Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 14, 1945 · Page 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1945
Page 15
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o o 3, 41 REALTY WANTED n foe WAy to sell. ad Nit at tn pre nciueef naeed with us for eaie te 194; as our but satisfied chests eey. y want aicic. fi.H-wnt jterra,, see CL L. Wjuas. S918 Foothill, sweTwooa 3505. DESPERATELY is mesa eg hones; pienry of cash buyers; equities bought and seidr free adeertisiAg: fast, effieieat service. W. S. It-kin 4t Ce-. Aliiwv 2. evthse. a oover uaoz. DESjsVAJBX 4 roeaa aeaee- owwr oniy. A ! cover 31 iAaT iJwUiwa, J ) tiec.-eom "borne, furnished, unfurnished; direct from owner; terms or cash. E- Grger. General Delivery, JR- mori, caiixonua. HAVE a pro&pee for 4-room house East Oakland, 'early Bossess'ion, i000-j009. Steinhebel, KE Uog HOUSES. "Eai. cSStTJuVk; cash equities bought anywhere Eactbay. Biaic, 317 Kan Pee-io, Fledmool rLV Si"cs4i tjer, 5-6 roorr.i. Mill; CoUege. faOqiaoM. bituiiheoet. r-.t. iioEg a-KZ'Hj. HAVE buyers for North Oakland home, flats, duplex. CjMMBaT9i4 AW'WLI 1.T I I. ; . -Jl . IVUIUinT 11B1. n tatit B-uec, ft looms, e-e&e anent. East Oakland, 7oae.(eOOS. 1 l.-'Sk U 1 "ll xirvvjb sor sntaii stores nr ttuiu. ness loti. EverMf. a?as VnMtktii 1 rtl liTOTHcfiT Property anywhere. Utile Kaaitr. oay or wifht. AS tiberry 130. PRIVATE pany wishes ta buy RKm teHtse M East Oakland. H'gg g-gDt. PliftCiJ-L fcas buyars for your prop. lEropleiMr tm. 04? BiX-foom stucco buugalow. north Oakland or Befkajjw neaf CuhoUc school. PL ympic I5B6, WAiNt t-rpom modern home in glass uaniana or sen lemiro, turrusned or unfufotsltadi awner aeeupa4; possession 99 days; mutt be good neiiibBortiaad. ANdovar aiiz. WAj-WllMl.(W noma: f1?!.oown. w, Mil iekhavan 'lisfivemriKS. iTAwf twos about 808:'"leai"oi Beraaiary avenue, aw eetwsod 42 INCOME PROPERTY ATTRACTIVE, modern tllree-story ftiuiio, orica lunmim nouses la well pleased, liberal site light airy apartments: each apartment-' ha oerjroam, ilia Been room, wall bad, m.... .j.mie.., 91EaBWt inDSi 1 heawifuJ tile lobby, t-utM gu fired wnHM fieam neat, aot wgtar piani, reingeratlon; property in ex-celwnB eondition: fine investmant bie ateadv inrnm srtitnal Mmir to.. 314 nth Street: GLeWaurt towdern, 8-sUiry stucco apartment suae of 4 t-room, 4 3-room apart.i tnnia wjin oeoroomaa aisa eou; anout wait eeaa, uie oatAreoms, ens, breakfast nook, plenty large; vsetna eipsets, auwrnattc pnam beat, refrigeration, laundry, large dry basement! garagaai axeellaM eonditiM; splendid ineome; close to -Ke, paries, ate. mutual neaity km., an Tm pireet; trLenenurt osj A besuiif ul Lake' MerriR apaiMlent nouse, saving an unsurpassed pan-orajriuc view of Lake, Piedmont rMiip a permanent pant at your irom aoor, mooera apartments, JO. fully furnished: eenerete base meat; laimdry; fa fired automatic team heit. with sanaraU gas tirad tmt water plant; walking distance 10 mimic, ai5ifiti, annual income Street; Ot, eneotirt t?9. A oicturesaua stucco, tile roof mod close te Lake, etc East unit three- oearoom, sunqecK, 1 bathrooms, living rooin, fireplaca, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, rumpus room: West unit, bedroom, aun- tferk, living room, fireplace, dining room, orcaKtaai room, Kiwrien; interior entrances to 'garages, basa- ment laundry, Mutuw Bealt Co., 31 Utt Sti-yet, Gt,'ngourt (1292. Atf tAmi twrlGfeft PiVLtx! 1439-14S7 f Jrd Avenue, alaae ta East 14th Street shopping ' eaiitar, local and San Francisco transportation: corner fireplacas. Venetian blinds, tiled kitchens and bath; only 41200 cash reauired, balanca at $3S per month; one apartment available Tor immediate occupancy. Key at MOT ii,ast urn street, w inta a clvds a. iwf kV lii Spectators humrJ.:. roomsvi-ifur-nishco in 1 and i.room apirtnUma alio large store on wide deep tot; neeuf paint no paper oniy; tn, rm location; lull price tU.500. eis! terms Jo right party ; income over f m -a montn. Ban jar. wautet U mboldt 0512, College at Broad. wav. . - 'iVr APAKTMKNTS near Likasist fern; nicco-trame construction; 's. 3's. 4's and 5's; garage, tteam heat, refrigeration;- an eMollept income and. investment. Chas. tt. wujon 314 17th street; tf (hgatc A coon Btry'At A't Wme' Its 4 i and two A si should net IB or rrtaw near Ninth Avenu nl cast lit h; nncea fii,8aa. t.. u. mii man, Ss Saminary Avanut, TBini- 08U ,1IU( Income $115 mo lOHth; 4- r room apart merits; Filbert Street. Shown by apt-oointrnent -G. V. ormon. SOU 19th Street, tit, encoyrt f05( TBrnplebar Ai'AiitKtliN'TS; 'BV t'ak'c 'Mcr'ritt1; a a s; oouhla gar gen tunny aipea-ure; aoartment available immadi- atoly lor purchaser. Chas. H. Wilton. 314 17th Street: MI ehwte 740b. SJciM-WbriWttllnaen'lireeti il-room heusa: 1 baths; garagaai 6 rentals: shown hv aoriointment Veltinet. M Telegraph, MM nt- Uoleit 5200. A "lore, apartment, 2 cottage; lot trexss; near iin anu vuenut, home, income, aoinit business. Goodin. GL encourt H74, ih en- court bi, AliAit'iifKN'T ' oiouse!' "i 3-rooin and I rear cottage. Ineome 4170 month. Price H13,lia, terms. Eulalia Andar 5!i0 Castro Street, Hay ward. A lovely flat with theamt o( two tores; owner occupied. SW aeti- wood 2531: 8312 East 14th. BEST duplex buy in East Oakland, i years oiq, stucco, Deautitm five, is completely furnished: nearly new lurnishmci: four ha ateva. refrigerator; both redecorated ; beautifully landscaped by professional architect, picket fence, ban-becUe and WW; double garage; 4 bloclt vaet of mi Cnlleao: BSIMI MaeArthur. Tn inidad 3679; open oaiuraay evening, an My ainwayi raar 10-room an e, ' 5764. Avenue; oou garage, near MaeArthur: furnitwa aptional; aWSaB; IslaoF down; our apart-lint rear. yments. iNortn. edraont S85J HU mholdt BEfeELEY. 2-8 room nati;' atovei iiuwi u.iiim.-e, Kiages; -lot DIXlHl centrally located! adjolnitn a-ream BV OWNER. MKI.HnuK ft Tl' Two S rooms each: hardwood floors ure un; it,ouo, waiBUI BU78 BV jwie,,, .are with livinl room. uwti iti; tfaaemenw garage, ga den; more now rented; noleesf. Bi Sunday, 1531 Slat Avenue. 0.mtM'ffl APARTMENT uoraieu in choice reOdenttal .district of Ban Francincn: eiv contisting of two bedrooms each with private bath, large living ream and solarium and dining room; on this floor 1. the breafa.t room and kitqhen: below is a servant's jm, garage, write OOX 819732. CUOsIKU ESTATE Must sell large house converted ints 1 "Mf ' siwmx -en heart ej j rutlvale dwtwet. neat transportation and 13 Mopping; ince-7.oo month, Mr Berger, GL encourt 3191: eveninaa. LAhehurst9-S64?.' ' - . 1 EXCEPflOlJALLY clean stucco ". years era. neareom each. Jobio PIU, JaaiwillJJ BKn, I noa-dava. session of hth ) sa , Jiiemhehel. KE lloie- MM, txcamt triplex, a apattmsn rentecL-Atrnwhed. good Income property witn nne nvin( quarters; ie riving mmrtgra; I ownef. MllMI- 4-5R72. Cdme -9204 n.I- mnnlh .n.na. 'ISti Pj"p, lntereet. tax) inturance tht aoout Sao per month net: llMinfHSaS Home nd Income for you on list Avenue, lSOQHlock, lew taxes; real TH ornwah 4744: evenlnes AShberry 4m. or LAnrt.cr 9-7221 FOR' sale -or trade; hotel. 1) rooms' mi w:uupiu, wonoeriui ocean view, aervlce Mtaiinn ana . in w. iw- ... LnectfoTM 30 minute from flan Fran. ri, yau iwininaq aioa, j 41 -4HCOME MOKITY . mat, dualex i Veer Ml measth; data in A -Street. Prar-iTlC. cub ar tuieua aimmn. 999 Ceetre (. Havward. Jott sale. apawaeaPaaJ ktirlaaar building an Game Awnue; all information an request. Phone TEea-plebar 0891, Sundavs or evenisgs. J'Uts-732. 234 Fifth Street; base? meat good, cnrwiimw; 962 Qu, easy term. . 1 - ' -' fll,!. corner gas station North oaf. bind; leased; pace (18.500. Everett, Pi W X UU1J1111, GRAND Lake district, m a tj a r a vt-vM-uwHas .mwruoeai; u rental, auestiy . i s; garages; steam beat, refrigeration; excellent eon-euuan; fine location. Chas. B. Wil-on. 314 7ut Street; HIgfcgat -orociertv. modera -'l-storv etueco building, 4 apartments. 4 roams earn: soutn ezpasurer-iMar transportation and stores: restricted district. Shown by appointment, 1 n ornwair zj. - r 10 units. S S-roora, Ta- tushed apartments; income $6000 yerjy; 523,000: one-half down; near Hayward. Palm tag Really, 7C 9 gireet. waywarq.- '- MAXWELL P-iti. croeer7stora and I four-room apartments. Far details call KE Uogg 4-d6it or KZ1- OCEAN Avenue. Oakland 5-room house in. front and 4jroom house in rear, tuu pnoe wwu, nau casa. Cuiaha Anetersea. 990 Castro Street, Haywara 77. TODAY'S beat bargains, four apart. aunts, 4123 monthly; East 19th, near pano Avenue, only &50. term: ten rentals, S27S net monthly ang race s room apartaent free J wner- tme locaUon, only THIS SOLVES Vftl H VEnli nil " laVunit bungalow court. 2 and 4 JSSSi, . o over "ill handle, balance from income. 7V " """"e. x.iiogg a-jezi, ivmk tuM TT 1 111 """"" t14 to 162a kth ivmni- U uJ Jt 46M0 cash: baurm rolwnthlui paid. Shown by appointment only. S-4MWME rKQFEItTT WANTED u p 1 e s e 1, fiat ",!. any location; cash iTiff?: fUl M Street. J.I j m- ArAitiaiENrs. stores wanted for PARTEERpn iMt tale. Call Sl: MM. wan, aweetwooa w ajm from owner, ineome crop- 01 urui prerarraa, oak,, jailjt arm vicinity. Bos Ma?487, 44AiBANY ALBANY: "white ruatie It 25flif10lp,rt,2l. ?"iitlM and chool, Imraadiate occupancy; also JJWt tvatte bocnTraBicb: mond Annex; f year old; Bay Kla n.'1 this fine leap IJI2 r of,Ce. field aw Sogers, Realtors, 1573 SolanrT Sl!S?T0aks i?uevard. near - " ? excellent nitjirmi f .... i". I 'H . levted bedroom; nam; aowo, isig Solans; BEAOTIfuL 1 - . mricy lnnxnn. IVE-room stucco; hardwood1 flonrt'. jurnwe; breakfast room; small haeS' f,W. wSmy NEILS0N Street, tOt: i7lid: ' renoviteci; .yacann eit finance, 16 Jnirpeet. call Bill (uiii ' EUlrk Mv Interiors nice yard; 17750; easy terrrui good laeationi hear honnlni. U-antportation and aehool; mdf: Talbot Avenue whit. ... i Wioms. 2 bedrooms, one carpeted-, ie-Saie.d. Wo. "Move right W- jo noerry . vei evenine. nr LAndscane s-asa 14 ALAMEDA AVAILABLE AKririv ui. ?,.,'. 4M50; older home, paau tlfully furnished. d.ti, u"j breakf?' room; large living. poster" ,uit;TFar3ry MM wertsiton doibbV S;.2?'T.fl,? eiosed yardT See 7 tTuTu' 'JIT, litest Awiq fitchl VnJloSm ttr?- aj.."'? 30 rear" S? JaTty'-jaSLiS into roam.: -. iam mimmmU?! i very low of iced 147M;t.Vm. ViT:.' 1 -en - -1 T.lv; , w.m ,!nm .tiatl avaiiapie; gpaq rnceeM, excellent eandmoa, ran verileitt.1 Bucltltni AWhAcrivk five-rhOrh hilnviT. sin nciiuisi nimi nw navai Air oase. 14Z0 Fourth mreei, Aiameaa; immediate pot session. " A glean five' room home; near high r it mm eisiorienpn.; central TajTS . principal omy. . 11 1 mill 1 r - ouainsaa, residence cottage, bus! Miami-, ti tv atreet, Aieiueaat 1 perfect for antiques, library, dress- nwiwi long living reem, eherm. fircptaoe,,! bedroom, etc. r)n. I ox Mgaaio, Tnnune. V Lis UL, modern stiieeA simmm I wim ouiit-tn- garage; flonrs. vimmI WsiinM barn wood mall lot. Buekland; LA fcehurst g-4595. i'ivb rooms, high basement,.1 netjd painiing. LA kenurst 2-7922. 5.el" aLAMIba. 114.4a. ' waSi..1!!!! SlyBErifl iour beaJoom, two beOT: vl, i.l, tu. I 3022 .vy, j,ew- anncioais i .'""'t rnBiaiaji)UMtar ai M n LA IraKurst Xtt' i"?"! venu. ownerii WiNM Streei. l48 load vroom I Emtio eoti iniy Muqoi m. Bueklartc urst a.BiH Six-room modei with gerag rnell tasement. Buckjandi LA ke- unt--lwap. l-room nutjoi leas than IJfJM 'do don't mis teeing this. Boss Wri down: ii a.-.. iSi."" "w f tS."'"f 17-i.U. 971 ua(iwn a- .. . mm 1ocl8oe.Jrnnlrr., tiful atuceni a as mX. 1 f elegranh h Aahhv ,;nTl,?: flats; fo'ur 4'urtX-midsNStSBXm&S ! fm uniB, 999,900. Near ATT&srTivr o t-rtiuWTSr Cottage on Grant Street between andVhoolijlivY'tarW yiewt level lot with fruit trees; herry 2634 evening. SIlilltQU t iWr-linniytVf - Tajftn AfS K . a. room home. rtrltid i.irfM- mutt tee ta anoreeiata. Hv annnint. -.riW" Af01 wuhett, "wan eiwi, BLAKE Street: inrnma 12 unlia: Mv iZ;t.rKZl -WioinK.t;ir"i:V.T:!r!..." psroewioo. VUHOy. t-IWllBUIIellKM ana income; room home on from n t-reorn anl garage in rear. Cm e!"J!.1i.tr'A 5 Sct. mento streerjB8 rkele 4272. IwJMWf StreaC Ml IT Cerrit;; imancar immediate tmi 0k Realty. TH ornwalt 1349. ' ,J-J IK. M .A1ILL11ATR Ml.,..).. . ill 1 nil nf "it t 19J7JUta. SUeit: BeVkalVIMAlII T. T MHramlMl fsaraAfl . WJrJUAIV colonial, 5 roams. floor, earner wlnoowt with ?.n tutu view, double garage; Owner. AS h berry I-0lH. WfrJTH Street; t; 45D50; 5 roc fine condition! beautiful hack "yard! I3ne!tias4ia4eiea eaKMtt T..s.. mm .f.T 7r W45-..rw;i;i&.t 9272: """in Berkeley dualex; buUt for mooern, a room; near then. I are only. (At ? " , trarwpo nation: BrtnciaaK far 94731. I hi I iSSi: miWIem a iMi- mm U.- 11.. 44 StUUCEUY tCoounuedi OWMEB aaeutuatL let Purdna Av. pot. umuirr Huav Five rooms-i. rjasemrnt. -aouble garage, atiieSTr Mivm yvan no. awei gTouraos, aucaly Mt: poced tor actwi. aw tier ha bought larger home. Phona TH era-wall W tor appointment and da- la!!. Will build a home stoar tar veterans war u or inose Becaing ancrgenay hauatna sa let swuettd Jiara Avenue, heiwacB Jones ' and 1 Hopkins Street, S7( Davis Street, Safe iaat- dro; LO ckhavcn t?329. SEVZSTH Sueet, 114; JjSlOO; 4-roora: tiorestriciad; beat condition: aquisit back yard and garden. Possession very soon. Bill Cuiiey, 2i Sacrsoeat Street, BErkeley JEight Monterey -Colonial 3'. near Vmvmttfi gross, 354. Call Mr, .inkirk. W. 4. Mortimer ft Co, BErke)ey 3100. THbrawaii d ( Oil. SOUTH BerKcleyS-oedrooro,' liir- Sishe4 or Unfurnished hausa. near na eerime; rastnewe) cash. Piedmont mssw. VACANT; thirteen room, unfur. riished; eoraer; three blocks te v. ah iranspenatitMt; tmpertioa Bunday to I. 2420 Collage Avenua, e- ) a JI n w aju 14' Panoramic Bay. .view heme, must be sold in 30 days, immediate eos-session of this artistic, reasonably priced earner property; attractive entrance patio, 15x34 arched eetl. inai uving room, oen four Bedrooms sua deck; double garage; eement basement; near transportatioa. To npect property cajj a. Niaekirk m w. a. HDmmw ac rMnmni, BE rkeley 3100, TH ernwaU 6735. ' 1700 block Gam airt. eaaM. 1 room: 4 badroatas; vaeanti tmme. cuate. potsestios; 44404 cash; walk, log distance to Berkeley, "shopping nd all trahsportatteas Very large lot. Ask Jack Detmers, BUI Cuiiey, ajw Dansmenia tweet; criuiy 444M Bin ntcSSS Home la Berkeley: house fa anal. mis eonoiBoa. an reaoy te mane you moneyi principal ooljr. ASh- 7M down; l ilats; a real buy In oeraaiey; run price fawn. To orn- wau iut. 44 CASTRO VAUIY BEXUTIFVU ranch type, very mod ein siuuco, targe sunny living room, full length windows, three line oearooms, aining room, break-fast nook, baths, double fire place; IH acre good land, fruit trees, lawn, shrubs; double ga rage; central neat every room; basement; restricted district; immediate possession; 414,500. Temple P. Stebbim. Harry E. Paine, 'Clean Deal in Dirt," 4000 Castro vailev Hnuievam; Havwant enna iMoicl highway frontage near in- lerseeuon: aweinne will nav em n-en,iLou', w- fmderlefc V . ' e vastra valley atoula- -vaxu, nayware avos. WELL tocatod level lot Sfbill. 'k uam iwi eewerTa aei; good transportaUon; near shopping; 12x14 unfinished bouse an back, or WW gade for eouity la home. 4172 Berdma Road. Hayward. WELL equipped chicken ranch: abed income first day; must sell, jj health. Evening, KB Uogg 4-3643, CONTRA COSTA . ,AN MIGUEL ESTATES n Jnacia.iiBwy. I mil east of rahtut Creek. Drive out and t. everal choice aite. itill avaltable; mm and price on tract. Buy your lunue jg.nntry. iwm m mil nice ail-triet white it Pollard, 141. Frank-Un Street, OakUrtd, eOfbltte 7700. 44 CONCORD ATTRACTIVE 3-bedroom heme wtth urge lot; young fruit and shade tree, plant. hrub, new Jiwn; tnani ether improvement; nice residential district; 45200; down Bayment 11104. 1374 IterrUoek Ave- nuc, yonconi, vau 4750; i bedroom; Wardwooo floor. Ilea aUnv I MM at ars est. a a. eae...-. Hemleelt Avenua, 0onef8i term, 1. vrv a-vai iseavda amaialaiei 1-0233 PtOWl- KI UOff 4-olL CIRRlfO rtlSNHHEO VIEW HOME t rooms. 1 bedranma Um Call Mr. Hjijdan. Sunday ar v- nlng, LAnAcpa 4-T40T. OWNER must sell S-room new", iiiuuvrn nsme, locsieo in attrac. Iva new ecHon; convenient te ehooj and shopping; establlhed i!SiiJ?laSi potiexion; 411,. 500. 7404 Rockway, ll Cerrlto; LAndscaoe 9-1217. tu.u. i.,' - - . . " 'o- norin 01 atocit- yoni large, smartly, aiyitd mom home; hsuement. aaraaa: snvinn corner garden lot; THA lban: aSorigf o nai?is. - V.HU ivir. naaaan, oun- fi7 ee3rTrJin' ewindj-Vgnetian blind; Hln"u.". 0'0'. !. feature WWUt net 'rusti Aoln., ?ouble ga". SSv J8 f!5W.. Mt WMe; IS J t.. .,u 1 P twQ.Qenronm rrtA name: neauti. uaaiwwn -only wd, easy term, si Cerrlto Realty, 312 San Pablo. 44 HAYWARD ALMOST new S.bearoam etuece; corner t flawed in breaktstt room; ganger one block to school ami transportation; immediate pes-etom7oo, 1304 J70 Avenue, naywara. CHICKEN rnch, house, carrier 1 nuiiiyra. OT war or roastarsi aoubi $. . .' . wswiiv iflvin pefwuPI modom ream stucco we. utiuue. main highway, BAY W AD HOME WITH INCOME rojiewion at once; large home with Hisvv - iuum ayariment UDStairs! lot, ?m"m; raucKen nouse for 600 hens, SWgHr ffiSfJ WWen Wil; price Aianeyi J. L, Cromit, 3 B Street, Haywar4 1323. Ljsttai wanted and Tother shnw MAVWAkB 3 beiirooms feWtattfea tfjib1. AiS- Winder-Corp.. Wneh rt." a iiin ureet,,aw eet- Wood 9091 Or IW eatwnni aju -Kifsw home can se nuiit new; nri-,. .t..i.i. K cr. . v ..I1 jneiuoe lot. i,t?u,w Mnolinf all ifeaith-Kiuire changeVliave Tor e-fpect Jnorette In family, are getting .uT Vi.' - Mj"'rL uaiineo; any at ...... CTcnry Anorews. A Srom, house; also 4-room house: aiaina unianoa nonDinx centtr, a Lafayette 4999. j u.n tn. three-bedroom, two- r?hhorn next Jfe-STVaiiey I L-". "Pietei; completely, landscMOdi in' ever, aia laawaBM'ATIZ:. X&VX .ware ft ume, office, main ette 3104. ' vwe Ltny- CUTE iritie 2 bedroom home' lin W landscanad; huge oak treee; gbout . Hume. f hlffhwav Lafayette; phone Laftyette 2106. FOR tale by owner, modem" 'Kan. vrnui nwcn-jtyi nome on wooded ecre: seven room, three baths; alto utility room, breakfast nook, tun deck, two nlavnntlrla. 'ttr.ll tcaped, pnnkler eytemt, brick UAtlUji... " " '"T m int talavetta area f'SSSLsm.xm m.ai inn iwtH .aa-in... Aim a ,i , j - evel, on creek, 1 i 191KU4. laree oaks, on h. ItTiarlll . S2Ia Highway trontti ouatrnwa niunci, si i, un. Oarrefl IRRl JflBlfl fayette 4472, wl !4rre--ofle, Lg. SW nlMX&IAtf Boaaa.. I I. em home. Prtk4uxihe4 U-4 9lred;- be4rottmritwo bo3. atteTT metie aentrel- heats one aeraieVk t sum w-).i n tuMWide'o mill Rl'i-."S!-.e,l0fl. Lafayette (aaaaavaaa,, iiiou. m uwiCR UUI , " i.A rA-i1.?. H,ty COfl, S-irvVrlJn, Dl.bje. and; utllltlei 9llablei Idee lsiltaffat rMIlas4Lavfl9 heraaa. a.a i. T."J (or - w' ghaeta 73C . OTT 1441 mrmmammrl 4MC BLVaV I IiJaAfrnrajwatm 44 4LAFAYETTE ... i Continued i NEW tVraora heme, fumtshed ar unfurarshed; immediate price (7269. 91459 cash. Eulalia AMersoa, (99 Cast re Street. Kay- ward. V STfTHXalnuTorcnaiaTnaror siw ta beautiful Diablo Vi raefneted: aead soil, all utilities: 2390. Walter fSfeeor ComBen. r' 30 aerial house, barn and other buildings; this is a wonderful set. ting for a country home; aura ta inr.rr me ja value, aae.aoo. r. c Sullivan, 9431 fhettuck Avenue, Berkeley: THarnwall 1914. 44 OtINDA ATTRACTIVE 2-bedroam home with large living room, separate dining . room, modera kitchen, full bath Including stall shower: large, open' porch; central gas heat; tiafmiahed basement; beautiful view; family arehari: (11,794, WiUoughbjr "Real, fow," Tunne! Road at Ortsda vrosroaos: onnaa eriL a ttvuE 6."-sEkk vm - acre ground with 4-room Span, ieh type home: view. In u at. taMe. Thi i e very good buy. Bee A(fKE homesite overlooking Lake Srrr"?. vrmoa vountry Club, Sew, trees, road, utilities; 44600. AWWL building tot in finest -.. m unnni, fl acre wiui wees, view, iiwoi term, tf desired. Also ether at 9906. (973. 3110& Cat utLlGHTFUi Ihrce-bedroom hon'ie exterior aid brick and atuem. til fof; living reem 39x14, cathedral v ',' "Perete ammg room beautiful Kwinriji ...I- i.-T- l. " merit; nearly an acre m family or- j"-" 'ruoft orougni from Pasadena fair! 420,000. Wil- wuny neaity eo,, orinda Crces - B eale by owner, Moraaa--flieh. SS'.JfL. Orinda wmsri eiireEttvaceuriHy name, 4 year old. t4 acre level fat! aholea district; I bedrooms large 7e. N a ioveij DBUiroom njl glee, eatall rtowerTeheer-ful. euany kitchen, axealleat cat heatta. .ystem, 3 car garege. bej" tiful landscaped grounds, BHek eronea rases ana enrub. Call ewner, LAndtcape S-7620. Prtn tyt fi4rty, convenient . vnamon; upper pertment I rooms, rented 43190 monthly; lower apartment has large living twm, combination dining tAeaMawi arl4aslft n , a .. w " '"'. "eurorms, pain; Property can be sold with lower vnMiier.t run rumisnea or nnfue 44500: with lower apartment fur- lu.n.a, emeii; possession almost immediately, Willoughby Realty, Orinda Crosreds, Orinda 4711. w A. a." . , rcrtrav aujiomg ate, It acres, large oak, gentle elope, I mile xrom erosirosOD, secluded, off 44 PIEDMONT PIEDMONT; large home. 4 hed- i fMWcted dlttrict, clem to tSiSf i5ift'nportation; large nr owner; tunny t room ttueeo. 4 Sr oWj excellent condition; mile Njlnes. di, triet; 1 elevated tS!!. "'P1?1' Pette. extr MAifilJ.it,Mti't4 "AA" RlchmnnH In Ml., tn-.lv ' ' : " ; www, uaaement, xur-naca. double aaram iinnu view; excellent loan. Abieni Wn.r vetighn. Trrf prnwaJi 9919 ONLY J year, old, 2. bedroom. W. ISS? H?? lBi monthly payment ...w wn., no v-cera necestarv: living room, dinette, kitchen, oath 1..? 1 om!il 1.nory. hools and m?"' a44.' A ? .et office ...... . to o nany, mciuoing Sun r-roorn home, 3 bedroom, tHi batrT. f" 'n?erj pl, two "furnace, Venetian blind: double garege; beautiful view. 491T Tehtme -room Bio pAK'HANbLE BdtiLtiVAiHr"- vow payment pom, ; Richmond An nex. Ray p. Niehol. Richmond 4494 Open Sunday. 44wRCHMOND ANNIX BEID BOOEM -room White rustle house, S year a'JSK V...1 ?8uW 100x100 I. JfrVr 00wn payment will n ,1 1 5 .l,n vlue. call Mr, j j 5i!i..Vi . 9-9323. 44 RUSSIAN RIVER - "RUSSIAN RIVEB" -Two eottagei, 3 cabins, furninhed; on .4 level lots near main high. 44 SAN LEANDRO ADAMS REALTY A small ranch in the city: lot 80x350; many choice ( es paltered 1 fruit treat; berries, flowers; large .w.,M., vptMutwucy tor lovely garden vista nr inV.t v... modern 3-bedreom residence, 4 years j .'. ..D"m".n.B ki'snen wonderful location. Office 931 Dutton Ave. own; o w egiwooq i,7q, X'SIX room nutkf- W Lexington, San Leandro. Thi' lovely 3 bedroom home is modern In . .," e rwm, i t oath, Jlf'i "fei'- ubl? lerege: lot , XL"!' DP'n touay 1-9, stan- ley M. Davit, (40 Bancroft Avenue, rr TVt.it eU CTI, JLiSS niV 'tB..ciS Drive; modern colonial in Ettudiilo Etatat: Urge jiving room with fireplace, 1 large bedrooms with I ill baths, tunny ..v,.,i nH oieantaBi room, rum. pu room, convenient laundry, at- BLAKE Street, 1819; oartlv" InT. MSatl-ieiKl al THA A - ' " . ffrg."- r,.rag.. 0 V,k Bill Culley.344J StoVtmenl. ktrt. KK T If-a laser "" " MA'i; wiffl'BEAl ' ' 1 " ?WO acre. 289' an. East 14th. S91' deep, ten room house, electric pumn. oeep wen, preuurt tank, fruit tree? Ideal location tor business at corner of 14.ln4 in..,,. .r.: iS'?-.S.n tven'1 oniy.Nsweat- wwm quip. . DEAL WITH itkAl. " Ranch type home, twe bedrooms, single garege; large tot; lmmedlhte BoassitinJ- Only $6100, term. Call Ea.r.ki 4900; epmpietely furntahed; 5 room wim .nacneu garage; on lovely corner iottfaaveral vsuni fr.ill .... strawberrv naiekr.. imn v... iai: Street, Ban Leandro; TR Inidad 9063. EIRW1N FrsELBr S bedroom rustle home, 3 yean old near transportation and hepping 31900 down, full nriee 95800. 109S if.; .J4ih ,?." 8n teandre; n iniaaq aim.. rooi modem itucco, one floor. dotlb rnayr waceiienv-'ewnaition--se lot. nlcelv lndmant! restricted district near trsnt. porta t Ion -and in -ana tnopping; not as-rwrne. 14 Sutton Avanue, lens eetweod 0422, ONE S ''and!': room imuut. livable but need anma finlnhine- large view lot; Ideal-tor fcmily ehildren or ml chicken ranch: 3 room now rented for 130. 8 mnm vaeanti near Sen-Letndroj for cash and auick tale, 93990. Sm owae?. number to 47 IDWVn. 161LlAls .. Hat several and I bedroom CU. (OrnlS bungalow; pr-wr eonttrus. tloni cabinet kltchenamni inven clot t 1 auick potteuientt eehoolt, a n o p p j n a, transportation i (0x100 landteapped lot; (5800 to 49500. from 31900 t 43809 --down rr-SSI? n.nnin P.H.A. balanca. Show any time. Key 173 Davis Street. Oboe, ta ( p.m, duly. LP ck haven ywn. rJ)Maff9W IsWEt-VB. I il T 44 SAH LEAN041O ILIIf But ahew weteraat. War' U Jewry home we ana anr twldihgs anarar pleas te efaeaae trees. WefwiU have ! at -at beeae a ears, tie money aowa. 9.9 Pavt tUreai. vnnaven B-Z329 STANLEY 9f. BAl-iT Offer a bargaia ia a claea aeaat 3 bedroom home with aa attached 4arage, a spariout kitchen, tiled ank. ample tnipeearas and book, tiled bath, laundry space, large lot with aU utilities, lawn and shrubs all ia sad only (fOOB, just years U1U. TWO-bedroom, puis sua room, one bloek to transportation, ia pre- criea aeiEnaoraeoa; S7909, r.Jt- neaity. Ill geat Kth, LOckhav-ew gerot, - VACANT; open I to S Saturday Sunday 1 hndwH- ra..l ,oia: eBong new hemes. See 3 G'lmoje Drtve, Harry Bkxwa. room home, spie and aaan. buih i far pleasaid Uvmg: additional 3 reem Bummer eettage in rear for extra bey's reota ae sewing ream; bt aurchasee). Stanley M Davt. (49 3 bedroom hoi. insulated: earaee wash Vtrnn; garden; (Mxior: 149T CiOnore Drive. San Leandro. Can be teen after Tom. 1 acres. 3-roua-. -haute with oWec y. cement cellar, a big bam. big Vi f leed." 4 miles aortheasl wan. Asuta I. Box 833: 93009. 44 SAN PABLO FKIVATT party will sell equity and luituHirs in s-Deoroom noma at Your own arice: ing machine Phiico cahutet ra- nm, miieisui uig mattress ana eotl prints; take nencil and naner. P everything yearseU; highest faoaer take tt by May 1: arm- vvmxm oniy; near-transportation and eotool. IS minute from aU ehtp. yerd. 3944 Brook Way., gellin.-wood, near San PB16r-& 44 WALNUT CREEK A-l INCOME PKnvFBTV Beat t SWroara and I a-nMn dtM,.ii- tag, furnished; 9100 per month; live to a reel nlca 4-room dwelling. Ie. mu acic, iBrBe watnuu, mixed fruit; welL also city utih- gilthuge aak; 415,000. P. A Marshall ReaMy Co., -Main Street. Wsln.if ftiub A UELKittTmi. imur Large t rooms; 3 car garege; email chicken house: 2 large T0ts- in town: artiatieatlv hnMul I . . shrubs, well, spiinkler system; also mm; noma completely furnished end all cardan tenia an 414,909. P. A, Marshall Realty Co.. win gugyt, wiinui vreCK, ALAMO, beautitu! a-roara f - wlIn, wnn ueti nouse, bat shake roof, lovely M rounds with bran walnut trees, lawn, petia, shrubs; double .. o"iTjcua; aa.soii. nying- AN EXCLUSIVE S ACRE Building' aite, large walnut and gjuvi corner location; excellent toil. TM to choice. 44390. P, A Marshall Realty Co.. Main Street. Walnut ACREAfiE -. '" " " "' 10 acre on good road, rolling hill, nice view, urge oak, well, bant, ebin; 48000. John C. Wayne, Real-tor, Danville MR. ALAMO, highway. t acre, mostly wainui; iu-room house, eld but in fine condition; tttble, chicken nouse, wen; ia,auo. Bvintton and rtn. Alamo. fimJTlFti t:iGllr.ROOMa29.U two-story bpantsn, naif-mtie Walnut Creek; 2't acre oicliaid. 4 bed-rooms, 1 full and 3 half baths; cen-i"l eil heet; 3 patios; rumpu room 20 by 30 with laree firanlaea: haau. tiful ground; eecluded; wonderful view; .newly decorated inside end out. Immediate occupancy, - Con venient term. Phone owner Walnut Creek 2313 or 4624. 8 acre, idal for i or more nomesuesj lanaicaped district, fine! view. In Walnut Creek; all utilities; 11,040. See Anderson at Deviea en mein highway enter Ing Jmut reel ehaoe Walntit t-rcett sipw. bungalow; 'excellent- lonamon, m saranap, teiw; in eludes kitchen range, alto oil circulating heater; chicken and rabbit equipment; close ta ttore; Immediate oeeuaancv. Bee Anderson 4t Dtviest, main highway entering Walnut Creek; phone Walnut Creek -aula. completely furnished l-room Bwie, immtQiate occupancy. io,-000, See Anderaon and Davleia, main highway entering Walnut Creek: phone Wa fiUPt,Eg,' partry I fine toil, trees; cl inpno walnut creek aim, furnlihed. acre ttrrni; immeaiate posMUion. LAxe- hMrst 2-2542, T EXtil'SIVB LAKtVvoOD ESTATES District. 4 year old California ranch- type home, 4 rooms, ' acre very nicely -situated; hade and fruit tree; boating, swimming; 413,500. P. A. Marshall Realty ,Co., Mtin Street, Walnut Creek.y ' FIVE room modern bungalow, plank floor, barbecue pit, etc. Fully re. stricted! four'yeera old: 911,000: immediate poeaetiion. LA kehurst 3-3949. URST h.ME ON MARKET 19 acre, walnuts, fine, location view ana toil; can be subdivided; 41578 per acre, John C. Wayne, iteanor. uanvuie IW. or ten acre with water good view. 1 Morn wail 1014. See mil van, 1431 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. FIVE qrs, excellent oli, tultabl for walnut or garden, only 9850 orei aiau uown, au montn. n ea mont toon. 1M ifeHAtld vAlLfey 8 acre full bearing walnut. Im- menie tree; very good coil: choice imi! auw pw niai mil A. rhll Real Warn street. Walnut Creek. Co., lAB6lJ""kokgiTE In 'beautiful tract, 880 feet -front-1 age, rien garoen ton, tree water; only 1 mile from Walnut Creek; 31400, 4380 down. 425 per month. Diablo Realty Co., Danville High way and Crest Avenue, Walnut creek 4740. LlTtLn CH1CBEN t-ABM Vj acre level garden toil, 4-ronm cottager cnicxen nouse, garage, Putntm, 132C Main, Wainui Creek 4(13. 16VMLV to tral hett, our bedroom home, cen full restrtetiont: two yean old; only 414,700; immediate possesmon. la xenurti mid, NEW HOMES . ' - . can now be built: I have Mtet. han-dla all detail "and will build: If you, iT being mrrid, have eviction no. I tice. nave or expect a lamii.v in- met ana many otner. , reason win ow quality you; term, uu 9. resion, trt omwaiioOTa. nIAA DANV11.1.E 1 " i to 1. aero, good level valley land neaiu hlth, school. 4 1000 ner ecre. John C. Wayne,. Realtor. Danville ,1111, SMALL UOHSl 'bIaVch" " ' - ' On acre with five-ronm home. c. ment foundation, eeUtr; Wedgewood range, circulating .. heater, ttorage water heater: fourteen trees, cement pool 9X18, good well, presture V9 tern! small chicken house, alahle for three hone with quarter acre tor correi; priceo aouao, 94300 cash, S3 11 '.av montniy payment. 00 meicy jaaf, SOME ONES OPpAkf ijIjitv 1 S0 acre homo site near Lafayette, restricted tract, mnrvelouf view. 33000. LA kehuret 3-2849 ' WALtjT CREEK A tremendous sacrifice for lmme-diate tale: 22 aoret of paradise 16 rail .from Oakland; landscape gar. den; level orchard, redwood tor. raceii. mnNS-covnreH -wall rir wooded hillside, new charmingly quaint main house, delightful 4-room auett houfwj both carpeted and KfP!0"0"1""'! selow 800. Shown by appointment, Monday through Friday. HU mboldt day 4362. Saturday, Sunday, Martina nY3t. Owner: "nS?-1 Sniu,t'n4, o' lli 'cre.'up ?Lih. EtbBV .water, tuved aa and a aorsanua uinu r ur m,ki.' tanging irom 9130 to 93350 r panni, lerrne f!ven..-W4rfl o, ime Off lee. Main hiahnrav ;fytte. Phone Lafayette 2f09. 1 acre, aid s.hninm kui, ,itv,i snue 01 wainux rrvnaa nil ,tiu. Meei hotwe it now vacant; 48450, 4JIM0 down, .balance terms. Ward D. 'Hume, office, mtin highway, ftyi Tt! ette; Phone Leftyette 3108. lePMI- mtinv lAr-tra niilrtt lh t one of the very finest properties """' vipob; aistnct; excellent nelgftborhood; elote in, convenient I AlXr One mile touth Walnut Creak, $880 T5...?'!reiFeiniiB, oaaa, wen: ail uiiiitir. Diablo Realty Co:, Danville Hlehwav. Walnut rnuk 97n gW . Acres good homesite, tomt orchtro, land, balance pttture, light and well,. -close .In, only 4334 trre. PI edmnnt 9099, - 44 WALNUT CR. WANTED LISTINOS WANTED Homes tad eiiieaeB Ward H. Biima. Lefarete 1144.', 4S -COUNTRY LAND CHrCKEti.' aatir-B Billttn 34950; li ana. cAaekaa hauaea ear suae ariirkant. about Jta ehiek'nr,. f ii -TOi aesne. About te Urea eQUiproeiit included. TTa: MitcheU OuBUy Office., Highway 17; ( aula north of Saata Crux or 10 rrie , mo ta varus, (vhaae GARDEN Uid.""40o. "Set ueeota ana Alve-eee: ins fared; eae tenant avid 40,90 cash tent tor 19 years last year's grots crop (49.9081 complete underground irrigation cvstem. a welia nrnvwi. ing (9,009 Sal ion .aniaute; old set farm buildings; eric a dairy with 309 acres ta alfalta: nrina titeaaa veash. balance . McCoUutaj ginrex, uaKiana; w tnoaKS'lSlZ. BOLD yOLB. M0K61 .XlrUa 33 acres, tarae home. ) acres assorted orchard. vtacyanLsT acres pestunc land, balance wooded, masttv axt. woods; cement chicken houses, ca pacity una; caretakers quarter; good 3-ton caterpillar tractor, farm equipment include ta sale; part ef properly deer feared; stream. H. A. Mitchell. 19 Pacific Avenue. Santa crus. acne for cminiry buHajin. IDEAL mrSEN lAKrt Clean 3-bedreem heme with three chicken house that will carry 3000 chtrkent;- about an IVt ef good level land: near Xante Crui; (7999. m racuic Avenue. aanU crux; Phone m. nEAR St. Helena. 19 acres rjeaiXpg aruneft. S 11 ve-room resideneea. 1 rented, beautiful aite, 319.000; also cib- piace, mew name, aiajaai; another 39 acres en hrti mi X. bedroom bungalow, only 3500: full oaia on request. Feitnouce Kealty, W4 Eaeton Building. Oakland. L encourt 4941; evaning or Sun. JaVERBANK10 wres, old build- w; orange, apneots. .city UmH. on rivers a real spot for home. Chesoey.'sfiig SbAttuck; kyaapk: SONOMA fjounly. l! ' plus' xne iine apple trees, 4 year eld vineyard, new barn, fenced pasture; fertile tod; abundant spring and Well Water: modern eahin AmAm creek; in foothilU 3T mile touthw''errda',', Lodi. west 8ebatopol; dote to Ruatian "ver. owner will aacrifire for yiwni cen. nox Mann, Tribune, tptnil. liv nuni ti 1 39 acre, all tilleble sandy team; oak wnn oeaulilul view of ealiey; located on highway just ISSI Peed for quick eale at fiione Maninez 38Z. TEN acre tracts jimhlv H..l,.n wt.iiti-x, acnoois. cnurcnes. stores, paved road, electttfity, telephone. We (hew mile oNbeartng citrus, deeiduout treet, berne. Ladina eiover; nice home. Cheap -water from mountain; m wlltnee E,"e w uve arter war.,wrw work. We tell land by ffiowing what it's domg. Price (itO Bcraere! half cash. Capilal Realty Co., 903 lib, Seer. TEM. f"e near Santa Rem, choice teeation, Siaatai ta eat hay; well "need, .food wan, cabin and, ChJeken house; ready to go; SSOOO. mj nasGBpa e-iei, ana Richmond win. ""acraTUAraTTnnelrAMrSrS berry crop; near Roaeburg, Oregon; BUrtahle wa rnmillM. titwi acnA eesh:,' good Ineome, LeNolr. 1439 Hsrrlson. 41 Caualry LsnrfMgntatl SANTA Crux CountyImproved of uniajproveq. ernld, 6919 foothill. SW eetwaod 3909 . RIAUY ELSEWHERE CLEAR L9ki, ataeklhiham Park, sMuuiw, tour years old; four, bedroom, three one-half baths, large, living room, large ttone fiie-place, guest house, bath house. pier, targe float, concrete badminton eourt, two-car garag; 180 feet lake frontage, one eere completely tARMEL bomb; modem pamsA laiiuritaiirii. a..itii eii, raraaiaav .niiT 9 roomti ocetn view; block from beach: central ht; completely furnished, ttov, refrigerator; 49060, By owner. Box PeetM Trihiinn IMrtANCil 193, Bulck'elui.l.lian: two at It, (98344 Colorado PI, for a payment on tmtU home. GLan- -eoiirt84fut r FOR sale or exchange for East in tehama County; all under m vanon ana irruation; tuiwble dairy, hog or turkey ranch: 1 for ltdlne eloverT tHalfa; 1300 feet west of West 43 Highway; 468 per acre, box auto, Amaaor street, myward.Calif. Call Htyward 899, FOB SALE Two fine vineyard iri junoma county, one 909,000, one $27,000; further dettils inquire of Attorney L. O. Httcheock, Exchange Bank Building, Santt Rosa. Calif,, telephone 35, FSOr" ,-room furnished cottage at Mice, Lake County,. 9.1000. TH orn wall 7IM4 California; LOS Gtoi; clou,. comfortable home with 3 acre in Jruit of aU kinds and vineyard; 4 bedrodhV 2 baths. howers, large Uving jrdonji concrete Basement, wide porch with magnificent vitwi alio garage-, leaning porch, 3 bedroom in t. tached unit: (13,800. Lot Gttot iteeity. pnone g". i-1 acrek 1 nl'dn'ttn. 1 irriiinn "" 1 i-'i rJK.rL...S!r2E! 1 .'OTA'?."' - ...un, ivuasiB, xuiv njr cnicxena or turkey,- also fruit or gripe, good Ideation, Turleck. Good cleaning nop wim nuiiaints at xunock, now aoing anout taw Pr week full Briee 320.000. Wa have dalriaa vineyards, fruit ferm. turkey and chicken farm. Write ut for Information, Turlock Realty Co.. 109 west main jireei, lunacK, can- tornia. 2330 acre cattle ranch, 35 mllel from oacramenio, ix room noma, barn, other building, meadow: fenced six. fields, paved roedt; Summer reea 7300 acre in mountains plus permit of 320 head of cattle; 484 head of cattle; price with cattle and mountain range, 442.50; price witnoui aaj.e per acre, teaere man 931,0110, vapitti Realty co. onvi aiucniu. 48 EXCHANGES JCLBAR Tot; Trestle Glen; trade for amaiu cneap -pfaca auDurcs; ao trade dandy trailer and bonds. Box CHANGE Racialist: cltv. coilntrv. Prudential, I, 380 17th Street, High- gate 8343, WILL exchange three-room fur nished apartment Pittsburg for eitner lurnisnea apartment 01 house in Oakland. Phone Pitts. ourg enn-tt-a cniiect. Divorces Granted INTERLOCUTORY DECREES brito, Ernest from ctcile L. CABRAL. Hiiilrit O. from v. , , -, cii-.u,,, jiiiiii normal). ' HANSEN. Claim E. from Frank .,- , ... vonn. JOBE, Margaret from Ra.v. MATT1X. Grace from f redariek IT1IIH M ii,.n, sjiiii,i;j tivm miannvi, MONTGOMERY. Maud 8. from . . T.rw nut-.-.. , ,.-. , Samue) . PAULO, Gabriel Roderick from Ruth Marlon. , PRATT. Ffhrnca.R. frnm' iamaa rrancit, -STAHICK, Mylan V. from An- ithohy i. iuukb, oigt a. from Albert c.. PINAL MICRtC FARRELL, Either, from Henry W. CARVER.. Juanlta -fj. from Christ. man tr '. . ; " GIRARD, Emma Louise from Oliver. -!'&,, -r ; GOSSLIN, Louise L. from Phil Hps J. HUNT. William X. frnm narhara ray. JENNINGS, Bessie from Marlon E, johnson, au A. irom Estel e. KUYKENDALL. Adele from nav. mend. LONG, Camille from Don V, OLDAkER, Pearl from Ctrl. PEACOCK. Peter from Marv. SITTON. Lewis Wtldo from Kath. ryn Ruth. WHITEHEAD. Jennnetl. team wenneu Napa County -NAPA, AM1 14. -The following yiwi tuttuuc wore on tne nere tonay: DIVORCES FILED 5K'9H22Unfv' JemeeL.-CARPENTER, Lillian, vt. Harold. tNTERLOCVTORY D SCREE HAJlVELjtO, Either M. from An- MARRIAGE LICENSE WALTER, Erich; SI. Mapa. EDWARDS. Ruth Irtnf, 20. Oakland SLINSEN Td the wife e( Lewit CII1IIMBI31 DI Al 99 D9S . Jinru 12. fI311lBtlle ter.. . . BKlDMOftB-Ta he wife, of John wJSmoLiJ,,E,-AP'H " STRATTqN-To.thewife of George r. inuney of vaiiejo, APtU 11, 9 d9Ughter, - . DiYOrce Filed .AMORT. Ruby. ve.; William A OOSBEY, Lorraine v. Homer S. tftSESn France vj. August I. MARTIN. Irene vs. City. THOMPSON., Dart v. Howard, HEYMAN, Arthur vt, Mary A. , RULE, Vera V. John. . HE BIAJL Alms vt. FrtntlKO. - eftrwNi, Trance vi, jeeeph. ue ovzhan, Marian vs. Ol lery, VITAL STATISTICS Licenm Isiutd - MacFARt AW BAai Ini ev 1 Seauoia Wav. Sm Vr.H--l..a OAKES .Agnes Feaxa, 33. 9009 Crave aMB?e,a VaUeUUl. -? JThemea. f. 2514 Sib flnk-la O'BRIEN, Irene Bertha. 34. 140 CUM MINGS. Villuua (Umer, ST, STNorth Sixth filreet, Hayward. MARTIN .Italian. e7lJ J91h Avenue, Hayward. 3CUSBKOWSKI. Alfred. St. Natrona, Pa. PURPURA. Gloria Mar-Jtaret. It. Ull aUrsat Street. Oak- -UNDSEY, Robert Ceri! (9. 4I9T Hilton Street, Oakland. BEVERLY. troi June. 21, 111 McKinnoa Fiac. muiwRi, ELSASSER. Snhert r,mnk,ll ta 3009 SSlh Avenue, Oakland. BAL lauki. Catherine Madeline. 34, 4749 Emerson Street. Oakland. STEVE-TPR WarknM Trmmrt SI 7979 Stockton Avenue. El Carrita! At.A. tort . 49, 913 Sycanwra Ave- w. ajuaon. WEBB. Oscar Lee. 37, Andarke, Okie. STOCKTON. Nnla Stan 545-C Eagle Avenue, Alameda. : nawara w react. 34. SCHNEIDER. Eunice Adeline, 13, win aa SAtaveue Avenue, xaa la. andro. WARDLOW, Arthur Glen, 11. SIUES. Dorothv Jeana. lilutt ail fcSJtoWrra' TA1NTER, Warren Ira. 94. Pargo. KB, ASHLEY. PatriSi Miryrl 1917 Addison Street, Berkeley, HEMM1TT. Howard 99 1719 loth Street, Oakland. POLLARD. Georgia , xt ouwii. tjaxiana. HCW. Walter Lee. 31. Loa Anaalea BOLTER. Vivian, 39, 1539 Uth Ave- wv, can rranciiica, GARDNER. Milton Harry, JT, Cedar Rapid!. PATTERSON, Mary WILLIAMS. Calvin Anrfren. I, 34. EVANS, Vera Sola. 38. both Fresno. LOMACK, Charles L., St, ISTf At. lanta Street. Oakland, BESS, Lul Mae, 33. 1431 Myrtle Street, Oak. land. NAPOUTANO. Paul Welly, 12.441 SSth Street, Oakland. WOEN1CK. i-auiine, a. ie Alice ntreet. Mk land. . . HORRE, Prink Ma. , Buffalo, N Y. LANGE. Carmella Helen, 34, SS4 Lyon, Sen Francisco. , anr.vDi ii.a u. sion San Jo.KHRTK,riraer, 36. Niles. - ' PFANNENSTIELi HI e herd, II. Norwich, Conn, BROWN, Air Vir- jjjjjt xe, a 'at Adeline ntreet, oak-GLAUBXE. Robert Wtlliam. 38. Iridiinapoll, Ind. DRIOGB. Biemaa, 1E1, (70S MaeArthur Boulevard, Oakland. JUSTINO. Anthony Biehard, M, 474 Warren Avenue, Ban Leandro. MENDONCA,Hlen Irene. S3, 3COM Nile Road. Havward. MEYER, Warren Fred Jr.. , Oak Perk, III. CAREW, Shirley CaUa, 0. 1924 7th Avenue. Oakltind. eWW.A jraaleiat rta.Ha1 9jY-wfUUsHs1 e w4ni v wise aaTv eea, saagii (nvuna Street, Alamede. WRIGHT, Patricia varoi , s3 uaa aireet, Aiemeae. CONK LIN, Howard Stanley. 29. 3"' 'th Avenue, 0klnd. Mc. CARTY, Lavandt Jean, tl, lkesfoe notei, Haitians. . - - NUNES, Edwardf Manuel, tl. 7 Vi's"4ne'ie a .ea s aa a 4Bnn- W nvalU.-. mm l-TiZB-i" w w i v w, spsii. eW49iiaii7. XeUlDOSA Arthurtn K1U, M, 840 v.i-ir.iin-, v.menni, ar eia tlini rest, -oakiann. ivoHriEN. ant... Alvlna lex Aiu8 Cornell Avamia RKERRR ' ! d w I lj a Ifornte. I. FELLINGHAM, .Maym M.Liu,LAno, rtooen Thomai, 30, 3013 Delaware Street, Berkeley. BOGAN. Ermel Thelml, 34, 108 Contra Cou, Richmond. S.F. Licenses AMONINI. Ravmnna s u a,.n. j?? "iff11! hitlfJS g,4 Wath- iriBinn ntreat. ARrlOLIV.--Rn--'9f.--7va---M.vt- Corp,. MURRAY, Vitirinl. SO. Ment. era, wnio, i BADfilER SfMnniM Si aia will. Street. GANSEB, Mildred, 33, 1008 Diamond Street, f , BAINS. Geone. 43. fUiuan... Ala. BAUERS, porathM, jj, Lot BAROA, Mrion, SO, U.S. Army HEMMELXSAHN. Ursula 97 1401 aain Avenue. BEAVERS. W ter. 29. .U.S. Ma rln Corn. BUCZKOWffKr. An.. mie, tow, in reu street. arBHlannii t -n- .. m , . n"iw. aa, worn oroaa-wy. FERRANTI, Lllia, 1396 Egbsrt IVWU6 CAST1LLO. Earl. 24: Man Mnrf Street.. McCUNE, Vircinia, 24. 431 uncotn w.v. - - CATTANrW'rnci.. jo. sasf Mo- ran Street SHAY. Kvelvn. 90. 2Mi mora ntreet, CAVIN, Joseph. 18, Warren, Ore. WEAVER. Mable. 31. Portland. Ore CHiUGOIS. Lerov. 28. 1810 Ednv Street. OSBORNE, Iw aa. iin May otreet. - CORRElA, Jotephail, Lodi, Caill. wr poiores, 3949 jgth street. DAVISON. Warren, .ta .aati rh.t-. nut Street. -tpHNSON. Mary7il, 1167 Valencia street. OUNDAS, Den. 44, 885 Broderlck Stlreet. SAWVELLE, Myrto, 46, 2020 ValleJo Street. FIEDELMAN, Melvin, 34, Denver, .ut. &iixn, uens, uenver, uoio. tprMM a, i anc e.i . ST. JORITA, Odotte, 24, Host, Celif. FISCHER, Guenther, 34, 431 O. tavia street, wbioht, Alice, 33. San Rafael, Calif. GALE, James, 37, Dendron, Va, uitLcnAiiH. duua. a, coiumnia I iNew Jersey, .WAnbnnu, nooertnJe, V.a. navy, -SULLIVAN. Manuel, 3, 3134 CtaU-tornia Street. GAWORSKY. .Peter. 44. 354 Can. tre Street. COX. JJorothy, 38 Castro otrevi. natttanriT m las Broadway, MILLER,-Brbra, si 310 post street. GREENLAND. Fred, 36, 16th Ave- mie. MaeDONALD, Jotephlne. (16 Pine Street. HANSEN. Georte. 43. 9993 Sutter Street. MacDERMITT. Delia, 43. 3368 Butter street, u,wi rw ni,.-... . m unTfWi.VllKI1, 1, invjr. RUSSELL, Barbara. It. Santa Rota. taut. tiaisiov n inu..j an i, a wM. ,in,ii,i ,.ivi,, av, w.si. iuiji MTJLltEY, Jeanne. 40. 833 Kirkham street. HENRY. Pred. 27. U.S. Nev SOHENSEN. Jetn, 31. U.S. New. HEYNEN, Carl, 41, Mill Valley, cant, skb'thom, Lera, ts, Burun. xame. tirntir tr.M s..,i.-j a. GRAHAM. Muiet.34, Peloute.j' Wash. JORDAN. Chtrle. 20. U.S. Navy. onunaa, Aioertttn, -u, un rair fax Avenue. JOHNSON, euriley, 37, 860 Rock- aaie Drive, whitla, louiis. 33. 3222 Sacramento Street. ttmfiNCe. KennatM. 19. ft. Niw rSOHEPIS, Glont, if, US BtrtlCU street. .... . c- ELSEY,- Joh. 34. o.S. Army, MWlStSOW' Margaret. 30. U.S. Navy, ' L1CHTY, Melcholr, 47. Lot An- gele. HUBERT, Mary, 40, Glendalc, Calif. LYNCH. David. 14. U.S. Navy. HILL, Eleanor, 30, 8623 Anm Street. LYNCH, Robtrt, 30, U.S. Tfevy. PAAVOLA. Gertii. II. 1824 Fall Street. , MA, imaM. 32, Sen Mateo, WONG. Nettie, 33. Oakland. McGAULEY Robert. 33. New Britain. Conn. MtcDONALD, Mtrlt-Anne, 18, Chappaque, N.Y. McCLURB, Albert, 96, Santa Row.' DAVIS. Corinne, 14, 2989 Sacramento Street, i ' 'i . MILLER. Frank. 40. Stcrimtnto SCHNEIDER, Ann, '39,.- Sacramento. MOORE, Jamt,.34, u.B. Navy, PARKER. Ruth. 31. 1467 Jones Street. THOMSEN. Rote. 34, 1393 South Vtn Nest Avenue. NORFLEET. Rohec.7r., 34. 449 Turk Street. DODD; Helen, 33, 845 Turk Street. - ,. O'BRIEN. William, 24. Lot An geiea. Anderson, xiizaeetn. si, Los Angeler rss,Wiv: ai w B. nm m .....til. w v RTER. Evelyn. 34. Puysllup. wan. OLIVER, LOWU, 39, U.B, . Navy. AUSTIN. Ro. 29. SIT Lawton Street. "r" , ORCHXRTON, Willlem. , 763 Bush Street. EELINSKY. Olaa. 33. Buih Street. OSTROM, entVert, tBT Veteadero, Calif. GRAY, Lulu, 41, 79Qe-Thlrd Street. . ' " PAULtN. John'. 14. U.S. Maw. BIRKETT, Helen, tt, 173A Clinton rarit, o r . PEARSON, Olof, 61, Htrbar, Or. RAMSDELU Edith, 42. Harbor, Ore, PTEIFER. Vlrlll. 92. U.S. NavV OMELLA.,tdle, II, 131 44th Ave nua,. .'.. .:,. RAMSAY. Melvin. 39. 1999 flraen Street. SMITH, Margaret, SI, 3837 Mortta Street.. SAX. Hvman. 31. II WIN. mjUD. Rosalie, 30, 317 Loeuat Street. JSCJIAbwTBR. Bobart, U.S. Army. viv-sw. eenauie, at, Mtrantanta.. Calif. pn, vnvrnmnnia. t-SlUi Floyd, 41, 13S Bel- evmiajiBiaeii OAUni Tribunt, Sjtura,y, S.F. Licenses" tCeatiaaaaD ' eU4TJRPH ttieaiL. vtTBsucse 199 Belvedere Street. SCHWlNcm T.. - StieeL OKE.WH. a.i. "il ri.. fi. e. sea . bMlTH. Lewrrnce. 49. aau r-.ii- tornie Street, pike aM-. ;T ! eelr. f.i.i - sr SMITH. Rnhnri u tie ROTHACKER. Virarni. n iBML STAUCH. ParAinnt I- ,. n rmy ALB1N. Mary, 34, WIS Fjlt- TROUD, Howard, 43. Oakland. WORKMAN. Rum. 39, Oakland Solano County rAlRFIELD. AprU if -The follow-mg vital ctausucs for SeUne County MARRIAGE UCSNICH ikks'pss ol' f : VaUew. rem. '. tMM Beach. SAGE. Shnrln. U A , i . M- K1RKSEY, LueUUltrS; GUSTER. Rnaaall r ea n . la. CHUSCHJLU Marguerite iZll. JAENSSnit weiK::- a. - "-' -ajetprea, as, vaueio. -JStlRSSi .rjVkt.Jf Suuun. usimnnvu, myrtle, as.auslsun. TERRY, laaaia Kainne sv ci L. SVMUsiAJt, Charlene Ruth V. wtasju jf ARELLANO To the wife of Benny Arellano at Valinin a.n ia 1 Hausnwr, GEBHARDT To the wife el Theodore GcbhartH ef ValleJo. Anhil 13, a ton. ROMAN Te the wife of Rodney iuuui m vaueio. April 12, a dauth BURLEIGH-To the wife of Rich- o aurieign of valleio, April 13. nun, MUNCAHVT it,. ,.. tor Hungary of Valiejo. AprU 13, 9 WOLFMEYBR To the wife of Edwin WoUmeyar' at Rodeo, April It, a daughter. DEATHS J5 ?rth ColeIear father of f2ir.-t Wit., unci, ... . .r '-'rcniKi, wi and Mrs. Lotta Putnev of : M t,.n.V yJe'r. W"conm' tuneral Monday. April nth at 3 p.m .from the Rose Garden Chapel " . "' """' -o tut E- tliii- Av..nu!s-,s" Lendro. In- ...w... av viaw cemetery. DAVIS ru eni.ii.a.. , ,, " fs'Utt? 1' ? 6V V Of Manuel Davit nf M.ni cu. gvjng aunfcjol Doroihy Renner of Builingim: and Valeria Kileiim (ervidea will ) h.ia a,... oratng at 11 o'clock at the Sneffler and Sullivan, IS too. Interment Eternal Home come- HASTIE In Oakland, AprU 12, 1945 Msrw A Mae k.mLnunt ...I. . w ItUlIfr. Invlnff mnthap . t.k and Helen H. Haitie. ATnaliva of ttTt-utiiaigtUs Service Monday morning. April aSii:bitwH.-H,flatr-of Albert Brown Co.. 3479 Piedmont vaiwanq. antomoment Mt. View Mautoleum, LAWLOB In Oakland. Aoril 12. 1949, Torrance: beloved husband L i? 'iUi Jtwlor, father of the tatg Herry S. Uwlor. loving brother of Gerald M. and the Jat! jnomti j. Lawlor; a member of -sc employees union. Local 107; a nitiv of San Franclaeo. rriend are invited to attend the lervieea Monday, April It, at vBfefk tm- Chtpel of the Oak, Oakland Mortuary, 400J A . f" bub, tnence to Bt. Patrick Church where a requiem high mat will be celebrated for th repos of hit oul commencing at 9:30 a.m. Interment St. Mery' L.mtery. necitation of the Rory MILLER Died In Auburn, April 13. 1948, .Bothtlde K. Milker beloved mo,h..of L?uIa J5sstacken and Neal Miller of AubuFn. A'htiv of Denmark; aged 79 yeert. Funeral service will be held at the qrehm Mortuary at Pleatan-ton, Sundtk .April It it 3:34 p.m. Interment I.O.O.F. Cemetery, V POW In Otkltnd, April 13, 1(48. John Pow, beloved husband of jeatie row; loving Jttner of Mary Macpheieon. A native of Arams-dale, Scotland. Aged 71 year. 17 days. A oast master of Brooklyn Lodge NOi-225 F.ScA.M. and past chief of Clan MacDonald, O.6.C. Friend are invited to attend the services at The Grant D. Miller monuariet, inc., East lltn and winer Avenue, ubkibhu. ivion. day, April 16th, 1949, at two o'clock p.m., undtr the joint autpicet of Brooklyn Long no. 339 y.aA.M and Clan Macoonald O.S.C.. Inter ment private. RICHARDSON In Oakland, April tii, iw, miiorea i,. meneraton loving motner ot Mrs, . k, wet. kin, grandmother of Patrieia J Watkin: dauehtar nl Mr. and Mrs. John Knowlos and sister ol Leon Weidner, William 8. Knowles, Alma M. Bottoms end Pearl Meng. . A member ef Carida Chapter No. 115 O.E.S. A native of Missouri, aged an years. Friends are Invited to attend fu nerel services Monday, April 16th 1849. at 10:30 .m. by Carida Chan. ter No. 118 O.E.S.. et the chapel of rowier-Annerson, Funeral Directors, 3344 Santa Clara Avenue, Ala meda. BAMUELSONtn San Jose, Calt- Sornia, April la.iwo. iaa May nam. wlton beloved wife of Christian Samuelton. step-mother of Mrt, D. ii. mulligan, rraino, taiirornia Mrt. D. W. Pagej.FarlUr.taallfor. nla: Herbert Samuelton. Un TViit- clsco: Reuben - Samuallrn. and Mildred Semuetton' Patidena, dttr Bisinp ox inisa neniue iiune cgiit uaxitna,.. loving niece Of Mr. M1hitda Rnherta. Pain Alio. A na. tlv oi Buffalo, New York; aged 71 veers. -.. JTriendt are Invited to attend the farewell services Monday, April 16, at 3 o'clock p.m. at the Roger Darling Garden Chapel. . (Clyde L. HtRer-Roger Darling) 471 East Santa Clara 6tret, near 10th, San Joe. Parking provided. SINCLAIR In Oakland, April 12, una, Bagar it., oeiovea nuspena of Florence Fletcher Sinclair, Jovlng brother of Mrt. Mabel G. Forbet, ton ef the late David A. and Mary I. Sinclair. A member of Oakland Lodge No. 171. B.P.O.E. and Oak.- land Lodge I.O.O.F.. A native of uakitno.- - . Services Monday afternoon, AprU 16th, at 3 o'clock tn the Chapel at Albert Brnwn Co.. 3476 Piedmont Avenue. Oakland, Services under the autpicet of Oakland Lodge of SllA. Card of Thanks THE family of ah late X. A. Doerfler with to thank their many frlendti tor tneir worn oi eympatny, act of kindness, and for the beeutlful floral offering, tendered In their recent bereavement in the low of a loving- nutoann ana fthr. MRS. 4V A. DOERFLER AND MARILYN San Francisco Deaths BAKER, GILBERT E. h wi ij vnnub Ann wvanans, aiaat WUJNANt, HARRY .FERRARI, LIEUT. BERNARDO ZAVIER OtLBANl! nEi.f A OREXNOCK. AGNXS 9. 1.-4I ytt, HALL.' CHARLES 91 vaara HOWXLL. ERNEST E, X1MNEALY. IfARflARBfr T. . LAWRENCl, DOROTHEA ANN- MURPHY, CrtRISTINA-.7l year MORTON, EDWARD J.-40 year OLSEN. VALDEMAR ' ' PAPPAS, MARTHA ' SCOTT, CLIFFORD E. SIMON, BERTHA R STORSVED, 4..DY-II year . TOVBR. NlUfS H "I 1 . I 'I ' in I !"" ''! nii'ii'iiiiBii April H - IS 1 They Land in the First Mtaeb There AmtrieVs "M: ...:L..a ..... eviuiwia witiiuui fjuna.' thess war reporters of the Associated Press, covering the world's battlefronts. In the landing just be-Tore""down ot" " Arowe," when the Am e r c o n Sixth Army invaded New Britain, Associated Press Reporter RoberT Eun-son was just 35 yards from the beach when the Japs opened -up- - ROBERT IUNS0N Bullet riddled hi boal tncj he KrsmbUd out. Men w9rs fall-Ing dead all 9round him. Hs trl-ej, to gsf fii" feei tits bottom but It was too deep. Ht dived tinder a barge to scape the murderous erlsi-cross of mschlns-rjun first 9nd nearly drowned. Hs C9mt hb snd a thall m9thed hit type wrtttr. j- ' Finally hi feet hit tht coral and ha mads thora whars ht wrota ona of .tht moit oraphie ttories to coma out of this war at trig (hailing continued. WILLIAM F. I0NI AP men hke Eunson irt risk Ing theirWesto eovr tvary phasa of tht growing Pacific , t'ln-. Hf..vttaran C. J Yat99 MeOanlel, Murlin Sp9n-ctr, William f, Bonl, Asahal Buih 9nd Dtin Schtdlar, who were also at New Britain; Wil-Ham Hlpplt and William Wotv den, who narrowly ml si 4 4 : ds4th at Tarawa; Rtmbart J99i, who lika BonVwssrt tha Purpla H99rtror his wounds In tht South PKifle, to nsma onfy a fw. RIMBIRT JAMS . APwsr reppftarf trt pritvltircj Arntrlean roadors wtth rhtf ' frMteSt'cOVOre knowri. Rsad rhalr tf9P9XQ : Kclutlyary in CaklanoV Is Ti;3 Pr"B BPBBat.aj- 0 n., - TT

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