The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1947
Page 13
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_WKDNKSDAY, MAY 7, 1917 Truman Stresses Fire Prevention President Addresses Conference Group In Nation's Capital •WASHINGTON, May 7. ,UP) - Irum-.m yesierdav c.Uled ' '"' loc;l1 Kovcmmciit of- >!><• nation 1 * • 1' : ';eriny 1 -' 1 fh x ' <) |o"s t Ihe President told memb-rs of >'«' N:ition:il Conference on Fire. Mention i]ijii fires deslroyec ')"-re than SJUO.CCO.CC3 of the lla- iiou s weallli din-in.; tlie last inoiuhs. "The loss frr 1047 will be more i'ran I.n-i-e-ciMitpi-s of a billion (foilais unless we can reduce Ui p!e.«cnt rale." he said. Mr. Tnmian added that no "doi- •«r value" can he placed on live; »">t m fires. H;: snid nji average of '-OJO cliildreii die ever-,- year from '•"ins while thousands" ai-e scarred lor lile. "Who can say what tire costs the nation v.hcn ,-; .sjnjtJe lire in ono aciory c-.ui result in lost jobs and l'"M v.'.mes lin- hundreds of work- inei'?" he nvki-<l. "I iie:.e arc .some of the tragic ci.ii.SHH!tiict..-,- of i.'ie 830.0CO flre.s 'hat oct-,,r annu:illy in the United States, n is for ihfo canfcrencc lo deteriiiisic die causes of this destruction and ma;> out a program of preventive action." The President said a "contribut- hii! factor" in the fire death toll is ll:c continised use of old build- hiss and overc.implo: or outmoded biiiltiiiu; cod"s. He also listed inadequate fire lirolocction of vnsl areas of lorcsis and J-axanls due to development, emicals and industrial pros sectors on which the but- lit i-hUli'-: 1 - lire must Q e wa^ed. Mr. Tinman called attention to the re:ent Texas City disaster and -said i! -drove home "anew the leu- son that Y.C inns i find ways and means to cmn^at the evcr-prescilt danger of lire and explosion." He also rcfcrrcci lo the hotel fires of last year whic-h "again showcc: that we cannot afford lo entrust our citizens' lives to unsafe buikl- inys-." Mr. Truman urged stale and lo cal government officials at Ihe fcrenc". lo provide the leadership needed to carry oi:l any plans dc- veloped here. Ho noted there have been fewer traffic deaths since he called a similar national traffic coherence, last year. Home Again Aftei Whselchair Trip To Warm Springs FREMONT, Neb-, May 7. (UPV Wesley Engquist, 26-year-ol:l infantile paralysis victim wlso tiavelc<l to Warm Springs, Ga.. by wheelchair, i^' back homo yesterday in lime furTf/other's Da>'. EnRcmist. wlio learned to walk on crutches during his stay at Warm fipritms. made the trip by train this time. —flint was p. IOIIB (rain ride," lie si^lird. "I tec! very tired.' 1 Kngfjiiist plans to spend Mothers Cay with his" parents and hi s 11 brothers and sislcis. After that, he's just going to "stay home a \vhilc. 1 ' •Jiie yoiitli left here in August. 9^li. in Ills wheelchair. On the way lo War::i Sprlnij.s he f;ot 7f, truck ricics ;uid traveled 550 miles "under niv own steam." Rc;ul Conner Mews Want Ads. Cool air Plus Cooling Vcui Hick a switch and -,i coolins bieiv.0 cnmes (loading through every i""in in your home! Fresh, licaithful mitsiric air is drawn in Iliroii^li doors and windows and up through an atlractive cciiini; tirillc or automatic shutter into a suction box in the attic. The COOhMU FAN. mounted in Ihe box. ijlnws I lie air outdoors again tluou-Jh attic exhaust openings. See the COOLATR FAN in our storc; you'll want it for your home. Terms can he anangcd. But don't wait, hot weather Is just ;ini<wl the corncrl Cool air. .. Made in the South For Southern Climate! I .,_, Beachhead for Democracy in Japan J!].YTUKy_ILIJO (ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS Facing On ! j When Japs voted in first popular election in the nation's Initoi v, .1 bdlu box \ is i)l iced on the beach at N u ,n.z U , to m.iKe volins ensie, fo, Jisheinicn who hJe on . V!s off thj m.m Ll.nd or Honshu. Above, early arrivals line up lo receive b;illuls. VFW Leader Asks More Funds for G/s O lati l-'o schools dui> lo the rise ill ills cost -or-living. .- • NEW creased WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP) — iinar 13. Ketchuin. national le-^is- ive director for the Veterans of ncign Wars, today asked Con-1 second Bress to liberalize O. I. on-thc-job training benefits. He torn a acna:o labor subcommittee that present monthly ceilings of Sl'iS for single trainees anil $200 for those with dependents were creating "a threatened cxod'.'s form the program." He asked the subcommittee, now considering a score of lineralizmg proposals, to hike the ceilings to I $250 for single trainees, $300 for Irainecs with one dependent and $325 for those with two or more. He asked that income from "sideline 1 ' jobs, overtime and bonuses be left out in computing total wages received and that Ihc two- year-limitation be taken off certain training programs. Kclchum also recommended thai G. I. educational subsistence allowances be raised from $65 monthly for shiKle veterans and SflO for married veterans lo .S75 and 31CO with S10 for the first child antl $150 for each additional chikl He said "thousands" ,if ex OI'.-: had been forced to withdraw Iroin Sugar Broker's Pessimistic Over Future YOIiK. May 7. (UP)—III-1 su^Eir allotments for Lie I fiuarter, and • addilioiiiil j household consumer stamps. a|>-1 unlikely Recanting to govern- 1 menl ofticials, H. \V. Dyer line Company, suwir economists am reported lodiiy. r,over;r.iicm considers '.hi batkiii}; u]) oi su^iir II! tenijHn-ary." the siii;ar firm said "f.i-.fl i hey «i>h lo wail for the definite physical outturn of the '.•uban ciop." At llni! lime, the rc;:oit added "the r.overmienl may ti'ansfci some potential siinar demand inu. i-.actual ;.ti);;u demand by increasing allotments or oilier means." GOOD! COOP.' |N BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS ~Pc;>si-Co[(i Company, Loivj Island City, N. V. .''ranehised liollltr: I'epri-Coln Hollli,,,. (:„. of Ulythcvill* //iour honesf opinion. there is no better tire value We've said that before... today we mean it more than ever! Here's a great and respected tire, now made greater! It's the new ATLAS with better road performance . . . increased safety... longer tire life—in keeping with Esso Marketers' constant effort to give you more tire Value, at your Esso Dealer's! Improved 5 different ways, the mighty new ATLAS is a bargain! Drive in at the Esso Sign and see it. Read the broad, •written warranty that protects your dollars. You'll want handsomelong-mileage ATLAS Tires on your car! For sale only by Esso Dealers. If your dealer does not have the size ATLAS Tire you need, place your order now for early delivery. Don'f buy any tire wllhovl ictmg fde long-mileage . . iJie lire fhof malcej good on l/ic road. NOW BMIT WflM STANDARD OIL COM State Highway 18 "HVE GREAT IMPROVtMENK IN A FAMOUS TIRE!" far Cooler Running . . . [ u l] cr shoulder vcnlil.-ition. Added Driving Safory. . . flntlcr, Rrip-snfc Ircnil Ihnl pills more nil)-' bcr on ll,c road, where you want it! Longer life, betltr milc.igc Ilian ever before...newer, louglicr, longcr- lastinjj rubber. Softer, Quioicr Riding . . . new, scientific Irciitl design. Increased Skid Resistance ,-irul Innecr Irc.iJ life...deep, safety-grip conslruclion. Th« n«« AKAS rr,o l! bo.Vorf by tha scm« brood worrcmly Ihol h 05 <s<> nt so mucl , , o mak , , h< ATLns name lomout . . . a wrillon warronly on every tiro lhat can bo mo d» 3 aod at any of Ih. 38.000 AH»S SQ ! OS end seme? tlolioM lh,*u e h. oul Ih, unil«d SloUs and Conodo. PANY OF NEW JERSEY Blythevillc Gombli ling Ships _ Curbs West Cosst WASHINGTON. Muy 7. (UP) — Bcnale yesterday unanimously passed ; ,,,d scnt lo ,, )c Hol|S(; a lirovitle sllff fines and J.ill ileiiccs fur ogwrntors of ttntiiblliii! I" opcratinc ellher on Ihc high s or iu coastal waters. " wasilr f. Introduced uy Sen. ! P. Knowhincl, «., C ; iil., is d to curb shtpbonrd isaiuu- un vessels Anchored off the "" !1 coastl but oulsl<| e U. B. I'lie bill sci sh design res; I yeiir uoti Persons conducting K nniblliiK op- aiions on vc.ssels of Amcricuii Iry ',von!(t be liable to n Imprison term. $10,003 fines, or I'. Vessels seized would bcannc vermneiu proiKrty. Pines ulso urc ovldctl for ojx-nilors of "wn'.pi- ™s" which .•ihiitlle would-be nbtcrs from (lie eonsl lo Ihe umbling ships. • The Semite p»s.scd nnd sent lo no \\luto House n resolution mi ioi-izhiK the Navy lo con.strucl ex- lerlnu-LUnl submarines nt n lot-i •osl ol $0,000,000. Navnl' "ivc Indicated they will con.strucl wo such cxpeilmcntiil shliw. "resident of Mexico Visits Alabama Farm BHKPF1KU), All!.. May 7. (Ul>>— 'resident Ak-imin today visited ,ui •X|HM'iinenUil fiirm neni- here own•ct by -Ifl-yeiir-old Alex I^c-ker. Locker uses scientific meihod.s nnd hns coinrrled 158 acres of poor liuni hind Into a. 510.COO en- lerprlse. 'Ills hum was .shown lo the Mi'X- Icnn iirosldcnt : ls un exiunplo of IK.-SV TVA mid fc'illli/,?!' pliuits huvc benelltled tin. n-j;ion, Aleman I>:KVI\ lor plcliin-.'i liefo.'e he left. One |>h-ture .sn:inped htm kissing lour-yi'ar-iild Atjues l/i.-k- er. yinui|;i'st of u,e funner's five rhiUltvii. el PAGE TH1RTBKN HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is i>lo:is(-d to announce thai Mr. Richard Holt li.'is jiiinod our sliifi' as rai'lK'nU'i- and ntaiiilciuiiieo mill. Call us (o do dmt joli y<in can't do or doii'L tvant to do, 'I'olcplior.o "801 BLADDER IRRITATION Thousands Have fvund Kxliet in the Natural Mountain Valley Mineral Water \. from famous Hot 3]irln 8 s, Arkansas. A pure, EOOlhlng aid 111 relieving irritation of these dedicate organs helpful In stlinulutiiiR kidney action and eliminating sys- Ifonc \vn»U-s. Due-tors have prescribed this pleasant water for over filly years. . CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division HlyllitTllle, Ark. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 YOUR CHOICE OF . ; i Two Great Tractor Tires .46 Choose the tread that's boss For Your soil and crops! If" . . . you work your (rnclcirinnslly HI sanely soil anil cover cre.jis . . I'OWKIt GUI I' (Wards KiS'Oli lire) is Lai for you. If" . . . your nccil is for CA-tV/i traclion in heavy, wcl soils . . . choose I'OWKU TKAC (WarJs I)AH lire). Only at Wank can you cliottsc cillirr llic liAK or KlVOR Irca.l! I'owcv Tr;ic am! Power Crip arc liolli ronslniMul uf lr,n.,|,,nlily mnlcrinls . . . |,uili tu^ivc inaxi.nuni service! Tl,c cords am i>re-(li|.|)c<] for slrongw "IJouding," Inngor lire-life! Trr.uU and sidcwalls arc sprci.-dly ,',,, I ,,, ) ,, ) ,,d,-,) will, ;1I ,i;,l ;1I ,l lo resist cracking, aging. Talk lo your Wards lire man uljotil your Iraclor lire problem. Only at Wards can you choose either the BAR or the KNOB tread! tar or Knob Trend 1O-38 size. . . ... 57 85 Plus Fed. Tax CHECK THESE LOW WARD PRICES i : Size, \f 9-24/7.50-24 i< 10-38 I 11-28 11-36/9.00-36 Fly 4 4 4 4 Price* Knob or Bar Tr«gd $33,00 57.85 51. 4S 58.95 .Sire 11-38 \ 12-36/10.00-36 12-34/11.25-24 14-28/12.75-28 Ply 6 6 4 6 Price* Knob or Bar Tread $75.45 78.90 59.55 93.75 fflus Fed. Tox

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