The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. fARK.V COURIER NEWS_ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29,1939 fr LHESIK SEEN Prominent 'Buddies' at Lcgimi Meet Entries Unusually Hig). Class Judges Of Various , Events Find Advancement in the past few years was evidenced In the livestock division of the Mississippi County fair which Includes horses, hogs and cattle, the icsults of which were announced yesteidaj Four breeds of hogs, Durocs, Spoiled Poland-China, O. I. C , and Black Poland China were classified for competition. Another breed, Berkshiics weie exhibited but were not eligible for judging. ' A. V. Baiker was probably the outstanding local exhibitor in me hog division'. He received six blue 1 ribbons and a number of other places v.ilh Ills Durocs. His 150- pound aged sow which placed third in the Tri State Fair at Memphis recently was named grand champion in that group. J. C Buchanan also won several places with his Duroc breed. J. M Eveiett of Oblon, Tenn,, walked off with honors In the Spotted Poland China division and also in his O. I. C. group Among his exhibit was the grand champion Yearling sow, C90 pounds, and the grand champion junioi yearling 1-oar, 850 pounds, botli Spotted P:land China. They had pievlously won grand champion pi ires at , Tennessee! Fairs. Outstanding in the Black Poland China group was C. C. Ciaig, of Oblon, who had the grand champion sow (Junioi Pig) and the grand champion boar (aged boar)..The 860 pound boar had been gland , champion and the sow fhst in the Tri-Statc fair. The boar had von first in Nashville. The Fox -.all Farm of Obion has In IU exhibit a 200 pound Juntoi Gilt (Duroc) which received the grand champion awaid in Memphis, and an aged boiu, 900 pounds, which received first prize in Memphis. The gill earned a blue rib>ou here and the aged boai was named grand champion In the cattle division, O. H Swl- garts ot Farmci City, 111, exhibited the grand champion Hereford male, * seven months old and weighing •MO pounds. C. H. Whistle of Bly- thevllle had the grnnd champion cow, female hereford, 1000 pounds. Outstanding in the horse show was the mare and filly colt ex- hibited'by Jim Henry Lutes which won tlnee blue ribbons and the marc under" 1400 Ibs entered by Eric Bollard of Route One, who was first in her class C. H. Wallace repeated his winning of last year when lii3 lv,o tlnee year old mules \.on first agnin First, second and third places in the Spotted Poland China division oflhe hog exhibit were as follows: •Junicr Gill Pig. J. M Everett, Oblon, Tcnn, J. M. Everett, Oblon, • Tenn, J. W. McGaughey, Blylhe- ville. Junior Boar Pig: J. M Everett, Obion, Tenn . J. M. Eveiett, Oblon, Tenn, Fred Fleeman, Blylheville. Senior Gilt Pig: J M Everett ol Oblon, Tenn., J. M. Everett cf Obion, Teiih. (No competition.) Senior Boar Pig' J M.' Everett. uric .E. Gnrrcit of Route Two, lythcvllto, Sow and Litter: Hnrokl Boyd, ot outc One, Blytheville, Wayne Ox- orct of lioutc Two, Blytheville, }cWlll Van Cleve of Route One, lylhevilie. First, second and third places In jo'.p. F. A. Swine contest follow: Senior Gilt: Lnxcra, Wilson, Lux- ra. Senior Male Pig: Luxora, Shaw- cc (Jack Bennett), Dyess. junior Gilt: Luxora, Luxora, Shawnco: . : Junior Male Pig: Shawncc, Shaw- ice, Blytheville; Breeding Sow: Sliawnce, Shawnee, Dyess. Breeding Male: Shawnee, Sh:uv- icc, Blytheville, Fat Hogs: Shawnee, Luxora, Bly hevlllc. ' ' The following first, second and third place); were awarded In th< cattle division of the livestock barn Best HerefcrU male undev twi years: O. H.. Swlgarts of Farine: City, HI., Fred Fleeman of Blythe vlllc, C. H. Whistle of Blytheville Fred Fleeman of Blytheville. . Best Hereford male over U years: G. W. Gray of Coder, Mo (forfeit), C. U: Whistle of Blythe- vlllc. ; ' '. ; Best Here-lord, female under two years: C, H. Whistle of Blytheville, C. H. Whistlo of Blytheville, Fred Fleeman of Blylhcvllle. : Best Hereford female over two years: C.' H. Whistle of Blytlicville, Fred Fleeman of Blytheville. .nest Shorthorn bull: Fred -Wuhl orse or filly: Byron Hollcy of Hcl- and, Mo., Ross D. Hughes Jr., of Blytheville, Doe Mcore of Haytl, lo. Best Mare and Horse or Filly Colt: Jim Henry Lutes of Route 'wo, Blytheville, Eric Bollard cf louto One, Blytheville. Horse colt under 18 months:' Jim lenry Lutes of Route Two, Blythe•Ille, J. W. Krech cf Yavbro. Mule colt under 18 monUis: Chailes Hoy Lutes of Route Two, Blytheville, Jim Henry Lutes of Route T«- Blytheville. t .MEAD'S VALUE ACHIEVEMENT While the price of raw materials are skyrocketing Mead's of Blytheville. Best Shorthorn cow: Wallace Expand Postal Service For Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Mb., Sept 29—Postmaster Bailey F. Brook! announced yesterday that begin. nlng 1 Saturday, Sept. 30, the post- office hereafter would remain open al! day Saturdays, In the past, the oilice has been clcscd Saturday afternoons, whicli has been of disadvantage to rural residents who usually come to town cnly on Saturday to do their shopping, and were unnble to receive or send mall, or purchase stamps or money orders. • At the .request of local merchants, who wished the office to remain open for the benefit of rural residents, the Junior Chamber o! Commerce a year or so ago began working toward having the office kept open, and Roy W. Harper local attorney and president of the JayCces when the request was firs Smith ol Blylheville, Addiscn Smith of Blytheville. Best Black Poled Angus Bull: Notables al 21st annual Ameilcan Legion convention m Chicago Coliseum Top, left to light Mayoi Eduaid J Kelly of host cltj and Paul V McNutl fedeial secmily adminhtiatoi who once commanded organization Center National commander Stephen F ChndwicK Lower left Governoi L-,eictt Sttltonstf.ll of. Massachusetts who ad- Jicsbed opening session Loe\M lighl another oialoi, Joscphus Daniels U S ambibbidoi lo Mexico and secieln-y of navy dmlng World v-nr titlon.) Aged Boar: C. C. Craig of Obion (No competition.) Aged Sow: Miss I. N. Monroe of Dycrsuurg (No competition.) Grand Champion Sow: ; C. C. Craig of Obiou. (Competition.) Grand Champion Boar: O. C. Crnig of Oblon. (Competition.) Young Herd: ,C. C. Craig of Obi- Hennessce of Osccpla, B. T. Ladne of Blytheville. Senior Yearling Gill: Mrs. A. V. Barker of Blythevllle. Senior Yearling Boar: Fox Hall Farm of Obion. . Aged Sow: B. T. Ladncr\ot Bly- thevilte, Fox Hall Farm of Obion. Senior Boar Pig: 'J. M. Everett on;'Mills'I. N. Mniroo of Dyers- > young Herd: J. M. Everett'of Ardoll Hannah of Blythevllle. Best Black Poled Angus female under two years: Walter Hannah of Blylheville. Best Black Poled Angus.cow ever two years: M. S. ShlmcllLOf Blytlie- yllle, Arolell Hannah of Blythc- ille. '..'•'' Best Male any age: O.. H. Swi- arts of Farmer City, HI. Best Female any age: C. H. Wills- le of Blylheville. ; Beef type heifer under one year (4-H Club): W, O. Anderson cf Armorel, Theodore Wall) of Blytheville, Charles Anderson of 'Armorel. ....-:' • Among the hcrse entries in the livestock division-, the following awards were made: Best suckling mule: Henry Lntes of Route Two, Blythevllle; rWalter Lutes .of R'.uteTwo, Blytheville; Charlie Lutes of Route Two, Blytheville. . "' •' ' Best Marc Mule -over two and under four: C. H. Wallace of Dell: Best Mare Mule over fcur: J. M. Gracy ;of Yarbro, D. G. Gracy of made of the postal department wa notified the day prior to Mr. Brooks announcement by Congressman Or ville Zimmerman that the requcs wculd be met hereafter. Save Your Soybeans JSeo us about a Mdssey Harris Clipper Combine Full 6-foot cut. Full width, straight through separation. Power take-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blytheville Soybean, Corp. - So. K.R. .St. .-...•, Phone 555 Oblon, Fox Hall Farm of Oblon, J. M. Everett ot Obion. burg, C. C. Craig of Obion. ' Aged Herd: C. C. Craig ot Oblou, _ _. _ . Miss :.'N. Monroe of Dycrsburg. old. Herd: Fox Hall Farm cf First, second and third places in 1 obion. ihc'D'UKC division ot the hog ex- Grand Champion Bonr: A. E. hlult'were as follows: Hennessce of Osceola. .-'junto? Gilt: Fox Hall Farm of] Grand Champion Sow: J. M. Ev- Ohlon, Tenn., Fox 'Hall Farm ol crc tt of Obicn. Dillon, L. H. Autry cfBurdctle. Sow and Litter: Mrs. A. V: Bar- Junior Boar: Fox Hall Fartn of U- C1 . 0 ( Blytheville. Obion, :,J. C. 'Buchanan, of Bly Ihc- • j n the Four H club contests, first ville, "A: V. Barker of Blytheville. second am! third place results fol- '• Senior' Qllli'J. C. Buchanan :;f low: Blythevllle, Fox Hall Farm .of Obi- junior Gilt Pig:'Lcrcy Wndkins - - •• -'•- '"- ' - - - Autiy of Bur. nbcrl of noulc . Oblon, Tenn.; Clarence Cain of 'lyliiuyiiiu, • * u.\ i*un *...,,..*.. «~. . juinuL *-»iil. 1*5. n, 1 J.. C. Buchanan .of: O f Blytheville, L. H. Senior Boar: J. C. Buchanan ot l f cl[( , ¥ R U< | 0 lph Lau Blytlicville, Fox Hall Farm cf Oblon. Onc Blythevllle. • Junlm- Yearling Gilt: A. V. Bar-1 s eu j 01 . Gilt: Juaniln Andersoi kc'r of Blylheville, A. .V. Barker of ot AlmC rcl, Charles Anderson o B)ytheville. "Armorel, W. O. Amlci'son of Al' w^,Vn'nni» WvlKrville I 'junior Yearling UOflr: A. V. Ill0 rel. . . ^mirr vrarlln. S J M Ev- Barker of Blytheville, I. M, Cas- Yearling Gilt: Harold Boyd o .rif nwnn TnTn • T' M' Everett W» ot Luxora. : Route One. Blytheville, Carles Everett, Obion. Tenn., J^tveroti, ^^ YcnrUng plll . A-;V- Bar- of Rolltc O ne. Blylheville. DeWIt ker'of Blytheville, A. V. Barker of V an Clevc of Route One, Blythe Obion, Tenn.; D. D. Giacy, Route One,- .Blytheville. Junior .Yearling Boar: J. M. Everett, Obion, Tenn.; Fred Fleeman. Blythevllle, J. W. McGaughey of , . . Route Two, Blytheville. Sehicr Yearling Gilt: J. M. Ev- Blytlicville. Ased Boar: Fox Hall Farm of ville. Junior Male: Harold Boyd o Yarbro. Best Horse Mule over two: C. H. Wallace of Route Three, Blythc- viluU ' : • •'•.:;• ;;'. Best Mare and Mule Colt (mare over.i 1400: Ibs.): Charles Hoy Liitis of -Route T«o, Blytheville, Charlie ites of Route Twc-, Blythevllle, enry Lutes of Route Two, Bly- icville. Best Mare and Mule Colt (Mare ndcr 1400 Ibs.) : Clyde Lutes o oute Two, , Blytheville, T. C. Mc- [aney cf Lone Oak. -_ l Best Mare and Horse or FillJ Colt (mare over- 1400 Ibs.V. Jin [cnry Lutes of Route Two, Bly Seville. .•'•-.-• -Best Marc and 'Horse or Fill Colt (marc under 1400 Ibs.): Erl Bollard of Route One, Blytheville Best Saddle ; Brt'el Suckling col ""WARNING -ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT O CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT ' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . ; . Leonard A. Wray, Plalntin, : vs. No. 1017 . Dorolhy Mae Wray, Defendant. . The defendant, Dorothy Mae Wray is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in 4\3£U UU.1, . 1. u~ in... ». I .JUIIlUr IVUlll;. *iUlv»V> iJUJ VI v> Obipn, A. V. Barker ot Blythevllle. Rcn [ 0 one, Blylheville, Rudolp Aged Sow: A. V. Barker cf Bly- Lambert of Route One. Blytheill erelt, Obion, Tenn (No competition V i •'"' Senior Yearling Boar: J. M. Everett,'Obion, Tenn. (No competi- ticn) Aged Boar. J. M. Everett, Obioiv Tenn; (No competition.) Aged Sow: J. M Everett, Obion, Tenn.; J. M. Everett, Oblon, Tenn.; Clarerice Cain, Route One, Blytheville, .Ycung Herd: J. M. Everett, Obion. Tenn.; J. M. Everett. Oblon, Tcnn.; J. W. McGaughey, Route Two, Blytheville Aged Herd: J M F,verett, Oblon Tenn.; J. M Everett, Oblon, Tenn. (No. competition.) Grand Champion B:ar: J. M. Everett,' Obion, Tenn. (Competition) • Grand Champion Sow: J. M. EVerett, Obion, Tenn. (Competi- thevllle. Young Herd: Fox Hall Farm of . Harold Boyd of Route One, B)> Champion Gilt: J. M. tion.) Everett,. Obion, Tenn. (Competition.) -*Gow,\and Litter: Blue Ribbtn Farm, Dyersburg, Tenn. First, second and third places in the Black Poland China divisi:n o! the hog exhibit were as follows: : Junior Gilt Pig: C. C. Craig d Oblon, Tenn., Miss I. N. Monroe o Dyersburg, Tenn, and C. C. Craig of Obion, Tenn. Junior Boar Pig: C C. Craig <f Obion,' Miss I. N. Monroe of Dyersburg. Senior Gilt Pig: C. C. Craig of Obion, Miss I. N: M'.nroe of Dyersburg, Clyde Webb, of Luxora Senior Boar Pig: C. C. Craig of Obion, C. C. Craig of Oblon, Miss I. N. Mcnroe'of Dscrsburg Junior,Yearling Gilt: C. C. Craig of Oblon, Miss-I. N. Monroe of Dyersburg.' ' Jv* "' • '• Junior Yearling'Boar: Miss I. N. Monke of-.'' Dyersburg. Bradford Shearln of Blythevllle.'- • - Seniorxj-Yeaj-Uiig - GUI: • Arthur :., •' AlforC;of,'Steele; Mo.,. MUs L N. • Monrot^c-f Dyersburg. >*"• Soiikr Yearling" Boar: Miss I. N. * j'of Dycrsburg. (No compc- Obion, A. V. Barker of Blythevllle, senior Male: Leon Duclos J. C. Buchanan of Blylheville, I Route One, Blytheville; Harle Aged Herd: A. V. Barker of Bly- Qarrctt of Route Two, Blythevil theville. Champion Bear: Fox Hall Ftu'iii||'p 1 of Obion. Champion Sow: A. V. Barker of Blytheville. . First, second and third places In I the O. L C. division of the h:s | exhibit were as follows: Junior Gilt Pig: J. M. Everett | of Obion, Tenn., J. M. Everett of Oblon, W. C. Buchanan <.t Blytheville. Junior Boar Pig: J. M. Everett of Oblon, Fox Hall Farm of Oblou. Vaiice Dixon of Roulc T»o, Blytheville.' Senior Gill Pig: J. M. Everett of Obion, J. M. Everett of Obion, B. T. Ladncr of Blytheville. Senior Boar Pig: L:gan Perkins of Route Two, Blytheville. Junior Yearling Gilt: Mrs. Ollic Stewart of Route Two, Blythevllle, Fc-x Hall Farm of Obion. J. R. Lambert of Route One, Blytheville. Junior Yearling Boar: A. E ry ays the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Leonard A. Wray. Dated this 22 day of Sept. 939. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Ally for Pitt. Nelll Reed Ally, ad Litem. d B. tomorrow with SIUiERNAGF.I, * COMPANY Little ftock - Tine Bluff - lf> Smith DOLACK'S EYEWATER For P conic. Animals and Poultry. Harmless and Painless, Contains No Poison. Will not in- ly.'Safe for children's eyes. U Dr. Black's Eye Water freely and frequently to keep the eyes clean. Use it:for Red and Pink Eyes, for Aching, Burning, Tired, Twllching, Watering, Weak, Strained and Irritated Eyes, caused by dust, sun glare, reading sewing, motoring picture shows,- manufacturing plants and shops. 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