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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Oakland Tribunt, Monday, Aug. 20, 1945 Service News OfOaklanders in i tmm i A A felt n. U.S.0. Lounge Is Dedicated Ilia USO. Service Women's Lounge, 366 15th Street, was dedicated yesterday afternoon, both formally and informally formally in a ceremonly presided over by Earl B.

Leonard, vice-chairman of the Oakland O. Council, and informally New of awards, assignments. ful lough end graduations of service-Bea and women from thu area was announced today by the Army and Navy departments, as follows: AWARDS Pfe. Cllftaa E. Farter, ion of Mra.

6tella L. Stewart, S325 38th Avenue; by Art Linkletter, who made special trip from Hollywood for the grand opening. machine gunner, Distinguished Unit Linkletter interviewed WACS, badge as member of Third Battalion WAVES, SPARS and women Ma of 363rd Infantry Regiment, Mat rines in a delayed broadcast, to be Division conquering Monticelli Ridge, dominating neight on the released this evening at 7:30 clock over Station KLX. Gothic line in Italy. 7- i i ii Leonard opened the dedication Sgt Arttaar R.

Freeh, husband of ceremonies by introducing Chaplain Kirs. Constance Frueh. 823 81st Charles Dana Chrisman, Navy, who Street; mortar squad leader, Dis gave the invocation. A gold-fringed tinguished Unit badge as member of American flag was presented to the Battalion for Monticelli Ridge new Service Women's Center by the i ction. War Activities Committee of the Oakland Rotary Club.

After greet Cpl. Wesley E. Hansen, son of Mrs. Anna Hansen. 981 Aileen ings from the City of Oakland by Leonard, who is secretary to Mayor Street; armorer artificer, Distin guished Unit badge as member of Herbert L.

Beach; Harold B. Allen, USO. regional executive, wel Third Battalion for Monticelli Ridge action. comed women in uniform to visit the lounge henceforth on any day between the hours of 11 a.m. and Second Lieut Bert I.

Gray, of 2623 East 11th Street: anti-tank pfatoon 11 p.m. leader; Distinguished Unit badge as OFFICERS SPEAK member of Third Battalion for Mai, Arthur Lonpgan. of the Monticelli Ridge action. Theae officials helped plan the annual Bnd Brith picnic held at the Oakland Zoological Gardens yesterday, which was attended by mors than 1200 persons. They art (left to right, stated) Lionel Banas.

president Max Jaife. trustee, and (standing) Al Levine. executive committeeman, and Isidore Schonwold. lodae treasurer. Tribune photos.

Army's P.O.A.T.C., and Commodore Ralph Lorimer, of the Naval Land 8ft Joseph Miranda, son of Mrs. Matilda Miranda, 1627 81st Street; A new U.S.O. lounge for servicewomen was dedicated yesterday at 366 15th Street Four women who accepted the lounge on behalf of their services were deft to right) Capt Dorothy Mott Marines Lieut Dorothy Bockwith. SPARS; Lieut Comdr. Doris T.

Wtitcott WAVES, and MaJ. Katherine M. Marshall. WACS. Tribune photo.

ing Force Equipment Depot, spoke assistant squad leader, Distin on behalf of military services. guished Unit badge as member of After a vocal solo by WAC Pvt. Third Battalion for Monticelli lc Mary E. Barbe, WACS, WAVES. SPARS and women Marine repre Ridga action.

Pfe. Cannel Car use. son of Mrs. sentatives officially accepted WINS. lounge.

Acceptances were made Mary 1234 73rd Avenue, machine gunner; Distinguished Unit Capt. Dorothy Mott, Marines; Lieut. World Safety Record Is Set YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Auf. 20. (Employees in the open hearth.

badge as member of Third Battalion Dorothy Beckwlth, Coast Guard; MaJ. Alice Brown, of the WACS and for Monticelli Ridge action. Pfe. Bob K. Palaasoa, son of Mr.

LIEUTENANCY FOR BATTLE AREA WORK Two U-Boats Still Unaccounted For LONDON, Aug. 20. (f) Two German submarines still are unaccounted for following the surrender, of the U-977 off the Argentine coast August 17, an Admiralty spokesman said today. The two missing U-boats are believed to have been furnaces at Republic Steel Corpora and Mrs? A. V.

Palassou. 2500 Grande Vista Avenue, rifleman; port service; Ma. Katherine Marshall, Capt. Margaret Lyons and Capt. Marian Lee of the Air WACS; Lieut.

Comdr. Doris Westcott, Lieut. Mary Bowman, Lieut. Mary Raines and Ens. Carolyn Duke, WAVES.

Benediction was given by MaJ. William B. Sharp, of the U.S. Army-TO BE USED BY HUNDREDS Hundreds of servicewomen now tion's Youngstown district plant have established a new world's record for safety by working 713 man-hours since August 1. 1M4 without a single lost-time account Distinguished Unit Badge as mem ber of Third Battalion for Montt celli Ridge action.

Although promoted "in the field' from sergeant to lieutenant for out standing supervision of construction sunk. Cpl. Leland Peterson, husband of Mrs. Marjorie Peterson, 2658 HB' of air strips in the West Pacific, vensrourt company Richard F. Covell, 456 Lagunitas clerk, member of 361st Infantry Regiment's 3rd Battalion, Distin lied Unit citation badge for ac Dy nvrAven is mort concerned with the the use of this exclusive downtown lounge, according to Mrs.

A. G. prospects of getting back to deer Steltzner. chairman of the operat- hunting than with his over-night tivilies near Livergnano on the i ih Army front in Italy. ftr ing committee a group of civilian volunteers in charge of the lounge.

Women in uniform passing through Lieut. William Sheppard, promotion. According to a despatch from the West Pacific, Lieutenant Covell, although elated with the promotion, i of Mrs. Florence Sheppard, 3809 this area will also have useof the way: platoon leader, member loungp. and escorts are welcome, she stated.

greeted the news with the statement "Deer hunting is on my mind today I'm anxious to get back to r.filyt Infantry Regiment's Srd 'lion. Distinguished Unit badge Livergnano action on the Fifth play funnv maw Conveniences include a canteen my favorite outdoor sport." A my front in Italy. ASSIGNED Lieutenant Covell, 34, a graduate of Polytechnic College of Engineer Sft. Eugene J. Sweeney, nf 7424 ing, has been overseas more than Lockwood Street; to Chico, Call a year, and won a battle star in the fornia, Army Air Field, a Fourth Palau campaign, where his unit built and snack bar, and the renter is located in the section of the building formerly occupied by the Betsy Jnrvis Restaurant, adjacent to the Y.W.C.A.

The operating committee includes Mrs. Steltzner, Mrs. Earl L. Menker, Mrs, Harvey Lynn, Mrs. L.

L. Brandenburg, Mrs. Raymond C. Gillette, Mrs. Fred Dye, Mrs.

Barney Glazer, Mrs. George Perkins, Mrs. Richard McDonald, Mrs. P. J.

Kramer, Mrs. Arthur a and Mrs. Clark Air Force fighter traiping base. an air strip in 20 days. Previously he had served six months in the Marianas.

Children and adults enjoyed the picnic sponsored by the Bnai Brith yesterday, which featured games, refreshments and dancing. Pictured here are Mrs. Ida Roback deft) and son. Donald Roback, 3. with Murray and Ruth Rubin and their daughter.

Sheila Rubin, 6. His wife, Lucille, and mother, Mrs, Pearl Covell, live at the Lagunitas Avenue address. Moore. TVi Inn na1rr a rievlr for Veterans' Guide -for instanco converting electric energy into Berkeley Hero Expected Home EASTBAY MEN KILLED IN ACTION 4 A VETERAN NO PROBLEM CHILD Names of two Oakland-area men WASHINGTON, Aug. 20.

Just dictions), that they understand BERKELEY, Aiir. 400 Joseph G. Farlnka, U.S.N.R., 1529 Miller Avenue; aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific. Kendall Hawkins, U.8.N.: 321 Orange Grove, aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific. Wllburn V.

Ledingham. U.S. 10732 Pippin Street, aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific. FURLOTJGHED T4 Dick M. Leeng.

'31 8th Street: returned to U.S. after 34 months overseas. GRADUATED CWO Vernon C. Mingham, Husband of Mrs. Georgina G.

Minghamr of 223 Foster Avenue, and son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mingham, of 5718 Broadway; from Property Sales and Accounting and Auditing Course at the Army Finance School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

Pvl Thomas Leverett Brown, U.S. M.C.R., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown, 29 Mesa Avenue, Piedmont; from the Infantry and Browning Automatic Rifle Section School at Camp Pendleton. Oceanside.

killed in action were included in few hark I wmt that we teamwork and have learned to take days of combat in the Mediterranean new casualty list received today from the War and Navy Depart nients. NAVY DEAD PACIFIC for their own protection. and European theaters of war, Capt. must be prepared to sort of make, tends to prov, what fPrvicemen, Wilfred A. Ninnis.

20, son of allowances for the actions of ex-servicemen have known all Mr. nnr! Mrs. V. S. Ninnis.

2242 people we meet when we leave the along. Veterans don't have to be Grove Street, is due home within the service and get back to civilian life because it would be next 30 dys In a light manner, I tried to warn Patriotic duty. We don have to Wounded by shrapnel In that nmp rnnle hav heen misled be treated as a special group which France, aptain Ninnis, commander uc Vlelra. James, Fireman 1c, U.S.N.; (Previously reported miss ing) son of Mrs. Silvania F.

Vieira, the vertical lines parallel? They are, but tha "herringbone" pattern creates the optical illusion that they aren't. Eyes are tricky. That backache, or head ache and, yes, even that touch of indigestion may be ft signal from your eyes that you are over-straining them. Neglect this warning, and your eyes may balk outright, or distort your vision. Right now you may be suffering1 from defective vision and not know it.

Eye muscles assume a lot of extra burdens before complaining. The best way to be sure you are free from defective vision is to have a thorough examination such aa Dr. John son will give you. You will then learn whether youf vision is normal, whether you need glasses, or If a few simple exercises will correct your trouble. But to post pone this examination may prove disastrous, i ii; nni.

iiu vhi nn sairepi. nerKeicy. by a flood of articles and books, J. lumpany ine "1 aphy DEAB-PACIFIC how the returning veteran rKi. Th.r.fnr.

it employment simply because gener- of headqiuirteis company com- Smith, Sterling Pfe son of Mrs Hnzel F. Smith. 7810 Nev man ally they're smarter, have courage, manrier. fi.lid Division, saw war lend in Europe at Landsburg, where humor these folks and try to guide nd hT- them bark to the beam. Hitler gave birth to his "Mein Kampf." A graduate of Berkeley Tuft Oakland AriYIV High School and formerly associated: 1 WO mj Now the Ameriran Veterans it Armu llntm iv World War II.

with the co-opera-1 T0 ",0 Veterans Fly to U.S. tion of several colleges and uni with the Pacific Paint and Varnish Co. in Berkeley, Captain Ninnis M.G. Training Schools DON'T HB rOOLRb BY PBOMlfttB. INSIST an a WRITTEN msar-krk GUARANTEE for 7M a SIN OLE DOLLAR.

NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS. REASONABLE RATER. Poll-IIt relUf Inia SanSntt an Uctaf la In treatment. If art lailnt fif hair kH frawth It not ntrmtl II rtt htt thtt hllr-SMtroflnt ItthT lBrft at tnr tf tht etmnitn tl tllmtnli Ihtt ttatt BALDNESS, till far FREE tetlv titmlnitlon. Writ, lor Inftr-nillon.

Tht ORIGINAL tnS, tll.r IS rttri. till tht ONLT Inttltnlt In tht Bl Am It tnhn telnal PROTOI al EVERT CASE It PROVE aartntt.i rttultt. Ctmt In Ittftt. PILON INSTITUTE tomorrow. versities, has completed a survey of vets attending those schools, As a riuriitiniK i rnifr ihhms, come went into action at Salerno, then Two Oakland men were among Two Onklnncl WASHINGTON.

Aug 20 'Pi um-iu i re.mlt the A VETS want to know Six of the Army's seven Civil Af- nn i-ieirn. cassino. 'in wi who started the idea that the vet- fairs Training Schools for military RPio River, and Montrlimar. He: to arrive by planes of the Air Trans- cni' CI nrrvuiii 1QU Amiv nnn lY i nl a4 rtnrt rftmrn onfl at Miami Atmv Air eran would inevitably be malad- gnvernmeat orncers win oe ciosen by August 21. the War Department BS Siegfried Line was shattered justed announced today.

and comes home with a Bronze Star Arrowhead, the latter awarded to the 3fith Division. WHAT STARTED ITT Why did ao many get the Idea the ex-serviceman would have to so Imiai ink anaetn men I nl i (tV 4 Oat The six schools are at Yale. Chicago, Michigan, Stanford, Northwestern and Harvard Universities. 1440 Irsidwiy HI-1B1I it was announced today by the Army. They are: Pfe.

Lawrence D. Glatin, 26, of 5980 Howell Street, whose 32 months of overseas service with the field artillery terminated in Germany. He holds eight battle stars, the Invasion arrowhead, and the distinguished unit citation. T'4 Reid S. Bailey.

32. of 7708 DM Msrktt Ik. P. EX krttk ten a. encstt tun.

MM a.m. It Xayiaf" ral UNIT CITATIONS GIVEN TO 2 SUBMARINES himself used to civilian life' It's hav PJv.ded postgraduate in-too bad a release from the A VETS structions for men who have com-didn't get around widely because it fd basic courses at the School points to a point. M'tary Government in Char- It approaches along this line We -lottesville. Va. had scarcely got into the war when1 Tne Charlottesville school will fnlkn henan in rfiniK ihp nnv.ii- continue in operation but students Presidential unit cilalio'ns have home Omvtnknl wttilf ia-.

Vi)vM tr monthly ptymtnlt III" without mltrtd tr JAi txlrt chsrtft: XV' 6 MONTHS TO PAY hfon a i ri t. iho Ga rii id Avenue, is Douna Dimies me poor ooys in me service I "7 Ih. Pnrnl. Heart the back sent nirect to staging areas ior nn nranon inr extraor- would meet when they came transfer to the Pacific. (Iiiihi heroism in slalkuiK and sink-1 "ver awr, nKm vniur home Everyone started by assum iiiK shipping, the 2th distinguishefl tinil citauon in NuvhI District smri toriuv i months of overseas service, termin- INDIGESTION Stomach llvtr IndlfntlonT Try Pip mtdt from France's Mtxlcan Ptpirt.

at Httlth Food Stortt, 0c. Nen laxativt, no "druit." For ether httlth hints htar Dr. stitrmtn, radio KM, Berkeley. a.m. Sallr.

Ing the veteran would be a problem and then went on from that assumption. i Netherlands Presents The Si'Mlinn "went deep into Jap-ating In Germany, with a field artil- Hnesr re. tricted witters, fniinht off lery division. So repetition of this screwy idea nothing more than a dreiimed-iiP Reparations WlOlfll extremely strong air mid surface The theory oegan lo De accepted as a IX5NDON, Aug. 20 (Pi attacks and sunk thousands of tons of enemy shipping." It also braved a typhoon to rescue 54 British and Australian prisoners of war who DUCE Tht Wlllhtat WT It't lu? It Ltlt TRT PAP TEA iacv.

teemcu umpie 10 say mi Netherlands government. In a note distressing physical and emotional to Britain, the United States. Russia experiences tend to throw a oer- rr.n n. uu MDiya WIIIIiim Hiiltb Syiton son off-balance. War Is such an ex-'fnr German reparations.

The official JPnese trans- perience. Therefore, the guys In the Netherlands agency Aneta said to- Pn roule 'rom Singapore war would end up by being off-! day the note demanded a "fair and balance. "Hooey" say the A VETS, ieauitable" share both of all Queenfish struck at heavily Crockett Hero Returns to U.S. Winner nf the Silver Star for gallantry in action In Germany, and decorated with the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, TSgt. Earl Hendrick, of Crockett, was among returning veterans given a heroes' welcome when the 28th Infantry "Keystone" Division sailed into Boston.

Sergeant Hendrick won the Silver Star when, with the division that first set foot on German soil, he epotted a Nazi 5-man gun crew moving up on an Allied position at the Seigfrled Line. When they came within range he hurled a grenade in their midst, and although under fire from Nazi snipers, completed the job with his rifle. In addition to his other awards, he wears the Combat -Infantryman Badge. He won the Purple Heart when his right arm was broken by fragment of a German "88" sheli, nd the Oak Leaf Cluster when German artillery hit his patrol, killing two and wounding three men. including Sergeant Hendrick.

The 20-year-old platoon sergeant Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hendrick of 1837 Johnson Avenue.

Crockett. A brother. Jack, with anti-aircraft outfit still In Germany. Oakland Captain Assign td to Clinic Capt Edward P. ritxgerald, of M9 Warfield Avenue, has been assigned to the dental clinic at DeWItt General Hospital at Auburn after 22 months overseas, it wsi announced today.

A member of the Army Reserve stnre November, 1032, Captain Fitzgerald entered active duty February IS, 1941. and served for 22 months In the Mediterranean theater with field hospital attached to the 15th Air Force. Formerly engaged In private practice In San Francisco, he wears the American Defense ribbon, and the European, African, and Middle I item service ribbon with one bronte battle itar. The theorists forgot that humans internal and external assets to be convoys, and in a brilliantly MEN WANTREb UNION OIL COriPAIIY OLEUXI REFinEQl" SKILLED LABORERS .......57.80 Doily WAREHOUSEMEN Daily 48-hour week minimum FAMILY HOUSING SINGLE MEN DORMITORY AND CAFETERIA PERMANENT INDUSTRY LEARN NEW TRADE COMPANY INSURANCE AND HEALTH IENEFITS UNION OIL CO. OF CALIF CLXUII, CAUT.

1 MIU NORTH NO. 40 sr.D EQUIPMENT FOR SALE AVAILABLE NOW particularly young humans are for reparations purposes and flexible and ran take plenty of vessels surrenderble by mental and physical punishment. jGermany. Furthermore, experience in the serv-i-- Ice teaches self-discipline and initia-1 London NOW DlOHiOnd live It also rontributes to maturity rxrruirn periscope ailacK sang a Japanese carrier." She likewise took part in the typhoon rescue, picking up 18 British a Australian A third suh. the Barb, already ha' been awarded the citation for that r.lf rtlllar Trwltr.

RD S'l, ED Srrtatrt, Ctrrrtllt, Rlpatn, p.w.r Cttlrtl Unlit, l-rtrd KtthrlM i-rirl II Ctmhlnttlea mm Madtl SM. Drat Sena fellow grows up faster mentally CaDltOl Of World rescue and other feats. and socially in the service. Crtth.r, Shtttilttt Ttmatr.

Plat Thrttdlns MatSlatt, 4" tt Is" and la remaltlt with sltttf arid JDItt, Eltotrlt Meiers. Ptaitt. Air Cea. Ornilnt Etiltmtet, Dim LONDON.

Aug. The Dallv Sketch aairl twtav tha war WAIVTED REASON FOR SURVEY i So what the A VETS fear hsi made London the world's dla- Two d.ning-room woitressej that employers may have been led Ptwtr Pltett, Drea Lit. Bstaeu, ran-thlt Wtldles Methlata, tad Veritas etker C.nttrtotl.n KRITZER ROIIIPMEUT CO. OAKLAND SM Mtrktt St, Pktet TR aialtker SIS1 for resort.

Phone collect, Resident Monoger. Ilchirdiea Miami Iirlagi Ckics, CaUI. mond capital by giving it a monopoly of diamond craftsmen. The newspaper said some 200 Antwerp and Amsterdam diamond merchants fleeing the Naia had come to London during the war, and about half of these experts in turning by whacky discussions of the veteran "problem," to expect trouble if they hire ex-servicemen. That's the reason the survey of students was made likely the only way a number of ex-servicemen would be found together.

FRESNO S4SS Cktrrr At, Phtat Ertwt S-7t WANTED Men to Train for KEY POSITIONS Ptrmantnt Security Continental Can Co. 5t0nair Liandro Sf, 'Oikland ANdover 5121 rougn stones into polished gemsja-s The survey disclosed that on traits planned to stsy. such aa sociability, tactfulness, leadership and courtesy the ex-service-man rated considerably better than the non-veterans, that they are better students, that they have a capacity for making friends and being at esse (contrary to peaatmlstle pre- DOH'T use Now Iht tlm fo tJo those things we have deinf AFTER the War. How, with Victory ct har.d, lv thoit returpilnf Veterani of ourt all the eomf; 3 ni conttnltneti HOME thty aeiervt until the comet when thty can buy their own homes throO G.I. lilltff Rights.

We aeeelsllse In the seslkatlee ef Jehne-Msevllle, Cal4, s-a" fteTetttfiisre ef hhmtHmt tefSNllef year saHTW-1014. Acme Heel C. 1421 Sae bte Ave. I Oll4, 1, Calif. RUPTURED? See Vf Islere Tei lav Wl THINK -HOUUT JOHN" TRUSS Ih WORLD'S snore than WANTED DY a OAKLAND CIVIL SERVICE BOARD All EXAnillATIOIl CLERK Good Salary Ptrmancnt Position ta PPV Room 323, City Half fUT HURT? NX C6HI JVgc3 cauoush INGROWN TOINAILS fallen A whet Traettd SMentllleany eX.M0NX0ICUIY!Ttt).S.C: lt J71J51 Ireaalla lHdlf lJ4 trw- liraat Ottlea' Wrtaaet ebllfatieaj en erf tni-" the Mlawlafl rasslrs e) asy karae.

i too'- I I rdlnarr tnttett. Lot ua nroltln the many eutundlna fetturea nl Or. Bmlth't "RONEST JOHN" TBHSS. R.aRr Maae MtSltal AetkerHlee. Me tills ttlte.

LEONARD'S Surgleti ApMmm 111 tlfk Srraet OtnmM ttnk TE aialetMr ms at Com mart tiMaH tmtr etetnf't RADIO REPAIRING ts-wora Fvirj tiff RAfos emorowT ALL WORK UARANTEE I0l BROAD WAT, OAKLAND rUl Hlghgrntt tin Mf name Cy 'I Mt JL.

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