrs will and ten cent be taken and sent to the studios ^ ^^ Ivonl.lm Hollvwood for possible screen nominaVlon™or"Simpson"'A~'Kemp "-'•''—--.The premiere will be rmtl to tl)0 senllte for conrlrmat | on postmaster of Hot Springs, WASHINGTON. May 29 (UP)— p.oosevclt today sent the Assessment of Public Works Employes Charged WASHINGTON. May 23 (UP)A nation-wide Investigation into the "kick back racket," whereby -ublic works employes claim they have been forced to-pay contractors for their jobs, was approved by a senate committee today. The favorable report on the resolution caltfln lor the Inquiry was July Oct Dec Jan March May- open high low close I WASHINGTON, May 29 (UP>— : 1145 1147 1138 1142 |The admlnlstrallon oil regulation 1165 1166 1146 1163 I bill, vesting In the secretary of 1177 1178 1168 1174 1182 1179 1185 1185 1185 1189b 1202 1199 Spots closed steady at 1152, unchanged. the interior the power lo prevent an excessive supply of crude pe-, trolcum by fixing production and : Import quotas, was reported favor- j Scrip h Irwblesftmc—but so Is ably today, by the senate commit- hunger. . • WHICH DO YOU tee on mines and mining. L PREFER FOR YOUR TOWN? Atlantlc to her rescue. ' Idreds of spectators may easily see. Princess Mdtvnnl today entered I Music will be the attraction in an English nursing home, surfer- ing from a nervous breakdown. Hungary Is such a self-sustaining country that salt is the only food product it is obliged to Import. front of the theatre rom 7 o'clock until the arrival of the stars. Those desiring to enter the contest are asked to get In touch with Richset Indian Dies LOS ANGELES, May 29 (UP)— Barrett, who became th? world's richest Indian when a 1:001 parcel of an Oklahoma reservation spouted forth oil, died here Mr. Hevcner, director of. the Hoi- today. The exact cause of Bar- Is wood premiere, at the Rltz the-|nelt's death was not Immediately 'alre. made by the senate audit and con- tiol committee. Members said the senate education and labor committee, headed by Senator David I. Walsh (Dem., Mass.) probably would begin the Investigation this summer. WEATHER known. He was 92 years of age I" temperalure. ARKANSAS—Pair tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity-Pair tonight and Wednesday, little change

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