The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1939
Page 7
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[SATURDAY. MAY 20, HLYTl]EViU,K,;(AKK.) CQUKIKK MOWS' 'PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consccu- |tive Insertions; 3ne time per line .... Me r\vo times per Jlnc per day....08o [Three liliics per line per <lay...U6c JSix times |Mr line per day—05; |Monlli rate per line OOc Cards of Thanks 50e & 15e Minimum cliai-gc OOc Ads ordered for three or six I'imcs and slopped before cxpira- llion will be charged for tiie number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. J All Classified Advertising copy kiibniillcd by persons residing out- Bide of the city must lw accoin- ipanicd by cash. Rales may be eas- lily computed from above table. J Advertising ordered for .irregular •insertions takes Hie one lime rate. |iNo responsibility .will be taken .tor more than one Incorrect inscr- Ition of nny classified ad. For Rent |2 unfurnished rooms. Liglit- and water. 516 CIitckaKewba. 20-|)k-S7 room furnished apartment. 1015 \V. Ash, cull 145-W. 20-ck-li |l room .furnished house. Rrcisor.- iiblc. Call between 4 and 7 P.M. 11413 W. Alain. . 20-ck-27 BARGAINS IN Used Lawn Mowers i'OMK IN KXCUU-HNT CONDITI')N SHOUSE-HENRY HAlimVARK CO. I'hone 35 Dairy fatWadory quality and service In Dairy products. Gallic free o! Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowwy 002-J, for Ualsell's Grade A R&v Mtlk, Cieani, Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Insiwclion encouraged anytime. ilalseU's Dairy Promised Land, Rome 2 Poultry |:j room furnished apartment. Mrs Elma Crowder. COO N. ijtli. 2Ucktf Store building, corner of H.W. 01 and Park St. Phone 730 !0ck23 |Bcdroom. G22 W. Main. Mrs. Me- MUliln. ... 15-ck-U |Coinfqrtablc bedroom. 625 W. Main, Phone 277-J. 15-ck-li-15 |2 bedrooms. 102 Davis. Ph. 385. 13-ck-t! fdtore building and residence 'to ' ini'il. Good location for grocery lam 1 , meat market. C40 Lake St. Sec |Dr. .1. A. Saliha. Phone 410 or 418. 12-ck-G-12 |Allr»ctivc front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. COS W. Main Ph. 1042. . 10-ck-tl 12 room furnished apartment, downstair!. 1315 "W. 'Main St. . 9-ck-tr |I-'or Rent-Comfortable furnished home for the summer. Mrs. Oeo I Cross, 300 South Lake: • B-ck-lf |One fr"'it bedroom. Twin beds. 1000 W. Ash. Call 445-W... 3-cktf IWell appointed 5 rqbm hoiise on J South .Tenth,;, Possession Imme J Idialely. phones i(>7 aiid 5f!•,,&"" lNewiy,a'ftolatM.'3,:ro()iii' ftirhls furnished anarlment. 108"',w.' Kentucky >!„,*. I.L.- -••••• 2 5-pk-5-25 . Phone bbi. 2 room luriiisned apartment * and > 'I south bedrooms. 102 Davis, phone • 3«S. 1-ck-tf FurnUlicd room entering into bath. Deautyrest Mattress. Will give 2 meals a day. 818 Chickasawba, phone 036. 1-da Office rooms, Snribiiry Building. See Grahain Sudbury. 27lf t or 3 room nirnlshea apartment. Reasonable. 914 Ifearn St. 21-pk-5-2i For Sale Reduced prices on Tomato and Pepper plants. Heaton's Home of Flowers, corner Franklin and Ua. . 18-ck-22 3ne S-rcom house. George M. Lee. Phone 320.' 10-ck-tt Reconditioned motors. Ford $39.50, Chevrolet $57,50, with exchange Jf old motor. P. W. Cranford, Dell, Ark. 3-pk-6-3 Mules for sale cheap. Delta Implement Co. 24-cl;-tf Chicks. Arkansas uloodleslcd While Rocks, 'Reds,3«rred Rock.s, Wyandotles, Leghorns. 100 —$5fl5. Heavy Assorted $4.95. Prepaid live- delivery. Arkansas Hatcheries Lit(le Rock, Ark. •Minnows For Sale Mlimoivs mid fishing canes. 300 B. Main. Phone 800. G. O. Haii-ks. Goldfish Minnows 8. F. Brogdon, 310 »«iigan MINNOWS & COCK ROACJIfS £arl Dnrnon. Cor. Rnllrbiid A Ky. Copies of (ho Courier News of April 3 niul 13, 5o paid foi each paper of the- "iltitcs .stated. Courier News offlcc, . Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 112 E, Cherry, phone ti02. 8-ck-tf Redecorated soulli bedroom. Couple preferred, plione 028. 2-eklf Position Wanted Elderly lady desires position as housekeeper. Box L. W. Coiirier News. JD-pk-24 ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN KMH iwmcii c>i* CATION HI Notice Is hereby undersigned lias ,„>„ „„„ llll; . Coininissloiior of Revenues of the '•" ' .---••-, Is liercby given (luil (he mnlmu;m>il Im.s died with tin- Coimnkslnnfr n i Krvcmics of Iliu Elnlc of Arkansas for permit lo sell, niul dispense vinous or spirituous HOMnrs fur bcveruso nl rc- l«il on (lu- pivmlM'.s diwibiV, us Elitii'r Iliill Liipior store, .Main Street, Lmxna, Ark. <)!'• AI'I'I.I-' A|)|)lll-Il|lil|| is f(,|. [iriniK (u I),. i'KKSHT -Ifsw'l f«r opwitlon lie-ginning'i>n thiit the llil V llrs| - <''iy "I July, I9:ffl. : ,inl to H-llli the t ' !t ! )ll ' l! "" U"' 3«lli din- of June, ... m.m 1>s i,,-,.™,!!),.,! i,v H,,IH.(|,, Blalc of Arkansas for Hermit to sell I"' ll ™ Jll '»iiuy 7, 1'JM mill nml dispense vinous or splillnoiis,""'"" "WiUion No. U) uHcittvi! Notice We have scvernl 193!) liconsr lilalcs for iiulohiobile a U (I (nick. FnlJott-iri/r are tltc ttiiin- IMTS-with dcscriiitieih, if any: 124-115. for automobile. 2GO-Z1C, truck license. l'/ 2 (oil. 1'iicsn plaits will lie hold for a limited lime only. Courier News. -.--.. for beverage nt I Hie premises drscrlbrd as Klmrr 'Hall Liquor Store, W2 13. Muln, lllylhevllle, Aik. Application Is for penult lo be Issued for opernllon heglnnlng on the first day of July, 1030. and (» expire on the SOth dny • of JimiS, 1940, ns prescribed by liultatin (tat- rd Jnnnnry 7, 181)1) an<l Supplc- niei,lnl Regulation No, IB elfcclivc July 10, l'J37. ELMUR HALb. Found Set of six keys in leallicr holdei ncftr RobliiMn's Drug Blore. Finder wants small reward am owner to pay for this ad. Couilci Nc\vs. UgLDjyEBYTHING - By Clyde Lewis .The nnclcnlK bpllcvrd Hint Ihc dew which accumulated upon the plant known as SI. John's Wort, during Hie night preceding St. John's Day. possessed healing powers. CoiUpk'tc Line of iiciutliCul, Kleclrie WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Healers WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 111) So. Srcinlil 1'luiliu lilt KLMKll IIAU>. . , (.'.VI'IIIX l-Xlll l.ltjl'OK I'lCl Bll'l", Notice IK hereby K | V (.n (hat i mici- of llvvfintcs of HK> Slate ot Arkiinwis for iwrinll lo fell and dispense vinous or spirituous llqnois fui' bn-eiiiHi' at rc- latl -on the priiiiiliirs diwrllh-il UK 2 Main slrcol, Ainicnrl. ArXiinFas. Appllenlton Is for pcnnlt So be issiiwl for operallun bei>lnnln>i un (lie Out day of LAWN MOWERS Slitirpriiid, factory indhod, adjusted olletl— i'lckcd up & delivered $1 ATKINS , AJachiiic Slioi> •110 S. 2iiil (ijini^c Plume 2X1 <.\|li« on Iho ioih day of Juno 1040, us prc.-crlljed by niiitethi ilaliul January 1, IOM and Suiiiilu- nicnlal Regulation No. lD'rlTcc)i/c July 10. 1031. 112. 0. WIljI.lA.Nf8). N'O'l'K'li OF I'-II.INU Of Al'l'1,1- CATION ]•'<>!( l.iiHioii I'KKMli' Ncllci> Is hereby given Hint (ho umlerslsnoil )im> lllpd wPh IlicCiojii- mlsslcner of Hc'vcinu-s of ||)o Stulo of Aikunsiis fur penult to M>U «)],) dispense vinous or spiiltuoiii; tumors lor l>ou'iii|;o Hi retail en lUe pre- mlsi's ik'si-itljed as 103 «. Division St., Ulydifvllle. Aik. Applli-titlon Is [or pi'rmlt to bo KMHXI for operation be-ghinlng on Die nisi dnyof julj, 1039, and to i*|) ro pn-Uic.3oTn'<l(iy cf June', iDin, iw riroscrlWl )>y Biiilelln dalcd Jimtimy 1, IP38 nml SiiHplo- nionlBl KegulHllou No. 19 effccllvo July 10, 1037. ., ; •.'•<"' 1!. S. 8IMMONS .__SlBncd by Appllcanl Tlio 1801 "S" mint dime niul 1 tln> 1913 LllieMy Head nickel aic two of (lie iiMxtdrn U. s. coins foi W'lilcli largo sums arc olVcrcd by IlKllll.llluUld ' FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delia Implements, Inc. 'lione 802 Now l.iH'iiled at 101 Niirlli Scrnnd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON l-:i)\VAltl)S, I'lopi-lftor All Makes (if llclmlll T.vpcwTltcrs, Aiiillii R Aiiiciihirs niul 'ilors—lli'jwliljig—Tarts—,1 J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (InuliiiilA lii SEED CORN Sovcrnl ' bushels of hybrid HCMMl corn Bixwii in N c iv Mmli-id County, Mo., Iowa 13 iwioly, priced lo close ottl at S3 A!KO Kovqi'nl .bushels Of re- olciihcd' *1 itcrj ¥> lillshol PAULBYRUM K. Miitit SI.- Some mountains gro*- n ben^bulll Mp gy n , r » iiw olhcis grow by, BUbtracllon whi'n Uio BUrroundlng'plains arc ut down by weathering. HOW LONG YOUR CAR HAD AN "Appro\ed Ford LubrlciCion?" 'ilicro Is a dlfTerence In ItwitotUons Every place d«» not lime (lie same standards. . . . noi cnn liicy givs you (lie bjwclnt Fold Lubricants made e.swelally foi Ford cais. Gel Iho Fallowliig! ..... , ....,, ..... Sl'KCIAL CHASSIS I,UI5!UCAtION AND WHKH1, I^C If'oi 30 Hays Only) COMl'LK'l'B CHASSIS umiUCA't'lON I'JO.SMIIC GUn Oiesse In all pjcs- Mne oun nlllngs. Springs, Hood inclnsi,, noor sirlXci hiatus waxed, nooi lllnijcs LuliiJcatcd. Epcclal Oichses in Unlvdisn! Joilils, special Hibi leant in slcev- Ini! gem ulul dlilrlbiildr cam. TACK WONT W1IKKLS Wnsli out huh ami uenrliujs, pack wllh special rurd Short HDei' Hodiuni Uoap grease. Ad- Just *hecl bearliigs. All Above Service Id Combination. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I've never sold u iininiiny, bill I reiip my reward in cinotioniil iliviilnnHs. 1 ' " MAP PUZZLE JOB licafn street, R room cottage right . at school. $1250.00 Cash, tents for $30.00 month. 1100 W. .Ash. Corner lot 75x1-10. 6 room cottage will! 3 bedroom's. <lp paving or .sewer lux. Rents at 120. Price $2000. $500 'cash. 33D.OD! nonlli. j E. Vinp. nrettv hiingnloM'. Piuk ol condition. S850.00. :00 N. 5th, stucco bungalow, hardwood floors. $2060.' $250 cash,' $20 nonth. '-.i ! .»i» 5 worn bungalow. J1500. S200,casli. $15.00 month. IB. W. 'Davis—5 room cotloxc $1500. $200 cash, $15.00 monlli. :01 ChlckasaVba. • Corner lot. 5 rcom cottage $2000. 4200 cash fJO iionth." . - HORIZONTAL 1 Map of island republic of 5 Us capital. 11 Verbal. 13 Eagle's claw. M Talented. ISSowuI of inquiry. 17 To carry. 1C Beret. 10 international signal of \ distress. •'.- Sen a ted tool. 22Persomfica- lion of light. 21 Egg dish. 'K Common verb 27 Slircd. ' .10 Sooner than 31 And. 33 Blithe. 3-1 Fabulous bird. 3G Being. 38 Trunk drawer $0 K'oclui nal inammal. 42 Genus of. . swans. An.5K-er lo Previous Tunic 44 Ever, 45 Abnormnl regularity in flowers. 47 Tree. 48fioof ot moulh, 50 To wear off 52 Its predominant crop. 53 Graff. 55 Its second important induslry, . making. . 57 Roman road. 58 Willow twig. GO Caterpillar hair. 61 Footlikc part. B2 Oiler. C3 To embroider. VERTICAL 1 Clonk. 2 Polilc. 3 Aromatic. 4 Matt drink. 6 Proposition. Vt.nrincr's vessel. 8 Shad. 9 Marked U'ilh lines. 10 Over again. 12 Its monclary unit. 16 Abode. 20 Withered. 53 Roentgen ray. zscoltoh'cioih. 26 To mltij>ji|c. 28 AfrinnMivc vole. ZflMnh. 32 Word. 33 Auto sheds. 3-1 To liberate. 35 Clergymen. 37 Vehicles. 30 neptit.ition. 40 To rent. 41 Chest bone •53 Sail bt olcic acid. 4fr Issued value, 46 Circle part. 49 Gibbon. 51 Slolhs. 52 To drink slowly. 54 Inlet. 56 Crude. US Either. 53 Musical note. 32 Diigan—6 room cottage on corner lot with cottage in rear that rents for $7.50. PHco $1250. $200 •ash $12.50 . month. 12 N. Fifth—5 room collage $1250. $200 cash and $12.50 month. G% interest on above ho'.isss. ' Thoftias Uilid Co., Sole ,\g{s. 20-ck-2T> Personal iroiise Slufp'sh l.tvcr, witrk off he bile, to rid yourself of constl- iftLlon, gns pains arid that sour, junk feeling. Take one box of KIRBY'S ACTIVE IIVER 26c at aU klrby Him Biit-li Alive KY PftRI) HA1{^!A^ I'LL 5PuT TH' eouNT< > 1 COLLECT IF \v)E ) CA.TGH SCAft-FoaVALWE'X ME FEEL. BtTVER. You SPLIT DIG LION C OM fjEO RYDER. ' IN WAl 0IG PINE V HOMES. EBLP BACK IM Must (jiilisiiiil (Iniuliicl BY V. T. HAMLlh • « «-«.,,.- x WEUO - s< »' M/fl " ? THIS IS i ifH F V,^^,, \niSPATCHUR'S OFFICE., .,.. V/HV DOM'TCHfc CALLA'L., THE CLAIM - •,'' . lJuT THIS IS AN UNUSUAL WH A.TS HAPPENED TD F1FT>'-HVO!IT SHOULD HAVe BEEN THRU PERWA. TEHl T R\CK NUMBER MINUTES A -TURK JUST |M " TIME Wea,WHAT'SN°F VOUR 6OL-PAN6EP "" -''•' V _RAINS: EVER CAME IMTO PASTURE TO klLL COW" " r ^" tjeo * r '£M... SINNED..,, BUTCHERED Nnl a Very Com] Stitrt BV EDGAR MARTIN HRViQV.VOO AKiD To AMD 60 6H VWOWb "•^w- p^JO 'HB^:' WASH TUIH5S BY HOY CRANE ID ALMOST \UOWiSH6E! IT'-S AH \ THE IDEA, OF THAT OLD OUTRAGE, | &CALAWAS TAXING A LITTLE' HOLVSMOUE! HE MUSTft 1130% t DON'li'SEF RECOGUI.ZEP /HOW THE HECK HE -rCOMfe IT.' tJIRL OW A FRE15HT N HtECKUW AN!) HIS FRIKN'llS Coined From Experieltco • So INTEREST .BY MERRILL BL08SEK SuRSLr YOU COULD FINO A JOB FOR MV bov SOMEWHERE ON V3UR RAILROAD I WAVBE AN OFFCE JOS / He OUGHr RACED EVtTty ED IM TRAINS, AS A MATTER OF FACT,. ME m>WS THe speed OF EVERY TRAIN ON YOUR. ROADf

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