The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1947
Page 12
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i»AGl$ TWELVE BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BLYTHEVILLE CX)UBIER NEWS ', THE COURIER NKW8 OO. • H. W HAINES, Publisher ' JAMES L. VERHOEFP, Editor J PAUL D. HUMAW, Advertising Muiager TBole National Advertising Representatives: A'nijace Winner Co.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atliuiur Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday, Entered as second class mutter at the post- office at Blythcville, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9, 1911. _ Served by the United Press' SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the ciiy ot Blythevllle or any subitri^n-- town where carrier service Is maintained 20c per week, or 85c per month. By'iiau, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year-fa 00 for six months, $1.00 tor three months; by Bi»U outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year ' advance.' y Meditation WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 19<17 fact that Mr. Marshall is on the job. In pursuing military tactics oi" negotia- tionli the Russians aro up against a man who is no mean tactician himself. When Mr. Stalin speaks of exhausted people recognizing' the •!":'.i for compromise, he may be assuming that America is approaching that frame of mind. Our lack of an "'ult'.>l«Ky'' imposed by government :uul enforced by secret police must seem to him a fatal weakness. But he underes 1 'mates us. When agreement does come it nuisl be because the Soviets are willing to give- in and be reasonable. Until tl en, it behooves this country to keep up ils moral, physical, and military strength. n' ye the gates, that the righteous nation which" keepeth tho truth may enter.Isaiali 26 :2. -••:•;.•- • w . • • . History has proved that "the righteous nation may enter in" to prosperity and happiness while the unrighteous nation brings upon Itself hale, defeat and death. A nation will lie only us righteous as ils majorities and leaders. Step Toward Freedom . • It cannot be assumed Hint the stivkc of a'' pen by India's Constituent Assembly has abolished forever Ih.e institution of "untouchabilily" in that caslc- rid'dcn land. How well a nsw law will sei;ve to destroy an ages-olil religious custom remains to I)C seen. i Yet it is encouraging to nola that this Emancipation Proclamation for 50,- OOP.OOO untouchables is one o! the first legislative steps on the road to India's independence. It might sccni that this Hindu assembly has concluded that a debasing inequality among individuals has no place in a country which aspires to I equality among nations. Agreement Through Exhaustion ', A significant sidelight on the technique of Soviet diplomacy '5 found in the remark of Premier Stilin which Secretary Marshall quoted ir. his report on' the Moscow conference. A f ter people have exhausted themselves in dispute, the premier told Mr. Marshall, they then recognize (he necessity if compromise. ' The essence of Mr. Stalin's polite observation is that tho best way for two men to settle an argument is for them to •knock themselves out fighting first of', all, and then try to settle .'things reasonably. That is indeed a primitive technique. It 'is the technique of war, which tho United Nations was meant to discredit anil abolish. . But we wonder if Mr. Stalin was being entirely frank when he made this rather mediative statement Does a man or a government really set out to settle disputes in the manner described? Or isn't the premier's solution instead a matter of second choice? . When an aggi'essor nation resorts to war to settle a dispute, it has no thought of reaching a compromise through mutual exhausttior. Exhaustion, surely — but only on the other side. • This seems to be the policy of negotiation that Russia brought into Uer postwar dealings with her allies. It is evident, from the course t'lal Soviet representatives have pursut-d, that their government vr t s tnislHng toward goals as definite as military objectives. Arid it was pushing toward them with the sustained intensity of a military attack. It is this technique that sets Russian diplomacy apart. The usual diplomatic system is to strike as good a bargain as ^ possible, but to get an agreement in "any event. ; Not so with the Russians They admit to no question of the rightncss of their views. When resistance is weak, as; in the Baltic and Balk-ir. countries, they win their objectives simply by overwhelming the opposition. When rc- sis'tance is stronger they fisrht, as the Bolsheviks did in the 1D17 civil war. '. Compromise is only a hist resort. The Soviets have showed littV evidence of; it since the war ended. They have used the veto and the walkout in the UN- to turn even a stalemate to their advantage, Th» deadlocked conferences of 1 the foreign ministers have given Russia more time to recover and rebuild. It is unfortunate that we must be a part of this diplomatic war of attrition. It is also dangerous. But since we we in it, we may take comfort in Ihn VIEWS OF OTHERS Federal Spending and Taxes Too High Why should a reduction of federal income taxes this year be a credit '.o the Republicans, and one next year bs n sain 'T the JH-mo- ocrnU That curious rcasoninK is intiivs^ed in a lot. of the political chatter from WiisliiiiBlC'"'- We are told that high olticials i-.i tin.- administration, who opiwse a tax cut now. will plump out for it i:i 1MB, in the expectancy of reaping pleased and delighted votes lor ihcir belated approval. But why in all mystery would it work out that way? Wouldn't a 19« reduction be put through by the same Republican Congress that wants lo reduce the taxes now? And why wouldn't they make political medicine lor themselves by rcmlndlni; thc ctelwatc- that they tried to reduce taxes in I9VJ, but were thwarted by the Democrat;^ who wanted to postpone it a year for their own political benefit, The Republicans would do just that, brother, and sister, and in n biy way. They'd hire every available larynx to proclam up and down the land Hint while they wanted tc relievo John Citizen forthwith, ns. they'd promised to do. the administration kept his nose to Lie tax grindstone for n year, Just lo serve its own scllish purixise. This paper believes that the admiiilslation is nlnylne with dynamite In resisting a cut. uf income taxes now^ and In standing for continued heavy federal spending. Millions ol Americans who haven't profiled much by wivsc and salary boosts are having a hard lime to make end meet. Thc're sour on thc nccc;3ily of plnchinf; money out of their living needs to finance the extravagant Wens o federal bureaiicrals. President Truman has yaiivid in popularity. The Republicans no longer regard him us n push-over whom they can defeat with anybody they might nominate. He has their, worried. But he is giving them effective campaign thumtcr in standing for inflated puolio spending and opirasin^ lax reduction. Economy in Washington and <i tax cut arc- not a Republicans idea. They Blabbed it, tru-. 1 enough. But it was urged by Democrats in Congress of high nuik. notably Virginia's Senator Byrd. long before thc GOP made it a campaign issue in 1040. It is supported by three or four former Democratic Treasury olticiils, among a host of prominent citizens. Democrats and Republicans, in, private lit':. The President's budget request for thc next fiscal year, 37 and one-half billion dollars, would mean an average of about S2I58 tor every man. woman and child in the nation. It's too much — fnr too much. The people know it. is too much. And the administration is ma'uu:; a mistake in defending such a gouge, and lei, ipg the Republicans slide Into the role of dclei'.cliiir, thc citizen form a horde of wast-vs in Washington. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT •Doctor and Patient \ Terrible-Tempered Railroader From Texas Thumps the RFC The DOCTOR SAYS Ill- FKKUKKIC'K C. OTIIMAN (United Press Staff C'om'sptiinlcnl) WASHINGTON, May 7. — You may have heard about Robert H. Young, the terrible-tempered Texan, who collects railroads because lie doesn't like the way other \i ~, - pic run 'em. lie lias abolished tipping 011 his I'cre Marquctte. He shows movies on his Chesapeake and Ohio, BY WIIMAM A. O'BKIKN, M. I). Written for NBA Service In Well blood pressure the small arteries throughout the body Kre constricted by spasm and later by hardening. The effort of the heart ' slarlcd n charge account .system lo pump D lood through these nar- •'"' nis railroads n while tack uli rowed channels is the cause for 'us full-page advertisements, say- rise in pressure I '"B P'us could ride non-Mop across Enlargement ol the heart in higli America, hut not people. New peo- blood pressure assists the body in ' , , c . an ' ., .. ' maintaining good blood flow. It can , Hes °- 1 " 1 ? a , *>","'• »«<-«» t care likened to an in the wllosc toes llp ll ' 0<ls - ! kllow "" out slzc of the muscles in the arm of thls **cnusc 1 dropped on the Scn- thc man who does heavy vro-k. Banking Committee, which was When no further enlargement can trm s to tlpekio whether to Id the occur and the difficulty in tho circulation i" - ' mriy fail, ut this may take yea vs. imculty in tho cir- Reconstruction Finance- Corp.. die dilation is not relieved the heart a <!""* death on July 1, or give it n new lease on life. Sen. Charles W Robey, of N.H., the R FC and Ohio railroad into bankruptcy a couple. T,; I u . . UL-ll. \^l*ll!lk::i W . *X"J,JUV. High blooo. pressure can be pros- me chairman, charged that .l without the pat lent knowing it. had , thc Ballimol . c „ any of the so-called "symptoms' . nL , r ,,,j ,„,„ i,,,,,i,,.,,., pressure of headache £ b y , , , f]n J Hut most, hkely the headache is the Ulcir , , Jwl , Aroil LCOIIOL Russian 'Buying With Occupation Currency In Germany May Be Headache for Uncle Sam t Icntul thc Russians would pay out-i pretty rigidly enforced. That kept , landis'u ].rices for wrist watches, ; German currency stabilized. The NOTK: This i s the rrniiiiil of t«-i> columns liy I'clcr Kelson revealing how the II. K. may take a lii K loss because «f cureless handling of occupation mimey during the war.) By I'KTEK I-:I)S()N ' rVE.V Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. May 7- (NBA) — ^. an<l so:ip did business. Thc money eso U> the Russians. could convert it into . .sonti tlie money hoinc. - ' Curren Control prewar Reichsmark was worth a- boiit 40 cents. At the cud of the war it was 30 cents. Six months later it «as worth a dime. Today it is 4 cents. Kill Hitch In New Plan In August. 19-15. the Army found i For six months the Big Foul 1 ' that though its payroll in Germany finance directors of the Allied Con- only Ihrec million dollars a j,trol Council have been wrestling with the problem of pegging the mark and getting the German financial structure in such shape that Germany can do business in One of the biggest financial boners monlh, it had~to~ship home for thc of thc war was the u. S. govern- soldleis three and a half million incut decision to turn over to the dollars in post office money orders. Russian military government the ! Maj.-Gfti. John H. Hilldrins, then plates fro:n which billion.s of Cier- ' in charge of military ^ovcrnrncnt , international trade, man paper marks were printed as for the Mar Department in Wash- | Recently these financial directors iccupation currency for use of in»tou. ciiuahl what was uoing on' agreed lo issue a new Deulsche troops and civilians in Germany. . and cabled a wariiinr; to Berlin, mark, which will be worth 10 of The Russians have never made an i n was several months, however, the old Reichsmarks. Anyone hold- accounliivj; or ho-.v much of this before any corrective measures were j n g |h c old marks will be asked to stuff they turned out or what they ; taken. | turn them in at this 10-for-l rate, did with it. j pi,..... was all ^,.|; n . (| 1:l ( t!0 S3 ](jj cr This ;iclion has lo be confirmed by could rish in more occupation ! the Control Council: It will probab- Tiie general belief is that much or this funny money, which had nothing to back it up, was used for legalized loot of thc Russian 70111? In occupied Germany. All the Russians had to do was take a fistful. ''••'. or a trunklul of thrsc occupation marks nnct buy what- marks-, than he had drawn in pay, plus 30 p?r cent. Thc 10 per cent margin wns never officiallv explained. Tin- unofficial explanation was that mlrlieis w'no won monev shoot- i:rc cri'.iv; should be prfmiUeri lo Ih'Mv winning home. cver they wanted. If if was a t'ac- ! oMier explnnsitiun w r ns that it was BARBS BY HAL COCIIKA.N Eleprunits live longer thr,n people -maybe because they never worry about trying to lose weight. * * • We have heard —and pUiinlv— lh:i; taking babies to thc movies to keep them fro L r, crying does not succeed, • 3 • Congratulation:; lo the !ow:» woman who was named "American Molhi r of 1017." Kvevy- body who has a mother could irni.e one more. Too much lipstick and rouge do •.; a beautiful job of making LI nightmare 'iiU of a dream. It's strange that whippet tnuks have nrvcr thought, ot using a dog-ratc' m place of a rabbiL tory, okay. Food, farm products, jewelry, junk—also okay. The defeated Germans in thc Russian zone had no choice, if they hadn't sold, the Russians miulit haven taken thc stuff anyway Whatever the Russians -'bought" was not counted as reparations Thc Russians paid ihcir troopi In it. The marks were no good in Russia, however, so all the Russian soldiers could do-was buy what-, ever there was to be bought and ship their purchases home. This Russian buying slopped over Into the American and British zones. Yanks and Tommies who necessary to niaintriii\ morale of troops in Germany. Uoth alibis merely amounted to winking a ^ bfnrk market opcralions. Next the Army started payhu; the troops in special military pay t-rrlificatcs. of no value except to troops and Ar{nv civilians. That helnrd some Issi'niK'e of foreign cxcVniiRe control cards, which listed each man's pay and money transfers hony. Vtclp"d still more. fSut. pourir.g all this paper money into thc Oetmau o"onouiv in British. American, and Russian /ones could lend to only one thing—Inflation. During the war Hitler's price and rationing controls were ly take six montlis to get the new currency printed and put .11 circulation. There is one bip hitch in the plan. American military government authorities are now insisting Kiat the new Deutsche mark be printed in Berlin, under four-power control. The Russians want to print the new money in Lcpztc. which i 'A here they have been 7>rinting oc .-ui.,ition currency for their zone. Having been binned on this deal once. American officials arc apparently determined not to be burned again. They still run Ihc risk of bavin*; the taxpayers pay through the nose for mistakes ol the past. For thc minor extravagances and natural wastes of war that cost mere millions it Is casi to forgive. Out it would have been nice if, in throwing the tens o! millions and the hundreds of millions around, they had been just a little more careful IN HOLLYWOOD SO THEY SAY More than 100 limes thc present amount expended fo r mental health research is spent to maintain people in iiient-il institutions.— S?n. Claude Pepper (Di 01 Honda. * i • The responsibility of preserving our In-o enterprise system will continue to reM upon !ho joint efforts of business, labor, the lannrrs, and government.—President Truinaji. » » * Co-operation between nations is not ary easy task and the building of a system of collective security is a stupendous uiideftil.-ii.s.-.—Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, Chinese UN delegate. The Oriental mind ir, hard to nuliom. Mercy is not in it.—Maj.-Ocn. Kdwni-1 R, Kin;, commander of U. S. forces which r.unenrtered on Balsr.n. RV KUSKINK JOHNSON' NFA Sl:«rf Cnrrrspnmlriit HOLLYWOOD. May 1. iNKAl )ll Wurlzel just, produced 1 000th motion picture. "Seen: Chance." That's a Holi\\\ci'd i r ird. 'At the same lime Hoi rclebr;: id his 30th ye;.r in the nun capital. That's a leeord. ina. town where fanir is so Hri-tim: l.Mul what lie remembcvrd nn vividly was the different'!- i;i rt> of moviemaking no years ns-.-i ;i the five million dollar bin today. In 1C!'!, sol. then head produced a rilm tilled with an unknown cowbnv Tom Mix. The COM President William Vox in York wired KOI in Hollywood: "This is entirely too much mini- ; <\v to l><- spending on a rnulmy. ' Stop maliill" .Mix pictures." Hut i Sni completed the picturr and I Mix woiinil up srltiin a salary of SID.fOO a week. ( In 1027. Winnie Shrehan and- Frank Upraise marie the Ae.i-l-. emy Award wjnmni: picture "B-ul Clirl." with Jimmy Dunn and Sally Eilers. Total cost for M-ri-t.'- : out. and production was £301.1«'. Ten years made that much difi'e;-- cnce. I IRKTROSI'r.fT I'lOXEKK | Sol is credited with beiiv Ih" first producer lo make a picture toiliric the story in retrospect. "That." he lauchcd. "was an accident." Here's what realiv ha::i:encd: ' I In IC2(I. a fellow named t.ynu Reynolds ,„;,,!<. ., film for So( | lltlril, "Rroailuay Komichip." When it was complolrrl, KrynnMs asked Sol lo edit (he picture. Sul fell that this was the lip-off that (he plclure was lirtd. So he decided lo put ihc beqi-i- nmjr at the end and the end at the beginning r,ml see what \vou;d I haprcii. I "It c'H'Idn't !)(• ai:v worse. I fhi- uroil. -Hill when Hie piclurr WT.S n-V.'ased lln- fiilii-s raved, sairl it -.Viis a nr\v d<-.rlopmeilt in film trrhnique. A urcal mitlr; petiple 111 • l :c iiKiustri- . r ,n^l I .should receive ;i sprriril auard for my novel mcth- • ds. I'm s!il' ; hbi-.liim;. i in-: or A T('iiiT,i: 'The \ p o:ce of the Tut tie" is r!o:iakl [\c.H:;urs third pi;'turc in Irs.; than :i vea;-. and when it's lake a lone, vac.i- U McKENNEY ON BRIDGE /'si/c/iie Sometimes Shuts Out a Game liy WII.I-IAM K. McKENNEY Anicrica's Card Authority Written for NEA Hcryicc r.syclnc biddinqr is not employe' by the experts as much wa a few- years ago, but they all be licve that a psychic should be used occasionally. Otherwise o sit on my patio '" 11 >;« nccntlrcs "a reputation Co told me "Aft -r "iddir.i; down the middle and th onponent.s c.'in always count o what he is going to do. Charles J. Solomon of Phlladc Sy Ann (larncr. just turnrd tTt, has an autonmliile ilrii-or's license — for daytime use only. .. . . It's j; in-v.- l!>-y^ar cnntract al JI-O-.M IT "Walter I'idsroll. . . . l.crofhy (lish qcls Ihe roV nf (in £ory I'cck's mother in "Gentleman's .\Kreenicut." Warner lirotl-.p;-;. will be par-.i:i!r: Dann;.* K-,tyo -soon for a uiu.sieaL M-rMon or "Three Men On a Horse.", Op^xisite F.\ e Atclon? Kvc. by th n ;v,-i\-. i:e's a ho.',! ivith a lino i*i "The Unfai:h;u!." She wr.'.k.s oat into a sti-rry Califc-vuia nicht. shi- \t-i.s. :-.nct s.iys: --The chamber o'. ecnuneriH- should excuse me. b'lt r.-n cold." KV{- \v-?!I now I'e <\\c;i..- iitK herse'.f tti Aim .Sheridan, since she about\;s the picture. -mF A,, CURE-ALL ollt lo „ Ym| wrt witllcss ' Hc U ' mo " mUc wi( , whil( , AAK 103 V None • 82 A A 10 9 7 64 3 Tournament—Neither vul. South West North Kast I •«. 14 2» Pass 3 * 3 # Pass Pass •11*» Pass Pass Pass Opening—4 K 7 Next most common complaint ol , |ail . rt „ tce , , hl , ie igh bluod i>ressurc patients is tir- W . 1S pdatc B easily, especially in the after- ' oon. As high blood pressure is . o , , ,„ . -kw or ore common In middle-aged per- ™ m °' ^e ' ci'tol An'l he d?r!nt T he men who en B ince i IV •us who lead nn active life, the Uigtie may not be more than we H( , think they were lacking in brains. ist in the middle of the day the evening before dinner is Ipful. Some think alcoholic bev- •ages help because of the relay- g effect of alcohol upon Wood cssels. ut such drinks are not a, as in many eases the sec- idary effects of fatigue and sleepless arc disturbing. 5 Years Ago In Rlytheville — Announcement was made today f the marriage of Miss Avis Miller Jefferson City, Mo., to J. Graham iidbury, 1] of this city- The bride ho is thc attractive daughtK» of Ir. and Mrs. James R. Miller of ampbell, Mo., lived in Blytheville or 18 months before going to Jeferson City, where she has been m ployed in the office of Secretary f State and Public Service Com- lission of the Mo., capitol. They ill be at home 1013 West Walnut .treet. Byron Morse will represent Bly- Deville High School at Conway In literary meet. He will enter the ebating contest. Albert Taylor, president of the enior class, presented the High igure that the fellow who is out n front would not dare to use a isychic bid. Therefore instead or bidding his pade suit. North made the natu- al bid of two hearts When South aile<i to bid spades, and verified us club holding with the bid of hree. clubs, Solomon decided to 3id his diamonds, in case the op- lonents got to no trump. Now there was no reason for Vorlh to suspect n psychic spade bid. He had two five-card suits limself, KO West could easily have ive spades and five diamonds- -ionth had not liked hearts, KO Vorth passed, though I think that nost players will agree that he should have taken some action, iven if it were a bid of four clubs, outh did bid four clubs, and Solomon decided to step out or the lidding, for one round anyway. But North passed, though It would ;eeni that he should have tried ! ive clubs, since South had bid one club, three clubs and four clubs iractically by himself. Six clubs or six spades Is ice coiil. Tho only losing trick North ind South would have is a diamond. Most pairs arrived a't a slam contract, and Solomon wen top >)corc on the board because Nor^ and South against him were thc only pair who failed to arrive at game contract at least. proles "You sit down," roared Sen. Tobey. "and keep quiet" O Snorigrass (lie said later he ciirjr n't believe the senator liked hihlp bit his tongue and subsided. Youiij; continued with his charges against the RFC. The B. and O. wasn't the only railroad it put inlo bankruptcy to provide railroading jobs for its officials, lie said. "I didn't know the RFC w^:- organized to he a shyloek and force solvent corporations into bankrutit- cv.'' lie shouted. "And when the RFC puts its own men into these bankrupt railroads. punishment should be meted out." Pen. William .r. Fulhriirht of Ark., .said he couldn't understand who benefited from bankruptcy deals such as that of the B. and O. Simple, said Young; the rovermnpnt big-wigs who step into lifetime railroad jobs are thc beneficiaries. "But they don't get largo .salaries do they?" asked Sr?n. Fulbright. "They get a lot better pay than you senators," Young snapped. He added that he believed thc RFC had played power politics with Wall street,, sen. Homer cane- hart, of Intl.. said, diri he mean th'? RFC and Wall street had been in competition? "No.' roared Young. "I nvjfn that the RFC had been in Wall Street." 'Everybody laughed, except I he RFC boys on the .sidelines. They frowned. There frowns soon turned to scowls when Young added: "And ! think these bankrupt railroads have been grossly, almost criminally mismanaged." He shook hands then with Sen. Tobcy, jammed his hat down over l>Is ears and strode out of me hearing. The rest was anti-climax. Nothing coiil<i match thc outburst or the terriblc-temn^rcd ram-oadcr from Canadian, Tex. Coughs Tip Kriilrnrc CHESTER. Pa. (UP) — Noties Washington was at it again ami lest Detective Leander Tassoiii catch him with (he roods. Noties stuffed 2H number slips into his mouth. The fast-moving detective however, reached Notic.s just in tirnc to prevent (ho next swallow and order him lo cough up. The evidence came back and Noties went to jail. School with a largo framed picture* ' of the 54 seniors who \\ili graduate May 21. This picture was presented at the assembly Pi-riod Thursday morning nnt ) wa/PJhimS on the wail near the door to thc library. Each senior received a small picture of the original. Western Mayor Record G.iip .- eeipts Record for prix reipts was .set b,- Tininey afi^ir in C 1927. The light 65S,CGG. fi':h- tli? iv.i'.v::). .s.'pi voo;:!!'. n. gate ie- phia employed a good psychic i» the world championship masters individual tournament, which he j HORIZONTAL I J,6 Pictured ! mayor ol San j Francisco | 12 Signify '•• 13 Interstices . 15 Era I 16 Whispers I 18 Cover i iy Appendage ; 21 Throw : 22 Impolite, 23 Senior ; 25 Burdened ; 2t> Demise , 27 Uncloses i 28 Prc-posilion ', 29 Mixed type • 'M Norse god i 33 Wcn-cl ! 37 Worship '.38 Tram 30 Fives 40 Meat V! Unaccompanied 45 Pedal digit 4b' Adviser -18 Kam 49 He hopes to m removing Ihe cjiulc cars Iromhis cily 51 Dairy product 3 Leave 4 Greek !ett*r 5 Repose li Hoys 7 War Rod 8 Foollikc part U Intencctiou ID Refer 11 Girl 12 Noted time 32 Twelve (comb form) this year. Solomon sat West. 33 n^iy" and he was in no real danger when he bi<j one spade over one club, having a fine diamond suit to rim I u>. He does not have n reputation psychic bidder, and Ihe play- l Throng VERTICAL 1 nnierlam 2 New York Rend Courier Nrws Wiuvt Arts, ! m in ' t h c ludlvldt'm'l touniamcnl L..'.^"/. H Paradises ' 3-1 Ron wild ., 17 anlterlly 2(1 Missives -W Run away and 0 Mates 7 Luller ol •IX Weapons «cd c '' WK " 2-1 Swiss river •»« Vcgclable alphabet 25 Galloped 41 finishes 50 11)1 (lioman) 30 Kxcrescenccs ^2 Diminutive 52 Com 31 Distasteful iZ ^ !3 >j JO S7 J1 Hb tl ^l 51 31 !,»* '<'••> 0 IH W x:>set If '•'& "* > •'' • ' ^•V <*.•» ;iv;Uivc ^"Hix ? ,,iii x 1 b " rftv T 1 I'Sft- i IP?! PHI ^i <?! *t at •u 4i W % is •\ ^\ ii itt f$ tl ;•,,. ^/' It ^4 -';/* st" o H !4 48 \ * i i 4 -I *i "j 16

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