The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1949
Page 9
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8ATORTTAY, WAT Zl, BLYTHEVTLLE <ARK.V COUKIER NEWS rxoi OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Mo j. Hoople WILL OWE O' YOU BOYS WATCH TH' RICE WHILE 1 GO ANOTHER THEV RLNNED \ HOSPITALITY \ THEMSELVES/ J THEY L»SED TO I, RIDE UP tM TIME VO HELP WITH TH 1 CHORES-NO WTHEY COME INTIMETD6rr TO TH' HEX.T RANCH AIN'T HAVIKO' WHUTTHEV CHUCK LINE RIDER/ WHY S-ll THE VANlSHIWG COWBOY KKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLQBS1 Big &^&£ fr^.^V*;* %^% *>,5c?',/.' MOID IT.'THtYSTI Li- THAT oo«s IT, •WGGS/I.AM NOUTftSE LA6ORATOB.V i|S FOR MURDER.' At OMCt AND]| CArt'T 'too DEMISE A-A-A-1\ S<Mt WAV OP DeATHl TAL^iKiG BACK. RAY/Bk. TDTHOS& Wanted to Kent UnturnisticU or scimTurniHlied 3-romn apiUliin-m wuiUuu oy vvmKmn cmipie (ji:c:u]Ki[icy i mi ricetitd utiin Jntii i Can A A t-remu-Kstm ai 4431 troiti u Ui 0 p in .. 575 allvi o p tn 5:t) (in LI Personal SI LtlN S. 6'IULJIO Wanted to Buy Modern Uuplcx. nurlliwcst \Vrne J*. O. Box 15( Clf- njr n]gciti.u pnces Drlng youi chicle- ens in PurceH's tlrncery 125 Lilly Si 1iJa-pk-ii30 Wo ouy used lurnlture 2K60 Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box tU!l, "/<. Courier News. 4-^-cU-tl Help Wonted. coniicHi er MUCH LAWHIHCJ HJISQH By Hugh Lawrence Nelson I 11 1' STOHVi r»mr tmmrtj WNM- DUAW S75.00 WEEKLY Rgaln commissions a nil smutl tokon quota It) sellltie root leakiiroolhig dlrcci to ttHl\i5lrlnL. commerclnl nnrt form building owners. Hi^li prices new rool- IIIK crcnte Jive market for this economical compami<). Exclusive 1 ttrriioiy. Minimum supervlsJon. Home every night. Enjoy own bus' Wiile; M-22. Box 176fi. ClevclnnU. Ohio. 52I-pk-'^2 Until fifty ycar.s ago, surgery on the human heart had not been at- .tompted .succi'^slully. The first successful operation on, the heart was the iT.snlt of a heroic attempt to save the Hie of a person with a Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices find* a ilia* 1 b * "•*• •' «**•• — • plnnt •*(• ia«* hrlnc rarrd t»r by C.i|it«i*» Oak. «klpp*r *» (*« «hlp Ihni brouffhl bcr «• rhf Ul* 4»*1 Ihrrr «rr four df»d ftuh. *t*kr.1 »• the fcrnrh hy Ilitl* or *••«•• Hmr- tH.iK Uffkn *li«wn Ike «<*»•** IB VII r PHE galvanized mouth of the water pi|>e gnspcd. It gurgled. A si re am of clcnr walei spouled from its lips, rullted the surface of the pool and tossed the floating bits of wood with its oulcircling ripples. "Who?" Harding shouted "Who?" He ripped the key ring from his pocket, sorted the keys He found the one he hunted. stared at it. The waler continued its gurgle The ripples renrhed, the fish. Their tails 'fanned genlly. Harding raced back up the trai toward the distant main house. Bea stood waiting until the Bow of water stopped. The surface o the tiny pooi settled .into a sheeny surface untouched by the wim which passed above it. The fish were quiet now. Bea Cosgrove started back ui the trail. Windblown sand m th trail tugged at her ankles, fough her progress. She found hersel struggling to move faster an faster. By the time she covers the part of the trail to the multi colored cliff, she was spent, trem bling. She made herself sit down a sun-warmed flat rock. Graduall jer breathing became less painfu Par ahead on the side of the is land's highest hill she could mak out the vivid orange of Agn Firth's dress. tVo. she correct! Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFLS erselt. ft would be Mabel Jones .t-aring the orange this week. "This." she told nerself aioud, is the time when a cigarei would cally b« * nelp," Her mind received the state- lent gladly, toyed with it, built p the remembered pleasure of the rst after-breakfast smoke. Bui oolhinfE imelled as good as freshly opened vacuum ran of im'? special tobacco. She'd liked to open the Una, flU bis pipe tor m. So many things she tied oved doing for Jim! "1 couldn't to without you. You give me what need. 1 * He'd said that many imes It had been loo true. Because he needed self-confidence cll-relianre So she hod torn tier- clf away, gone with a smile Anc lim was dead by nis own nnnd larding's lault as surely as if he ind pulled the trigger. • • • iK must not think oT hcrsel! now as Mrs. Bea Cosj;rove Martin. No longer a wife. A sseudo - schoolteacher and an avenger. She could do that Ins thins tor Jim. Lilly had boon mistaken. Tli sleep-mumbled words she hac overheard concealed the truth. Sorry? Bea Cosgrove had no us* for the word. It was not tht wa, to (eel about what Henry Uardin; had done to Jim. Done It whil she was away. She had her oar to play Her training would mak it easy. She could get nccdec strength from her hatred until tt reason for being had been re moved, She got up slowly, walked to ward the cliff lace. The purpl shadow changed, grew darker dissolved into an opening two fee wide and over 10 in height. Bea stood in the cave moutl sun-accustomed eyes trying penetrate the shadows at the rea of the steeply sloping cave. Ther was a strong musky smell. She heard first a small nistlin from a side passage, and then th breathing. Soft, yet increasing evident. The all-orevailuiK thud nRl Drr.iliis . . 3lB\\r.'iT M\l\ ST All Work Guafonreed I Have At AH Times For Sqle ie.veraJ tractor* and equipment both new and used I have JohD Deere. Far ma 11 t-ord and otbei makes I now have new t-'orO Lracturs and equipment read> lor delivery at dealers price I wtl) trade tor most aJiythinjc TOO have. Term* can be arranged. See F, C. CRX)WE i mile south ol Braggadocio Mo Save ; Money • Labor I MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. j Cherry & Railroad Phone 4493 ' •- Rent a Camera for Color Pictures I'hc idcaJ «.ij tn renicnibei R]>cii:il uccasions. AUu uther types of caim- eras tor rent- BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 \V. Main Phone 3(i47 .STUDEBAKER FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION Phone 8SS H C O S. J.CXDHEN Contractor LY^CH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK • tf^hoMe 36+6 and 2525 \\MATSFO* 1 RfALl_Y,OiO BOY.I u*ve TMESt OOMES11G ~Ki W VAier/ VOU ARE, VOUW6 LADIES AMC) 6£Nn.EMfkl/ 1 FA AUD CRUMPETS — AMD , WATER-CRESS SANDWICHES/ "W«'r« so proud of lior for winning that boautiful baby contest—but we hope it doesn't turn her head! >H1SC1L1>A'S I'Ot 1 (Ins llcvu Ad<Ud HY Al, VKKMKKR REMEMBER WHEN WE WEOT ENGAGED...HOW WE U5F-D TO PARK DOWN AT THE LAKE? SOMEHOW IT DOESN'T SEEM THE SAME/ EVENING... IU5T FOR OLD 'TIMCL'S HY MICHAKI, O'MAI.l.KY iind RAUMI LANE Under (he Desk Dntvvur THAT'* All ^ AND TH»T!S I KNOW, FLINT. \WHAT (OG RUMORS OF AN \ U 50 AtWOO* WELL, I GOT THE DRAWER OPEN,CHANNEL. HY LKSI.IK TURNER WASH TUIUJS WTLI. AfRMD OTC05T WAMIft HNAKT OK OOtlCHAf rTlt OMSRJ VEftH, A SWELL JEWL\KB TO CEWT IT, AM 1 LET WE FIX VOU. IT'LL COST \eujy 510RE 1 . Akl' IT UP. PAL? I'M FIGGEEIW OM PUTTIM' A PLCMTV 10 REMODEL LtT ME WORRV AiOUT VE5. I WG k C(.AS5 ICE HOUSE IM THIS BUEo! THIS— HUM] ftM /TH' DOUCH (I'LLCOiT! FOR SALE BUGS 1HJNNY WHAT'S THIS ? VJHM'S GOlf-T ON ? I WOMT PM FOR IT. I ON'T AFFORD THE. ... IT COSTS TOO/ QUIT MUCH,' OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THIS WAV, DOCS... THESE &UV5 ft GONNA SOUNDPROOF SER. HOUSE .' BY V. T. HAMLIN At«K-kcl Kanch BESS, IT (PSCAE / 5UK£ 15.' / THAT % WILL TURN RIGHT BY EDGAR MARTIN ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES rlrif pip at > distant levlathin «gony, "The wind do« It," she said, he turned away 'The wind—ot nderground water," Her leg! moveo woodenly Sli« ould not let nersctl look t>ack s she numed towRrd the tiousc . was better not tc see. • • • JY nightfall all Dreparatlon; possible nad t>e«c made he rising itorm ind the Speare sianders sat together In the main oom in I Diaze of tinht liclou ID le storeroomp quarried troin soi- d stone, the iynamos thudded, nheard in the snrtek at wind Trough the leg? erf tne overhead water tower A« »et the nlll to the orth still protected the nouse and s vet no rain nad fallen, Harding himself had suggested he use of the electric- lights H« 13d gone farther. Brought out • uppl; at whisky, and Hxed irinks himself for the tour women Bea Cosgrove lefl tier second IrinX hair Finished, walked to the ronf windows and stared oirt into ilarkness. Prom the taole she leard the scrape of Hardiny's chair and the sudden dam m the flow of Lilly Warren's i-liatter. "Still no rain?" tie asked. "No. Just wind. More from the west now." "Waiting! 1 hate it," Harding said. M lt's useless, empty, unformed, unplanniuK." He swayed, put out a hand to steady himself and scowled at this evidence at the drinlcs tie had taken. "You want another drink?" "No. thanks." "Let's see. Maybe I have something to interest you. Trust you because jou were with me when the waler ran." Bea followed him to the locked door of the tower room. She Knew the three other women watched intently. He unlocked the door. Qung it open and snapped od • light switch. The room seemed smaller. The desk, the chair, the wrtile iron cot were In place. There was a stairway leading up to a landing and another locked door which she had not seen before. Something wai missing. She had 1L The case of rifles was gone. (To Be Continued) Concrete culverts. 12 inch to 4X Inch, pluin or rernforced.* Als« Concrete Building Blocks cheaper thun lumber for barns, chicken houses, • pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheiis. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Fhune 6D1. SEEING IS BELIEVING! 1918 Studebaker Land Cruiser 19-10 Chevrolet Tudor 1939 Chevrolet Kordor Sedan 1938 Chevrolet Tudor 1948 Sturiebaker One-Ton Pickup 1916 Sludebaker One-Half Ton l>itkup 1941 Chevrolef One-Half Ton I'ickup 1939 J)odj!e One-Hslf Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Slndebaker Dernier" Railroad & Ash Phon« 888 TUDEIAKSR 1

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