The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 120 BljtlMTlll* OMTiM BlTUKriU* Dtllj NtVI Hmld BLYTHEyiLLE,;. ARKANSAS. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST G, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PENDERGAST CHOICE WINS IN MISSOURI Republican Ballots Are Few In Yesterday's Election; Hosier for Sheriff CAnUTHERSVlLLE. Mo., Aug. 5. —Pemiscot county Democrats and Republicans held quiet party primaries yesterday with Democrats turning out in unusually strong number. Each party chose a full slate ol candidates. A total of 1,155 votes were cast In the Democratic primary and 382 in the Republican primary with 31 out of 32 precincts having reported. . The lone precinct not reported Is in the northern part of the county and has between 40 nnd 50 Democratic voters and about 8 or 10 Republican voters, not enough to change results of any of die races. Results of .the' contests In toe Democratic primary are: Judge of county "court, first division: M. R. Rowland. (Netherlands) 2.380; Clay Lewis (Braggadocio), 2,010. Judge of county court, second division: s. K. Robinson, 1,647; Harry Cunningham, 1,518. Judge of probatn court- T E Broderick, 4,826; Prank Batrd 1 547. Sheriff: John Hosier, 4,(j(i2- Bob- Ownsby, 2,628; Dr. J. V. Moore, 768. Assessor: George McGhee, 3522- Robert c. Mulliniks, 3,100- Herb Long, 908. ' Representative, general assembly: Albert Brinkman, (Wardell), 3,421; fc'naron J. pale (Cnruthersville) 3 059. • . Representative, congress: orville Zimmerman (Keiinetu; 4,451- R. p. McCoy IDexter), 143. Judge, Springfield court of appeals: James p. Pullbright, 3319- Charles'IL. Henson. 1,206; Robert _A. Mooneyham; 303;..:',WaIdo P. Johnson, 345; J. Arthur PrartcIs, Judge, supreme court, division one: Ernest S. Gantt, 3,008; Lawrence McDaniel, 2,162. Governor, Lloyd c. Stark, 4,638- William Hlrlh, 371. Constable: Bob Dunavant won over Mark Or ton. _Roy W.' Harper defeated Elmer "Peal for'committcemnn and^trs Grace Shade defeated Mrs. Jiilla Hawkins for committee woman m f esulL ' ! of the Republican pri- County assessor: Charles Jenkins, 200; R. D . Klersey, 138 Governor: Jesse W. Barrett 251- Claude Lambert, 10 C ; James J Barrett, 58. Lieutenant governor: Manville H Davis, 222; Henri chouteau, 83-' John R. Davis, 89 ' Secretary of state: L, D. Thompson, 117; Fred M. Harrison, 164- Pred M. Crawford, 8G. State nuditor: George E Hack- mnn, 170; HUles R. Lssl\, 183. State treasurer: Arch D Williams, 195; Larry Brunk, 137- A H Steinbeck, 32. Attorney general: clarence A Powell, 236; J. Grant Frye, 125 Judge, supreme court, • division one: Lleulettus Cunningham, 231- Charles C. Madison, 129 Judge, Springfield court of appeals: Walter E. Bailey 147- Da . vid W. Hill, 74; Charles A Iten- drlck, 72;jte x V. McPheram. 60 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 5. (UP)_ Collon closed steady. o|wn high low close Oct 1189 1197 1188 1194 Dec 1190 1197 1189 1195 J an H89 1197 1189 1195 Ma r- H90 lisa ]18g 1I95 'May 1191 1197 1189 1195 Jll 'y 1190 1192 1189 1193 Spots closed steady at 1259, off 4. Spot Aven» re Is 12.50 The average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton O n the 10 spot S 8r m t5 I0day Ms !2S0 ' tlle B| V- tnevllle Board of Trade reported. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 5 (UH>The cotton market developed n better lone today, selling half a dollar a bale higher and hold- Ing most of the gain. open high l ow close Oct 1186 1194 1185 1191 iDcc 1197 1193 1185 1190b Jsh 1186 1190 1186 1190 N»r 1188 1193 1186 1191 May Ug9 1195 1188 1192 Jul V 1188b Spots closed dull at 1241, up 9. Chicago Wheat open hlgli low close S«P 109 113 1-2 109 113 1-4 »«<! 110 1-4 114 i.a HO 1-4 114 Deadly Powder in Her 'Vanity' Spanish-girls but-for, a stroll these days.usually remember to take rifles and revolvers along, tn the war between government'forces and rebels, women have taken active fighting roles. This loyalist girl, carrying an automatic rifle, is pictured in Barcelona, scene o£ recent battles. N SHERIFF Holds 350-Vote Margin With His Big Home Precinct Unreported KENNETT, Mo., Augl 5 (Special)—With Senath, where, about 2,000 votes were cast, still unreported, Dewey Miles was leading Thomns P. Donaldson in the race for the Democratic nomination for sheriff in yesterday's primary 5,982 votes to 5,320 votes. Miles, who formerly lived at Sennth, is expected to swell his lead when Ihe Senath box reports. Only 140 Republicans cast ballots In the party's primary, held concurrently with the Democratic primary. Elbert Ford, present prosecuting attorney and candidate for he Democratic nomination again was lending John T. McKay ir' Ford had 5,826 voles lo 5,110 for \fcKay. % In the county clerk's rnce Hugh B. Lcmonds had 3,142 votes, J. K Oliver, 4,925 and Blant Rice 2,765. Von H. Craig was trailing Dr. '. 1. Gilmore for county coroner, Craig having 3,563 nnd Gilmore 4,900 votes. Orville Zimmerman, Kennett, received an overwhelming vote for representative compared to that of T. F. McCoy of Dexter. Zimmerman is the present congressman. For county Judge of the first division C. E. Garrison, incumbent was leading with 1,606 votes to 1,629 for L. H. Sheppard. In the second division judgeship race C. M. Burcham with 4,207 had definitely won over N. O. Wagster incumbent, with 2,804. Lloyd c. Stark was leadln* William Hirth by a wide margin for the Democratic nomination for governor in Dunklln county, with 5,701 votes to 2,452. Chicago Corn open hlgSi low close Sep 104 106 3-4 104 lOfi 3.5 DSC- 91 94 3-8 91 94 1-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Aug. 5 (UP)—Hoas: receipts, 6,000. Top 11.30. 170-230 Ibs., 10.50-11.00. HO-160 Ibs., 10.10-10.65. Bulk sows, 8.25-9.25. Cattle: receipts, 3,500, Steers, 7.25-8.50. Slaughter steers, 4.75-9.00. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 5.50- SlaughUr.heifers, 4.50-875 Beef cows, 4.00-5.00. Cutters and low cullers, 3.00-3.75. Banister Is Smoking 14-Year-Old Gift Cigars Fourteen years ago Rodney Hitnlstcr, assistant cashier of the Farmers Bank and Trust company, received a box of cigars as a gift from B. A. Lynch, president of the bank, but it was not until yesterday thnt 'M got to smoke "any, of them. For safe keeping Banister entrusted the cigars to n chest In the bunk safe. When he went lo get them Hie chest had been locked and the combination lost. Yesterday the' combination, scribbled on a card, was discovered, the chest was opened and the cigars were jassect. Breaks Olympic Record to Win 200-Meter Event Today N OLYMPIC STADlUlVf, Berlin,. Aug. 5 (UP)—Jesse Owens, OUh State negro, swept lo his thud Olympic tlt'e today—the lu s >. 'Tl-'c sirs:e Pi.'avo Nurjni's in Owens, who had won Ihe 100- meter; and brand Jump lilies, completed the sweep by" runnlii" (he 200-meter race in 20.7 seconds, n new Olympic record t!:at wns one-tenth of a second slower them the official world record. The last American 'triples WH icored by Ray Ewry,' Harry Hillman and Archie Hahn in the 1SC4 Olympics at St. Louis. Nurml won the 1,500. 5,001) meter, and 10,000 meter . cross country races in the 1924 games at Paris. , : Owens' record 'was only one/ pi fcur records made' today. .'Keis- nelh Carpenter of the University 9f Southern California sliattere\l the Olympic mark in winning the discus title. Distance: 165 feet, 7 29-04 inches, ' Earle Meadows, University ol Southern California, established <. new Olympic pole vault record ol 14 feet, 2 15-18 inches. The former mark was 14 "feet, 1 7-8 inches. Trebls(iuda VaP.-i i|.' laly cracked the Olympic record as she swept to victory in the first scmi-fmnl heat of the women's 80' meter hurdle race. Her time wns 11.6 seconds. Will Divides Property Between Husband and Son The late Mrs. Ray_ Jackson, by the terms of her will, filed in probate court here, divided her property between her husband and her son, J. p. Holland. " ,Mrs. Jackson, the widow of the late L. R. Hubbard, willed her home, 718 West Main street, rental properly at 719 West Ash street, a number of shares of corporation stock, several thousand dollars In notes, and several rings lo Mr. Jackson. -To her' son Mrs. Jackson left :ier half interest In the Hubbard Hardware company, several thousand dollars in notes, a number of shares of corporation slock, rental properly at 1129 Weft Ash street, a diamond ring, directed that lie should receive whatever share might have been hers from licr father's estate, and named him beneficiary of her insurance policies. ASHLEY DROPPED 10 Unwillingness to Promise Jobs to All Also Cosl Him Support.. Ity 1'AT WALSli i Unllcu" t'ress Staff Correspondent •pJn E nOCK ' Ark < UI '>V" hire of stale Senator John C Ashley | 0 launch a vicious attack "I>on one of his opponents and nls reluctance to promise all patron nge to the present statcliouse employees . cost him administration support in the present gubernator lal campaign, it was learned todas from reliable sources; After his withdrawal fiom Ihe race, Ashley, admitted IVmt he had "Breed to certain' matters of pi li'onage before the word was pissed out that he was the administration candidate. He told friends that the adinlnb- ration support began to cool 12 hours after coming to him wnon he refused to launch an attack upon another candidate. Bailey Opposed Withdrawal Administration leaders it w^s said, bombarded Ashlcj for Ihe next 36 hours W |th requests tint he make the assault. When the senator made a flat statement that e would not ,,se such „ tactics plans iwere formed to drop 1,1m Before his withdrawal Ashlej was Interviewed by a.ov. J M F U trail, Secretary of state Ed p Me Donald, Judge R. A. Cook and A lorney General Carre. Ballej rumors, it. was said o° gc ^od authority that attractive trades for his active support were .offered bv ™ndirtates * •- Ashley, it was said, was urged by Bailey to stay in the race In*', aer to cut down tlie votes of tlie other candidates..;..-., >: J 3f^.-^7j i . B ,^j eul»niat6riai campaign forc- larged when Ashley kft The" race. ^ The senator released his followers wltnout asking tliem to go lo any particular candidate. It was said a majority of the workers Joined the Cook forces. Rumors were current In all no- Llrnl firnln*. !(._, ,, ' .of e curren In all th ' Ca VT' S that ""= support Administration leaders howe Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 5 (UP) — The slock market moved about nervously today, a tale buying movement • erasing pnrt of tiie early losses to bring about an irregular close. A. T. and T. 174 1-8 Anaconda Copper 37 5-8 Beth, steel 54 3-4 hrysler US 5-8 Cities Service 4 1-4 Coca Cola 116 1-2 Gen. Am. Tank 543-4 Gen. Electric 437-8 Gen. Molors 677-8 Int. Harvester 82 McKesson-Hobbiiis .... 9 3-4 Montgomery Ward ... 46 N. Y. Central 40 Packard 101-2 Phillips Pel 44 3-8 Radio 11 3-8 St. L.-S. F. 21-8 Simmons Beds 343-4 Standard of N. J 62 7-8 Texas Co 38 3-4 U. s. Smelting 74 U. S. Steel 64 5-8 Warner Bros 12 1-8 Zonlte 7 3-8 Total valuation of farm land and farm buildings In the United States has been estimated at $48,000,000,000. ver Terral Denies He'll (juil The question of whether former Governor Tom Terral would withdraw from - the gubernatorial rnce became the center of Interest m state politics today Despite frequent rumors to the contrary Terral supporters stated tcday that the former governor was In the race "to the ilnish" ind would continue his campaign. " was known, however; that pressure wns being exerted to lave Terrnl leave the rnce nnd endorse Judge R. A. Cook. I-, was believed that in such n move Cook would receive the endorsement of stale "share our wealth" adherents, who now favor Ihe candidacy of Terral. Capitol Employes Busy A new work schedule has been made by state employes interested In various political campaigns. The workers drive to the slntchouse ™riy in t'ne morning, open their desks, work possibly an hour, and then drive, to outlying towns to campaign or go to Ihe headquarters of some candidate where they spend the, rest of the day. A large number of persons employed in administration-controlled departments report for work' at nig'H in the headquarters of the Futrell-endorsed candidate. At least two gubernatorial candidates have been mailing letters of promises to scho ol teachers thru- out the state. The letters say school interests" will be protected Rumble Seat Jail It's a remarkable new wny of suc- Ing the country UmfJaiucs Myles, 34, Is trying out iicre. Snug In his nimble sent jnll, Myles, okln- honm slate penitentiary fugitive, was being taken back lo prison from Pittsburgh. Alex Wnl'sX prison transfer agent, who designed the cell so he "wouldn't have to kill an escaping prisoner," Is shown after luinlng HIL kej on Myles.. At left, the prisoner, w'no wns sentenced for n thick frnutl dines |n solitary grandeur at n roadside stop. Names of the teachers were said rAl?™ V V* e V uppIIcd by " lc education department. Many of the otters bore the signatures of prominent school leaders. Calumet Resident Dies at Home of His Sister MHo Bowles, 41, of the Calumet community, died at 1 o'clock this morning »t the home of his sister, Mrs. W. M. Smith at Hcrnersvllle, Mo. Funeral services will be 'ield at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning nt Mrs. Smith's residence ni'd interment will be made at Box Elder cemetery. Tlie L. o. Moss Funeral Service is In charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. Bowles Is survived by his sister ami two brothers, J. c and Raymond. Otter""Industries Besides Oil Are Believed Under Investigation . WASHINGTON. Aug. 5 (UP)- wllh mosl of Ihe nation's major oil companies and their officials already under Indictments, the department of Justice's anil-trust Jivislon today appeared to be In :he midst of a well-organized trust busting campaign. Working, quietly, the . anti-trust division's trained lawyer invesli- ?ators have been gathering material In .several other similar ens- es for some time. Following Ihe usual Justice department policy, however, most of :he Investigations have been secret. One major Investigation revealed has-been into alleged collusive nnd identical. bidding on government contracts. The Indictments against petroleum industry leaders, handed down by a Madison, WIs federal grand jury, all brought' crlm- nal charges instead of civil complaints, a rather unusual procedure in anil-trust cases. Tlie 23 petroleum companies llirce trade Journals and 58 individuals nnriied in the indict- nenLs arc charged with having conspired to fix spot market .gasoline prices at artificially high levels and thus force distributors In ten mlri-wcsteni states lo pay abnormally high prices. Meanwhile officials declined to nmke any comment on progress in the investigation of collusive bidding on government purchases. Collect Evidence It was underslood, however, considerable evidence had been gathered which tended to show collusion bslvveen companies within several Individual Industries. The Investigation is being made at t'nc direct request of President Roosevelt, who cooperated wllh the Justice department by asking all department heads to go through their files nnd report all instances of Identical bidding. Spnnish Reliefs •l^xpeclec "' To';Give Up City; Loyalists Report Gains ' MADRID, A|] B .-' 5 (UI>) — The minister of. war announced today thai the city of Cordova in Ihe hands of rebels had been bombarded by avinlors and nrljllu-y nnd that it's surrender was vx- l«cted momentarily. The official nnnouncement raid Hint n rebel column that went to the nld of Col. Manuel Aranda, lending Ihe rebels «t Ovl- edo, had teen scattered by the loyalists. Aranda hud appealed urgently for re-lnforccments, saying hu could not hold out ngnlns; Ihe government ndvnnce. A column headed by Lieutenant Julio Mnngada, who hns become Ihc military.hero of the loyalists In Ihe north, planned, co-opcrnllng with the government columns n clean sweep of Ih'c lifcr-v.aln passes north of Madrid afte'r the capture of san Rafael. Troops Change Sides DARCE:LONA, Aug. 5 <upj — Two thousand rebel troops have deserted to the side of the government and will be used in 'attack of the positions of their ers> while Connor companions nt Sara-' gossa, Lt. Col. Felipe Sandlno Iclc- graphed today. Sandino advised President Louis Compnnys of the Cntnlonlan government Ihnl the 2.000 rebels Joined the loyalists forces when their column was cut off by government Hvintlon units. Bishop Enthroned At Beauty Shop Site LONDON (UP)—When Dr. Neville ,Lovett was enthroned Bishop of Salisbury lie donned "its robes In a beauty parlor. In doing this, he conformed to ancient tradition. In 1220, Bishop Poore, tlie first bishop of New Sarum, assumed his vestments on llils spot, the site of which Is now occupied by n woman's halrdress- ing shop. Business was suspended at the shop while Dr. Lovett donned Ills robes before Ihe ceremony. Denver TaclflsU Organize DENVER (UP)-An nrgnniTatlon known ns Ihe People's Mandate Ib Governments to End War has been organized here. • • Howard White Awarded Kennelt Brick Contract Howard "Shorty" White, Blythe- 'Ille brick mason nnd contractor "as been awnrded the contract lor brfck work on the Kenett Mo federal postofflce building by Hiram Lloyd, St. Louis, Mo general contractor. Work on the. structure will begin probably some time next week. Ziondieok I In Race; Stands Upon Mis Kei.'or SEATTLE, Wnsh., Ailf, 5 (UP) —Rep Mmloii A. Zlonciieck Ims changed Ms mind, "Wllllni! lo sliuiil on my record,", the ccmijtossmnn snkl, "I lllc for congress, which Is what i wrint- cd_ to do nn the lime really." i The madcap conmossimin. whose night from n police station to a menial hospital captured the nn- lloiml fnncy, n few days up, ,| c . ddcd lie wnnleil to become "America's forgotten nmn." lie filed yesterday for renomlnn- llon on tlie Democratic ticket, opposing six others who filed nftcr Ills escapades received wWo at- lenllon. On the radio Zlonchcck mid: "I wns advised my mother's health wns too poor for me to tun ngiiln. Util she would feel better she snld, If I would run." Give.s General Mclaxas Unlimited Power to Maintain, Order ATHENS. Greece, Aim. 5 (UP)— Greece today Joined the roster 'of Europe's "slrons mrui" stnlcs. Oc'n. John Melaxns, born on Hhncii Island, which wns Hie birthplace or 'Ulysses, became dlc- tntor lo Greece's 0.750,000 people under nnil with the approral <of Kins George II., who gave him b.'jinket unlimited nulhorlty to cope with disorders Mclnxrt.s lold lilm were threatened. •'•.. • In n ici'se. series' of 'decrees Melnxas declared martin] law.'dls- solved parliament, postponed elections Indefinitely ,nud moblllMd nil ' wwKefs -'fil'V'SSiftitJtil^Sci-VicijS, such us railways, •'in''order Ih'nl', called 1 to the-colors,...[hey would lie directly under government,'control. ' ', ' ' : The 'ncllon. hpproxiinallng In Its force a Icjjul coup, was taken, It wns announced, because of Ihc cleclnrntlon , by Comniunlsis of. n gehcral strike Ihnl seemed likely lo lend to serious disturbances ami bloodshed. Strong guards were mounted nt power stations, gas works and other vllnl points and all soldiers nnd iMllcc not on guard duly were held In barracks ready for action. Clemency Is Unlikely for House and Draper LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 5 (UP) — Roy House nnd AyllfT .Draper, convicted nuirderera, will lie executed Friday according lo present Indications, Tom Haley, assistant sccrctnry to Oov, J. M. Fu- Irell, said today. Only the presentation of vital new evidence Is likely to save Ihc men, condemned to die for the murder of Tom Mesner, Haley snld. ""jrr.v Driven SCO Jlile^ GARDINIP, Me. (UP) — It's some 300 miles from Lyndunville, VI., to this community. But Elmer Davis of Lyndonvllle nmde the trip In a buggy drawn by two horses. ^Davls, who was accompanied by Ills 3-year-old son, James, was on the read for nbont one week. Players Cringe When He Roars Lens (o Lose 4 Tons SAN DIEGO. Cal. (UP>-Ca»l Clyde S. NfcDowcll, U. S. N p'u- pervising engineer, estimated Ihc 201-inch eye for the world's largest ^telescope, lo be Installed on Palomar mountain, will los» four tons in grinding at California In- slllute of Technology, Pasadena. Honey Is Windfall TARBOUO, N. c. (UP) — Mrs. George Howard was annoyed when the wind blew a huge oak tree across her front yard. Annoyance vanished when the cracked trunk of the Iree revealed a s\varm of bees and a large supply of fresh honey. Away back In 1!)13, Hollywood was Ihc roars of n new dircclor, Cecil B. DcMillc. Touny, at Ihe age of 55. DcMitle, shown above, is directing 'his G3d film nnd still fumes And routs al his players. But tljcy . worship him; nevertheless. • [fiSY Pill Polls Record Vote- for Governorship; Anti-New Deal Congressman Loses Hy United Press Tlie results of throe slate p'rl- mniles—none with direct bearing > on national issues or the national campaign—were counted, today.. In Missouri followers of Thomas * 4. I'cndergast, Democratic leader, of Kansas city, today acclaimed jeslcrdnj s primary election us the grcalcbt, victory evei scored by the Pendergast. organization Maj Lloyd C Slark, wlio entei- ed the campaign with Pcndcrgast's wholehearted support, defeated William Hhth by almost three-to- ojic for Ihc Democratic gubernatorial nomination Hlrth, \eteran farm Icndei, nmde ' anlt-bossism" an Issue of the campaign <iamt Is KcnomlnatHl Stark gathered 4(10,151 votes—the largest number of \alts ever cast for n primary cnndldnle In the history of Missouri Hhth was given 147.01)8 voles wli'ii 1,701, of the stale's 4^82 precincts unrenorted. Shirks total was expected [o run well ovei half a million ' * Jesse W Dairetl, si Louis attorney wn , an cnsj Uctoiy for the Republican gubeinalorlal nomination, winning over two opponents- Additional e\fdence of the vot 1 - BOllltiB uo\vci of the Prmlii B aIt machine wns the nppaicnt nomni- nltcn : of Judge Eincst S Guilt who is we! Ing re-election na 3,1- nromc court Justice. He led Us one opponent, Lawrence McD.m- Icl, of St, Louli, by 100,000 votes All but one of the 10 lepreqenta- .llvcs In congress were icnomin- alcd. v Rep James R Clalbouine, null-Haw Deal Democrat, of St' Louis, wan defcaled by C Aithur _Anc|crspn., . t _^ CVp'prr' wins'" 1 in -Kaifls In Kansas Senaloi Arthur Cappel- won [ho Republican senatorial campaign in Tuesday's primary as additional returns swelled Ihe 111,387 voles he had on ietui.>>; from 1,045 of tlie stale's 2890 precincts. Omni- Kclclunn, lulling i little less thnn Imlf the vote -Hint went to Cnppcr, spread epgled his field of fom for Ihe Demo- crallo . nomination Dcmpste. O. Potts, with Townsend suppoit, run a poor second. ^ "~ Returns showed .substantially, more votes cast in the Republican primary thnn in the Democratic. Some Democratic; leaders, had Imped to show as gveai or- a greater total in the • home slate of Oov. Alf M. LnrKloii, Republican candidate for president. In Virginia Senator Cavter Glass was renominnted In Ihe Democratic primary without •• op- posllion. .The party also chose congressional candidates. Goldfish Floo«l Victims Enjoys Life Outdoors' HARTFORD, Conn. <UP)—The March Hoods swept hundreds of goldfish from their pool lii Bushr ncll Park. Many were found swimming In flooded office buildings." But four months hftcr the waters had subsided, three finny refugees were discovered still nlive nnd enjoying themselves In a small pool three miles from their original home. They had been carried there by Hockanum River and stranded when the slream subsided. Babson Sees Trailers Housing HaK of U. S. NEW YORK (UP)—Roger Babson. economist, predicts thai half of Ihe populalion, of the Uniled States will be living In automobile trailers within 20 years. "Tlie increased use of trailers Is one reason why home building to? day Is only 30 per cent of normal," ho said. The lotal trailer population in Ihls country is estimated at nearly a half million, according to the March of Time, based on a survey. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Slightly cooler In extreme north portion loiiight. lUemphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight.' Thursday partly cloudy to cloudy, followed by lo- ;nl showers and somewhat cooler. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 97, minimum 70, clear, according lo Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer.

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