The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 28, 1684 ; SEC!ION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION raw \KI .me nr consecu- t'vc Insertions: tFlve average voids lu a 11D*> One time per lint! M Two times per ihi8 per day .. 08c lluree Unics per llni per day . i;ir tUncs per line per diy .. 06c k'onth rat* per Un *>t Minimum cturge 60c Ads orucrtu lo: uiree or Uuicu and slopped before cxplt»- t'ou will be cliarg«J for the num J REPAIRING THt'.K H U I. C Estimates Roofing. Punning, Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. NOTICE Animal meeting ol stockholders ol Bljllicvllte Collon oil Mill will hckl at Jt):30 A. M.. jellmlinUiig therefrom tteowilty for . notice of PIOOOKO owner, j W. £. CM«e', 1. H. 10-ck-b-lfl Junc ,., & ul olTlcc ol W. A. I Building,; HOMH LOAN—J'icc cslinmles on roofs, painting and general repairs. We can arruuge TERMS it desired. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100. EXPERT Typewriter Mid AUchlue Repair inc. U. S>. Blunk- eiishlp, 11« E. KOM. Call 165-J. t'urullue Also automobile upholstering . We bcr ol Limes the »d appealed ana]will be glad to refer you to cus- ' tenners as to quality and work- ad justuicnt ol bill nude. AB Ciiiiiuid Advertising copy submitted by perso.-Lf residing out- bide ol tho city Dust be accompanied by cash. Rates ui»y b» i!K* Uy computed frnm above table KO responsiulUtv will be taken tiu more than one Incorrect In-' nrllon of any classified ad. Advertising ordoia for irregu- *r insertions tak.' the one Unx late. inanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Secvnd JENKINS & SON S-ck-6-E> cis to IH; consi will be pro- wscd change of By-Law providing or amendments of By -Laws by Aofctaot tkcrclury. ' ' ; OKIIKB M1BSJSSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Ednx Allsbrook, a minor by her nest friend, Mury Uniith, Pluln- Nu. 0721 vt,. Nod AllNbrGuk. Deli-mlnnl. Tlie dctendinl. Noel Allsbrook option Iwreof imd answer rtw. complaint of llu 1 plulntlff, Edna I D.'U'd lhls Ul'st tiny ol May. lirjl. It. !,. tiAlNTO, IN THE CHANCERY COURT, i warned „ CHICKASAWBA O I St'R IC T. I days In the CMehM PUEBLO, Colo. (UP)-A four- of R. E. Bcndcnutn. 8<'Ud- i'lninn mtd UK two epire legs nre far Well on tltc chlck'b budy, Clock. |und their we Wit throws it off bil- thttt'U c«linol wnlk. -'Jit: said IK \\ufes tu raise It to mu- t)M*c Stoyluj RccMf BUiLIN, Wis. (tri>)—lioiuaji In<hi »4id Ills 'son 'thanHK claimed the hiukc-killiiiK record for WIs- consin when they killed 65 copper- htads oil their farm In u week. A den of hlbjernatlug reiitiles' *»» illbcovered by tho p«^r. OUll BOARDING HOUSE FOR RENT USED CARS How Can We Sell These Cars Sueh Low I'ricM? •Xi CIIEVK O L E T C l> A C H. I.cioks (Jiicd anil runs Rood SI86 '3Z FORI> V-» TUDOH SEDAN. In Ecr-<l condilior. A real buy ............ •• ?S*i^ UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, luia w. Walnut. call 3UJ. aockii 4 room house wilh bath. Nicely furnished. Vacant Junc 1. Ill Division. Call C50 or 968. 22cktf Nicely funiislicd cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 110 Chickasawba. ckS-17 SN'JFFY SOT A NEW •BATTERY TOR ff YOU RE READY ;-/ FOR YOUR GOLtJ M\Mt,TO ' SOUND TH' T5U6LE .' I •— . ^N^ i VE .SOT JAY > JELL AN TICKLES MA. TUT UP-SO.ANNUME YOU SA^<, KID '30 CHKVSLCn 1'aiiit, Mo«« SEDAN. New A-l ........ S184 COOL BEDROOMS. REASONABLE MRS. WERT. ^12 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment. 'JOS Dougan. Phone 870-J. 18c ktf 2 room FURNISHED Apartment and garage. Cool, reasonable. 1C01 W. Ash. lie k6-ll FONTIAC COACH. A good CVir real . S13S, •30 lOifn SI'ANDAK!) COU»'E. LiccnLe i teady to BO S195 "S3 AUSTIN COUPE. A leal bauain, uomc anil sec II. TRUCK BAKGAINS •3U (SMC 31i TON TIIUCK, Laije nody 518!* '32 ronil lij-TON TRUCK. mini Wheels, closed Cab 529» '30 FOK1> PICKUP, Closed ' L '.iv. KubiK'r like new ... $18i PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY USEn OAK LOT turner 1st * Walnut Sis. •FboM »10 - BU FURNISHED bedroom. 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardto, after 5 P. M. . Ic ktf Nicely Furnished BED ROOM Mrs. Noleu, 310 West Walnut. Me k5-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS We clean icni store winter clothes and bed covers. Moth-pr»»f, Bre- prouf vaults. Pay next fall* Unique Cleaning Strricc WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and Egjs, highest prices paid. Rite Price Grocery, rhote 231. Ill E. Mahi. 9c k6-9 with ur without boaid,*ICBB heal, hot water, nasvnabfe ntt«, Phone 234, Bite Price Gro. 29c ko-29 BUSINESS iiiUECTORY COUNTY WORKERS UNION lor men and women over 16 Dues, 51 per year Milk fed FEVERS for sale. PICK, AED'S Store. 1014 Chickasnwba 17-ck-B-n ROOM & BOARD Rcaily-Maiic Slip CoVers Approved by Good llousckeepinj. Choice nf r*>d materials. lit Guaranteed—Ji Usual Prke Mir. C. M. Gray, agent Roomers and Boareers—Home-like .•ilmosphcre. Prkes reasonable Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 519 W. Main. Call 278-J. ^K kli FOR SALE OR TRADE HIGHEST Car,h Prices paid for Inuss, aluminum, copper, zinc. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. Ho 1:6-8 Ask us about Oic Hagen Honej Center Golf Balls. They're Bitter. Hubbard ILirdwarc Co. 5ck6-5 WHEN you ;irc lisli hungry come to McFall Fisli Market, «5 W. Asli. Fresli Fish At All Times. Ic W-l AUTOMOTIVE Start A Savings Account With Us On Everjthhis for the Automobile Hnbbard lldw., Automotive Dept. Phone 476 Phone FOR SALE LUNOl! ncX)M —Uood location Weil slocked iiud well cniiip i'riced [or quiet siile. Oilier busi ness forcing sule. Apply Cciirie News (01 infonnnlltMi. 21c fc2 BARGAINS in good, clean, used ic boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co OHEAP—?D acres Browing alfalt nr-ar Blyllicvillc. Everett B. Gee Fccrts, Flour. Oreceries & Meal at Best Prices. We Deliver. Pt»n< 23), Rife Prke GroceD'. Sc For Sale— 1 good Delco ARAGE 1 dolne good business Good location, exoelleut equip- ent. Will sell clieap or wha. avc you? J. C. CHAP1N. Mnnilo rk. 23-pk-3l National Uash Register. New Dea 'rading Post, 120 W. Main. B ck6-£ KEAL ESTATE lee me for 3. 5. II or 15 arre tracts fronting on Kranklin Street be- inning at Missouri Arenw, north E. M. TERRY Thorn 617 or 3K For Sale or Trade i acres well improved in most beautiful section of Ozarfcs, minutes from dandy town, 1! minutes from best fi.shins in stale nod house, plenty frail. Will s«c rilicc for S750, part rash, balanci easy. Will consider trading lock of merchandise. J. C. CHAPIN. Manila, Ark. H)R SALE Five Room Cotlase wilh bath, corner lot. gravel street, 1'ricic Addn S550.00, $100.00 cash, 310.00 month Four Room Collage, two corner !oU> Tride Addn. $45000. tlOO.OO cash S8.50 month. Sis Room CottHse. Norlli Fifth modern house, shade, shrubbery and outbuildings. Cost owner t2.800- .00 non-rcsicicnl Sell for tl.050— Terms. plant, I battery radio set. 1 uicd decline refrigerator, new & used electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 22 ck 6-22. FEMALE HELP WANTED MAN wanttd to supply customer with famous Walkins Product? in BlylhcvlHc. Business establlslicd earnings average S25 weekly, pay Claris immediately. Write J. R Walkins Company. 70-58 W. Iowa An.. Memphis, Tcnn. Ptetty Six Room .Stucco Bungnlo* lear "Kentucky St. 31.800.00. S200.0C ash. balance $16.00 monthly, G7i ntcrest. •5ix Room Klucco. near Davis. i;or- ler lot. S2.000.00. $200.00 $18.00 monthly. C% interest. Onu Acre ond Collage road, one h«U mile of town. $1.600 —Terms. THOMAS liAND CO. WANTED job Wanted by boy just gradtialcc from Higli school. Not afraid ol work. Will do anything. Write Box .I Care Courier News. 23xxtt FURNITURE LAWN CHAIRS Uiinrnluted * I - B - painled '25C THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. I'OULTKY & KGGS Sell rts yonr ponllry. We pay hljh- est prkes for hens 4; fryers. B. T. Worthy 315 E. Main. FEEDS For Sak: HAY. new or old. Best and worst grades alfalfa. J- O. Rankin farms, next Walnut Grove Tourist Camp, south of Holland, Mo. 26-pk-30 it. W. Cook. Allv. Ad LlU'tu. Read CoOTIer News Wane Ada. court mimed In tlic SIMiLt IIANDKD! WE'RE HEAR TlV LAW Or oil HIS FRONIItR tits OUT WERE TH" FIRST OU1POST 15 UP , 50 ACMAN'tL hOOWiN CAMP MW StlRS OP 5O»^E CttOW-. OURT«P TO WEALTH THE PIRST OFTHt BEST fifth \S fO« H£ TO GO ON W IO TH' ENEMV'S Ul«5.ALONE -I TWNK CAN . -. , IF /—^— 'A BOLO HAO TH'ftftMV /AN' PftWKROUS Pi AN, AT BEST-BUT, AT V£AST, HXL W TH SWAMP YOU TVA rV\Y CUPPED/ ; TO PUT IN ORDER-THEN, TO.TORTUNE WELL.BOVS, 50 LONG/J I'LL BE ' "• SEEIN'.. -.VUH- "-mK-p*-.f THERE A'.NT A VJftV TO GET PAST THAT SENTRV,WITHOUT SEEIN 1 ME- BABK IS NO HEL1'! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1M WROW6-BOT CXXR OOT IM T>\' COONTOY , MUCH CHMiCt OV MAW3.V ' THVa OF WASH TUBBS BtA?Kf MOW WR'RK SETTIMO ] ( A JCfcLOUSI SOMEWHSRE, POONER. ' v WVAL, i / THW MUG MA>f ee THE BETCHA.A K6VTO/H.L t etr/S BIN OK MV HEELS UJN&'tMOU&H TAKfc A-WAi.K,WU.L VA? kDT ONLY MVSTERKXIS, TOUCH. SOMEWHAT SURPRISED THiT J.J.lWtC IS •SvWEET OW A BLONDE, HALF HIS OWM A6E. ALSO LOKN THAT BA«4KER LAHC. ARE A1IM& SHAPOWER. • UUZ/'S MEMORY AND MONKY COME BACK! ALESMAN SAM I HID \T BEHIMO TH THIS COFFEE , &e.T SET FOR. BUT TH' J?2,000 U'&SM'T r SftFE A THREAT FOR I)IHK! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TFOROET THAT HOW'S ; NAME..,1'M USINS ACT J -THE NAME 'DIRK' GOING I AROUMP HERB,.. THEY'D MISS MS LIKE STILL If THeVD MISS THE- THE pop-l .BUBONH: PLAGUE.. ULARGUy. ( I-BET.II^ A KNOWS VVHY I'M WWW'S THE IDtA OF CM.UK1C 'ME IN? THE BIG BOSS WAMTS YOU BACk... THEM'S -. OBDECS tTS THE PIPST THIMO IV6 DOWE,FOR A TIME,TtWS HAD ME FIREP WITH -j GNTMUSIASM !.' J2 . BIRDS IN THIS BURG COULD GET TH6IR HAWOS ON A GlW, MY INSURAMCE COMP*MY WOOLONT SLEEP NIGHTS.' J HE NATIVES JUMPING THROOGH

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