The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 20-1 Blytheville Courier, BlythevUle Dally Ne-vs. Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. ni,vnii:vu,LK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, PKBUUAUY 26, io:u SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NSTOV DEFECT OF Would You Pick These as Talkies Prettiest? BILL! Tnxpayers Fear Heavy Burden if Alexander Proposal Is Adopted. ' OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 2S.—Peti- tions addressed to members of the Arkansas legislature are beliiy widely circulated in and around Osceola and Luxora today urging defeat of House Bill No. 407, introduced by Representative Alexander of this county, which the petitioners clairii is a road construction bill masque-1 rading as general legislnlion but sc worded that if passed it will apply only to the Luxora-Llutle Hivci Road Improvement District, organization of which was recently declared void by tha'chancery "court in a suit filed by taxpayers of the district who alleged discrimination in the assessment of benefits. The bill, it Is understood, will if passed, place owners of the 52.G45 acres included in the original or- j ganization of the Luxora-Ltttle Riv- i er Road Improvement District in ; the same position they were in when the district was organized in 1916, prior lo action of the chancery court declaring the district void, and prior to alleged discriminator, agreements with certain taxpayers wiilch reduced the assessed acreage to 20,070 acres. Permits $30 Assessment Further provisions of the bill call for a flat assessment of 530 per acre benefits on all lands lying in the district and allow for an increase in taxation on the basis of increased benefits at the discretion of the commissioners, it, is understood. The bill, according to Infor- 1 mation received here, also revoke= ^previous . legislation limiting the •' scope of the district to maintenance only arid provides for construction of new fpsdsSs"weft: "" •••• — -•-•• The district, organized originally in 1916 for construction of the Ltix- ora-Uttle River road, a 15-rhile stretch running due west from Lax- ora with numerous laterals, was taken over by the state highway department In 1921 following passage of the Martineau Road law. Subsequently a maintenance district was created in 1929 which assessed benefits against only 20,0V!; acres of 52.G45 acres included in trie original Improvement district. . Stopped by Injunction Bonds were sold and contra^ had been lei for gravel surfacin? of roads in thc district amounting to $245,000 early in May of las', year, when a suit was filed in chancery court here asking an injunction against Uie district on the grounds that the district was not organized according to law, and that the assessments were arbitrary and discriminatory. The injunction was granted and the suit appealed to. supreme court, following which an agreement Some men walk across Niagara on a tightrope. Some go in for outside loops. But Cecil Beaton. London camera artist and modernist, is real daredevil. In Hollywood, where feminine beauty is as common as Communists In Moscow. Beaton. has dared to select thc six most beautiful women. Thus far he has remained unmobbed by partisans of those he lett on the outside looking in.- But here are Beaton's beauties, and why. Ina Claire gorgeous i Norma sheorer (5) Is picked as "simply, un almond, typifying the acme- ot gaiety, laughter ! spoiled by sophistication," and a healthy type who "adorns the home." L j have one, Beaton allows. Every home shouli and youth." Marion Davies (2) would be beautiful, Beaton hazards, either, while climbing out of a swim- And Qreta Garbo (6) fs let down as "abso ming pool or poised on the dunce floor. "A decadent Greek goddess; the lorm divine" are the words with which the bold Beaton describes Lilyan Tashman (3). while he despairs of anyone ever duplicating Marlene Dietrich (*) except Michelangelo, who is dead. lutcly mad, and therefore ethcrlal." And sh is not in tho Itast sophisticated, according t nec.lon, so you're wrong, and that's all ther is to it. Anyway, if you know a better bunch of beau tics, pick 'em yourself. Humble Not .Humble i So Judge Doubles^Fine COLORADO SPRINGS; Colo., Feb. 26 (UP)—In fining Ojmir Nott and Wilton Humble for making one sst of auto license tags do for two cars, the police judge here declared Nott was humble and Humble was not, so he fined • the former S12.50, and the latter twice as much. Judge Harrison Lauds 4-H • Program .at Hatcher School Meeting. . OSCSOLA,-. Ark.. Feb. 26.—County Judge Zal B. Harrison of Blytheville yeslerday afternoon addressed a hundred 4-R Club boys and girls rji c . _, . . at a joint meeting of the Hatcher, * '311 OCTVICes Friday Red Line, Sttllman and Etowah j / i« „ »•__ o pi clubs held at Hatcher school on! Ior . Mrs - Merym Saliba Little River .and outlined the yrin- j . ! , cip!es of a well-rounded educate i Funeral services will be held a;|...._ _ „„ llll; uiuucl tor the rural boy and girl stress the First Baptist church at 2:131 eiiterinq the fray and tlv Scripps ing^the advantages to be oitaine'j P^m. I ndayfor Mrs. Merym Saiibi, • Howard, original applicants, rc- t J . , . /-. c.-..l._ ...l._ .. .y-i,^ JH j Beyond these was another, the ! World's Employes Cooperative as-. Block Withdraws but Gannet Makes Offer for New York Publications. N3 WORK. Feb. 20 (UP)—Tho firarmttc struggle for acquisition of the V, r crld papers swung on today v.iih cne bidder dropping from Ilia i warfare and another coining for- I Paul Block, publisher of a group from organized 4-H club work. ;Wife of S. G. Saliba. v;ho succumb- Judgc Harrison also presented on ' ed at the family home here Tues- behalf of the Crump Cotton com- 'day. •Man Freed by Jury : Goes to Jail Anyway BUFFALO. N. Y. r Feb. 23 (UP) —Howard Wolfe. 28. Is carels=s about little things Including spending . two weeks in jail. Last' October Wolfe was no- bllled by the grand jury on a charge of violating the eighteenth amendment. Two weeks ago his bondsmen delivered Wolfe to the U. S. marshal and hs -WRS • promlly Jailed.- Yesterday a friend asked that Wolfe be released because there was n^ charge against, him. "Do you m?nn to- say you die not know what (lie grand jury returned In October?" osked Federal Judge R. Hazel. "I didn't pay any attention your honor," Wolfe replied. IS ramp ILL xamination al Memphis Shows Need for Blood Transfusion. Mrs. Ethel Wilson, executive sectary of the local Red Cross cliaii- r, Is lit n critical condition at the aptlsl hospital In Memphis, HIP isiiU of u physical and nervous rcakdown attributed to ork. Bandit Pair Get $4,500 at Memphis '-, MEM PIUS. Feb. 20 (U!>> — A cordon of pollcv niul detectives wns thrown around n downtown orrice building here shortly nft«T noon to- <lny when ii bound and wns round bandits three employes of the S. Freldlnnder Finance corporation ami escaped with $500 In 1 Ciish and approximately $4,000 In Jewelry. Similar Disregard of president's Views Exnecfed Fsom the Scna'e WASHINGTON, Feb, 2G. over-l .The employes were discovered Pr(!sl < i < 1 »l Hoover today vetoed (lie and irecd by n. tellow worker when vclerin s' If"! bill and the house The Red Cross secretary, who he relumed from lunch. T ns been 111 for some • l|mc, was two unma.skcd bandits robbe They said Inr. Ihtely the measure islicd to the Memphis hospital i a Cobb ambulance last night condition grew steadily lien her orse. Less o( blood from hemorrhages eft Mrs. Wilson In 'an extremely •eak condition and Immediately rllon-hiE! nn examination nl the Memphis hospital last night a cnll ur volunteers to submit to blood atisfusion was Issued. Dr. W. A. Grime. E. M. Holt and Irs. Moldcr of this city offered heir blood but they were rcject- nftcr iiliyslclnns made blco<l ests. Ur. Carl Nlw. floss D. Hughes nd three vvomrn left here enrly his morning for Memphis to un-j ergo Wood tesls. One or more of he group will submit, to the rausfusion If the blood tests nre avorable. ,..- ....... - ........ ..... . o'/.i-looklnj several more thousand ,, dollars worth of Jewelry In obbed llicm. m " tbe vcl °- T" 0 senate now 111115 haste to escape. It wns thought the men hidden in the building. FMI O III nPUiTr U L. in UL nlJl I . if ll U ill UH I I UILU lit U LIB Ml L ill Amnnrr ill Among utcs Killed Today; Ad- nuilistratioil Forces Will their! " ll B ^ !O 8 ' vfs ^' lc necessary two-, rt-ir ', vale thc measure v/ill become were " l!uv ' - '" I Thc house moved swiftly after ' ; Clearing thc veto message in.which President Hoover marshalled a. carefully worded set of arguments in principle mid In detail. An attempt to divert Ills hous2 from Its course failed, republican Floor Leader Tllson .offered a.bill Identical In most respects..but restricted the loans to unemployed veterans. Tills wns understood to hnve the administration's backing hut failed to move the overwhelming majority in favor of the original bill. The president sen( the bill back to congress with a spirited message, (n '.v'llcii he nronounccd the mcas- UTTLE ROCK, Feb. 20 (UP)—' . The unusual activity of the Red | Two measures, one designed 'to urc ''""v'so from the standpoint of iross here the. past'two months] regulate the governor's npinlntlve tll ^jelfaro ot all tho^ople." has forced increased responslblll-1 Powers, failed In the senate this '" '" J " ' les on Mrs. Wilson. Although the morning national organl-ntlon has bren In charge ol the relief work in this section. Mrs. Wilson's work In Investigating Red Cross cases and n the conduct of her office has increased rapidly. Dcsldes her Ions hours filled with her official duties, Mrs. Wilson has spent many hours in attendance upon her sister, Miss Mabel Hogan, Is also 111. Lack of proper rest tnd sleep aggravated by •• mental worries', were -responsible for a Kcneral breakdown which finally forced Mrs. Wilson (o her bed, it Is staled. Thc message was delivered' to the house of representatives vrhero the Both measures were quietly vot- "Bran's loan bill -rlilnated! The cd upon but admlnlstmtloh forces' nr '- s! dent objected (o the legislation mustered enough strength to kill! 0!1 tllc Brounds that the treasury the bills by large majorities. The iias '"sufficient funds to meet In- flrst was defeated bv a vote of i8l V:tmsc( l obligations estimated to 1 . t-% 0. ' treasury.officials .at a -billion dol- The second bill, offered by Sen-' lars m morc - alor Perkins, was directed at. the | state -banking. department and would provide for appointment of uns °und in principle to Hry to hid a state bank commissioner and fljclowlntss by borrowing 'money from hbj salary. It failed to pass \jy R ! ""ie ol the people to give funds; to j those ; In' need. .'In' 'vigorous bn- l/i'.r 1 the/ executive told-- how .-(he [gj-SovcViiment "has Vpenf '• — •'-- PoinU to Expenditures He also contended that 1 it-was.. ; HA11I BUT, HIT >te of-21 to f». Tsrci oilier measurer; w'ere M i cd. One would creale a. printing' 8j>y . . commission to let contracts. The billion dolraro for ' Veteran's relief, [o'-lifir was the Nelson senatoral rc-| h'spltallzatlcn and welfare, i apportionment measure. . •' Inc.war. since Senator Wheatley's bill to authorize a state note issue for 150,OCO to finance and ^qulp a library at thc first district A. and M. college at Joncsboro, -was passed by . He p!id?cd himself' to ' continue these expenditures but proles'ted against nn Inc'rca'-cd loan . allowance as an aid MI the existing 'economic situation. the upper bndy. Michigan Negro, Driver o P. I *-» p • Death Lar, races 1 Ui n PI , ^ Siaugfuer Uiaige. Orleans Husband' Admits ^fe's Murder pany of Memphis the $50 cash i Th e Rev. A. S. Harwell, pastor ] scciatlon. which afler rallying em-;Tf -if •. award won by Dorothy Davidson, of the church, will officiate at trm ; plpycs of th« paner. announced ; Aiaiiy. VlSltOl'S 13-year-old member of the Hatcher services. Interment will be made r.t j they were strongly in the fight to ! . club, who ranked second in the Elmwood cemetery. Ftneral plans thc Blytheville keep the World "in the family" soj tr, speak. They claimed assurance j cf financial backing which would' bring success of their movement if' trier could obtain the paper. Meantime indications were that Attend Annual Masonic School at 3:30 o'clock this morning. Robert Hawkins. Pcm'.scot coup;; a n procccutor, Dimoimcc'.l Hits afCer- .--i- noon that Jot Anderson. Grand drivc-r of in. The first annual district school the roads would begin at an early Foley "' lns'.Tuct!o:is of the Masonic or- Estimating the • measure would cos' an addlticnal bllll-p .dollars, Mr. Hoover said. "Thera not being a penny' In the treasury to meet such a demand, the novemmfnt must borrow this sum through the r\ \ r< r m 1 — ' sc ' e ot 'he reserve fund securities Death Lar, races Wlan-: NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 2G (UP)— together with further issues,' or we •Joseph Pennine, 27, gave himself musflmpcso further taxation. i up to police here last nlghl for; "The breach of fundamental 'the murder of his wife, Camllle,. r.rinclple in this proposal'is the Injuries sustained when he was v .-hom ho shot while she was requirement of the f»d°rnl -;overii- slruck by a car, driven by a negro, asleep yesterday with a child In; ment to prvlcle an enormous sum near Concord. Mo., Monday prov- her arms. • .of money to a vast majority of ed fatal to littltl Paul Miller, slxi »i killed her," Pennine said, "I; people who nrc able to care 'for year old son of W. H. Miller, farm-! wanted to 'get away from her and' tlicmselves. and who are cnrlnj for er of near Haytl. The schoolboy < that \ V ns) the only wiiy 1 could; themselves." died at the Blytheville hospital $ a n. i loved her too much." I No Aid lo Business Police had searched unnyalllngly' Mr. Hoover argued that the Tilll for Prnnino. Boih his confers aid riot only U!»n those i-.-' ihosc of his wife felt '•"••<* '. v ir vc'crnns b".!- also pro- ccrtcln he iind cor.:n-l!'dd .'••• '--- ';'\'\::':''\.^]'. r ^ "'?:. "~™ < :§.,° t Ing secure positions In -ths fcd- irr-n r> . n-J C -J i ernl. state and 1'cal governments Will (jet Bias rnday ! nlu i i,, every profession and in- 65 MilPS of Paving du ^' e and will result (n burdensome taxes out of all proportion to the benefits received on the .entire 52,645 acres comprised In the original district, which includes such large taxpayers as the Frisco railroad, Chicago Mill & Lumber company Frank O. Lowden, and R. E. Lei- Wilson, In addition to numbers of smaller land owners, and comprises a large part of the town of Luxora. Petition Asks Defeat The petition circulated tcdav reads as follows: "We, the undersigned, owners of real estate lying and situated i.. the Luxora and Little River Road fifteen ducing the highest yield ol corn on JW. Hollipeter. a club acre. The deceased a club acre. Ephriam Little's yield of corn last Syr^ and was was a nativa of zors "• der prcvisi-ns of th> senior Pn!i:- nior Grand Warden J. JB. Buan. ofl^jjit in the more scriouj charge called upon prominent amonr year was 54 bushels to the acre, the Syrian people in this ccmmun- The fifteen club members from I its*- She wns a member- of the Greek south Mississippi county who en- 4 ' orthodox church. tered the state contest this year : produced an average ot 30 bushsls! Constable's Deputies to the acre as compared with a ^ni.vo state average of 4 bushels produced by all growers, both club members and adult farmers under the drouth Osccola. The school v;as held son trustees to carry c:i the pa- Tursday and Wednesday evenings, pers as ?. "public institution." i i ncludej in Ml9 ro prKCta 1a . st Ccnfercnces of interested attor- night wfrc tht ,^ fr(jm 0 , her lom . s neys pro:cecj:d in various parts c. ,„ tll , tenth district: C. O. Hall, the city and the struggle for the. j B Bunn n paper became the subject of paramount interest in the Metropolis. conditions existing last year. Dorothy Davidson's club acre pro- Capluve John Wilson I Unclaimed in 3f duced 1,078 pounds of lint cotton ifice yesterday follow In | and the average yield made by th= j (he Pride addition. T-II-> wiicrtr, irtuo cn,,r.i.r i ! a • n I D I Arcner. T. F. Caldwell, Joncsbi t^rl™«~c.^ ou S t dSuUB! 'American Exchange Bank c . j. ., MM . senati,. MO, R. out cf Constable Hnrry Taylor's of-; ing a chase in LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 26 : There are no claimants for SIOO.WM I K. Wilson, Har; 3. 1J. Began. C. L. D. E. Tucker. D. W. Curtis Toff, W. T. Thorn. W. Rob Inson,. Carl Wills. Mom-tic; E. C. Archer. T. F. Caldwell. Joncsboro; H. Green, G. O. Ashley, A. L. Beaurs. (UP)— J. W. Robinson, M. F. Dedman, J. Ashley, HulTffiiur. E. Dawes. R. Improvement district No. 2 of Mississippi county, Arkansas, hereby oppose the passage of House Bill No. 407 (Alexander) and urge its defeat. Tho passage of this bill vriU result In the loss to us of our property as we will not be able to pay the burdensome ta-tes that It will cause to be placed upon our lands. The chancery court has held tho organization of a maintenance dis- club members competing which has been left in thc closed \. Fox. Albert While. A. B. CaUton. beinr •' broueht r-ilnst the n-wo s been Answering the argument that by distribution of hundreds of mil- LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 26. (UP)— noil-- of dollars the government Bids oil 65 miles of concrete paving would aid business, the president on Highways 64 and 70, and on' S oH. "Wa cannot further the re- and one-half miles of gradin; an- sioratton of prosperity by b-rrow tiec J. A. Johnson at Haytl. ' d " !n ^<; construction or, Hlghway The negro was onroi'.tc, from Lit- 167, northof Junction Cily, will b tie E«ock. Ark., lo his home i:i re « lv(!<1 b >' the sl " e highway de Michigan when the accident o;- patment al a special meeting he- curred tomorrow. ' Highway officials announced IV- work has been grouped inta la n- jccls and will be paid for from r«. Woman Flyer Missing ulBr !edeta M , un . 1s alld spficl? from Hollywood Home federal aid allotments. '••mi sonic of our people, n'-'-in 1 * the credit of all of the ,n to lean to s'me of our peo- • -lio nro not in need of m p ney. -•:-nrv of r-llmulatlon ii based •hi antidp-i'ion of wasteful i\-' :| if D s. If this RT-'ument of -'•-•rnents is corr^'-t we should ipi'- g-ivirnmcnt loans to the whole people." LOS ANGELES The special consumed bv allotments must of t b? Wilson faces several charges of „ . from the south end of the count-.- grand larcenr R J Pillow also Am.-rican Exchange Trust company; it. A. Nntt. C. R. Rose, J. L. Me- «ay here, loday for wonted on a larceny charge was of lhl ' Clt 5'' | Cormick, T. 6. Rhca, Manila; F. cooper, 20, co-hcMcr with _ arres'cci by'h-deputies I The money Is In thc dormant ac-. O. Brandon, Little Roek; J. P.! Trout of the woman's world en- counts file of the defunct Instilu-j Mulilns. Rulevllle. Miss.; S. Q-j durance flight mark, missing for ! tlon. Some of (he accounts dale. Chippan, Wilson; C. L. Marson.Mg hours from hsr home In Ho'.ly- was 567 pounds, according to County Agent S. D. Carpantcr, unde- whose supervision the prize winning crops were grown. Yesterday's meeting was conducted by tho club members themselves, presided over by Loyd Shelton, president of the Hatcher club, and visitors besides Judge Harrison and Mr. McArthur included County trlct covering the land embraced in j Agent S. D. Carpenter of Osceola, this district void. Now some parties I Miss Cora Lee Coteman, home dem- 'are undertaking to legislate the or-1 onstratlon agent, of Blythevllle, and ganization of this district Into ef-! sponsors of the visiting clubs of Et- tcct. We know that 90 per cont of j owah. Red Line and Stlllman. the land o>vners oppose same, and I . cfore. urge the defeat ot the j Mississippi Robbers Loot Bank 0$ $2,000 A county wide ^j^^^^^^^^^, 'noblve °^ ' n the I2 projects must bo completed during the summer. City Young Holland Mother back 25 years, and in o'.her In-' s. R. Marsen. Frtd Stuckcy, Le- ] wcod hills. Farlv Tnilav 'stances those placing the accounts: panto; T. Knauff, DcValls. Bluff. Miss Cooptr left r.crr.e Tuesday Li<niy luuoy havc; bcen dend many y( , ars of- Mo.; Lloyd Lnne. E. Lane, Hadley mornlns to walk to the car line- 1 flcials of Ihe bank said that much 1 Robinson. V. Thompson, Leach-1 Mrs. Goldle LaRue, 21, wife of| C r the money has been' forgotten ,.,..-. ,.„... „, „.„„.,., ,,. . feiS- K=-iiino Found ii! Virginia RALEIOH, N. C., Feb. 26 (UP) Herbert LaRue, of Holland, Mo., died at the Blytheville hospital early today following th? birth of a baby Saturday. Besides husband and baby! daughter she Is survived by her fa-! ther, J. R. White, also ot Holland. The baby, who weighed nine pounds ] at birth, Is do'.ng nicely. depositors. The rf.nje from 5 cents lo $100. ive Git'iam of Garland County Dies ... mile and a half away. At the — . . _ I time she was reported to have — Prosecuting Attorney A. J. Davis, : been wearing S1.5C3 in jewelry. Union county. Elizabeth, N. J.. an- KANSAS CITY. Ka^. Feb. 26 <UP>—Five btnrlls entered the Se- -r-!tr Rl-'t" Tlink li«r» i>t neon to••i". tr"i-t\ cevcn employes and six • .-'71-^--! i Vc rn the flcor. -M c^cd SO.S'M 'n currency and In ! ' Plane Maps 4,400 Miles of Maine's Bad Lands Pollc J: "fa Workers Battle m Union Office N. j ____ ' body LAWRENCE, ^!ass.. Feb. 26. (UP | nounccd here today that The auto dragged a uvd by tha bandit* woman driver roughly ar ar.d commandeered ST. LOUIS. (UP)—An orchid 'hat no queen may wear, for His! BANGOR, Me., (UP)—The value . lot aviation In the map-making , HOT SPRINGS. Feb. 2G (UP)—I field has been demonstrated around.—A fight between police and union ! Funeral services will be held hcre|hcre. • members In the Iccal headquarters was found near Bowling Va., Sunday and subse- identified by relatives. The bandits Iheir haste. $4,000 In «" JACKSON, Miss, Feb ; 20. (UP,^ up ^; £ ,^ , n ^Vam7S i y^rday^T UU^R^ ^r i ^anf^^d'^^e ^y. solon becamo 111 of acute! mUss of nlmo: . t i mpC n elraW c nnd several days ago and. hl'.herto *i . ,. ., . , . , . m -s*.., .——. - — — .--. w jj UBUIU. iv itMycu JniAi idiue li'.si i ycsiernav i o° CI1 >', 0 '!, C . f n l»i * Amerl-, Three men armed with sawcd-oft ; summer when blond boy swimmers! The sol ^ "? d ^ M wi ' W X* S Cre ' Shotfruns held up R branch ot the ! car "« °»t °f It «-«h gr=tn du-- indict loi pie nvaluable orchid or the Pan- Merchants Bank and Trust coin-' to chemical pollution, and now it! was conn" ftrnlnlr»Ti "tv-nv nrrnln. ic « flnu-ai- w^-.., \,* L_»_..~ « K «« i^j... *._* . . . _ tuinu.i ion resulted In eight arrests O- i Mrs . Sara Weedman . ( , --™ »^.,.... ----j, - v .ti i^/ tiitriii.Ltii IAJI aminian "wax orchid, Is a flower ; pany here before noon loday. loot- has caushl fire With /.rnOTn l-rtllnm >ui(a1c nf P....YI ]»_ 11_ . .1.. .» *..../.* _._._. . _ "B..» ...*.. *'th cream yellow petals, of such >exturc it seems artificial. It is on rtl *p!ay at Shaw's Garden, ed to his bed. later pronounced in B an E "il "Lf^^T*' W ^ ™ <™ "' rt din^'^1^1^ ™lSS *" automobile which had been plant, dealing, became ignited and | M'nck y:sterday which proved fa- The fight occurred when 15 pD-! uncharted woodlands m llccmen, headed by City Marshal 1 hMft ?? 5t ""'"L M , &lne "' SlS months ' Timoth y J ' °' B ' r!cn ' raidsd thc OI Mrs ' ^ E. wmtworlhVu'cria: and'tU'^'m^erde^re'es-det? him out H MS said that under the oM- headquarters of the Communist or- cally 111 from double pneumonm. on ,,-™^eTv a «\- a« tS fn KVCtnin nt arming pin-- n.»t n .lt A » _.\-M ^ .L_ -!...•_ I rt rtA - *• »»* ,_ . . *-"' Ul ?Ki'J.l- UKy A ^(.4, <l^y t-IIC Arkansas—Fair tonight. Friday m wiL D • ' lncrcasln ? i y clolld y' 111 With Pneumoma Acccrdln? to the olScfal TCather ,, „ ,„ . observer, Charl?s Phillip' the mln- _Mrs. Sara Wecdman, 83, mother lmllm temperature was 31 ds? parked newbyi worried firemen for several liours. I lal. fashicned system of ground sur- ganization while vcying with a sextant the ' • • would have consumed severe! te fa^ f anr lf Uon vwhlle thc «"y«,«>flfl: Mrs. Weedman, wr.o lived at Hele- mullmum t^peiitut. was 45 de- ^v^rVl , ,*< * t ,"* vm P rc f rin f t °. nn ' has bcen m mvalld for two grees and the maximum 73 degrees; il >cars.i participate in a peace referendum, years. cl«»r,

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