The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER BOTTLERS BEST Coca Cola Increases Lead In Girls' Loop; McDaniel Bests Blackburn THE STANDINGS W. I- 1'rt 9 4 .092 7 0 .5:18 5 8 .335 . 5 3 .335 Team Coca Cola NuVVa Cleaners .. Blytheville Laundry Jack Applebaum .. NuWa Cleaners will play Hly- ihcvillc Slcain Laundry; jaclc A|i- plebaum will oppose bora Cola; and East Arkansas Jliiililci; uill It. 1). Hushes, Thursday risbt, starflnsr at 7:1)0, if wui an- Bounced by I'rrslilcnl Jack A[>- pkb.iuin. All caiues were r.ilnrrl cut earlier In (he season. nv 1. V. KItllvNl) Rapping Sadie Sttimcy for twelve-hits, including two 'doubles two triples and a home run. Cocr Cola Incrcasei: Ihelr lead io Iwr full (jnmes in (he Olrls' Ssflbal' league, will) an easy 14-0 victory over NuWa Cleaners, lost nlslit in Ihe first' game of r doubleheader. Blylhcvllle Steam Laundry pulled up to a lie for third pine.' with Jack Applebamn's' ! slore, b' scoring a run In the fifth I' nose out the 'Baumcrs, '1-3, Ir the afterpiece. While 'her mates were s'nuirli- Icrlntr Sadie, Mniy Lou Whlltlr hurled easily and effectively. Sh( Gave up but four htls and mu earned run. Celln Whittle's sin- Tie following a walk lo Imogunr Smith In "the nual fmmc was thr pnly lesal tally. Two errors If the fii^t gave NuWa a "tcmiinr- nry 2-1 lead. Stamey opened the third with a base on balls advanced on n passed ball am' fialloped home on an errir. The Cleaners staged a mild last minute uprising .when they lallln' three 'kill Man- Lou ended ilr. threat by losslnt: out Doiolhj Mcoie. Celia Whittle led thi hitlers \silh tv\o hils in ilirec attempts. SrcDahicI lieals Khiekliurn Erelyn "Hairy" McDanlel. rhr Iu\rra lassie, was In superb four, in lilnumni> Ihc Jack Applebiuni 'slore_ agBrcgalton She yielded but t«o hits In iccprdhv; hei third coiiscrutlve victory. Sin: Issued no base on balls, establishing a new league record. Ir games against Coca Cila. NuWn nnd Applebaum, Evelyn has handed out but one. .base on balls In fic'leerj innings. For the second 'consecutive week,; Ciussle Blackburn was the \iaim of last Innint; error.; thai spelled defeat for her. It was her second defeat against Hire? victories. She .gave up six hits in all, four coming hi the fourth when 1 .- Laundry pushed over t'.irei runs. 1 .Bessie Ilcmphlll and Juanitn Gi lines contributed fine folding games for Applebaum. First Came It. II. E. Coca: Cola . 121 IB—14 12 NuWa 201 03— S 4 4 -M. L. Whittle and Buchanan; Slamcy an<l C. Whitlle. ' Second Game R. 11. E Applebaum 100 02— 323 Laundiy 000 31— I 6 4 Blackburn . nrtf lirownini;; L Whittle; McDantel and Cannon. By ' Harry Gray son DETROIT, Aug. 4.—Ball playe.. of today may have just as mud natural ability as those of 2 years ago, but they don't play tin game up lo the hilt. The age o hustling seems to have passed. "When I was managing in th minor leagues, I used to tell th .boys that if they did not run on batted balls, or If they missed i lilt and run signal, thev neve would be acceplcd In Ihe bl Ehow," says Del Baker, bcssin the Detroit ...Tigers during Mickc Cochrane's absence. '"They won't tolerate that kliv of stuff up there.' I told them, believed that I knew '.vhat I \va talking about because I rcmem tered having seen players flnei reprimanded, and released fo missing' a signal or loafing on th way to first. "You can imagine my s«rprls< when I came back as a coach 1 1933, to see how lax big leaguei had become. Now they miss sig .nils'every day and do all maime of loafing without anything be Ing said about it. It's all tak as part of .the game." Outfielders No Longer Back Up Plays Baker also finds a difference fielding .alertness between 1D1 when he caught for the Tigei and the sluggish and of ten-Urn .bpresonie present. "I recall seeing a play at Fei way Park, Boston, that never hap pens any more," asserts the Or gon farmer who Is" expected permanently succeed the Incapac lalcd Cochrane ; as field marsli of the Navln Field forces In 19: "Oscar Vltt, then playing thi base for the Tigers, was "did base .with Ty Cobb at ba Ty faked a bunt to draw In Lar Oardnrr, the Red Sox third bas an, and make !t easier for Vltt .steal. 'Forest Cady was catching for oston. He started to throw, but hen he saw that third wns un- ivcrcd, he trlod lo hold the ball. slipped out of his hand and arrled into left field. V!lt, of ourse, died to score, but Duffy cwls. ploying left field, picked i the ball mid threw him out the pinto. 'In. those days outfielders back- I up every play. Now, partly be- se of the lively bnll and part- bccause of laziness, they lay ack and let base runnels go to nvn." !rl liasc Illls and Let crl of Came Itoll Uy Charley - Dresson, innnager RETAINS TITLE Myers Unable lo Lifl "Crown" Here; Sinkey Oulrouglis Meroncy BV J. r. FIIIF.NI> Johnny Marrs, Mobile, Alabama, rclnlncd Ills southern light hcavy- \vc-tghl wrcslllnB lllle by defeat- Ing Lee Myers, Dallas, Texas, two of fulls lo one, last night at the loncy, faster, nml the better boxer, had previously floored Blnkey twice with haid right' liand smashes. Slnkcy &A up, wrestled Mike across the ring, on to the ropss where he committed his cltequulirylng foul. Ho had been wunicd several times by the referee. Slnkey, out-classed, once threw Mike to the mat and tlicy went at It Just the same, cloves flying In all directions. To Etait the third the Mississippi™ c.imei out wllh a raised chnlr, and no had » towel in the fourlit Basebnil Result*' Night (lames New Orleans at r>fcui|)ii!s. Hiiinlnuham at Little Rock. Only games. TUESDAY. AUGUST 4, | 33 6 National Open date. League Number Eight Far In Front In Cooler Loop American League Detroit 9, Cleveland •). Chicago at St. Louis, rain. Only games, Xorlheast Arkansas Open date. League nker, 'Hall players are base hit crazy day." declares Dresscn, "All mast them think of is their batting Tage. if the average player Is JCO or more, he has had a ind year In his own estimation, lat is all he talks to you nbou.l. c conveniently overlooks fumes, poor throws, and skulls." With major league material a? arco as it Is, managers can do lie to change (he attitude of e athletes. Yearly It Incomes ore evident that liie prime rc- Islte of a field leader it his illity lo baby his stars, joe •onin's problem with the coltoc- n of high-salaried temperament, ambled by Kddlc Collins in f(m\ h a concrete example. They're sllll Ir.ving to get that The Number! an almost. ie Cincinnati ficds, agrees with] open air arena lo feature thei r , - —weekly grappling program of Uio,..';?', ,„..'" Iooms ., • «>" American Legion, tciluln winner of the second half race In the Cooler Softball lea- Eight has Marrs look the first with a series of flylne tackles and a body pin In 12 minutes, The 1 Texan evened the score In 17 minutes wllh a Jim Londos step-over loe hold. champion captured ihc third and • deciding Issue with a (lying tackle and body pin In 20 mli'.iiles. In the scml-nnal Mlchnel Edward "Mike" Mcroney, who honors his birthday anmmlly with some athletic competition, was mviirdcd Ihc decision over Charles "Titanic" Slnkcy, Corinth, Miss., on a foul In the fomih round of their scheduled ten round boul. The. weight were announced as Sinkoy ll>!i; Meroney 175. B«e. Number names and lost more Barnes lo appears stronger Should Number second hall It won 5 1 and w iu, 'sis play Ihe team than ever. Max Lewis, Nashville. Tennessee, scored a four round knockout over EJidit win will play team, first half winner, for season's honors. The standings of '.he teams'In the second half race: \v. i,. iM. Number Eight Texaco Barkers Douglas 1 .Wt 3 . .500 •I .333 porlnitt money," explains Cro- In discussing (be surprising owing* of the Washington Sen- „ ore and the Chicago White Sos N1 °'' nmn "million, Rlytheville, Is season. when the local hoy, unable lo con-j CJcneally speaking, ball players tm "<y Pcrmlllcd himself lo be „! «..,.._._ _ "'... .'_. '"" counted out, n& minutes after the start of the round. It was a tame affair throughout. Myers 1'rotcsts Myers protested the \fall, but his plea fell FOSTORIA, o.- (UP> —William Roijlnetto fell two stories from a ladder' and landed on his feet. The only Injury vvns to two arch supports In his shoes. He returned to Ills painting. Today's Games Southern League Orleans at Memphis, night Now game. Atlanta nt Knoxville. Nashville at Chattanooga Hirmini'linm at Little ni'fht unme. Hock, National League St. Louis at, Chicago, lloston at New York. I'ltlsburgh at Cincinnati, lirnoklyn at Philadelphia. American League Cleveland at Detroit. New York at Boston. Chlcnuo lit St. louis, Philadelphia at, Washington, Nortliciitil Arkansas league Newport at Jonesboro. Caiuthersville at Oseeola. raragould nt Hatesville. fighters arc alike, they're si when "hungry." Thai; no iitbl. Is why Sum Hreadon and ranch Rickey keep the SI, Louis ordinals that way. There are no cs on Solid Sam and Bland deciding ! anch. SinilliL'rn llnnla W. Ii, Pet. II '10 ears of Deforce Doc I'oolc. Myers,! had Mans pinned ii|> In n cor- : ner, and was trying lo get his I head between the ropes. Poole tried lo break them. After three attempts Myers picked him up, ! lifted him high above Ills head to • throw him to the mat. As he turned MIIITS saw his chance and cauilalted on it. lie crashed his 198 pounds into Myers and all three landed In n heap. When ' the referee collected his wits, had Myers securely pinned, They're BLUE * RIBBON VALUES every one! . .. ' '•" -u'iu 'viiiri- nau Myers securely pinned, " sl " l ' ll f 'IS « .595 In fact, had him on Ms back for lrmhi(J!hani ,„ lialtanoosa f,;j civ Oilcans ni itlle I?ock 47 noxvlllc ,|s emplils .12 .52:! .•195 .«i ..453 ,3BS Nalinual 1. Louis York Inclnnnll W. ..50 CO 55 51 43 ..... . ........ 47 53 liilndclplila ........ w CO rooklyn ............ 37 o;i Pot, .G011 .470 .331 American i. civ York Icvcland .'57 hlcn'ro ...; 54 lutrolt ...51 oslon 54 Vnstihiglon f>i) t. Louis '. 33 hllacleiplila 34 W. L. Pet. .550 .54(1 .535 .521 .495 .350 .337 Northeast Arkansas League. :arnthersvillc . L. 18 15 . 1012 [-IDS n 14 .| 40 8 13 ;409 7 17 ,, y2 fcvcml secotuls ucforc he .was declared winner. Myers was furious anil attacked Marrs as he reached for his lowel and hath roue. Marrs waived the referee nstde nnd the .two slugged M out ill the middle of the ring, while tho fans, crowded about tho r howled their Joyous acclaim. It was a fine match, nnd tho fans likely would like to sec more of Marrs. Nrarly Steal Show- As was expected, the fight between Mcroney and Slnkcy was n riot, and kept, the fans in an uproar witti Iniitjhler. Almost everything happened, Ixixinu, righting, biting, wrestling, and a little o( everything else. The bout ended with Mcroney on IherUlaar. wrllli- In pain from several low blows and kneeing In the groin. Me- Pel 75() | 8 .052 Jlcforc You nny Any Outboard - See, tbe NEPTUNE 2 ii. r. Sinslc Cyl. (Oilier Sizes io 10 H. p.) HUHBARI) TIRE & CO. GOODYEAR SPEEDWAYS Sl/B I'BR WEEK TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. lilATIIKVILLE, ARKANSAS Learned new "roll-y when he switched YOU CAN SEE from this picture tlia.t 1'rincc Albert is packed in fin. As l-'rcd says: "It stays prime ami tasty until you've got your enjoyment out of every Hake." FRED WHITSON'always takes his "makin's" tobacco with him on his sketching jaunts. Kred says: "That Prince Albert 'crimp cut' tobacco whisks into a neat, spick-and-span cigarette in practically no time." It's nice goin^ in pipes tool "SEEMS they've got a special 'no-bite' process that lakes all the harshness and sting out of I'rincc Albert," Fred says. "Leaves only a satisfying smoke comfort that lasts right down to the very last puff." C 1WS.R. J 70 fine roll-your- own cigarettes in every 2-oz, tin of Prince Albert 30 "makin's" smokes free if you don't say Whitson's right Roll yourself 30 iwcl!'llei from Prince Albert. If you don't find Ihcrn the fincil, Uuic.t roll-your-own cig«rcllc» you ever imokcd, return tKo pocket tin with the rc»t of (he . .... „..., Ll , u ,t» Lu j inc >Ym»tOn-.N! PRINCE ALBERT tobacco in il lo u» at nny time wilhln » month from lliij date, anil we will refund full purchase price, plus postage. (SigncJ) R. J. Reynold) Tobacco Co] Wintton-Saleni, North Carolina THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Iff ,^ - —• —» -^-« v 111 vr • % L. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE ciacuiAriDHt PINE BLUFF COMMERCIAL • .'.im c 1B cui»T,aN. raDCKocr IN BCAOCH INURES. PINE Buurr. ARKANSAS July 31, 1936 Ur. Joinli I.m City tutor or GftlCtt* ft! ifkuuu Oitttf, ud6r four diNcUoa, 1151 tb« Katj to b> colUotid fna waplojd of Ui« Ei£bny L»p*rtMn< Till be uiM for Si Xc&mtll. ' . Th» c*»tti, taring <i»r->itii»t«a Iti «ortt to tte p«ojl« of XiUau ttti contwpt on erorj ponlbU oceiiSoa tor thoo <ho work for xuallir f«f«r» is • : . I to. not on> of Hm, tat th«* «r« ttBj good nni^ptnta In irkmau iho do I0 i work for n» G«iitt<. Th«r« «r» 1107 pod n»«iwilUri in JLrkuui «to cu irltt rltb *t lint IOM dignt of ucarujr, • •;•;.. • Ko>, I think It !• tlo for thf i»iii»p«rt "cat in tin tUoki" to nt tM* ttlag It might. '. \ ,y Toa b*Tt « Htlit for ntrpln; en tki oolltetion of full fro* «ttt< mflejit.' Toa h>T« • iotln for «BphiHtlng ctrUln fioti titt liintofvrt 7911 h«T( trtitfi >stk • llanci, «11 undtr th< galit of "" J ]h> boj« rho run. th« n»i^<pai «a< In th> "ttlcJci" »t Iwit b*» th« eou>(« to ipitlc oat in tbllr idltorl*! colaant, tnA not aj* tb«lr n*n coXujni tg «ifr*l» tht pirBoul prif«r«ac«« in politic!, >11 tt» tl» cltlala; to l« iBptrtitl. a» Cuitta, thtu f«r, hitn't ntS that eeuift. Tra» ai Ci^ editor or ^he Catttta, IUIT* bi«n trftTvlSng lonj tnoagh a&der tkV ral9> pretence of being non-part! iia In politloi. ' And it la HEW "for tha paoplt or AzkAnsta to taov «bat it bthlM thlt p 'bowl*/ that 1» C«ntt« UM 1st oat «bout tta mail eollactecl from «Ut* Tou ire for Carl B«il«y. iM you, •> Cltj Editor, htTt ne«n uinj the n« CO!UJDD« of 7h« Caiattt to further th* daadidacj of s&lley. Ida a&T» a reason for helpiqg Carl throa^x th« &«ra eolunaa of i I &• gotog to let Cnrl Bailey tall the people of Irtaniaa riiy you are juat M he atooo. in thit office tw> aontha ago and toldta*. Oaiett*, Ur. Johnie "July 51, 1»3« - Carl aay< that «hen tho l&Teatlgatlon of Judge slb«ck'« «4«ial«tr«i!on *>e imder-A •V. loa »rote aireral «torl»i on the fioot page of^'Jhe 0*f«tta that wra oat 'icdarete.7. and that he (Cerl). had to fll* aerenl tuita;' aa proieeutiag attorney, te eatttuti-**'" eta ih«t yott h»d written la your tsnsa'tlonal cOTsrage of the Polnii Co4at» lnraitl>> ' gallon. . •£ In that eaae, ud Carl acid it «i true, then yon h«M pat the tuptjtn e* alt. aniat to eoaw eip.nsa by hiring the proaeeating «ttorney fil* eerenl aalti Barely t« correct or auoaUntiate what yoa bad written, .-.,-.. .-..,; ^ . I aee yoa are grateful. That yoa ihcajl t*. Bat t&* people of Xr^atii in 4ft. 7 titled to know why Ihe Caiotte hai glren tittf adiantage in Iti newe colanj to Carl ' Satley. ' ' . , -....•."..-•-.,.. . . . Toa star Hi oat to deetroy *it»T»» Influnc* the ratrall adarlnittretlos hal W>, cause you tn«w that earl oould not get the npport of .th* adBlniatratlon, or the fuade collected froa atata enployea., loa gan • aeoaatlonal turn to an-Incident-tha* haa . " r happaued orory two years ainc* anyone can reaatiber bat yoa. it wae done la 1932 • -' when th* acalnlatration of Rarrey Pirnall collected fOBde fnia etit* eoployee, not r»» yeallng to them, whoa he would lapport. I aa> not defending «(» practice. Bat I mat ' the people of Irlanaae to unaaretand why yoa hayw' auddenly "coe» to lift'-Cfer the la* cldeat, whan you aro boond to know ttat it happen* erery two years. . .. : •' ' • one eoploye of tha atate, onoer the Tamell adalnlatration, paid in |800 t« th« j" and the soney »>a tamed oter to Jadg* Priddy'e eaBpalgn. I* lat»r had to i contribute pore to the campaign or ooreRur lutrell after the Tamall ainlnUtretlsel had decided to caat ita lot wltt tb» praunt ad«tnletrati«n. Toa nut hare knomthie. Toa ere a aaert m.apaparaaB. Tod ware too ewrt to' caution thi5 boeaoie yoa wanted it to appear that it* preaent adadnlatntlOB waa th« only one in the hlitory of irkanaae that had afar don* each a thing...a great llf "crlne eooop" for Johnle and Carl. I don't preauaa that you know ttat funle hate been eollaeted oat at th* itat* \ houw for Carl Batley. oh, no! Toa don't know that. Toa ar* too aaart to ftn4 cat Bach thli^e aa tbat. •Bat sinse yoa s««a to know 10 scon about the oaapaiga roada, tell the people or Arkansas where Carl Bailey la getting "ail- the alush fund that h* haa pour«4 tntt' tnta carafjlgnl . He has epaat noro nonay than any other eanaloate In thje race ana crer a lonrtf period of time. ^ * »her* did he g>t it, JohnleT Isn't try to anuer that unlait yoa are wllllax to tell tha truth...bloAoa* » eajority of tha people of Arkaruat already know. aow. ' 1 good «oy to Unit the attsntlon of th* people or Xruaaas away froi tee tff» itr. Johni* alaah fund that Carl Bailey la uaing in Ma atteopt to buy hla way Into the gorernor'* office, la to Jutp on the a tat* employee for trying, aa any huoar, being •cola try, in any »ay they kn»» how, to keep their Joba. Jos t aa yoa tried to keep yours curing J th* Siback Inretlgatlcn. Toa eeea to knew all th* trlcke, Johni*. Bat don't try an/ logger t> avke the! > caople or Irlansaa ballen that y9a are "U^rtlal" and tt* Oaiett* ie tailj^ no part In polltlca. Eira yoa, te laart a mwfpaperxan as you are, cannot fcol the*. lnc*fl> nltely. To»i i truly, P. Si Johtie, If 1« it not tru» atat Carl Mid, I auggeet yc« take it up with hu' taiitdtately. This Advertisement Inserted by Supporters In This City of Ed. F. McDonald for Governor

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