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Cumberland, Maryland
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Today's Weather By The Associated fitu Portly iunny today. High 70s. Increasing cloudiness Jo- morrow with a chance of thowers. High in 70s. The Cumberland News County Teachers Accept Contract (See Back Page) VOL.

229--NO. 230 Published daily except Sunday by the limes Allegation Cumberland, 21502. Second class postage paid at Cumberland, Aid. CUMBERLAND, A A FRIDAY, 7, 1972 sorted Preivt liri AP AP 1'hololax A TW Polilically Independent. Newspaper iU 1 IMN Burger Blocks California Nationalist China Gets Ship Nationalist China's flag is raised on the U.S.S.

Maddox, the American destroyer involved in the controversial Tonkin Gulf incident in 1964, after the vessel was decommissioned yes- terday in Long Beach, and turned over to Taiwan's representatives. Saluting the flag- raising are members of the new crew of the vessel, to be named the R.C.S. Po Yang. (AP Photofax) South Viets Rescue Refugees Infantrymen Battle Communist Troops Around Quang Tri SAIGON A South Viet- namese forces advancing slow-' on Quang Tri battled North' Vietnamese i a and! tanks on the flanks of the city: and rescued 800 refugees, the Saigon command reported Fri- day. South Vietnamese forces claimed to have killed 50 North Vietnamese troops and de- stroyed four a in the action! on Thursday.

Four South Viet- namese soldiers were reported killed and 26 wounded. The South Vietnamese forces also reported seizing a big am- munition stockpile. The refugees were picked up two miles east of Quang Tri and taken to My Chanh to the south, spokesmen said. Vietnamese para- troopers were pushing slowly on Quang Tri behind a shield of A i a fighter-bombers pounding entrenched North Vietnamese troops guarding the access routes to the Northern provincial capital. Associated Press correspond- ent Dennis Neeld, with the lead of the airborne task DIEGO.

Calif. ransom hijacked aground at San reported that Navy dive ,000 Ransom'Demanded Another PSA Jetliner Is Hijacked Women's First Pamela Chelgren, 22, of Hyaltsville, is sworn in yesterday by Commerce Secretary Peter G. Peterson as the first women officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's commissioned corps. Her father, Navy Capt. John Chelgren, center holds the Bible (AP Photofax) High Court To Consider Rare Term One Sentence Order Also Delays Ousting Of Daley Delegation WASHINGTON' --Chief Warren Burger temporarily delayed pxeculion a nf lower court decisions which awarded Sen.

George -S. McGovnrn 134 disputed Democratic contention delegates. But hp announced no decision on whether to the a a i i Supreme Court back to consider appeals by the losers in those decisions. Banning F. Whittington, the court's press officer, a i before the court offices closed in Northern Ireland Commandos Ready For Civil War BELFAST, Northern the Ulster De-Jhe security forces of the An armed man demanding: a jfj Southwest Airlines jetli-i International Airport.

(bombers dropped hundreds of ner with 57 persons aboard latei The latest hijacking started 1 sma11 antipersonnel bombs on a Thursday on a flight the tutheatS Southern California to the Boeing 737 dcpartcdjedge of the city. PSA officials quoted at 4:30 p.m. PDT. It) The paratroopers were taking i i i i 4 i i i i hijacker as saying by radio, to have arrived in Oakland, Elre from bunkers jmando-type organizations arej i forces believe a num- I don't get the 5450,000, my at 5:25 p.m. PDT.

But, friends in Las Vegas, Losjaulhorities said, the hijacker Angeles and San Francisco areidemanded to be flown to San going to do some drastic things." This was the second hijack of a PSA plane in two days. Two commandeered Diego. The flight originated in, San Diego. A PSA spokesman said there wore 92 passengers and a crew of six aboard. He added the Keating Giving Up Diplomacy For Politics NEW DELHI Am- bassador B.

Keating announced Thursday he is giv- ing up diplomacy for politics and will return to the United, States to work in President 3 A Boeing 737 on a flightjhijacker apparently intended to N'ixon's re-election campaign Sacramento Sanjkeep the plane aloft until the! The 72-year-old ambassador; a i The were killed by ransom was brought to the released a brief statement con-; FBI a in a Shootout on theiairport. i i reports of his departure i a i in the United States, and said he planned to go back home before the Republican a i a Convention next 1 month. The move wil! end Kealing's! three-year assignment, saw U.S.-Indian relations sinki to i lowest point in the: I A Turkey (AP) --(here said the Holy Synod a of Indian i Patriarch Athenagoras wholgoverning body of world i i i i. i i i i A Protestant para- fense Association, or A military commandos are ready for a civil war in Northern Ire- British authorities do not! Whitelau- was doubt that commando not to "excite the situ-' land, militant Protestant leaderlhave been recruited, and but his speech William Craig asserted Thurs- increasing British a day. Craig, head of the right-wing volvement in the UDA.

One of the principal con- in-jtained a clear a i a (British security forces will act A prevent the creation of new Ulster Vanguard commanders is known to be a barricaded areas in the prov- said four or five armed com-! British paratroper, a i i I I i i i i i i i. i among the houses, and the; a i by to out jber of other veterans of the 1 planes were attempting to clear dal duties jelite regiment have joined Prot-l a path into the city that fell to (the North Vienamese May 1. In the afternoon, lead ele- Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I Dies ments of the task force still were slightly more than a mile south oE the city center and moving cautiously forward. Other airborne units and ma- in the task force were moving on the city from the southeast and east but were still 1.8 to 2.2 miles from the citadel. Capt.

Gail Furrow, 32, said the airborne task force he is advising could have pushed into the enemy held city Wednes- day, but it had to secure the road to prevent the enemy from cutting the troops' supply lcd his Orthodox Church into ajthodoxy," would meet" Th emy ht ledh LU- i i a with Roman Catholi- morning to decide on details ofi among the houses the Bohle Receives He said August and Seplem-j ber could be bloody months 1 which might plunge the prov- ince into a head-on conflict be-, tween the Protestant majority and Roman'Catholic minority. Craig did not disclose the strength of the whom he described as men "with military training," dur- ing an interview with the Brit- ish Press But he declared their units were spread across Northern Ireland and supplemented the 43,000 men reported to belong iestant ranks. Craig forecast a civil war TPfOI the north next year unless Brit-j CVI1 Cl ain lifts its suspension of the Protestant-dominated provin- cial Parliament. He did not rule out however, an earlier confrontation during For Air Piracy AUBURN, N. Y.

(UPl) Ronald T. Bohle, formerlv of the traditionally Michigan Ckv Ind was found summer months. guilty of air piracy Thursdaj -f 1 I In the House of Commons and SOTtcnccd to 20 years in London, the British adminis- trator for Northern Ireland told lawmakers he would not toler- ate illegal activities. William Whitelaw said that persons who confront the Brit- prison for hijacking an airliner lo Cuba in 1959. The U.S.

District Court jury EXTENDS STAY i Justice Warren E. Burger yesterday extended until fur- ther notice a stay issued by the.U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals which suspended the effect of its orders returning 151 delegates to Sen. George McGovern.

(AP Photofax) for the night that some action was expected Friday morning, returned'the verdict after three Bu delayed imple- hours' deliberation. Bohle's attorney, Sara Salter, mentation of court's rulings the two countries deteriorated badly after Nixon supported cism a centuries of es- Pakistan in the December war. a ngement, died Friday of kid- "I expect to return to thei a i He va 86. the patriarch's funeral. were estimated at two com- but Bohle was taken into immediately afteri I Democratic the appellate to award 153 Me- phoid the Credential Com- The body will be taken from panies possibly 20 or more the hospital, which is outside! men United States about Aug.

1 and! The ecumenical city walls of Istanbul, to the will resign as ambassador prior! leadcr the world's 250 millionjpatriarchal Church of i I i A to the Republican National Con-! Christians, broke his George for lying in slate. 1 1 16116 I 6 6 vention." Kealing's 'P in a a week Doc- Athenagoras' successor will said. "After that, I expect to! tors a i his death at the Ba-jbe chosen by the Holy I I I campaign actively for the 'kli Greek Orthodox hospital which comprises 12 metropoli- i election of President Richardi followed a massive tan archbishops of the ecume- lo another militant Protestantlish government also confrontlannounced she would1 appeal' a i i a to toL- 0 Govcrn a lo upholc U.S. Will Take Part In Security Meeting pro- corn- mittee's Chicago ruling which ousted Mayor Richard Daley's 59-member delegation. The a av Burger time Eu- Judge Lloyd McMahon nounced sentence.

The defendant's only mcnt was, "The jury didn't waste any time returning its' 10 consider an urgent appeal verdict." Bohle, 24 a former! th Democratic National college student, recently moved Committee that he reassemble the Supreme Court from its for starting work on the During the week-long trial, recess to consider i MICH ,1. BTjCHARESi Romania (UPl a all American preconditions to Syracuse. Secretary of Mate wort nn Nixon." loss of blood pressure. Athenagoras was to nical patriarchate, have The tall, imposing Athe- had been met i defense claimed Bohle was erturning the California deci- 4 comerence, i a disturbed when he sion. Daley's group asked, too, would take place next year and! mose preconditions K.

In Government Frantic mother to wild children at a birthday par- ty: ''And there will be a special prize to the one who goes home first." Gen. Fea. Corp. jbeen flown to Vienna on first met with Pope Saturday for orthopedic a VI of the Roman Catholic'i; It was the his health, aside from the frac- ture. A spokesman at the patri- jarchate on the Golden Horn Rogers said Thursday jropean security would take place next year 1Jlc Iumu a diverted the the Chicago decision be hat United States had was the agreement on Berlin et on reversed.

agreed to take part in ,1 last month by a 9. 6 9 McGovern stood to gain 41 a i 6 eparator thc United Slates, Britian a Hc and' five other accused delegates from the Chicago talks COUld begin in Helsinki in a i i i -r -n i mi 4) a ranee. was i a were returned if Daley's bid fails. Those mis a American position that it would i ov 2. 1969.

at thcldelegales. along with the 153 take part in a conference a a i N.Y., border cross-jfrom California, would assure MO I. cLCfllC i TI tf i rsl 11 ftfr i i al in ni iUU in HI A ill Ji cJUc Jl Llal i 6 lu i resulls JMontreal in a Cuban when the roll is and it led to the revocation of few a chan ges from his! an excommunications PARIS (UPD--Veteran Gaul- Pierre Messmer the mutual posed nine centuries ago. Torrential Rains Claim 200 In Japan official I Foilow nis with '(hc'At the time, several voicedJcalled in Miami Beach Wednes- m- ieaVlier Rogers -ai I a i a leaders leftidisappointment with their i a night, McGovern's aides Messmer, 56. took over from 5 conference next year on Buda est i i in a said Jacques Chaban-Delmas Wed- ty and cooperation in Europe--I nesday as prime minister.

The if it takes concrete steps to shift was ordered by President increase contacts among Eu- iGeorges Pompidu who is faced ropeans--can aid the process jwith parliamentary elections by.toward European reconciira- TOKYO (UPD--Three ays left homeless on Shikoku andklestroyed by an earlier a i i a tr CONDON (UPI)-IUissia and by Russia and i a without North Vietnamese ports, and of torrential rams i islands. Twenty thou-jslid, coun. apparent coordination. source that Hidden eartlvvalery Gischard D'estaing. official had flail stated seled Hanoi to negotiate Western diplomats here a ere as no gestlon of destroyed 11 Michel Debre and Maurice a a European "security settlement of the Vietnam War no i 4 bmo-Soviet pressure originally proposed wi tho United without movcs Russia, China Ask Hanoi For Accord a a have left moreisand other homes were The second than 200 persons dead, said.

als'o or 'ice said Thurs-j In central Kyushu a landslide'homes, buried i 1 qr.h,,m a nn day. Thousands more werejswept away 21 houses chvl mann reta ned swept a ihe finance, defense and foreign by the Russians, would take much further delay, a trom Its tracks, a a a i portfolios. Ipiace in 1973. iComnumisl i a i a i I I ff 1 was an- Democratic Party Gets Fight For VP Position of thr Ill 1 V1111 parurs. toin a news een one mostly of a Peabn- neither save support a becn i for hc a i thcr a a homeless.

'with four of the 60 In the worst, single missing. On Amakusa'pushed an empty passenger Messmer's cabinet a Iwo feet of rain in island, off Kyushu, 10 workers: coach into a nearby river. nounced after he twn rlays caused a landslide on were repoted missing after Families of the missing'consuHations with Shikoku island, burying 51 ar of a chemical plant was persons kept all night vigils i a pcr.Mins who were working on a away. jtents near the digging. kvith high Gaullist "figures v.ashed out road.

Rescue crews and railroad links were, conlinucrl to remove ton.s of damaged by the 725 reported i mm! ami rock Thursday night landslides. in iho slim hope i be Police in western a a survivors among the victims Friday morning confirmed a buried for more a 24 hours, of 70 persons killed 20 Pnlic? a morc "'jurcd and HW others a 5.000 persons have been thousand mcmb. SCll CiClCnSe tOl i i i a i i i i i the dele- i a i On Inside Pages Ann Landers 4 Bridge 16 Comics 22 Crossword 22 22 Deaths 10 Dr. Van Dellen 15 Editorial Page 15 Markets 12.13 a i 22 Sports 18-21. Stale News 3 Tri-State News 16.

17 Want Ads 23-25 Women's IS'ews 4 information about the on a Nor waj hcre any They either have no indication whether Hanoi would ''We had assumed this case, hut it has never boon The ated flatly." one official said, has i a i represcnta- spentjhe day conferring! i i a said Rogers leaders in I.ond'nn"s'aid"Thursda i'mited access In North WIlh a mese officials there. In Washington. a told tion in Hanoi-said these moves a spokesmen sides-, have been a independently Vfv PP cd comment on vcryiheed the counsel from its two allies, which it has in the past even when State a i tnc i economic and military aid. China's and Russia's attitude report. He cautioned "against toward a negotiated Vietnam a are sometimes a nevertheless swings of speculation." jcavised considerable depression I i Russia nor China 5 Hanoi, the source said.

a i pressure to North For some limp Hanoi was rowing key On the contrary, both vorvp and a' a i a indiraiorl intor countries have confirmed that' 1 supicinn whih was ana candidate indicated inter- Vclnam pen Peking su action the A i a blockade of North Vietnamese ports, the source volunteers dug almost contin- -iV" rH 'V uously since Wednesday at the niihlir th 5 0 a chance to slightly less cost than est in siving up the power of thc nor i major landslide site lust outside A "T'" 1 of presidential a i a picking his own running mate, iwntically, morally and militan-- the provincial capital of Kochi, 'or a 1 0 described the presidential nominee's He has a a a trailer Gravel Thursday described 1 on Shikoku island a ortlt a P'tcner o( warm.choice. irighl next to a of presidcn- how he would do the job. i Both support Hanoi's terms Rut the torrential rains TH Peabody. who has been a i a hopeful Sen. S.

"As vice president." he a Vieinnm piece and i i He said Hanoi continued throughout the rescue na fon lim ial a i 8" for Muskic 70 hotel rooms are re- "I would act as an advocate for has su-ested any specific i nlpl ession hdng de naiion is a a i to several months, told reporters served for his staff and he has all the people, and especially concessions to the United a in a review of its minorities before a complex States, the source said. What overall policy and It i i a and VIM- and insensitive bureaucracy. both have done source said, a gi von indication as 'vet a first i in a long i we will dnnfirmed. is a Peabody a i "As vice president, 1 would was to i the need for fripnd; nf between themselves forjhave an election the vice a "1 know over 500 delegates hope to he my own man." a i i i a i do, but presidential nominee." support my campaign." in spite of the Peabody and'Hanoi. a pp ly Reasons Gravel of Alaska The they are after has' Peabody has talked to campaigns there didn't; They have also let it be.that a final decision has not yet i a i ra.icmCT i i unu u-J serven lor nis add tional a 0 a pi lhc as he pnpd his i a i a Pont S100.000.

Ch ice i hut headquarters that "now for the The payoff i .1 a lhls vcar tw men are waging a first i in a lone i we will ennfirmed is Heavy rains are really bothering the rescue opera- tion," a police officer said. "For a while it rained so heavily that the workers were forced io stop The three for rrncr Massachuseu buried were mobilized to little constitutional power kie. Hubert H. to be much support from known that they cannot risk been taken the 51 personslof the ticket choose hi, r.J mctapl thc of larpe quantities ofjapparently have been motivated support nocause it be a i about warm a sophis.t;cated Soviet weapons also by the latest American delegate said, "That's what has boon severely handicappedihnmbing oi North Vietnam and these two guys' chances are," jby the American blockade of the effect it has had so far. local a i to a maverick often i.

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