The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1946
Page 11
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* ^THURSDAY, JUNK 6, 1940' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Minlmnja cturft , &o« >•• p«r lint „ i6 fl f«l lint p«r imj ^_ _ lye per llit iier **7 , He per Jio« p«r iltr Tc J Uonlk p«r Me. -IIIH" ID* Cottnk lit* »«er*c» words U th* lloi. Ada ordered JOT thro* or »lx tltne« tad »ljp*d before •xplralion Mill tit ckftrued •or^lh* aoMb«r of tlm«« the »d »ijye»red of 1>III uii<]0. v ,,,l l» neu- address. Will!.' Hell .\.-J-UM. from Davis Sloiv. M It! | ' Ml* l-Y.'ii C'. l>,ivll In It.•.,!<,nil. \V,.,i t ll:,,:, .li^rliiui^ No. '.(. l .iy > n.i r.i,-:irhi«. Call ui-.-ry. :tl-l.k-<,,7. . All Cttitlfled AdveiVslug copy mb- nitt«d by p«r*otil reHLdiiitf ouUide o( Ua cltj maul Le fcccump»iiied by <-n_> ICalei ' ble. t» «wlljr from l h Adverllilug oril«r for IrreguUr laier- tlont Ukea Ihe one time rate. No reftpo&Blljility will Vo taken for more than o&« iuc^rreot loiertioa of auy elea- for Sal* Ol J.OANS if ynu waul a \% 01 Koan to liny a home, sec MAX LOGAN, LYNCH HLDC. 1'hoiic 20;M or !>02. Ijluck l.iyiiij;, rnr[u- |i:iijllinj;. I'liullu ^(i^' ti(i'r work, . 7 vk 0-10 5 r<K)ms and bath near high school. Heaiilii'iit shady lot, '»«v« M ™ t>vfl1 ' window fan, hot wutor .''.i vfn«!" " healer, shades and fi/iinilnliutis rO|j.i r'ratik Crutkt;!!. tains. "iou can move in to- Was ,, ini . ailll irollll , B , llllsljcil . 20.'M or 502. G-fj-ek-CS ' . . --- , . ------------------ ..... House-moving, leveling, re' P air of foundations. 12 jTs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Koley, phone 3U17 or a292. 5-7-pk-G-7 Si Io<,l W,n]il/.T (I nincllllon. C. I). rvfriK.-rator. 110 \V. Vinu' \V. ' raoju tuilc. I'honc 2U7f,. .'..].t-rj Iriryclo- nl truil.'r; X. J-l.k-i ill kiiidu. \\ r u iig. Yi-a. iUylljvvillc IO '-i A "r S off >1 ii'"y' ti"".' 1 ,', "r'tvl'i'^s'i"-'"!'' 11' ractur repairs ; '• '•• ; " *" " u ' "' • Electric and raduclin! In. *||IMI will hai,<ll«, lialnnri. io !><! |.T.i,l uvl muiillily. lot ill siralli p:irt of I.I..M jusl'.jfi ].nvi-iiti-iit. ]'rii-e ¥'J;'iOII, parl .Iwvvil. <-.' In • till Ash. !t hi-ilr.ii>iiix li:n.hv.i»,l flor,r». larei- Inl. well w.u-lli moin-j-. l .± .lloivn. l.:lblico liHinllity. Kee l.utlier ».l 1UIO >u-k-ii|> tri service, acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. 1'lione 804. 3-15-ck-tl' Help Wanted l.'nfc willi liKlnrci. Xo Deal Cof,'. D.'ll. 4-pk-lI Sheet music iirtd all kinds of j musical instruments and j supplies. We also have-1 been appointed dealers for | the famous wcil known i line of Century. -Retails) I5c copy. Over -KiOO seleo- \ tions to choose from. Now in slock. Parkhurst Company. (>-"!-cli-(i-17 in Knnil con.jiliun Aihiins Drug HI.,i your Gould's Electric I'ump now before they lie- come scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf im Allen Motor Tune-up macliine factory ruconilJtioncr. Loe Slot or Ha lea. Kast STn.ln. I'lioue 609. *|20-ck-tr 50 ISu. Whippoorwill Peas. Ulytheville Curb Market. 180 E. Main 5-7-ck-tf Jlybrid seed corn, early maturing. 57-50 per hushel. L. K. Ashcraft Company. Thone 493. 5-28-ck-tr Wonderful opportunity in a I rapidly expanding old established company f o r I men desiring (o miike re- tailinj.; their life's work. A-l character references required. Ages 25 to .' Experience desirable but not essential. Willing to move. Rapid advancement for those who qualify. Good pay and paid vacations. Call at Blytheville .Jim llrown Store. 105 W. Main and ask for i\1r. l,»schk) or Mr. Drumrighl and ;isk for appointment. 5-31-ck-(!7 Saleswork in the new lily thevilic Jim Hrown Slorl; Good pay, vacations will pay. Pleasant working con dilions. Permanent posi tion. A-l character rtfur cnces required. Ages 18-35 Experience desirable, bu not essential. Ask for I\Ii Drumrijrht or Mr. I.oschk; .Tim Brown Store 105 \j Main. I'hone 58-1. 5-31-ckfi- 1 For Fine Portraits It's •O'STEKN'S STUDIO 5-ao-ck-tt New Phonographs, automatic record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 makes ,to select from. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-6-17 Just arrived large shipment. Traveling ba^s ; 'nd accessories. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 milch cows. r 'Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-U flrocery Bttjre with living .juailers 10- KCllu-r with -I rentnl liotises ^\|,ijror- Imntelr 2 .crcs of land. Krouls in Hwr. 61. >x>ril<!ra on Collon licit K.K.. Meat locAtiuu for industry. Soo llucliiinairs OorcL-ry, .N. Flwy dl •*-!>>• "(I Twelve Angora Rabbits for 520. Call Larry Hurum, phone 2275. fi-5 ck 7 'or Ice Cold Watermelons, day or ni^hf, call at Ice .Plant, Osceola. (i-S-pk-12 Lost In.- <[c frnm C.irl.'r (rniicr 1 r '- li. Irn.-k I,,.,] Win,.,.,, Tilt llirvilt,." :nv Micliv.iy din. Manila oitnff KindcT ^il I'.lnl Ilynini lin|>],.,ii,.,,t ' <•„. ,,lMm. -1111. II..-V. For Rent C..ii > |.k-i 2 lintn I'lion room furnislicil npnrlinrnl l>fiono 2170. .-.-[.k-in BLYTH6VILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVBH The Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fitth—BJythMille, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Don't Miss the Big Parade Saturday at 3 p.m. Political Announcements Th« Oaattor HMW hot ___ •utbortaed to unQouno* tb« following candidate*, (-abject to U l>c»iocrnllo yrbtuaj; Kiir.Kirr AND COTXBCTOB JACK riNier ROBINBON WIM/VAM BKRRYMAN COUNTY JUIKiR QENE B. BRAUIJCT KOLAND QUEEN FOR TAX AB8K88OB DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINIC" WATSON CIRCUIT CLKKK. HARVEY MORKId COUNTY COURT CLF.KK EL1KA11IOTH HLYTH* COUNTY THEASUUB DELIA PURTI* BTATE KKPHESKNTATIV* AIJENE woao E. O. FL.E&MAN IJtSUJS "DUKIE" SPBOK L. H. AUTRY • W. J. WUNDEU1JCH (t'ar re-eleclloa} STATE BKNATOB J. LEE BEARDKN JEPFICHSON W. Bl'BCK K. a. WAUU i. M. CIKKKII It is inissllrip lo read n news- >:I]H'I- l>v Die Uplit proODrrd liy ;\ .'ostii l(ic:in Innlcrndy. lilKiilo r»li>iiil l):is liliH.i! person,-! H'l :1|M1U'I'I- 11)1) of US IIITH. Don't have your vacation ruined by car troubles on the road! Have repairs taken caro of now for smooth, carefree driving. Wanted To Buy f.'liinii wilt p.iy rnsl, tor isoo.l '•JT. ':KI in p .io iiH.iii-]. CMIIIH- |iri'f,-]-rr,l. \i» ili-ali-rs I'l • L>:ISI. I.. J. Du-ins. ' .l-|,k-ll i)' innki- ml ir rar in k'o.i.l .li-iilurs. t'jmiri- •J'.iic;. :i. ( ,l<-i; Wanted to Trade Will trjule '11-12 nioiiuTei for :-JS or .'ill models. Good deals, rhillips Motor Co.., f>Ui and Walnut. O-.'S-ck-tf >ONT TAKK A LOSS. Get Hie top price for vour car or truck from CHILI.[I>S MOTOR CO. -Today. (i-3-ck-U 'I'l kniUki O'Slijuri'i! Hllll calllCTJ -Sunli,,. for |,»rts. J|7 ck-tf ,1-iy casli fitr IISIT! fiirnilnro Olio :p or |> hfiiisf full. Call 2302, <\1- Il:ir<iy l.'iirtiilure Co. -1110-ck-tl ' Wanted to Rent ATTENTION Land Owners Your worst enemy is Johnson Grass. Atlucidc is a sure killer. For sale at ... Special Prices In Qlanlily Purchases PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Reno, Nov., and California authorities ore seeking Mrs. Lucy Malcomson, above, who disnp- pearcd shortly aflcr U.-Col. ; Gregory ("Pappy") Boyinglon, Marine Corps war hero, charged her with grand theft. Lost Fcb- . ruary Mrs. Malcomson announced that she was going lo marry the flyer, but lie denied it, and soon aflcr married Trances Baker, lormer aclrcss. no.!rfif)iiis rlosc Walnut. AI1IC f*Tl .110 \V. 22-iik.ii::!'.> FOR SALE Fresh River Catfish. Spcriat prices io C:vfes and fisli fries. Cafe and large orrlers delivered. MACK'S FISH MARKET Phone 67S Osccol:i, Ark. b»l)l. is |ik-r,; Vosl H.-nrn St. •oin. 314 N. Xinlh. Wonted to Rent I i k o uiifn 4G9. .s Tnint Rlor^ -I ronni f 11 r ni^ ^ Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main !!cfnrc you slurj out on lhal summer vacalinn trip.. let our mechanics vhcck ;vnd iluublc check your car. 'I'csl Hnltcrios! Change Oil! Reset engine timing! TuiH'-up motor! Acljunt ciirhurctor! You're assured "f smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut K Broadway Buick Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICE Tclcphoni 1 :">:">.'! For Complete . Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glohcoe 'Hotel flSclg * '" CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheviltc" I'honof;raph.s — Records and Accessories. Hatlery and : Klecti'ic Itiidios i 210' W Main F'linne 344S Have a motor "tune-up" now . . .Before vacation driving. A complete lubrication job, tires checked . . . or any other necessary repairs made. toy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Oil- 301 West Walnut Phon« 578 ul , & rnnp Distance Moving iietcnt Help *inl cc|ii1j)]nitnt, Atie- rlj linnroil. Cnntrmtt llnttllnic Misc. Surylcos, Horn* Hervic* I'liOlia Btorsfje C'o, We Specialize in Fresh -Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail 33ythevil1e Curb Market 180 E. Main Phono 973 Perfect rcimlrKig for today's rx- qubllc footwear nssurrd wlien rebuilt In «ur wuilern shop. DON EDWARDS ''The Ty|>cwriler Man" ROYAL, SMITH,' COUONA rml KKMINGTON I'ORTAIll.K 110 N. SUCON1D ST. PHONE 3M^ (Every Trnnsndlon MUST liE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS I'Yt'.sh. Stock (iiinrnntuvil llest I'rices Kirby Drug Store? Kills Rats- Roaches Biddle Ext«rminatora Member N»fL r 115 B. Third Si. .Gulnl lufm. TbwM IW See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication mokes your car , function properly and more economically: Have your brqkes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of i Day ton Tires for cars .and trucks. T, I..SEAV MOTOR CO.-. Complete Slocks of Fails For Cfcrjiler Predacto 121 E. Main MM mt KOO'l'S AND IIRR RUDT)1K<5 BliB.SU66E':>TlW& AE VOR (X BOV '.'Hr\V\.E>-U»(XH (\CCOUMT OF VT ^OO^C Mt SO ts UU^B(\ND S NO WADDING THOU&\^ . tVJtR.V MrXMt rVEXPS! THE MORt '«t WFWt CHOO&E FROM.TVVt Should 1U_ 'DO BY EDGAR MARTIN UV,t CttRA<b VOW. f\ NfVME? OR XJfcVtWt, ort PPiME\.h T. PSHftVvl < THt^E BOOKS DON'T HELP ft FHKCKLKS AND HIS PK1ENDS SHE PREFERRED TO SIT HOME WITH I.ARD.'WHEN HILDA PASSES UP A TOO BAD HILDA DIDN'T SEC THIS MOVIE.' SME'D Chance to Help On, FREoaes, LOOM AT TMAT POOR. OLD LADY/ SHE'S FALLING. Y MERRILL BLOSSEIi, WE'D BSTTER. GfeT HER. • rDME.' AI.I.RY OOP 'icAUNG TWO hiuNMERT F(FT¥S\X. 1 TH 1 LOCAV. LAO WHO T'NIGHT WILL ATTEMPT T'WIN TH' FIVE DOLLARS POSTED 6V TH' MANAGEMENT Fon A i THREE-ROUND KAYO- ROSCOE GOODLY) Kiiula Touuh ' IM THIS COBNAH., AT TWO HONNKBT AN'NINE, TH' i-WM WHO'S MET '£M ALL AN' NEVER TAKEN A COUNT, PKKIE-PUSS MLL.TH' K1LLAH! BY V. T. HAMILTON . OOM'TTA<E VOUR.ENES OfP —^ n TH'KILLEe...WATtH EV6RV MOVS '|«OU1*S HE MAKES...IT MI6HTMEAN THE DIFFERENCE 6ETWEE.M R\LF A&RAWO AN'AN MT, BOVS, BACK TO CORNSRS A(J' COME OUT FIGHTIM'.'

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