The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHRVILLE, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS J'HURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1931 L'Eiivoi Black Skies Bring While Raincoats \Vlie-.i earth's last picture is painted, and the tubes are twisted and dried, . When 'the oldest colors have faded, and the youngest critic has died iWe slydl rest, and, faith, we iholl need it—lie down for an aeon or two. Till the Master of All Good Workmen shall set us to work anew! • And those that were good will bo happy: they shall sit In a golden chair; They shall splash at a ton-league ' canvas with brushes of comets' hair; ' : They shall find real saints to draw • from—Magdalene, Helen and .... Paul; . • . . . They shall work for nn age at a = sitting and never bs tired at nil! iAhd.only the Master shall praise andf" only the Master sluli • -'blame';And no .one shall, work for money, and no one shall work for fame; But each for the joy of the working, and each, In his separate slnr. Shall draw the Thing as he sees It for the'Cod of Things as-They Arej' ; —Rudyard Kipling. y Chtendar Friday Tlie Woman's club Is meeting at the club house. Saturday These is a story hour nt the library for children between the iiges of six and ten years. Bits of News Mostly Personal IIY WM. r. Mc-KENNKY j Secretary American liriibjc Lcagu; Another exception to ihe general rule of immediately picking up lh- 1 opponents' trump Is given in tlu i following hand. The declarer must {establish a suit in dummy for val- 1 liable discards. The locution of the '•• missing high cards of that suit have j been shown to him in t>.e bidding Miss Adah II. Ucnoho, who un--and the trump must be conserved dmveiil an o]-.?ralion for thii ie-!Ior entries until this suit Is set. t moval of a isoiuc four weeks uyo. | has retimed her work as teacher III the city high schoool. Mis. ,J. E. Whltworlh has; return- j i cd ficm Memphis where sha tpcnt seveinl days with E. W. Wood. rcn| cf Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Wood, who! l> critically 111 at the' Methodist Compliment Vlsitore. Mrs. Russell Phillip^ and Mrs. Otto Kochtltzky entertained 12 guests at luncheon and bridge Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Kocli- titeky especially complinicntbig Mrs. W. R. Normnn nnd Mrs. Grace, Covington, of Mayfleld, Ky., and Mrs. Fred W. Schatz, of Helena. Mrs. Norman and Mrs. Covington have been,guests 'of Mr. and Mr6 J. A. Leech for a week and Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway are Mrs. Echatz's host and hostess this week. Spring flowers of jonquils, sweet- peas and violets were centerpieces lor the luncheon tables, attractively arranged for the three course menu, and gay tally cards announced the coming Irish holiday- In the card games Mrs. Ear Koonlz of Springfield, Mo., won the high score prize and the guests o honor were presented gifts. Alt-'re ceived sport handkerchiefs. Has Club Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard wos hostes. to the Wednesday Bridge club thi week. In the contract games play ed by the two tables of member. Miss IMargaret Malian won Hi prize, hosiery. Mrs- W. B. Tanner a recent bride, was presented boudoir lamp. A delicious fruit salad with sandwiches, cake and coffee was served. Club Entertained Mrs. Francis Carpenter entertained the Matinee Bridge club a! the home ot her mother, Mrs. C. M. Buck, Wednesday aftfrr.oin When Misses Mary Loui?e Taylor, Juanita Smith and Margaret Cress WEST. S-A-K- 1-9-7 H-A-Q-G D-A-7- NORTH S-C-4-S H-J-10-7 D-K-Q-J-8 C-8-4-2 hospltal from double pneumonia. I f._tj" 13. A .Lynch Is exnccled to re-!* turn today from Fort Smith, Te:<-| arkana and Fins Bluff where; lie attended jaonp meetings til' the Arkansas Bankers assoclalon of which he is activo vice president. SOUTH-DEALKR 'S— 8-5 H— K-9-8-3 D— 10-4 SAST s-a-io. 2 K-e-4-Z D-9-5-2 C-Q-110-9 Tll ,,, ,,],, 1 ' 1 " or H. of I or, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cox returned | last night (rom St. Louis wheic they bought- good:; for the -New Economy shop. Hess n. Hughes was a visitor in Memphis last night. Mrs. W. R. Norman snd. Mrs. Brace Covington left Loilny'tor'ilirir home in Muyflcld, Ky., after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. News of the Blytlieviile Schools Junior High A soccer team has been organ- zed which Is challenging any team n tho city for games after 3;30 o'clock in the afternoon. There aic 11 players and three- substitutes with .N. Speck as captain and W. F. Hughes as assistant captain. The following program was given •n assembly by students of Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon's room Friday: pin? 'The Snot 1'uUer" with Spencer Alexander, Patty Shane, Car- lyie Hancock and Jinimie Gill as characters; toe dai:ce, McCutchen. Betty Aud'saw neath the palm trees there A maiden whose blue eyes shone brightly, Against her flaming red hair. Her hair was cnlwined with wild flowers, Of a strange description too The 8B1 class has started a contest for perfect attendance In which the boys are ahead. H is to continue a month. nci-, Norma Crow, Lloyd Hogan. The treasurer of the 4A rocm "Thrift Club" Bobbte Holt, Is keeping an itemized account of the money spent extravagantly in this room. The-7-Al- class o[ Junior high school sludsnts each have a speech partner who is to notice all grammatical errors. When a mistake is made one f ls told ot it. The 8-A-l .class gave a program on "Statesmanship" Friday with jtiauoiuij un uL-njamiiLy i-iaimuji, . these numbers; "Quiilltlcs Desired I Louise Luttrell; reading from the! In Statesmen", Floretla mnkins; Bible, Miss Monta Hugnes. Flossie "Importance or Influenc; of a i 13ell Alley and Demetra Oldiiam We are very sorry to losj Rose Yatcs from (lie 5B grade. Ti:o family is moving to Campbell, Mi*, sourl to ma/-; their home. Martha Coughlan has been elected to serve as leader of pauol '. number three of the G'rl 3cauts. i 'ihe 5A group is glad to hjvc 'Ihe class regrets to lose Frankie | Lucy Baysir.fier back in school af- l:r it two weeks absence. Tlie 5A group was 100',' in attendance at the Valentine Theater pnrty last Friday. Thomas Olpson of the 5A troun was on the sick list last week. The CB pupils have co.ujjlcted sc:;!o very neat "Februiuy. AI-L Ucoklets." Of the thirty !'.:'. boLk- Irla made, that of William Harris Tucker who has moved ta Gasneli. 1 This class has had no tardlcs thii Lee semester. The home room of tho 7A1 clas-i White- raincoats are the smartest thing young folks, and older, can near when skies arc dark this spring. Two of the new models are made of rubberized lustrous white broadcloth, accented i-ith black buttons and collars. (Left) The long rain-cape, reminiscent of the gcod old army nurses' capos, is a new spring feature lor adults. This one has a ccurf collar of black and a white nmbrolla with black handle and spokes to match up. (Right The popular trench coat type of raincoat is ever popular with young and old. This one, gleaming while, has shiny black buttons, bell and collar. ! one club. At auction, some pi ' ers might prefer a double v; i 11 j West's li.uul, but the band, is to powerful. Partner may hold club and pars Ihe double and It. looks like a sure game. The safest bid at auction Is for West to cvercall witii onr Sjjade. East and West would then buy the contract at spades. At contract, West \roiild bid /Statesman to His Country", Elma I were in charge of the program. Langley; "Disraeli", Christine Hood; Dan Hamner, Lucile Bourlnnil, "Benjamin I-taiiklhr, John Arnold; lEflie Moore ar.d Max Watson WM? "The Fall of I(o:nc", C. M. Bax- absent Friday because of illness. ter, Jr.; Bible Reading "Clean | The Boy Scouts of troop 31 had Hands And a Pure Heart" Psalin • n display on ..scouting in s dowii- 21, Annie Slukuii; Quotations, I town window' to celebrate the 2!st has a program on "Statesmen ol Our Country," with Demelra Oki- ham as the character In makuy* the Mate (lag; song, "Arkansas," led by Betty Jo Lawler; "Stale- inan," Jorine Aldridge; "Slates- manship on Benjamin, Franklin," »~' s teen pronounced by his teacher to be the most artistic. For the first month ot tlie second Gemestor, no average cf "F' 1 lias been made in Arithmetic by Ing social allalrs. Frank Wood, of ParaQOuld, is attending to business here iiiis week- Mrs. L. A. Cale and son. Robert, of Hickoria, Ark., lell yesterday i;r little Rock where she will Join Mr. Gate to nuike their home. Tlicy have been visiting Mrs. Cate's mother, Mrs. Sipp!,? McGnughcy. for two weeks. , Miss Hnzcl Hard in has goiv 10 Little Reck to sp:ml several the bidding open. North would pass. East, holding normal support in trump, should bid three spades which West would immediately take to four spades. The West bpccmrs Play the declarer and North has the opening lend. I'art- ner has bid clubs and in the majority of cases it might be advls- il? to opon n club, but with a suit as strong as i:ing-quccn-jack '""'iS/ee/e Society—Personal MCEdnnics V. L. Blackwell and Alma Orlsson and Miss Martha Wilford Grissom motored to Uex- ter Monday. ' A group ol young people enjoyed a dance at the new Armory build- in? Tuesday evening. An elc-ctrlc Attend Oakland-Pontiac Banquet at Memphis George M. Loe nnd Oliver Coppedge relumed yesterday from Memphis where they attended the annual banquet of Oakland-Pon- iiao dealers nl Ihe Fcabody hotel. Entertainment. lor the 200 dealers, finance mcnftnd salesmen was furnished by the'Carson sisters trio, Helen Each nnd the Lone Slav Rangers quartet. . , . , , , , . , , Among the guests from Hit Oak- vlctrola which -WP.S furnlsrwl- by ,_,,„ ,,,,., ^ w _ A _ m£s v|cc Kourys store [ht iiwsi, , , >rM i ( | D , u in c i, ar|SC of sa i CSi H . M and dancing rnjoycd mud SUpht , llSi , v( , stcm SM , S , mmsKl 11:30. S. L. Hobin'son rind daughter were also guests. Mrs.- Harvey W. Stewart won were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Happy Dunivniil, Sunday. Miss Ollio King, who is attending school here, spent lost wcck-cud with her parents at Ucnton. Roy Harper and Miss Siua Duggar were dinner guests of Mrs. Dixie Crawford pi Blytlieviile Monday evening. Miss Josephine Hollay returned to her home at Cooler Sunday utter a week's visit with MUs Hill Killian of Portageville. Wall, who has been seriously 111 for some time, Is improving. Mr. nud Mrs. W. T. Bailey were guests of Mrs. Alma Grisson Sunday. und P. Wesley Combs, ndveulslui, manager. and Ihe opponents deliberately bid- as : tlie guest of Miss Hcbcccii n.:v-idmg game over partner's club bid. r. . . j North knows that one or the other Mrs Earl Buckley, Miss -Ell Kil fill ol" them is short hr clubs and his Blytlw and Miss Kathryn-Bjic^ey are spending today in Memphis. S'am Hill- left Tuesday ' for, Ottawa, 111.; for a visit with his sis- liost. defense might be to establish two diamond tricks for himself, ile therefore leads the king of diamonds which West, the declarer, wins with the ace. The club bid has told the tteclar- uncloubtKily holds ev Ul!lt the ace and king of clubs ami ths tcrs. Judge G. E. Keck aiitl" his ceurl stenographer, Charles Partlow. returned last nl?hl Irom Lake Cily:, nc 3CC aml Klng 0! cmtls alu , Uls where ifey were in court for lhrccl ki , lg of lls ,, 11 . (s to jusll[ his bj[) days. They will go to Monday. '< Mr. and Mrs. DJwey Fortj r.ud baby arc. visitiiie in Dycrsjjmrg, Tenn., lor several rtnys. ' i 1 ..Mrs. Everett B. Gee was called In Marie Collier; Reading: Clean Living in High Place", Da'n- annivcrsary of the Boy Scouts ot America. iel 1:1-21, Miss Mary Emma Hood. Seme girls of liie 8A2 art class The eight A3 class of Junior high j have been coloring bottles in a a oi > the at 1cm, and paid oIT more than 515,000 jv' sco t who died Tuesday. ' Mclvin riutnmcr with, two friends from St. Louis arrived Sunday morning for several dnys visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Plunimcr, of near Stecle. Mondavi 'aking over the Kennett church ad- the- club prize, a foot stool, and righ amohg'the" guests went to Afiss Juanita .Smith who received- a. black-lacquered -box. The hostess served a clic.?se.loaf salad with pickles, : 'cake and tea. Mrs. Rives" Allen'is a new member in ; this -'club. . • • . »«•«'. Clnb Has Gucsls Mrs. Dixie Crawford was hostess . to tlie new' Wednesday Bridge club .'this week when she also had as her guests Mrs. Joe Trieschman arid Mrs. G. E. Keck. In the card games Mrs. Ran- 1 dcJph. Smith Ton the club prize, a; boudoir dall, and a silhouette went to Mrs- Tricsehmar. lor high £ HS.* a ?'» rd - - jnus in Memphis last week. The ..players y:cre refreshed ulth several from here arc attending an appetizuig salad course. U ie automobile show at Memphis Kennett Baptist Pastor Announces Resignation KENNETT, Mo., Feb. 20.—Ill-5 Rev. J. E. Brown, for nine years pastor of the First Baptist church of this city, has definitely tendered his resignation and will accept, a pastorate of the Festus-Crystal City church. He will give his farewell sermon here Sunday. March 8, he has unnounccii, and will move to the new location at once. Coming- here from Fredericktown in 1923, the Rev. Brov/n took over tho pastorate ot the local church with a large Indebtedness as n prob- by the serious Her father who was. taken hospital there; from 'Mini Lake Villase. . Mrs. Barnard Gocch and ! her brother,- Charles Crioser j.. Spent y.?r,leday in Memphis with ^Mrs. Crigger and new son at the Meth- cObt hospital. 1 Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks. -Mre. Louie E. Stcry nnd Mrs. J. B. The opening lead has told him that North holds the king and queen of cilanicnds. He can easily see that he must lose two diamonds, one club and even if the heart finesse works, he still must lose a heart, which will stop his gam?. His only chance is to establish that club suit for discards before he Ici-ss his' ace of hearts. His trump must be conserved in dummy for re-entries when the club suit is established. Of course, the declarer school had book reports on Friday afternoon. They were vsry interesting. Tlie meet interesting report was given by Joe Burns. Marie Rigglns leads TB1 in memory lines. In the last three weeks she has given 110 lines. Norman Spec!; and James Wilson gave some very interesting Ijcok reports in English last .Friday. The boys of the IB classes in English are making birdliousei. There will be an exhibit of these louses on March 2. The one having the best house v.ill receive a prize. The girls of t>.e 7U classes are planning to have a flower show in a lew weeks. The (lowers will all be of the bulb varieties. The IB classes in English arc making a nature scrapbook. The book includes pictures, pu;nis anil written reports. Flossie Burkett is leading the 7BI class in memory work, Horschel Mosley and Ray Larkin who havn been 111. arc expected to rct-.ivti to school scon. In 7B2 class the highest ranking pupils in memory work LUC a: Marie Riggins, 403 lines Emmalinc Page, SOS lines; Kvclyt Nosh, 20+ lines. The pupils of 'iB2 class are col leeting pictures of dogs and oiiie animals' fov a £crup boak they in trnd to make. 'Miss Miller, our racial scicr.c teacher, taught tile 7B2 class som French language. W. T. Gauaher has entered th The 8A2 class had an in'erestin i next play ! clubs ilay should be Hie live ol | J? r . 0 'j r , s . m o!f lcs ^ aj \p'° v'vi'" A'' which South will win with 1 se ' 1 ! J -', " crl l™ r ^~-; l5s ACI ..... ...... ^. . T .f,. .,f AKrnhMiTi T.mfnln^ Tiiomns are in Memphis todaj. ?.!r. and .Mrs. C.. M. B-.icki : . Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cnrpecigc^ wijl spend tomorrow in Memphis. •They will be accompanied home by Miss Jane Buck, who is a student sysnS the . B. Dickey jr., have returned from Memphis where they attended the funeral of Mr. Dickey's sister, Mrs. E. T- Si. Mary's, who wrek.:iid here. Mr. and Mrs. E. rump which t'nc <'.ummy wins with he 10 sjwt. Hie cm?tn of clubs is led from dummy, and when South covers vtth the nee, the declarer trumps ivith the " ofspades of this encumbrance during the first Mrs. P. C. Ro;nrock . . . four years of his charge. Since his | i lav[ . t a i< C n the Douglas apartment evening they accompanied Misses Autha Mae Plummer, Lorlne Johnson and Hazel Bludgeons to Memphis where they attended a show. J. J. Field and daughters, of Blytlieviile, were guests of Mrs. Ncv.berry Johnson Monday. Frank Harper and Mrs. Kuth Lawhorn spent last week-end with Mrs. Lawhorn's parents at Black Oak. They were accompanied home by Mfa. 1 Lawhorn's mother who is spendhinTn week with her. Miss Opal Wall transacted busi- Cl'ub JIccls The Entre Nous Bridge club met with Mrs. Tom H>aton yesterday afternoon for the usual weekly party. Miss Kathryn LaxvleV won the prize, a deck 'o'f card this week. Mr. and Mrs. E. .E. Mooney and nephew, Junior Scott of Jlickman, Ky., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wall Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker and The hostess served a dainly. sal- f / 0 ™f ond Mr " and i!r5 " H - L " ditions to the ir.embrcsbip has passed the 500 mark. A modern home for the pastor has been build and is almost paid for with the church practically out of debt for other activities and building programs. Midway Notes on Kentucky nvcnun where ^^^; and Mrs. Joe Clifton Watson formerly lived. Pecan Grove News n: Mrs. Taylor Jackson is very at the Blyllievllic hospital. Mr. Will lloggard was a Blytlie- viile visitor Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Birchet were Blytheville visitors satur day. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. H. Lucius were gucsls -of Mr. and Mrs, L. F clnrer and won in the diimmv vriih the queen. This picks up the last of the opponents 1 trump On I! - cock; Life of Abraham Lincoln— Juanita McDonald; Public Life Lincoln—Laura Crcwder; poem— Patty Shane; Gettysburg Address- Rouse Harp; Abraham Lincoln— Jec Burns; poem—Abraham Lir coin—Sarali Richards. Tile boys basketball team has won three games straight. Thev are. to 19-^ Ar- tbeir first year and we are very proud ol their record. Tne team attended the tournament at liquc way. Lanye School The fifth and sixth grade boys ave a new basketball court, of •hich they are very proud. They ill sell candy to finish paying lor Ths fifth grade basket ball team vill play Sudbury next Monday. Howard Mcore who has uccn ill vitli Mil is back in school. Opal McFarland has been ill for everal days. John Gnible is back ir. seliool after several days ab;enc-o. Pupils of tlie third grade have >cen studying about (hr: mate-rials used in building their homes. They are also studying about tt« fuel nd lighting system used. The third grade oupils are mak- ng health silhouettes. Miss Juanita Smith is teaching 'or Miss Mary McHaney wh:> is visiting in oni; of the rural schools .oda L v. For experience in making chp.nge, pupils cf. the ^A grade bought and sold iwith tcy money) the valen- finc-s which they hid made. . The first copies ot "My Weekly Reactor" have been received this week. This little paper is greatly enjoyed by the boys 'and -Bii'.s., Ii' supplies excellent silent,., reading] jrjp.terial. • ' The following student!, in tlie GA '• room have read the greatest num-1 ber of books during the month of i February: Reginald Langley, George Grenr, Irene Tinker, I :ah Frances Parsley. Mary !,"ii Tanner, -Rosa Lee Holt, Nancy Kirsh- OB pupils. Sybil Bracken deserves monitory for- the progress she is making jf., "Public School Music" She raw's readily and has a line pitch discrimination. The 4B buys and girls gave their- teacher, Mrs. Jue Craig, a pkr.iant surprise Thursday morning by giv- in» n program for assembly. Christine Scott, as chairman of the program committee, presented the following entertainment: Violin Sclo Amy Ruth Mcrrls; Duet, Eugenia Craw'oid, Janice Wai pale; Seng, 4B pupils; Story, Christine Scott. Mrs. Jco Craig is being transferred Irom Sudbury school to Central Ward. Mrs. Ernest Pry will Till the vacancv made by 'the transfer. T. D. Rhodes brought the 2B grade a iramed picture r.f George Washington when they TO re studying when they , were studying about him. ( Gladys Johnson. Marie Hopper, Helen Henry, 'and W, H. .B-jnauing, 2B pupils have perfect grades for tho mouth ending Feb. ' " ' ' 20. When dining table fir^. use, diners inclined en ate with ti'.cir fingers. c:.:iu into thcv.i ar.d INFLUENZA SPREADING Check Colds at, once with GGG Take it as a preventive. Use C6(i Sitlve for Uabies. ll Maij Warn of Disordered Kidneqs. If miserable with b.ic!::c' bladder irritations and g up at night,don't take chanccsl Help yo«r kidneys-it the firsb Eigr.ofdiaordcr.UscDoah'sri'Ks.- Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users. Gst Dorm's today. Sold by deal- rs everywhere. « nbre ^s.a^ Ti, aS » r « n ^:,°*^ 2 « !° s should then be led by de- 1 "™?'"-. 1 ':..?°i"i 2 ^ 7 " The. tenm has given itself the name of "Stewart Stimulators." Mr. Stewart is our coach. v^ 111L . uijp^itvilia ILUlliy. ^11 III'J I l.-__ C.,f-ir-,l.,,. It T> jack and 10 ot clubs, the declarer b "° ^'^'"l^L! 1 "":. discards the seven of diamonds .rid the six of hearts. A small heart is IK! from dummy and the queen finesse taken which wins the trick. Tl'.e declarer's nee of hearts ;m:i king of spades are good tor the last two tricks. By refusing to lead trump before establishing the suit in dummy, the declarer has succo.-isfully made his contract of four spades. Last Radio Dreams night- as I sat in my parlor and looketl into the fire Mrs. Frank Lind and baby spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. 31. Kennedy, of Kci- scr. Theo Wooldrkige, Ike Cann.iriay, Junior Mnxwcll and Dick Sexton i Hodge, Saturday rvruing. attended a dance at Gilcmist Farm I Mr. and Mrs. R. B. HcKipe were Wednesday nislit. | dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. M. McDonnld was a bt:sin:ss j F. Hodge. Sunday, visitor in Blytlieviile and Luxora j Miss Tremtc Pinkerton o; GCK- Friday. • nrii | S spending the week us'.h her Mnry Randolph Is ill with flu at i Mn( - Wrs - u - B - Hodge, home here. - NIr - and Mrs. Herman McLeod 1 traveled back on the train of dreams, To flic Island of desire. I heard a gurgling, bubbling sound ------ j There in thn land ot tlie fair: romimc Belts spent -Monday in Softly nnd sweetly it Honied B1 >' tilcvil| c- j On the misty morning air. Mr. Howard Jackson was a Bly- thevillo visitor, Monday. 1 1 glanced back over my shoulder DiURETiC fO!i THE KIDX&'S A You make elido us. ad course with coffee. * • Men's Organization To Have "Waffle es and fnniily of Cooler and Miss Ruby Spencer were guests of O. Randolph and Jack Hill were ! business visitors in Ulythcvillc Mr. end Mrs. A. J. | day afternoon. Aslicrafl Sun- The men's Work-organizallon oil Mrs - Walter DcLisle and daugh- 16 First Presbyterian church wiui (er ' Bc 'tie. spent last week c:id in the have a waffle supper Friday evening* in the social rooms cf the St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reid nr.d Mr. church which \vill be followed with'and Mrs. Homer Smith spsiu Suna program In charge of the board day in Memphis. of C-eacons. Miss Sue Ncal of Memphis is \is- J. toick Thomas, as chairman of King relatives here. tlie deacons, is arranging the pro-| — gram and the entertainment will Hninifril Nf\tfc be sponsored by R. F. Kirslvner. | «04>P««t A OtCS Supper is to be served at 7 o'clock. Monday. L. Maxwell and son. Junior, were dinner guests of their parents, Mr. ami Mrs. LnSce Richardsen. Sunday. Miss Hazel Walker of Loric Oak were Blytlieviile visitors Monday. | ^' as lilc dinner guest ol MUs Louis, L. B. Canna'-toy and sen. Ike, Emr.i. Sunday. Mrs. Maggie Towland anci Mrs. Son Born Mr. and Mrs. Dave Holstcad an- Mrs. Virgie Bernard, Stccle. Mo., was admitted to the Blyihcville 1 Mr. and Mrs. J hospital nnd Baby l»iR«t\ Stcclc,! Gllchrlst Farm Sunday. Mo., was dUmis:-ed. were Luxora visitors Wednesday. E. B. Sexton and E. M. McDor,- ! ' aid were visitors in Luxora Tuesday. | Miss Winnie V. Turner visited' the Burdette schco'. Moi-.dpy. I Hubert Cole was a business vis- 1 i itor in Osceola Tufsti.iy. | | Mr. and Mrs. O. Randolph vis- ! iltd Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Woold- : rid?;e Tuesday. : , ilr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill vlsilcr! I .„„„..___-._ C. Jones o! the ! JNERVOUS b. A. Maxwell and son. Junior. nouncc ihe birth ot a son Tu.jsiay.! . — | Thco Wcolnridcc and Frank Lind The baby, who weighed nine I ?.l HOUR BRIDGE SEUVICE • visited L. B, Caimaciay Sunday pounds, has been named Dav; Jr.' LAREDO, Tex. (UP)— Mexican! night. . • • • » • . iaud American border authorities' Class to Meet I have agreed to keep (he inlsrna- The Opstreamerc Sunday school tional bridges here, at Broniibvllle, class of the Church of the Nssar- ene »111 liavc its montlils' nvsctinj this'evening, 7:30 o'clock, "at the home of Mr. and Mrs F. B. Pollock. -Ml N. Fifth street. Kenneth McAnnaleji is teaiher. at--Eagle Pass and at Villa Acuna 'hildran's CoSds Checked without ___ _ "deiing."RubOil Mexico officials have approved.! \1&A^>,/' ,-„-„,,„, Some of the bridges formerly cl&s- • \^Vfi->«3- >* «^APORua cd at midnight or carli;r. j OV'£R V MlltlQII JARS USED Yc AR1Y _*n 24 hours daily to facilitate in- tcmaUonal travel. Washington and! HEADACHES e m.ikti quick work of hcaJ .., in muM'"nl ll-.c liiiic H-s'u.iiiy r.-qtiircil liynthor f.::ir.~. No !:.-,rr.iful .'[t;:;-. A p. TpHAT ir. the right, way! Don't starve yo'.ir -^ i-y&te;n—tiio.-c rcrl-blornl-ccll?. when lowered in number, may cause serious trcn'Hc. In faot, if the nf a ICA.VI-CI! icci-cell count is allowed to tonliKut, ANEMIA ;r.ay result. /JoaV n"Ci7i-i-css, inch of (:j)pc,'>,\:, ni'ilci'ii-rij/i/. arc pyniptoiv.s of a -u\v bleed eour.t. 'ilie^.e r.:ay indicate that you need S.S.S. S.S.S. resorts the vcrf-blcod-ctlis lo normal. Your appetite picks up, whole 1-udy is strcn;rthe-ncr], invigorated! You, tci), niny soon •sc?s a wondorful powrr of now '. and vitality. Get the large size, .lo. At all timer stores. \-*> Q " LJ^T t jam CS.S..C, akes you feel I ike yourself again.. .with this Crystal \Ylvitc Synip of ours. Gocxl cooks arc 'always deliijlitccl v,'ith it—because it makes their best dishes even more delicious. Bill llcer uses the finest of cane sugar syrups and premium grade vanilla to get this particular flavor. Write for our free recipe book with tested recipes for cakes, cookies, nnd candies. Then ask your grocer for Stalcy's Crystal NMiirc Syrup—surprisingly inexpensive. STALEY SALES CORPORATION, Decatnr, Illi^l- BILL lltr.R Steltj'i Ms.-.-.-r It.V>;Ar l-'or rr.orc lhan 47 yc=r3 Bill I Icor V,« l>!cn;!cd Kmltcstaliyrapfl-ivo::-. A5.-.r.;i-lcf:omevery birch of buiey's Syrup rv.:;:r .us ihotrst of Ihis educated pal'-te «tcach;; ; pin usn-.ikins* " ^SSf ) 'I Cry;I,:III'I.i't '.".-, "

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